Massive Audio Adds John Velez to the Team

COMMERCE, CA (8.23.22) – Massive Audio has added industry Veteran John Velez to the Massive Audio team as its’ new Sales Manager. He will be working closely with company VP Hernando Mares JR. Hernando stated, “I have worked with John in the past and he has a deep passion for customers and will be a great addition to the growing Massive Audio team.”

John Velez, Sales Manager

John is pictured at California Upholstery, in Bell Gardens, next to Canelo Alvarez Shelby Boss Mustang that was just finished. John was dropping off more Massive Audio product for two new builds.

John Velez is responsible for conceiving and executing sales strategies plus tactics that drive growth. In addition, he will help with overall dealer development in the marketplace as well as execute sales campaigns. Massive Audio is working to expand sales and marketing efforts and provide a stronger presence across the United States. Going forward, all will see several changes in the Massive Audio brand, social media, and eventually the website.

Special shout out to Joe and Joseph for their support shown for Massive Audio.

For dealer inquires please contact (Hablamos español)

The Massive Audio HippoXL152R Is Back In Stock

COMMERCE, CA (07.29.22) – For a few years now, the Massive Audio award winning HippoXL subwoofer lineup has been knocking people’s socks off and scaring small children. Behold the HippoXL152R.  Massive Audio went a little overboard with the HippoXL152R.  Maybe the R stands for Ridiculous.  But let’s get serious, as this sub is all about the most serious kind of bass.  The HippoXL152R is weighing in with a staggering 430 oz, with a low carbon steel double stack motor, aluminum former and large pole vent as well as added rear venting to ensure years of keeping high temperatures under control during long periods of hammering away. 

 The oversized R motor gives it away, setting the XL152R apart from the rest of the HippoXL lineup. The excessive size of the motor is a must when trying to control the monstrous Made in USA 4” anodized voice coil. Speaking of that voice coil, it is guaranteed to soak up 3000 watts rms/ 6000 watts peak power when driven hard. The USA Made voice coil from Florida is an absolute must when it comes to a competition winning, high output subwoofer such as this. 

 Producing that tremendous bass is the Kevlar Fiber reinforced non-pressed paper cone. Keeping that Kevlar Fiber cone in check are a pair of oversized Nomex spiders. To finish off the build is the Massive Audio signature red cone stitching and a fiberglass dust cap. This sub not only makes a statement with its intimidating size, it makes a statement with the staggering output. The HippoXL152R is a SPL cheat code subwoofer… Guaranteed performance when a paired with our Massive Audio Drago D6 Monoblock amplifier. 

HippoXL152R: Ultra High Output / Extreme Excursion / Competition Proven Design

Warning: Extreme levels of sound pressure with this combination can can be dangerous. HippoXL152R and Drago D6 Monoblock amplifier are designed to be used with Upgraded charging system and additional batterie(s) Only. Not for use in Stock electrical systems.

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Massive Audio at Slamology 2022 in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (06.27.22) – Hundreds of vendors and thousands of enthusiasts packed the Lucas Oil Raceway for Slamology 2022 June 11th and 12th. Massive Audio was a standout.

“We would like to thank all Team Massive Audio members for helping promote the Massive Audio brand at Slamology 2022. A special thanks to Jeremy and the “Pimpala” posting over 161 dB with HippoXL 8” beating cars with 12” and 15” woofers in the lanes,” Rigo Ibarra related for Massive Audio.

Jeremy Roller and the ‘Pimpala’ posted over 161 dB at Slamology in Indy.

Continuing, Ibarra related, “Also a special shout out goes to Cabe Sipes, of Pimp My Ride fame, for building the Hyundai SUV to show off Massive Audio’s sound quality capabilities. Many commented it was the best sounding car at Slamology. Cabe was told by show officials, that if the SUV would have had upgraded rims and a body kit it would have taken 1st place and not 5th place at the show out of 74 cars that entered.”

“As a company Massive Audio is doing all it can to not raise prices in support of its’ dealers. Massive Audio has held its pricing for the last three years unlike many other brands that have recently raised their pricing, two to three times, in the last year or so. Massive Audio is a supporter of authentic pricing and helping its’ customers out in times of need,” Ibarra concluded.

Massive Audio is looking for a few select “influencer” dealers to help with product development and to showcase products and installs. Call 323) 262-2262, ask for JR or email at for further information on perks offered. Hablamos Español.

