iBEAM Ships New Commercial Wireless Rearview System and Multi-View Monitor

HOLLY HILL, FL (07.09.2021) – iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems by Metra Electronics has two new commercial safety products in stock and shipping. A wireless 7-inch monitor and high-definition camera package, the TE-WMCE, and a 9-inch quad-view monitor, the TE-9VS-4. Both universal solutions feature heavy-duty construction and are designed for the demands of larger vehicles like commercial work vans, RVs, and more.

Wireless Digital Rearview Monitor and Camera System

The TE-WMCE is a wireless rearview system featuring a wide-angle, high-definition camera and 7-inch LCD screen monitor. It has a 90-meter/300-foot range that is ideal for larger vehicles where running wires may not be an efficient option. The monitor has a universal lip mount and connects to the included DC/cigarette socket power plug for an easy setup. The power plug has an on/off button for easy activation of the monitor.

TE-WMCE Product Specifications:

  • Wireless HD camera and monitor kit
  • 7-inch color LCD screen
  • 90 m / 300 ft wireless range
  • DC socket for monitor power with on/off button for easy activation
  • Camera – Rated IP67
  • Camera visual angle – 70 degrees horizontal
  • Camera has IR LEDs for 0 lux minimum illumination at night

Commercial Multi-View 9-Inch Monitor

iBEAM’s TE-9VS-4 is a 9-inch color LCD screen that shows up to four cameras simultaneously with multiple display layouts. It has a removable sun shade, a built-in speaker for camera audio, four 4-pin DIN camera input connectors, and includes a remote for easy operation. This monitor features heavy-duty construction with a tilting bracket mount that can be adjusted up to 30 degrees forward or backward for an optimal viewing angle.

TE-9VS-4 Product Specifications:

  • 9-inch color LCD screen
  • Heavy-duty tilting bracket mount
  • Displays 1 to 4 cameras simultaneously with multiple display layouts
  • (4) 4-pin DIN connectors
  • Includes remote
  • Built-in speaker for camera audio

These solutions are in stock now. Visit iBEAMusa.com for additional product information.

Metra Electronics Ships New iBEAM Replacement Camera for Jeep Gladiator

HOLLY HILL, FL (05.27.2021) – iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems by Metra Electronics has just released a new replacement camera designed for 2020-up* Jeep Gladiator JT models. When replacing the radio on these vehicles, the factory LVDS backup camera presents a challenge for aftermarket screens and can be expensive to retain using an interface. iBEAM’s JP-JTKT camera replaces the factory camera to provide an affordable solution that allows the driver to see their backup video on a compatible aftermarket screen when in reverse. This new solution adds to Metra’s growing product line of aftermarket Jeep accessories.

The JP-JTKT has an RCA output for aftermarket radios or monitors with selectable parking lines and a 160-degree viewing angle. Two different types of camera mounting brackets are available to cover models equipped with either a standard backup camera or models equipped with surround or 360 systems. (Surround or 360 systems are not retained with this kit.)

To help with installation, the camera comes with detailed instructions and Metra also has an installation video at https://youtu.be/NLXRKsRFArM (See video below).

The JP-JTKT is available now and will be included in Metra’s Jeep accessories and iBEAM training sessions at KnowledgeFest in Orlando.

Product Specifications

  • Direct OE replacement camera for 2020-up* Jeep Gladiator JT
  • Resolution: 550 TV lines
  • Field of view: 160 degrees horizontal, 185 degrees diagonal
  • Rated IP68
  • High-performance power circuit
  • Camera extension cable included (26ft length)
  • Two types of ABS mounting brackets included
  • Does not retain the 360 surround view system in vehicles with this option

*See iBEAMusa.com for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

New Wireless Camera Kits and Multi-Mount Cameras Now Shipping from iBEAM

HOLLY HILL, FL (11.25.2020) – iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems by Metra Electronics has added more aftermarket automotive safety products to their product line with a wireless camera and monitor kit, a wireless rearview mirror monitor, and four new multi-mount cameras now available. These vehicle safety solutions were first introduced at SEMA360 and are now shipping.

