The Install Bay Introduced 12 New Vehicle Cameras and More at SEMA

HOLLY HILL, FL (11.12.2019) – Metra Electronics introduced twelve new automotive cameras and a universal mirror monitor from The Install Bay at the 2019 SEMA Show. As more drivers see the value in upgrading their vehicles to reduce blind spots and prevent collisions, installers have an opportunity to provide quality aftermarket solutions at an affordable cost with this new value series from The Install Bay.

This affordable product line features ten universal automotive cameras and two commercial vehicle cameras with active or selectable parking lines. Active parking lines offer dynamic guidelines, lines that move according to the direction the vehicle is reversing. Those with the selectable parking line option allow the installer to turn the parking lines on or off by cutting a wired loop if the customer does not desire parking lines. Five of the cameras also have a selectable mirrored or non-mirrored image option that allows the installer to choose the customer’s desired image with a different colored loop and allows the cameras to be mounted on either the front or rear of the vehicle. These solutions are in stock now and shipping.

Universal Vehicle Cameras
The Install Bay has two new, universal surface mount cameras, the Surface Mount Camera (CC001) and the Surface Mount Camera with LEDs (CC003). The CC001 comes with the selectable mirrored/non-mirrored image option and a 170-degree viewing angle. The CC003 has four LEDs that light up when powered and a 150-degree viewing angle.

Two new angled cameras, the Angled Push-In Camera (CC002) and the Angled Bolt-In Camera (Angled Bolt-In Camera), both have selectable parking lines and a 170-degree viewing angle. The Angled Push-In Camera also offers the selectable mirrored/non-mirrored image option.

For the driver who wishes to have a camera installed on the license plate, The Install Bay has three new License Plate Cameras. The IR Plate Camera (CC005) has eight infrared lights for night vision, selectable parking lines and a 160-degree viewing angle. The License Plate Active Line Camera (CC004) comes with both the active and selectable parking line options, four LED lights that light up when powered and a 160-degree viewing angle. The License Plate Camera (CC007) has the selectable mirrored/non-mirrored image option, selectable parking lines and a 170-degree viewing angle.

The three final universal cameras showcased are the Bullet Camera (CC008), the Adjustable Side Camera (CC010) and the Thru-Hole Camera (CC009), all of which come with the selectable parking lines option. The Bullet Camera and the Adjustable Side Camera also offer selectable mirrored/non-mirrored image option and a 160-degree viewing angle. The Thru-Hole Camera offers infrared lights for night vision and a 150-degree viewing angle.

Universal Mirror Monitor
For an affordable replacement rearview mirror monitor upgrade, The Install Bay is introducing the Universal 4.3” Mirror Monitor (CCM01). With two camera inputs and signal sensing, this 4.3” LCD display mirror monitor can be mounted on any vehicle with its universal mount brackets, complete with screws and the harness. It features an integrated 4.3” display within the mirror monitor. (Cameras are sold separately)

Commercial Vehicle Cameras
For commercial vehicles demanding a heavy-duty solution, The Install Bay is offering two cameras in black or white housing options. These solutions are ideal for larger commercial vehicles or equipment, including tractor-trailers, and include a 32-feet/10-meter harness. The white camera can also blend in on boats if desired for marine applications. Both cameras come with IR lights for night vision, selectable parking lines, a 160-degree viewing angle, a 32-feet/10-meter harness, power adapter harness, hardware and a user manual.

The Install Bay offers a convenient “one-stop-shop” for installation professionals to order everything they need from one place at an affordable price. In addition to automotive cameras, several new installation products will also be on display with Metra Electronics at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas from November 5th – 8th at booth 11639 in the North Hall. Powersports, Jeep, truck and off-road accessories will be on display at booth 37017 in the South Hall Upper Level at SEMA. New products can also be seen in Metra’s 2019 catalog, available at on the opening day of the show.

Product Numbers and Titles:
CC001 – Surface Mount Camera
CC002 – Angled Push-In Camera
CC003 – Surface Mount Camera with LEDs
CC004 – License Plate Active Line Camera
CC005 – IR Plate Camera
CC006 – Angled Bolt-In Camera
CC007 – License Plate Camera
CC008 – Bullet Camera
CC009 – Thru-Hole Camera
CC010 – Adjustable Side Camera
CC011 – Commercial Black Camera
CC012 – Commercial White Camera
CCM01 – 4.3” Universal Mirror Monitor

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Metra Electronics Introduces New Daytona Lights Brand at the SEMA Show

LAS VEGAS, NV (11.07.2019) – Metra Electronics has introduced a new LED lighting brand, Daytona Lights, at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. This new brand of aftermarket automotive LED lighting includes ultra-slim and dual-row LED lightbars, cube-style LED lights, and headlight replacement bulbs and decoders at an affordable cost for budget-conscious consumers.

