Wilson Drive Reach Boosts Cell Signal for Summer Travel

ST. GEORGE, UT (06.08.20) – Wilson Electronics has announced the launch of the weBoost Drive Reach, a powerful in-vehicle cellular signal booster designed to provide solid cellular connectivity in cars, trucks and RVs. Compatible with all mobile phones and wireless carriers in North America, it allows users to enjoy strong call quality, fewer dead zones and faster data upload / download speeds while on the road.

The Drive Reach boasts uplink output power capabilities of 29.5 dBm and 50 dB gain – the maximum allowable gain under Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards – allowing it to boost signal strength from locations over two times further away from cell signal towers than previous models. This provides users with the strongest connection and fastest data rate available in the mobile amplifier market.

“Whether you’re traveling for work or play, a strong cellular signal is crucial for both productivity and safety reasons,” said Wilson Electronics’ CEO Bruce Lancaster. “Thanks to the Drive Reach’s upgraded uplink capabilities, users will see a huge improvement in cellular connectivity and speed across all wireless carriers, providing peace of mind wherever the road takes you.”

The Drive Reach also shines in its ease of installation. Its versatile mounting plate allows users to install the booster in whatever way is most convenient for them. The typical everyday user can use velcro strips to sturdily attach the booster to the carpeting of the vehicle. More advanced installers can more permanently fasten the booster to a vehicle’s side walls. Once the booster is secured, weBoost’s innovative SMB connectors provide tactile confirmation that the antenna and booster have been successfully connected.

The Drive Reach has all components needed for installation, including:
● Powerful cellular amplifier
● Mini magnetic antenna
● Versatile mounting plate
● SMB connectors
● Power supply, including an extra port with rapid charging capabilities

How it works: The powerful exterior antenna reaches out to cell phone towers to receive a signal. The antenna then transmits this signal to the booster. The booster receives this outside signal and amplifies each of the supported frequency bands throughout the vehicle using a series of sophisticated low noise amplifiers and filters.

Priced at $499.99 and certified by the FCC, the weBoost Drive Reach is available for purchase now online at weBoost.com or through authorized resellers. All boosters have a two-year warranty.

WeBoost Helps Signals Weather the Storm

(02.11.2020) – We know that weather affects satellite and radio signal, with even a light mist greatly hampering satellite TV viewing, but did you know that weather also has a big impact on your cellular signal? As we forge through winter and into spring, unpredictable weather from blizzards to heavy rain storms can greatly impact your phone’s ability to connect to its network at home or in your car or RV.

Cellular network traffic is carried on radio waves, and that means it can be affected by atmospheric conditions in the same manner as terrestrial radio signals. Whether the effect on signal is direct — such as thunderstorms causing electrical interference — or indirect — such as a change of season from winter to spring leading to budding trees that physically block signal — weather can be a huge factor in the diffusion, weakening, and even blocking of cell signals as they travel to and from the cell tower. Even a completely sunny day can hurt cellular signal if there’s high humidity. Thankfully, you can greatly reduce the impact of weather on your device’s cellular connection with a cellular signal booster from weBoost for your car, RV, home or office.

Are you interested in learning more? I’m happy to set up an interview with an expert from cellular signal boost leader weBoost. You can also find more information here. We also have review units available if you’d like to see how the boosters stack up against Mother Nature.

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