New Dash Kit for 2005-2007 Dodge Dakota Now Shipping from Metra Electronics

HOLLY HILL, FL (07.30.2020) – Metra Electronics is now shipping a new radio replacement dashboard kit for 2005-2007 Dodge Dakota models. This kit is designed to fit ISO Double-DIN radio provisions and is painted a scratch-resistant matte black.

For this installation, the factory dashboard trim panel and sub-dash will have to be cut to allow the aftermarket radio to fit. A cutting template is included and the radio trim panel will cover the modification.

95-6557B Product Specifications:

  • Designed for 2005-2007 Dodge Dakota
  • ISO DDIN radio provision
  • Painted scratch-resistant matte black
  • Radio trim panel, radio brackets, retaining brackets, cut template and (4) Phillips screws are included

Additional information and installation instructions for the 95-6557B dash kit are available online at

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Axxess Shipping New Plug-N-Play DSP Packages, Bluetooth and Toslink Accessories

HOLLY HILL, FL (05.22.2020) – Axxess by Metra Electronics is now shipping new AXDSP-X and AXDSP-L packages for a wide range of vehicles. These kits include the digital signal processor, a vehicle-specific wiring harness and if needed, an amplifier bypass harness and data interface for seamless integration. These new DSP kits provide everything in one convenient package and cover newer vehicle technologies, including B&O A2B amplifiers. Accessories for adding a Toslink optical output from the DSP “Lite” and audio streaming via Bluetooth are also now available. Metra Electronics continues to safely develop and ship new products from all of its warehouse locations to ensure that dealers have the solutions they need to keep their businesses running.

New Axxess DSP Packages:
The AXDSP-X features 6 inputs, 10 individually assignable outputs with a 31-band graphic EQ on each channel and high, low and bandpass filters. New packages with the AXDSP-X and a vehicle-specific T-harness included are:
● AXDSPX-A2B2: Includes data interface. Designed for B&O A2B amplifiers for Ford 2017-2019
● AXDSPX-MST1: Chevrolet 2014-2019 and GMC 2014-2018
● AXDSPX-GL10: GM 2016-2018
● AXDSPX-GL30: Chevrolet 2019-up* and GMC 2019-up*
● AXDSPX-GM31: Chevrolet 2019-up* and GMC 2019-up*
● AXDSPX-HN2: Honda 2016-up*
● AXDSPX-HN3: Honda 2016-2019
● AXDSPX-HK2: Hyundai/Kia 2011-2016
● AXDSPX-TY3: Toyota 2018-up*
● AXDSPX-VW2: Volkswagen 2016-2019, non-amplified models only

The AXDSP-L, DSP “Lite”, features 4 inputs, 6 outputs and a 15 band graphic EQ. New packages with the AXDSP-L and a vehicle-specific T-harness included are:
● AXDSPL-CH3: Chrysler 2011-2019
● AXDSPL-CH4: Chrysler 2007-2018
● AXDSPL-CH5: Chrysler 2013-Up*
● AXDSPL-FD1: Ford 2003-up*
● AXDSPL-FD2: Ford 2011-up*
● AXDSPL-GL1: GM 2006 -2012

Saddle Tramp DSP Packages:
A new water-resistant package, the AXDSPX-HD2, is now available for Harley-Davidson 2014-up* models and includes a water-resistant case and harness with the AXDSP-X. This package is also available for the same applications but with the AXDSP-L, sold as AXDSPL-HD2. A universal AXDSP-L package, the AXDSPL-HD1, has a water-resistant case and includes a harness with a rubber boot that snaps into the housing, designed for outdoor use. These Axxess packages are in stock and available now under Metra’s Saddle Tramp motorcycle accessories product line.

Bluetooth Input for DSP “Lite”:
Axxess is now shipping the AXDSPL-BT, used for adding a Bluetooth interface input for the AXDSP-L, which allows the user to stream music directly to the interface. This is ideal for use in UTVs or other powersports applications, golf carts or boats that may not have a head unit or room in the dashboard to add one. The AXDSPL-BT utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 technology for audio streaming.