The new Daytona Lights value series, manufactured by Metra Electronics of Holly Hill, Florida, (located next to Daytona Beach, FL), has been inspired and named after the area’s history of automotive racing and motorcycle events. This new brand has been engineered and manufactured to meet all international standards while providing incredible value for vehicle owners. All of the Daytona Lights series products are rated IP67 and have undergone rigorous testing during the development and manufacturing process and then again before leaving the factory. Metra Electronics’ 70+ year history, experience and approach to engineering and manufacturing ensures that all of these products stand out among the competitors and provide both quality and value, season after season.

Products Featured at the 2019 SEMA Show:

The Ultra-Slim Lightbar Series (DL-US) has a spot beam pattern and is available in 6 different lengths, from 7.25 inches to 50.25 inches. These lightbars are rated IP67, are constructed of black die-cast aluminum, stainless steel hardware, a polycarbonate lens and integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics. The slim fit is ideal for installation into tight applications when additional off-road lighting is desired, without the need for an obtrusive or large lightbar system.

The Dual Row Lightbar Series (DL-DR) features a combination of 90 degree flood and 8 degree spot beam patterns, and is available in 7 different lengths, from 8 inches to 52 inches. They are constructed of black die-cast aluminum, stainless steel hardware, a polycarbonate lens and integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics. These lightbars are rated IP67 and have a military breather port that allows moisture to escape and eliminate fogging. The combination beam pattern and dual-row LEDs provide extra illumination and lighting coverage for off-road use.

The Dual Row Cube Lights (DL-CL1) are 2.75 by 4 inches in size (including the bracket) and come with 6 LEDs. These bright cube lights provide 2,520 raw lumens with a 90 degree flood beam pattern and total of 36 watts. Made with integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics, a polycarbonate lens and aluminum housing construction, these durable cube lights are rated IP67 and are sold as a pair. They are the ideal addition to any vehicle desiring off-road lighting.

Replacement LED Headlight Bulbs (DL-H) come in single and dual-beam options at a great value. These bright lights are designed to fit into tight spaces with a compact design that doesn’t compromise performance. By engineering a high density fin design, these bulbs stay as cool or even cooler than traditional LED bulbs with bulky heat sinks or messy braid designs. The light output is equally impressive with a total of 6,000 lumens of cool white (6500K) illumination per pair using 20 watts per bulb. Kits are available in the most common headlight sizes.

CANBUS Decoders (DL-HD) will complete a replacement headlight installation and are used with vehicles that have CANBUS systems that monitor the headlights. These decoders are plug-n-play connectors that stop the headlights from flashing and come in a pair with either single-beam or dual-beam options.

The SEMA Show, hosted November 5th – November 8th, is one of the largest trade shows in the world and attracts the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place. The event also provides educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and much more. Metra Electronics will have two booths at the event displaying all of their new products from their 12volt brands. See the new Daytona Lights product line at Metra’s main booth 11639 in the North Hall and powersports, truck and off-road accessories booth 37017 in the South Hall Upper.

Click here to view the Daytona Lights catalog PDF.

The full Daytona Lights catalog will also be available in both show booths.

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Saddle Tramp by Metra Electronics Introduces New Motorcycle Lighting Accessories at SEMA Show

HOLLY HILL, FL (10.29.2019) – Metra Electronics has announced new motorcycle lighting accessories from Saddle Tramp that will be on display at the 2019 SEMA Show. Originally introduced under the Metra PowerSports division, Metra’s Saddle Tramp brand has now grown to include its own catalog to meet the growing demand for aftermarket motorcycle upgrades. Many new universal and vehicle-specific lighting products are included in the product line, with several items designed specifically for a wide range of popular Harley-Davidson models to offer OEM-quality upgrades with the signature “Harley” style in mind.

