Kenwood Holds Annual Rep Awards Ceremony – Virtually

LONG BEACH, CA (01.18.2021) – KENWOOD USA has announced its rep of the year awards for both individual sales reps, as well as sales rep firms for the East, Midwest, and Western territories at their recent annual rep awards ceremony, which was held virtually this year.  

Admin Support of the Year: Katie Lopez, Momentum Marketing

Western Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Ryan Christie, N&S Marketing

Midwest Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Keith Selby, Cardinal Sales

Eastern Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Paul Ward, CF Marketing

Katie Lopez represents Momentum Marketing in Southwest Texas and has been a part of the company for over 10 years.  “Katie is always one step ahead of the game,” stated Tim Hill, KENWOOD Midwest Regional Sales Manager.  “If you’re thinking about it, Katie is already making it happen. She has a firm handle on what needs to be done, how fast it needs to be done, and how often it needs to be done.”

“I’ve had the privilege of working with the KENWOOD family for more than 10 years,” stated Lopez. I’m honored and grateful to have received such an award. KENWOOD truly has my heart and I’m thankful for the friendships that have evolved throughout the years. I work with a remarkable team and powerful dealers that I continue to learn something new from every day.”

Ryan Christie represents N & S Marketing in the Pacific Northwest and has been a part of the company for 13 years.  “With the challenges we’ve faced this year, I looked for sales reps who went above and beyond to stay connected to their dealers in deciding this award,” stated Rob Sutton, KENWOOD Western Regional Sales Manager. “I also needed someone who was able to give dealers the tough answers and still guide them through the process of getting new orders in place for allocations. Ryan Christie did all the above and then some. He stayed focused on selling KENWOOD all year, was always available to tackle issues, executed the programs, and always did a great job with following-up.”

“When my name was called, I was blown away,” stated Christie. “I always try to do what’s right and what’s best. I put myself in other’s shoes and try to see things from their point of view so I can help create the best outcome for both parties.”

Keith Selby has been with Cardinal Sales since 1983 and the Rep Principal since 1996. His son Max recently joined the company at the beginning of 2019 and has also had the privilege of having his wife Bess aid in the marketing department for the last 5 years.   “Keith exhibits excellent customer service,” stated Tim Hill, KENWOOD Midwest Regional Sales Manager.  “His dealers really enjoy working with him and his ability to follow up is impeccable! KENWOOD is lucky to have Keith representing our company in his area!”

“The continued success of Cardinal Sales is a direct reflection of our entire team (which now marks 21 years for Jennifer Marr, 11 years for Tony Spires, and 4 years for John Black,” stated Selby. “It has also only been possible with the sustained loyalty and friendship from all of our dealers.”    

Paul Ward has been a part of the sales team with CF Marketing for the past 18 years. “Paul’s ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time is astounding,” stated Kelly McDaniel, KENWOOD Eastern Regional Sales Manager.  “He truly cares about his dealers and ensures they receive the utmost in support.”

“It is very gratifying being named the Eastern Region Sales Rep of the Year,” stated Ward. 2020 was certainly a challenging year and success was only possible with all the help and support from KENWOOD and CF Marketing.  Working with great people makes my job easier and much more enjoyable.  Loving what you do is important. It all started when I heard my first high-end car audio system while in college. After I built my first system I was hooked!”

Western Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  Oliver Marketing South

Midwest Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  Momentum Marketing

Eastern Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  CF Marketing

Oliver Marketing, covering Southern California and Arizona, was founded in 1986. “It’s been years since I managed a rep firm and lately, I’ve thought about how hard it must be on our rep firms this year,” stated Sutton.  “They’ve been forced to take a group of people who are programmed to be on the road, and completely re-invent their company culture to fit within the pandemic.  All of our reps have done a great job in a difficult year, but one really stood out, Oliver Marketing South.”

