KENWOOD Exhibits Motorsports Action Cam System at Sturgis

LONG BEACH, CA (08.04.22) KENWOOD USA announced it will be exhibiting its STZ-RF200WD Motorcycle/Motorsports Action Camera Recording System at the 2022 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The STZ-RF200WD will be available for sale and installation at KENWOOD’s tent in the vendor section at Black Hills Harley-Davidson, known as “The Rally at Exit 55,” August 3rd-13th.

“The biggest challenge that we’ve faced with bringing this product to market is simply the awareness that it exists,” said Mike Roberts, KENWOOD VP of Sales and Marketing. “As soon as we can demonstrate how easy it is to capture all of their motorsports action (from both the front and rear simultaneously), they are hooked. Gone are the days of having to attach bulky cameras to a helmet. Showing this product at the Sturgis event is the perfect opportunity for us to catapult consumer awareness about this incredible recording solution.”

KENWOOD staff will be at their tent with the system installed in motorcycles to explain and demonstrate exactly how the STZ-RF200WD works. Since this is a “stealth” installed recording solution, the compact hide-a-way control box mounts easily underneath the seat of most motorcycles, while its multi-control switch typically mounts near or on the handlebars. When a rider wants to review their FULL HD recorded footage, they can remove the included 32GB SD card and review it on a computer, or instantly link their smartphone to the system wirelessly, enabling them to also change the system’s settings.

After a warm welcome making its debut at last year’s Moto GP event in Austin, TX, the STZ-RF200WD has now expanded to become the choice for not only motorcycle enthusiasts, but also a multitude of marine, motorsports, and even RV and traditional vehicle users alike, as it now offers optional camera extension cables to span a total length of over 40 feet.

For detailed information on the STZ-RF200WD, please visit its web page here:

STZ-RF200WD Promo Video:

STZ-RF200WD Unboxing Video:

STZ-RF200WD Installation Video:

STZ-RF200WD User Submitted Footage YouTube playlist:

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Kenwood Introduces a Motorsports-Grade Dual Camera Recording Solution

LONG BEACH, CA (12.01.2021) – KENWOOD USA is now shipping its motorsports-grade STZ-RF200WD Integrated Dual Camera Recording System at a MAP of $399.95. 

Motorcycle and motorsports enthusiasts now have a stealth solution to simultaneously record in both the front and rear of their vehicle in FULL HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.  The STZ-RF200WD consists of 2 externally-mounted cameras, a control switch, and a GPS antenna, all carrying an IP66/67 rating, meaning that they can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water and are fully sealed against dust entry. The “brain” of the system is an IP55 rated hide-a-way control box, meaning that it is protected against dust ingress and low-pressure water jets.  The control box would typically mount underneath a seat or in another covered location in most motorcycles, side-by-sides/UTV’s, ATV’s and more.  When additional length beyond each camera’s 6.6 ft. cable is needed, optional camera extension cables in lengths of 3.3 ft. (STZ-RFCC100, MAP $34.95), 9 ft. (STZ-RFCC300, MAP $49.95), and 16 ft. (STZ-RFCC500, MAP $64.95) can be added. 

The STZ-RF200WD’s compact cameras come in at just under 1” in size for ease of installation and a stealthy look, all without compromising recording quality or their wide viewing angle of 195°.  High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology is implemented to ensure the image is clearly defined in all lighting conditions day and night. They also feature Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), which creates a smooth and clear video by reducing blurring caused by vibration. 

With its Auto On/Off recording functionality, the STZ-RF200WD’s built-in GPS records speed, latitude, and longitude whenever the system is active.  It’s also equipped with a 3-axis G-Sensor and adjustable sensitivity, which is designed to detect a collision and store that event in a dedicated folder.  Its built-in Super Capacitor provides enough backup supply to ensure that even if the system’s power is lost, the recorded video file will save correctly and not become corrupted.

 Users have two methods to access recorded videos.  They can install the KENWOOD Motorsports CAM App on their iOS or Android device, then connect via a localized Wi-Fi network by pressing and holding the STZ-RF200WD’s control switch for 3 seconds and continuing to follow their device connection prompts.   Once connected, this method enables users to visually adjust each camera’s field of view, adjust all system settings and review all recorded files.  Upon reviewing, each file can be downloaded directly to the user’s device for easy file sharing.   Alternatively, the included 32GB microSD card (upgradeable to 256GB) can be manually removed from the control box, allowing users to open the files from their PC or Mac using the KENWOOD Motorsports CAM viewer desktop software.  This viewing software expands upon the app’s reviewing capabilities, including map data and speedometer display.

