The Team Nutz Crew Traveled to KnowledgeFest in Indy

PITTSBURGH, PA (10.18.2021) – The Team Nutz crew made the 360 mile trip from Pittsburg to Indianapolis late Thursday, October 7th, to attend KFest Indy that ran Friday through Sunday, October 8th-10th.

The Team Nutz SUV and the Vince Murray’s Jeep Gladiator stopped for a break Thursday night between Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.
One last late night stop between Pittsburgh and Indy.

Team Nutz leader Ed Nuttall related, “We looked at this is a great opportunity to attend a number of training sessions by National Trainers, see products from a number major brands on the event floor with their reps and network with other members of the 12volt industry. Staff members from our sales and installation made the trip. Staff members included Ben Bjerke, Brandon Star, Colleen Gregory and Mike Pent.”

Early Saturday morning it was time to check in and get ready for the day.
 The Team Nutz crew at the Race Sport Lighting booth listening to a presentation from Steve Jergensen.

In addition, Vince Murray was with crew. “Vince is a friend and customer plus his Jeep Gladiator Sport S was displayed in the Metra booth. Team Nutz completed the installation on Vince’s Gladiator with an extensive selection of Heise lighting and Metra products” Nuttall stated.

Continuing, “We arrived in Indy after midnight and caught a few hours of sleep before getting all done with event registration Friday morning. After getting our badges we split into groups and attended every training session through the day. As soon as the show floor opened we made the rounds to check out the booths of vendors we work with in our store. Seeing Vince’s demo vehicle in the Metra booth with Jason Anderson was terrific” Nuttall added.

Team Nutz Ed Nuttall (R) and Rusty North-End Result. “It’s great to see the commitment Team Nutz made to attend KFest as a group and to grow their business” North stated.
The Team Nutz crew recapped KF Day 1 and enjoyed group dinner.

Further Nuttall offered “Spending time in the Race Sport Lighting booth to see new products with Steve Jergensen and Ignacio Ayala was time well spent as the lighting category is certainly growing. Rusty North, End Result, is our rep and it was good to make plans for growth with him.”

During a nice dinner Friday night the crew discussed the days activities and then rested up to get ready for Saturday.

Team Nutz believes in getting it done. Nuttall has already applied for and received his first certification, signed by Kris Bulla, from MECP that began during KFest Indy.

On Saturday the crew again split up to attend every training session on the schedule. They spent time in the Sony booth to check out the new demo car and the new head unit that debuted at KFest. In addition they spent time with Kris Bulla in the MECP booth to check out a new program MECP has introduced.

Vince Murray (L) and Jason Alexander in the Metra booth with Vince’s Jeep Gladiator Sport S loaded with Heise Lighting and Metra gear on the KFest floor.

“I was very impressed with the new MECP package and purchased an application for our entire staff of 12 people. As Saturday wound down we made the decision to head back to Pittsburgh since we had already attended all of the trainings that were on the Sunday schedule. Attending KFest Indy was overall a positive experience for Team Nutz as we met our objectives,” Nuttall concluded.

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Team Nutz Returns to the Annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

BUTLER, PA (06.14.2021) – The 10th Annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival took place on June 11th thru 13th in historic downtown Butler PA and on the Cooper’s Lake Campground. Over 15,000 Jeepers attended the weekend and enjoyed off-road trails, obstacle courses and a huge vendor area filled with companies that offer aftermarket products for Jeep owners and enthusiasts. The downtown Butler Jeep Invasion witnessed over 1000 Jeeps parked along main street and parking areas in the town of approximately 13,000 located 35 miles north of Pittsburgh. Butler was named the 7th Best Small Town in America in a Smithsonian Magazine in 2012.

Jeeps rolled into downtown Butler. Over 1000 Jeeps were parked throughout Butler’s downtown area for the evening event.
The crowd for the Main Street evening festival.

