Tri-State Enterprises Adds ZZ-2 to Product Lineup

Tri-States Barry Beller (L) is pictured with Hudson Awad at Empire Sound… a very proactive dealer in the Dallas area and new ZZ-2 dealer.

FT. SMITH, AR (02.16.2021) – Tri-State Enterprises has announced the addition of ZZ-2 to their product lineup.

ZZ-2, a manufacturer and wholesaler of OEM Integration products focused on safety and convenience for the 12Volt industry, is incredibly happy to announce our first US distribution partner for our line of products. Tri-State Enterprises will be our exclusive distributor for their territory.

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ZZ-2 Launches Wireless CarPlay for Land Rover / Range Rover / Jaguar

PALM BEACH, FL (02.04.2021) – ZZ-2 has released the IT-LR line of interfaces for select LR / RR / JAGUAR vehicles.

Rich DeSclafani stated “We are extremely excited to launch our Wireless CarPlay interfaces for Land Rover/Range Rover/Jaguar. These interfaces provide a complete all in one solution for supported vehicles. They offer wireless connectivity, safety, and convenience. They are exactly what is needed to add the latest technology to these vehicles.”

DeSclafani continued, “The interfaces exclusively use the factory touchscreen to control the interface and come with a 3 year warranty. These products are in stock and available to ship.”

• Wireless CarPlay
• Wireless Android Auto
• Backup Camera Input (w/Dynamic Moving Lines)
• Front Camera Input (w/Parking Mode and Forced Front Camera)
• Smartphone Mirroring/Mirror Link
• Touchscreen Control

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ZZ-2 Welcomes New Canadian Distributor 12Volt Solutions

PALM BEACH, FL (10.27.2020) – ZZ-2 has announced a partnership with our new stocking distributor for the Canadian market 12VOLT SOLUTIONS. In business for over 14 years, catering to the expeditors and specialty retailers they have built a solid network and a great reputation with their customers.

Rich DeSclafani stated, “We are extremely happy to welcome in Norman and the rest of the 12VOLT SOLUTIONS family into our network. We are looking forward to a great partnership for many years to

Norman Degruijter stated, “12VOLT SOLUTIONS is looking forward to working with Rich and the ZZ-2 product line.”

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New ZZ-2 Product Converts Factory Wired to Wireless CarPlay in Seconds

ZZAIR-CP is the new addition of convenience to your vehicle, converting factory wired CarPlay into a wireless connection in seconds. Don’t take your phone our fo pocket anymore, make it wireless with ZZAIR-CP

ZZAIR-CP converts factory wired to wireless CarPlay in seconds. (Car MUST be equipped with factory wire CarPlay.)

For your convenience, ZZ-2 added the ZZAIR-CP to our line of products to provide a better experience with the factory wired CarPlay system. In seconds you will be able to get the most out of CarPlay without taking your iPhone out of your pocket. Simple to use, plug and play, and the best part, no more wire.

Ditch the cable, unlocking the full potential of your iPhone.

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Contact ZZ-2 at 929-220-1212 or email us at for pricing or more information about our products.

ZZ-2 Launches Zeus: A Revolutionary Automotive Video Streaming Interface

POMPANO BEACH, FL (09.29.2020) ZZ-2 is launching ZEUS. ZEUS is the first of its kind video streaming interface for automotive use with OEM in-vehicle CarPlay. This amazing interface allows the user to watch AND control their favorite video streaming, live TV apps and Social Media apps on the road! Touchscreen and/or touchpad control of the interface allows users to effortlessly navigate and control all of their favorite apps.

The ZZ-2 Zeus CarPlay streaming interface comes with 2 USB cables for 2 different USB connections in a handy case.

ZZ-2’s Rich DeSclafani stated, “This interface is a game changer. On newer vehicles up until now the only way to get video into the OEM screen has required a more expensive and labor-intensive product. These installations generally required the installer to access the back of the radio and/or monitor. The Zeus interface also eliminates the need for an audio adapter that would have to be used with a standard video interface.

With the ZZ-2 ZEUS users gain access to many different apps allowing them to download and watch LIVE TV using their internet TV provider, like YouTube TV or Sling, and stream their favorite shows and movies using Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video etc. Users can watch live sports, news and all of their favorite live shows!”

Click to see a ZEUS demo video

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The ZEUS ZZ-2 FEATURES include… Plugs into CarPlay USB port, No installation required, 100% Plug and Play, HD Video Quality all with a 3-Year Warranty. The new ZZ-2 Zeus requires a WiFi connection from a hotspot or smartphone plus the vehicle MUST HAVE wired CarPlay.

Zeus is available now, in stock and shipping!

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ZZ-2 Launches New Lexus Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto Interface

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (04.24.2020) – ZZ-2 Has released the IT-LEX line of interfaces. The IT-LEX line consists of three different models, the IT-LEX15, IT-LEX17 and IT-LEX19. These three models cover most Lexus vehicle starting in 2014. Rich DeSclafani stated “We are extremely excited to release these new products for Lexus vehicles. These interfaces provide a complete all in one solution.

They offer connectivity, safety, convenience and are easy to use. The interfaces are all plug n’ play, use the OEM microphone and come with a 3-year warranty. We do not sell direct to consumer, so these interfaces provide a great opportunity for 12volt retailers to offer a profitable and reliable product to their clients.”

• Wireless CarPlay
• Wireless Android Auto
• Backup Camera Input (w/Dynamic Moving Lines)
• Front Camera Input (w/ Parking Mode)
• Uses OEM Microphone
• Smartphone Mirroring/Mirror Link
• USB A/V Playback
• Plug n’ Play
• Works with all screen sizes 7”, 10”, 12”

Compatible with these 2014-2019 LEXUS models:

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ZZ-2 Is a New Company Specializing in Automotive Integrations with Rich DeSclafani at the Wheel

BROOKLYN, NY (03.02.2020) – ZZ-2 is an engineering company specialized in automotive integrations, such as CarPlay and Android Auto, front and rear camera interface, video input interface and more. ZZ-2 is bringing to the 12v market a new way of business that will provide clients with a complete range of automotive solutions, with a brand new line of premium automotive integrations. Our interfaces were developed to help automotive enthusiasts improve their factory system by adding extra features as desired.

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Co-founder Luis Guilherme Rocha states “on this new journey, ZZ-2’s main goal is to provide a big variety of solutions to add new technology to all vehicles, regardless of the year, make and model. We have a successful history in South America and Europe, and we are proud to bring our model of business to America. I believe this will be a great addition to the market, especially for the audio shops and dealerships spread all over the country.” 

ZZ-2 is also happy to have Rich DeSclafani part of our team, awarded as Manufacturer Sales Rep of the Year by the Mobile Electronics Association in 2012. Rich has over 23 years of experience in the 12v industry, over 12 years just working directly with high end OEM integration. DeSclafani held positions in sales, technical support and product training with multiple manufactures, such as Nav-TV, K40 Electronics and most recently at Crux Interfacing.

“Our goal is to provide a product that people can trust so they can be completely satisfied with their daily driven vehicle. I am very excited to be part of this new project. The company has phenomenal potential and a large variety of OEM integration interfaces. Our most popular line is the Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto, which is one of the most frequent requests that I’ve been receiving for the last couple of years. Another big specialty is our line of vehicle specific smartphone wireless chargers, which makes a perfect combo with our CarPlay/Android solutions. We are also stocking vehicle specific front and rear cameras and other niche 12Volt products,” said DeSclafani.

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