Toslink Accessories for DSP “Lite”:
Optical cables for the AXDSP-L are now available from 1 to 5 meters in length. The AXDSPL-SP is used for adding an optical 2-channel output from the AXDSP-L to deliver a cleaner signal with more noise rejection. This allows installers to utilize a 2-channel Toslink input that is commonly required for certain high-end amplifiers or processors. The optical cable part numbers are AXDSPL-T1 through 5.

Axxess has recently updated all of their part numbers; the AX-DSP-X is now the AXDSP-X and the AX-DSP-LITE is now the AXDSP-L, with kits and harnesses following these same part number updates. Additional product information is available at and installers can look for live webinars each month from the Metra YouTube channel to learn more about these products.

*See for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

New Axxess Webinar on Tue 5/12

Metra Electronics is hosting another webinar, “Axxess AXSWC Frequently Asked Questions ” on 5/12/20 at

Details: Gatlin Sandhu from Metra Electronics answers the most commonly asked installation questions for the Axxess Steering Wheel Control Interface, the AXSWC (formerly known as the ASWC-1). sdf

This video webinar will cover:

  • Identifying flashes (green and red)
  • Manual programming
  • Changing radio type
  • Step 1 of the instructions
  • Where and how to find instructions
  • Using the Axxess Updater for SWC configuration
  • Differences between data vehicles and resistive vehicles
  • Bonus feature: speed-dependent volume

Tune in to hear the solutions that will help you get this interface up and running quickly. 12volt installers can join the conversation in the live chat on Tuesday, May 12 at 3 PM EST.

Visit and for more.

Webinar from Metra Electronics for Axxess AXSWC

HOLLY HILL, FL (04.27.2020) – Metra is doing everything they can to keep employees safe but also keep operations going so that they can continue to ship products on time but also continue to develop new products to support dealers. They hosted a live webinar last week (as a test) and had really great engagement, so they will be doing more of these.

The company’s next live webinar is on Tuesday, April 28. See details below:

Axxess AXSWC and AX Series Installation Webinar
Tuesday, April 28 at 3PM EST

Gatlin Sandhu from Metra Electronics will unbox the best-selling Steering Wheel Control Interface from Axxess, the AXSWC (formerly known as the ASWC-1), and discuss tips and tricks for installation. Gatlin will discuss this product, show the harness, do a stand-alone installation and a paired installation with the AX Series installation modules. He’ll talk in-depth about programming, updating and troubleshooting for the AXSWC. He’ll also discuss the Axxess AX Series of products that also use this same patented built-in technology for steering wheel control retention. 12volt installers can join the conversation in the live chat on Tuesday, April 28 at 3PM EST.

Here is info about last week’s webinar, which was a popular topic for dealers:

Axxess DSP X and Lite: Live Video Webinar with Q&A
Metra Electronics sales rep. Gatlin Sandhu discusses the Axxess AX-DSP-X and “Lite” Digital Signal Processors and answers questions from installers in a live video webinar, hosted by Metra Electronics. These DSP products featured patented technology with a built-in interface and so much more.

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Metra Electronics Hosts iBEAM, Heise, and Axxess Training Sessions at KnowledgeFest 2020 in Long Beach, California

HOLLY HILL, FL (01.30.2020) – Metra Electronics will host six training sessions at the 2020 KnowledgeFest event in Long Beach, California, for mobile electronics installers. As a Diamond Ultra sponsor, Metra is proud to support the industry by providing in-depth training sessions for installers, which will outline upgraded vehicle safety systems, selling and installing lighting solutions, simplified installs with digital signal processors and the future of vehicle integration. Metra will also have a drawing for new product giveaways at each session for attendees. Installer Institute will also be at the show, promoting their mobile electronics training programs and continuing education courses for existing 12volt professionals.

