KICKER Celebrates Employee Service in Annual Awards Ceremony

STILLWATER, OK (08.25.2020) – Stillwater Designs, the maker of KICKER mobile-audio products, celebrated the anniversaries of 56 employees August 20 during a company luncheon, culminating with recognition of KICKER Vice Presidents Jeanne Snyder and Bob Spencer who have been with the company 35 years.

Kicker Founder Steve Irby addressing the luncheon gathering on Thursday, August 20th. Note all of the gift bags on the table.

KICKER has been celebrating work anniversaries since the early 1980s, and employees gather for an informal meeting each year to earn a gift and a handshake from KICKER President and founder Steve Irby.  This year is like none other, with employees donning masks and practicing social distancing at KICKER headquarters.

“I’m really honored,” said Irby. “It’s unbelievable to me to know somebody seeks to make a work career here, and great to see people that are team players and succeed in their years.”

Kicker Vice Presidents Jeanne Snyder (C) and Bob Spencer (L) are pictured with Kicker Founder Steve Irby. Snyder and Spencer received recognition awards for 35 years with Kicker. The luncheon was held in the Kicker warehouse with masks in place.

A pin embossed with the KICKER logo was awarded to employees for one year of service, a wristwatch for three years and a ring for five years. Accolades were also given to employees with 10, 15 and 20 years of service. In addition to the pair of 35-year service honors, employees Glynn Cooper, Bruce Moore, Jason Sigrist and Jeff Womack received recognition for being with the company for 25 years.

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KICKER Hosts Stillwater Cars and Coffee at World HQ

STILLWATER, OK (07.30.2020) – The Stillwater Cars and Coffee took place in the KICKER World HQ parking lot on Saturday, July 25th. Local enthusiasts, with over 100 vehicles on site, enjoyed the event under a sunny sky with July Oklahoma temperature in the mid 90s.

Enthusiasts at the event in the parking lot with the KICKER World HQ building in the background.
A wide variety of vehicles were in the parking lot.

Kicker’s John Myers was instrumental in bring the event together. Myers related “It was certainly a fun day. Six or seven of us from KICKER were there and enjoyed meeting with many in the crowd.”

This mid day image shows a portion of the vehicles on site at the Cars and Coffee.
This vintage Corvette was super clean.

The event was a good old fashion car meet with cars, bikes and trucks on the lot. The monthly Stillwater Cars and Coffee event is typically a monthly event that is totally free for all to attend. A classic ’57 Chevy, classic Corvette convertible, decked out Hummer, along with a ACR Viper and hot bikes, grabbed the eyeballs of enthusiasts checking out rides on the huge parking lot by Boomer Lake.

The Studebaker brand has not been in production for decades.
Aftermarket upgrades are everywhere on this shiny Hummer.

“We passed out KICKER goodie bags with a catalog, stickers and a lanyard. There were also raffle drawings from local businesses like car detailing products” Myers added. Myers is KICKER Tech Force Senior Trainer.

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American Flat Track Racing Returns…. And Livin’Loud with KICKER

VOLUSIA FL (07.22.2020) – American Flat Track Racing’s return to the track at the Volusia Speedway Park for the inaugural Half-Mile I and II was an exciting 2-Day event. KICKER was aboard with an exclusive American Flat Track Racing partnership for the 2020 season. The initial event hit the track July 17th and18th following a lengthy delay in scheduling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. KICKER is the official Audio Partner of AFT as the racing season got underway at the inaugural Volusia (Fla.) Speedway Park doubleheader, the Volusia Half-Mile I and II.

Champagne was in the air with these race winners who were Livin’ Loud on the podium in Volusia Florida.

“At KICKER, we deliver the kind of products that excites – that makes your heart race when you hear your favorite song through our equipment,” said Kevin Campbell, KICKER Director of Marketing. “Now in our 47th year of developing high-performance audio, our ‘Livin’ Loud’ trademark is a perfect fit for the passion of the racers and teams of American Flat Track Racing.”

