Race Sport Lighting Launches New RoadRunner Series Light Bars and Auxiliary Spotlights

RINGWOOD, IL (04.08.2021) – Race Sport Lighting is excited to announce the launch of their new RoadRunner series light bars and auxiliary spotlights. This slick Blacked Out light bar is not only slimmer and more appealing than most of the light bars on the marketplace, but the performance and compliance design features really set them apart.

Most high-power LED light bars are off-road use only because of their widespread optical beam patterns that do not comply for on-road use. The RoadRunner series was specifically designed with an optical system that keeps the extra light focused straight and to the sidewalk, focused down and low when recessed into a lower valance bumper or grill for fog style set up. These light bars improve the on-road driving performance on work vehicles that drive in remote areas without streetlights. This feature adds additional visual distance in low light conditions for more time to react to hazards.

“I am very excited to launch this exciting new RoadRunner series family of products. See page 31 in our new catalog for more” Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting, stated.

The RoadRunner series also flaunts a new manufacturing style with screwless frame construction, creating the ultimate weatherproof seal. This series is also strategically designed with a heat transfer lens to make perimeter contact with a heat plate to keep ice from building up and refracting light in the harsh winter environments. This new technology allows the series to heat the face lens up to 30 degrees warmer than traditional light bars on the marketplace that cannot combat snow or ice buildup. The light bars range from 7” to 50” in the family and the series also features an auxiliary cube, spotlight and flush mount to complete the lineup.

“I am personally excited to launch this exciting new RoadRunner series family of products and look forward to continued growth in the light bar category with an influx of new, professional grade focused customers that will be looking to buy this high-performance light.”

– Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting

“From an installer’s perspective, this RoadRunner light bar has it all. It’s slim, heavy-duty, bright, focused and functional for on and off-road use to make it a special bar for the marketplace. This has everything you want in a light bar, especially if you are looking for a bar that you can use on-road in a lower fog light setting.”

– Mac Gracia, Installation & Tech Support

The new RoadRunner series light Bars and auxiliary spotlights are in stock and shipping in all sizes out of their Northern Illinois warehouse. All distributors and dealers are encouraged to get this new technology in stock and experience what the excitement is about.

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Race Sport Lighting Releases 100+ New Lighting Products in 2021 Catalog

RINGWOOD, IL (03.18.2021) – The 12-Volt lighting category pioneer is excited to announce their new 2021 full line catalogs are in stock and shipping now. This years’ 80-page edition of the catalog features top new products including our Drive Series V2 headlight kits and DemonEye® V2 RGB headlight kits.

“Our 2021 full line catalog is a key tool for our reps, distributors and dealers to present new technologies to customers. It’s always exciting when this goes out every year. There is always a huge spike in sales when the catalogs hit our customers hands. There is over 100+ new lighting technologies that are going to rock the industry.”– Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting  

“Our new 2021 full line catalog really pops with vibrant color.  Reps and customers will love to review it and see new products.  Pay special attention to our explosive marine division and our new cutting-edge lighting.  This is a great tool to show consumers and have available at the parts counter.  Race Sport Lighting has been developing new lighting technologies for the last 14 years and running.” Dave Hudson, Sales Manager

2021 RSL Ful Line Catalogs can be ordered by emailing info@racesportinc.com or by adding a request on your next purchase order. Order SKU# RSL2021CASE for a case of 50.

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Race Sport Lighting Launches New DemonEye Version 2 RGB Headlights

RINGWOOD, IL (02.19.2021) – Race Sport Lighting has launched their new DemonEYE V2 RGB Multi-functional headlights. This new kit can be used not only for headlight or fog light performance upgrades, but also feature an additional RGB diode to light up your lens color for show use as well. Race Sport Lighting owns the trademark on the DemonEYE name and is officially licensed to produce and sell this RGB technology to the marketplace.

This Version 2 DemonEYE LED kit is yet another product from Race Sport ushering in the latest and greatest vehicle technology in headlight and fog light upgrades. The advantages over the first version include a smaller, more compact design for versatile fitment, upgraded diode technology for brighter LUX output, upgraded Bluetooth app-controlled software and a much more durable and long-lasting diode technology.