Both of the iBEAM training sessions, “Upgrading Vehicle Safety Systems with iBEAM,” will assist installers in identifying the essential selling points of safety and convenience, and will be held on Friday, February 7th from 1:45 to 2:45 p.m. and Sunday, February 9th from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m. Installing aftermarket cameras and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in both consumer and commercial vehicles has become a significant revenue source for mobile electronics shops. Attendees will learn about iBEAM’s latest vehicle cameras, dashboard cameras with DVRs, replacement rearview mirrors, vehicle-specific solutions and commercial safety line. Whether it is a simple backup camera integration, an advanced motion detection camera setup or a high-tech 360-degree view system, Metra will teach installers how to sell and install their latest iBEAM safety solutions. They’ll also learn about the hot-button selling points and features that consumers and fleet owners are asking for, plus installation tips for a better understanding of what is involved in an upgrade. Attendees will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the new 9” Rearview Mirror Monitor Touchscreen (TE-SM9) and 360-Degree Interior View Dash Camera Kit (TE-360DVR) from iBEAM.

Heise will also be hosting two training sessions, “Selling and Installing Heise LED Lighting Solutions,” on Saturday, February 8th from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, February 9th from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. The recent popularity in aftermarket LED lighting presents a valuable opportunity for installers to go beyond car audio services, giving consumers a way to customize their ride and increase visibility in the dark. However, not all LED lights on the market are the same. This session will allow installers to learn about Heise’s unique features and selling points that have set this brand apart from the rest. This training will cover new lightbars, integrating switch panels, replacement LED headlights, RGB and RGBW accent lights and safety lights for upfitting commercial equipment and fleet vehicles. Attendees will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the new 8 Gang Panel System (HE-SWP8) or 20″ Edgeless Slimline Lightbar (HE-TSL20) product giveaways from Heise.

Axxess will be hosting two different training sessions. The first session, “Simplify your Installs with Axxess Digital Signal Processors,” will cover the entire Axxess AX-DSP product line and how these solutions can increase sales in the showroom and decrease time in the bay. The session will be hosted on Saturday, February 8th from 4:45 to 5:45 p.m and will show installers that upgrading a sound system doesn’t have to be complicated. This training will also go over and explain how to use the different types of applications offered within the AX-DSP line, including CAN-based systems, new A2B systems, MOST25, and MOST50 vehicle technology. Metra will also discuss how to use and set up the AX-DSP through the app for complete tuning control and when to use the DSP “Lite” versus “X” solutions. As vehicle technology becomes more and more complex, installers can look for Metra’s patented DSP products to help simplify installation and provide affordable audio solutions for their customers.

The second Axxess training session on Friday, February 7th from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., “The Future of Vehicle Integration with New Axxess Products,” addresses the growing challenges and complexity of integration for the aftermarket 12volt industry. With the reduction in OE radio chassis sizes, the rising popularity of tablet-style screens, and many of the personalization features controlled through the OE radio, it is difficult for shops to offer simple aftermarket solutions. Attendees will learn about new products from Axxess that have been engineered specifically to address the complexity of today’s integrated vehicle technology systems and retain key convenience and safety features when upgrading a radio. For consumers who want to keep their radio but add safety, navigation, smart device mirroring, or simply override the annoying STOP/START engine feature, installers can learn about these new products from Axxess that will make their customer’s ride much more enjoyable. Attendees will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the new AX-DSP-LITE from Axxess.

Attendees can register for the training session or scan their badge at Metra’s booth before the start of the sessions to be entered into a drawing for one of the two product giveaways for each training session. The drawing will take place at the end of the sessions, and attendees must be present to win.

Metra’s customers can register for the KnowledgeFest event at no cost using Metra’s VIP code, available by request from their sales representative. Once registered for the event, attendees will also need to register online at for each training session they will attend. Metra will be at booth #1006 from February 7th-9th at the Long Beach Convention Center. Additional information about the show, produced by the Mobile Electronics Association (MEA), is available at

Heise Introduces New Auxiliary Lighting and Replacement Bulbs

HOLLY HILL, FL (01.24.2020) – Heise by Metra Electronics has announced new auxiliary lights and replacement bulbs. These new LED lights have a significantly brighter output and longer bulb life than traditional filament bulbs. For easy installation, the lights have an integrated CANBUS system that prevents a “bulb out” warning or hyper flashing when replaced in vehicles with a smart monitoring system.