RGB LED Headlights and Auxiliary Lights
Saddle Tramp has designed new, round addressable RGB LED lights with a full halo and black front face. The BC-706RGBKT kit includes 7” headlights, 4.5” auxiliary lights, an RGB controller and a 7” retaining ring. The headlight has (9) 5-watt LEDs with a 3,600 lumens high beam and 2,400 lumens low beam. The auxiliary lights have (6) 5-watt LEDs with a 1,400-lumen light. With 120 color-changing patterns and DIY pattern functions, the RGB lights can be synced to music through an app controller compatible with Android and iOS devices. Both the headlights and auxiliary lights feature a durable polycarbonate lens and H4 connector.

Replacement LED Taillight for 1999-Up* Harley-Davidson Models
Saddle Tramp has also designed a unique replacement LED taillight with an eagle claw style for 1999-up* Harley-Davidson models. This taillight provides super bright, fast-acting visual alerts with 20 red LEDs for running and braking lights and 6 white LEDs for the license plate. The BC-HDTL9 has a black and red smoke colored lens with a clear protective cover, a contemporary style and color temperature of 6,000K to 6,500K.

Chrome LED Windshield Trim
The new generation II chrome LED windshield trim (BC-WSTSB14) has been upgraded with brighter flat-style LED lights. Made to fit 2014-up* Harley-Davidson models, it comes with 16 amber LED turn and running lights with a dim level for the running lights and bright level for the turning lights. A load equalizer, sold separately, may be required for operation, depending on the application.

Smoke Lens Turn Signals and Brake Lights
Saddle Tramp has designed 3 new pairs of turn signal, running and brake lights with a smoke-colored domed lens for Harley-Davidson models with 3.25” round lights. No additional adapter is needed for these direct replacement lights, making for an easier installation. The BC-PC1157A comes in a single amber color for the turn and running lights, while the BC-PC1157AW comes in a dual-color with amber for the turn signal and white for the running light. Both are sold in pairs and fit the 1157 base. The BC-PC1156R is a single-color brake light that fits the 1156 base with bright red LEDs. All three pairs of lights feature (24) 6-watt LEDs with 720 lumens of illumination to provide a bright yet stylish upgrade for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Highway Bar Switchback Lights
Riders will benefit from added visibility with Saddle Tramp’s highway bar switchback lights that come in black (BC-MHBSBB) or chrome (BC-MHBSBC) finishes. Each pair includes (6) 6-watt white LED driving lights and (6) 6-watt amber LED signal lights to fit 1.25” round bars for Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory or other motorcycle models. The lights illuminate white while driving and amber while turning to ensure that other drivers will see the rider on the road. Rubber inserts are included with every light bar. A load equalizer, sold separately, may be required for 2013 and earlier models.

Metra Electronics will showcase these new products at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas from November 5th – 8th at booth 37017 in the South Hall Upper Level with their off-road, truck and powersports products. They will also be at Metra’s main booth 11639 in the North Hall. A new catalog from Saddle Tramp Motorcycle Accessories will also be released on the opening day of the show and available for download at

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New Lightbars from Heise by Metra Electronics

HOLLY HILL, FL (10.21.2019) – Heise LED Lighting by Metra Electronics will introduce four new styles of automotive LED lightbars at the 2019 SEMA Show. To fit more bumpers, tight spaces and hidden applications in vehicles, Heise is unveiling a new 20-inch single-row Edgeless Slimline Lightbar with a clean, modern look, free of screws in the front view. A 22-inch Dual-Row Heated Lightbar with 40 high-output LEDs will also join the brand’s lightbar lineup, designed with a heating element to automatically melt the frost on snowy days. Additionally, Heise will have a new High Output Dual-Row Side Light Series and a High Output Dual-Row Lightbar Series in multiple lengths that offer even brighter off-road lighting solutions with more illumination.

20-Inch Edgeless Slimline Lightbar
Heise offers a clean, seamless look that blends with any vehicle with their new Edgeless Slimline Lightbar, available in a 20-inch size to fit many aftermarket bumper installations. The Edgeless Slimline lightbar offers an 8-degree spot beam pattern that is more focused than previous models with a higher 5,309 lumen output. A modern streamlined appearance is void of the traditional look of screws on the front of the lightbar. This style doesn’t sacrifice its durability or IP rating, as it features Heise’s proprietary torture-tested heavy-duty construction with a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics. It is rated IP67 with a military breather port that allows moisture to escape.