“From protection in case of insurance fraud to capturing beautiful road, backroad, and water scenery, motorcycle and motorsports enthusiasts have long demanded a high-quality dashboard camera-type recording solution.  This product is more than just safety, it allows you to capture and share your epic adventures with your friends and family,” said Mike Roberts, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for KENWOOD USA’s car electronics sector. “Our team of engineers has truly delivered on this challenge and we are thrilled to be continuing to fulfill our mission of expanding our motorsports presence.”

For detailed information on specific features for each product, please view their respective product pages at

STZ-RF200WD web page:

STZ-RF200WD promo video:

STZ-RF200WD unboxing video:

STZ-RF200WD installation video:

An Interview with a Legend – Rick Snelson

LONG BEACH, CA (07.19.2021) KENWOOD USA is honored to recognize the retirement of Rick Snelson, (now previous) owner of the Car-Fi Mobile Electronics retail stores in Springfield and Nixa, Missouri.

Recently, the company had the opportunity to speak with Rick Snelson (now former owner of Car-Fi, MO). Snelson recently announced he was retiring and selling his Car-Fi retail stores. As a loyal supporter of KENWOOD for over 4 decades, we wanted to learn the tips and tricks he used to succeed in the world of 12-volt retail.

Rick Snelson

“It all started with the inspiration of my entrepreneurial father who chose to open up a TV and Appliance store when I was 15 years old. At that time, I was going to school for half of the day, and working the other half, learning the nuts and bolts of customer service,” said Snelson. Seven years later, he accelerated into his own ventures of ownership and sales management, of which soon-after he was introduced to KENWOOD, selling it for the first time at a store called Stereo Buff in Springfield, MO. His keen business sense and talent was quickly sought after, and by 1981 was recruited by World Radio in Council Bluffs, IA as their buyer.  He worked with them to build their storefronts from 3 to 20 in a matter of years, where KENWOOD was their lead brand.

So, where does one go from here you may ask? Snelson had an appetite for bringing happiness and excitement to customers through his love of cars, music, and the experience achieved from that combination. It was this notion that led Snelson to open up Car-Fi in Springfield, MO in 1986 as the FIRST Car Audio only store in Springfield, MO. 

The city of Springfield could feel his love for the music, as they helped him propel the business to a staff of over 14, with a 2 million dollar a year revenue by the store’s second year in business…and that was just the beginning! “At that time, we were selling cassette players, both shaft and pullout style…primarily KENWOOD (remember they created the first aftermarket removable anti-theft radio?).” We also capitalized on our local limousine business, of which an alignment with a strategic partner in the wholesale industry (George Hillman) yielded substantial results.

By the late 90’s, Car-Fi grew to 5 million dollars a year in annual sales in a city of just 150,000 people. “Capturing this sort of revenue required significant promoting,” said Snelson. “In order to earn and grow your business, you must not only provide exceptional customer service, but you also have to make it fun. Sometimes I feel like I took that a bit too far… but it worked!”

Snelson was known for some outrageous sales promotions, such as the Jello Jump. No, that’s not a typo…Snelson would literally put 100 marbles in a physical pool filled with Jello. The marbles had numbers on them that correlated to a specific prize (everything from t-shirts to radios). 3,000+ people would attend the events.  You couldn’t drive onto or even close to the parking lot filled with customers. Other events included car giveaways, sound-offs, and even manager on the roof sales, where he or a manager would get on the roof and live up there for days. “We couldn’t come down until we hit our sales goals,” said Snelson. “We literally had a port-a-potty on it. Radio DJ’s would be there giving things away all day, making it a fun event for all who attended.”

When we asked Snelson about what type of sales promotions he would recommend, he stated that of all the promotions they held, his tent or warehouse sales have always been the most beneficial. “I don’t think there’s anything better than a tent/warehouse sale,” said Snelson. “We would bring in $150,000 in sales on a 3-day weekend event. I would highly recommend this type of event to any 12-volt retail store location. You need to make it a selling event.”

Throughout Snelson’s career, he was pivotal in many industry organizations. When In Car Experts (ICE) debuted as a 12-volt buying/marketing group, he was one of its very first members, helping to put it together with David Schwartz. Shortly after, he became one of the first 5 board members of the Mobile Electronics Specialists of America (MESA), a 12-volt buying/marketing group led by its Executive Director Ryan Gunter.

