Saddle Tramp Ships New Products

HOLLY HILL, FL (03.14.22) – Saddle Tramp by Metra Electronics has added new products to their inventory designed to upgrade 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide models. This new line of products features a replacement inner fairing for riders who want to upgrade the sound system and install a modern aftermarket Double-DIN radio, as well as accompanying products that complement the fairing. Saddle Tramp has also introduced a new amp bracket kit to fit 2014-up Harley-Davidson Street Glide models. These new products are available now for shipping and are designed to help installers deliver upgraded, fully customizable sound systems with less time and labor spent in the install bay.

FLT/Sharknose Inner Fairing – Fits 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide FLT Models

The 95-HDIF2 Harley-Davidson Road Glide FLT/Sharknose fairing is a replacement inner fairing designed to fit almost any 4-inch tall Double-DIN radio into 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide FLT models. This product allows for the upgrading of the stock radio to a model with a display screen for modern radio technology like Apple CarPlay and Android audio. These motorcycles come from the factory able to accommodate only a smaller 2-inch tall Single-DIN radio. This customization kit comes with the radio mounting hardware and speaker plates in three different sizes; 6.5-inch, 6×9-inch, and a blank plate so that you can add the speaker size of your choice. The fairing is painted high-gloss black but can be custom painted if desired, and it retains all of the original gauges on the motorcycle. Like all of Metra’s radio installation kits, it is constructed with durable ABS plastic and designed to match the factory look and feel for a sleek upgrade that will withstand the elements.

Handlebar Audio Control Retention Interface – Fits 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson FLH/FLT Models

The BC-HDSWC-WR Harley-Davidson Handlebar Control allows installers to replace the radio in a motorcycle, while retaining the use of the factory handlebar audio controls. This easy-to-install interface uses a patented Auto-Detect system to configure itself for the specific motorcycle application and aftermarket radio being installed. The interface provides wires for front speakers, constant power, switched power and ground, and includes a water-resistant enclosure. This product works with the 95-HDIF2 Harley-Davidson Road Glide FLT/Sharknose fairing featured above. It can be made to work with all models by pairing with Metra’s BC-9725 Amp Bypass Harness.

Rear Speaker Harness – Fits 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson FLH/FLT Models

The BC-9711 Harley-Davidson Rear Speaker Harness allows riders to easily upgrade the sound system in their motorcycles. It fits nicely into the 95-HDIF2 Harley-Davidson Road Glide FLT/Sharknose fairing. This harness will keep your factory rear speakers playing, with plug-n-play ease, using factory Molex connectors. Constructed with 18-gauge oxygen-free copper for the best possible conductivity and audio performance.

Amplifier Mounting Plate – Fits 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide FLT Models

The BC-AMP05 Harley-Davidson Road Glide FLT Amp Mounting Plate installs inside the front fairing and can be mounted to the clutch or brake side of the main fairing mounting bolts. Mounting plate, hook and loop pad, and cable ties are included in the package. The mounting plate is black powder-coated steel with slots around the outside edge which can be used to secure the wiring for the amplifier with the supplied cable ties. This mounting plate is small enough to fit into the limited space within fairings and should be paired with a micro amp. We recommend amps that are 4.5”W x 8”L x 1.5”H, as noted in the included instructions. This product is compatible with the 95-HDIF2 Harley-Davidson Road Glide FLT/Sharknose replacement fairing.

Amplifier Mounting Plate – Fits 2014-up Harley-Davidson Street Glide

In addition to the BC-AMP05 mounting plate, Saddle Tramp also has a new amp mounting plate for Harley-Davidson Street Glide motorcycles; the BC-AMP06. This product is installed on top of the OE radio tray and reuses the factory bolts. The kit includes a hook and loop pad and cable ties. The mounting plate is black powder-coated steel with slots around the outside edge which can be used to secure the wiring for the amplifier with the supplied cable ties. Original fairings on these motorcycle models offer adequate space for aftermarket amps.

