Mobile Solutions Wraps Successful Advanced Door Panel Class    

TEMPE, AZ (11.30.22) – November 17-20, 2022 marked the final Mobile Solutions in-house training session of the year; the Advanced Door Panel Fabrication class. Over four action-packed days, nearly 30 attendees were led by a team of 5 instructors in the disciplines of metal fabrication, 3D router work, plastics, lighting, upholstery, audio system tuning and more. “We presented so many new and cutting-edge techniques in this class that even the seasoned veteran fabricators were challenged” commented Mobile Solutions founder and CEO, Bryan Schmitt. He added that within days of announcing the class it sold out, underscoring the popularity of training at in-person events.

Bryan Schmitt (R) and Tom Miller, from Musicar NW, addressing attendees as the 4-Day event began on Thursday November 17th.

The Advanced Door Panel Fabrication class featured a student-built project with many customizable elements that allowed each attendee to create their own one-off panel finishes, colors and style.  One of the groundbreaking techniques shown was the implementation of a linear illuminated French seam in a panel insert. This technique combined the look of a French seam stitching, Using this technique, the possibilities to achieve the same lighting integration on even the most high-end luxury vehicles is possible with custom fabricated projects” said Schmitt.

Levi Green from HammerFab, a guest instructor, pictured during his metal fabrication segment. Green is based in Austin, TX.

In addition to lead instructor Bryan Schmitt, guest presenters included Tom Miller of MusciarNW, Anthony Medina of Medina’s Interior Design, Terry Soohoo of Paradyme Car Audio, Kyle Miller of MusicarNW and Levi Green of Hammerfab. Doug Dobson of HKI/Tury was also on hand helping throughout the event. Each of these industry professionals shared insight into their specialties so that attendees had a full 360 degree view of creating a custom interior panel from concept and design through fabricating elements from raw materials and adding custom touches that elevate the finished work to the highest levels. “This group of guest instructors had an excellent diversity of skills, but equally important is they are relatable and easy-to-understand in what they teach because they are truly experts at their craft” added Schmitt.

Chris Rawlings, who owns and runs VIP Auto Interiors in Tempe, pictured with his door panel project.
Gino James proudly shows his door panel project that he will be taking back to his Visions Upholstery shop in Fort Pierce, FL.

The November 2022 Advanced Door Panel Fabrication class topics included:

  • Concept and design of interior panels
  • Introduction to Fusion 360 CAD Design Software
  • The sewing machine process – A to Z
  • Advanced metal fabrication techniques and skills
  • Fabricating and implementing other unique trim and interior elements
  • Interior panel and trim finishing techniques
 This image shows a group of projects that attendees will be taking to their shops from the Mobile Solutions 4-Day Advanced Door Panel training class.

Schmitt says what’s different about their in-person training compared to anything else out there is the diversity of ever-evolving content, the breadth of knowledge and skillsets from the guest presenters and that each attendee does hands-on work with their own take home class projects. “We know that seeing the techniques is one thing, but practicing them hands-on while training ratchets up the intensity and retention” adds Schmitt.

As the Mobile Solutions 4-Day Advanced Door Panel training wrapped attendees gathered for a class image with their projects.

Watch Mobile Solutions’ Facebook, Instagram and website for more information when the next Advanced Door Panel class and other in-person workshops are announced, as well as for the 2023 MasterTech Expo education program details slated for March 5-8, 2023 at Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Arizona.

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Mobile Solutions’ Modern Fab 2.0 Training Packed the House

TEMPE, AZ (09.22.22) – Mobile Solutions’ highly successfully Modern Fab workshop concluded its revised in-person 2.0 version class this past September 8-11, 2022. The intensely hands-on, sold out four-day training workshop had participants ranging from upholstery professionals to 12 volt technicians to custom car builders and fabricators. Even a mother and son upholstery shop team. Mobile Solutions founder and CEO Bryan Schmitt said “It was an incredible event with a broad range of fabrication and customization techniques presented between myself and our ultra-talented guest trainers to ensure every attendee got the maximum impact of their time with us here in Arizona.”

Bryan Schmitt, Mobile Solutions Founder and CEO center foreground, in shown with members of the Modern Fab 2.0 class with their amazing individual class projects showcased.