Snelson has also been no stranger to charity work and giving back to his community, even giving away one of his vans filled with gear to a charity that will carry on this legacy.  He’s supported a teen homeless outreach program for many years, helping them to get clothing and supplies for school. He even put a rack out in front of his store with a sign reading: “Need a coat, take one. Want to help? Leave one.” “I have known Snelson for over 30 years,” said Brett Phelps of Progressive Sales and Marketing, who represents the KENWOOD line for Snelson’s “former” territory. “He has a huge heart and would walk through glass for people he barely knew when they genuinely needed his help. It’s been an honor to have worked with and been a friend of Snelson for all these years.”

“What’s driven me year after year is that I’ve never lost sight that the music matters,” said Snelson. “From the way we present the product from the time a customer walks in the door, to the final in-car demonstration, the way the music sounds and that smile on your customer’s face is what truly matters and makes it all worthwhile.”

We at KENWOOD want to offer our sincerest appreciation to Snelson for his loyalty and support of the KENWOOD line over the years, and we wish him the best in his retirement.   

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KENWOOD Shipping Value-Priced 6.5” 2-Way Coaxial Marine/Motorsports Speakers

LONG BEACH, CA (06.03.2021) – KENWOOD is now shipping 2 new 6.5” 4 Ohm 2-way coaxial marine/motorsports speakers; the KFC-1613MRW in white (MAP $49.95), and KFC-1613MRB in black (MAP $49.95).

Both speakers feature a waterproof polypropylene cone with rubber surround, a balanced dome tweeter, and UV resistant grilles.  Peak power handling comes in at 100 watts, with 60 watts max and 30 watts RMS. They carry a sensitivity rating of 87db/W at 1/m and have a 60Hz – 20,000Hz frequency response.  A shallow mounting depth of only 2-15/16” ensures ample fitment in a wide variety of applications.

These speakers further complement their already strong line of 6.5” to 8” marine and motorsports coaxial speakers, including their most recent release of the 6.5” LED illuminated speakers, the KFC-1673MRWL in white (MAP $199.95) and KFC-1673MRBL in black (MAP $199.95).  KENWOOD is committed to expanding its marine and motorsports lineup and is excited to announce more product launches in the upcoming months. 

For detailed information on specific features for each product, view their respective product pages at

KFC-1613MRW web page:

KFC-1613MRB web page:

KFC-1673MRWL web page:

KFC-1673MRBL web page:

KENWOOD Introduces the World’s First Anti-Viral Receiver

LONG BEACH, CA (04.01.2021) – KENWOOD USA has introduced a new line of MASK CD receivers with ZapoGerm technology. The eXcelon KDC-X569UV kills germs and viruses on the surface of CD’s. How does it work? A CD is placed in the CD receiver and bathed with excessive Ultraviolet light while it’s playing. In testing, this treatment has been shown to mitigate the transfer of COVID-19, COVID-20, the common flu and a host of other germs and viruses that live on the surface of objects by up to 28%. Dave Hoag, JVCKENWOOD’s Executive VP stated: “This is the first environmentally and socially conscience automotive receiver to come to market. It’s a game changer.”

KENWOOD plans to expand this technology into DVD receivers in late 2022. Mike Roberts, KENWOOD’s VP of Sales and Marketing said: “We wanted to start with CD receivers because they represent a segment of the market that could use a boost from a breakthrough technology like ZapoGerm. It’s a perfect time to revive the iconic MASK line of receivers and bring them into the 21st Century.”

When asked if the UV light in the CD receiver could affect the laser’s ability to track the CD, Rick Noetzli, KENWOOD’s Sr. Product Manager said: “The light only diminishes the receiver’s ability to read the disc by 15%, and we found that playback fidelity only decreased 15-18%. Our study groups showed that the compromise was still better than most compressed audio files, and acceptable for people to finally feel safe in their cars.”

The KDC-X569UV will be available in early 2022, at a projected retail price of $699.00 (based on decreased chip availability, increased parts costs, tariffs, and shipping costs).

