SPL Car Audio Championship Set for Oct 8 & 9 in Muscle Shoals, AL

AUSTIN, TX (09.21.2021) – Attention audio fanatics – mark your calendars for the 2021 Car Audio Championship – Oct 8-9 at the North Alabama State Fairgrounds!  Come on out and experience the loudest CAR & BIKE SYSTEMS in ALABAMA.

Competition Formats: SPL (Sound Pressure Level), Motorcycle Audio, Kids Power Wheels, Show N Shine and Ride the Lite at Night! Hundreds of vehicles will be on display and competing with their systems in over 50 formats of competition. Vendors will have products on display and showcasing new technology for consumers interested in after-market audio and accessories. Tickets available at gate.  

Event Location: 
North Alabama State Fairgrounds
65 Sportsplex Drive
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661

Tickets – $10 per day
DEMO PASS – $50 per day
Parking – FREE

Show Hours: 
Friday, October 8, 2021 – 10am – 6pm
Saturday, October 9, 2021 – 10am – 6pm

Steve Stern Announces Major MECA News

GOODLETTSVILLE, TN (08.02.2021) – “With rumors flying, I’d like to announce the sale of MECA, Inc to the Ballinger family, Bud, Shannon, and Salena, from Louisville, KY. We have a buy-out agreement in place that will take effect November 1, 2021. This includes the entire properties of MECA, Inc., including Sound Quality League, Sound Pressure League, Show & Shine, Ride the Light, MECA Kids, and all intellectual properties, i.e. trademarks, logos, Rule Books, etc.”

“I will complete the 2021 season and carry out all my responsibilities throughout both SPL and SQL Finals, and then turn over the business to the Ballingers.”

Salena, Bud and Shannon Ballinger (L to R) pictured at a previous MECA event.

“The excitement and vitality they will bring to our MECA club, contests and trade association will be important assets for our events and our industry. They have competed and judged as a family for many years, with State Championships and World Championships to their credit. Knowing the ropes as competitors, judges, and event directors gives them a unique and experienced insight into what MECA does and what MECA can do, with their vision and guidance.”

“For 23 years, since 1999, MECA has endeavored to be a family friendly, fun, and worthwhile organization for our varied members and the mobile electronics industry. Bud, Shannon, and Salena know the mission statements and goals MECA stands for and are dedicated to keeping the spirit and purposes of MECA strong, relevant and consistent with our founding principles.”

MECA Commish Steve Stern in the MECA office.

“I’d like to thank those who have supported my efforts to develop and maintain a meaningful organization. There are so many people who have contributed through-out the years and made MECA a viable business and organization. My appreciation and respect for these MECA friends are boundless. We have shared many memorable moments together, in the lanes and in our lives. MECA is about people, music, the gear and our vehicles. That’s not going to change.”

“Please welcome and support the Ballingers as they take on the responsibilites of MECA for you and the organization. We are very fortunate that they have embraced the excellence and longivity of our club and contests.”

More info and details to be announced as they unfold. Hope to see you at either the SPL or SQL Finals.

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Words from MECA Commish Steve Stern.

MECA Announces SQL and SPL Finals Dates

GOODLETTSVILLE, TN (06.07.2021) – The SPL Finals Soundfest will be in Muscle Shoals, AL at the N AL Fairgrounds on the weekend of October 8 – 10, and will be a United Finals event with dB Drag Racing and IASCA. This features the Dueling Demos Finals on Saturday evening at 7 PM.

This is the only weekend open at the only venue open for business, and it does shorten the time between the official end of the season and the Finals contest, by 1 week. Some shuffling of events may be necessary, and any changes will be made asap.

Click below to hear a message from Steve Stern

The SQL Finals Soundfest will be in Bentonville, AR at the Fairgrounds on the weekend of October 22 – 24 and will be a United Finals event with EMMA and IASCA.

This will include the Show & Shine championships on Saturday, with Ride The Light Finals Saturday evening.

Co-Sponsors at this time are Ohio Generator, Sundown Audio, and Incriminator Audio. Other Co-Sponsor opportunites are available.

Commissioner Stern said, “We are excited to conclude our season with 2 high quality events for our members and the mobile electronics industry.”

More details on the events TBA at www.mecaevents.com in the Events Schedule. Follow MECA club and contest News at www.mecacaraudio.com.

Trauma Car Audio Joins MECA

NASHVILLE, TN (06.02.2021) – Trauma Car Audio, based in New Port Richey, FL, is one of MECA’s newest Manufacturer Members.

Trauma Car Audio will be the 2021 Title Sponsor for all MECA events in Florida.