Riders were on the track Saturday evening when this great image of the Volusia Speedway Park venue was captured by a drone camera.

Continuing Campbell stated “The event in Volusia was definitely exciting for the racers and members of the crowd. KICKER staff are limited with travel due to the COVID-19 situation. I tuned into the live stream of both events and I could feel the excitement as I watched in Stillwater.”

American Flat Track Racers can hit 140 mph on the straightaways.

Helen Pardee, AFT Director of Marketing, related “The event at the Speedway Park got us back on the track. We worked our plan to implement safety procedures plus social distancing for members of the crowd and racers. The races in the 3 classes were very exciting as expected. New for these races was a timing format. Each of the races was based on 12 or 8 minute runs plus 2 additional laps.”

Staff members ready everything on the podium that included the Kicker PA system for announcements to the crowd.

KICKER provided a high-power public address system to AFT so the entire crowd could hear which racers earned a place on the podium. The winners of each event were also awarded a KICKER Bullfrog BF400 wireless outdoor speaker.

The Kicker brand, along with other top brands, was highlighted at the AFT event.

The racers exceeded 140 mph on the straightaways and 90 mph in the corners. “The sport remains perhaps motorsport’s purest test of man and machine,” according to the website.

NBCSN aired each race, with live streaming through NBC Sports Gold.

For more information, fans can visit and

KICKER Named Official Audio Partner for American Flat Track’s Return to Racing

STILLWATER, OK (07.15.2020) – KICKER has announced an exclusive partnership with American Flat Track Racing for the 2020 season as its initial event begins July 17-18 following a lengthy delay in scheduling.  KICKER is the official audio partner of AFT as it kicks off the racing season with an inaugural Volusia (Fla.) Speedway Park doubleheader, the Volusia Half-Mile I and II.

“At KICKER, we deliver the kind of products that excites – that makes your heart race when you hear your favorite song through our equipment,” said Kevin Campbell, KICKER Director of Marketing. “Now in our 47th year of developing high-performance audio, our ‘Livin’ Loud’ trademark is a perfect fit for the passion of athletes and teams of American Flat Track racing.”

KICKER is providing a high-power public address system to AFT, so the entire crowd will hear which racers earn a place on the podium. The winners of each event will also be awarded a KICKER Bullfrog BF400 wireless outdoor speaker.

The racers can exceed 140 mph in the straightaways, and 90 mph in the corners. “The sport remains perhaps motorsport’s purest test of man and machine,” according to the website. In normal years, with more than 75 competitors running in three separate classes, this thrilling format brings tens of thousands of spectators to each of the year’s 20 races. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AFT’s first race won’t begin until this weekend.

NBCSN will also broadcast each race, with live streaming available through NBC Sports Gold. For more information, visit

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KICKER Marine Audio – Well Stocked, Inventoried, and Ready for Summer

STILLWATER, OK (07.10.2020) – Since its inception in 1973, KICKERâ has been a conservative, growing company with a consistent passion for music, incorporating pure sound and bass you don’t just hear, but feel. KICKER, along with its KICKER Marine Audio division, continues its four-decades practice of “Livin’ Loud,” despite the challenges of a global pandemic. In fact, based on the company’s recent performance, its Livin’ Loud tagline has the company “Feelin’ Strong”—and stable.

According to Director of Marine Audio Systems Phil White, while many manufacturers, and distributors have scrambled for orders to stay afloat or were pressed to secure supply chain components, KICKER beat the trend and is well poised to execute timely deliveries.  

“Our top requested marine inventory items have been head units, RGB coaxials, subwoofers, and amplifiers” said White. “Entering this season with heavy inventory levels and a strong supply chain, we have been able to service our dealers, OEMs, and consumers with product delivery during these trying times.”

In addition, KICKER Marine Audio Brand Manager Jeremy Bale said the company continued to focus on its R&D efforts, with plans to release some exciting new marine exclusive products as scheduled later this year.