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Saddle Tramp Ships New Audio Installation Products Designed to Fit Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

HOLLY HILL, FL (01.13.22) – Saddle Tramp by Metra Electronics has new radio installation kits, digital signal processors, smart brake light flashers, a new and improved handlebar audio control retention interface, accessory harnesses, and an amp wiring kit, in stock now and shipping. All of these new products are designed to fit select Harley-Davidson motorcycle models for easy installation, giving owners better options for audio system upgrades and customizations. These new products were first shown at the 2021 SEMA Show and will also be on display at the AIMExpo in the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 19th to 21st.

Radio Installation Kits
Saddle Tramp’s new radio installation kits include an interface with a water-resistant enclosure, wiring harness, and an antenna adapter to make replacing the factory radio easy. The interface retains the use of the factory handlebar audio controls and other features, depending on the kit. The BC-HDR-K1 is for an ISO Double-DIN radio that has an “L” shaped chassis design with the chassis at the top, and the BC-HDR-K3 is for a Single-DIN radio. Both kits are designed to fit non-amplified 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Street Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra, Limited, and 2015-up* Road Glide models. Saddle Tramp’s new Police Edition kits are designed to fit 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Electra Glide FLHTP models with the police package. The BC-HDR-K4 is for an ISO Single-DIN radio and the BC-HDR-K2 is for an “L” shaped Double-DIN or modular radio with the chassis mounted at the top. Both of the kits designed for Single-DIN radios include an LCD screen to display the oil pressure and EITMS status.

Digital Signal Processors with Built-in Interface
Saddle Tramp’s new patented DSPs are designed for easy integration with aftermarket or factory systems for an enhanced sound system with full tuning control. The BC-DSPL-HD1 fits 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT motorcycles with plug-n-play harnessing. The BC-DSPL-HD2 fits 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Street Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra, Limited, and 2015-up* Road Glide models. The BC-DSPL-HD2’s key benefit is its advanced integration technology reflashes a non-amplified radio for a flat response curve, without the need for external equipment. This reduces the cost, saves time, and allows installers to provide better service with complete control over the upgrade. Both DSPs provide six channels of output and a fifteen-band graphic EQ per channel with a selectable slope. Installers can adjust and control the sound system specifically for the acoustics of the motorcycle and the driver’s personal audio preferences. All tuning is done wirelessly via a smart app for tablets or phones and can be password-protected once set up.

BC-DSPL-HD1 and BC-DSPL-HD2 Product Specifications
● 6 channels of output from the DSP
● 15-band graphic EQ per channel with a selectable slope (12, 24, 36, or 48db per octave)
● Built-in selectable crossover per channel (high, low & band) to achieve the perfect sound
● Independent equalization for front, rear, and subwoofer
● Time delay circuit per channel (front and rear channels can be delayed independently up to 10ms)
● Tuning setup and wireless control via a smart device application (tablet or mobile phone)
● Read, write, and store configurations for future recall
● Optional password protection feature for tuning control via the mobile app
● Small footprint for easy installation behind the fairing
● Pre-wired harness for easy amplifier installation
● Retains balance and fade control
● Built-in clipping detection and limiting circuits
● Bass knob included
● Water-resistant case & connections
● Micro-B USB updatable
● U.S. Patent 9,875,078

BC-DSPL-HD2 Features:
● Integration technology to reflash the factory radio
● Creates a flat response curve without the need for external equipment