The September Modern Fab workshop featured metal fabrication, upholstery and sewing techniques, technology using automation like CNCs and Laser machines, as well as specialty electronic techniques which included coding integration and a micro controller for lighting systems and other switching applications. “We are training on next-level topics in these workshops and elevating all attendees’ skill sets and awareness of technology implementation” remarked Schmitt.

Rommel Medina demonstrates a real-time 3D scan process.

Guest presenters included MasterTech Expo 2022 Build Off winner Rommel Medina (@audiofabricator), upholstery expert Wesley Cato of Anything Car Audio (@anything_audio_upholstery) and industry veteran Doug Dobson (@dobslob). “I think what I enjoyed most about instructing at the workshop is seeing the growth of skills from each and every person throughout the duration of the class. Whether they came with limited knowledge or were seasoned veterans, everyone finished their projects and gained a significant degree of new information. I was very happy to share expertise with this amazing group in the Modern Fab 2.0 workshop” commented Wesley Cato, guest presenter.

Bryan Schmitt is joined by Lauren White and her son Austin with their class projects. They work with Top Stitch Interiors outside St. Louis MO.

The Modern Fab 2.0 workshop’s training topics included:

Designing interior panels and trim elements with the sewing machine processes

  • Working from an initial design sketch or rendering
  • Sewing machines – what to look for, how to begin sewing
  • Patterning and stitching different types of seams
  • Using stitching details to add accents to a build

Metal fabrication techniques and skills

  • Jigging up metal framework for repeatability
  • Structural mounts for service-friendly designs
  • MIG and TIG welding techniques and best practices
  • Bending and cutting sheet metal for use in interior fabrication
Victor Orozco in the midst of vinyl wrapping his Modern Fab class project.

Fabricating and implementing other unique trim and interior elements

  • Safety-focused 3D router techniques for incredible dimension with extreme efficiency
  • Time-saving techniques for unique using aluminum and plastic trim inserts
  • Comprehensive Arduino micro controller code programing for assignable LED lighting
  • Accent lighting and layering for maximum visual impact

Interior panel and trim finishing techniques

  • Pressed metal grilles/inserts
  • Shadow trim, paint tricks such as marbling, faux wood grain, etc.
  • Using wood-like veneers and other vinyl-wrap-based materials to emulate a design narrative
  • Secrets of finishing back sides on fabricated panels when removed for service
The Modern Fab 2.0 Session was set for many categories of training.

“Everything in the Modern Fab training workshop was so well laid out. I could tell that extensive thought went into every aspect of what I experienced. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will definitely learn something new, have your skills challenged and finish something that you have never done before” said Archie Speaks for Savannah Custom Car Audio in Savanah, Georgia. Archie and all of the Modern Fab 2.0 attendees built their own take-home project throughout the four training days as part of the hands-on element of this incredible class. After the event concluded, attendee Matthew Parrish remarked “That was such an amazing class. Opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Definitely world class.”

For questions or further information on Modern Fab training, please email Mobile Solutions at or call 480 968-2074.

Watch Mobile Solutions’ Facebook, Instagram and website for more information when the next Modern Fab class and other in-person workshops are announced, as well as for the 2023 MasterTech Expo education program details slated for March 5-8, 2023 at Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Arizona.

SEMA Show Education Enthusiast Track Kicks Off with NFL Legend Emmitt Smith

DIAMOND BAR, CA (09.22.22) – Emmitt Smith, the NFL legendary running back who became a NASCAR Xfinity Series team co-owner last summer, will headline the 2022 SEMA Show Educational Program’s Friday Enthusiast Track. The new seven-session series will feature celebrities and iconic personalities as they share personal stories that will inspire and entertain Showgoers.

Smith, who will be joined on the Paradise Event Center stage by television personality Chris Jacobs from the hit show Overhaulin’ on Friday, November 4, at 8:00 am, will discuss career opportunities in motorsports and the importance of paying it forward. His race team, Jesse Iwuji Motorsports, is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and seeks to break down barriers in motorsports.

NFL Legend Emmitt Smith will headline the new 2022 SEMA Show Educational Program Friday Enthusiast Track. He will discuss career opportunities in motorsports and his race team, Jesse Iwuji Motorsports.

“Through Jesse Iwuji Motorsports, we want to bring awareness to the many opportunities available in motorsports,” said Smith. “We want to inspire and educate people of all walks of life to work hard and pursue their dreams.”