The bulbs will be available as a two-pack in white or amber LEDs for a variety of sizes that will fit fog, running, reverse, brake, turn signal and license plate lights. The replacement bulbs may also fit some interior light applications and produce truer color temperatures than filament bulbs. Additionally, a two-pack of 5.5” and 6.7” self-adhesive white LED auxiliary lights will also be joining Heise’s product line.

Additional information is available at and in the 2020 New Product Guide.

Visit or call 386-257-2956 for more.

Metra Electronics Introduced New RGB/RGBW Lights, Controllers and Mobile App at CES

HOLLY HILL, FL (01.23.2020) – Metra Electronics has introduced new RGB and RGBW LED lights, controllers with programmable triggers and a new mobile app for their 12volt brands. RGBW lights feature the full spectrum of RGB LEDs plus an option for true white LED light color. The new mobile app will work with Heise LED Lighting Systems, Metra PowerSports and Metra Marine RGB and RGBW lighting products, allowing multiple devices to be grouped together and synced to the same lighting patterns, colors and more. Additionally, Heise is releasing an RGB and an RGBW control box with several new rock light options and connection accessories. Metra PowerSports also unveiled a new RGBW dome light, RGB and RGBW rock lights, a new control box and lighting connection accessories at CES 2020.


RGB/RGBW Mobile App
The new RGBW mobile app is customizable for each brand, allowing the user to select from three different backgrounds to reflect Heise, Metra PowerSports or Metra Marine’s brand style. The app has a selectable color wheel with 16 million different RGB color options and a true white light color option, available with RGBW products. The app automatically updates via Bluetooth and detects if a product connected to the control box is RGB or RGBW, allowing groups of both products to be used and controlled within the same mobile app.

Users can also select from built-in pre-programmed lighting transitions for rainbow, fire and water, with additional transitions that include blinking, fading or pulsing between a combination of any two colors. For accurate color matching to completely customize the LED lights, a camera color capture feature is also available in the app. The new mobile app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for wireless control that streams in the background, uses significantly less power and does not impact the user’s ability to stream music via Bluetooth from the same mobile device. Metra’s new app will be available in the Google Play and Apple store soon.


New Control Boxes
Both Heise and Metra PowerSports are launching new IPX4 rated control boxes for RGB and RGBW LED lights with conformal coated circuit boards. The new control boxes can group multiple devices and handle up to ten amps of current, which allows for more lighting products than what most competing standard control boxes can handle. The mobile app also allows for multiple control boxes to be grouped together and installed within the same system. Unique to both Heise and Metra PowerSports control boxes is the ability for installers to put a positive voltage trigger to lights to offer four programmable triggers for any color. For example, yellow for a turn signal, red for the brake light, white for the reverse light and an additional option for the fourth trigger. This feature is exclusive to Metra and allows for even more customization of the RGB and RGBW lighting products.

RGB-CB1 – Heise Control Box for RGB Lights with 4 Triggers
RGBW-CB1 – Heise Control Box for RGBW Lights with 4 Triggers
RGB-CB3 – Heise Control Box for 702RGB Headlights and Fog Lights with 4 Triggers
RGB-CB2 – Metra PowerSports RGB Control Box with 4 Triggers
RGBW-CB2 – Metra PowerSports RGBW Control Box with 4 Triggers
Control boxes are required for operation of RGB or RGBW lighting products.


New RGB and RGBW Lights
Heise and Metra PowerSports are both introducing rugged, off-road RGB and RGBW rock lights rated IP68 to accent vehicle wheel wells, footwells and more. Heise pod lights are available individually or as 4-pod kits in 9-watt RGB CREE LED or 24-watt RGBW 3030 LED options. Metra PowerSports rock lights feature 3 pods per strip with 5 LEDs per pod, available as individual strips or 4-pod strip kits. Metra PowerSports is also introducing a new RGBW dome light with 10-foot wire and female micro 5-DIN connector. Control boxes are sold separately and required for operation.


