New Metra Marine Lights and Amp Kits at IBEX Show

HOLLY HILL, FL (09.14.2021) – Metra Marine by Metra Electronics is launching new amplifier wiring kits, individual accent lights, and accent lighting kits for boats at the 2021 International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX). Drawing on Metra’s expertise in high-performance automotive audio and lighting accessories, the Metra Marine line delivers four new amplifier wiring kits, six new accent lights, and two new accent lighting kits designed for the
demands of boating.

Metra Marine’s new amplifier wiring kits feature fully tinned oxygen-free wire in a BC5W2 marine compliant jacket. Benefits to using tinned copper wire versus bare copper wire are that it won’t corrode, oxidize and turn green, and it’s easy to solder. Metra uses 100% virgin oxygen-free copper, which ensures that the tin doesn’t flake off from the copper, commonly seen when using recycled copper. While it is also common to tin just the tips of the wire for cost savings, this practice does not actually provide any benefits. Metra’s amp kits use fully tinned copper wire from top to bottom to ensure a reliable connection that can withstand a harsh marine environment and salty air. The ignition-protected circuit breaker is IP67 rated with stainless steel connection points for corrosion resistance. Included in the kits are:
● A four or eight gauge tinned oxygen-free copper siamese red power and yellow ground
wire (10 or 20 feet)
● 18-gauge tinned oxygen-free copper blue remote turn-on wire (18 feet)
● Connectors, ring terminals, and wire ties
● Ignition protected circuit breaker (50-amp or 100-amp)

The amplifier kits will be available soon and come in two different gauge and length options as
ML-AK8-10: 8 AWG Amp Kit (10 feet)
ML-AK8-20: 8 AWG Amp Kit (20 feet)
ML-AK4-10: 4 AWG Amp Kit (10 feet)
ML-AK4-20: 4 AWG Amp Kit (20 feet)

For boat lighting, Metra Marine’s new accent lights are designed to illuminate the livewell, deck, storage section, and other areas of a boat. The IP67 rated lights have durable weather-resistant enclosures to seal out moisture and prevent corrosion. The low current draw of the LEDs reduces strain on the battery and the kits feature corrosion-resistant tinned wires and include installation hardware. Two new kits include six mini stainless steel cover accent lights and three larger utility lights with high-impact plastic in blue or white LED colors. The lights are also available individually in blue or white LEDs, with either a chrome plastic bezel enclosure, clear plastic bezel enclosure, or stainless steel bezel enclosure.

All of the Metra Marine accent lights are in stock now:
ML-ALCK9-W: White LED Accent Lighting Kit (9 Lights)
ML-ALCK9-B: Blue LED Accent Lighting Kit (9 Lights)
ML-AL2SS-W: White 2-LED Accent Light – Stainless Steel Bezel
ML-AL2SS-B: Blue 2-LED Accent Light – Stainless Steel Bezel
ML-AL2CL-W: White 2-LED Accent Light – Clear Plastic Bezel
ML-AL2CL-B: Blue 2-LED Accent Light – Clear Plastic Bezel
ML-AL4CL-W: White 4-LED Accent Light – Chrome Plastic Bezel
ML-AL4CL-B: Blue 4-LED Accent Light – Chrome Plastic Bezel

Metra will be at booth #3-1918 at IBEX, a trade-only show for the marine industry, held September 28-30 at the Tampa Convention Center. Additional marine products from their line can be seen at

Metra Electronics Ships New and Improved Dash Kits Designed to Fit 2010-up Toyota 4Runner Models

HOLLY HILL, FL (09.03.2021) – Metra Electronics has an upgraded dash kit designed to fit 2010-up* Toyota 4Runner models for aftermarket radio installation.

This new kit has been updated from Metra’s original 99-8227 dash kit design with a more modern radio opening and brackets, along with vent dial trim panels for a better fit. The 99-8271 dash kit is available painted silver as the 99-8271S or with a high gloss charcoal finish as the 99-8271CHG. This dash kit fits both an ISO Double-DIN radio provision or an ISO Single-DIN radio with a pocket included. It is made from the highest quality ABS plastic for an original factory-like fit and finish.