Steve Stern, MECA Commish, related “Damian Reyes witnessed the popularity and engagement of the MECA program at the Inciminator Audio Triplefest in April at the N. Alabama Fairgrounds in Muscle Shoals, AL. After seeing the excitement and participation from MECA Club members he made the decision to join MECA as a Manufacturer Member.”

Trauma Car Audio specializes in car audio amplifiers, and these are Bluetooth enabled, eliminating the need for wires for amplifier installation. Team Trauma is being developed and will part of the street team of customers and competitors that use Trauma equipment.

Commish Stern concluded by offering “We welcome Trauma Car Audio to our club and contests, and are excited to see this highly specialized car audio equipment in our SQL and SPL lanes.”

Visit www.traumacaraudio.com and mecacaraudio.com for more.

MECA Team Nutz Spring Jam Rocked in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, PA (05.25.2021) – Team Nutz rolled out the red carpet for competitors at the MECA Team Nutz Spring Jam at the company’s retail store in Pittsburg on Sunday, May 23rd.The MECA event featured SQL, SPL plus Show & Shine formats for competitors. MECA Event Directors Andy Magill and Kevin Mayo kept all moving in the competition lanes.

MECA and Team Nutz crews gathered for an image as the event wrapped… Tony, Andy, Dan, Don, Ed and Kevin (L to R).
Setup was underway in the Team Nutz parking lot early Sunday morning.

Ed Nuttall, Team Nutz owner, stated, “The event ran very smoothly and it was a great atmosphere as people who enjoy premium sound in their rides had an opportunity to compete. We drew competitors from Ohio and presented custom trophies to top competitors.”

Andy Magill related, “The Team Nutz crew really put together a well organized event. Judging the SQL competitors in the large installation bay was an ideal setting.”

The large Team Nutz installation bay was an ideal spot for the SQL judging.
Custom trophies were presented to competitors for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

SQL Competitor Dan Arndt made the 120 mile trip from Erie, PA for the event. “The setting was great for my new KIA to compete in the lane. Also, I am studying to become a SQL Judge so that added to my super experience at the Team Nutz MECA event.”

Continuing, Nuttall commented, “We had tents set up in the parking lot for the SPL and Show & Shine judging. My young niece and nephew handed out way over 100 bottles of water to folks as well as Team Nutz stickers, bags and lanyards.”

Rusty North, a factory rep with End Result, also attended the event. North offered, “This MECA event was terrific. Seeing a top area retailer like Team Nutz working to host a MECA sound off event will create excitement and stimulate more participation from enthusiasts in the area.”

For info on hosting a MECA event in the Ohio Valley, contact andymagill24@gmail.com

MECA SQL Contests for Beginners

GOODLETTSVILLE, TN (02.10.2021) – MECA Commissioner Steve Stern has developed an updated, new and improved, Sound Quality contest for beginner consumers, with the help of our R&E Committee, Retailers, Manufacturers, Competitors, and Judges. This is part of the 2021 Sound Quality League Rule Book ( tinyurl.com/2021MECASQLRulebook ) and intended to be stand alone contests, or included with regular MECA events. The SQ score sheet is used, just like all MECA SQL contests, so that the new people see exactly how the systems and music are evaluated.

This archive image shows a smiling competitor from Trinidad.

There are 2 classes that are simply defined by the speaker set-up: Street 1 is for 3-way systems, and Street 2 is for 4-way systems. There are some basic rules, but overall the competitors are given space for creativity and custom installs, that may have been built before they read the Rule Book or before the new classes were introduced. Consumer beginners only, so no pros or experienced competitors of any sort are permitted. The Retail Members who choose to use this promotional program will be responsible for making sure the competitors fit the profile, and are brand new to our sport. These 2 classes are State Champion eligible, but are not offered at the MECA World Finals Soundfest.

This archive image highlights a classic creation from World Champion Steve Cook-Audio X.

The events are clinics and contests designed to educate about MECA’s judging and scoring, focused on the quality of the music reproduction: clarity, resolution, imaging, and tonality being the most important criteria. It’s like Music Appreciation, but more technical with regard to recordings that are official SQL Judge tracks, listed in the Rule Book.

For the month of February, MECA is offering 1 FREE event for all Retailers, even non-MECA members, which includes clinic direction and a Judge. The event can be scheduled for later in the year, but it must be scheduled by March 1st. Score sheets will be provided at no charge. These events are designed to last 3 -4 hours, depending on the participation and agenda. A retailer could work a good plan with 6 -8 customers engaged in an event like this. Saturday’s might work best, although Friday evening get-togethers work when set up right, and Sunday’s are always an option for businesses that are comfortable with that. After the 1st event, additional events are only $50 for MECA Retail Members ( $75/year ), with a limit of 3 events in 2021.

