Memphis Audio Welcome Mark “Sarge” Schleipher As Powersports Division Sales Manager

MEMPHIS, TN (08.05.22) – Mark “Sarge” Schleipfer brings over 30 years of experience in the 12v and aftermarket auto world to Memphis Audio. He started in 1990 working events for Mitek and has done just about everything in the industry from trade shows, to road shows, sales management, trainings and more. Most recently Sarge was at Rockford Fosgate as a powersports division regional sales manager. Memphis is very excited to add Sarge’s extensive experience to the quickly growing Powersports / Marine / Motorcycle category.

Mark “Sarge” Schleipfer has joined Memphis Audio as PowerSports Division Manager with plans to take Memphis PowerSports to new heights.

“Sarge is very respected in our industry for his depth of product knowledge and sales management skills. He is an expert in all things audio related but his passion is powersports. Memphis has been relentlessly developing top notch powersports and marine products in recent years. We are confident that with Sarge working with our talented sales and product development team, Memphis Powersports will go to the next level,” said Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio.

Mark will be a staple on the road for Memphis Audio in future months and is thrilled to do everything he can to help the network of Memphis dealers find success with aftermarket audio and all things powersports audio related.

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Memphis Brings the Heat to the Under Seat Bass System Game with a New Nanoboxx and Selectable Impedance Shallow Subs

MEMPHIS, TN (12.23.2021) – Memphis Audio has been working diligently on creating solution-based items that help dealers succeed. A new addition to the Memphis lineup is the Nanoboxx (NANO110P) 10” under seat bass package. This compact all-in-one solution measures in at an exceptionally small 13.9” x 9.8” x 3.3” and is designed to be mounted virtually anywhere in a vehicle.

The Nanoboxx features an oversized passive radiator which significantly enhances the bass output of the single 10” powered subwoofer. The internal amplifier is a powerful but efficient class D amplifier which stays cool in environments with less-than-optimal air circulation. Memphis added an ultra-cool RGB LED down firing light to the unit which adds to the ambiance of any vehicle. “We had a great sounding under seat solution before that people loved and we wanted to build off of that success. Our aim was to control the cost and provide an even better solution. We achieved both. The performance of this new under seat bass solution is better than its predecessor and the cost actually dropped a bit,” said Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio.

If you have a little more room to work with, Memphis Audio’s all new Power Reference Shallow subwoofers are the perfect solution. Available in a 10” and 12” with a mounting depth of roughly 3” and a power handling 350/700W of power, Power Reference slim subwoofers are built for big bass in a tight space. These subwoofers look similar to their predecessors but are actually an entirely redesigned woofer. The new design sees the addition of Memphis FLEXTM Selectable Impedance Technology allowing you to effortlessly switch the impedance between 2Ω and 4Ω. The basket was also upgraded to a heavy duty stamped design which is built to last. The engineers at Memphis also improved the sensitivity and low-end response of the woofers making them a formidable addition to the Memphis line.

The Memphis NANO110P will be available in January 2022. The Power Reference Slim Subwoofers are in stock now and shipping.

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Memphis Releases Dual 15” MOJO Loaded Enclosures, with 12″ Model Arriving Early 2022

MEMPHIS, TN (12.21.2021) – The Memphis MOJO is one of the most sought-after subwoofers on the market. This impressive subwoofer has been equipped with all the innovative technology that Memphis could muster to create the most impressive, high performance MOJO subwoofer since their inception years ago. Patented Memphis FLEX Selectable Impedance Technology allows you to configure the woofer in either 1Ω or 2Ω, Direct Vent Voice Coil Cooling optimizes the air flow throughout the subwoofer to rapidly cool the voice coils as they are played loud and hard, V-Groove surround provides for increased excursion and more effective surface area for more air movement than any MOJO to date. Combining these features along with a lot of high-level engineering resulted in a subwoofer worthy of the MOJO name.

Memphis released a single 12” loaded enclosure (MOJOE12S1) which is a single 12” side ported enclosure wired at 1Ω and capable of handling 1500w/3000w of power. Memphis has now unveiled a dual 15” loaded enclosure to launch in 2022. This big boy on the block features dual 15” subs and is capable of handling an absurd 3000w/6000w. The new subwoofer pairs wonderfully with Memphis’s new VIV3000.1V2 3000watt amplifier.