HE-TSL20 Product Specifications:
• Length: 20”
• Wattage: 64W
• Raw Lumens: 5309 lm
• Current Consumption @ 13.8V: 5.33A

22-Inch High Output Dual-Row Heated Lightbar
Fight the frost with Heise’s new 22-inch high-output heated lightbar. The heating element will activate below 41°F to assist with defrosting and de-icing of the lightbar and will automatically shut off when the temperature reaches 41°F or higher. This lightbar is torture-tested and IP67 rated to withstand the worst environments and has 120 watts with 10,800 lumens of light. It is designed with integrated advanced thermal management and a military breather port that allows moisture to escape and prevents fogging while defrosting the surface of the light for added visibility during snow season. This powerful lightbar is constructed with integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics, a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and die-cast aluminum housing. The hybrid 90-degree flood beam pattern offers a wide angle of illumination while the 8-degree spot beam provides intense light in the center flanked by the wide beam for extra coverage.

HE-HDRH22 Product Specifications:
• Length: 22”
• Wattage: 120W
• Raw Lumens: 10,800 lm
• Current Consumption @ 13.8V: 8.27A

High Output Dual-Row with Side Light Series
New Dual-Row Lightbars with Side Lights are designed to provide even more coverage to illuminate the road ahead and all around the vehicle. This new series is available in three different lengths and features a set of diffused LED end caps on both sides of the bar that produce a 240-degree field of light. A high output of illumination ensures that one lightbar will provide more than enough coverage for dark nights. This series is constructed with Heise’s signature torture-tested design, a military breather port and is rated IP67 to withstand the worst environments.

HE-HDRS Series Products Specifications:
• Lengths: 9.2”, 15.2” and 23.2” (HE-HDRS8, HE-HDRS14, HE-HDRS22)
• Wattage: 48W, 84W and 132W
• Raw Lumens: 4,760 lm, 8,000 lm and 12,300 lm
• Current Consumption @ 13.8V: 3.58A, 5.58A and 9.58A

High Output Dual-Row Lightbar Series
Heise is going brighter than ever with an even higher output lightbar series that produces more lumens than their existing dual-row series. These powerful lightbars are engineered with integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics, a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens, a military breather port and die-cast aluminum housing. They have been torture-tested and are IP67 rated to withstand the worst environments and are available in lengths from 8 to 50 inches. The hybrid 90-degree flood beam pattern offers a wide angle of illumination while the 8-degree spot beam provides intense light in the center flanked by the wide beam for extra coverage.

HE-HDR Series Products Specifications:
• Length: 8”, 14”, 22”, 32”, 42” and 50” (HE-HDR8, HE-HDR14, HE-HDR22, HE-HDR32, HE-HDR42, HE-HDR50)
• Wattage: 36W, 72W, 120W, 180W, 240W and 288W
• Raw Lumens: 3,240 lm, 6,480 lm, 10,800 lm, 16,200 lm, 21,600 lm and 25,920 lm
• Current Consumption @ 13.8V: 2.26A, 4.5A, 4.52A, 4.52A, 16.5A, 8.8A and 18.1A

Metra Electronics will showcase these new products at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas from November 5th – 8th at booth 37017 in the South Hall Upper Level with their off-road, truck and powersports products. They will also be at Metra’s main booth 11639 in the North Hall. Visit for additional product information and to see the new full-line catalog, available on opening day of the SEMA Show.

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Metra PowerSports to Introduce Switch Panel, Mirror Monitor, Speakers, Whip Lights and Off-Roading Products at SEMA Show

HOLLY HILL, FL (10.15.2019) – Metra PowerSports by Metra Electronics has new water-resistant off-road accessories designed for UTVs, ATVs, dune buggies and more heading to the 2019 SEMA Show. An 8-panel switch, lighted side mirrors, rearview mirror monitor, speakers, Polaris Ride Command audio adapter and three new whip light styles will debut at Metra’s booth 37017 in the South Hall Upper Level. These new products are specifically engineered to meet the harsh requirements of outdoor vehicles and will be showcased alongside Metra’s existing accessories for off-road applications, trucks, Jeeps and powersports.

Universal 8 Gang Switch Panel System by Heise LED Lighting Systems
The HE-SWP8 can integrate lighting control into any vehicle and fit into the dash panel, center console, vehicle pillar or even the overhead sunglass holder. This gang switch panel system controls up to 8 different auxiliary LED lights or electrical devices and has 50 different switch stickers included for customization. Blue LED backlighting illuminates the switches and it can handle all types of 12V DC accessories. The panel is ideal for applications such as cars, trucks, Jeeps, ATVs/UTVs, RVs and even boat installations. The compact control panel measures 2.6 by 4.6 inches while the under-hood mounted control box has a 4.2 by 7.5 inch footprint.