Team Nutz is a proactive 12volt retailer located in Pittsburgh and returned to the Bantam Jeep Festival for the 2021 run. Ed Nuttall related “The JeepFest draws thousands of Jeepers, enthusiasts and their rides. That crowd is noted for adding aftermarket products to their rides. We do a lot of Jeep upgrades, and being so close to our store in Pittsburgh, it makes perfect sense for our brand to be on site. I did not attend this year but we had a great crew on site with vendor support, a large booth area with multiple tents plus several demo vehicles. Sales this year were the best ever and our team made contact with quite a number of promising prospects.”

The vendor area covers many acres with vendor booths spread throughout
A portion of the Team Nutz booth area.

The Team Nutz team on site was led by Mike Gosnik with strong support from Stinger Electronics’ Christian Venn, End Result’s Rusty North, and Metra’s Tim Shell. A good customer and Jeeper Vince Murray also worked with the event.

Gosnik stated “The 2021 Bantam JeepFest was just what everyone needed after a year of the pandemic. It was great to see everyone unite over the love of Jeeps. For Team Nutz it was great for sales and getting our name out there that we support small business and the Jeep community as well as the aftermarket community in general. Everyone came together as a family at The Bantam Jeep Festival. Can’t wait until next year.”

The Team Nutz crew on site included Vince Murray, Christian Venn, Rusty North and Mike Gosnik (L to R).
Rusty North and Vince Murray (R) by the Stinger tent that grabbed attention for the Heigh 10.

The Stinger Heigh 10, which takes a Jeeper’s infotainment system to the next level, was one of the hottest products in the Team Nutz booth. Other brands and products in the large booth included Metra, Memphis Audio, Hertz/Audison, JL Audio and Wet Sounds. Katzkin custom leather seats also grabbed attention along with a Sony demo Jeep from Davis Distribution.

Team Nutz always provides plenty of items for consumers as branding reminders from a show.

Based on the 2021 success at JeepFest 2021 expect to see Team Nutz at the 2022 event and beyond.

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MECA Team Nutz Spring Jam Rocked in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, PA (05.25.2021) – Team Nutz rolled out the red carpet for competitors at the MECA Team Nutz Spring Jam at the company’s retail store in Pittsburg on Sunday, May 23rd.The MECA event featured SQL, SPL plus Show & Shine formats for competitors. MECA Event Directors Andy Magill and Kevin Mayo kept all moving in the competition lanes.

MECA and Team Nutz crews gathered for an image as the event wrapped… Tony, Andy, Dan, Don, Ed and Kevin (L to R).
Setup was underway in the Team Nutz parking lot early Sunday morning.

Ed Nuttall, Team Nutz owner, stated, “The event ran very smoothly and it was a great atmosphere as people who enjoy premium sound in their rides had an opportunity to compete. We drew competitors from Ohio and presented custom trophies to top competitors.”

Andy Magill related, “The Team Nutz crew really put together a well organized event. Judging the SQL competitors in the large installation bay was an ideal setting.”

The large Team Nutz installation bay was an ideal spot for the SQL judging.
Custom trophies were presented to competitors for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

SQL Competitor Dan Arndt made the 120 mile trip from Erie, PA for the event. “The setting was great for my new KIA to compete in the lane. Also, I am studying to become a SQL Judge so that added to my super experience at the Team Nutz MECA event.”

Continuing, Nuttall commented, “We had tents set up in the parking lot for the SPL and Show & Shine judging. My young niece and nephew handed out way over 100 bottles of water to folks as well as Team Nutz stickers, bags and lanyards.”

Rusty North, a factory rep with End Result, also attended the event. North offered, “This MECA event was terrific. Seeing a top area retailer like Team Nutz working to host a MECA sound off event will create excitement and stimulate more participation from enthusiasts in the area.”

For info on hosting a MECA event in the Ohio Valley, contact

The HighLifter Mud Nationals, Team Nutz in Pittsburgh, Sling Experience in Houston

THE 12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (04.09.2021) – This weekend in early April, 9-11, is shaping up to get the 2021 event season off to a strong start. The 12volt Central Studios will be working with friends and companies at events in Blevins AR, Pittsburgh PA and Houston TX to showcase event activities and deliver positive news to members of the 12volt industry.

