JL Audio Announces Upcoming Online Training Schedule

MIRAMAR, FL (05.05.2020) – In continuing with their virtual trainings, JL Audio has announced its next scheduled courses:

DSP Amplifiers
This multi session course will cover the basics of JL Audio’s DSP-based amplifiers, build the foundational knowledge required to get the best performance from a DSP-based amplifier and demonstrate two methods for system tuning using DSP. Participants may choose to learn about MVI, VXI or both.
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DSP Amplifiers
Session 101a: About VXi Hardware
Tuesday, May 5th at 10:00 AM EST

Session 101b: About MVi Hardware
Tuesday, May 5th at 1:00 PM EST

Session 102: TüN Software
Tuesday, May 5th at 4:00 PM EST

Session 103: Audio Basics Part 1
Wednesday, May 6th at 10:00 AM EST

Session 104: Audio Basics Part 2
Wednesday, May 6th at 1:00 PM EST

Session 105: Audio Basics Part 3
Thursday, May 7th at 10:00 AM EST
JD Amplifiers
JD Amplifiers (Encore)
This course serves as an introduction to the new line of JD Amplifiers from JL Audio. Participants will learn about the different models and key features as well as recommended applications and system ideas.Learn More
Session 101: About JD Amplifiers
Wednesday, May 6th at 1:00 PM ESTRegister

To view training schedule and details, click here.

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JL Audio and Mobile Solutions Tacos and Tunes Training Evening

TEMPE, AZ (03.13.2020) – JL Audio collaborated with Mobile Solutions and their Master Tech OEM Integration class on Friday evening, March 6th. JL Audio sponsored Bryan Schmitt’s class by providing a dinner for attendees. While everyone enjoyed Tacos from a local food truck and Rob Haynes, Technical Trainer with JL Audio, provided an educational training to support the OEM integration class Schmitt and the team at Mobile Solutions provided earlier in the day.

The meeting room was packed for the Rob Haynes JL Audio presentation at the Homewood Suites.

“The meeting room at the Homewood Suites was packed. Everyone in the audience was really tuned. It was a long day for them with the session at Mobile Solutions earlier in the day but all wanted to learn and were very engaged” Haynes stated.

Demo cars drew attention in the parking lot as all enjoyed tacos.

Bryatt Fischer, JL Audio Marketing Director, related “The turnout for the evening event was really good. Jon Ash-Pacific Coast Marketing, JLAudio’s AZ/NM/Las Vegas representative, did an amazing job of pounding the pavement and getting the word out about this great gathering to educate and demonstrate some of the products JL Audio offers.”

JL Audio’s Bryatt Fischer and Rob Haynes (R) flank Mobile Solutions’ Bryan Schmitt after the training session.

JL Audio also had several team members, from the Phoenix office, demonstration vehicles on hand; most featuring JL Audio’s premier C7 component drivers for active systems and VXi amplifiers with integrated DSP. Darrell Chapman (Director of Operations-Phoenix), George Babers (Logistics Manager-Phoenix) and Dan Borzone (Electrical Engineer) were onsite with their personal vehicles to show all “How We Play.”

The evening training session and dinner, at the Homewood Suites, was open for all local dealers to attend.

When: Friday, March 6th starting at 6 pm

Where: Homewood Suites by Hilton Phoenix/Tempe ASU Area2104 E Rio Salado ParkwayTempe, AZ 85281, US hilton.com/en/hotels/phxtuhw-homewood-suites-phoenix-tempe-asu-area/

What: FREE food from a local Taco Truck and outdoor dining during Arizona’s best weather of the year. Experience a fleet of demo vehicles with JL Audio’s premier C7 and VXi products withJL Audio’s Technical Trainer, Rob Haynes, providing an educational training,

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JL Audio to Sponsor Dinner with Night Training at the Mobile Solutions Master Tech / OEM Integration, March 6th Class

MIRAMAR, FL (03.05.2020) – JL Audio is collaborating with Mobile Solutions and their Master Tech OEM Integration class on Friday, March 6th. JL Audio will be sponsoring Bryan Schmitt’s class by providing a dinner for attendees. While everyone is enjoying Tacos from a local food truck, Rob Haynes, Technical Trainer with JL Audio, will be providing an educational training to support the OEM integration class Schmitt and the team at Mobile Solutions provided during the day.

Rob Haynes, JL’s Technical Trainer

JL Audio will also have several demonstration vehicles on hand; most featuring JL Audio’s premier C7 component drivers for active systems and VXi amplifiers with integrated DSP.

The evening training session and dinner is open to all local dealers to attend, so make your plans join JL Audio and Mobile Solutions for Tacos and Tunes.

This is a night you don’t want to miss.

When: Friday, March 6th starting at 6 PM

Homewood Suites by Hilton Phoenix/Tempe ASU Area (Click for info)
2104 E Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85281, US

FREE food from a local Taco Truck and outdoor dining during Arizona’s best weather of the year. Experience a fleet of demo vehicles with JL Audio’s premier C7 and VXi products with

JL Audio’s Technical Trainer, Rob Haynes, providing an educational training.