A video with installation tips can be viewed above or at and additional installation accessories can be found at

99-8271 Product Specifications
• Fits 2010-up* Toyota 4Runner
• Designed for a Double-DIN or Single-DIN radio
• Two color options are available:
– Silver: 99-8271S
– High gloss charcoal: 99-8271CHG

Visit for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

New Dash Kit for Hyundai Elantra from Metra Electronics

HOLLY HILL, FL (08.11.2021) – Metra Electronics is now shipping a new dash kit designed to fit 2019-2020 Hyundai Elantra models. The 95-7399B dash kit fits an ISO Double-DIN radio provision and is painted scratch-resistant matte black.

A blankout panel that goes below the aftermarket radio screen is also included with this kit. It is made from the highest quality ABS plastic for an original factory-like fit and finish.

95-7399B Product Specifications
● Fits 2019-2020 Hyundai Elantra
● Designed for an ISO Double-DIN radio
● Blankout panel included
● Painted scratch-resistant matte black

An installation video is available from Metra’s YouTube channel at and additional installation accessories can be seen at

Metra Electronics Ships New Dash Kits with 7-inch Touchscreen

HOLLY HILL, FL (07.19.2021) – Metra Electronics is now shipping two new dash kits with their biggest built-in touchscreen yet; a 7-inch color display. These new TurboTouch dash kits are the first of their kind, with previous kits in this series having a 4.3-inch built-in touchscreen in addition to the opening for the aftermarket radio screen. The 95-6552B dash kit fits 2015 and up* Dodge Charger models and the 95-6553B fits 2015 and up* Chrysler 300 models, giving the interior a high-tech, upgraded look and feel. The kits include the necessary wiring harness, antenna adapter, steering wheel control interface, USB/AUX-IN replacement panel, and data interface for a complete installation.

On both kits, the built-in 7-inch touchscreen displays and controls all climate and most of the personalization features that would typically be lost when removing the factory radio components. The kits also retain the factory audio controls on the steering wheel, retain the factory backup camera, safety chimes, and R.A.P. (Retained Accessory Power). Modifications are necessary for the bottom part of the dashboard, and replacement parts to retain the USB panel and the factory 3.5mm AUX-IN jack are included. These kits also provide accessory power (12volt 10-amp) and provide NAV outputs for parking brake, reverse, and speed sense. Balance and fade audio features are also retained, but only in non-amplified models. Both dash kits are designed for standard Double-DIN radios to go below the built-in 7-inch touchscreen and are painted scratch-resistant matte black to match the factory appearance.

95-6552B: Fits 2015-up* Dodge Charger

95-6553B: Fits 2015-up* Chrysler 300

Product Specifications

  • Built-in 7-inch color touchscreen display for climate and personalization features
  • Includes Axxess interface to retain the climate and steering wheel control functions
  • Provides accessory power (12-volt 10-amp)
  • Retains R.A.P. (Retained Accessory Power)
  • Provides NAV outputs (parking brake, reverse, speed sense)
  • Retains audio controls on the steering wheel
  • Retains safety warning chimes
  • Retains the factory backup camera
  • Retains the factory 3.5mm AUX-IN jack and USB (with replacement parts included)
  • Retains balance and fade (non-amplified models only)
  • Works in both amplified and non-amplified systems
  • Sub-dash modifications are necessary
  • Painted scratch-resistant matte black
  • Wiring harness included
  • Antenna adapter included
  • Micro “B” USB updatable

Visit for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

Metra Electronics to Host Six Manufacturer Training Sessions at KnowledgeFest in Orlando, FL