“This second version DemonEYE RGB LED kit is going to be a hit in 2021. Many resellers loved the Version 1 when we released it about five years ago, and we did well in the marketplace with it as customers began to integrate it with other RGB products on their vehicles. The V2 takes all of our newer premium LED technologies and allows us to bring this once popular LED kit back to life.” – Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting

“From an installer’s perspective, this V2 DemonEYE LED kit is much more advanced than the old version. Its small and shallow design allow it to fit almost all vehicles on the road, and it is much brighter than the first version. Since we designed it using our patent diodes, diode array, and circuit board design, it is going to be much more durable and long lasting.” – Mac Gracia, Installation & Tech Support, Race Sport Lighting

New DemonEYE V2 RGB Multi-functional headlights are in stock and shipping in most bases now out of their warehouse. All distributors and dealers are encouraged to get this new technology in stock and experience what the excitement is about.

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Race Sport Lighting Launches High Performance All-in-One LED Headlight Kit

RINGWOOD, IL (02.10.2021) – Race Sport Lighting is excited to announce the launch of their new all-in-one DRIVE SERIES V2 CANBUS LED Headlight Kits, that has a MAX LUX light output of 2,500lx per bulb, or 5,000lx per kit. Designed for the ultimate professional installation experience for tech bays across North America, the Drive Series V2 kit has all the solutions to interface with today’s vehicle technology. 

This high-performance LED kit is yet another product from Race Sport ushering in the latest and greatest vehicle technology in headlight and fog light upgrades. The kit comes with two high-output, OEM sized DRIVE Series V2 LED bulbs and two of their top selling CANBUS decoders packaged together in an attractive, compact retail box. 

“We are excited to launch the DRIVE Series V2 CANBUS LED kit and position it as our premium grade product in the marketplace. Dealers have been asking for a premium grade product that has the LUX output and unique niche features of our previous GEN3 and GEN4 custom designed high-power headlights, but is more OEM compact for fitment and includes our CANBUS decoders. As always, we listened to the dealers, and went to work and delivered as promised. It’s going to be an extremely popular series for Race Sport Lighting this year.” – Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting 

“I am excited for RSL dealers around North America to start selling and installing this product. It performed at the highest performance levels in our test lab and is passing with flying colors in our on-road testing. My favorite feature of this product is that each bulb base was designed to be sized to the halogen bulbs it replaces, which makes for an easy bulb replacement experience for the installer without the need for fans, large heat sinks, or other older heat dissipation methods hanging off the back of the bulb.”
– Mac Garcia, Installation & Tech Support, Race Sport Lighting

NEW all-in-one DRIVE SERIES V2 CANBUS LED Headlight Kits

DRIVE Series V2 LED CANBUS Conversion kits

DRIVE Series V2 LED CANBUS Conversion kits are in stock and shipping now out of their warehouse. All distributors and dealers are encouraged to get this new technology in stock and experience what the excitement is about.

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Race Sport Lighting Names New MFG Rep Firm for Southwest Territory

RINGWOOD, IL (01.07.2021) – Alan Wojtas is already on the road to present the race board lighting line to dealers. He is pictured at CJ Sounds in Katy Texas, Race Sport Lighting catalog in hand, on Wednesday, January 6th… the day after the announcement. Wojtas will cover the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Alan Wojtas is already on the road to present the race board lighting line to dealers. He is pictured at CJ Sounds in Katy Texas, Race Sport Lighting catalog in hand, on Wednesday, January 6th…the day after the announcement. Wojtas will cover the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Race Sport Lighting has announced that Alan Wotjas from Alan Wotjas Associates has been named as their Manufacturer Rep Firm for the Southwest territory, which covers Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Alan Wotjas Associates will oversee managing the current Race Sport Lighting business already established in the territory, as well as growing the company’s footprint in the territory with more dealers and increased distribution in the Mobile Electronics Industry. Alan begins introducing the line to his ever-growing dealer base effective immediately in January 2021.

Steve Jergensen, RSL President stated, “We are so excited to have Alan Wotjas join our team in the Southwest Territory! Alan has many years of experience and great relationships with hundreds of accounts in his territory. We like MFG rep firms that only have a few lines, and focus heavily on those lines, and Alan fits that bill perfectly.  Race Sport Lighting is excited to get Alan up and running immediately to promote and train the dealers in the territory.”