SEMA Showgoers will hear from Smith about what motivated him to partner with Iwuji as a NASCAR Xfinity Series team co-owner and how they are supporting minorities, youth, and the service member community.

The SEMA Education Enthusiast Track will continue with sessions throughout the day on how to secure sponsors for project vehicles, protecting the right to modify, land-use sustainability, and more. The Enthusiast Track is open at no cost to all credentialed SEMA Showgoers, including top enthusiasts who are SEMA Individual Members attending through the SEMA Ignited Friday Experience.

“We’re excited about the Friday Enthusiast Track; it is the first time the SEMA Show Education Program has dedicated a series of seminars to appeal specifically to enthusiasts,” said Pamela Brown-Matthis, SEMA Education Director. “Given that this is such a passion-driven industry filled with professionals who love their jobs, the Enthusiast Track will be especially entertaining and engaging. Attendees will leave with practical information that speaks to this passion.”

For details about the SEMA Show Education Program and a complete schedule of seminars available, visit

ORCA to Host MasterTech Training for Fabrication Professionals at Mobile Solutions

CAMARILLO, CA (08.25.22) – Orca Design and Manufacturing Corp., supplier of premium automotive autosound products and accessories, will host its first in-person training session for mobile electronics industry technicians since the pandemic began. On October 1, select industry professionals will join ORCA representatives at the Mobile Solutions training facility in Tempe, Ariz., to participate in the Mobile Solutions’ MasterTech Modern Fab training session. Instructors for the session include Mobile Solutions President and Lead Instructor Bryan Schmitt, along with award-winning retailers and fabrication experts Tom Miller of Musicar in Portland, Ore., Chris Pate from MobileToys in College Station, Texas, and Sage Weir of Sounds Good Stereo in Mount Juliet, Tenn.

The MasterTech Modern Fab training session comprises four days of intensive instruction designed to elevate the knowledge, skill level and imaginative processes of professional fabricators. Segments include hot rod interior design, fabrication theory and techniques, OEM system integration, system tuning, working with plastics, metal and lighting, and automotive upholstery. Each day includes team activities and work on take-home projects.

The session is open to select technicians from ORCA retail dealers. ORCA will pay the class tuition and materials fees for each participant (a $2,000 value). Hotel accommodations for the entire stay are included, as is transportation to and from the facility, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, and select after-hours activities.

“We are truly excited to continue our strong training partnership with Mobile Solutions and get back to in-person, hands-on training,” said Nalaka Adikari, sales director for ORCA. “The MasterTech sessions represent a significant investment in our retailers to empower them with more capability, expertise and creativity. We look forward to seeing everyone in October!”

For more information on Mobile Solutions, visit To learn about ORCA and its represented brands, visit

Modern Fab In-House Training Blended Upholstery and Technology with Mobile Solutions

TEMPE, AZ (05.27.22) – Mobile Solutions’ latest MasterTech training workshop series called Modern Fab took place on May 19-22, 2022 at the company’s Tempe, Arizona headquarters. The sold out workshop was chock full of all new content with a hyper-focused blending of upholstery and stitching techniques, technology using automation like CNCs and Laser machines, as well as specialty electronics and coding integration for lighting and control systems. “Without a doubt this was one of our most technology-driven classes to date and we could not be happier with the outcome. We’ve definitely broken into new territory with this workshop” said Mobile Solutions Founder and CEO, Bryan Schmitt.

Bryan Schmitt (C) kneels with instructors plus industry members who attended the Modern Fab In-House 4-Day event that took place at the Mobile Solutions HQ in Tempe, AZ.

Led by Schmitt and guest presenters Rommel Medina and Tony Estrada with additional class time help from Mal Maher of NC Carpet, Wesley Cato and Doug Dobson, the attendees got four incredible days of in-depth skills training around interior fabrication and finishes with the added benefit of the design elements of CAD/CAM software and even programming custom code for LED lighting on Arduino-based control circuits.