HE-SWP8 Product Specifications:
● Dash illumination control wire
● Latched or momentary switch operation
● Input voltage: 12-24V DC
● Power handling: 600W @12V DC and 1200W @ 24V DC (max)
● Maximum current: 60A
● Panel material: die-cast aluminum
● Control box material: die-cast aluminum
● Control box cover: ABS plastic
● Operating temperature: – 40 degrees F to +302 degrees F
● Panel size: 4.53 x 0.59 x 2.60 inches
● Circuit box size: 7.48 x 1.34 x 4.13 inches
● Products Included:
● 8 gang switch panel
● Control box with cover
● 50 switch labels and 6 extra fuses
● 60 amp resettable circuit breaker
● Power harness and battery cables
● 2 switch panel brackets
● 1 control box bracket
● Mounting hardware, screws and zip ties

UTV Rollbar Cage Side Mirrors with LED Spotlights
The MPS-RBSVMS is a universal accessory that functions as both a forward-facing spotlight and side mirror to increase the driver’s overall visibility. The anti-glare mirrors with a wide-angle viewing convex are constructed with aluminum alloy housing and rated IP68 to withstand the demands of the off-road environment. Each mirror has a light with 9 LEDs inside a smoke colored lens that produces 4,500 lumens to illuminate the left and right side of the UTV. They are designed to attach to rollbars between 1.5 and 2.5 inches and are ideal for most powersports vehicles.

MPS-RBSVMS Product Specifications
● 1 pair of side mirrors (left and right)
● Aluminum alloy housing designed to withstand the most extreme punishment
● Anti-glare mirror surface
● Wide-angle viewing (convex)
● Smoke colored lens
● 9 LEDs in each mirror producing 4,500 lumens of white light
● Universal adjustable brackets fit 1.5” to 2.5” rollbars
● 1 wiring harness with relay, fuse, and carling switch
● All necessary hardware included

Universal 4.5” Water-Resistant Replacement Rearview Mirror Monitor
Display video from two different camera inputs onto an IP69 rated rearview mirror monitor with the MPS-WRM45. This monitor has signal sensing to show the rearview camera feed when driving in reverse. It is engineered for outdoor vehicles and recommended for use with iBEAM’s TE-MIFM or TE-SBC cameras, but will work with most aftermarket camera inputs. The replacement rearview mirror is 9 inches wide by 3 inches high and features a 4.5-inch digital color LCD screen integrated within the mirror.

MPS-WRM45 Product Specifications:
● Replacement rearview mirror with integrated 4.5” digital color LCD screen
● Fits roll bar mount: TE-RBM
● Water-resistant monitor rated IP69
● 2 video inputs: rearview camera input and second video input

Universal Powersports Bluetooth Media Player with Speakers
Add an FM radio that can also stream music via Bluetooth or from a USB input to 3-inch speakers designed for a wide range of 12volt UTVs/ATVs, motorcycles and outdoor electric vehicles. The pair of water-resistant speakers come with an IP66 rated backlit, blue LED touch screen, control panel and are capable of producing a peak stereo output of 20 watts each (40 watts total). The USB input will play MP3, WMA or WAV music files and provide 1 amp device charging.

MPS-SBSMP3 Product Specifications:
● Touch screen display
● Blue LED back-lit control panel (3” x 2”) with water-resistant IP66 rating
● Built-in FM radio tuner with auto-search and save
● USB input supports MP3/WMA/WAV music files with 1 amp device charging
● Plays music via Bluetooth audio streaming
● Pair of 3-inch flush mount water-resistant speakers
● Peak stereo output power: 2 x 20W
● Suitable for DC 12V UTVs/ATVs, motorcycles and electric vehicles

Polaris Ride Command Audio Adapter
Take full advantage of the audio capabilities in the Polaris Ride Command system with this audio adapter that allows speakers and a subwoofer to be connected to the vehicle. This adapter retains the factory Polaris Ride Command as the source unit and utilizes its built-in crossovers.