When VP of Oliver Marketing Dave Furness heard the announcement, he shared: “there are many talented individuals representing KENWOOD across the country, so it is truly an honor for Oliver Marketing to have been recognized with this award. We are proud to represent KENWOOD and extremely appreciative of the partnership and support they provide.”

Momentum Marketing has served the Southwestern market since January of 2008, covering areas such as; Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. “The entire team at Momentum is excellent and always strives for nothing short of the best,” stated Hill. “With a commitment to excellence, their entire team are some of the best in the business. They communicate daily, and when there are issues, they call with solutions, not just to report a problem.”

“Momentum is made up of a group of people that love music, the 12V industry, and the people that we get to do life with as a result of doing business together,” stated Hector Mena, Momentum Marketing’s Rep Principal.   “We are extremely honored and humbled to be chosen as the 2020 KENWOOD Rep Firm of the Year for the Midwest Territory. It would be irresponsible of us to not give credit to the amazing group of KENWOOD eXcelon Dealers and Distributor partners that we have the pleasure of serving in the “TOLA” market.  2020 proved to be a challenging year both personally and professionally for our team, as it was for everyone in our industry. Through it all, we are thankful for the blessings of health, provision, faith, and the privilege we have to work with the wonderful KENWOOD family and our network of partners.”

Dominating both the Eastern Region territory awards, CF Marketing has served the Mid-Atlantic area for 21 years. “CF Marketing continues to push the limits on ensuring the needs of their dealers are always met,” stated McDaniel. “Their team communicates clearly, effectively, and timely, of which is crucial to the needs of dealers today.” 

President of CF Marketing Howard Feldman commented: “No one person alone makes things successful. McDaniel has been a huge help to us in this territory. This business only exists with equal effort between dealer, manufacturer, and sales rep. We are lucky to have a great batch of long-standing supporting dealers that see the value of the brand and helped us to grow it in our territories.”

“2020 was very difficult year as it took a lot of adaptation and communication for our reps with their individual dealer bases,” stated Mike Roberts, VP of Sales & Marketing for KENWOOD.  “Emails, video conference calls, and phone calls were the new norm for many reps to stay in contact. Our entire rep force did an incredible job of adapting and helping our dealer base through busy and challenging times. This is what made selecting the award winners so difficult this year. At the end of the day, it was all about helping their dealers buy KENWOOD products through solving challenges, keeping a positive attitude, and doing the right thing. We are truly grateful to have such an incredible and committed rep force in the field.”

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JVC and KENWOOD Present Holiday Hours and Warm Wishes

LONG BEACH, CA (12.24.2020) – JVC Direct Dealer Support Team will be available at 1-866-456-3799 during the following hours:

All times are in Eastern Standard Time

12-24 10 AM – 2 PM
12-25 CLOSED
12-26 9 AM – 6 PM (Normal Hours)
12-27 10 AM – 7 PM (Normal Hours)
12-28 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-29 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-30 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-31 10 AM – 2 PM
01-01 CLOSED
01-02 9 AM – 6 PM (Normal Hours)
01-03 10 AM – 7 PM (Normal Hours)
01-04 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)

Warm wishes to you and your loved ones for holiday celebrations filled with everything that brings you happiness.

Our KENWOOD Direct Dealer Support Team will be available at 1-866-843-6124 during the following hours:

All times are in Eastern Standard Time

12-24 10 AM – 2 PM
12-25 CLOSED
12-26 9 AM – 6 PM (Normal Hours)
12-27 10 AM – 7 PM (Normal Hours)
12-28 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-29 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-30 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)
12-31 10 AM – 2 PM
01-01 CLOSED
01-02 9 AM – 6 PM (Normal Hours)
01-03 10 AM – 7 PM (Normal Hours)
01-04 9 AM – 9 PM (Normal Hours)

We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

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KENWOOD Ships Revolutionary 10.1” ULTIMATE Display Floating Panel Receivers

LONG BEACH, CA (09.21.2020) – KENWOOD USA is now shipping three 10.1” ULTIMATE display floating panel receivers:  KENWOOD eXcelon Reference DNR1007XR Digital Multimedia Receiver with Built-in Garmin Navigation ($1,599.95 MAP), KENWOOD eXcelon Reference DMX1057XR Digital Multimedia Receiver ($1,199.95 MAP), and the KENWOOD DMX1037S Digital Multimedia Receiver ($1,199.95 MAP).