The Modern Fab workshop’s training topics included:

Designing interior panels and trim elements with the sewing machine processes

  • Working from an initial design sketch or rendering
  • Upholstery materials of choice – for hard and soft panel finishes
  • Patterning and stitching different seams
  • The use of stitching details to add accents to a build

Fabricating and implementing other unique trim and interior elements

  • Safety-focused 3D router techniques for incredible dimension with extreme efficiency
  • Accent lighting and layering for maximum visual impact
  • Secret tricks for unique trim inserts using aluminum and plastic elements
  • Comprehensive Arduino code programing for assignable LEDs

Interior panel and trim finishing techniques

  • Surface texturing four different ways with paint
  • Pressed metal grilles/inserts
  • Shadow trim, paint tricks such as marbling, faux wood grain, etc.
  • Using wood-like veneers and other vinyl-wrap-based materials to emulate a design narrative
  • Secrets of finishing back sides on fabricated panels when removed for service

Moving design and small volume production into the digital world

  • The economics for the learning curve for those new to automation
  • Terminology used in 2D automation in laser and CNC router setups
  • Choosing CAD/CAM software that easily does what’s needed
  • Tools and methods for dust collection, air extraction, vacuum clamping and more
  • Laser & CNC router examples, applications and actionable Pro Tips

Attendees from the MasterTech Modern Fab training built their own take-home project as part of the hands-on element of this incredible class. Attendee Doyee Jay from Canada said “This is by far the best combination of Tech/Fab/stitching training course hands down! And this is just the beginnings of a whole new chapter, what you take away and the possibilities will make your head spin, Things that were far reach for me is now at my fingertips not to mention I got to connect with so many talented fabricators all over North America.” The project contained multiple layers, dimension and laser-etched lighting panels with the custom programmed circuitry so that everyone’s project was entirely unique. A fellow attendee, Jorge Gonzalez commented “Very powerful training. Thank you for making the effort to provide knowledge that will help us improve our craft! Highly recommend it!”

Although dates have not yet been confirmed, a second 2022 session of Modern Fab will be offered this Fall and is also expected to sell out. Attendee Aaron Murry commented “Awesome class. If you are on the fence about going make the investment it was more than worth it.” Watch Mobile Solutions’ Facebook, Instagram and website for more information when the Modern Fab Fall 2022 workshop is announced.

For questions or further information, please email Mobile Solutions at or call 480-968-2074.

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MasterTech Expo Sold Out for 2022, Announces 2023 Show Dates

TEMPE, AZ (02.21.22) – Mobile Solutions announced that its first annual MasterTech Expo has reached capacity for both exhibitors and attendees. The four-day exhibit and education conference scheduled March 6-9 at the Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Ariz., sold out with just under two weeks remaining until its opening day. The Tempe, Ariz.-based fabrication tools and training provider also announced that the second MasterTech Expo event will take place March 5-8, 2023 at the Mesa Convention Center.

MasterTech Expo was originally limited to the interior exhibit hall and adjacent breakout rooms but expanded to include the outdoor pavilion due to additional exhibitor interest. The final exhibit space tops 50,000 square feet and will include more than 30 show vehicles and over 25 exhibitor booths. Attendees will also complete 10 to 12 hours of quality education workshops and have access to additional training from exhibiting partners.

The event kicks off with a welcome party featuring singer and musician Justin Hopkins, fan favorite from The Voice television show and music competition. Attendees will then be prepped for training with a “swag bag” containing gifts, tools and training materials, and a daily complimentary buffet lunch.

Education for MasterTech Expo features highly qualified trainers teaching relevant courses that address the changing needs of today’s professional fabricators. Courses are grouped into tracks to provide a logical and progressive learning arc. Attendees select two tracks and must complete all courses within each track to earn an achievement award. Attendance for each course is limited to the number of seats in the room to ensure everyone has complete access to all educational content. Exhibiting partners will also hold exclusive training workshops to present new product and feature training to attendees.

Special events for MasterTech Expo start with a behind-the-scenes design session with TV personality and renowned vehicle designer Dave Kindig. Throughout the show, two teams will compete on fabrication craftsmanship in the MasterTech Expo Build-Off sponsored by Rockford Fosgate. The final day culminates with a special keynote presentation by fabrication legend Mark Fukuda, and state-of-the-industry presentation by Rockford Corporation CEO Bill Jackson.

“I’m thrilled that, through the support of the automotive aftermarket industry and the belief and trust placed in us by our exhibiting partners, we have exceeded our targets on both fronts,” said Bryan Schmitt, founder and president of Mobile Solutions. “We anticipate a high-impact, high-value show that will elevate our retail professionals.”