Smart Brake Light Flashers
Saddle Tramp has three new smart brake light flashers for drivers looking for better visibility by adding a strobing or flashing brake light effect. A rotary switch on the control box has selectable options for ten different patterns, such as a slow flash and then solid light, or constant strobe. This plug-n-play flasher is easy to install and is designed specifically for the original factory rear brake lights, and is not compatible with rear bullet-style brake/turn signal lights. The BC-HDSSF1 fits 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Street Glide, Road Glide, and Road King Touring models, the BC-HDSSF2 fits 1996-2013 Electra Glide, Ultra Classic/Limited, Road King/Classic, and Road Glide Standard/Ultra/Custom Touring models, and the BC-HDSSF3 fits 2010-2013 Street Glide and Road Glide Touring models.
BC-HDSSF1/2/3 Product Specifications
● Add a flashing or strobe light effect to brake lights
● 84 watts/7-amp selectable strobe light
● 10 selectable patterns for LED lights
● Works with original factory LED or incandescent rear brake lights
● Plug-n-play installation

Handlebar Audio Control Retention Interface
Saddle Tramp’s new and improved BC-HDSWC-WR interface retains the use of the factory handlebar audio controls when replacing the radio. It is designed to fit 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT models with a fairing, without the factory amplifier, and with two speaker systems. It uses patented Auto-Detect technology that configures itself for the specific motorcycle application and connected aftermarket radio. It now includes a water-resistant case and comes with a plug-n-play harness for easy installation. This interface also provides wires for speakers, constant power, switched power and ground.

Accessory Harnesses
Saddle Tramp continues to make wiring aftermarket audio systems even easier with plug-n-play connections designed to fit Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Their latest accessories include the BC-9711 rear speaker retention harness for 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT models, complete with pre-terminated Molex™ terminals and oxygen-free copper wiring. The BC-9717 is a plug-n-play rear speaker bypass harness used for splitting the inputs and outputs when installing aftermarket amplifiers in 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited models. For adding aftermarket 12volt accessories to a power source, the BC-9719 is a battery accessory Y harness with OE connectors designed to fit 2004-2013 Harley-Davidson Touring FLH/FLT models and 2014-up* Touring and Trike models with Stage II Boom!™ Audio packages.

Amp Wiring Kit
Saddle Tramp’s new BC-9703 is an amplifier wiring kit designed to fit 2014-up* Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT models. It is used for installing single or dual amplifiers in the front fairing with a quick disconnect for each amplifier. It is constructed with oxygen-free copper for the best possible conductivity and audio performance and includes 8-gauge 5.5-foot power and ground wires, a 60-amp mini ANL fuse and holder, an ignition T-harness for amplifier turn-on, and an over mold split to two 10-gauge power and ground wires.

All of these new motorcycle products are in stock now, with additional details and wiring diagrams available at AIMExpo attendees can see them in person at booth 2005 from January 19th to 21st at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Metra Electronics will also be participating in the Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties Spring NVP Expo from January 29th to 30th at the Kentucky International Convention Center to showcase their latest Saddle Tramp products. A special training session covering these new products will also be hosted at KnowledgeFest at the South Point Hotel & Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas from February 18th to 20th.

*See for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

Saddle Tramp Introduces New Accent Lights for Harley-Davidson and Universal LED Lighting Accessories

HOLLY HILL, FL (02.23.2021) – Saddle Tramp by Metra Electronics is now shipping six different easy-to-install LED lighting products designed for motorcycles. The front fork and saddlebag LED accent lights are designed specifically for 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Touring models (FLH and FLT). The new turn signal lights, a three-way switchback LED projector light, and flexible LED lighting strips will fit almost any motorcycle and are in stock now, adding to the extensive line of aftermarket motorcycle accessories from Saddle Tramp.

Front Fork LED Accent Lights for Harley-Davidson

New Saddle Tramp front fork accent lights look like they are part of the original design for 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles. The BC-BFKC adds a red two-stage LED light to the front wheel that illuminates for the running and turn signal light. It is painted with a matching vivid black color and covers the factory axle nuts, creating a smooth look to blend seamlessly with the motorcycle’s contour. Stainless mounting hardware is included and wires are covered in protective cloth tape for added protection.

