American Bass Releases Stealth Energy Batteries

SOLON, OH (06.23.2020) – American Bass Audio has released a brand of batteries called Stealth Energy.

Bob Ahuja, Company President offered, “Our consumers use American Bass products to seriously upgrade their audio builds because they are enthusiasts or because they are competitors. Often our customers need more energy to run their builds than what is available in their car and they often upgrade batteries to supply that energy. Entering the battery business allows American Bass to supply every aspect of their audio build from their subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers and now the energy that supplies the whole system.”

Stealth Energy Batteries are in stock and a new product from American Bass.

American Bass has released 6 models of 12 volts AGM, absorbent glass mat, batteries. The six models are Stealth 150-15 amp hours, Stealth 200-20 amp hours, Stealth 350, 35 amp hours, Stealth 550-50 amp hours, Stealth 750-75 amp hours and Stealth 1000-100 amp hours.

There are 6 models in the Stealth Energy line.

The key difference between Stealth Energy batteries and the competition is that these batteries are designed for car audio and American Bass batteries have far better surge capacity than competitors. Surge, or reserve, capacity is key because often car audio customers are drawing a lot of current from their batteries over very short periods of time.

Ahuja concluded, “We are thrilled to enter the battery business in car audio. Car audio enthusiasts often do not have many options when it comes to quality, affordable batteries specifically designed for audio applications. Our customers often have to make do with batteries not designed for audio. We are excited to now provide the perfect solution for them.”

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