These flagship receivers come equipped with an abundance of new (and many exclusive) technologies! A “Bonded Optical Display” is adopted to further enhance their high definition 1280 x 720 (720P) capacitive touch panels, providing vivid colors and high contrast. Optical Clear Adhesive is added between the touch screen and the LCD to eliminate the air layer and suppress light reflection and glare. This revolutionary feature enhances the contrast and brightness, maintaining the very best of display visibility in various vehicle environments.

The floating panel design consists of a 3-way adjustable display: 2 positions Forward/Backward (fixed by screws), 4 positions Up/Down (fixed by screws), and user adjustable tilt by hand of -10° to +45°. The newly designed home screen is now comprised of a Source Control and Driving Widget. The Driving Widget allows selection of a clock, compass, or equalizer setting, etc., while the background allows selection of album art, audio visualizer, or photo. Photos and wallpaper can easily be customized over a connected phone’s Bluetooth connection, thanks to the addition of the KENWOOD Portal App. 

The KENWOOD eXcelon Reference receivers exclusively deliver the best in sound quality and performance, incorporating tuned audiophile grade components, an X-cover anti-resonance chassis design, 3 sets of 5 volt pre-outs, a Parametric EQ, 3-way crossover, LDAC to stream Hi-Res Audio via Bluetooth with select Android phones, and a 2 year warranty. The DNR1007XR also adds an SD card source input and industry-leading Garmin navigation built-in, now including 3 years of FREE map updates and 5 years of FREE traffic and weather information with the KENWOOD Traffic Powered by INRIX App.

Driver safety and vehicle integration have been further enhanced on all 3 receivers, thanks to the Automotive Data Solutions iDatalink Maestro RR2. In addition to providing the seamless factory integration experience you have become accustomed to with the RR, these models feature expanded support when connected to the RR2, including an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Widget, Customizable Accessory Controls, and compatibility with not only K40, but also with specific ESCORT radar detector systems (sold separately). The ADAS driving widget will display OEM lane departure and front/rear collision avoidance alerts (available features vary by vehicle), while the Customizable Accessory Controls give users the ability to add up to three 12 volt triggered accessories, eliminating the need for physical ON/OFF switches. JVCKENWOOD corporation is currently the only company offering the ADAS widget and accessory controls with the RR2.

To further complement vehicle integration and add-on accessory options, the receivers have 4 camera inputs, enabling connection of a variety of camera configurations, including on-screen touch control with the CMOS-320, the ability to mirror the front and 3rd camera image, as well as a connection for the DRV-N520 touchscreen-controlled integrated dashboard camera. They also feature compatibility with KENWOOD’s HD Camera, the CMOS-740HD, which displays the front and/or rear camera image in high definition 1280 x 720 (720P) and utilizes high dynamic range (HDR) technology to overcome the negative effects of dark or very bright conditions, making it one of the best and safest vehicle camera options.  

All three receivers are compatible with Apple CarPlay wirelessly and wired, and Android Auto wirelessly and wired. Phone display options include screen mirroring with touch control over a wireless connection for compatible Android devices, as well as an HDMI input. Other notable features include Built-in HD Radio, SiriusXM Ready, and Hi-Res Audio support over a USB connection.

Slated as “Bigger is Better,” as is the trend with OEM receivers, there is an increasing request for larger aftermarket in-dash receivers. By increasing the display size to 10.1”, these receivers have over 2x the actual viewing area of a typical 7” display. “In a world where the race to zero seems to be never ending, we couldn’t be happier then to bring the ultimate trio of receivers to the most demanding of users, providing our dealers with truly the best in sound quality and performance,” said Mike Roberts, VP of Sales and Marketing for KENWOOD. “By further enhancing the integration and installation options available with these receivers, our dealers can offer their customers a truly revolutionary in-vehicle experience”.




