HKI USA and SounDigital Announce New 1000.1 EVOX2 Feature-Packed Amplifier

DANIA BEACH, FL (11.09.22) – HKI USA Inc. and SounDigital Car Audio are proud to announce a new item for the end of 2022.

Reinventing the wheel is always hard, but updating the new wheel is even harder. SounDigital saw an opportunity to do away with the old and bring something totally new to the table. With a slightly larger footprint than its predecessor, the all new 1000.1 EVOX2 is going to be a new fan favorite. Things that could not be done with the 800.1 EVOX are now on the table with this new amplifier. Adding an RLC port to make it compatible with the SounDigital Remote Level Control and being able to expand the frequency range of the amplifier are in direct response to the list of wants provided to SounDigital by their customers and retailers.

“We were up against a wall with what the old chassis was capable of, and we knew we needed to make a change.” Says Jacob Brown, Director of Operations for HKI USA Inc., the US importer for SounDigital. “We kept getting asked for things the 800.1 just wasn’t capable of doing, and when the answer was always ’there isn’t enough room’, we knew what the next step was going to be.” With the help of the entire SounDigital engineering team, these changes were put into effect, and the 1000.1 EVOX2 was born.

Available in traditional SounDigital fashion, this amplifier will be available in 1 and 2 ohm configurations, which is also a twist over the 800.1.

MSRP will be U$499.99 for both versions and is expected to be available before the end of November.

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ProLine-X Releases Ground Zero Subwoofer Boxes

DANIA BEACH, FL (03.08.22) – HKI USA has announced an amazing new partnership with ProLine-X (Vacaville CA) for subwoofer specific enclosures to help deliver a better overall experience to our retailers and their clients.

Proline-X does things very differently when it comes to building “pre-fab” enclosures by taking away the simplicity of mass market products, and focuses on using the highest quality materials, the best construction methods, and proper design and tuning of their enclosures.

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“Our goal here is to offer dealers a true solution that has the performance and quality necessary to reinforce Ground Zero subwoofers’ ability to play strong, deep, and accurate bass,” stated Robert Reilly of HKI USA, who spear headed this project with the Proline-X. 

While Proline-X is not new to the enclosure game, this partnership is the first manufacturer recommended enclosure line to be available nationwide, and Ground Zero is extremely proud to be able to point their dealers in the right direction. There will be available enclosures paired to the entry level Iridium lines up through the widely loved Hydrogen line. Starting with a more traditional universal style and fit, who knows where this could lead and what awesome products could be brought to the table in the future.

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HKI USA Introduces Ground Zero Iridium Line

DANIA BEACH, FL & EGMATING, GERMANY (02.23.22) – HKI USA is excited to announce a new product to excite car audio dealers to the concept of Pro SQ, while maintaining simple installation and without breaking the bank.

The GZIC 165.2SPL is the newest creation from Ground Zero Car Audio in the Iridium line, that bridges the gap between Pro Audio and Entry Level car audio. This kit allows for a pro style car build with components that are a lot more familiar and traditional. Taking advantage of the new GZCT 25M Competition Line 25mm tweeter, and pairing it with an all new Pro based 6.5” mid bass driver designed around the improved Iridium cone, this kit helps dealers and customers obtain a little more than a standard style kit, without stepping over to the need for custom fabrication with larger pro style componentry.

“This addition to our line up is just another step in helping our car audio retailers be able to offer their clients the complete solution under the Ground Zero brand” says Jacob Brown of HKI USA.

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Ground Zero and HKI USA Add to Hydrogen Subwoofer Line

DANIA BEACH, FL & EGMATING, GERMANY (02.22.22) – Ground Zero Car Audio and HKI USA are proud to announce the newest item in the Hydrogen line of subwoofers, that will surely bring some excitement to the truck, powersports, and stealth installs we all love to see.

The new GZHW 10SPL-D2 Flat is going to have a huge effect on the industry when it comes to obtaining amazing output, musicality, and install versatility. With its shallow mounting depth of just over 4”, its power handling of 600 WRMS, and its love of smaller enclosures, this subwoofer is going to allow for installs to be a little more fun to listen to. From vented or sealed truck boxes, spare tire enclosures, and even some OEM sized saddle bags and side by side enclosures, these woofers bring something else to the table that we have truly been waiting for. 

“With the Pre-Orders opening today, I am looking forward to be able to offer our dealers and their clients an item to maximize their bass output without having to sacrifice tons of space.  I have been having to bottle up my excitement for months keeping this a secret and can not wait to see our dealers go to town with these in all types of builds!” States Tommy Spears of HKI USA. 

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HKI USA Expands Its Vehicle Enhancement Division

DANIA BEACH, FL (02.15.22) – HKI USA INC the exclusive U.S. distributor of Ground Zero, SounDigital Four Connect audio products is proud to add another industry veteran to its growing team. 

Doug Dobson will be leading the technical support team at TURY USA. A new technology division of HKI USA.

“Dobson brings with him an extensive technical background having been part of several major manufacturers over his 40 years of mobile electronics experience.  His installation knowledge will be a huge advantage as we continue to add products to our growing line up,” stated Marty Deane, Sales Manager of TURY USA.