HOLLY HILL, FL (06.09.2021) – Metra Electronics will host six training sessions at the 2021 KnowledgeFest in-person event in Orlando, FL. As a Diamond Ultra sponsor, Metra is proud to support the industry by providing in-depth training sessions for installers, which will outline new integration products, lighting and audio upgrades for Harley-Davidson, aftermarket accessories for Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator, and new products for upgrading vehicle safety systems. Installer Institute will also host a session to show shops how to connect with trained, certified graduates through their online career portal and explain the future of mobile electronics education. Training sessions include:

KnowledgeFest 2019

“Simplify your Install with Axxess DSPs” on Friday, June 25 at 12:30 PM

This training will cover the entire Axxess DSP product line, highlight new vehicle coverage, and showcase the newest app features. Metra will show installers how these solutions can increase sales in the showroom and decrease time in the bay. Attendees will learn how to use and set up Axxess DSPs through the app for complete tuning control and when to use the DSP “Lite” versus “X” solutions.This training will also explain how to use the different types of applications offered within the AXDSP line, including CAN-based systems, new A2B systems, MOST25, and MOST50 vehicle technology.

“New Accessories for Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator from Metra” on Friday, June 25 at 1:45 PM

Metra has focused an entire product line to the growing market of Jeep owners who want to customize their rides to be louder and reflect their own personal style. This session will help them learn about the new speaker adapter plates, backup camera options, complete integration solutions, and LED lighting solutions designed to fit Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator models. Attendees will hear valuable tips for selling and installing these new products that will give them additional opportunities to sell a full range of upgrades to loyal Jeep customers.

KnowledgeFest 2018

“New Lighting and Audio Upgrades for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles” on Saturday, June 26 at 4:45 PM

How can shops cut down installation time on audio and lighting upgrades? Metra’s Saddle Tramp brand is here to help with even more new products launching this season. Attendees will be the first to learn about new Axxess DSPs that fit Harley-Davidson with a built-in re-flashing feature and Saddle Tramp’s newest replacement inner fairing. Attendees will learn how to offer upgrades to make their customer’s motorcycles louder and more stylish, without the need for labor-intensive custom fabrication and wiring.

“Upgrading Vehicle Safety Systems with iBEAM” on Saturday, June 26 at 6:00 PM

As more consumers upgrade their vehicles, safety and convenience features should not be left out of the selling strategy. Attendees will learn about the aftermarket safety features they should be selling and how to install iBEAM’s newest products. This session will go over the hot-button selling points and features that consumers are asking for plus installation tips to give installers a better understanding of what is involved in an upgrade.

“The Future of Mobile Electronics Education with Installer Institute” on Sunday, June 27 at 9:15 AM

There are some things best learned with hands-on training. Mobile electronics education is one of them. Attendees of this session will learn how Installer Institute has adapted its curriculum to include courses designed to give students practical training for car audio installations plus additional skills for home theater integration, marine audio, upholstery, security, remote start installation, window tinting and more. For shops looking for trained, MECP and MESA certified installers, this session will show them how to connect with ii graduates through the online career portal and also explain what they can expect an ii graduate to have learned.

“Advanced Integration Made Easy with Axxess and Metra” on Sunday, June 27 at 10:30 AM

Attendees will learn about the newest solutions from Axxess and Metra that make vehicle integration easy, even with some of the notoriously complex vehicle systems. This training session gives in-depth installation information for Metra’s new AXPIO-JL1 integration kit for Jeep Wrangler, Metra’s latest TurboTouch dash kits, and new Axxess interfaces hitting the market.

Metra’s customers can register for the KnowledgeFest event at no cost using Metra’s VIP code, available by request from their sales representative. Once registered for the event, attendees will also need to register online at for each training session they will attend.