Heise Rock Lights:
RGB1-4KT – Heise 4-Pod RGB Rock Light Kit with CREE LEDs
HE-TL1RGB – Heise Single RGB Rock Light with CREE LEDs
RGBW1-4KT – Heise 4-Pod RGBW Rock Light Kit with 3030 LEDs
RGBW1-S1 – Heise Single RGBW Rock Light with 3030 LEDs

Metra PowerSports Rock Lights:
RGB2-4KT – Metra PowerSports 4-Pod RGB Rock Light Kit
RGB2-S1 – Metra PowerSports Single RGB Rock Light
RGBW2-4KT – Metra PowerSports 4-Pod RGBW Rock Light Kit
RGBW2-S1 – Metra PowerSports Single RGBW Rock Light
RGBW2-DL – Metra PowerSports RGBW Dome Light

Lighting Connection Accessories
To complete the lighting installation, Metra is introducing new “Y” adapters, pigtail adapters and extension accessories from both Heise and Metra PowerSports to work with the new lights and control boxes.

These new products will be shipping soon. Additional specifications and part numbers are available in the 2020 New Product Guide and

Metra Marine Introduces New Underwater Transom LED Lights at CES

HOLLY HILL, FL (01.03.2019) – Metra Marine by Metra Electronics is introducing new transom LED lights and drain plug LED lights for boats at CES 2020. These products are designed for the back of the boat to light up the water and are constructed of stainless steel 316 housing and are IP68 certified to withstand the harsh marine environment. These high-output underwater lights come in a variety of sizes and range from 15 watts all the way up to 72 watts of light, designed for a surface mount. The transom lights are available in white, blue, RGB or RGBW (RGB LEDs with a pure white light option).

Metra Marine will also feature new drain plug LED lights for the transom, allowing the installer to add lighting using the existing drain plug holes to avoid drilling new holes into the boat. The drain plug lights are constructed with high quality materials and are IP68 certified. These underwater lights are available in two sizes. The small 9W drain plug is available in white, blue, green or RGB with a brass housing and the large 27W drain plug is available in RGB with stainless steel housing.

All of Metra Marine’s RGB and RGBW lights are designed for a hard-wired installation and work with Metra’s new RGB controller (sold separately) and smartphone app.

Metra’s marine product line is designed to help 12volt installers tap into the growing boating and powersports market with their reliable aftermarket marine accessories for audio, lighting, AV and more. Metra Marine’s high-quality solutions deliver both performance and value to installers who want the best for their customers with products that are built, tested and proven to withstand the harsh marine environment. They are designed in the USA and manufactured by Metra Electronics, The Installer’s Choice, for more than 70 years.

Product Specifications:

Blue Rectangular 90W Underwater Transom Light with (30) 3-watt LEDs

72W RGBW Underwater Transom Light
● (6) 12-watt LEDs
● 5-wire RGBW

54W RGB Underwater Transom Light
● (6) 9-watt LEDs
● 4-wire RGB

27W Underwater Transom Light
ML-WHT27W – White
ML-BLU27W – Blue
ML-RGB27W – RGB with 4-wire RGB
● (9) 3-watt LEDs

30W UnderwaterTransom Light
ML-WHT30W – White
ML-BLU30W – Blue
● (6) 5-watt LEDs

15W UnderwaterTransom Light
ML-WHT15W – White
ML-BLU15W – Blue
ML-RGB15W – RGB with 4-wire RGB
● (3) 5-watt LEDs

24W RGBW Underwater Transom Light
● (6) 4-watt LEDs
● 5-wire RGBW

9W Small Drain Plug LED Light
ML-DLWHT9W – White
ML-DLGRN9W – Green
ML-DLRGB9W – RGB (4-wire RGB)
● (3) 3-watt LEDs
● Brass housing

27W Large Drain Plug RGB LED Light
● (9) 3-watt LEDs
● 4-wire RGB
● Stainless steel housing

These new products will be shipping soon and can be seen on display at CES from January 7-10, 2020, at booth 5211 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center with Metra Electronics.