The MECA Tantric Tuning CD is the classic official test source for the SQ League

MECA is pro-active, with 22 years evolving and promoting the Sound Quality League contests. We have some of the best judges and resource people in the mobile electronics industry who are willing to share their knowledge and abilities. These events are prime opportunities for Retailers to showcase their products and services.

Click here to view the 2021 SQL Amateur Rule Book PDF

Six Manufacturer Members have stepped up to co-sponsor this program: Arc Audio, JL Audio, Linear Power, Stereo Integrity, TRU Technology, and XS Power. Their contributions will help with logistics and paying the judges, travel and expenses. They will be sharing and endorsing the program with their Retailers.
Contact the Commissioner for more info, to schedule an event, or with questions and concerns: mecacaraudio@comcast.net or 615-851-7428.

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MECA SPL Champion Retires

KNOXVILLE, TN (01.29.2021) – Longtime sound-off competitor Anthony Caldwell from Knoxville, TN is retiring from the lanes after 15 years, with 7 MECA World Championships in Sound Pressure League and Dueling Demos contests. His van, Big Blue, was built for music with 110 speakers, inside and out, and was a big draw at our events. It is an SQL vehicle that does SPL, and it’s an SPL vehicle that sounds great cranked up at concert levels, like a live performance. With over 2 dozen Tennessee State Championships in SQL and SPL classes over his 14 years of competition, traveling to almost all the East Coast big events, as well as Slamology, and events in IN, VA, KY . He owed Xtreme Audio (Team XFL) in Knoxville until 2020, after 17 years in business, and is now the Tech guy at MechMan Alternators.

Anthony Caldwell

Anthony and Big Blue, his 1997 Ford E150 Van, are legendary in the car audio sports world, and helped show people that BIG builds could sound great. Always demonstrating good sportsmanship and accessibility, Anthony has this way of describing 150+ MECA events:

Anthony in Big Blue – his 1997 Ford F150 van with 110 speakers

“MECA is like pizza. Even a bad pizza is still good because it’s pizza. If you have product failure, or your numbers aren’t where they should be, it’s still good, because it’s MECA. There are people to lend a hand. You get to catch up with friends. You ask ‘how’s the family? You answer questions, you help troubleshoot, you have a good time. Even on mornings that I didn’t want to make the drive, I knew when I got there everything would be okay. Too much fun!”

Big Blue took the SPL Park & Pound DB5 World Championship ( 140. 74 dB 6′ from the vehicle ) at the 2020 Finals in Lafayette, IN, along with 2nd place in Dueling Demos Extreme, and 5th place in Sound Pressure M5 ( at the headrest with 158.13 dB ). Incredible score in M5 for a music vehicle! And, as he has for many years, he won the Sound Pressure League Best of Show with highest combined scores in Sound Pressure (M5) and Park & Pound (DB5). Anthony went out banging and at the top of his game.

He’s put in a lot of years, and miles, competing and representing the Mobile Electronics Industry, and is retiring from the competition lanes. We hope that Big Blue will show up at our events in E. Tennessee every now and then. Anthony is always available for tech help at MechMan and has a wealth of real-world knowledge about power flow, especially in the big systems.

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MECA Awards Over 60 Championship Rings, Capping the 2020 Season

GOODLETTSVILLE, TN (12.24.2020) – MECA’s 2020 SQL, SPL, Ride The Light, and Show & Shine World Champs received custom rings for each class championship. 60+ rings were sponsored by Retail Member SoundCheck Customs in Lafayette, IN and Sundown Audio, both with logos on the rings.

MECA awarded over 60 Championship Rings for the 2020 Competition Season.

Brian Mitchell from Team Arc Audio, Moddesto, CA, earned 5 rings in Sound Quality League contests, including Install Best of Show, SQL Best of Show known as The Zenner, Master SQ, and Extreme Install.
Rookie of the Year Christopher Anderson from Indiana won SQL Street Install and both Interior and Exterior Ride The Light Championship rings.

Loud Spouses Lori and Chris Caudel model their 2020 MECA Championship Rings for Street 1 and Street 2 that they won in Bowling Green KY.

Ken Reed (Audio X) from Alabama won the Best of Best of Show ring.

There are many success stories about MECA Members who worked hard to win their rings. MECA will present some of those stories over the next 2 months.

MECA awarded over 60 Championship Rings for the 2020 Competition Season.

Commissioner Stern commented “Our club survived 2020 and ended on a very positive note with unusual separate SQL and SPL Finals events, which included 100+ competitors in all contests. The car audio industry had an amazing year, and MECA contributed the fun and games that are our legacy and an important part of promoting the Mobile Electronics Industry.”

