End Result on the Front Line Working with Area Dealers

This screenshot on Monday, March 30th, shows Ed Dalesandro moderating the Zoom call with Ed Nuttall-Team Nutz, Dalesandro, Risa Schultz-WeConnect, John Brunett-Audio Video, Jeff Peters-Hertz and 12volt News (L to R) across the top.

CANONSBURG, PA (04.01.2020) – Ed Dalesandro and the End Result Rep Firm have been on a mission to work with dealers in the Ohio Valley Tri-State to deal with the Coronavirus National Emergency. Multiple scheduled Zoom calls have taken place with area Home AV and 12volt dealers. These calls have given those on the calls sense of community.

Sondralee Orengia, Custom Audio in Erie PA stated “The calls with Ed have been very helpful. Hearing what other dealers are faced with has given me a big picture look with what’s happening in the marketplace. We have been finishing big home jobs which definitely bolstered our spirits.”

Ed Nuttall, Team Nutz in Pittsburg, has attended all the scheduled Zoom calls. “We work closely with Ed and really applaud his efforts. It’s great to be on a call with other dealers plus vendors to get all’s perspective. Our doors are closed but we are an interlock dealer that gives up some flexibility working at the store” Nuttall related.

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Last week End Result conducted “Virtual Town Hall Meetings” with dealers across the Ohio Valley tri states. We presented advice to 36 dealers. We also listened to what they were experiencing and what questions they had. If you were not able to attend but feel that you would like the information we presented, please read on. What we feel is on the line is the health of the nation and the health of our businesses.

Here is what we talked about:

Input came from a number of home dealers after hearing presentations from Rob Keeler from CEDIA, Risa Schultz & Allison Lopez from the marketing firm Weconekt. Dealer input included:

  • Still uncertainty of rules
  • Most closed the front door but still performed existing installations carefully
  • Most laid off most employees allowing for unemployment
  • All agreed that opportunity for upgrading their systems was in the plans
  • Many looking for different opportunities
  • All recognized the importance of a bigger picture and being sensitive to it
  • Many realized that after the storm there could be an uptick in improving one’s home
  • Stimulus money is coming and money will be easy to get to improve one’s space
  • Urban dealers felt that they were experts on getting federal money when it came in to consumers & felt that this (stimulus) would be the same way

It is my job to keep the dealers in this territory healthy, whether you buy from us or not. If you are doing better, most likely we are too. If you are hurting, we are also. In this tough and uncharted time, use us and the dealers around you for team guidance. This is not a time for individual competition amongst reps, distributors, dealers or manufacturers. United we will win again! We are an industry of emotion, something the internet cannot provide. Show yours and let’s get on top when the time is right. For now, plan and do what you can.

Stay safe,
Ed Dalesandro

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End Result Representing Mobile Electronics in the Crisis

CANONSBURG, PA (03.26.2020) – Now that the shock is over and the realization of our “situation” has sunk in, here is how End Result is going to represent the dealer and the manufacturer.

We will be holding a TOWN HALL VIRTUAL MEETING FOR MOBILE ELECTRONICS DEALERS TOMORROW AT 10:am & FRIDAY at 6:30pm. The purpose of these meetings is to give you perspective of what others are doing so that you can get input from others and adjust plans accordingly. This is not going to be a bitch session! “We are in this situation- how best to cope with it and plan for the next days” is the focus of the meeting.

Ed Dalesandro

Rob Keeler from CEDIA will be on the calls to give us a more global perspective

Thursday, March 26 at 10:00 AM
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 665 806 055
Dial by your location 1-646 876 9923 US (New York)

Friday, March 27 at 6:30 PM
Meeting ID: 124 970 076
Dial by your location 1-312-626-6799 or use your computer speakers and mic

From there we will be offering a Webinar Series on subjects that can help us today and into the future, not “who is this manufacturer.”

It is now time to think and react, while being mindful of the situation.

We just want to help.
-Ed Dalesandro

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Coronavirus Business Suggestions from Ed Dalesandro of End Result

CANONSBURG, PA (03.20.2020) – Ed Dalesandro and the End Result Rep Firm reached out to dealer partners with business strategy suggestion emails on Monday March 16th and Tuesday March 17th. Dalesandro’s emails focused on business suggestions as the Coronavirus grips the world and the 12volt industry. End Result is an award winning rep firm based in Canonsburg PA that has been serving 12volt and Home AV retailers and distributors in Ohio, West Virginia along with Western Pennsylvania for 3 decades.

Dalesandro related to The 12volt News “I believe this is a time for me to work with, and counsel with, dealers in the territory. Selling needs to take a back seat until the Coronavirus national emergency is over. At that time, dealers who have preparing for that day, will be better positioned to move forward.”

Ed Dalesandro, End Result Principal, at the desk in his Canonsburg, PA office with an email to dealers on his monitor.

Below are the 2 emails that Dalesandro sent to his dealer base of over 200 in the End Result territory.

Click image to enlarge the first email.

Click image to enlarge the second email.

The 12volt News applauds Dalesandro’s initiative and looks forward to developing future articles detailing his efforts.

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