Mobile Solutions Releases New Pt-9a+ Polarity Tester

TEMPE, AZ (08.06.2020) – Mobile Solutions announces the release of a new and exciting audio system test tool: the PT-9A+ Polarity Tester. It’s is an essential measurement tool for building and tuning great car audio systems. Advancing on the previous and highly successful PT-9A model, the new PT-9A+ adds even more capabilities to analyze signals, particularly in OEM audio system integration.

“In any car audio system, it’s critical to identify and verify the correct polarity of speakers, both before and after installation. The polarity of the electrical signals that connect to the speakers in OEM audio integration, as well as correctly identifying which wires correspond to which speaker locations, is also critical to verify” comments Bryan Schmitt, President of Mobile Solutions. The PT-9A+ does all of those tasks in one compact, easy-to-use tool.

The PT-9A+ has a safe, low voltage output pulse on either the preamp level (RCA) plug or speaker jacks. It generates polarity pulses directly into a speaker or AUX input, or the technician can use pulse tracks from the included USB thumb drive and load them on a portable media device. The built-in microphone on the front of the tool then determines if the speaker cone moves outward with the pulse (correct polarity) or inward (reversed polarity). The low voltage of the pulse means no damage to CAN Bus wires, Air Bag wires or other sensitive circuits if the technician mistakes other vehicle wiring for audio signal or speaker wiring. In the past, technicians would sometimes try to ‘pop’ speakers with power tool batteries or tape wires to a 9V or D cell battery for this task. The PT-9A+ is a much safer and professional way to pulse speakers and determine absolute acoustic polarity.

The game-changing new feature of the PT-9A+ is that the speaker jacks not only function as outputs for generating output pulses, but the jacks can be configured to accept speaker-level INPUT up to 4VAC to identify the electrical polarity of an audio signal. This feature essentially tells the technician which wire is positive (+) and negative (-) so that, when doing an OEM audio integration job, the inputs to a DSP or amplifier can be configured correctly with respect to polarity. Cancellation between audio signals (acoustic or electrical) is the number one problem that plagues most car audio systems which exhibit poor sound performance. “When all of the audio system’s signals and speakers are correct in polarity, only then can the technician do effective tuning for optimum sound quality” adds Schmitt.

PT9A+ Features:
• Built-In Selectable Pulse Generator – Preamp Level (RCA) and Speaker Level Jacks
• Built-In Compact Microphone for Testing/Verifying Acoustic Speaker Polarity
• Speaker Level Jacks can be configured as Inputs for Electrical Signal Polarity Testing
• Low Volume Threshold for Safe Testing – System volume does need not be loud to test
• Easy-to-Understand Polarity LEDs – Green = Correct, Red = Incorrect
• Built-In Low Battery Indicator LED
• Includes USB Thumb Drive with Polarity Pulses and Pink Noise
• Comes with a Protective Storage Case, Quick Start Guide and Insulated Test Leads
• Uses a Standard 9V Battery (Not Included)

PT9A+ Applications:
• Test polarity of audio system speakers before starting an installation or tuning
• Generate pulses into the audio system to verify speaker location and polarity
• Test polarity of OEM audio signals at the source unit or amplifier output (up to 4V)
• Identify speaker location and polarity in OEM audio systems using internal pulse generator
• Verify polarity shift in active or passive crossovers (especially 12dB/octave applications)
• Optimize subwoofer polarity to blend with other system speakers for “up front” bass

The PT-9A+ is in stock at Mobile Solutions and shipping now. Special launch pricing of $99.99 is offered for a limited time by using the coupon code “PT9A-2020” upon checkout at

For more information about the PT-9A+ Polarity Tester or to place orders on any Mobile Solutions products, visit, or call 480-968-2074.

Mobile Solutions’ Subwoofer Profile Gauges

TEMPE, AZ (07.21.2020)Mobile Solutions announces the release of a new and innovate product for subwoofer enclosure fabrication; the MS Subwoofer Profile Gauges. The super-light, 1/4 inch expanded PVC plastic fitment gauges are silkscreened with the exact dimensional profile of a specific subwoofer, including its specifications such as power handling, multiple diameter measurements and mounting depth details. These innovative fitment gauges were developed in collaboration with Juan “JT” Torres, former ME-Mag Installer of the Year and Owner of HB Automotive Entertainment.