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JL Audio Unveils WakeSub Rider-Focused Subwoofer Technology

MIAMI, FL (02.25.2020) – JL Audio has announced the launch of WakeSub, a new hidden subwoofer technology designed to complement the powerful JL Audio tower speaker systems on boats. Emitting low -frequency audio at the boat’s wake zone, WakeSub transforms the music listening experience for those being towed or surfing behind the boat.

The WakeSub system consists of two JL Audio enclosed bandpass subwoofer systems t hat are integrated deep into the aft portion of the boat’s hull, completely hidden out of sight and not intrudingon passenger space. Low frequency sound waves are generated through tuned ports, from the hidden enclosures to apertures located at each end of the boat’s transom. The result is a complete engulfment in powerful, deep bass as you ride or surf behind the boat.

“We pride ourselves on working closely with boat builders to engineer audio systems that deliver extreme performance and durability. With WakeSub, we’re extending that legendary JL Audio sound from the boat’s passenger area to the wakes and waves behind it,” said Ora Freeman, Director of OEM Sales, North America at JL Audio.

“While tower speakers do a great job at projecting a broad spectrum of sound behind the boat, they physically can’t produce the same high -impact, low frequency response that a dedicated subwoofer can. WakeSub was engineered to do exactly that, w ithout having to hang any bulky subwoofers off the tower.”

Several features of WakeSub are designed to protect the system from the elements, such as a self-draining design should any water enter the apertures for the ports. JL Audio has been issued U.S. Patent #10,362,389 for the WakeSub technology.

Intended to be integrated into boats early in the design process, JL Audio’s WakeSub technology is available to boat manufacturers today, along with the company’s robust line of feature-rich source units, powerful amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and enclosed tower speakers that have been rigorously engineered for marine applications. Nautique Boats is the first boat manufacturer to integrate this technology, as an option for the Studio Elite sound package offered on all -new Super Air Nautique G23 and G25 Paragon boats.

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JL Audio Introduces MVi Marine Amplifiers with Integrated DSP

MIAMI, FL (02.24.2020) JL Audio has unveiled the new “MVi” line of networkable DSP amplifiers for the marine market. With unrivaled, built-in tuning power, reference-grade audio performance and outstanding installation flexibility, eight models were announced to suit boat builders’ and boat owners’ needs. Instead of using traditional control knobs and switches, VXi amplifiers are easily configured from the captain’s seat of a boat using JL Audio’s TüN software on a compatible computer, tablet or smartphone.

“Boats present interesting challenges to achieving optimal sound quality from an audio system,” said Dr. Stephen Leigh, Vice President Electronic Engineering at JL Audio. “ The new MVi marine amplifiers with integrated DSPs make it quick and painless to precisely tune an audio system to an extremely high standard. It only takes a few minutes to set up with our free TüN software, and once completed, the resulting audio is more dynamic, more accurate and much more fun to listen to than a conventional marine audio system.”

Every MVi amplifier features an integrated, high-performance triple-core AKM DSP that allows for intelligent optimization of each audio channel’s timing, frequency response, and output level. The benefits of the DSP within each MVi amplifier extend beyond the internal amplifier channels, thanks to analog pre-amp outputs with independent DSP processing. MVi amplifiers can store up to six sound presets, allowing boaters to switch sound profiles at the push a button. This allows for a system to be tuned for different operating conditions, such as “docked,” “running,” “sandbar,” etc.

In addition to the complete lineup of DSP-enabled marine amplifiers, JL Audio has also introduced several marine-grade peripheral pieces to simplify the installation process, including:

•a Bluetooth communicator ( VXi-BTC ) to enable wireless communication between the MVi amplifier or network and compatible mobile devices;

•a w eather-tight network hub (MVi-HUB ) to network up to six MVi amplifiers (one master and five slaves) for full-system DRC control and preset selection

•a push button control with RGB indicator (M-DRC-50) to allow preset selection from the helm

Further boosting the world-class audio performance of MVi amplifiers is the integration of JL Audio’s next -generation NexD amplifier technology. The NexD2 design employs new directFET MOSFET technology, a completely revised layout scheme and direct DSP control of multiple amplifier channels designed to enhance fidelity, reduce noise and deliver outstanding power efficiency.

To further boost the wow-factor of these amplifiers, JL Audio was able to pack all of the aforementioned technology into a compact and stylish alloy chassis with weather-tight power, audio input, speaker and JLid network connections.