To see the new 2020 catalog available on the opening day of the show, visit

Saddle Tramp Introduces New Motorcycle Audio Products for Harley-Davidson and Handlebar Indicator Lights

HOLLY HILL, FL (12.26.2019) – Metra Electronics announces new motorcycle products and a universal lighting accessory from Saddle Tramp. A new audio speaker grille is a universal fit for all motorcycle brands, while the lower fairing speaker pods are designed specifically to expand a wide range of popular Harley-Davidson models to utilize aftermarket speakers. For safety and style, new LED handlebar indicator lights increase visibility with dual-color LEDs that fit 0.75” to 0.875” universal handlebars. These new products will join Saddle Tramp’s growing lineup of motorcycle accessories and will be on display at CES with Metra Electronics.

Universal Motorcycle Speaker Grille (BC-SPG)
Expand any motorcycle’s sound system to utilize full size 6.5” or 6.75” aftermarket speakers.
● 6.5” to 6.75” universal speaker grille
● Metal mesh grille with matte black finish
● This is the same grille supplied with BC-HDLFP
● Sold in pairs and includes mounting hardware

Harley-Davidson Lower Fairing Speaker Pod (BC-HDLFPP)
Expand the sound system in Harley-Davidson 2014-up* motorcycles to utilize full size 6.5” or 6.75” aftermarket speakers with lower fairing speaker pods that will maximize the bass response.
● Includes ported enclosure and tunes to maximize bass response
● Fits 6.5” to 6.75” speakers for Harley-Davidson 2014-Up*
● Fits OEM and Saddle Tramp* lower fairings BC-HDLFSP2
● Does not apply to models with Twin-Cooled engines
● Sold in pairs and includes mounting hardware

Harley-Davidson Lower Fairing Speaker Assembly (BC-HDLFSP2)
Upgrade to 6.5” aftermarket speakers in the lower vented fairing with a speaker assembly kit that provides a factory-fit and finish.
● Lower vented fairing with grilles for a 6.5” speaker
● Fits air-cooled Harley-Davidson Touring models, 1997- up* Road King, Street Glide and Electra Glide as well as all Road Glide Air-Cooled models with OE style highway bars
● Color-matched to Harley-Davidson’s vivid black
● Sold in pairs, (includes left and right), with mounting hardware included
● Does not fit mustache style highway bars

Handlebar End LED Indicators (BC-HBTS)
Low-profile handlebar end LED lights increase the visibility of motorcycle riders without adding bulk to the vehicle. The dual-color LED lights illuminate bright white as daytime running lights and turn amber for turn signal indicators. These universal lights fit handlebars with a diameter between .75” up to 0.875”.
● Dual-color (amber turn/white running)
● Fits .75” up to 0.875” bar (inner diameter)
● (12) LEDs (6 amber/6 white)
● Aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens

These new products will be shipping soon and can be seen on display at CES and at starting January 7, 2020. Metra Electronics will be at CES from January 7-10, 2020, at booth 5211 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center showcasing products from their 12volt brands and at booth 11435 in the Central Hall with Metra Home Theater Group, showcasing AV and security solutions.

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Metra PowerSports Launches New Off-Road Products for Polaris UTVs at CES

HOLLY HILL, FL (12.24.2019) – Metra PowerSports by Metra Electronics has new audio solutions designed for a wide range of Polaris UTV models heading to CES 2020. New speaker and subwoofer enclosures that enhance and protect an aftermarket sound system along with updated Double-DIN dash kits will debut at the show. These new products are specifically engineered to meet the harsh requirements of outdoor environments and designed for a seamless fit and finish, allowing owners to upgrade the sound system in their UTV with OEM-quality materials that do not compromise the look and feel of the vehicle.

Polaris RZR Speaker Enclosure for 6.5″- 6.75″ Speaker Pods

Protect aftermarket speakers with durable, weather-resistant Polaris RZR speaker enclosures designed for 6.5″ – 6.75″ aftermarket speaker pods. With high-quality HDPE construction that can withstand harsh outdoor environments and a black textured coat, these enclosures are a perfect match and fit for 2014-up* Polaris RZR models. The enclosures conveniently bolt into the upper footwell to allow for plenty of foot room and easy installation to ensure that speakers are safe from the elements.