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KENWOOD Unveils 2 New Value-Priced CD/DVD Playback-Equipped Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Ready Receivers

LONG BEACH, CA (08.06.2020) – KENWOOD USA has announced the release of 2 new feature-packed multimedia receivers at value conscience price points.

The DDX5707S ($369.95 MAP) and DDX57S ($369.95 MAP) are CD/DVD playback equipped multimedia receivers that both feature support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in a wired configuration. With driver safety and smartphone integration features abound, they allow customers an easy alternative to their CD/DVD-less counterparts (the DMX4707S and DMX47S), which were released back in May. 

Notable call-out features include a 6.8” WVGA clear glass capacitive touch panel for better touch control and precision, Android phone screen mirroring via the “Mirroring for KENWOOD OA” application, a rear view camera input to add a back-up camera (such as the KENWOOD CMOS-130, CMOS-230, or CMOS-320, sold separately), front, rear, and subwoofer RCA pre-outs, and built-in Bluetooth for hand-free phone calls and music streaming.

To gain a better in-car entertainment experience, both models also come equipped with the connection for an optional SiriusXM tuner, (SiriusXM Connect SXV300 satellite radio tuner required; sold separately), which enables album artwork and a variety of text information to be displayed from hundreds of channels of music, news, sports, talk, and more. 

“We are delighted to expand our Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready multimedia receiver offerings to include features customers are asking for at such an incredible value,” said Tim Hill, Midwest Regional Sales Manager for KENWOOD. “We know that the purchase of one of our flagship receivers may simply be unobtainable by some, and now with these models, they can still experience the trusted quality and performance that comes with the KENWOOD name.” 

For detailed product information, please view their respective product pages at

KENWOOD Shipping 11 New Products – Including Lower Priced Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Ready Receivers

LONG BEACH, CA (05.05.2020) – KENWOOD USA is now shipping 10 new multimedia receivers, as well as their first High Definition Backup Camera. KENWOOD eXcelon receivers include the DNX997XR (MAP $1,299.95), DDX9907XR (MAP $899.95), DNX697S (MAP $899.95), DMX957XR (MAP $799.95), and DMX907S (MAP $649.95). KENWOOD receivers include the DNX577S (MAP $799.95), DDX9707S (MAP $699.95), DMX9707S (MAP $599.95), DMX4707S (MAP $299.95), and DMX47S (MAP $299.95). The new High Definition Backup Camera will carry a model of CMOS-740HD (MAP $199.95).

During CES, KENWOOD made the announcement and provided details on 9 of the 11 new products referenced above.  Joining this release now are 2 new lower priced multimedia receiver models, the DMX4707S and the DMX47S.  These receivers mark the lowest price that KENWOOD has ever offered for an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready receiver.

The DMX4707S and DMX47S are both mech-less (no DVD slot) digital multimedia receivers that feature a 6.8” Capacitive touch screen.  They are ready for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto using a USB wired connection. Video connections include a Rear Camera Input with Parking Guidelines, an AV Input, and a Video Output. Audio features include Front, Rear, and Subwoofer 2V RCA Pre-outs for system expansion, and a 13 Band EQ with Digital Time Alignment.  Both receivers incorporate installer friendly features with less than 3” mounting depth, included mounting cage and trim bezel.

Multimedia receiver sales for models that are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready have now surpassed those sales of multimedia receivers that do not feature these technologies.  “After heavy consideration and discussion with dealers, we felt that it was necessary to provide this type of product to meet the needs of customers that are seeking KENWOOD performance at value price points,” said Mike Roberts, KENWOOD VP of Sales and Marketing.  “We take great pride in the success of our flagship products, as seen in our KENWOOD eXcelon Reference line, and now, with the addition of these new budget conscious models, we open the door to those consumers seeking more affordable options.” 