For detailed information on specific features of the receiver, please view its respective product page at

KENWOOD Introduces 2 Motorcycle / Motorsports Communication Systems

LONG BEACH, CA (01.27.2021) KENWOOD USA is now shipping two new products; the KCA-HX5M (MAP $329.95), a Motorcycle/Motorsports Bluetooth Communication System, and the KCA-HX7C (MAP $399.95) a Motorcycle/Motorsports 4K Camera & Bluetooth Communication System.

With its increasing presence in the world of motorsports, KENWOOD is now leveraging its Communications and Dash Cam DNA by offering motorsports helmet riders 2 unique experiences; advanced helmet-to-helmet rider communication and 4K camera recording with advanced helmet-to-helmet rider communication. 

The core function of the KCA-HX5M is to enable riders to seamlessly communicate with each other with crystal clear sound. It incorporates Bluetooth 4.1 technology to provide a powerful Mesh Intercom with a range of up to 1.2 miles, supporting up to 4 riders at a time, and can even connect with other popular brands of intercom systems like SENA. Additional intercom modes available include Open Mesh and Group Mesh. In Open Mesh mode, it can connect with a virtually unlimited number of riders, whereas Group Mesh mode allows for a closed group intercom function for up to 24 riders. Its Advanced Noise Control can also be enabled to reduce background noise during your intercom conversation. Bluetooth intercom talk time is rated at 13 hours, with Mesh intercom at 8 hours.

Other unique features include its ability to make and receive phone calls, FM radio and music listening, music sharing via Bluetooth, and voice command functionality. With its Audio Multitasking capability, riders can have an intercom conversation while simultaneously listening to music, FM radio, or hearing GPS turn-by-turn directions.

The KCA-HX5M consists of a water-resistant helmet-mounted main headset and clamp kit. The headset incorporates a Mesh Intercom, Bluetooth Antenna, Status LED, Jog Dial, and buttons for the Mesh Intercom and Phone. The clamp kit adds a Static Boom Microphone, 2 Speakers, MP3 and Earbud Ports, as well as Quick Release and Ambient mode buttons. A wired microphone and wired boom microphone are also included in the package, along with additional installation accessories. Both KENWOOD’s recommended helmet mounting hardware and optional glued surface mounting adapter parts are included for versatility and ease of installation.

The KCA-HX5M provides additional access and control with both a smartphone application and computer-based companion software. The MESH Utility for KENWOOD smartphone application is available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, and provides access to device settings, user guides, and more. The Intercom Device Manager for KENWOOD PC or Apple software allows you to upgrade the firmware and configure its settings directly from your computer. It can be downloaded from

The KCA-HX7C helmet-mounted camera system delivers a lightweight, compact, and aerodynamic alternative to action cameras or other bulky camera options.  It expands upon the KCA-HX5M’s primary feature set with the addition of a built-in 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) camera that records at 30 FPS (Frames Per Second), and other slight feature variances, including 4-way intercom communication up to 1 mile away only, as opposed to the KCA-HX5M’s Mesh system for more than 4 riders. The camera features a 125-degree field of view and the lens can be rotated 30 degrees for optimal rider recording view. Smart Audio Mix is added, which allows recording of everything you hear through your speakers as well as your voice during video recording. Bluetooth intercom talk time is rated at 20 hours and video recording at 1.5 hours.

The KCA-HX7C shares the Intercom Device Manager for KENWOOD PC and Apple software for firmware upgrades and configuration settings, but utilizes two unique smartphone applications; the Intercom Utility for KENWOOD application allows you to configure the headset settings, while the Intercom Camera for KENWOOD application allows you to see a live preview from the camera, manage recorded videos, as well as configure the video settings using the built-in Wireless LAN feature of the camera system. When the camera and app are connected, the camera is synchronized with the smartphone’s date and time.  

“Be it a motorcycle, UTV, or other motorsports riding activity, it’s simply not as much fun to ride alone.” said Mike Roberts, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for KENWOOD USA’s car electronics sector. “With these systems, riders can fully enjoy their riding experience together, knowing that they are receiving the ultimate in sound quality and performance.”

KCA-HX5M product page:

KCA-HX7C product page:

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Kenwood Holds Annual Rep Awards Ceremony – Virtually

LONG BEACH, CA (01.18.2021) – KENWOOD USA has announced its rep of the year awards for both individual sales reps, as well as sales rep firms for the East, Midwest, and Western territories at their recent annual rep awards ceremony, which was held virtually this year.  