All MOJO Loaded enclosures feature a sleek black piano finish front panel and carpet wrapped exterior with orange Memphis MOJO branding giving this box a very custom and high-end appearance. The enclosure itself is designed to the exact T/S parameters of Memphis MOJO subwoofers allowing them to milk every ounce of bass. A single sided port allows the box to be side loaded into any vehicle where room permits.

“After the success of Mini MOJO loaded enclosures, we decided to give a series of full-size enclosures a try. A lot of dealers are pressed for time and many are dealing with labor shortages at their shops. By enhancing our loaded enclosure line, we’ve taken a lot of the burden of box building off their backs. Some projects require a fully custom enclosure which we are huge fans of, but other just need a really good-looking high-performance box capable of delivering the results the customer expects from Memphis subwoofers. These boxes fill that gap and allow the dealer to set the customer up with a product that looks amazing and delivers results without the need for going fully custom. We had great deal of success with dealers when we launched our first round of MOJO and M7 full size enclosures but dealers kept asking for the big guys to make an appearance. They wanted 15’s so Memphis delivered. The dual 15” MOJO loaded enclosure is an absolute beast and I can’t wait to see them loaded into larger vehicles who want the loudest subwoofer box Memphis has to offer,” said Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio.

Memphis MOJO 12” enclosures arrive March 2022.

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Memphis Audio Held 2-Day National Rep Meeting at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego

MEMPHIS, TN (12.17.2021) – The best sales reps in the business enjoyed an informative 2-day trip to San Diego California for the Memphis Audio National Sales Meeting. Salesmen enjoyed a day packed full of technical training and a slew of new product to get them prepared to help their dealers achieve next level success in 2022. In addition to trainings and new products, Memphis wanted to bring the team together for some much needed bonding and to celebrate the success during a difficult year.

The Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego was the site of the Memphis Audio National Rep Meeting 2021.
The dinner the first night with two large tables filled with Memphis Audio reps and company staff members.

New product offerings unveiled by Memphis focused heavily on marine and powersports products as s well as new innovative car audio products purposefully designed to provide dealers with solutions to elevate their business to the next level in 2022. The attendees were particularly excited about the completely overhauled Memphis Marine amplifier line as well as the all-new marine grade Mini MOJO 8” subwoofer. On the car audio side, reps were impressed with the new VIV68DSP 6 to 8 Digital Sound Processor. A portion of the meeting was dedicated to showing just how easy and user friendly this new app-based device is and how significantly it can improve the vehicles sound. “We never stopped innovating and working on new product during the pandemic. We’ve hit some snags and hiccups due to supply chain issues, but we’ve pressed an on have an impressive list of new innovative products to share with the industry. I was really pleased with the reactions I received to the new product and I know the guys are excited to get out there and share all the new solutions we have to offer our dealers,” said Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio. 

PowerSports and Marine Audio are hot categories and this new loaded enclosure provides a glimpse of new products to come in 2022.
After a full second day of meetings a dinner and then private party was held on the roof of the Hard Rock Hotel.

After the meeting concluded, the sales reps were treated to a private roof top party at the Hard Rock San Diego. This was the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that the salesmen were able to connect in person with each other. The team was ecstatic to be together and the fun rolled on late into the night building up to the sales award announcements. Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio took to the mic to announce the award winners to a spirited group. There were many winners but only one man could take home the Memphis Audio total sales leader strap. Thom Lerch was announced as the overall sales leader to a rowdy round of applause and was presented with the championship belt which has become a tradition for several years running with the Memphis crew.

Thom Lerch (L) Is pictured with Nick LoMonaco with his custom belt as Total Sales Leader for 2021.
Nick LoMonaco flanks Pacific Coast Marketing Reps and their award as 2021 Sales Growth Leaders for a Large Territory.

“It was amazing being around most of the team again. We’ve done remote meetings during the pandemic, but they really can’t compete with the amount of camaraderie on display at this year’s in person event. It really was a huge success, and we are really thankful that we were able to spend time with the guys that make it happen on a daily basis, This meeting served as a great reminder of how important everyone is on this team and how we can all achieve success together,” said LoMonaco.

Nick LoMonaco presented Barry White (L) with his 2021 Sales Growth Leader Award for Small Territory.
Nick LoMonaco, in the foreground, with all of the 2021 award winners.