Alan Wotjas, Principal of Alan Wotjas Associates stated, “Race Sport Lighting is the perfect addition for our firm and the lighting category. We will be focusing this NEW brand with a strategic mix of distributors and direct dealer accounts that will maximize their footprint in the territory.  We have always had a very focused mix of lines, so the dealers and the factories get the best efforts from our firm.  Dealers need to embrace new categories within the 12volt marketplace and a direct lighting specialist like Race Sport Lighting is the best partner to have on their shelves.”

For more info about Alan Wojtas Associates, visit alanwojtas.com or email alanw1350@yahoo.com

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Race Sport Lighting Launches WPG to Offer PPE and Reopening Tools

RINGWOOD, IL (05.26.2020) – Race Sport Lighting has announced the launch of a brand new company Wholesale Product Group.

Pictured from Left: Steve Jergensen and Deputy Chief Thompson) WPG donates two gallons of hand sanitizer to Lake County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office was thankful as they were running low and need to keep healthy and sanitized on the front line.

WPGsupply.com specializes in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for small businesses to get back up running, including PPE kitsmasksglovesretail sneeze and cough shieldssocial distancing decals/stickers, and vehicle protection. WPGsupply.com is already serving customers from the mobile electronics and automotive industries and hired on several MFG reps firms to represent its products in their territories.

Orders from small shops, to large chain stores to WD’s have already been flowing in daily. The line up consists of about 50 products right now that 90% is in stock in our warehouse and shipping now.

“When we decided to launch WPG, our first concern was for the thousands of small businesses Race Sport Lighting has been in relationship with for over 13 years. We are all in this together and we want to help keep the people in our industry safe and healthy.”

“As the world goes back to work and gets their local and national economies moving again, we have the proper PPE safety equipment available for individuals and small businesses to remain compliant and protected. Also, when you support WPG you support US small business and healthcare and front-line workers. With 5% of our profits dedicated to front line workers, and 80%+ of our products supplied by US based small business”

-Steve Jergensen, WPG President

Visit wpgsupply.com and racesportinc.com for more.

Race Sport Lighting Appoints Midwest Sales Group for IL and WI Territory

RINGWOOD, IL (05.07.2020) – Race Sport Lighting is excited to announce the appointment of Midwest Sales Group as their Manufacturer Sales Rep Firm in the Illinois and Wisconsin markets. Steve Fahlmark, Principal, Midwest Sales Group, is charged with growing brand reach in the market, along with managing the existing business. Midwest Sales Group is an experienced and well-respected rep firm in the 12-Volt market that understands what dealers, distributors and end users want.

Steve Fahlmark-Midwest Sales, the new Race Sport Lighting Rep covering Illinois and Wisconsin, is already making dealer stops in the Chicago area.

Steve Fahlmark, Midwest Sales Group Principal said, “Race Sport is the perfect addition to the premium lines we represent. Now more than ever, diversification is critical for Car Technology dealers and LED lighting is the perfect compliment.”

“We look forward to working with Midwest Sales Group and further laying the groundwork to grow sales of our products in the territory. With over 25 years’ experience, and a proven track record for success in the Car Audio market, Midwest Sales Group is the right partner for our brand” said Ceasar Olaes, National Sales Manager, Race Sport Lighting

Midwest Sales Group will kick off this new line by introducing Race Sport, Inc. to its dealers and distributors and conduct product training and provide sales support.

Midwest Sales Group can be reached at 630.319.4925, or by emailing steve@midwestsalesgrp@aol.com.

For more info, visit www.racesportinc.com. 

Race Sport Lighting Takes LED Wheel Lights to the Next Level

RINGWOOD, IL (04.23.2020) – Race Sport Lighting, the undisputed leader of aftermarket lighting solutions for the automotive, truck accessories, marine, and power sports industries, has announced the release of updated features now available on the companies ColorSMART Led Wheel Light kits.

Rigidity of Frame

The first improvement was made to the frame thickness. We have increased the thickness of the aluminum frame to add rigidity. The stiffer frame eliminates movement of the product on the vehicle.

Turn Signal and Brake Function

The second new feature we added to these LED wheel lights is a turn signal and brake function. Now when you stop the rings can illuminate red. When you flip your turn signal on both rings on the corresponding side of the vehicle will illuminate amber. Brighter means safer while driving on the road.

Smartphone Controlled Chasing Patterns

The third feature to discuss about these LED wheel lights is that they DO feature our Chasing pattern technology. Pattern selection is made via Bluetooth on your smart device.