Admin Support of the Year: Katie Lopez, Momentum Marketing

Western Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Ryan Christie, N&S Marketing

Midwest Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Keith Selby, Cardinal Sales

Eastern Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Paul Ward, CF Marketing

Katie Lopez represents Momentum Marketing in Southwest Texas and has been a part of the company for over 10 years.  “Katie is always one step ahead of the game,” stated Tim Hill, KENWOOD Midwest Regional Sales Manager.  “If you’re thinking about it, Katie is already making it happen. She has a firm handle on what needs to be done, how fast it needs to be done, and how often it needs to be done.”

“I’ve had the privilege of working with the KENWOOD family for more than 10 years,” stated Lopez. I’m honored and grateful to have received such an award. KENWOOD truly has my heart and I’m thankful for the friendships that have evolved throughout the years. I work with a remarkable team and powerful dealers that I continue to learn something new from every day.”

Ryan Christie represents N & S Marketing in the Pacific Northwest and has been a part of the company for 13 years.  “With the challenges we’ve faced this year, I looked for sales reps who went above and beyond to stay connected to their dealers in deciding this award,” stated Rob Sutton, KENWOOD Western Regional Sales Manager. “I also needed someone who was able to give dealers the tough answers and still guide them through the process of getting new orders in place for allocations. Ryan Christie did all the above and then some. He stayed focused on selling KENWOOD all year, was always available to tackle issues, executed the programs, and always did a great job with following-up.”

“When my name was called, I was blown away,” stated Christie. “I always try to do what’s right and what’s best. I put myself in other’s shoes and try to see things from their point of view so I can help create the best outcome for both parties.”

Keith Selby has been with Cardinal Sales since 1983 and the Rep Principal since 1996. His son Max recently joined the company at the beginning of 2019 and has also had the privilege of having his wife Bess aid in the marketing department for the last 5 years.   “Keith exhibits excellent customer service,” stated Tim Hill, KENWOOD Midwest Regional Sales Manager.  “His dealers really enjoy working with him and his ability to follow up is impeccable! KENWOOD is lucky to have Keith representing our company in his area!”

“The continued success of Cardinal Sales is a direct reflection of our entire team (which now marks 21 years for Jennifer Marr, 11 years for Tony Spires, and 4 years for John Black,” stated Selby. “It has also only been possible with the sustained loyalty and friendship from all of our dealers.”    

Paul Ward has been a part of the sales team with CF Marketing for the past 18 years. “Paul’s ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time is astounding,” stated Kelly McDaniel, KENWOOD Eastern Regional Sales Manager.  “He truly cares about his dealers and ensures they receive the utmost in support.”

“It is very gratifying being named the Eastern Region Sales Rep of the Year,” stated Ward. 2020 was certainly a challenging year and success was only possible with all the help and support from KENWOOD and CF Marketing.  Working with great people makes my job easier and much more enjoyable.  Loving what you do is important. It all started when I heard my first high-end car audio system while in college. After I built my first system I was hooked!”

Western Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  Oliver Marketing South

Midwest Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  Momentum Marketing

Eastern Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  CF Marketing

Oliver Marketing, covering Southern California and Arizona, was founded in 1986. “It’s been years since I managed a rep firm and lately, I’ve thought about how hard it must be on our rep firms this year,” stated Sutton.  “They’ve been forced to take a group of people who are programmed to be on the road, and completely re-invent their company culture to fit within the pandemic.  All of our reps have done a great job in a difficult year, but one really stood out, Oliver Marketing South.”

When VP of Oliver Marketing Dave Furness heard the announcement, he shared: “there are many talented individuals representing KENWOOD across the country, so it is truly an honor for Oliver Marketing to have been recognized with this award. We are proud to represent KENWOOD and extremely appreciative of the partnership and support they provide.”

Momentum Marketing has served the Southwestern market since January of 2008, covering areas such as; Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. “The entire team at Momentum is excellent and always strives for nothing short of the best,” stated Hill. “With a commitment to excellence, their entire team are some of the best in the business. They communicate daily, and when there are issues, they call with solutions, not just to report a problem.”

“Momentum is made up of a group of people that love music, the 12V industry, and the people that we get to do life with as a result of doing business together,” stated Hector Mena, Momentum Marketing’s Rep Principal.   “We are extremely honored and humbled to be chosen as the 2020 KENWOOD Rep Firm of the Year for the Midwest Territory. It would be irresponsible of us to not give credit to the amazing group of KENWOOD eXcelon Dealers and Distributor partners that we have the pleasure of serving in the “TOLA” market.  2020 proved to be a challenging year both personally and professionally for our team, as it was for everyone in our industry. Through it all, we are thankful for the blessings of health, provision, faith, and the privilege we have to work with the wonderful KENWOOD family and our network of partners.”