MPS-RCLOC Product Specifications:
● Designed for Polaris RZR, Ranger, and General with Ride Command 7” display*
● Retains factory Polaris Ride Command as source unit
● Utilizes built-in crossovers from Ride Command
● Harness plugs into any amp with RCA inputs
● Works on AMP-1, AMP-2, AMP-3 Ride Command connectors
● Includes remote-out to turn-on amplifiers
*See for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

RGB LED, Fiber Optic and Dancing Whip Lights
Three new styles of RGB whip lights available in 4 or 6 foot lengths have been added to the Metra PowerSports product line and began shipping this fall. These new whip lights will be on display at SEMA and styles include an RGB LED, fiber optic RGB and dancing RGB whip lights. These whip lights are designed for ATVs, UTVs, dune buggies, quads, side-by-sides, go-karts and other powersports applications, and strong enough to withstand dust, mud, rain and other rough use of off-road applications. They are constructed with a bendable, weather-resistant polycarbonate cover and rated IP67. These long-lasting lights have 50,000 hours of life and include an RF wireless remote control. A demo video and additional product specifications are available online at

Whip Light Models:
MPS-RGBWHIP4-1 RGB LED Whip Light 4ft
MPS-RGBWHIP6-1 RGB LED Whip Light 6ft
MPS-FORGBWHIP4 Fiber Optic RGB Whip Light 4ft
MPS-FORGBWHIP6 Fiber Optic RGB Whip Light 6ft
MPS-CRGBWHIP4 Dancing RGB Whip Light 4ft
MPS-CRGBWHIP6 Dancing RGB Whip Light 6ft

Metra Electronics will showcase these new products at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas from November 5th – 8th at booth 37017 in the South Hall Upper Level with their off-road, truck and powersports products. They will also be at Metra’s main booth 11639 in the North Hall. A new catalog from MetraPowerSports will also be released on the opening day of the show and available for download at

Metra Marine to Showcase Audio, Lighting and AV Installation Products at IBEX

HOLLY HILL, FL (09.27.2019)– Metra Electronics is showcasing Metra Marine products at the 2019 International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) at booth # 3-2115 in Tampa, FL. Metra’s marine product line is designed to help 12volt installers tap into the growing boating and powersports market with their reliable aftermarket marine accessories for audio, lighting, AV and more.

On display will be marine-grade LED lights from Heise LED Lighting Systems, audio wiring and accessories from T-SPEC, high-performance AGM marine batteries by Shuriken, water-resistant speakers and amps from Metra PowerSports, hardware essentials from The Install Bay and AV products from Metra Home Theater Group. These products are designed in the USA and manufactured by Metra Electronics, The Installer’s Choice, for more than 70 years. From lights to batteries, connectors and cable accessories to marine hardware, these products are built, tested and proven to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Heise LED lighting allows installers to illuminate any boat’s deck or interior with a selection of high-performance, marine-grade LED lightbars, cube lights and auxiliary lighting pods. Featured products include marine lightbars in single-row, dual-row and curved dual-row options in various sizes. Heise’s marine cube lights have a flood beam pattern and are ideal for adding spreader lights for nighttime fishing and visibility. Marine auxiliary lighting pods add accent lights throughout the cabin or deck, available in single color or RGB options. These lights have a white coating with UV inhibitors and an IP68 rating to last season after season.

Metra Home Theater Group’s products for outfitting yachts and larger luxury boats with AV systems include TV mounts that lock in place, cables, extenders and more. Their award-winning expertise in HDMI cables and electronics provides installers with high-quality connections designed for the latest 4K/HDR or even 8K home theater systems.

For installation supplies at an affordable price, The Install Bay products are used in the majority of automotive shops around the country. They now include marine-grade hardware suitable for upgrading boats, such as a relay isolator, connector and cable accessories and other essential hardware supplies. The 500 AMP relay isolator is designed with the installer in mind and is a must for multi-battery systems. It allows for longer battery life and control over which battery is being used. The Install Bay’s connectors, heat shrink tubing, terminals, expandable sleeving, cable ties, sealants, adhesives and other connection accessories all make for an easy installation job. Other essential supplies for boat upgrades and repairs include adhesives, sealants and SS nuts, screws and washers. Installers can purchase all of their shop supplies in one convenient place by becoming a Metra Electronics dealer. To learn more about Metra’s marine products, visit

IBEX is hosted at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL from October 1st-3rd and is North America’s technical boat-building event, open only to trade industry professionals. It includes both an educational conference and exhibition show in one event. There is no charge to walk the exhibit halls if pre-registered, after September 28, 2019, a $25 badge fee applies. Additional show information is available at