Saddlebag LED Accent Lights for Harley-Davidson

The BC-SBMKL is pair of white LED accent lights for the bottom side saddlebag on 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles with hard saddlebags. The light strip is painted with the same signature vivid black color and has a smoked lens. The LED light strip mounts with 3M double-sided tape for easy installation.

Sequential LED Turn Signal Lights

Saddle Tramp has two new universal LED turn signal lights, the 3-inch BC-STS3 and the 3.5-inch BC-STS1. Each part is sold as a set of two turn signals that features 12 amber LEDs per light with an energy-efficient current consumption. The BC-STS3 is mounted with adhesive and the BC-STS1  mounts by drilling a hole in the fairing using the nut and bolt to mount securely to the motorcycle.

Low Beam, Spot, and Fog LED Switchback Projector Light

The BC-LBFL is a 30-watt LED projector light that can switch between three lighting modes; low beam, fog light, and strobe light, for a versatile auxiliary lighting solution. The universal clamp mount design makes it easy to install onto almost any motorcycle and it has 1,200 raw lumens.

Flexible Rubber Stop, Turn, and Running LED Light

The BC-LPBST is a 7.7-inch flexible rubber LED strip that has 16 amber LEDs, (8 per side), and 33 red LEDs for stop, turn, and running light functions. This light provides an affordable and easy way to quickly add additional visibility for riders on any motorcycle. It has hardwired connections and is rated IP67.

All of these solutions are in stock and shipping now from Metra’s Saddle Tramp brand. *See for up-to-date, vehicle specific information and more details.

Saddle Tramp Shipping New Plug and Play Audio Harnesses for Harley-Davidson

HOLLY HILL, FL – January 27, 2021 – Saddle Tramp by  Metra Electronics is now shipping ten new audio harnesses designed for Harley-Davidson Batwing Fairing (FLH) and Shark Nose Fairing (FLT) motorcycles with or without the Tour Pak. These harnesses provide plug and play connections for adding aftermarket speakers, bypassing the amplifier, converting the radio connectors, or pre-wiring for adding an amplifier or the Axxess AXDSPX-WR or AXDSPX-HD1 kit. Saddle Tramp’s new audio solutions are designed to save installers time in the bay when upgrading the motorcycle sound system by reducing the need for wire termination.

Harnesses for Adding Amplifiers or DSPs and Radio Conversion

The new BC-9716 is designed for adding an amplifier or the Axxess AXDSPX-WR to 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT models that have the factory fairing and radio, and the BC-9715 is for 2014-up* models. Both harnesses are wired with pre-terminated input and output harnesses for a fast installation of the Axxess AXDSPX-WR, which is a water-resistant 10-channel DSP. An RCA output harness is included, along with a pre-wired rear speaker plug, used with the BC-9720 backbone harness. Installation of the DSP is optional, as these harnesses also work universally with all amplifiers on the market and wiring has been covered in protective cloth tape for extra durability.

The BC-9713 radio conversion harness will help installers save even more time, as it converts the radio connectors on 1996-1997 models to the 1998-2013 radio harness. This allows for a fast installation with existing Metra products, including the Axxess AXDSPX-HD1 kit, along with Metra’s 99-9600, 99-9800, or 99-9613WR radio replacement kits.

Speaker and Amplifier Bypass Harnesses

To add speaker pods in the front, the BC-9714 is a pair of OE style front speaker pod harnesses for 2014-up* Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT models. It also features an over-molded grommet and OE connectors with 18 gauge oxygen-free copper wire. For adding lower fairing speaker pods on these same models, the BC-9722 is a lower fairing “Y” harness with plug and play OE connectors. The wiring is covered in Techflex for added durability and the harness is sold in pairs. The BC-9726 is an OE amplifier bypass harness for 2014-2020 models and the BC-9725 is a CVO amplifier bypass harness for 2011-2013 models.