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RaceSportNation.com to Offer Lighting Training and Educational Materials

RINGWOOD, IL (04.02.2020) – Race Sport Lighting (RSL) has announced to all re-sellers to take advantage of multiple training and educational resources on their RaceSportNation.com support site during this national slow down due to COVID-19 crisis. This site has been up and running previous to the start of the crisis, but the traffic to this site has increased in the last 1-2 weeks, as counter salesman and installers have extra time to get educated on specific categories in the lighting category. Training and education on the lighting category has always been a high priority with Race Sport Lighting, and are convinced that dealers that package training knowledge with displays, simply sell more lighting that dealers without training and displays. Race Sport Lighting even has an online RS University where staff can get certifications in specific areas of lighting to become experts.

“We designed the RaceSportNation.com website to be a separate site for our dealers and distributors to go to for the specific reason to get training, tools, sell sheets, marketing tools, and anything they really need to be a successful Race Sport Lighting re-seller. The rich resources on the nation site are the same resources we send out internally after they are developed for our staff to get knowledgeable, and then to our Sales reps on the road, and ultimately to our re-sellers to be successful selling and installing the products. Our goal has always been over the last 13 years to be the leader of the lighting category, and that is more than great products, its offering tools, training, and resources that our competitors don’t. Value added services is what sets us apart,” stated RSL President Steve Jergensen

Link to Training site: racesportnation.com

Tools available on site:

RS University – racesportnation.com/race-sport-lighting-university/
Lighting Resources – racesportnation.com/lighting-resources/
Video Resources – racesportnation.com/rides/
Whats New with RSL – racesportnation.com/blog/
Dealer MAP to Success – racesportnation.com/new-dealers-map-to-success/
Find my Rep – racesportnation.com/find-my-rep/

Race Sport Lighting Dealer of the Year Award to Tint World Jacksonville NC

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (03.06.2020) – Tint World Store 079 received the Race Sport Lighting Tint World Store of the Year Award at the recent Tint World Franchise Convention in Fort Lauderdale. Race Sport Lighting CEO Steve Jergensen presented the award to David Pelletier in the Race Sport Lighting booth on the show floor. Team members Cameron Pelletier and Tyler Oingler, from the award winning Jacksonville store, were also present along with Neil Halprin-NH Sales and Marketing, Race Sport Lighting Account Manager.

Tint World Store 079 received the Race Sport Lighting Tint World Store of the Year Award. Race Sport Lighting CEO Steve Jergensen (R) with David and Cameron Pelletier ( 2nd & 3rd R) holding the Award. Tyler Oingler (L) from Store 079 is pictured with Neil Halprin-NH Sales and Paul Pirro from Tint World HQ (3rd L).

Halprin stated “The Jacksonville Tint World Store 79 really embraced the lighting category. It was a real pleasure to present their team with the Race Sport Lighting Tint World Store of the Year Award.”

Mike Perkins (R) and Mike Butler pictured by the Race Sport display with the Tint World Award in the Store 079 showroom. Mike and Mike make the lighting magic happen.

David Pellletier related to 12volt News “This was our first Tint World Conference and it was a terrific experience as we spent time with other franchise store personnel, attended presentations and spent time seeing vendors on the show floor. We see Race Sport as the lighting category leader and feature the category in our showroom. Race Sport Lighting displays, and banners, grab the attention of customers in the store. The lighting category offers so much potential for growth. LED headlights, underbody and interior lighting are all seeing strong sales at our store.”

Tyler Gentry (L) and Ruel Hinds pictured with the Tint World Social Media Achievement Award they helped Store 079 earn at the Tint World Conference.

To drive the lighting category the Jacksonville NC store hosts a ‘Get Lit Cruise’ event in the evening of the 2nd Saturday of each month. Customers meet at the store and, as a group, cruise to popular spots in the area. The store also actively engages with area car clubs and at events.

David Pelletier pictured at the sales counter in Tint World Store 079 in Jacksonville, NC.

Tint World Store 079 is proactive in their approach to marketing. A strong social media initiative earned the store a second Tint World Award during the Fort Lauderdale Convention… an Award for Social Media Achievement. Store events, like the ‘Get Lit Cruise,’ definitely drive consumer awareness and sales.

Great to see Store 079 ‘Get Their Shine On!’

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