Dominating both the Eastern Region territory awards, CF Marketing has served the Mid-Atlantic area for 21 years. “CF Marketing continues to push the limits on ensuring the needs of their dealers are always met,” stated McDaniel. “Their team communicates clearly, effectively, and timely, of which is crucial to the needs of dealers today.” 

President of CF Marketing Howard Feldman commented: “No one person alone makes things successful. McDaniel has been a huge help to us in this territory. This business only exists with equal effort between dealer, manufacturer, and sales rep. We are lucky to have a great batch of long-standing supporting dealers that see the value of the brand and helped us to grow it in our territories.”

“2020 was very difficult year as it took a lot of adaptation and communication for our reps with their individual dealer bases,” stated Mike Roberts, VP of Sales & Marketing for KENWOOD.  “Emails, video conference calls, and phone calls were the new norm for many reps to stay in contact. Our entire rep force did an incredible job of adapting and helping our dealer base through busy and challenging times. This is what made selecting the award winners so difficult this year. At the end of the day, it was all about helping their dealers buy KENWOOD products through solving challenges, keeping a positive attitude, and doing the right thing. We are truly grateful to have such an incredible and committed rep force in the field.”

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JVC and KENWOOD Present Holiday Hours and Warm Wishes

LONG BEACH, CA (12.24.2020) – JVC Direct Dealer Support Team will be available at 1-866-456-3799 during the following hours:

All times are in Eastern Standard Time

12-24 10 AM – 2 PM
12-25 CLOSED
12-26 9 AM – 6 PM (Normal Hours)
12-27 10 AM – 7 PM (Normal Hours)
12-28 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-29 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-30 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-31 10 AM – 2 PM
01-01 CLOSED
01-02 9 AM – 6 PM (Normal Hours)
01-03 10 AM – 7 PM (Normal Hours)
01-04 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)

Warm wishes to you and your loved ones for holiday celebrations filled with everything that brings you happiness.

Our KENWOOD Direct Dealer Support Team will be available at 1-866-843-6124 during the following hours:

All times are in Eastern Standard Time

12-24 10 AM – 2 PM
12-25 CLOSED
12-26 9 AM – 6 PM (Normal Hours)
12-27 10 AM – 7 PM (Normal Hours)
12-28 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-29 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-30 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-31 10 AM – 2 PM
01-01 CLOSED
01-02 9 AM – 6 PM (Normal Hours)
01-03 10 AM – 7 PM (Normal Hours)
01-04 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)

We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

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KENWOOD Ships Revolutionary 10.1” ULTIMATE Display Floating Panel Receivers

LONG BEACH, CA (09.21.2020) – KENWOOD USA is now shipping three 10.1” ULTIMATE display floating panel receivers:  KENWOOD eXcelon Reference DNR1007XR Digital Multimedia Receiver with Built-in Garmin Navigation ($1,599.95 MAP), KENWOOD eXcelon Reference DMX1057XR Digital Multimedia Receiver ($1,199.95 MAP), and the KENWOOD DMX1037S Digital Multimedia Receiver ($1,199.95 MAP).

These flagship receivers come equipped with an abundance of new (and many exclusive) technologies! A “Bonded Optical Display” is adopted to further enhance their high definition 1280 x 720 (720P) capacitive touch panels, providing vivid colors and high contrast. Optical Clear Adhesive is added between the touch screen and the LCD to eliminate the air layer and suppress light reflection and glare. This revolutionary feature enhances the contrast and brightness, maintaining the very best of display visibility in various vehicle environments.

The floating panel design consists of a 3-way adjustable display: 2 positions Forward/Backward (fixed by screws), 4 positions Up/Down (fixed by screws), and user adjustable tilt by hand of -10° to +45°. The newly designed home screen is now comprised of a Source Control and Driving Widget. The Driving Widget allows selection of a clock, compass, or equalizer setting, etc., while the background allows selection of album art, audio visualizer, or photo. Photos and wallpaper can easily be customized over a connected phone’s Bluetooth connection, thanks to the addition of the KENWOOD Portal App. 