Speaker Harnesses for Harley-Davidson Tour-Pak

For adding rear aftermarket speakers to 1998-2020 Harley-Davidson Tour-Pak motorcycles, the BC-9727 is a rear speaker harness that plugs into the OE backbone harness found in the 2014-up* models. If the OE harnesses are unavailable, Saddle Tramps’s BC-9720 is a 4-pin backbone rear speaker extension harness designed for adding rear speakers to 1998-2020 Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT models. It features 18 gauge oxygen-free copper wire that fits the OE connectors and works with Saddle Tramp’s BC-9721 rear 3-way speaker harness splitter. The BC-9727 has an over-molded grommet for a water-tight seal with 18 gauge oxygen-free copper wires and EIA colors. This harness is for use with Saddle Tramp’s BC-TP699713 or BC-TP6914U Tour-Pak lids with speaker adapters. All of these new Saddle Tramp products by Metra Electronics are available now.

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Saddle Tramp Introduces New Motorcycle Audio Products for Harley-Davidson and Handlebar Indicator Lights

HOLLY HILL, FL (12.26.2019) – Metra Electronics announces new motorcycle products and a universal lighting accessory from Saddle Tramp. A new audio speaker grille is a universal fit for all motorcycle brands, while the lower fairing speaker pods are designed specifically to expand a wide range of popular Harley-Davidson models to utilize aftermarket speakers. For safety and style, new LED handlebar indicator lights increase visibility with dual-color LEDs that fit 0.75” to 0.875” universal handlebars. These new products will join Saddle Tramp’s growing lineup of motorcycle accessories and will be on display at CES with Metra Electronics.

Universal Motorcycle Speaker Grille (BC-SPG)
Expand any motorcycle’s sound system to utilize full size 6.5” or 6.75” aftermarket speakers.
● 6.5” to 6.75” universal speaker grille
● Metal mesh grille with matte black finish
● This is the same grille supplied with BC-HDLFP
● Sold in pairs and includes mounting hardware

Harley-Davidson Lower Fairing Speaker Pod (BC-HDLFPP)
Expand the sound system in Harley-Davidson 2014-up* motorcycles to utilize full size 6.5” or 6.75” aftermarket speakers with lower fairing speaker pods that will maximize the bass response.
● Includes ported enclosure and tunes to maximize bass response
● Fits 6.5” to 6.75” speakers for Harley-Davidson 2014-Up*
● Fits OEM and Saddle Tramp* lower fairings BC-HDLFSP2
● Does not apply to models with Twin-Cooled engines
● Sold in pairs and includes mounting hardware

Harley-Davidson Lower Fairing Speaker Assembly (BC-HDLFSP2)
Upgrade to 6.5” aftermarket speakers in the lower vented fairing with a speaker assembly kit that provides a factory-fit and finish.
● Lower vented fairing with grilles for a 6.5” speaker
● Fits air-cooled Harley-Davidson Touring models, 1997- up* Road King, Street Glide and Electra Glide as well as all Road Glide Air-Cooled models with OE style highway bars
● Color-matched to Harley-Davidson’s vivid black
● Sold in pairs, (includes left and right), with mounting hardware included
● Does not fit mustache style highway bars

Handlebar End LED Indicators (BC-HBTS)
Low-profile handlebar end LED lights increase the visibility of motorcycle riders without adding bulk to the vehicle. The dual-color LED lights illuminate bright white as daytime running lights and turn amber for turn signal indicators. These universal lights fit handlebars with a diameter between .75” up to 0.875”.
● Dual-color (amber turn/white running)
● Fits .75” up to 0.875” bar (inner diameter)
● (12) LEDs (6 amber/6 white)
● Aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens

These new products will be shipping soon and can be seen on display at CES and at starting January 7, 2020. Metra Electronics will be at CES from January 7-10, 2020, at booth 5211 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center showcasing products from their 12volt brands and at booth 11435 in the Central Hall with Metra Home Theater Group, showcasing AV and security solutions.

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