ProLine-X Releases Ground Zero Subwoofer Boxes

DANIA BEACH, FL (03.08.22) – HKI USA has announced an amazing new partnership with ProLine-X (Vacaville CA) for subwoofer specific enclosures to help deliver a better overall experience to our retailers and their clients.

Proline-X does things very differently when it comes to building “pre-fab” enclosures by taking away the simplicity of mass market products, and focuses on using the highest quality materials, the best construction methods, and proper design and tuning of their enclosures.

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“Our goal here is to offer dealers a true solution that has the performance and quality necessary to reinforce Ground Zero subwoofers’ ability to play strong, deep, and accurate bass,” stated Robert Reilly of HKI USA, who spear headed this project with the Proline-X. 

While Proline-X is not new to the enclosure game, this partnership is the first manufacturer recommended enclosure line to be available nationwide, and Ground Zero is extremely proud to be able to point their dealers in the right direction. There will be available enclosures paired to the entry level Iridium lines up through the widely loved Hydrogen line. Starting with a more traditional universal style and fit, who knows where this could lead and what awesome products could be brought to the table in the future.

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HKI USA Introduces Ground Zero Iridium Line

DANIA BEACH, FL & EGMATING, GERMANY (02.23.22) – HKI USA is excited to announce a new product to excite car audio dealers to the concept of Pro SQ, while maintaining simple installation and without breaking the bank.

The GZIC 165.2SPL is the newest creation from Ground Zero Car Audio in the Iridium line, that bridges the gap between Pro Audio and Entry Level car audio. This kit allows for a pro style car build with components that are a lot more familiar and traditional. Taking advantage of the new GZCT 25M Competition Line 25mm tweeter, and pairing it with an all new Pro based 6.5” mid bass driver designed around the improved Iridium cone, this kit helps dealers and customers obtain a little more than a standard style kit, without stepping over to the need for custom fabrication with larger pro style componentry.

“This addition to our line up is just another step in helping our car audio retailers be able to offer their clients the complete solution under the Ground Zero brand” says Jacob Brown of HKI USA.

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Ground Zero and HKI USA Add to Hydrogen Subwoofer Line

DANIA BEACH, FL & EGMATING, GERMANY (02.22.22) – Ground Zero Car Audio and HKI USA are proud to announce the newest item in the Hydrogen line of subwoofers, that will surely bring some excitement to the truck, powersports, and stealth installs we all love to see.

The new GZHW 10SPL-D2 Flat is going to have a huge effect on the industry when it comes to obtaining amazing output, musicality, and install versatility. With its shallow mounting depth of just over 4”, its power handling of 600 WRMS, and its love of smaller enclosures, this subwoofer is going to allow for installs to be a little more fun to listen to. From vented or sealed truck boxes, spare tire enclosures, and even some OEM sized saddle bags and side by side enclosures, these woofers bring something else to the table that we have truly been waiting for. 

“With the Pre-Orders opening today, I am looking forward to be able to offer our dealers and their clients an item to maximize their bass output without having to sacrifice tons of space.  I have been having to bottle up my excitement for months keeping this a secret and can not wait to see our dealers go to town with these in all types of builds!” States Tommy Spears of HKI USA. 

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Ground Zero Car Audio Adds to Popular Coaxial Competition Line

DANIA BEACH, FL & EGMATING, GERMANY (02.21.22) – HKI USA and Ground Zero Car Audio are proud to announce a new item to the popular coaxial competition audio line of products.

The long awaited GZCF 165NEO-PRO (Red Basket Coax) is now available for pre-order and the excitement is already in place. These are not just two pre-existing drivers attached to each other. Ground Zero developed an entirely new 6.5” midrange driver, and incorporated the new fan favorite GZCT 20N-Pro compression driver. Adding in weather resilient materials and engineering tricks, this driver is suited for all applications where high end sound and high quality pro audio output is needed.

“The best part about working with Ground Zero is that when it comes to a product such as this, we get to cover all of the bases. From a true audio perspective, with Car AND Pro Audio DNA combined, the effort to make an amazing item reflects in all applications that these products get utilized in” says Jacob Brown, the Director of Operation, HKI-USA.

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Ground Zero USA Introduces New Competition Pro Series Compression Driver

DANIA BEACH, FL (06.10.2021) – Ground Zero USA, imported by HKI USA, has announced a new item to its lineup of pro audio based speakers and drivers. The Competition Pro series is expanding with the new GZCT 20N-Pro compression driver, a reinvention of the wheel when it comes to a “bullet style” tweeter. Ground Zero took the beloved, but sometimes difficult to mount, GZCT 19N-ProX tweeter and changed the waveguide to a more universal style allowing this amazing tweeter to be mounted into more and more applications where our more recognized GZCT 500IV-B and 0500X tweeters are the standard.

By changing the waveguide to a threaded throat style horn mount, this allows the new GZCT 20N-Pro to drop into just about any location that supports a bullet tweeter, but allows the dealer or customer to step up to a more sound quality emphasized compression driver. “We are constantly striving to bring to market solutions that are needed and asked for by all of our dealer partners.” says Jacob Brown of HKI USA. “Being that this tweeter is the best sounding small format compression driver I’ve heard, we needed to find a way to capitalize on this for all of our retailers and their installs”.