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JL Audio Unveils its Largest Marine Subwoofer to Date

MIAMI, FL (02.18.2020) – JL Audio announced the new 12-inch M7 m arine subwoofer for infinite baffle opertion, which will be positioned as the flagship of the company’s marine subwoofer lineup. The massive M7 is able to handle more than twice the power of JL’s potent 10-inch M6 subwoofers; and takes advantage of that extra power with greater woofer excursion than any other JL Audio marine subwoofer. Combine that prodigious excursion with a whopping 61% more cone area than the M6 10-inch, and you have a subwoofer with 2.25 times the air displacement capability of its smaller cousin. This results in over 6 decibels of additional output capability. As fun as all that extra output capability can be, there is more to the story than sheer power. M7 subwoofers are designed to precisely reproduce powerful, high -impact, low-distortion bass that will impress listeners with its balance, depth and sound quality.

The M7 follows the same grille designs as the M6 line of marine speakers, which are found in numerous new boats from leading boat manufacturers around the world, M7 can be seamlessly integrated into any style of boat to add powerful bass. Two grille designs are available: “Classic,” featuring an all-white slat grille design and “Sport,” which features a split-spoke grille design. The latter comes in two color schemes: Gloss White, or Gunmetal / Titanium dual metallic finish. JL Audio’s patented Transflective RGB LED illumination technology is also available as an option on all M7 subwoofers, providing a striking lighting effect, with no hot spots or reflections on the cone surface.

“M7 is the most powerful and efficient infinite baffle subwoofer we’ve ever developed for marine use,” said Dwayne Spanbroek, Vice President Loudspeaker Engineering at JL Audio.

“These massive, stylish subwoofers reward boaters with powerful, high -quality bass that takes marine audio to new levels, while our exclusive Transflective RGB illumination technology provides a striking visual enhancement.”

All materials, fasteners and assembly techniques utilized in manufacturing M7 subwoofers are carefully engineered to ensure reliability and durability in real marine applications, including saltwater exposure. Component parts, materials and complete subwoofers are subjected to rigorous environmental testing to ensure they exceed industry standards for corrosion and UV resistance.

M7 subwoofers join the extensive list of JL Audio products built at the company’s Miramar, Florida factory, with components sourced from the company’s global supply network.

M7 subwoofers will be sold by JL Audio’s car audio and marine dealers, and will also be incorporated into select new boats as original equipment by the following boat brands: Barker Boatworks, Berkshire, Blackwater, Boston Whaler, Chaparral, Cigarette, Contender, Deep Impact, Iconic, Manitou, MTI, Mystic, Nautique, Nortech, Premier, Sea Vee, Sportsman, Southbay, and Trifecta.

M7 Subwoofer Specs:
•12″ 4-ohm marine subwoofer
•Injection-molded mica-filled polypropylene woofer with synthetic rubber surround
•Centrex polymer basket and grille, with stainless steel back plate
•Gold -plated, marine-grade brass binding posts
•Marine-grade synthetic fiber spider
•Designed for infinite baffle installations
•600 watts continuous power handling (RMS)
•Sensitivity: 86.7 dB
•Mounting depth: 7.94 in / 202 mm
•Warranty: 2 years
•MSRP: $799.99 – $849.99

JL Audio also offers a marine-grade RGB lighting controller (Model MLC-RW) that features a compact, mount-anywhere form factor and an easy-to-use, rotary knob for adjusting the speakers’ illumination color and intensity. This RGB controller works seamlessly with M7, M6 and M3 products, as well as most other RGB lighting options installed on a boat.

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JL Audio Introduces JD Car Amplifiers

MIRAMAR, FL (02.17.2020) – JL Audio has introduced the JD Series car audio amplifier line. Four models are being announced for 2020, including three monoblock subwoofer amplifiers and a four-channel full-range amplifier. All models are available for purchase through JL Audio’s network of specialty car audio retailers or on jlaudio.com.

JL Audio Vice President Electronic Engineering, Dr. Stephen Leigh stated “The JD amps deliver tremendous value, combining JL Audio’s NexD Class-D technology, advanced auto turn-on features, and a very handy clipping indicator for accurate level setting. These are technologies never before offered at these price points.”

JD amplifiers also include JL Audio’s dual-range differential-balanced technology, for superior noise rejection and excellent compatibility with a wide range of input signal voltages. Automatic turn-on is another welcome feature, selectable between Signal Sensing and DC Offset Sensing modes. LED clipping indicator rings surround each input level potentiometer. With the use of a CD or an audio file with a fullscale sine wave, installers can use these LED indicators to quickly establish the correct input sensitivity setting, without the need for additional test equipment.

A sleek new industrial design with molded end caps and an aluminum extruded chassis give the JD’s a tough, purposeful look. Power indicator and protection LED indicators shine from behind a simple black logo bar on the top surface of the amplifier. Installers are sure to appreciate thoughtful ergonomics and wire management considerations in the end cap designs, as well as beefy, well-protected power and speaker connectors.

JL Audio VP-Marketing, Manville Smith said: “The outgoing JX amplifiers were a massive success at these price points. With the additional features and performance added to the new JD’s, we predict these will be an even bigger hit with car audio enthusiasts looking for JL Audio performance at a very nice price.”

The new JD Amplifiers are currently shipping to dealers in the USA.

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