The 2021 season is underway and the forecast is for an exciting series of contests, especially in late Spring/early Summer when conditions are projected to improve concerning COVID-19.
Thanks to our many members, at all levels, for the support and participation: Competitors, Judges, Retail Members, Fans, and Manufacturer Members.

Watch their 23rd year, the 2021 season schedule develop at https://mecaevents.com/

Contact the Commissioner to make arrangements for your 2021 events.

MECA Concluded the 2020 Season with a Big BOOM at the SPL World Finals

LAFAYETTE, IN (11.02.2020) – MECA, the car audio club and sports sanctioning body, concluded the 2020 season with a big BOOM at the SPL Finals in Lafayette, IN at SoundCheck Customs over the October 24-25 weekend, with 81 entrants.

It was a chilly day in Lafayette IN on Friday October 23rd when MECA Commish Steve Stern arrived at Sound Check Customs to set up for the 2020 MECA SPL World Finals.
Competitors gathered to watch the numbers on the meter in the lane at the SPL Finals.

The SQL Finals were held the weekend before in Ashland City, TN and hosted 38 competitors. Despite the truncated season due to the COVID-19 health issues, the club was able to provide 2 high quality events for the members and the 12-Volt Industry.

The Young Family competes in MECA events. Tim Young, Team High Voltage, was SPL MS2 World Finals Champion. Daughter Jesselin, being hugged by Tim, competed in the MECA Kids Class.

Co-sponsors for the events were Arc Audio, Linear Power, and Zapco, with TRU Technology being the Title Sponsor for SQL, and Incriminator Audio, Ohio Generator, Sundown Audio, and XS Power for SPL, Show & Shine, Ride The Light, and MECA Kids contests.

Members of Team Sound Check Customs are shown with their trophies after the MECA SPL Finals wrapped.
Team Bangin’ On A Budget pictured with their MECA SPL Finals hardware.

MECA presented 300+ trophies and awards to World Champs, State Champs, and special recognition plaques to Competitors, Retail Members, and Manufacturer Members.

Chuck Pilkinton, Audio X/ Incriminator, from Florence AL with award plaques for National Points Championships.

SoundCheck Customs is the 2020 Retailer of the Year. Sundown Audio is the 2020 Manufacturer of the Year. Arc Audio received the 12-Volt Industry Award for enhanced participation and support of the Mobile Electronics Industry.

These trophy winners were having some fun at the BBQ dinner party that followed the MECA SPL Finals at the Sound Check Customs facility

Sound Quality League and Sound Pressure League World Champs lists detail the winners. The Club Awards list highlights the most involved and engaged members. State Awards may be viewed at the club website www.mecacaraudio.com in the Archives.

The 2021 season is already underway with events in FL, CA, TN, NC, IN, and OH on the books. Contact the Commissioner to receive information on club and trade organization membership and benefits. See the event results at www.mecaevents.com

MECA Presented The 2020 SQL World Finals on October 17th & 18th

ASHLAND CITY, TN (10.19.2020) – The Cheatham County Fairgrounds in Ashland City TN was the site of the 2020 MECA SQL World Finals.

MECA Commish Steve Stern related “There were 38 competitors at the SQL Finals with the best sounding vehicles on the planet. The MECA Club ended the 2020 SQL Season with a very positive outcome for our member SQL fanatics.”

Set up for the event took place on Friday, October 16th as judging meters were set up and trophies were placed inside for all to see. TRU Technology was the Awards Title Sponsor and owner John Yi traveled from the company’s HQ in California for the SQL Finals. ARC Audio, Zapco, Ohio Generator, XS Power and Linear Power were Trophy Co-Sponsors.

MECA Commish Steve Stern (L) working with Christopher Anderson for RTA Freq Out Score on Anderson’s amazing Chrysler with custom paint, Lambo doors and award winning system.

The Cheatham County Fairgrounds has been the site of previous MECA events. “It was a chilly 36 degrees when we got started on Saturday morning under a clear sky. All went smoothly as the 38 SQL competitors set their vehicles for judging. By mid-afternoon Sunday the judging finished and the 2020 MECA SQL World Finals was a wrap” Stern stated.

The trophies set up for the 2020 MECA SQL World Finals.

Results will be posted by Wednesday at MECAevents.com with images and news, also on Facebook.

John Yi helps unload trophies on Friday at the Cheatham County Fairground. TRU Technology was the 2020 MECA SQL Trophy Title Sponsor. Yi, TRU Technology owner, traveled from the company’s HQ in California for the Finals’ event.

“The 2020 season wraps with the MECA SPL World Finals at SoundCheck Customs in Lafayette, IN the 24th and 25th of October. We are expecting that event to fill the grounds around the SoundCheck location and be bonkers. With 2021 events beginning we are looking forward to an exciting, music enriching year to come” Stern concluded.

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