In explaining the rationale behind KICKER’s inventory success, Bale points to founder Steve Irby’s decision to bolster inventories based on projections for a robust season of growth in 2020. Irby and his management team evaluated sales trends, developed new product timelines, and strategically focused tactics to grow the marine segment. That decision has paid dividends.

“Music is always a great release,” says Irby, “We are pleased that boaters continue to find solace in upgrading their music systems and enjoying relaxation or recreational activities which are fueled by great music—and KICKER systems.” 

“We are communicating with many of our dealers throughout the world and are pleasantly surprised by the boating consumer psyche,” adds White. “Boaters are taking time during COVID-19 to escape with their families and spend time on their boats out on the water. Many choose to either invest in new boat products or to enjoy DYI projects to upgrade their existing boats, which positively impacts the purchase of our sound systems. We are fortunate that boat dealers are essential services in many parts of the world and that our strong positioning allows us to respond to the resulting demand. As boat ramps and marinas have continued to reopen, we are continuing to experience a very high level of demand and a strong push for product.”        

Besides the sales initiatives, KICKER also participates in COVID-19 support services, donating PPE products to New York City and several Oklahoma healthcare facilities. KICKER team members even recently used the company’s 3-D printers to create face shields for donation.

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KICKER Hosts Zoom Training for South Africa Distributor and Dealers

STILLWATER, OK (05.22.2020) – On Thursday morning, May 21st, KICKER hosted a Zoom training session designed to inform the 12volt community across South Africa about the company’s latest products. KICKER’S John Myers, a 41-year industry veteran, conducted the very informative session. KICKER’S distributor in South Africa, PlanetWorld, notified their dealer network about the training session that was well attended.

John Myers kicked off the session with F.I.T. to the rescue.

David Glasgow, KICKER International Sales Manager, organized the Zoom meeting that was the second in the Zoom series scheduled for PlanetWorld. “Overall the meeting was fantastic. It is so important to get important information out to our international distributors and dealers. John Myers does a great job and all now understand KICKER’S Failsafe Integration Technology. F.I.T. sets the standard in amplifier performance.”

Quewen Webb pictured in his PlanetWorld office in Johannesburg during the KICKER Zoom call training session.

PlanetWorld has 3 locations in South Africa… Johannesburg, Durbin and CapeTown. Quewen Webb, PlanetWorld National Sale Manager, participated in the session and reported that dealers attending the meeting had very positive feedback.

KICKER’S Kip Litsey, Brand Marketing, making a point during the presentation.

“During the COVID-19 down time we have redoubled our efforts to engage and deliver vital information to our distributors around the world. Preparing our distributors and their dealers will turnout to be a terrific investment for all in the long run. We have 3 more sessions scheduled with PlanetWorld. We have also completed sessions with Celsus_Uk and other international distributors. We want all to know the latest so they will all be Livin’Loud with KICKER” Glasgow concluded.

Glasgow and Myers traveled to South Africa earlier this year to work with PlanetWorld and their dealers.

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KICKER’s Evolution of the Smart Line-Output Converter Featuring KEY Technology Ships Worldwide

STILLWATER, OK (05.21.2020) – KICKER has solved a common amplifier integration challenge with a single, elegant solution. Now shipping worldwide, KICKER introduces the KEYLOC – the first frequency, speaker-lead identification system and fully functional line-output converter in one.  The KEYLOC Smart LOC is available at Authorized KICKER Dealers in-store and online, and retails for $129.95.

Emerging from KICKER’s cutting-edge line of KEY Technology, KEYLOC is a revolutionary, DSP (digital signal processor)-controlled line-output converter that automatically detects the frequency range of speaker leads and phase of a factory audio system to assist in hooking up any aftermarket amplifier for a more modern entertainment setup.