Here is a Sampling of Key Features Listed by Model:

Hi-Res Audio Wirelessly via LDAC, a 720P High Definition Screen, our Top-Level Sound Quality Components, and compatibility with the CMOS-740HD Camera:  DNX997XR, DDX9907XR, and DMX957XR

Compatibility with Apple CarPlay Wirelessly or Wired, and Android Auto Wirelessly or Wired: DNX997XR, DDX9907XR, DMX957XR, DMX907S, DDX9707S, and DMX9707S.

Compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto using a USB Wired connection only: DNX697S, DNX577S, DMX4707S, and DMX47S.

3 Years of Free Garmin map updates and expanded KENWOOD Traffic Powered by INRIX services:  DNX997XR, DNX697S, and DNX577S.

USB Smartphone Mirroring for both iOS and Android, 4 Camera Inputs, DRV-N520 Integrated Dash Cam connection, and iDatalink Maestro RR compatibility:  DNX997XR, DDX9907XR, DMX957XR, DMX907S, DDX9707S, DMX9707S, DNX697S, and DNX577S.

Additional built-in and connection options for select models includes HD Radio and SirusXM compatibility.  The DNX997XR, DDX9907XR, DMX957XR, DMX907S, and DNX697S all include built-in HD Radio tuners, offering users the convenience of up to three extra HD stations from each frequency that’s being broadcast in digital sound, all with no monthly fees.  All 10 receivers are also SiriusXM-Ready (SiriusXM Connect SXV300 satellite radio tuner required; sold separately), enabling access to hundreds of channels of music, news, sports, talk, and more, all with album artwork and multiple lines of text information displayed on the receiver. 

For detailed product information, view their respective product pages at

KENWOOD and iDatalink Announce Better Together Trainings

LONG BEACH, CA (04.02.2020) – KENWOOD USA has announced its training team has partnered up with iDatalink Maestro to bring authorized dealers the first of their combined live training webinars for 2020 this Thursday, April 2nd at 7:00 PM EST.

Earlier this month, KENWOOD began its email promotion “IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU,” which encouraged dealers to capitalize on this time to get prepared with knowledge on their 2020 product line by scheduling a personalized webinar training session. Now, they’ve teamed up with iDatalink Maestro’s training team to bring you the first of their combined “Virtual Training” sessions.

“With so much previous success in holding combined in-person training sessions with KENWOOD, it seemed natural to bring the duo of our class leading products and technologies together using the power of the web during these times,” said Mark Rutledge, iDatalink Maestro’s Director of Engineering, New Products. “Seeing the solutions and advantages of how our products work together seamlessly enables dealers the opportunity to give their customers the best in-vehicle experience possible.”

KENWOOD and iDatalink Maestro’s training teams already have plans in place for additional virtual trainings, including targeted Facebook live events to debut in the weeks to come. “We are all better when we are together and holding interactive virtual training events allows us all to stay connected, even when at a distance,” said Mike Roberts, KENWOOD VP of Sales & Marketing. “We couldn’t be happier to host an event that allows dealers to not only learn about the latest in KENWOOD products, but also the opportunity to grasp the full scope of what iDatalink Maestro has to offer them.”

To get access to this live training webinar and/or If you are interested in setting up a personalized training session, please contact your KENWOOD sales rep for details.

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Expectations to be Exceeded in Michigan by The Progressive Group

LONG BEACH, CA (03.16.2020) – KENWOOD USA announced it has hired The Progressive Group to represent its products to retailers in the Michigan market.  The previous representation for Michigan came from Tim Hill of Pinnacle Sales, of whom was recently hired by KENWOOD as their Midwest Region Sales Manager.

“We are honored with the opportunity to work with The Progressive Group in the Michigan market,” said Hill.  “Their proven success of market leadership and support to their customers is highly valued and recognized, and we know that this will only be further enhanced by their new presence.” 

