Race Sport Lighting Released NEW Jeep Wrangler Lighting Stage Kits at SEMA

RINGWOOD, IL (11.11.22) – Race Sport Lighting released their NEW Stage Bundle Kits for the Jeep Wrangler JK at their SEMA Booth last week in Las Vegas. Their Stage 1 Road Runner Kit features 5 major external lights in a kit that takes 2-4 hours to install in the bay.  The Stage 2 Trail Runner Kit includes 8 popular LED Jeep lights that install in about 6-8 hours. And lastly, the Stage 3 Zombie King Kit packages a whopping 11 interior and exterior Jeep lights that shops can bill out 8-12 hours of labor to install. These are the perfect solutions for resellers who upfit Jeeps or who are looking to keep it simple and offer lighting packages.

JJKS1K (p/n# 1007635) is the Stage 1 Kit

JJKS2K (p/n# 1007645) is the Stage 2 Kit

JJKS3K (p/n# 1007655) is the Stage 3 Kit

This is a dealer driven product and Race Sport Lighting has already been getting amazing feedback. Dealers who upfit Jeeps communicated, whether it’s a lift kit, an exhaust kit, or alike, that it’s easy for their sales counter guys to sell a 1-2-3 option to the customer instead of putting together a lighting system piece by piece. The sales counter person will simply show the 3 options, give them the 3 prices for package + labor, and the customer will make a choice.

“We have already started selling these kits to Jeep up-fitters nationwide and they love it because their lives just got a whole lot easier, and they actually sell more lights as a result. Essentially, the resellers drove this product to the marketplace to make the checkout experience much easier. It also makes it easier to quote labor and make sure their shops make a lot of profit selling a Jeep Lighting Stage kit. says Steven Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting.

The Race Sport Lighting Jeep Stage Kits are in stock and shipping now out of their warehouse. The current packages are for the JK model, but they will be releasing the Wrangler JL Stage packages by the end of the year just in time for 2023 kick off. A Jeep Gladiator and Ford Bronco Kit package is also in the works for a 2023 release.

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Race Sport Lighting Releases New Patented Hitch Bar Solution at SEMA Show

RINGWOOD, IL (10.25.22) – Race Sport Lighting will be releasing their brand new Patented and Made in USA Bolt-On Hitch Bar Light Solution for HD Series Ford, GMC, Chevy, and Dodge Trucks. SEMA Attendees will get the first look at this amazing lighting solution at booth #11416 in the Mobile Electronics section of the North Hall. Race Sport Lighting Staff will be available in the booth all week to answer any questions. There will be a standing display replicating how the product bolts on to OEM Hitch Receivers on the back of any HD Series truck.

This Hitch Bar Lighting System takes 1-2 hours for retailers to install in their bays and comes with all required wiring and bolt hardware in the kit. There is no drilling or modifications required to install this light system. There are no other lighting options on the market today that offer an OEM look while meeting the demands of Heavy-Duty Trucks. The lighting systems will be manufactured right in Northern Illinois and kept 100% American Made. You can view these products at racesportinc.com/hitch-bar-light-kits.html

“This product is going to be extremely profitable for our distributing and retail partners in 2023. Consumers are looking for unique and patented solutions like this one to add to their trucks and get the job done. This product will appeal to many different industries we serve beyond Truck Accessory market. We are already fitting up the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Gladiator, and Ford Bronco just to name a few.” says Steven Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting.

The Race Sport Lighting booth in Las Vegas will also feature also feature an eye-catching display of their flagship Chasing Style LED Wheel Light Kits and the patented wireless solar cab light systems that have swept the nation in 2022. Race Sport Lighting has been a SEMA Manufacturing Member for 10+ years now and this will their 7th years exhibiting in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is their first year back to the show since the global pandemic.

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Race Sport Lighting Patented Solar Roof Cab Light System

RINGWOOD, IL (05.03.22) – Race Sport Lighting is pleased to announce the release of its new patented and innovative Solar Roof Cab Light System shipping to Retail locations soon. No Wire, No Holes, No Drilling involved! This Product was first previewed by Race Sport Lighting during the SEMA 2021 Show, and their sales and marketing team has been showing off the prototype at trade shows everywhere this year with an overwhelming popular response. Thousands of pre-orders are already awaiting the official shipping of this product to their store locations nationwide. This amazing new product is made in an ISO 9000 factory right here in the USA.