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Ground Zero Releases New Uranium Car Audio Line

DANIA BEACH, FL (02.23.2021) – HKI USA, the US importer for Ground Zero car audio products, is proud to be able to say that the new Uranium line of component speakers is here.

Starting with the GZUK 165SQ midbass, this all new 6.5” driver has an underhung neo motor with a 2” coil paired with a damped aluminum cone allowing this driver to dig deep and maintain a smooth response through its frequency range.

The new GZUM 80SQ midrange fits in line as a small version of the 6.5” midbass, with its matching motor and cone, making for a well rounded midrange, while it’s 3.15” diameter and small motor structure helps it fit in various applications.

The all new GZUT 28SQ tweeter has a tuned open back neo motor that gives us a distortion free response down to its crossover frequency blending perfectly with the GZUK midbass driver in a 2-way application, while the coated silk dome maintains detail and excitement when rounding out a 3-way setup.

Jacob Brown is pictured with a set of the exciting new Uranium 2-Way Components.

“We have been looking forward to this collection of drivers for quite some time. These are some of the most exciting components I’ve experienced in quite some time,” stated Jacob Brown of HKI USA.

This series is available A La Carte to our network of direct retailers. While passive crossover networks, tailored to work with these drivers, will be available shortly, we are also excited to be announcing another option to the mix and more information on that will be coming shortly.

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HKI USA Introduces New Territory Manager

DANIA BEACH, FL (10.30.2020) – HKI USA, exclusive U.S. distributor of Ground Zero, SounDigital and Four Connect audio products is proud to announce that Andy Smith has joined our team as the new Territory Manager for Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Smith has very a strong background in the Powersports and Car Audio markets and we plan on using this knowledge to strengthen our team in the USA.

Smith’s focus will be to help grow SounDigital and Ground Zero and offer additional training/tech support for the Midwest.

“We are very happy with this addition to the team and we believe will improve even further our customer service to our customers,” said Diogo Ianaconi, CEO of HKI USA.

Andy Smith can be contacted at For more information, email HKI USA at

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New Ground Zero 25th Year Anniversary Component Set

DANIA BEACH, FL (07.22.2020) – What better way to celebrate our 25th year in the audio game than to release a Limited Edition kit, available all across the world, but we did it in a different kind of way. With the launch and success of our new Radioactive Components (GZRC 165.2SQ), and the announcement of our new Uranium series of components, we have decided to combine these two lines into one single box, bringing you the best of both. 

While using the aluminum cone midbass driver from the RadioActive series of SQ components, and pairing it with the newly designed 28mm silk dome Uranium tweeter, we needed to build a passive network that was a step above. Either used in a passive install, or active with a DSP, this kit brings an uncompromised level of quality to an often overlooked price point. 

The 25-Year Anniversary GZRC165 comes in this attractive commemorative box.

“We expect to start shipping this amazing limited edition component sets before end of August to the best retailers across USA”, says Diogo Iannaccone.

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HKI USA Helps Dealers with Special Installation Accessories Offerings

DANIA BEACH, FL (07.02.2020) – HKI SounDigital USA, the US importer and distributor for SounDigital amplifiers and Ground Zero car audio, has announced a new addition to their lineup.

“Amongst shortages of products and installations being on hold due to manufacturing delays, and the world playing catch up, we reached out to our friends in Finland to bring in their amazing line of installation accessories, Four Connect,” said Diogo Iannaccone, CEO of HKI USA.

Continuing, Ianaconi stated “When it comes to our industry, there should be no compromise when it comes to the equipment we install. Where power transfer is concerned, CCA just won’t cut it, so naturally our STAGE 2 power kits have OFC cables and OFC connectors. With Interconnect cables being the vital link between the head unit and the audio components, our STAGE 2 leaves no chance for noise or loss to appear thanks to our BiteHold-connectors, oversized T-OFC conductors and triple shielded Twisted Pair weaving. All these RCA features wrapped in tough-as-nails structure with opposite cone stress relief in connectors and heavy duty super flex insulation.”

The products will be arriving later in this month and will be available through the SounDigital and Ground Zero existing dealer network.

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Ground Zero Shipping New Digital Sound Processor

DANIA, FL (06.08.2020) – Coming off of the great success in the digital sound processor market with Ground Zero’s GZDSP 4-8X, the company is proud to announce that June will see the release of the newest processor, the GZDSP 4-8XII. The original 4-8X took the car and powersports market by storm, and Ground Zero played off of this by making improvements to the heat sink for more efficient cooling when needed, and also the cosmetic styling, helping it blend seamlessly with the selection of amplifiers.

The company also made device upgrades, changing the performance of the entire device, helping it become a staple in dealers arsenal of OEM interfacing and audio upgrading tools.

Standard features include summing, eq, time delay and crossovers, while an optional wire remote (GZDSP Remote XII) allows master volume, subwoofer level, and preset selection. An optional input device, the GZDSP BT Stick, combines the features of the wired remote, and full DSP control from a smart device app, with bluetooth audio streaming.

This DSP is a perfect option for basic OEM integration, audio system upgrading, or using it as an audio source in hidden applications like motorcycles, ATVs, hot rods, classic cars, and more.

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