KEYLOC’s patent-pending KEY algorithm automatically detects and analyzes crossovers, EQ, time delay, and all-pass filters present, and then level-matches the left and right audio channels.  Once analyzed, it corrects these various filters for the smoothest frequency response possible and a clean, uncolored audio signal for all aftermarket gear.

Using KICKER’s FIT 2+ advanced input design, KEYLOC has the most versatile input sensitivity in the car-audio aftermarket. Ranging from 125mV to 10V (low) or 1V to 40V (high), KEYLOC is prepared to work with nearly every vehicle on the road today.

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Kicker Conducts Training Webinars in the International World

STILLWATER, OK (05.08.2020) – The Kicker Training Team was very busy on Wednesday morning, May 6th, at 10 Stillwater time with International Training webinars.

John Myers presenting the Kicker Celsus UK Training… a ZOOM call screenshot.

“We held trainings for both Spain and the UK. The presentation for Spain focusing on Kicker Marine was conducted in Spanish by Carlos Jimenez for Sport Nav in Barcelona. The presentation for the UK supported Kicker’s Distributor Celsus UK” David Glasgow, International Sales Manager stated.

Great graphics highlighted topics during the ZOOM training call.

John Myers, Global Trainer/Media Custom Projects Specialist, conducted the Celsus UK webinar that lasted over an hour and a half. During that time Myers covered virtually every facet of Kicker’s 2020 product lineup for car audio, powersports, motorcycles and marine audio. Very informative graphics enhanced each subject covered during the presentation.

The new Kicker Auto-Tuning Key SMART Amplifiers were covered in detail.

Mark Baker, Celsus UK Director, joined the webinar from the company’s office in Poole Dorest UK. During the webinar Baker snapped and sent images to the 12volt News. “Mike, Josh and I are the only ones in the office for the webinar. As a company we are social distancing like many companies around the world due to COVID-19. We had a program in place to inform dealers about the webinar and many were set to logon for the ZOOM call.”

“Go Overboard” with Kicker Marine Audio.

After the session Baker added “ John Myers did a great job of covering Kicker’s 2020 product lineup. Kicker is very proactive and helps us reach out to our customers in these strange times. These online trainings will help our customers understand the benefits of Kicker products and they get the best from them. Embracing these virtual training sessions is a way forward and we hope to do more.”

Mark Baker, Celsus UK Director, pictured in his office during the Kicker Training ZOOM call.
An over the shoulder look as Josh Baker watches the Kicker Training.

Glasgow added “We have been very busy during this COVID-19 timeframe and are working to provide as much Kicker training as we can. John Myers, Aaron Malin and Carlos Jimenez are really putting in the hours. We had training presentations for South Africa 2 weeks ago. And with the training on May 6th we finished the 4 marine webinars for Spain.”

Kicker has completed 4 training sessions in Spanish, with Carlos Jimenez,  for Marine Distributor SportNav in Barcelona Spain.
Those who attended the Kicker Training ZOOM Webinars received a very nice thank you email from the Kicker Tech Force.

Chet Weddle, Director of International Sales Stillwater Designs-Kicker, participated in the all encompassing Zoom Celsus UK presentation.

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KICKER Now Shipping Auto-Tuning KEY Smart Amplifiers to Dealers

STILLWATER, OK (04.29.2020) – One year ago KICKER engineers set the audio world on alert with its first auto-tuning, smart amp that literally repairs inferior factory or aftermarket audio.  This year KICKER introduced compact KEY amplifiers that improve both full-range and bass sound.  The KEY200.4 Smart 4-Channel Amp/Processor and the KEY500.1 Smart Mono Amp/Bass Revealer use AI-driven DSP (digital signal processing) to dramatically improve audio, and they are now shipping to Authorized KICKER Dealers nationwide, available for purchase online and in-store.

Built to improve the performance of door speakers and tweeters, the start/stop-compatible KEY200.4 four-channel amplifier comes with a microphone and integrated push-button remote. The remote is designed to start the automatic tuning and calibration process once amplifier installation is complete.