Over 2000 acres of water, bogs and trails welcome ATV enthusiasts to the HighLifter Mud National.

The HighLifter Mud Nationals is being held at the Hillarosa ATV Park in Blevins AR April 7th – 11th. The expansive park offers 2000 acres of deep mud bogs, water crossings and muddy trails. Music venues are also on site.The Powersports category is definitely on fire. The ATV marketplace also offers so much more including lifts, tires, wheels, jacks, seating, graphics and so much more than mobile electronics products.

MTX was one of the first companies to set up on Wednesday morning, April 7th.

On the grounds of the Hillorosa ATV Park there is a large area set up as a vendor village where major companies rolled in with semis. MTX rolled in a big rig from Phoenix with Rico Felice and Jason Planck to set up a huge tent area with multiple side by side demos on display.

Rockford Fosgate set up early to welcome ATV enthusiasts,

Rockford Fosgate rolled in from company HQ in Tempe with a big rig filled with tent, gear and demo side by sides. Tammy Lowe, John Bosley and Mark Schliepfer and made the trip and are conducting demos and info for enthusiasts. New Can Speakers and Amplifies will greet attendees.

MB Quart has an impressive setup and is ready to get loud.

Maxxsonics is on site with a big presence for MB Quart. Rob Anderson is on site along with Tommy McClure and Scott Ringo from area rep firm Southwest Sales and Marketing.

Product displays like this will drive sales for Team Nutz at the Pittsburgh show.
More displays in the Team Nutz Booth.

Team Nutz, a very proactive retailer, is back at the MAXmotive World of Wheels again this year at the David Lawerence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. The event was rescheduled several times but rolls this weekend. Team Nutz has an 80’x100’ booth and will fill it with demo vehicles, tents, show cars and displays. End Result, with Rusty North and Ed Dalesandro will be on site with the Team Nutz staff of 15 to work the show.

The Sling Experiment is set to be a record setter!

Ed Nuttall, for Team Nutz, stated “We are anticipating a crowd in the neighborhood of 40,000. We have literally over 10,000 swag items including pens, stickers, tote bags and lanyards to hand out to attendees. We are also have a custom QR Code in play that will provide additional ways to connect after the event with attendees in our booth.”

 House of Sound Car Audio -Houston will show rear lighting packages like this for s Slingshots.

The Sling Experience is in its second year in Houston and is expected to be even larger than 2020. House of Sound Car Audio does a huge business with Slingshot owners. Alex Restrepo stated “We will have shop Slingshots in our booth and have over a dozen customers that will show their rides at the event. Custom lighting is a rapidly growing area in Slingshot customization and we offer custom lighting products. SounDigital, Kicker, DS18, DB Drive and XS Power are big brands for us with Slingshots. The event will take place in the large Houston Marriott Westchase Hotel Thursday through Sunday.

A Slingshot in the House of Sound Car Audio shop with a super lighting package.

Utilizing the 12voltSTP Tool, with images supplied from friends and companies, the 12volt Central Studios plans many posts over the next several days to deliver this exciting news to members of the 12volt industry.

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Snap…Txt…PRESTO! Your company’s activities and products could be in the news.

Team Nutz in the House at the Keystone Big Show in Big D

DALLAS, TX (03.08.2021) – The Keystone Big Show, at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center on March 5th and 6th, was the first in-person automotive aftermarket trade show since the COVID-19 Pandemic gripped the U.S. Well over 100 companies showcased their latest products on the Convention Center show floor.

Ben Bjerke (L) and Doug Macher from Team Nutz flank Keystone representative Kyle Graziul on the Big Show floor Saturday afternoon.

Team Nutz, based in Pittsburgh PA, offers a wide variety of 12volt and automotive aftermarket products in their marketplace. Ed Nuttall related “When we heard about the upcoming Keystone Show is Dallas we quickly made the decision to attend. Keystone is a key vendor and we saw this as an opportunity to see firsthand the latest products from their vendors and network with other dealers at the show. We made plans for two staff members, Doug Macher and Ben Bjerke, to attend.