The KENWOOD eXcelon Reference receivers exclusively deliver the best in sound quality and performance, incorporating tuned audiophile grade components, an X-cover anti-resonance chassis design, 3 sets of 5 volt pre-outs, a Parametric EQ, 3-way crossover, LDAC to stream Hi-Res Audio via Bluetooth with select Android phones, and a 2 year warranty. The DNR1007XR also adds an SD card source input and industry-leading Garmin navigation built-in, now including 3 years of FREE map updates and 5 years of FREE traffic and weather information with the KENWOOD Traffic Powered by INRIX App.

Driver safety and vehicle integration have been further enhanced on all 3 receivers, thanks to the Automotive Data Solutions iDatalink Maestro RR2. In addition to providing the seamless factory integration experience you have become accustomed to with the RR, these models feature expanded support when connected to the RR2, including an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Widget, Customizable Accessory Controls, and compatibility with not only K40, but also with specific ESCORT radar detector systems (sold separately). The ADAS driving widget will display OEM lane departure and front/rear collision avoidance alerts (available features vary by vehicle), while the Customizable Accessory Controls give users the ability to add up to three 12 volt triggered accessories, eliminating the need for physical ON/OFF switches. JVCKENWOOD corporation is currently the only company offering the ADAS widget and accessory controls with the RR2.

To further complement vehicle integration and add-on accessory options, the receivers have 4 camera inputs, enabling connection of a variety of camera configurations, including on-screen touch control with the CMOS-320, the ability to mirror the front and 3rd camera image, as well as a connection for the DRV-N520 touchscreen-controlled integrated dashboard camera. They also feature compatibility with KENWOOD’s HD Camera, the CMOS-740HD, which displays the front and/or rear camera image in high definition 1280 x 720 (720P) and utilizes high dynamic range (HDR) technology to overcome the negative effects of dark or very bright conditions, making it one of the best and safest vehicle camera options.  

All three receivers are compatible with Apple CarPlay wirelessly and wired, and Android Auto wirelessly and wired. Phone display options include screen mirroring with touch control over a wireless connection for compatible Android devices, as well as an HDMI input. Other notable features include Built-in HD Radio, SiriusXM Ready, and Hi-Res Audio support over a USB connection.

Slated as “Bigger is Better,” as is the trend with OEM receivers, there is an increasing request for larger aftermarket in-dash receivers. By increasing the display size to 10.1”, these receivers have over 2x the actual viewing area of a typical 7” display. “In a world where the race to zero seems to be never ending, we couldn’t be happier then to bring the ultimate trio of receivers to the most demanding of users, providing our dealers with truly the best in sound quality and performance,” said Mike Roberts, VP of Sales and Marketing for KENWOOD. “By further enhancing the integration and installation options available with these receivers, our dealers can offer their customers a truly revolutionary in-vehicle experience”.




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KENWOOD Unveils 2 New Value-Priced CD/DVD Playback-Equipped Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Ready Receivers

LONG BEACH, CA (08.06.2020) – KENWOOD USA has announced the release of 2 new feature-packed multimedia receivers at value conscience price points.

The DDX5707S ($369.95 MAP) and DDX57S ($369.95 MAP) are CD/DVD playback equipped multimedia receivers that both feature support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in a wired configuration. With driver safety and smartphone integration features abound, they allow customers an easy alternative to their CD/DVD-less counterparts (the DMX4707S and DMX47S), which were released back in May. 

Notable call-out features include a 6.8” WVGA clear glass capacitive touch panel for better touch control and precision, Android phone screen mirroring via the “Mirroring for KENWOOD OA” application, a rear view camera input to add a back-up camera (such as the KENWOOD CMOS-130, CMOS-230, or CMOS-320, sold separately), front, rear, and subwoofer RCA pre-outs, and built-in Bluetooth for hand-free phone calls and music streaming.

To gain a better in-car entertainment experience, both models also come equipped with the connection for an optional SiriusXM tuner, (SiriusXM Connect SXV300 satellite radio tuner required; sold separately), which enables album artwork and a variety of text information to be displayed from hundreds of channels of music, news, sports, talk, and more. 

“We are delighted to expand our Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready multimedia receiver offerings to include features customers are asking for at such an incredible value,” said Tim Hill, Midwest Regional Sales Manager for KENWOOD. “We know that the purchase of one of our flagship receivers may simply be unobtainable by some, and now with these models, they can still experience the trusted quality and performance that comes with the KENWOOD name.” 

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