Available currently as a complete five (5) piece JL Audio set with clear acrylic storage tray or individually, these Subwoofer Profile Gauges help technicians and fabricators speed up the process of trial fitting a subwoofer into a custom enclosure where space of depth or placement near ports and bracing are an additional challenge in tight quarters.

This image shows the Mobile Solutions subwoofer profile gauge in use checking the fit for the mounting flange countersink, plus the depth.

“With the popularity of under-seat truck subwoofer enclosures and other small profile or down-facing applications such as consoles and up under the dash, the necessity to check fit and verify clearance is highly important” comments Mobile Solutions President Bryan Schmitt. He notes that using these lightweight profile gauges avoids the need to bring the subwoofer itself out of its packaging, which exposes an open magnet structure to unnecessary microscopic sawdust and/or fiberglass dust, as well as exposing the cone, surround and dust cap areas of the subwoofer to oils and solvents on the hands of the fabricator. “It’s not only lighter and easier for the fabricator to do trial fitting using the profile gauges, but it means preserving the subwoofer’s integrity until it’s time for final fitting well after the dust and dirt of fabrication has been completed” continued Schmitt.

Mobile Solutions believes this approach to using Subwoofer Profile Gauges as the fitment guide can only help to mitigate premature product failures as a result of subwoofers themselves being over-handled in the enclosure fabrication and vehicle build stages. Plus, subwoofers are heavy and awkward to trial fit in tight spaces or downward-facing applications. Another advantage is that, should subwoofers be backordered and not in stock, a retailer can move ahead with a custom enclosure build with confidence knowing the subwoofer(s) will fit once received and ready to install.

The five (5) piece JL Audio set of Subwoofer Profile Gauges (SI-JLPRO-PKG) includes fitment for:

  • 13TW5v2
  • 12TW3 and 10TW3
  • 12W3v3 and 10W3v3
  • Also includes Clear Acrylic Storage Tray

Mobile Solutions is offering the JL Audio Subwoofer Profile Gauges, as the set or individually, for a limited time through July 31, 2020 at special launch pricing:

Although it was not part of the initial design criteria, Schmitt and Torres both noted that using these gauges to verify fit and keeping the subwoofers packaged until they are to be finally installed increases the safety of the technician and customer from COVID-19 concerns of surface germ transfer. “Cleaning subwoofer cones, surrounds and exposed parts with harsh chemicals to disinfect is harmful to the delicate subwoofer materials. With our Subwoofer Profile Gauges it makes contact with the product much less and safer for everyone in the end” adds Schmitt. The Subwoofer Profile Gauges themselves are easily cleaned and disinfected with an alcohol-based cleaner or simply using soap and water. Neither cleaning process harms the silkscreen nor plastic material on the profile gauges.

To maximize the efficiency of these JL Audio Subwoofer Profile Gauges and the construction of custom subwoofer enclosures, Mobile Solutions also offers durable shatter-resistant plastic specialty-shaped templates that speed the process of creating mounting, countersinking and a pressed grille  cutouts for the shallow-mount JL Audio 10TW3, 12TW3 & 13TW5 subwoofer frames with the difficult to replicate mounting flange offsets. Other completely round-frame subwoofers can simply use the Mobile Solutions Circle Smart Templates as a guide for mounting and countersink cutouts. 

For more information about the Subwoofer Profile Gauges or to place orders on any Mobile Solutions products, check out, or call 480-968-2074.

Mobile Solutions Webinar Explores the Future

TEMPE, AZ (04.22.2020) – Mobile Solutions delivered a live webinar on April 15 aimed toward retailers thinking about the new normal of what business looks like on the other side of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 300 people attended the live stream. Since then the recorded version has had over 800 views, increasing by 45-50 per day.

To view a recording of the April 15 webinar, click here.

During the one hour webinar, Bryan Schmitt discussed the importance of being ready to respond when business returns and doors open again. He underscored new methodologies that include sterilizing customer vehicles before and after work is performed Schmitt encouraged retailers to communicate this to clientele through in-store signage, social media outreach and email marketing campaigns.