MPS-RZSP Product Specifications:

  • Left and right front kick panel speaker pods for 6.5″ – 6.75″ aftermarket speakers
  • Fits 2014-up* Polaris RZR models
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction provides a corrosion-resistant and eco-friendly material ideal for harsh outdoor environments
  • Protects speakers without compromising sound quality
  • Bolts into the upper footwell, away from riders’ feet
  • Black textured coat finish matches the factory finish for a flawless look
  • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware

Polaris RZR Subwoofer Box and Amplifier Brackets

Add bass to enhance the listening experience with a durable, weather-resistant subwoofer box and amplifier brackets for Polaris RZR. With high-quality HDPE construction that can withstand harsh outdoor environments and a black textured coat, this enclosure provides a seamless fit for mounting a 10” subwoofer into 2014-up* Polaris RZR models. This enclosure replaces the entire glove box and includes an amplifier mounting bracket for easy installation, ensuring that equipment is safe from the elements.

MPS-RZSB Product Specifications:

  • Fits 2014-up* Polaris RZR models
  • Provides a 10″ subwoofer mounting solution
  • Replaces the entire glove box
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction provides a corrosion-resistant and eco-friendly material ideal for harsh outdoor environments
  • Protects the subwoofer without compromising sound quality
  • Black textured coat finish matches the factory finish for a flawless look
  • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Includes amplifier mounting bracket

Audio Upgrade Kit for 2014-up* Polaris RZR

Both the MPS-RZSP and MPS-RZSB are available as a single kit, the MPS-RZKIT, for convenient ordering.

Radio Dash Kits for Polaris

Metra PowerSports introduces four improved radio dash kits designed for select Polaris UTV models. New improvements allow standard Double-DIN radio provisions to fit into the dashboard without the need for major modifications to the vehicle. Designed to replace the OE pocket or cover plate, the MPS-RZR01 Double-Din Radio Kit fits 13 different 2014-2019 Polaris RZR models. Both the MPS-GEN01 Double-Din Radio Kit and the MPS-GEN02 Radio Gauge Mounting Kit fit Polaris General UTV 2016-up* models, while the 95-9999 Universal Double-Din kit can be cut to fit the front plate of any Polaris model.
Product Specifications:

MPS-RZR01 – Polaris RZR Double-Din Radio Kit

  • ●      Replaces OE pocket or cover plate
  • Designed to fit:
    • ○      2015-2019 RZR 900
    • ○      2015-2019 RZR S 900
    • ○      2015-2017 RZR 4 900 EPS
    • ○      2016-2018 RZR S4 900 EPS
    • ○      2015-2017 RZR 900 XC EDITION
    • ○      2014-2019 RZR XP1000
    • ○      2016-2019 RZR S 1000
    • ○      2019 RZR S 4 1000
    • ○      2014-2019 RZR XP 4 1000
    • ○      2016-2019 RZR XP TURBO
    • ○      2016-2018 RZR XP 4 TURBO
    • ○      2018-2019 RZR XP TURBO S
    • ○      2019 RZR XP 4 TURBO S

MPS-GEN01 – Polaris General Double-DIN Radio Kit

  • Fits Polaris General 2016-up* UTVs
  • Designed for mounting Double-DIN radios
  • Custom texture replaces OE pocket or cover plate

MPS-GEN02 – Polaris General Radio Gauge Mounting Kit

  • Fits Polaris General 2016-up* UTVs
  • Universal blank plate for gauge mount radios
  • Custom texture

95-9999 – Universal Double-Din Kit for Polaris

  • ISO brackets molded and cut to fit the front plate to fit any Polaris model

These new and improved products will be shipping soon and can be seen on display at CES from January 7-10, 2020 at booth 5211 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

*Visit for up-to-date vehicle specific applications and additional product information, which will be available January 7, 2020.