Doug Dobson can be contacted at

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TURY USA Ships First of Many New FAST Products

DANIA BEACH, FL (02.02.2022) – TURY USA is shipping its first of many new products. FAST, a throttle response enhancement module gives the driver the boost their car needs. With 36 different levels of adjustment, FAST will be sure to make the driving experience a lot more fun!

“This is a must-have for those smaller engine cars and diesel truck owners. WIth the added anti-theft and valet modes, this throttle response kit is perfect for every application!” stated Marty Deane, National Sales Manager.

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HKI USA Debuts Its Line of Vehicle Enhancement Products from TURY at KnowledgeFest Dallas

DANIA BEACH, FL (12.22.2021) – Tury, a tier one OEM partner with Nissan, Toyota, Fiat, Jeep, Hyundai and many others, specializes in high tech vehicle add-ons. Tury engineers, manufactures, and offers a complete line up of interfaces from Factory Key Fob window, sunroof and side mirrors automation to a throttle response kit designed to eliminate the gas pedal delay found in many drive by wire vehicles. Tury is also developing trailer connection harness specifically catered to the US market, and many other unique items that will be announced over the next several months.

“We are very excited to bring TURY to the US. After over a year of studying and preparing TURY for the US market we can say we are finally ready to start our long journey on becoming one of the top vendors in this segment.” says Diogo Iannaccone, CEO of HKI USA.

“HKI USA is the perfect partner for TURY in the US with their great team. We are looking forward to our expansion into the US market.” says Daniel Turi, CEO of TURY.

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HKI USA Adds Another Member to Its Growing Team

DANIA BEACH, FL (10.04.2021) – HKI USA, the US importer for SounDigital Amplifiers, Ground Zero Car Audio, Four Connect Wiring Products, and the new HKI Mini DSP, is proud to announce another member to its growing family.

As 2021 starts to wind down, HKI is expanding upon its staff of Territory Managers, once again, with the addition of the new kid on the block, Daniel Mount. Dan will be taking the reins for Northern Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas allowing HKI to expand its presence in this territory, and focus on representing their extensive line of car audio and powersports products.

Daniel Mount

“We fell Dan is going to be an amazing addition to our team,” stated Jacob Brown, Director of Operations for HKI-USA. “Due to his knowledge and love for our products and his experience and reputation in the territory as both a rep and retail owner, we are excited to see him work with our team of managers and partnered rep firms to continue to build and support our network of retailers.”

“I’m excited to grow the territory with HKI, and meet all the existing dealers in the territory,” explained Mount. “But, to be honest, I am excited to work for a great company, and even more excited to be working with an amazing group of people.”

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HKI USA Introduces New EVOX2 Line of Amplifiers

DANIA BEACH,FL (08.04.2021) – As technology changes, markets grow, and people make requests, HKI USA is proud to announce SounDigital’s new EVOX2 series of monoblock amplifiers.

Taking advantage of the patented designs that allowed us to make the EVOX Multichannel amps so small and the theories behind what makes the EVOPS so robust, our world as we know it has changed. We have combined these amplifier families to release a new series of full range mono amplifiers to help solve the need for massive power, small footprints, and great sound quality.

The all new 1600.1 and 3000.1 EVOX2 amplifiers, now available for pre-order, have been a long time in the making while the technology used in them has finally caught up to the demand of our retailers and their clients.

These amplifiers are just the beginning of this new series that will combine the small size and efficiency that we expect from the EVOX line of amplifiers, while offering solutions for the full range power requirements of many high output installations.

The amazing control these amplifiers have are perfect for the traditional application of mono amplifiers pulling subwoofer duty, while their design lends a hand to making sure it is one of the best sounding amplifiers in its category.

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Ground Zero Releases New Uranium Car Audio Line

DANIA BEACH, FL (02.23.2021) – HKI USA, the US importer for Ground Zero car audio products, is proud to be able to say that the new Uranium line of component speakers is here.

Starting with the GZUK 165SQ midbass, this all new 6.5” driver has an underhung neo motor with a 2” coil paired with a damped aluminum cone allowing this driver to dig deep and maintain a smooth response through its frequency range.

The new GZUM 80SQ midrange fits in line as a small version of the 6.5” midbass, with its matching motor and cone, making for a well rounded midrange, while it’s 3.15” diameter and small motor structure helps it fit in various applications.

The all new GZUT 28SQ tweeter has a tuned open back neo motor that gives us a distortion free response down to its crossover frequency blending perfectly with the GZUK midbass driver in a 2-way application, while the coated silk dome maintains detail and excitement when rounding out a 3-way setup.

Jacob Brown is pictured with a set of the exciting new Uranium 2-Way Components.

“We have been looking forward to this collection of drivers for quite some time. These are some of the most exciting components I’ve experienced in quite some time,” stated Jacob Brown of HKI USA.

This series is available A La Carte to our network of direct retailers. While passive crossover networks, tailored to work with these drivers, will be available shortly, we are also excited to be announcing another option to the mix and more information on that will be coming shortly.

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