This USPTO patented technology is revolutionary, it is completely run by solar and vibrations sensors and requires no wiring or drilling of holes into the roof of the vehicle. Many shops avoid customer requests to sell and/or install cab lights because of the high risk or liability involved into drilling into a customer’s brand new truck. This innovative product allows all dealers to now add Cab Roof Lights to their list of products they sell or install and eliminates the complex installation and liability concerns that traditional wired version have. For shops that already do the old wire version cab roof lights systems, their techs typically take 4-6 hours to do these jobs, or all day basically. With Race Sport Lightings New Solar cab light systems, their techs can have the system installed in 30-minutes and move on to other jobs or products on that vehicle.

“This is one of the most exciting single products launches our company has ever had. The patented solar cab light technology is such a unique solution to a major problem in the marketplace. Our team has had the 1st prototype on the company vehicle for the last 2 years and it has very successfully gone through two Chicago winters and working strong today. The quality and performance make this one of the best roof cab light systems on the marketplace” – Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting

To learn more about this system, please watch this In The Garage video from the partners at Total Truck Centers

The Part number for the Solar Cab Light System is #1007472 and it is only available in amber color right now. Race Sport Lighting will be releasing the white LED version late in the summer of 2022 under the same patent. The 1007472 system starts shipping very soon in May to distributors and retailers nationwide. Pre-orders are being accepted for this product right now.

Best of 2021 Awards Announced by Race Sport Lighting

RINGWOOD, IL (04.08.22) – Every year Race Sport Lighting recognizes the distributors, dealers, and sales reps that make a difference in the industry and perform at the highest level to service their customer with their products. This year is no exception, as 6 key partners are announced in the industry. Here are the Best of 2021:

Dealer of the Year = Auto Tint City Outfitters

WD Distributor of the Year = Sound Distributions

Tint World Franchise of the Year = Tint World #12

M.E.S.A. member of the Year = Horizon Audio

AAM Member of the Year = Tri-State Enterprises

Manufacturer Rep of the Year = End Result Marketing

“I am so glad to see all these Partners do so well with Race Sport Lighting. Some added displays and sales took off. All of them at least doubled sales from the previous year. All of them embraced the newest products from Race Sport Lighting, including the new Projector Series, and our PNP bulbs,” cmomented Race Sport Lighting Sales Manager Dave Hudson

“I always love presenting these awards every year to our key partners in the industry. These are the partners that not only stick out in their numbers, but their passion for the industry and their dedication to growing the lighting category. They regularly go outside of the box to perform at a higher level than the competition in their geographical areas,” said Race Sport Lighting President Steve Jergensen

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Race Sport Lighting partners with Trent Partners in NY/NJ Territory

RINGWOOD, IL (04.05.22) – Continuing their unprecedented growth, Race Sport Lighting is proud to introduce Trent Partners as their new representative firm for the states of New York and New Jersey. Located in Rockville Centre, New York, Trent Partners will play a crucial role in growing Race Sport Lighting products across the Northeastern Territory. The firm already had been partnered with Race Sport Lighting in the New England territory, but this new agreement allows their entire force to join in the success. Keep an eye out as Trent Partners is eager to hit the ground running!

“I am so excited to have such an experienced and focused Rep Team help Race Sport Lighting in our expansion in these key Northeastern states. They are a perfect fit to bring our new patented product technologies to the market. They are established, experienced, and excited to be part of Race Sport Lighting, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Trent Partners”. – Dave Hudson, National Sales Manager

“Trent Partners & Associates Inc. has enjoyed being a partner in the New England for a few years now with Race Sport but with this new opportunity to represent this category in Metro NY with Race Sport we are incredibly excited. Race Sport has a wide array of lighting options for both automobile / motorcycle / marine and to be able to offer these products to our retail customers here in New York & New Jersey we can service our customers properly. We look forward to a long successful relationship.” – Matt Gonzalez, Trent Partners & Associates

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End Result Received The Race Sport Lighting Rep of the Year Award

Race Sport Lighting’s Ignacio Ayala is flanked by End Result’s Ed Dalesandro (R) and Rusty north as he presented the Race Sport Lighting 2021 Rep of the Year Award plaque to the End Result team during the End Result 2022 Show.