The Progressive Group brings a wealth of industry experience, providing representation for brands across 28 states by their 42 employees. They will now task 7 of their field sales reps with servicing and supporting their newly appointed Michigan dealer base for KENWOOD.  The company also carries an impressive presence throughout the nation, touting 6 warehouses and being under the umbrella of their 2.3 Billion Dollar parent company, Patrick Industries.

“We have been selling KENWOOD via our R&D Distribution company for the past 5 years, so becoming the reps will be a natural transition for our team as well as our customers,” said David Russell, Director of The Progressive Group. “We share KENWOOD’s vison of creating experiences that exceed expectations and look forward to further developing our relationships with dealers in the Michigan market.”  

 “We needed to ensure our dealers received uninterrupted service in the territory with the same level of support that they are accustomed to,” said Mike Roberts, KENWOOD VP of Sales & Marketing.  The Progressive Group was the perfect choice.”

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KENWOOD Invests in 12 Volt Future with 2 Industry Mogul Hires

LONG BEACH, CA (03.09.2020) – KENWOOD USA has hired Rob Voorhies as Sales Manager – Special Markets, and Tim Hill as Midwest Region Sales Manager.  With these positions, KENWOOD is committing to expand its focus on growth and guidance for the future of the 12 Volt industry.

Voorhies brings 30 years of consumer electronics industry experience, serving in various roles including Regional Manager, National Sales Manager, GM of Special Markets, and VP of Sales & Marketing.   Through his Manufacturing and Distribution experience, Voorhies has the background necessary to immediately power into action for KENWOOD’s Special Market Channels. “I am thrilled to be back at JVCKENWOOD,” said Voorhies. “I look forward to capitalizing on the growth of our cutting-edge technologies.” 

Hill has been an active part of selling KENWOOD products for over 40 years. Leveraging his background in Retail Sales, Installation, Store Management, then as a Manufacturer’s Sales Rep, he then opened his own rep firm in 2003, of which he represented KENWOOD since onset, earning the KENWOOD Rep of the Year Award 16 times.  “I’m ecstatic for the opportunity to work for a company that shares my passion for and cares so much about their dealers and the 12 Volt industry as whole,” said Hill.  “I can’t wait to begin meeting with our reps and dealers in the Midwest to find new and creative ways to help them grow their business.”  

“The chance to add Hill to the KENWOOD team wasn’t even a question, as I personally hired him as a KENWOOD Sales Rep in 2003 and am confident in his ability to seamlessly transition in his new role,” stated Mike Roberts, KENWOOD VP of Sales & Marketing.  “And with Voorhies extensive background and previous experience at our company, we know without a doubt that he is the best choice for leading the way for our Special Markets Channels.”  

Voorhies will be based out of Washington and can be reached at  Hill will be based out of Michigan and can be reached at

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KENWOOD Promotes John Lucas to Director of National Accounts

LONG BEACH, CA (03.03.2020) – KENWOOD USA announced it has promoted John Lucas to the position of Director of National Accounts. In this new position, he will be responsible for spearheading KENWOOD’s efforts to ensure world class leadership for several of their largest accounts.

Lucas brings 32 years of consumer electronics industry experience with him, of which his first 16 were spent working in various aspects of sales, sales management, and then as a buyer for several key retail businesses, including Audio King, Best Buy, and more. In 2004, he joined KENWOOD as their Manager of National Accounts, and was then promoted to Senior Manager of National Accounts in 2010.

Now serving as their Director of National Accounts, he will leverage his extensive experience to lead the national accounts team to continue the level of leadership and guidance of which their national accounts have come to expect.

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Kenwood Recognizes Top Performers

LONG BEACH, CA (02.19.2020) KENWOOD USA announced its rep of the year awards for both individual sales reps, as well as sales rep firms for the East, Midwest, and Western territories at their recent annual sales rep meeting, held at their corporate office in Long Beach, CA.   

