Race Sport Lighting Launches WPG to Offer PPE and Reopening Tools

RINGWOOD, IL (05.26.2020) – Race Sport Lighting has announced the launch of a brand new company Wholesale Product Group.

Pictured from Left: Steve Jergensen and Deputy Chief Thompson) WPG donates two gallons of hand sanitizer to Lake County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office was thankful as they were running low and need to keep healthy and sanitized on the front line.

WPGsupply.com specializes in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for small businesses to get back up running, including PPE kitsmasksglovesretail sneeze and cough shieldssocial distancing decals/stickers, and vehicle protection. WPGsupply.com is already serving customers from the mobile electronics and automotive industries and hired on several MFG reps firms to represent its products in their territories.

Orders from small shops, to large chain stores to WD’s have already been flowing in daily. The line up consists of about 50 products right now that 90% is in stock in our warehouse and shipping now.

“When we decided to launch WPG, our first concern was for the thousands of small businesses Race Sport Lighting has been in relationship with for over 13 years. We are all in this together and we want to help keep the people in our industry safe and healthy.”

“As the world goes back to work and gets their local and national economies moving again, we have the proper PPE safety equipment available for individuals and small businesses to remain compliant and protected. Also, when you support WPG you support US small business and healthcare and front-line workers. With 5% of our profits dedicated to front line workers, and 80%+ of our products supplied by US based small business”

-Steve Jergensen, WPG President

Visit wpgsupply.com and racesportinc.com for more.