Wireless 4.3-Inch Mirror Monitor and Camera
Upgrading vehicle safety features can be fast with iBEAM’s universal TE-WKMR43 kit. The wireless clip-on rearview mirror monitor attaches to the factory mirror and uses the included DC socket power adapter and wireless backup camera. The DC power socket includes an additional USB port for smart device charging. Video on the 4.3-inch LCD mirror monitor is triggered by the camera’s signal and has a 20m/65ft range. The camera can be surface mounted or mounted to the license plate for optimal placement. This kit is ideal for use with factory rearview mirrors that are difficult to replace or may have built-in features that the driver would like to retain.

Wireless 5-Inch Monitor and Camera Kit

The universal TE-WKMN5 provides an instant upgrade in driver visibility with a large 5-inch wireless LCD monitor that is automatically triggered by the wireless camera signal. The kit includes a license plate camera mount and two mounting options for the monitor; a dashboard suction cup mount or a windshield mount. The monitor is powered by DC socket power, which includes an additional USB port for smart device charging. Video on the 5-inch LCD monitor is triggered by the camera’s signal and has a 20m/65ft range. For vehicles without a factory screen, this kit is an easy way to add safety features that will improve the driver’s visibility and overall safety.

Multi-Mount Cameras

iBEAM’s four new multi-mount cameras provide an unobstructed rear view that can stay active while the vehicle is on, not just when it is in reverse. These cameras are ideal for drivers with blind spots or limited visibility in the back or rear cargo area who would like to keep an eye on their cargo, trailer hitch, or rear area while driving. These cameras feature metal housing, an improved power circuit, and include multiple mounts for easy installation behind the license plate or to surface mount under the trunk lid. (Requires compatible monitor for active view. Recommended for use with iBEAM’s TE-43VS, TE-50VS, and TE-7VS).

TE-2MPIR: IR Accessory Camera with Active Parking Lines

Featuring a separate trigger for the IR LEDS and parking lines that can be activated while the vehicle is in reverse. This camera has a resolution of 420 TV lines with a CMOS II sensor and a 170-degree viewing angle.

TE-2MPLTC: LED Accessory Camera with Active Parking Lines

Featuring active parking lines (shown while the camera is active) and a separate trigger for the LEDs that can be activated when the vehicle is in reverse. This camera has a resolution of 600 TV lines with a CMOS II sensor and a 170-degree viewing angle.

TE-2MPTC: Accessory Camera with Active Parking Lines

Featuring active parking lines visible the entire time that the camera is on. This camera has a resolution of 600 TV lines with a CMOS II sensor and a 170-degree viewing angle.

TE-2MPC: Accessory Camera

This camera has a resolution of 600 TV lines with a CMOS II sensor and a 170-degree viewing angle.

All of these new products are now shipping with additional details available at iBEAMusa.com.

Metra Electronics Hosts iBEAM, Heise, and Axxess Training Sessions at KnowledgeFest 2020 in Long Beach, California

HOLLY HILL, FL (01.30.2020) – Metra Electronics will host six training sessions at the 2020 KnowledgeFest event in Long Beach, California, for mobile electronics installers. As a Diamond Ultra sponsor, Metra is proud to support the industry by providing in-depth training sessions for installers, which will outline upgraded vehicle safety systems, selling and installing lighting solutions, simplified installs with digital signal processors and the future of vehicle integration. Metra will also have a drawing for new product giveaways at each session for attendees. Installer Institute will also be at the show, promoting their mobile electronics training programs and continuing education courses for existing 12volt professionals.