COLUMBUS, OH (03.22.22) – During the End Result Show 2022 Ignacio Ayala presented End Result the Race Sport Lighting Rep of the Year Award plaque.

“Ed, Rusty and Nicole received this award because they think outside the box, work to expand the Race Sport Lighting brand in their territory, have outstanding relationships with their dealers plus a passion for the 12volt industry while still hitting the road day to day. We appreciate their partnership and their value in the Ohio Valley territory,” stated Race Sport Lighting’s Ignacio Ayala as he presented the award to Ed Dalesandro and Rusty North on the show floor at the End Result Show on Friday, March 18th.

End Result Principal Ed Dalesandro stated, “The lighting category is a strong growth area across the 12volt industry. Race Sport Lighting has taken a leadership position in the category and addresses the many vehicle applications and products that offer opportunities for 12volt retailers. Lighting is a high profit opportunity for retailers too.”

Race Sport Lighting showed a wide selection of products in an extensive display during the very well attended End Result 2022 Show at the Bridgewater Convention Center in Columbus, OH.

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Learn from Lighting Category Pioneer Race Sport Lighting at KnowledgeFest in Las Vegas

RINGWOOD, IL (02.14.22) – Every year, Race Sport Lighting partners with KnowledgeFest to exhibit and train dealers, installers, and counter salespeople at shows around the country. This week in Las Vegas is no exception, as Race Sport Lighting will be conducting a dealer-focused training on Friday the 18th in Room #JOSHUA @ 1:45pm PT. The main goal of the training will be to discuss their new patented lighting technologies and solution-based products to make selling and installing lighting easy and profitable for resellers.

Race Sport Lighting will also be exhibiting in booth #104 for dealers to visit and learn about their new lighting technologies. Staff will be available in the booth all weekend to answer any questions. The booth will feature a large custom display of hundreds of lights to test out with the push of a button. Race Sport Lighting will also have on display their nationwide best-selling Terminator LED Kits, the fast-growing DRIVE Series V2 LED kits and their USPTO patented GEN4 LED system.

“This K-Fest booth is going to light up Vegas! Dealers are going to have a ton of great training resources to learn about and see in person. We will have a team communicating in the booth all weekend. We are going to make a clear statement that when it comes to the lighting category, we are continuing to lead the pack in 2022,” Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting

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Race Sport Lighting Partners with Trends Electronics in Canada

RINGWOOD, IL (11.02.2021) – Shortly after Race Sport Lighting launched their 2021 Canadian specific website, they have now officially partnered with Trends Electronics, Inc headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia. Trends Electronics has a sales force located in each marketplace, from the West Coast to the East Coast and they will be hitting accounts hard in the next few months to get on board with Race Sport Lighting. Trends will also be stocking and promoting the Marine Sport Lighting line that is Race Sport’s fastest growing category over the last few years. Trends is well known for their success in getting behind the hottest categories, and with the best partners, it is no mistake that Race Sport Lighting fits their success mold in the Canadian marketplace.

“Trends Electronics Inc and our company have been methodically vetting this opportunity for a while now, and we felt as if it was the time to come in strong into Canada. In the next twelve months, we are going to work closely with Trends to present our all-in-one, solution-based products to Canadian dealers. We plan to help dealers become more confident and more profitable in the lighting category.”

– Steve Jergensen, Race Sport Lighting President

This exciting news just got out of the bag this week in a live 60-minute broadcast on CMA. The recording of the broadcast can be viewed be clicking here. Race Sport Lighting clearly laid out the game plan to bring some of their new and exclusive patented technologies to Canadian dealers in conjunction with Trends Electronics Inc to the 12-volt marketplace. There was definitely some excitement on the high-quality lighting offerings, but also on the value-added dealer tools and services. Some of the services include vehicle fitment guides, business-to-business dealer portals, sell sheet libraries and a vast retail display program. Race Sport Lighting also discussed their RS University basic lighting training courses that will pair with Trends University training programs. These tools will be available to all of their dealer base in Canada.