Western Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Ryan Christie, N&S Marketing

Midwest Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Tim Hill, Pinnacle Sales

Eastern Region Sales Rep of the Year:  Greg Wallace, Audio Video Representatives (AVR)

Ryan Christie represents N & S Marketing in the Pacific Northwest, and has been a part of the company for 12 years.  “Ryan prides himself in putting his dealers first, making sure they are getting the best service regardless of how much volume they do,” stated Rob Sutton, KENWOOD Western Regional Sales Manager. “All of my dealers matter equally to me,” stated Christie. “Whenever there’s a need, it’s important to me to be able to respond or get an answer as quickly as possible. I’m truly humbled and honored to have received this award for the second consecutive year.”

As the independent owner/operator of Pinnacle Sales in Michigan since 2003, Tim Hill has actually been a KENWOOD sales rep since 1987. “I couldn’t be happier with Tim’s level of performance and   commitment to his dealers,” stated Mike Roberts, KENWOOD VP of Sales and Marketing.  “He constantly strives to be of service whenever and in whatever fashion his dealers need.  He really lives up to his standards of never saying no to them.  They are truly lucky to have him.”

From Marietta, GA, Greg Wallace has been a part of distribution sales with AVR since 2006.  In 2015, he was promoted to also handle direct accounts.  “Greg’s candor is undeniable with his dealers,” stated Kelly McDaniel, KENWOOD Eastern Regional Sales Manager. “Through his remarkable organizational skills and ability to be efficient, he continuously strives to communicate with and provide the best in information and service to his dealers”. 

Western Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  Oliver Marketing Norcal, Inc.

Midwest Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  River City Sales

Eastern Region Sales Rep Company of the Year:  Audio Video Representatives (AVR)

Oliver Marketing NorCal, Inc. was founded in 1986 and consists of Bob Oliver (President), Dave Furness (VP), Dennis Medeiros (Sales), Paul Francia (Sales), and Peggy Harvey (Sales Support/Customer Service). 

“Even when unpreventable troubles present themselves, the Oliver Marketing NorCal crew has managed to turn setbacks into triumphs.”  stated Rob Sutton. “They continuously outperform to ensure their dealers receive nothing but the best.” 

River City Sales has been proudly representing KENWOOD from the St. Louis, MO area since 2004, with team member Brett Phelps serving as a KENWOOD rep since 2000.  Their team consists of Gary Cooley (Owner), Brett Phelps (Sales), Ray Smith (Sales), and Lori Beyer (Inside Sales).  “The River City Sales team is always working it, always communicating, always taking phone calls… the little things” stated Mike Roberts. “We provide weekly updates to our dealers to ensure they have accurate numbers, knowledge of rebates, etc., always finding ways to put money back in our dealers pockets,” stated Phelps. “Communicating with our dealers is crucial to us.  If they are far away, we still try to at least talk to them as much as possible.  Our rep company’s success is 100% based on their success.”

Commanding both of the Eastern region territory awards, AVR, owned by Joe and Teri Hanson, has served as both a KENWOOD distribution center and as sales representative firm for 18 years.  In fact, Joe has even served as a KENWOOD rep personally since 1982.  Their outside sales team consists of Brian Cargile and Greg Wallace, with Jacob Gromovsky and Christie Crook on the inside.  “We try to give our customers excellent customer service and provide constant communication, always keeping them informed to ensure that they stay successful,” stated Joe.  “AVR thinks outside of the box on ways to always be improving their level of service to their dealers,” stated Kelly McDaniel.  “Their level of commitment to these efforts is one of the many reasons they earned the rep of year award for 2019.”

“When deciding on these awards, we look at several key criteria, including Territory Leadership, Maintaining a Strong Dealer Base, Being Solution Oriented, Having a Positive Attitude, and Driving Sales,” stated Mike Roberts.  “Since all of our sales reps are incredible and exhibit these attributes, these awards are tough to nail down, and we are truly grateful for all that was accomplished in 2019.”

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