Registration for the 2023 MasterTech Expo will open in April.

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Mobile Solutions Brings 2021 Product Line to SEMA Show

TEMPE, AZ (11.01.2021) – Mobile Solutions will fulfill its 16th year of exhibiting and teaching at the 2021 SEMA show, scheduled for November 2-5, 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. The company will present its products at Booth No. 12445 in the Mobile Electronics & Technology section of the North Hall. Bryan Schmitt, president and head instructor will be on hand to greet attendees and demonstrate the company’s products.

Among the products to be highlighted at the show, the Arc Guide Template system allows fabricators to add stylish touches to wood surfaces. The 11-piece kit comprises arcs with a radius of 20 to 36 inches alongside straight pieces of three lengths. Also featured is the new Magnet Fitment kit, which enables quick, easy and secure flush-mounting of magnets to secure speaker grilles or panels. The kit includes four sizes of Magnet Match countersink bits to create perfect, flat holes at the proper depth. Smart Mag Alignment Plates ensure each magnet is inserted with precision.

The new GT Template system adds another series of fabrication shaping guides to the Mobile Solutions ecosystem. Nine template pieces—including four pieces that can be used separately or as part of the largest template ring—give fabricators expanded creative flexibility when building pressed grilles or close-contact panels.

In addition to the booth presence, Mobile Solutions’ Bryan Schmitt will headline a seminar as part of the annual SEMA Education series. Titled, “Seamless Visual Integration of Modern Electronics into Vehicles,” the session will focus on upgrading classic and custom vehicles with the latest technology while retaining the vehicle’ original style and design flow. The session takes place in Room N257 at 1:00PM PT on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Gary Bell, accomplished vehicle designer and owner of Define Concepts in Orange, Calif., will moderate the seminar.

“In this uncertain climate, we recognize companies made the decision to attend or not attend SEMA based on factors that are unique and internal for each company,” said Schmitt. “We made the decision to continue our attendance at SEMA based on our own factors and look forward to seeing new and existing customers while participating in the safety measures implemented throughout the show.”

For more information on Mobile Solutions’ SEMA participation, visit Find out more about Mobile Solutions at

Highly Successful “School of Fab” to Continue with Monthly Episodes

TEMPE, AZ (08.31.2021) – Mobile Solutions has expanded its agreement with Car Audio Fabrication to co-produce School of Fab, a video show centered on fabrication tools, tips and techniques for automotive aftermarket professionals. School of Fab will be presented live the first Thursday of each month on the School of Fab Facebook page.

Car Audio Fabrication (CAF) is a popular YouTube channel intended for car audio professionals and enthusiasts. Videos feature innovative, hands-on fabrication techniques from Mark, its enthusiastic host. The channel boasts more than a half-million subscribers and is approaching 400 videos.

Bryan Schmitt is founder and lead instructor of Mobile Solutions, which produces fabrication-centric tooling and products and has provided in-house professional instruction to more than 10,000 technicians and fabricators. Mobile Solutions has a worldwide footprint, with professional training and product distribution training in 18 countries.

Mark and Bryan kicked off the first episode of School of Fab August 5th to an industrywide audience, showcasing live, unique router techniques and reviewing recent vehicle builds. The pair also made the first official announcement of MasterTech Expo, Mobile Solutions’ first tradeshow-sized training event and product exhibition, to be held March 6-9 at the Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Ariz. School of Fab will be a significant component of MasterTech Expo, comprising four classes in a specialized certificate course.

“With CAF attracting new car audio enthusiasts and Mobile Solutions training top-tier professionals, the partnership for this live show lets us reach every level of custom fabrication,” said Mark. “Our differing backgrounds and expertise lead to an interesting dynamic on the show that results in a clear and powerful presentation for the viewer.”

“Mark is a highly respected fabricator and excellent presenter who has provided invaluable benefit to our students and the industry overall,” added Bryan. “We are thrilled to continue this partnership with him and CAF for the School of Fab live series, and look forward to co-instructing classes at MasterTech Expo in front of eager and enthusiastic attendees.”