Metra will be at booth #1007 from June 25th-27th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Additional information about the show, produced by the Mobile Electronics Association (MEA), is available at

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Metra Electronics Ships New iBEAM Replacement Camera for Jeep Gladiator

HOLLY HILL, FL (05.27.2021) – iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems by Metra Electronics has just released a new replacement camera designed for 2020-up* Jeep Gladiator JT models. When replacing the radio on these vehicles, the factory LVDS backup camera presents a challenge for aftermarket screens and can be expensive to retain using an interface. iBEAM’s JP-JTKT camera replaces the factory camera to provide an affordable solution that allows the driver to see their backup video on a compatible aftermarket screen when in reverse. This new solution adds to Metra’s growing product line of aftermarket Jeep accessories.

The JP-JTKT has an RCA output for aftermarket radios or monitors with selectable parking lines and a 160-degree viewing angle. Two different types of camera mounting brackets are available to cover models equipped with either a standard backup camera or models equipped with surround or 360 systems. (Surround or 360 systems are not retained with this kit.)

To help with installation, the camera comes with detailed instructions and Metra also has an installation video at (See video below).

The JP-JTKT is available now and will be included in Metra’s Jeep accessories and iBEAM training sessions at KnowledgeFest in Orlando.

Product Specifications

  • Direct OE replacement camera for 2020-up* Jeep Gladiator JT
  • Resolution: 550 TV lines
  • Field of view: 160 degrees horizontal, 185 degrees diagonal
  • Rated IP68
  • High-performance power circuit
  • Camera extension cable included (26ft length)
  • Two types of ABS mounting brackets included
  • Does not retain the 360 surround view system in vehicles with this option

*See for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

Metra Electronics Shipping New TurboTouch Dash Kit for 2016-2021 Honda Civics

HOLLY HILL, FL (05.12.2021) – Metra Electronicsis now shipping a new dash kit for 2016-2021 Honda Civic models (excluding the LX). The new 99-7821B TurboTouch dash kit has a built-in 4.3-inch touchscreen and integrated electronics to retain most of the features normally lost when replacing the factory radio. The color touchscreen and hard buttons are located below the head unit and the screen shows climate and personalization settings, adding a high-tech look and feel to the dashboard. The backlit hard buttons can be customized with 250 different color options.

Metra’s newest dash kit fits either a Single-DIN or Double-DIN radio provision and makes stereo installation easier for Honda Civic upgrades. It comes with several of the items installers need to help retain safety and convenience features and is Micro “B” USB updatable. The included wiring harness and interface allow the OE Honda LaneWatch camera to keep working, ensures that the factory backup camera will work on the new screen, and retains the use of the audio control buttons on the steering wheel.

An antenna adapter is also included to allow AM/FM radio stations to work on the aftermarket radio. If the vehicle has a factory amplifier that needs to be retained, the Axxess AXSP-HN, sold separately, should be purchased. (To know whether or not this applies to the vehicle, installers can check to see if it has the factory subwoofer or center channel speakers.) The 99-7821B dash kit is painted scratch-resistant matte black to match the original look and feel of the vehicle’s dashboard and is in stock now.

A video with installation tips that also shows the touchscreen functionality can be seen above or at this link:

Visit for additional details and technical information.

Metra Electronics Ships New Soundbar Speaker Adapter and RGB Off-Road Fog Lights for Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator

HOLLY HILL, FL (04.29.2021) – Metra Electronics is expanding its Jeep Accessories line with two new aftermarket products designed to help installers upgrade the sound and lighting systems in Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator models. Metra’s new soundbar speaker adapter and RGB off-road fog lights complement the line’s existing speaker pods and RGB off-road headlights, offering a complete solution for Jeep upgrades.

Jeep owners who are upgrading the sound system now have a solution to retain the factory soundbar and upgrade to larger speakers in 2018-up* Jeep Wrangler JL and 2020-up* Jeep Gladiator models. The JP-1015 is designed to adapt the OEM four-inch speakers and one-inch tweeter to an aftermarket 6.5-inch speaker and optional tweeter. A harness is included along with a mounting plate and cutting template to assist with modifications to the interior material of the soundbar. The soundbar speaker adapter enclosure is made from high-quality ABS plastic and designed to withstand the harsh elements of off-road environments.

