AAMP Global Announces “Shop Local” Campaign

CLEARWATER, FL (07.30.2020) – Last week AAMP Global, through its family of brands Stinger, PAC, EchoMaster and Phoenix Gold, launched a new “Shop Local” campaign in support of its 12-volt dealer network across the country. In a time of economic uncertainty, especially for small business owners, AAMP wanted to utilize its collective reach of consumers, to help drive awareness of local 12-volt shops, and drive foot traffic into brick and mortar stores.

Utilizing social media, the campaign educates consumers on the benefits of trusted mobile electronics stores and encourages them that now is a great time to upgrade their existing vehicle with the technology features they’ve always wanted at a local dealer.

Director of Marketing, Lisa Gibbings, said, “We want to do whatever we can to support our dealer network during these unprecedented times. There are a lot of factors positively impacting our industry. As with the last recession, consumers are upgrading vs. buying new, we’re seeing a lot more road trips for vacations, we want to make sure we are doing everything we can for our dealers to benefit from these trends. AAMP was built on its relationships within the 12-volt industry, for 33 years they’ve contributed to our success, and we want to continue to be a strong pillar in theirs.”

The overall campaign will include advertisements for various categories (safety, radio replacement, audio upgrades, etc.), resources such as a local dealer locator, and will also highlight specific dealers each week with store information and photos.

For more information, visit the Facebook pages for Stinger, PAC, EchoMaster and Phoenix Gold.

Visit aampglobal.com for more.

EchoMaster Launches Complete AHD Product Line

CLEARWATER, FL (03.24.2020) – Echomaster has launched a complete AHD product line. The product line includes AHD safety cameras, AHD monitors, and an AHD wireless camera and monitor kit.  AHD or “Analog High Definition” is a high-resolution analog camera. AHD Technology will support video resolutions up to 1080p. AHD cameras can help capture more details such as license plate numbers. AHD cameras require an AHD monitor for viewing. EchoMaster AHD cameras are 720p and use an aluminum alloy material to offer a durable and reliable safety signal for vehicles such as trucks, buses, RVs, and more.

  • Improved Visibility in Low Light
  • Improved Color Representation
  • Reduced Color Noise

 The EchoMaster AHD product line includes the following products: PCAM-800-AHD – Universal Lip Mount AHD Back-up CameraPCAM-810-AHD – Side View AHD CameraPCAM-820-AHD – Mini Dome AHD Camera with Infrared Night VisionPCAM-830-AHD – Mini Commercial Camera with Super Wide Lens – FMVSS 111 ComplaintPCAM-835B-AHD – Mini Commercial Back-up Camera with SunshadePCAM-840-AHD – Bar Mount AHD Camera with IR Night VisionPCAM-870-AHD – Dual View AHD Back-up CameraPMON-7022-AHD – 7” AHD Monitor with 2 Channel Video InputsPMON-7044-AHD – 7” AHD Monitor with 4 Channel Video InputsPMC-WAHD – Wireless AHD Camera and Monitor Kit All products are available and in stock. 

Check out echomaster.com or contact your AAMP Sales Rep to learn more.

AAMP Global Introduces EchoMaster Fleet Solutions

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (03.04.2020) – AAMP Global announces today the launch of their new division, EchoMaster Fleet Solutions, at the NTEA Work Truck Show 2020.

EchoMaster Fleet Solutions is a full-service provider with a passion for engineering efficient solutions for Fleet, Commercial and OES. From safety and security products, custom wiring harnesses, fleet monitoring, national installation services, and more – EchoMaster Fleet Solutions is dedicated to help deliver excellence for any upfitting need.

AAMP Global acquired Nagy FleetNet last year to join forces in the Fleet industry. Combining AAMP Global’s engineering and product development capabilities with Nagy FleetNet’s experience in fleet solutions inspired the merge of the entities into EchoMaster Fleet Solutions.

“The capabilities of our team inspired us to take a step forward and combine the two companies into EchoMaster Fleet Solutions,” said Derek Prentice, Director of Commercial Sales, “we will be the full-service solution provider for Fleet, Commercial, and OES.”

The NTEA Work Truck Show 2020 starts today at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. EchoMaster Fleet Solutions is exhibiting at booth #2001 showcasing their newest products and capabilities.

To find out more about EchoMaster Fleet Solutions, visit us at booth #2001 during the NTEA Work Truck Show or visit echomasterfleetsolutions.com.