The second episode of School of Fab airs September 2 at 8PM CST. For more information on School of Fab, please visit To attend MasterTech Expo, register at

Automotive Aftermarket Legend Mark Fukuda to Keynote MasterTech Expo

TEMPE, AZ (08.13.2021) – Mobile Solutions has announced that Mark Fukuda will present the keynote address for its first annual MasterTech Expo training and learning event, to be held March 6-9, 2022 at the Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Ariz. In addition, Fukuda will teach a course alongside Tom Miller, decorated fabricator and owner of Musicar in Portland, Ore. The duo will present innovative fabrication techniques as part of the event’s “School of Fab” education curriculum.

Entitled “Keys to Success,” the keynote address will take place March 9 prior to the event’s awards presentation. Fukuda will provide an engaging mix of life and career experience with an insightful roadmap to navigating the industry’s current challenges.

Fukuda has a storied and colorful history in the automotive aftermarket. As a car audio competitor, he holds the record for six consecutive world championships as well as 12 SPL (sound pressure level) records and 11 national championships from various competition organizations. His award-winning 1989 Chevy Astro van has become an icon in competitive circles. Achieving Master-level certification from MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professionals) in 1995, Fukuda has won numerous awards including Installer of the Year for Car Stereo Review, USACi (Unites States Autosound Competition International) and other publications.

Mark Fukuda

Fukuda’s continued creative mastery and willingness to share knowledge led to a substantial career path, founding a retail store, installation training facility and home theater building service. He later spent five years with Rockford Corporation before venturing into sales representation and distribution, leading to his current role as president and CEO of Wave Electronics.

Fukuda will be joined at MasterTech Expo by the same vehicle that put him on so many winning stages and magazine covers. The iconic Rockford Fosgate-themed Astro van, which Fukuda is currently modernizing with custom-built modifications, will be on display in front of Rockford Fosgate’s booth.

“Words don’t describe the sheer impact Mark has had on this industry,” said Bryan Schmitt, CEO and founder of MasterTech Expo. “Despite his success, he has always been willing to take guys aside and offer his advice and experience. The personal effect on many professionals in our industry, myself included, has provided us direction, drive and purpose. We are so deeply honored to have him at our inaugural event.”

Automotive aftermarket professionals can register for Mobile Solutions’ MasterTech Expo by visiting Tuition for the learning event is $799.00. Hotel accommodations can be made at

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MasterTech Expo Event Announcement

MESA, AZ (06.25.2021) – Mobile Solutions has announced an expansion of its successful MasterTech programs into a four day event called MasterTech Expo on March 6-9, 2022 in Mesa, AZ. “Given how the past year affected how we all view in-person training, my team and I felt our educational offerings needed to evolve into a more compelling event focusing on crossover of different skills and learning paths” comments Bryan Schmitt, MasterTech Expo event director.

MasterTech Expo takes place at the Mesa Convention Center. The collaborative event includes hyper-focused, professional-grade education workshops to meet skillsets of all levels in the electrical, upholstery, fabrication, design and automation disciplines of aftermarket automotive interiors and customization. World-class leaders in their specific areas of expertise lead the instruction of each workshop series. MasterTech Expo offers four distinct workshop trajectories, each with multiple sessions that build upon one another for maximum learning and retention. There is a series of learning workshops for every skill set and discipline, whether an automotive interior trimmer, 12 volt car audio installer, custom vehicle builder, automotive designer, fabricator, aftermarket automotive business owner and more.

In addition to the learning focus, select manufacturers, service providers and industry influencers are invited to exhibit and share their technologies and application experience with the attendees. A wide variety of exhibitors from 12 volt electronics and audio to fabrication tools, upholstery and automation ensure a balanced approach and broad exposure to all important facets of the aftermarket automotive segment working on vehicle interior customization.

A unique highlight at MasterTech Expo is a two-team build off competition in which of experienced builders, along with some attendees, each dive in for a hands-on build of application-based projects that takes place over the duration of the event. “This is one of the most effective methods to both show techniques and demonstrate how to think in a production mindset. It just adds a whole new level of engagement” adds Schmitt. MasterTech in-person training has historically involved one or more hands-on builds by the program instructors while the combined process of classroom and shop-based learning are in progress.

More detailed information can be found at the official event website, and includes workshop descriptions, hotel information, event schedule, cost to attend, event registration and so much more. While the event’s exhibit spaces are largely sold out, interested exhibitors can contact for more information.