DS18 Joins in on the War against COVID-19

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (03.26.2020) – As we all adjust to life working around the wide spread COVID-19 virus, DS18 joins in against the fight to help aid those in need with backing and knowledge from our close DS18 family and co-workers in China who have been adjusting to this Pandemic much longer then we have. 

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With China successfully battling and winning the fight and using firsthand knowledge of what needs to win the battle, we will be sending over personal protection equipment such as huge shipment of medical masks and gloves in care of DS18

Team member Marcia Mileidys Maceo to The Baptist Hospital in Kendall, Florida. DS18 hopes to help with the education and safe practices needed to minimalize casualties until the global efforts find a way to destroy this disease so life can return to normal.

Continuing to practice safe social distance, using PPE (gloves, mask, sanitizer) equipment, and knowledge of safely not spreading the disease is the key component to slowing down this very fast acting and deadly virus. If we all come together as a world population there is nothing we cannot overcome.

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DS18 Offers New Line of Chargers and Power Supplies

DS18 has a new line of charger that is killing the charging and power supply game. Now they have 3 models to fit your charging needs that provide either 60-amp, 80-amp, and a massive 200-amp power supplies that are also active chargers and maintainers.

These rugged and durable chargers have 3 modes. The first is for maintaining your batteries if they are being stored or your vehicle is parked for prolonged periods of time. The charger sends periodic 14v pulses to the battery to make sure it stays at its recommended resting voltage.

The second is for charging your batteries from a very low charged state. In this state of charging, the unit will keep pulsing either 13.8 or 14.4 pulses until the unit detects that the unit is fully charged and at its normal resting voltage, then from there it will stay in maintenance mode. The last feature and best will be power supply mode. In this mode, the chargers will switch to power supply mode and give either 60 amps, 80 amps, and a whopping 200-amp continuous power.

This mode is perfect for if you are needing extra power that your vehicle cannot provide, or if you are stationary and need a lot of power on demand at any moment or constantly. Whether you need a charger, maintainer, or power supply DS18 has you covered.

BC-60LP – 60 amps MSRP 429.95

BC80L – 80 amps MSRP 549.95

BC200L – 200 amps MSRP 699.95

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DS18 Select Amps Are NEW for 2020

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (03.16.2020) – Now introducing the successor to the DS18 SLC (select) line of amps, the S series Select. These amps come in a both brushed aluminum silver and red to bring out better aesthetic colors and come in a more compact size but have all new beefy internals. DS18 has many models to fit whatever the power requirement is for the enthusiast.

Every amp is available in either brushed silver or red and all come with very secure key terminals to ensure the tightest fitment and security. The Select Amps also have adjustable crossovers so users can adjust the frequency ranges to play all ranges of subs, mid range, and highs.

DS18 built in a clip indicator so when users are tuning the amp they know the exact threshold of distortion and can maximize and tune for the best sound possible.

The new Select Amp line up consists of the S-1500.1- A class A+B amplifier and has an output of 220w@4ohms and 350w@2ohms. MSRP- 149.95

S-1600.2- Full range class A+B S-1600.2 which puts out 90w x2 @4 ohms and 130×2 @ 2ohms. MSRP- 124.95

S-2500.1d- This class D Monoblock is has a rating of 350w @ 4ohms, 600w @ 2ohms, and 900w @ 1 ohm. MSRP-179.95

S-3000.4D- Class D 4 channel amp that puts out 190×4@4ohms, 295×4@2ohms, and 544×2@4 ohms bridged. MSRP- 199.95

S-1800.4- A full range class A+B 4 channel amplifier that puts out 100×4 w @4ohms, 150w x 4@2 ohms, and 280 w X @ 4 ohms bridged. MSRP-179.95

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DS18 Partners with GoFast Solutions

MIDDLETOWN, CT (02.28.2020) – DS18 has brought another major distributor to serve their large network of dealers. GoFast Solutions has been in the business over 15 years and knows what it takes to please their customers. Gofast sells an abundance of racing parts, safety products, and mobile audio.

Dave Prinz (CEO) has worked in the car audio field on and off since the 90s. He was initially employed at The Sound Company, once a CT-based car audio chain and then moved to a computer distribution company where he gained experience as a distributor. After that, Prinz worked for MRI’s car audio division as a merchandizing manager where he eventually purchased it after MRI was sold to SnapAV.

GoFast is striving to help car audio dealers branch into racing and performance parts with plans to encourage new shops to enter the car audio market, which the company believes is underserved in the region.

Any new dealers near the North East and Eastern PA will fall under the DS18 territory for product. Any new dealers and customers can contact them for info on product, merchandise, or new dealer information to be able to join the extended DS18 family.

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DS18 Makes Waves with a New 12” Marine Subwoofer

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (02.20.2020) – Now introducing, by popular demand, a 12-inch marine subwoofer from DS18. The NXL10 subwoofer has been flying of the shelves but some customers and dealers wanted even more cone area and power.

DS18 has happily obliged and have developed the new NXL12SUB for all those dealers and consumers that want even more cone area for even more bass response. These DS18 pounders handle 350w RMS / 700w max power easily and each sub is single voice coil that is 4 ohms resistance. They are all IP65 rated so they can withstand a great amount of outside conditions and come with integrated RGB lighting to really set any mood on the water.

The new NXL12SUB’s are perfect for a wide array of applications like in a watercraft, side by side, or even an everyday vehicle. The bass response is very acute and powerful with a frequency range of 30hz to 500hz… making it easy to tune for whatever musical needs are demanded. These subs perform excellent in sealed boxes of (1 cf3) and ported boxes of (1.5cf) and come in either white or black.