Macher and Bjerke hitched a ride on Southwest and they had a very productive two days at the Keystone Big Show. Macher related to 12volt News “We spent time in a lot of booths, talked with booth staff members and saw a ton of cool new products. Overall, Ben and I will take back a lot of information to Ed. It was a very informative event for us.”

Pickup trucks were spotlighted in many booths as attendees walked the event aisles.

“Team Nutz is a very proactive retailer and a post for the Keystone Big Show caught eyeballs at the 12volt Central Studios. That was when we learned Ed was sending Doug and Ben to the event. This article, spotlighting the Team Nutz trip to the Keystone Big Show, was a result of that Team Nutz Instagram post and following conversation” 12volt News staff related.

At the Keystone Big Show there were virtually no traditional 12volt companies exhibiting on the event floor. There was also very little buzz across the 12volt industry regarding the event even though 12volt companies are adding products from the automotive aftermarket category to their product mix..

Everything is big in Texas, with the Keystone Big Show being in a Big convention hall.

Lighting and associated products, which are selling well in the 12volt industry, shined brightly in several exhibitors’ booths.

As one on one in-person activity has been restricted it is still extremely important to communicate effectively. Many are saying they have been Zoom-called to death. Many in the industry bang out txt messages and emails like it’s a game. First one to 50 today wins is not a long term strategy for success.

Retailers meet face to face with consumers, and talk in person with those individuals, about products for their rides. It’s impossible for someone to feel bass in their chest on a smartphone, laptop or screen.

Thank you to all in the industry, like Ed Nuttall, who will talk to the 12volt Central Studios on the phone to generate positive visibility for their products and activities across the 12volt industry.

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The 22’ Tall Lighted Nutcracker Grabbed Holiday Attention at Team Nutz

PITTSBURG, PA (12.29.2020) – Team Nutz is a very proactive 12volt and automotive aftermarket retailer in Pittsburgh PA.

With the Holiday Season approaching Team Nutz purchased a 22’ tall inflatable, lighted Nutcracker to place in front of the company’s store to grab attention from people driving down the busy street. The Nutcracker was put in place right after Thanksgiving.

This creative Team Nutz post wished all on social media Merry Christmas.

Nina and Ed Nuttall related “It gets dark early this time of the year. People can see the lighted Nutcracker from a couple blocks away. We will leave up until the New Years and then put it away until the Holiday Season 2021.”

The 22’ tall Nutcracker, with alternating red and green lights, grabbed attention from blocks away on the street.

Legend has it the Nutcracker represents power, strength and service like a trusty watch dog guarding a family from evil spirits and danger. The Nutcracker also serves as the traditional messenger of good luck and good will.

Santa Bob Jones is flanked by Nina and Ed Nuttall by the Team Nutz front door.

The Nutcracker, with alternating red and green lights, attracted many families to stop outside and take a family Christmas photo. “It was great to see families stopping for a photo. While taking the photo they certainly had a chance to see all we offer at Team Nutz” Ed Nuttall offered.

This image shows the height of the 22’ Nutcrackers out front at Team Nutz.

On Thursday, the day before Christmas, Santa was in the house. Bob Jones, area sales representative for Davis Distribution, dressed as Santa paid a visit to Team Nutz.

Collen Gregory, Natasha Davis and Doug Macher (LtoR) with masks on are pictured behind the sales counter on the Team Nutz showroom floor.

Jones related “I like putting on the Santa suit and seeing people smile at Christmas time. On Thursday I visited a few dealers and spent some time on their sales floors. Team Nutz is a very good customer and I enjoyed spending time with their team and thanking them for their business.”

The team of Tom Mays, Ben Bjerknes, Chris Adams and Ian Spochacz has been very busy in the install bay at Team Nutz.

Over the past several weeks Team Nutz staff members have redoubled their efforts via social media channels to showcase their products and services. Team Nutz also offers a selection of PPE products as well as services area auto dealerships and construction companies with a variety of services.

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Team Nutz Staying Very Busy

PITTSBURGH, PA (03.25.2020) – Like 12volt retailers across the U.S. Team Nutz daily business operations have been negatively affected greatly.