“We have to proactively communicate to the consumer that, as an industry, we are committed to take extra measures to ensure the work we perform in vehicles is done with their safety in mind,” commented Schmitt. He feels that this will go a long way to making people comfortable enough to bring in their vehicles knowing that cleaning and protecting surfaces are a top priority.

“In the early days of car audio it was simple to be successful. Now, with all the competition and the diversity of the business (mobile electronics, not car stereo) you must be on your game and be ready to adapt,” remarked Dalesandro of End Result, who encouraged 12 volt retailers to attend.

End Result represents Mobile Solutions in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia and Dalesandro is well known for helping his retailers become better business owners through frequent in-person training events.

Other topics Schmitt discussed during the webinar included taking the down time to organize, clean and paint installation bays so that the workshop areas appear more like the high-end service bays at a car dealership rather than a dreary garage.

“White walls and great lighting go a long way in making an impression, plus it’s just a better working environment,” added Schmitt. He suggests retailers take down the manufacturer banners, calendars and other non-essential wall clutter so that signage is clear and easy to understand.

To view a recording of the April 15 webinar, click here.

Mobile Solutions will be presenting other fabrication and retailer-focused webinars in the weeks ahead. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Instagram and their website for those announcements. Sign up for the email list at to receive the latest information directly.

JL Audio and Mobile Solutions Tacos and Tunes Training Evening

TEMPE, AZ (03.13.2020) – JL Audio collaborated with Mobile Solutions and their Master Tech OEM Integration class on Friday evening, March 6th. JL Audio sponsored Bryan Schmitt’s class by providing a dinner for attendees. While everyone enjoyed Tacos from a local food truck and Rob Haynes, Technical Trainer with JL Audio, provided an educational training to support the OEM integration class Schmitt and the team at Mobile Solutions provided earlier in the day.

The meeting room was packed for the Rob Haynes JL Audio presentation at the Homewood Suites.

“The meeting room at the Homewood Suites was packed. Everyone in the audience was really tuned. It was a long day for them with the session at Mobile Solutions earlier in the day but all wanted to learn and were very engaged” Haynes stated.

Demo cars drew attention in the parking lot as all enjoyed tacos.

Bryatt Fischer, JL Audio Marketing Director, related “The turnout for the evening event was really good. Jon Ash-Pacific Coast Marketing, JLAudio’s AZ/NM/Las Vegas representative, did an amazing job of pounding the pavement and getting the word out about this great gathering to educate and demonstrate some of the products JL Audio offers.”

JL Audio’s Bryatt Fischer and Rob Haynes (R) flank Mobile Solutions’ Bryan Schmitt after the training session.

JL Audio also had several team members, from the Phoenix office, demonstration vehicles on hand; most featuring JL Audio’s premier C7 component drivers for active systems and VXi amplifiers with integrated DSP. Darrell Chapman (Director of Operations-Phoenix), George Babers (Logistics Manager-Phoenix) and Dan Borzone (Electrical Engineer) were onsite with their personal vehicles to show all “How We Play.”

The evening training session and dinner, at the Homewood Suites, was open for all local dealers to attend.

When: Friday, March 6th starting at 6 pm

Where: Homewood Suites by Hilton Phoenix/Tempe ASU Area2104 E Rio Salado ParkwayTempe, AZ 85281, US

What: FREE food from a local Taco Truck and outdoor dining during Arizona’s best weather of the year. Experience a fleet of demo vehicles with JL Audio’s premier C7 and VXi products withJL Audio’s Technical Trainer, Rob Haynes, providing an educational training,

Visit and for more.

JL Audio to Sponsor Dinner with Night Training at the Mobile Solutions Master Tech / OEM Integration, March 6th Class

MIRAMAR, FL (03.05.2020) – JL Audio is collaborating with Mobile Solutions and their Master Tech OEM Integration class on Friday, March 6th. JL Audio will be sponsoring Bryan Schmitt’s class by providing a dinner for attendees. While everyone is enjoying Tacos from a local food truck, Rob Haynes, Technical Trainer with JL Audio, will be providing an educational training to support the OEM integration class Schmitt and the team at Mobile Solutions provided during the day.

Rob Haynes, JL’s Technical Trainer

JL Audio will also have several demonstration vehicles on hand; most featuring JL Audio’s premier C7 component drivers for active systems and VXi amplifiers with integrated DSP.