“As a leader in Canadian wholesale distribution and going into our 32nd anniversary, Trends is extremely happy to announce this new partnership. Trends Electronics has always carried best-in-class products for mobile, residential and commercial industries and we believe that the Race Sport Lighting family of world class products will continue to add to our mix for specialty independent retailers here in Canada. With their vast product offering, we are happy to be able to be the one-stop-shop offering to our Canadian partners.”

– Grant McFatter, Trends Electronics National Sales Director

“Trends Electronics is very excited to introduce the Race Sport Lighting line of products to our partners in Canada. Trends has always believed in high-end mobile audio and lighting products and will continue to bring these products to market in Canada.” Their product line adds the lighting category to our mobile division, and keeps us true to our company mission statement to create an incredible, immersive experience of sound and light that will blend seamlessly into any environment.”

– Grant Daoust, Trends Electronics President

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The Trends Electronics Client Services Team Orders@trendsinc.com

Grant McFatter – National Sales Director (Mobile Division) grantm@trendsinc.com 

Race Sport Lighting to Reveal Patented Technologies at KnowledgeFest Trainings

RINGWOOD, IL (10.06.2021) – Every year, Race Sport Lighting partners with Knowledge Fest to exhibit at a booth and train dealers, installers and counter salespeople at shows around the country. This week at Indianapolis is no exception, as Race Sport Lighting will be conducting two dealer-focused trainings on Friday and Saturday in Room #109. The main goal of the trainings will be to discuss their new lighting technologies and solution-based products to make sales and installs easier on newer vehicles.

Race Sport Lighting will also be exhibiting in their 10’x30’ booth for dealers to visit and learn about new lighting technologies. Staff will be available in the booth all weekend to answer any questions. The booth will feature a custom UTV loaded with their new L8 Series RGB a la carte system including a 40” light bar, (4) L8 auxiliary cubes and a rock light kit. Race Sport Lighting will also have on display their nationwide best-selling Terminator LED Kits, the fast-growing DRIVE Series V2 LED kits and their USPTO patented GEN4 LED system launching in November of 2021.

“This K-Fest booth is going to light up the hall! Dealers are going to have a ton of great training resources to learn about and see in person. We will have a team communicating in the booth all weekend. We are going to make a clear statement that when it comes to the lighting category, we are the leader. We are the preferred vendor for a reason with 15 years of pioneering the lighting category as we continue to release exclusive patented technologies.” – Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting

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USPTO Office Awards Race Sport Lighting’s GEN4 LED System Second Patent

RINGWOOD, IL (07.21.2021) – Race Sport Lighting has announced that the USPTO office has issued a second continuation patent (Patent No. 11,054,127) on their innovative GEN4 LED design. The GEN4 was first launched at the SEMA Show in November of 2019 and was instantly embraced by the marketplace just a month after applying for the first patent. That patent (Patent No. 10,801,714) was issued in October of 2020.

The GEN4 patented lighting system features a 360° ratchet-style adjustable base for aiming, an anti-glare optical beam deflector and a rotatable heat-sink rope for heat dissipation in tight lens/cover locations. Retailers and installers were supporting the product at a rapid pace until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in March of 2020. At that time, the contract factory making GEN4 exclusively for Race Sport took a huge hit from the pandemic and had to close its doors. We have been working hard over the last year to move the tooling over to their main factory and make some small adjustments to the design before relaunching. Those adjustments were captured in a continuation patent application that has evolved into the recent patent issued by the USPTO.

Steve Jergensen, Race Sport Lighting President, is pictured at the company’s Ringwood IL HQ holding US patents for the innovative GEN4 LED design.

“We are very anxious to relaunch the GEN4 LED system to the marketplace with a few upgraded adjustments that will increase the performances even more. It was disappointing that we had to switch the tooling to another factory in the middle of the pandemic, but we are still receiving a high demand weekly for this patented high-performance system to relaunch into the marketplace. We are doing everything possible to keep our relaunch target around SEMA Show 2021, just in time to kick off the new year with some major excitement. We are thankful to the USPTO for awarding us a second patent and recognizing a lot of hard work put into this kit.” – Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting

Orders are building up as distributors and dealers nationwide have requested to keep orders open in anticipation for the relaunch. Currently, our Drive Series V2 all-in-one solution system is leading the way in the premium LED headlight kit space of the industry.

For information on Race Sport Lighting’s entire LED kit lineup, click here.