Coronavirus Business Suggestions from Ed Dalesandro of End Result

CANONSBURG, PA (03.20.2020) – Ed Dalesandro and the End Result Rep Firm reached out to dealer partners with business strategy suggestion emails on Monday March 16th and Tuesday March 17th. Dalesandro’s emails focused on business suggestions as the Coronavirus grips the world and the 12volt industry. End Result is an award winning rep firm based in Canonsburg PA that has been serving 12volt and Home AV retailers and distributors in Ohio, West Virginia along with Western Pennsylvania for 3 decades.

Dalesandro related to The 12volt News “I believe this is a time for me to work with, and counsel with, dealers in the territory. Selling needs to take a back seat until the Coronavirus national emergency is over. At that time, dealers who have preparing for that day, will be better positioned to move forward.”

Ed Dalesandro, End Result Principal, at the desk in his Canonsburg, PA office with an email to dealers on his monitor.

Below are the 2 emails that Dalesandro sent to his dealer base of over 200 in the End Result territory.

Click image to enlarge the first email.

Click image to enlarge the second email.

The 12volt News applauds Dalesandro’s initiative and looks forward to developing future articles detailing his efforts.

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