The evening training session and dinner is open to all local dealers to attend, so make your plans join JL Audio and Mobile Solutions for Tacos and Tunes.

This is a night you don’t want to miss.

When: Friday, March 6th starting at 6 PM

Homewood Suites by Hilton Phoenix/Tempe ASU Area (Click for info)
2104 E Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85281, US

FREE food from a local Taco Truck and outdoor dining during Arizona’s best weather of the year. Experience a fleet of demo vehicles with JL Audio’s premier C7 and VXi products with

JL Audio’s Technical Trainer, Rob Haynes, providing an educational training.

Visit for more.

Mobile Solutions and West Coast Customs Take a Ride

TEMPE, AZ (03.04.2020) – Mobile Solutions has expanded its long-running partnership with West Coast Customs (WCC) by providing fabrication tools for the new West Coast Racers roller coaster ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. Mobile Solutions and WCC have been partners for many years as WCC uses MS tools and Smart Templates™ for numerous high-visibility vehicle customization projects, many of which have appeared on television.

· Top shows the front entrance to the roller coaster ride.
· Lower left shows one of the two passenger cars (one blue, one red).
· Lower middle shows Kenny Williams of WCC (left) and Bryan Schmitt (right).
· Lower right shows one of the mocked up shop scenes with MS Smart Templates on the wall.

The WCC-themed roller coaster ride, which opened to the public January 9, 2020, features mocked up vignettes that replicate the various shop areas at the real West Coast Customs facility in Burbank, CA. The idea is to give riders the feeling that they’re touring the WCC shop seeing the tools and experiencing what happens as vehicles are built. Riders travel through the metal shop, paint booth and fabrication areas. Bryan Schmitt of Mobile Solutions commented “This is a proud moment for our company seeing our tools on the wall and staged just like the WCC shop for millions to see every year.” It’s estimated 12 million people will ride West Coast Racers every year.

Schmitt and his team recently met with West Coast Customs Founder and CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus at the WCC company headquarters to hear Ryan’s vision on the roller coaster and how it’s taken over eight years to turn the idea into reality. Schmitt and his team were then escorted by Kenny Williams, WCC’s Operations Manager, along with a other WCC team members to the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park where they all enjoyed a VIP tour of the ride and, of course, experienced the roller coaster firsthand. During the three-minute ride, each of the two cars running takes a pause and pulls into a replica of the West Coast Customs shop to listen to a narration given by Ryan [Friedlinghaus] before moving back on to the tracks.

Bryan Schmitt and his team thank Ryan Friedlinghaus and Kenny Williams for the inclusion of Mobile Solutions in the West Coast Racers project. “Kenny has really been our ambassador to being closely involved with both the WCC shop and the roller coaster ride. We enjoy working with West Coast Customs and look forward to continuing the relationship and having even more of our products involved in the ride” remarks Schmitt.

For more information on the West Coast Racers ride at Six Flags Magic

Mobile Solutions Offers Two New Training Classes in March

TEMPE, AZ (02.25.2020) – Mobile Solutions announces two new training classes launching at their Tempe, AZ training facility in March 2020. The 201-level “boot camps” are shorter 2-day courses heavily focused on audio and, separately on practical and time-saving fabrication techniques. The boot camps are intended to provide an experienced and targeted audience with the need-to-know information in a specific discipline so that technicians can be even more productive in their day-to-day installation efforts. The Mobile Solutions training facility recently underwent a significant redesign in late 2019 to better accommodate training groups and exciting new topics.

MasterTech Car Audio Boot Camp 201

This 2-day course is focused on acoustics, vehicle electrical theory, OEM audio system integration and tuning an audio system using DSP. Guest presenters Ken Ward of Educar Labs and Todd Ramsey of Ramsey Consulting Group provide attendees with important, highly relevant information covering electrical and acoustic installation challenges in modern vehicles. Learn enhanced fundamentals of sound and in-depth AC/DC electricity. Learn detailed electrical measurement techniques. Learn how to identify OEM audio signals in complex vehicles and determine an integration approach. Learn quick and effective audio system tuning techniques. Learn how to avoid and effectively troubleshoot many common issues encountered in car audio system design and installation. This is a great class for those technicians who focus more on remote starters over the winter months, technicians who primarily do fleet-type installations or those who primarily only fabricate. This is also a great class for technicians and sales professionals with good audio system installation fundamentals looking to achieve the next level in the world of DSP-based integration and audio system tuning. The course runs March 5-6, 2020 and costs $799.98.