As the night ended, it was clear that this year’s sales meeting meant a lot to everyone involved. The entire team left the meeting pumped up about the success awaiting in 2022 and are excited to kick off 2022 with a bang.

Award winners include:

2021 Sales Growth Leader (Small Territory)- Barry White

2021 Sales Growth Leader (Large Territory)- Pacific Coast Marketing

2021 Total Sales Leader- Thom Lerch

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New VIV Amplifiers Available and Ready to Ship from Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (12.08.2021) – Memphis Audio is ecstatic to announce the much anticipated VIV750.6V2 and VIV3000.1V2 have landed and are available to ship to dealers across the nation. Chip shortages and pandemic related supply chain issues slowed the arrival of these two fan favorites. Memphis is ecstatic to announce both these amplifiers are now available and ready to ship from the Memphis warehouse to dealers across the nation.

The VIV3000.1V2 amplifier is the highest-powered amplifier ever released in the VIV line. The amplifier produces 3000 watts of clean RMS power and is more than capable of driving a pair of massive MOJO 15” subwoofers off of a single amplifier making it a perfect pairing. “Ever since creating the VIV line of amplifiers, our dealers have been asking us for a high powered DSP amplifier that can elevate their bass to the next level. We listened to their feedback and are very pleased to announce that this new addition to the VIV line has finally arrived and is shipping to dealers across the country,” Said Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio.

The VIV750.6V2 is also a new member of the VIV family which features 6 total channels which is the most ever offered in the line. “Many modern vehicles are equipped with more than 4 speaker locations. It was clear to us that we needed a solution for our dealers allowing them to power a multi-speaker system off of a single amplifier. This VIV600.6V2 is a perfect option for any vehicle that has more than 4-speakers. This amplifier is flexible and versatile and will without a doubt be one of our dealer’s favorite offerings in the VIV line moving forward,” said LoMonaco.

VIV amplifiers are available and shipping today, for more information contact your Memphis audio rep or contact Memphis directly at 800-489-2300.

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Memphis Audio Partners with Virtual Marketing Consultants to Cover MINK States

MEMPHIS, TN (04.24.2020) – Memphis Audio is excited to announce big improvements in service for the M.I.N.K States (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas & Southern Illinois). Memphis has partnered with Jon Kluiter from Virtual Marketing Consultants (VMC). Jon is a long time Memphis Audio alumni with ties to the brand dating back over 20 years. Jon was a territory sales representative for Memphis from 1997 – 2006. Jon spent several years as a retail store owner and has been deeply involved in the Powersports and motorcycle industry for decades.

Jon Kluiter, Virtual Marketing Consultants (VMC)

VMC has enhanced its coverage capacity by contracting with Anthony Weinman, a successful Memphis Audio sales rep recently with CPS and EMA to continue to provide exceptional coverage to his territory. Anthony has been a representative of Memphis for several years and has a proven track record of sales growth and exceptional service. 

Anthony Weinman

Memphis has also established a new regional distribution partnership with Santa Fe Distributing to provide fast and efficient just in time inventory for the territory to make doing business with Memphis even easier. This partnership will not impact the margins, profitability and service dealers in the territory expect from Memphis. Santa Fe Distributing will increase the availability of products and service for dealers in the area.

Change always raises nerves, but these changes are Moving Memphis in the right direction. We are servicing this territory with two seasoned Memphis Reps who have proven themselves in the field to provide the best service and expertise possible in the territory. We are expanding our just in time capabilities for dealers who need product right away. We couldn’t be happier with the way things have worked out with these new partnerships and we are confident our dealers will see a tremendous benefit to their business in the immediate future. We are looking forward to retail stores getting the green light to open back up for business and show our dealers the benefits of these recent changes,” said Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio.

Jon Kluiter from VMC can be reached immediately for any business related questions at Jon Kluiter can be reached at 913-231-1714. Memphis Audio can be reached at 800-489-2300.

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Memphis Audio Takes CES to the Hardrock Hotel for Offsite Suite

MEMPHIS, TN (12.26.2019) – Memphis Audio will be bringing CES to the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas in 2020. For the first time in decades Memphis will be moving off the show floor to a VIP Suite in the Hard Rock hotel to host their own event for 12 Volt industry members. The suite will be open to visitors Monday January 6th, the day before CES permitting early visitors to lock in early bird discounts from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. The suite will remain open for business from Tuesday, January 7th – Thursday, January 9th from 8:00 am – 7:30 pm.