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Massive Hires Vice President of Sales & Marketing / MAP Enforcement

COMMERCE, CA (02.25.22) – Massive Audio is pleased to announce the addition of Hernando (JR) Mares as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With over thirty years of experience in ODM/OEM and branded sales at ACTC/ Hollywood Sound Labs, SJA/Atomic, US AMPS/ RE audio and Deccon/H&N Brothers, JR Mares is an ideal candidate to improve Massive Audio’s positioning to meet increasing demand. He will be instrumental in leading Massive Audio’s development activities, and marketing while ensuring distributors, representatives and retailers have access to actionable new insights.

JR Mares in the well-stocked Massive Audio warehouse in Commerce, CA.

“I am thrilled to be part of the ‘Massive Audio Revolution’, lead business efforts and extend the team to better serve our representatives, distributors, and customers.” I had previously served customers and competed against Massive Audio for many years. I noticed the product do very well in the competition lanes. Their designs had noteworthy features, although like many OEM/ODM companies, they were focused on manufacturing instead of marketing and lacked emphasize on product intricacies or properly explaining innovative characteristics. After having heard many good things about the products, people and that the company was embracing change, I was delighted to join the team.

Corey Hyler shows a selection of new Massive Audio products.

Massive Audio has many new and exciting changes happening starting in March. Serial number tracking, new call to action ads, and the hiring of Map Cops to better control and enforce pricing on the web which will ensure our brick-and-mortar customers are profitable with the Massive Audio line. We will also launch Free giveaway programs each month to increase brand awareness and allow us to gather and send leads to our retailers. Also, by promoting the additional 9-Month Pro Install warranty and 30-day over the counter exchange that dealers can offer to customers, we will show our dedication to being all-in on driving business to our brick and mortar partners.

“Shipments are arriving regularly; we are almost at capacity so now more than ever is a great time to Get Massive!”

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Massive Releases New DRAGO DP10K 5,600 Watt RMS Amplifier

CITY OF COMMERCE, CA (10.26.2020) – Massive Audio has released the new Drago DP10K Amplifiers for 2020.

Want to crank it up to 11, here is your chance with DRAGO SERIES Amplifiers. The Massive Audio DP10K Digital Amplifier solves the problem of powering those megawatt Subwoofers so they can achieve max SPL without straining. The DP10K is an all-Digital, Ultra-High-Speed Switching, Mono Block “Monster” with rated power of 5,000 Watts RMS that can achieve a true output of 5,600 Watts RMS @ 1 ohm @ 16V.

Chuck Kenney, National Sales Manager, holds the new Massive Audio Drago DP10K Amplifier.

The first impression is that this is one rugged yet beautiful crafted Amplifier! Upon further inspection you will realize how compact this powerhouse really is, this amplifier measures in at only 3.07” x 9.11” x 13.07”. You will also notice the twin full time exhaust fans that insure this “Firebreather” is always running cool.

We ensure your system is protected with our 6 Way Protection circuit including an LED Clip indicator to correctly match the Gain and RCA inputs. Additionally, adjustable Hi Pass and Low Pass crossovers along with a parametric equalizer with a variable 0-10dB bass boost allow for complete control. Another unique feature is our “Flat” mode switch enabling you to bypass any sound coloration for testing and comparison purposes. When utilizing an electronic crossover, like the Massive TRI-XO, in combination with the FLAT setting on the amplifier this allows you to bypass all equalization on the amp and utilize the signal input from the electronic crossover. This eliminates the cumbersome task of configuring multiple settings on the amp and crossover.

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Massive Releases New SUMMOXL 6.5 & 8 Inch Subwoofers

Massive Audio, of SoCal USA, a leader in the 12 Volt Audio industry for 21 years, is happy to announce the release of the new SUMMO64XL and SUMMO84XL Subwoofers for 2020.  

Chuck Kenney, Massive Audio National Sales Manager, pictured in the Company’s Commerce CA warehouse with a wall of orders pulled to ship on Thursday, September 17th. 

The Massive Audio SUMMO64XL is a powerful 6.5-inch Subwoofer that produces high SPL while allowing you to save as much space possible in your vehicle. High quality materials like its Kevlar fiber non pressed paper cone stitched to an EROM foam surround are utilized and bolted to a durable cast basket and 48oz double stacked high energy magnet. The SUMMO84XL weighs in with a 90oz magnet assembly and 2 inch 4-Layer High Temp Voice Coil.

Both SUMMO Subwoofers may be small in stature but will definitely impress even hard-core audio SPL enthusiasts. As with all SUMMOXL Series subwoofers, we deign them all to play so low and with such a deep center of force that the competition cannot help but to bow out gracefully. 

Let there be no doubt that with Massive Audio you will be the “King of the Ring.”