MasterTech Fabrication Boot Camp 201

This 2-day course is perfect for those who which to learn and grow their palate of advanced fabrication techniques. Instructor Bryan Schmitt, president of Mobile Solutions, demonstrates time-saving smart fabrication techniques and industry secrets that will enhance the way technicians integrate mobile electronics with vehicle panels and structural components. Some of the training fabrication highlights include using the Mobile Solutions Animal and SFS tools to safely and efficiently create unique 3D panels, speaker mounts and interior trim accents. Additionally, router table & table saw tricks for custom subwoofer enclosures, plastics fabrication, urethane foam implementation and upholstery techniques are all part of the cohesive design and fabrication mindset presented throughout the training. This course helps guide attendees on how to charge for their custom fabrication work so they maximize their profitability and make efficient use of time. A student-built take home project reinforces the learning concepts and serves as an additional visual tool to communicate fabrication capabilities to clients. The course runs March 7-8, 2020 and costs $799.98.

These training camps are presented back-to-back so attendees can easily travel to one or both. Register for the training sessions now at as spots are limited. For more information or questions, email

Mobile Solutions Hosts Second So. Cal. Hot Rod Fab Class

TEMPE, AZ (01.21.2020) – Mobile Solutions is hosting a special one-day Accelerated Hot Rod Interior Fabrication 2.0 training session in Southern California on Thursday February 6th, just before the official kick off of MEA KnowledgeFest in Long Beach, CA. Bryan Schmitt, president of Mobile Solutions leads the class, along with the all-star builders who’ve been part of other popular Mobile Solutions training classes including: Juan “JT” Torres, Tom Miller, Chris Pate and Gary Bell. The training session is scheduled for 1 pm – 7 pm and is hosted at Automotive Entertainment in Huntington Beach, CA.

Bryan Schmitt from Mobile Solutions comments “We had such a successful training event last year at Automotive Entertainment that we’ve stepped up the curriculum and added even more instructors so that it’ll be guaranteed to be an incredible event for those in attendance.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the most talented designers and fabrication minds in the business. Here’s a summary of what is presented in this can’t miss training:

• How to conceptualize an interior design and convert it to something you can build
• Detailed router work examples for greater safety, precision and efficiency
• Using aluminum in multiple ways for serviceable panel construction and cosmetic interest
• How to seam multiple materials together (vinyl, suede & carpet) and create interest
• New and refined vinyl embossing techniques to personalize hot rod interior design
• New and refined diamond pattern panel technique to emulate upscale vehicle interiors
• Technical leather and vinyl wrapping examples with time-saving tools and preparation
• Where to find premium OEM-grade leather, vinyl, fabric, glue and supplies

“In our automotive builder-centric community of Southern California, we appreciate the opportunity to present advanced interior fabrication techniques to 12 volt technicians and hot rod builders alike” says JT Torres of Automotive Entertainment who is hosting the event. Torres, Chris Pate and Tom Miller were all former ME-Mag Installer of the Year recipients in addition to each being accomplished business owners. Gary Bell, another guest instructor and business owner at Define Concepts, builds demo vehicles regularly for leading 12 volt manufacturers.

Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be served throughout the training day. Attendees are treated to a world-class Santa Maria-style BBQ dinner with all the trimmings at the close of the training session put on by Armando “Mandezze” Rolon of Atlas Custom Sound. Orca Manufacturing is co-sponsoring the dinner.

This is an incredible opportunity for professionals in interior design and custom fabrication to learn in a real shop environment, enjoy great food, meet and collaborate with like-minded industry professionals and get in gear for the KnowledgeFest event in Long Beach, CA that follows on Feb 7-9, 2020.

Though the training session is presented in English, Spanish speakers will have access to JT Torres and other Spanish-speaking fabricators to help translate questions on the content specifics during class breaks.

Find additional information and to register for the one-day So. Cal Accelerated Hot Rod Fab 2.0 training, visit

Tuition is $199 and includes the incredible Santa Maria-style BBQ dinner after the event. Registration closes Monday February 3, 2020.