Metra’s JP-1014 replacement speaker pods for 2018-up* Jeep Wrangler JL and 2020-up* JeepGladiator models are a recommended accessory to complement the new JP-1015 when upgrading the sound system. This pair of sealed speaker pods replaces the original four-inch speakers located under the driver and passenger dashboard to install a six to 6.75-inch aftermarket speaker. They are constructed with ABS housing that utilizes the factory mounting locations for a secure fit that will heighten the listening experience. The pods were first introduced at SEMA360 and use the factory grommet and wiring, with a Metra speaker adapter harness included.

To add style and visibility to Jeep Wrangler JK, JL, and Gladiator models, the JP-704RGBFL are a set of four-inch RGB backlit halo off-road fog lights designed to match Metra’s existing JP-704RGB seven-inch round off-road headlights**. The polycarbonate lens cover is virtually unbreakable and the lights are built with a die-cast aluminum housing, rated IP67 to withstand harsh weather and off-road environments. The 15 white LEDs have a bright 800-lumen output for each fog light, consuming 30 watts total per light.

The backlight RGB lights have 16 million different color options using the Metra RGB smartphone app*, which will also sync with the JP-704RGB headlights to complete the look. The fog lights are plug-n-play with Metra’s RGB-CB1 controller, which is sold separately and required for operation. Depending on the model or trim leveTl, additional fog light mount brackets may be required for the installation, and installers should see the JP-JFOG or JP-JFOG2 for vehicle-specific details. All of these products are in stock and shipping now.

Visit for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

Daytona Lights Ships New Cube, Driving and Rock LED Lights, Plus RGB Strip Lighting Kits

HOLLY HILL FL (04.06.2021) – Daytona Lights by Metra Electronics has introduced new LED lighting products in different styles and options, designed to provide affordable vehicle lighting that doesn’t compromise performance. For extra visibility at night, two new styles of cube lights and three additional LED driving lights have been designed for better illumination and lighting coverage using a low current draw that doesn’t drain the battery. Single-color LED rock lights are available in four different colors that can go inside or outside of a vehicle. Daytona Lights has also introduced four different RGB strip light kits that have been tailored in size, length, and quantity to fit the most commonly requested installations. These new products are in stock and shipping now.

Driving and Cube Lights:

LED Cube Lights

The DL-CL2 is a set of two 5D spot lights with an impressive output for its small size. Drivers can see farther with a highly controlled spot light beam pattern that projects light at a much greater distance than what a standalone lens or reflector design can do. The 5D spot light produces a powerful 2,520 lumens combined from both of the six LEDs on each cube.

To get the best of both worlds, the new 140-degree dual-zone cube light set, the DL-CL3, allows the driver to control the center spot light and side flood lights independently. The light output can be adjusted when and where it is needed for a highly versatile solution that can illuminate an off-road trail, wide-open area, or long dark road. This set of two cube lights produces 2,520 lumens from the 72-watts of combined lighting, with twelve LEDs per cube. The ability to control the spot and flood lights separately make this set ideal for a wide range of driving environments.

LED Driving Lights

The DL-DL1 is a set of traditionally styled driving lights with a crisp ten-degree spot beam pattern and twenty LEDs, designed to complement any primary lighting system. They mount with a lower bracket located in the center and the set of two lights produce a combined total of 2,880 lumens using 40 watts.

For off-roading, new four-inch lights are available in square (DL-DL4S) and round (DL-DL4R) options, sold as a set of two lights with nine LEDs each. These lights have been designed with a medium 60-degree flood beam pattern to illuminate the immediate area while still shining ample light down the trail. Each set produces a combined total of 3,510 lumens of light using 54 watts.