A simple press of the selector (attached to the microphone) sets the KEY’s test tones and proprietary algorithms in motion. The system detects each speakers’ size, applies a 24dB crossover and 40 channels of equalization, applies time alignment, and customizes the gain levels of each channel independently. The true potential of the vehicle’s full-range system is revealed in a matter of seconds, delivering dramatic improvements in realism and soundstage without the need for expensive external processors or professional tuning.

The KEY500.1 is a 500-watt subwoofer amplifier, built in the same compact footprint as its four-channel cousin but focusing on a single bass channel. Using KICKER’s supplied test tones downloadable from the company website, the KEY sub amp automatically analyzes the audio being fed directly into the amplifier. Once analyzed, the KEY500.1 automatically repairs peaks in that signal while revealing the low bass that is typically missing in mediocre systems. In a matter of moments, it reveals a clean, even bass response at all volume levels. The KEY500.1 comes with 24dB sub-sonic and low-pass crossovers, bass boost and gain controls, and matches perfectly with any KICKER subwoofer or loaded sub enclosure that’s 12 inches or smaller.

Both the KEY200.4 and KEY500.1 represent a completely revolutionary approach to achieving greatly improved sound quality in an affordable package that installs nearly anywhere, and works with even the most modern factory or aftermarket audio systems.  KICKER’s exclusive FIT2 (Fail-safe Integration Technology) allows KEY amps to work with nearly any radio.

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KICKER Marine Audio Adds ABYC- and USCG-Compliant Marine Power and Signal Accessories

STILLWATER, OK (04.28.2020) – KICKER Marine Audio delivers a higher standard to its Marine Power and Signal Accessories, engineered by boat owners, for boat owners. A complete wiring solution, a new family of interconnects, power wire, fusing, power distribution and amplifier kits are all built to the highest standards in the marine industry, meeting or exceeding U.S. Coast Guard and ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) testing standards. They will be available at Authorized KICKER Marine Dealers in-store and online. Complete marine power kits retail from $129.95 to $199.95.

MARINE WIRE (retail range $99.95 [20 ft. 8 AWG] to $549.95 [50 ft. 1/0 AWG])

To ensure maximum power transfer and reliability, KICKER takes pure, full-spec OFC (oxygen-free copper) and tins it to prevent corrosion. Compliant with USCG and ABYC standards, the power cable features soft, flexible jacketing that makes installation easy, even when running cable around corners. The power and ground wire are offered in eight, four and 1/0 AWG. The speaker wire is 16 AWG.  A spool with 150 feet of combo speaker/RGB wire is also available.

MARINE INTERCONNECTS (retail range $19.95 to $49.95)

KICKER Marine interconnects feature split-pin connections and OFC wire for superior bass response and signal clarity. Specific to the marine line, the PVC jacketing is extended to completely cover the ground ring, providing a superior seal between the elements and your amplifier. All marine RCA cables feature an ultra-slim union for snag-free cable routing in tight places. It is offered in one, three, seven and 10-meter lengths, and a male-to-dual-female Y adapter is also available.

MARINE POWER DISTRIBUTION (retail range $19.95 to $79.95)

KICKER is the only 12-volt aftermarket brand to offer a power-distribution system that meets USCG and ABYC standards, therefore safe enough to be used in new boat construction. 

KICKER’s MRBF fuses also meet SAE-J1171 standards for ignition protection and are IP66 rated. Sizes ranging from 40 to 300 amps are available.

The RT series of easy-crimp ring terminals (available in eight, four and 1/0 AWG), KMFMF Master Fuse Holder, KMFDB3 Fused Distribution Block and KMDB3 Ground Distribution Block are all nickel-coated to prevent corrosion, and all meet the same stringent standards of the rest of the new marine accessory line.

The KMFMF is engineered to fit directly on a marine battery, while the power distribution block is designed to conveniently fit an MRBF fuse on each of the three threaded posts, with an RT ring terminal securely fastened to each.

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