Take a break for the hustle and bustle of the show and relax at the Memphis VIP suite while learning about all the new product offerings from Memphis. On display will be an assortment of new items and proven winners guaranteed to be hits in 2020. Learn more about Memphis Audio’s complete line of direct fit OEM solutions for side-by-sides, Harley Davidson motorcycles and Toyota vehicles. Memphis will be demonstrating several products including the innovative MXAMCAPP hideaway media center which has been creating a buzz and opening up a world of possibilities for the powersports, marine and classic car industries. Memphis will also be detailing the technology behind their new game changing VIV SixFive Series subwoofer featuring a massive 7.5” voice coil. Get a first look at the new M-Series MB dual impedance subwoofer line which features selectable impedance technology. This new innovative feature allows the subwoofer to operate as either a true 2Ω or 4Ω impedance subwoofer allowing dealers to stock only a single SKU significantly lowering inventory costs and allowing for easy future upgrades and expansion of any audio system.

A new in-store PowerSports Audio display will be unveiled along with a display program. Check it out at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Meals & Deals will be provided meaning anyone who visits the suite will be treated like a VIP with food and drink while they discuss the deep discounts available exclusively at the event. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner time snacks & cocktails. There will be a VIP bar open all day so stop in for Bloody Marys before the show (hey, it’s Vegas) or cocktails in the evening. The bar will be open all day for anyone needing a space to unwind and take a break from a busy day at the show. Don’t miss this opportunity to save big, these are serious savings available only at this event so stop by and stock-up. Along with deals and discounts, all attendees will be given a door prize just for attending while supplies last.

 “We love seeing all the industry partners at CES every year, but our focus in recent years has been to grow the SEMA show into our primary trade show. CES has evolved away from the 12 volt industry but Memphis hasn’t. Instead of spending money on show space in the North Hall, we wanted to invest the money into our current and prospective dealers and give them a destination where they can be treated like VIP’s. We want everyone to enjoy themselves while talking shop and learning about the innovative product offerings and services Memphis provides to dealers and discuss how we can all make big money together in 2020. We look forward to seeing everyone in Vegas!” said Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio.

The new VIV Six Five Series Subwoofer (L) will be on display in the Hard Rock Hotel Memphis Audio Suite along with new PowerSports Kits (C) and SXS Roof Audio Systems (R).

Walk-in visitors are welcome, but appointments are recommended to lock in your free door prize and enter to win the grand prize giveaway of over $1000 in prizes.  Contact your Memphis rep today or call 800-489-2300 to make your appointment and guarantee yourself a door prize and a chance to win.

Memphis suite attendees will need to visit the Casino Tower at the Hard Rock Hotel. Memphis is in the Celebrity Suite. Access to the suite can be found by going to the elevator near the Dunkin’ Donuts in the Hard Rock Hotel. Tell the Security guard at the elevator that you are there to see Memphis Audio and you will be on your way to a good deals, good food and good times with Memphis.

Location: Hardrock Hotel Celebrity Suite in the Casino Tower.

Elevator Access: Near Dunkin’ Donuts in the Hard Rock

Scheduled Suite Hours:

Monday January 6th: 10:00am-6:00pm (One day before show hall opens)

Tuesday January 7th – Thursday January 9th: 8:00am-7:30pm (Open Late after the show ends)

Contact: 800-489-2300 to schedule appointment or with any questions

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Memphis Audio Celebrates 2019 Successes and Showcases New Product at National Sales Meeting in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, CA (12.23.2019) – Memphis Audio treated their sales force to a trip to sunny San Diego California for a two-day national sales meeting and new product kickoff event. Members of the Memphis home office staff made the trip out west to play host to the event and conduct a day worth of informative trainings and new product showcases at the Hard Rock hotel in San Diego.

Nick LoMonaco President addresses the sales force.

Arthur Fulmer III, owner of Memphis Audio kicked off the ceremony with positive notes about the bright future of the 55-year-old audio brand and encouraged everyone to focus on all the ways Memphis can help their dealers succeed in 2020.

Left to right: Thom Lerch Memphis Sales Leader Of The Year, Nick LoMonaco President, Arthur Fulmer III Owner.

The sales team delved deep into the new product offerings from Memphis, most of which will debut at CES 2020 live at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. There was a strong emphasis on direct fit OEM offerings and solution-based products which were well received and created a buzz amongst the Memphis sales staff.