Single-Color Rock Lights

New rock lights are available in white (DL-ROCKW), green (DL-ROCKG), blue (DL-ROCKB), and red (DL-ROCKR), sold as a two-pack. The rock lights are rated IP67 with metal housing for a resilient lighting solution that can go inside or outside—withstanding the elements for use under the vehicle, inside wheel wells, engine bays, and more. It is easy to install with a two-wire connection and hardware is included with flat or curved mounting bases that work on a variety of surfaces. Each 3.6-watt rock light has three 2525 LEDs for an affordable but bright accent lighting solution that adds flair to any vehicle’s interior or exterior.

RGB LED Strip Light Kits:

RGB Strip Lighting Kits

Four new RGB strip lighting kits are designed for wheel wells, underbody, or interior lighting in the most common installation sizes. The music controller with a key fob and card remote is included and there is an optional feature for brake light integration, which turns the LED lights red when braking. Installers can combine multiple kits in the DL-RGBK series to work with one key fob or card remote. These plug-n-play solutions are designed for the easiest possible installation with cigarette adapter or hardwire power options and no specialty tools required.

RGB LED Lighting Kit Options:

  • DL-RGBK1: Interior Kit with (4) 12-inch Strips
  • DL-RGBK2: Kit with (10) 4-inch Strips
  • DL-RGBK3: Wheel Well Kit with (4) 24-inch Strips
  • DL-RGBK4: Underbody Kit with (2) 36-inch Strips and (2) 48-inch Strips

All of these new products are in stock now. Visit for additional information.

Saddle Tramp Ships New RGB LED Lighting Kit for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

HOLLY HILL, FL (03.25.2021) – Saddle Tramp by Metra Electronics is now shipping a new plug-n-play RGB lighting kit designed for 1996-up* Harley-Davidson Touring models. The BC-RGB-K1 is a 12-piece kit that can be controlled via the Metra RGB smart device app for 16 million different color options, preset lighting transitions and flash patterns, the ability to flash the lights to music, and more.

Saddle Tramp’s new kit is pre-wired with trigger controls so installers can customize it to light up with the brake and turn signals, providing extra visibility for riders. The easy-to-install kit includes 12 pre-wired LED strips for the headlight trim, front fender, crash bar, gas tank, back engine, saddlebags, and Tour Pak. Metra has engineered the BC-RGB-K1 with water-tight connectors and OE plugs for a fast installation that will withstand the elements of the open road.

A video explaining this product that was first introduced at SEMA360 is also available below:

The 5050 RGB lighting strips have 3M adhesive backing with prep materials included. Metra Electronics provides a 1-year warranty on the LED strips and RGB controller. A video outlining the product features and installation tips is available from the Metra YouTube channel at A 6-piece version of this lighting kit, the BC-RGB-K2, will be available soon from Saddle Tramp.

Product Specifications

  • Designed for 1996-up* Harley-Davidson Touring models with Tour Pak
  • 12-piece kit is completely plug-n-play with OE style connections
  • Water-tight connectors to withstand the elements
  • 5050 RGB LED strips with black base and 3M adhesive backing
  • RGB controller included
  • Lights controlled via the Metra RGB smart device app for 16 million different color options, preset lighting transitions and flash patterns, the ability to flash the lights to music, and more
  • Ability to turn lights on/off with an optional hard-wired switch, even when the ignition is off
  • Pre-wired trigger controls for brake and turn signal activation to add extra visibility for riders
  • Pre-wired LED strips for headlight trim, front fender, crash bar, gas tank, back engine, saddlebags, and Tour Pak
  • 1-year warranty on LED strips and RGB controller
  • Installation level: Easy
  • Kit Includes:
    • 12 RGB LED strips with adhesive backing
    • RGB controller
    • Plug-n-play rear lighting T-harnesses
    • 1996-2013 Harley-Davidson 8-pin OE plug
    • 2010-2013 Harley-Davidson 6-pin OE plug
    • 2014-up* Harley-Davidson 6-pin OE plug
    • Independent on/off switch that can turn lights on with the ignition off
    • Alcohol prep pads, adhesive promoter, and zip ties

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