Both of the iBEAM training sessions, “Upgrading Vehicle Safety Systems with iBEAM,” will assist installers in identifying the essential selling points of safety and convenience, and will be held on Friday, February 7th from 1:45 to 2:45 p.m. and Sunday, February 9th from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m. Installing aftermarket cameras and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in both consumer and commercial vehicles has become a significant revenue source for mobile electronics shops. Attendees will learn about iBEAM’s latest vehicle cameras, dashboard cameras with DVRs, replacement rearview mirrors, vehicle-specific solutions and commercial safety line. Whether it is a simple backup camera integration, an advanced motion detection camera setup or a high-tech 360-degree view system, Metra will teach installers how to sell and install their latest iBEAM safety solutions. They’ll also learn about the hot-button selling points and features that consumers and fleet owners are asking for, plus installation tips for a better understanding of what is involved in an upgrade. Attendees will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the new 9” Rearview Mirror Monitor Touchscreen (TE-SM9) and 360-Degree Interior View Dash Camera Kit (TE-360DVR) from iBEAM.

Heise will also be hosting two training sessions, “Selling and Installing Heise LED Lighting Solutions,” on Saturday, February 8th from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, February 9th from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. The recent popularity in aftermarket LED lighting presents a valuable opportunity for installers to go beyond car audio services, giving consumers a way to customize their ride and increase visibility in the dark. However, not all LED lights on the market are the same. This session will allow installers to learn about Heise’s unique features and selling points that have set this brand apart from the rest. This training will cover new lightbars, integrating switch panels, replacement LED headlights, RGB and RGBW accent lights and safety lights for upfitting commercial equipment and fleet vehicles. Attendees will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the new 8 Gang Panel System (HE-SWP8) or 20″ Edgeless Slimline Lightbar (HE-TSL20) product giveaways from Heise.

Axxess will be hosting two different training sessions. The first session, “Simplify your Installs with Axxess Digital Signal Processors,” will cover the entire Axxess AX-DSP product line and how these solutions can increase sales in the showroom and decrease time in the bay. The session will be hosted on Saturday, February 8th from 4:45 to 5:45 p.m and will show installers that upgrading a sound system doesn’t have to be complicated. This training will also go over and explain how to use the different types of applications offered within the AX-DSP line, including CAN-based systems, new A2B systems, MOST25, and MOST50 vehicle technology. Metra will also discuss how to use and set up the AX-DSP through the app for complete tuning control and when to use the DSP “Lite” versus “X” solutions. As vehicle technology becomes more and more complex, installers can look for Metra’s patented DSP products to help simplify installation and provide affordable audio solutions for their customers.

The second Axxess training session on Friday, February 7th from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., “The Future of Vehicle Integration with New Axxess Products,” addresses the growing challenges and complexity of integration for the aftermarket 12volt industry. With the reduction in OE radio chassis sizes, the rising popularity of tablet-style screens, and many of the personalization features controlled through the OE radio, it is difficult for shops to offer simple aftermarket solutions. Attendees will learn about new products from Axxess that have been engineered specifically to address the complexity of today’s integrated vehicle technology systems and retain key convenience and safety features when upgrading a radio. For consumers who want to keep their radio but add safety, navigation, smart device mirroring, or simply override the annoying STOP/START engine feature, installers can learn about these new products from Axxess that will make their customer’s ride much more enjoyable. Attendees will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the new AX-DSP-LITE from Axxess.

Attendees can register for the training session or scan their badge at Metra’s booth before the start of the sessions to be entered into a drawing for one of the two product giveaways for each training session. The drawing will take place at the end of the sessions, and attendees must be present to win.

Metra’s customers can register for the KnowledgeFest event at no cost using Metra’s VIP code, available by request from their sales representative. Once registered for the event, attendees will also need to register online at KnowledgeFest.org for each training session they will attend. Metra will be at booth #1006 from February 7th-9th at the Long Beach Convention Center. Additional information about the show, produced by the Mobile Electronics Association (MEA), is available at KnowledgeFest.org.