  • Die Cast Basket with Black Textured Finish
  • Kevlar Fiber Enhanced Non-Pressed Paper Cone with Textured Paint Finish
  • EROM Foam Surround with Red Stitching
  • 1.5” & 2.0″ 4-Layer Hi-Temp Voice Coil 
  • Fiberglass Woven Dust Cap
  • Double Stacked 48oz & 90oz High Energy Magnets 
  • Enhanced Cooling T-yoke Design with Black Anodized Finish
  • Customized Rubber Gasket and Magnet Boot
  • 16 Gauge Pure Oxygen Silver Tined Power Cables with Direct Lead Connection 
  • Triple Black Poly Cotton Spiders with Mirror Image Layout

For B2B sales inquiries our national sales manager Chuck Kenny can be reached at: 214-587-7603 

For general information, contact Massive Audio at 323-262-2262 or visit our Website:  

Massive Releases New Full Range Nano Edge Amplifiers

LOS ANGELES (09.01.2020) – Massive Audio has announced the release of three new Nano Edge Amplifiers. The king of the hill is the new EX4R. This new Massive Audio EDGE Series Amplifier is a Full Range Multi-Channel Class AB Amplifier capable of up to 1200 Watts X 4 RMS depending on system configuration. The EX4R features a wide range of crossover adjustments Included is an X10 switch, allowing the Massive Audio EX4R to be programmed as either high pass or low pass using 3K Hz adjustable steps Up or Down or if desired as a Band Pass crossover combining a high and low pass filter. This flexibility optimizes it for use with raw drivers to allow more output control.

The inclusion of the differential input switch allows for twisted pair or single end RCA connections to eliminate all noise that can occur from different source units or due to difficult installations. Further inspection reveals their tried & true “N” drive MOSFET power supplies that ensure high performance for either casual listening or competition grade SQ systems. The EX4R includes many cutting-edge features like RCA inputs capable of processing RCA or Speaker levels signals up to 10 Volts. This built in OEM line converter eliminates the need for an additional component, reduces cost and is found in every “EDGE” Amplifier. The EX4R uses a DC off set music sensing system to activate the Auto Turn-On Circuit.

Not to be outshined the new E3F and E4F are remarkable high powered mini sized Class D super-efficient amplifiers that stay cool while delivering a full range of frequencies into a 1 Ohm load for Subwoofers, Mid-Range and Full Range Speakers. RCA inputs take low level RCA or high-level direct speaker leads at up to 10 Volts in. This built in money saving OEM line converter is found in every “EDGE” model, and every Nano Edge model uses a DC off set music sensing system to activate the ATO (Auto Turn On). They feature variable LOW PASS, HIGH PASS and FULL RANGE crossovers for ultimate system flexibility. Stable at 1 Ohm with a high quality Class D PCB layout, selective Bass Boost EQ for fine tuning, soft delay remote turn on/off circuit that eliminates pops and clicks. Differential input switching and clip lights are also present on these two amplifiers.


  • Built-In OEM Line Converter
  • Clip Light Indicator
  • Differential Input Switch to Eliminate Noise
  • X1 / X10 Crossover Switching (EX4R)
  • Versatile Full Range Class D Technology 
  • High Power in Extremely Small Heat Sink
  • Mil Spec Double Sided PCB with SMD Parts
  • Full Mosfet with High Grade Switching Devices
  • Regulated Power Supply & Dual Output Voltage
  • Built-in Auto Sensing Turn-on via Hi-Input
  • 12v Remote Output for External Devices
  • 0~12dB Variable Bass Boost (E3F, E4F)
  • Next Gen Advanced 5 Way Protection

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Petra Industries Partners with Massive Audio for Big, High-Performance 12-Volt Sound

EDMOND, OK (05.27.2020) – Petra Industries is working with Massive Audio to distribute their line of car audio products.

Designed for true car enthusiasts, Massive Audio is a high-performance brand that delivers powerful sound and customer satisfaction. Massive Audio products are designed to readily fit OEM spaces.

“We are excited to add Massive Audio to our growing line of aftermarket products,” said Tate Morgan, Petra President. “They are an industry leader with cutting-edge, accurate audio components across multiple series and price points. This provides retailers a tiered approach to capture more sales. And end users will love the clean and powerful results. Anyone seeking to build out their line of 12-volt aftermarket audio products will find Massive Audio an excellent addition.”

The 12-volt Massive Audio product line carried by Petra includes amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. The amps incorporate built-in OEM line converters and include models for marine, off-road, and powersports applications. Rugged and powerful speakers and subwoofers come in a wide array of sizes. And versatile component systems and tweeters kits offer additional speaker configurations.

To see the complete line of Massive Audio products carried by Petra Industries, visit