Ed Nuttall, Team Nutz owner, posted “Effective 3/23/2020, per the state’s direction, our store is now closed unless the repair required on your vehicle is life sustaining or ADS Interlock maintenance required.”

Team Nutz owner Ed Nuttall with the JL Audio DSP demo working live through a VXi amplifier on the display board. 

While the store is officially closed there is much activity going on to prepare Team Nutz to reopen at full speed.

“We are upgrading our in-store displays, attending vendor webinars and working on jobs in the install bay. We now have an active DSP setup on our main display board for a live demonstration for customers. The JL Audio DSP is now working live on a VXi amplifier for all to experience.”

Mike and Tom shown attending a Metra Heise Lighting Davis Distribution webinar in the store on Tuesday morning, March 24th.

Continuing Nuttall offered “On Tuesday morning, yesterday, staff members attended 2 webinars here at the store, The Metra Heise Lighting with Davis Distribution and Honeywell Security presentations were both very informative.”

Team Nutz is available by phone from 9 AM to 5 PM daily for any inquiries for service and sales questions. Drop off is also available by placing keys through the company dropbox on the first garage door.

Team Nutz keeps followers and consumers informed with important posts.

Concluding Nuttall stated “At some point, and we hope sooner than later, the Coronavirus National Emergency will end. We are planning and working for an all out relaunch to make up for the down time.”

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Team Nutz at the Pittsburgh International Auto Show

PITTSBURGH, PA (02.18.2020) – Team Nutz had a major presence at the Pittsburg International Auto Show at the David L Lawrence Convention Center February 13th – 17th. Just 2 weeks prior Team Nutz had a 70 x 100 booth at the World of Wheels in the same venue.

Ed Nuttall offered “It certainly has been a very, very busy February as we exhibited at two major events at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. At both events we went all the way with a large booth, tents, demo vehicles, specials and had a great staff on site at both events.”

This image shows the breadth of the Team Nutz Booth. The Memphis Audio trailer is in the background on the left.

At the Pittsburgh International Auto Show Team Nutz put their brand and products in front of a crowd reported to exceed 30,000 over the 5-day run. The End Result Memphis trailer and Davis Distribution SONY Jeep grabbed attention along with the Race Sport Lighting display, JL Audio OEM interactive display, Wet Sounds and Audiovox Movies-To-Go demo setup in the booth.

ED and Nina Nuttall, snapped by the award winning Dalesandro Studios, during a rare quiet moment at the show.

Ed Dalesandro, End Result rep firm principal, was on site along with Rusty North from Davis Distribution. Dalesandro provided the Memphis Audio trailer and supported the Race Sport Lighting brand..both of which are on the End Result line card. “Team Nutz and their crew continue to DO Things and put in the efforts. Nina and Ed Nuttall, along with the Team, are making things happen” Dalesandro offered.

Rusty North (L) and Ed Dalesandro were on site in Pittsburgh to support Team Nutz at the event.

Rusty North stated “The Davis Distribution Jeep definitely drew a crowd at the event. We showed the new Sony AX7000 in the Jeep and all were blown away there was not a big array of amps driving the sound. Several times there were people lined up for a demo of the Sony Jeep. I know on Saturday and Sunday over a hundred people sat in the Jeep for a demo. There was a huge crowd and I had people ask questions about window tint, wheels, LED lights and remote starts as well as cart audio products. All in all a great show Team Nutz put together.”

Ed Nuttall’s Nephew Cole dancing in the Memphis Audio trailer as the show closed Saturday night. Through the show the End Result Memphis Audio trailer, which was recently updated, was a magnet in the booth.

Team Nutz has been exhibiting at the Pittsburgh International Auto show for over 15 years. “Over the years we have made it a point to have a booth at major events that draw car enthusiasts. At events we hand out thousands of Team Nutz stickers that people put on their cars, boats, tool boxes and other things. Those stickers, which we now produce in house, provide a strong branding message for Team Nutz throughout our area. At this Pittsburgh show we handed out over 5,000 stickers. At this event we put a promo in place for people to post an image of our sticker on their vehicle or whatever. We will select a winner from the posts for a $100. gift certificate” Nuttall added.