LEFT: VIV Six Five Series Subwoofer on display. CENTER: New Powersports kits on display. RIGHT: New Memphis Audio Side By Side Roof Audio Systems.

Memphis introduced Larry Williamson and Jeremy Slaven from Lucky 7 Customs who have partnered with Memphis to fabricate the best roof audio solutions for side-by-sides in the business. The duo detailed the build process for the roofs and pointed out the significant improvements and upgrades to the build quality that they are implementing. They noted the enhancements in the quality and consistency of the wiring as well the their new shipping quality standards they are implementing to ensure the items will be delivered without damage to a dealers doorstep. Memphis went on to introduce their new powersports direct fit OEM side-by-side kits which offer dealers a plug and play solution for the most popular machines in the powersports industry. The sales team left the meeting with an impressive array of new powersports offerings which will allow their dealers to have an extremely successful new year.

A new display program introduced at the meeting.

After the meetings concluded, the group was treated to a fun-filled outing to Tavern & Bowl for a private event with stand-up comedy, dinner, drinks and good times. President of Memphis Audio, Nick LoMonaco presented the Memphis Audio annual sales leader championship belt to seasoned sales rep Thom Lerch in front of a room full of his peers.

Custom subwoofer and amplifier cakes served as dessert.

“This is one of my favorite times of the year. Our sales reps are spread across the country and work so hard every day to deliver unmatched service to our dealers. It is great to have the team together and recognize everyone’s accomplishments and strategize about how we can all have a successful 2020 and beyond,” said LoMonaco.

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Memphis Audio Dealer Council Meeting and Celebration

MEMPHIS, TN (10.07.2019) – Memphis Audio played host to four of the premier dealers in the nation at the 2019 Memphis Audio Dealer Council meeting in Memphis Tennessee. The invitees were Audio Unlimited – Mobile, AL, Audio One – Virginia Beach, VA, Horizon Audio – Canton, OH, and Elite Audio Spartanburg, SC. These lucky winners qualified by winning the Memphis 2nd half golden ticket scratcher contest.

The winners were treated to an exclusive dinner at the third-generation owner of Memphis Audio, Arthur Fulmer’s home. The group had an opportunity to let loose, talk business and have a little fun with the Memphis team and enjoy Memphis’s world-famous BBQ. “Welcoming dealers into my home is something I’ve wanted to do for years. These are the people who keep our industry going and I couldn’t have been happier to host such a wonderful group of business owners and get to know them on a more personal level and how we as a manufacturer can help them succeed,” said Fulmer.

Left to Right: Tom Smith – Audio Unlimited, Nate McConohay – Horizon Audio, Joe Zelano – Elite Audio, Aaron Joseph- Horizon Audio, Jim Aiken & Dave Curtis – Audio one, Arthur Fulmer – Owner of Memphis Audio, Nick Lomonaco – President of Memphis Audio, Ellis Mathis – Regional Sales Manager Memphis Audio

The next day the group was welcomed at the corporate headquarters in downtown Memphis where they all had an opportunity to learn the inner workings of Memphis Audio. Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio lead the discussion which touched on a number of topics ranging from internet MAP pricing enforcement, product development, marketing support and more. LoMonaco took questions and feedback from the group. The real fun began when the council was provided with a confidential sneak peek at some of the amazing new products scheduled to be exhibited live at SEMA 2019 along with several projects currently in development.

“Having the opportunity to sit down with these guys and pick their brains about our industry provided us all with a wealth of insight and information. They are all so passionate about our business and the products that Memphis develops. They didn’t pull any punches and told us what they need for success in this industry, it was one of most productive Q&A sessions I’ve ever been a part of,” Said Nick LoMonaco.

After talking shop had commenced the crew let loose a little a Sun Studios for a tour of some of the history behind the amazing music scene and culture that is ingrained in the city of Memphis. After the history lesson the group was treated to dinner, drinks, and more drinks until it was time to head back to their home towns.

“This contest was designed to give us the opportunity to get to know some of our most crucial business partners on a more personal level along with receiving feedback about how we can position Memphis Audio for success in the future. I feel like we really did achieve everything we set out to do and more. I’m confident that myself and the rest of the Memphis team is walking away from this event with a great deal of knowledge along with a great group of new friends who we are also proud Memphis dealers,” said LoMonaco.

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