The Davis Distribution SONY Jeep pictured with (LtoR) Ed Nuttall Sr, Ed Nuttall, Rusty North and David Maxwell-

A Big 12volt News Hat’s Off to all at Team Nutz. The Team Nutz staff tops over 20 employees and over half were on the event floor each day. Putting all in place for a big event that lasts several days, and manning a large booth, is a big job.

Ed Nuttall with hands full of stickers in the Booth.

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Team Nutz Was a Standout at the Pittsburgh World of Wheels

PITTSBURG, PA (02.04.2020) – Team Nutz, a proactive Pittsburgh area 12volt retailer, was a standout on the show floor at the recent World of Wheels and AutoRama. The Team Nutz booth, 70×100, definitely gave attendees at the David Lawrence Convention Center January 24th-26th, plenty to see.

The entry to the impressive 70’ x 100’ Team Nutz Booth drew attendees to check out all inside.

Ed Nuttall, in the Team Nutz driver seat with co pilot Nina, offered “Over the 3 days of the show there were a reported 40,000 through the door..and all automotive enthusiasts of some kind. The World of Wheels is one of the 3 biggest shows of the year at the convention center. We have been doing this show for 18 years now and it is a great vehicle to drive Team Nutz business.”

Team Nutz, Pittsburgh retailer, has a strong presence at the World of Wheels. Industry members are on site with owener Ed Nuttall. Ed Dalesandro- End Result, Mike Betts- Omega, Rusty North- Davis Distribution with Ed Nuttall (R to L).

The Team Nutz booth was filled with demo vehicles and a company supply detail truck that showcased other aspects of the company’s business. A Memphis Audio Trailer, loaded and rocking with the company’s latest products was a big draw to the booth. Area rep firm End Result, with Ed Dalesandro behind the wheel, positioned the trailer in a prime location in the Team Nutz booth. Chris Adams, with Team Nutz, completed a display upgrade just prior to the event.

Chris Adams- Team Nutz, pictured in the End Result Memphis Audio Trailer. Adams just reworked the trailer and it draws a crowd to the Team Nutz Booth on the floor at the World of Wheels in Pittsburgh.

Dalesandro stated “It was so exciting to see people smiling in the trailer when they heard the great Memphis Audio products crank up inside the trailer. Many young people were dancing to the tunes. It’s so great to work with retailers like Team Nutz that has so much passion and exhibits at major events to connect with consumers.”

Ed Dalesandro (R) and Ed Nuttall paused for a photo op in the Team Nutz booth at the World of Wheels event in Pittsburgh on Sunday, January 26th. Dalesandro’s End Result Memphis Audio Trailer grabbed attention in the Team Nutz Booth.

Rusty North, Davis Distribution, was on the floor along with Mike Betts. Betts highlighted Omega Research products. North spotlighted a number of brands that Team Nutz buys through Davis Distribution just down the road in Newell, WV.

The World of Wheels plaque awarded to Team Nutz.

“Following the event the phones have been ringing solid. We are booked out nearly 3 weeks in the shop following the show and that is certainly a very positive thing” Nuttall stated.

Team Nutz offers a wide range of 12volt products and services as well as ceramic coatings, interior leather products. Commercial vehicle safety lighting and home installation service add to the business mix. The business now operates out of one location with 21 employees.

Nina and Ed Nuttall flank World of Wheels staff members during the award ceremony at the conclusion the event.

“Seems one part of our business leads to something else. We will put safety lights and DOT vinyl of a company’s fleet which will lead to detailing and cleaning their vehicles. That actually led to clean up services for their construction job sites” Nuttall added.

Job ticket packets, the result of the proactive retailer’s activities, are arranged on the slatwall in Nuttall’s office.

At the conclusion of the World of Wheels the event organizers presented a plaque to Ed and Nina Nuttall recognizing the Team Nutz support and loyalty for the event.

Great job TEAM NUTZ!

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