MSRP: 299.95.

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DS18 Partners with A&W Distributors

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (02.13.2020) – DS18 has again opened another major distributor, this one is in Dallas, TX. A&W Distributors will be serving Dallas, Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas for the fastest fulfillment for all DS18 products. Mobile Audio, Marine and PowerSports from DS18 is in stock at the company’s Harry Hines location. Brothers Maher and Maged Awad began their car audio electronics distribution business in 1979. Over the past 30 years A&W has grown into one of the largest 12Volt distributors in the nation.

DS18 CEO Sasha Susterman stated “We are very proud to have A&W as a part of the DS18 family. Now customers and dealers can experience their excellent customer service and receive DS18 products much faster than being shipped from Miami.”

With a highly qualified staff, A&W provides their dealers with the best customer service and the latest product technology and support. A&W doesn’t just see their dealers as a customer, they see everyone as a business partner. Every decision they make and deal with, A&W keeps in mind every customer’s needs and to make sure what they are doing is in the dealers best interest.

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DS18 Adds to Jeep Lineup with J-SUB L+R Enclosures

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (02.05.2020) – DS18 is the originator of a great many original Jeep products seen around the world. The company has Jeepers from the USA, to Saudi Arabia, and even as far as China… Europe and South America too. DS18 has a deep passion for all things Jeep. DS18 listened to their fans who asked for an enclosure that could be out of the way and leave them storage space in their ride… but also retain a lot of cone area for that hard-hitting bass feeling.

To fill that need DS18 has released another option for those Jeepers… and that is the J-SUB L+R. These two enclosures fit on the sides of the Jeep in the rear cargo space and fit snug against the vehicle’s interior wall. These enclosures come with pre run speaker wires and RGB-LED terminals to make wiring easy. The J-SUB L+R do not come with any RGBs but the DS18 LRING 12 is a great option for a 12-inch subwoofer LED ring.

The J-SUB enclosures come in a hardened plastic polymer that can withstand the roughest of treatment and are water resistant with 1 cubic foot on internal air space. The is enclosure is also filled with sound deadening foam to enhance the bass resonance and acts as a sound deadener for even better sound. There are also DS18 inlays so users can have the logo shown for all to see. The J-SUB can also be purchased in singles left side or right side.

The technology provided by these enclosures, when paired together, increase the bass more than 3 fold as the bass waves from the sides of the Jeep meet in the middle for a more complete, punchy, and louder bass.

Click here to view the product page.

MSRP is $699.95.

Be sure to check out amazing J-SUB L+R only on DS18.com.

DS18 is Proud to Welcome Specialty, our newest DS18 Distributor in Virginia

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (01.31.20) – “We are happy to announce our newest addition to the DS18 extended family, Specialty Marketing. Our newest distributor in the Mid Atlantic region will also cover Metro New York and the New Jersey area. Specialty Marketing has warehouses in Mechanicsville, VA and in Fairfield, NJ so products will have very little travel time depending on the origin of the orders” DS18 CEO Sasha Susterman stated.

Specialty has been in business since 1950 and has a tremendous array of experience in all aftermarket electrical accessories, home and mobile audio. 12volt industry members feel comfortable knowing that the Company only hires sales staff members that are industry veterans. The sales staff has over 260 years of experience which provides a high level of customer service, system design and technical assistance at customer’s figure tips or dealers may simply visit their website for product information or to place orders 24/7.

Visit specialtymarketing.com and ds18.com for more.

The DS18 LTI40AH Lithium Battery Is Now Shipping

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (01.20.2020) – The DS18 LTI40AH battery is an amazing investment. Now, with the technology of today, enthusiasts don’t need a lot of excess heavy lead acid or AGM batteries to power all of their aftermarket accessories.

Lithium technology has advanced in such a way that these powerful, small batteries have vehicle applications for daily use. From cars to boats, even ATVs and side by sides, can benefit from Lithium technology.

Why use lithium? With every ONE of DS18’s LTI40AH batteries, users are getting more power than five 100ah lead acid or AGM batteries… all while saving tons of weight and space.

Now with these high-powered, compact, and long living DS18 lithium batteries enthusiasts can enjoy their music for hours with the vehicle off and not have to worry about no-start or slow-start conditions because of the amazing sheer power each DS18 Lithium battery has to offer. The LTI40AH retails for $999.99.

For more info on DS18’s LTI40AH, visit DS18.com

DS18 Audio at CES 2020 “We Like It Loud” in the Central Hall Booth 18029

MIAMI GARDENS, FL / LAS VEGAS, NV (01.10.2020) – Over the 2,500 miles one way in the making, DS18 sent their senior staff to present all the amazing mobile audio products the company brings to market. Sasha Susterman (CEO) and team traveled all the way from Miami, FL to show off all the amazing new products that DS18 has to offer for 2020. DS18 has a huge catalog that contains absolutely everything a dealer would ever need for any build… without having to source from other manufacturers. Everything is covered by an outstanding 1-year warranty where items can be repaired in house by our skilled engineers.

JEEP Products – One of the many things people love about DS18 is that they provide a massive amount of Jeep products for almost every late model Jeep on the market. Whether you have a JK, JL, TJ, or Gladiator DS18 some very innovative products for your every need. On the floor you will see the DS18 J-Loud rear facing wall of speakers that contain four drivers, four tweeters, and four 8-inch mids that mounts to the rear side of the Jeep’s roll bar. The J-Loud is sold bare bones so you can pick and choose your speaker combo that best suits your needs for maximum loudness. Also, the DS18 JK and JL soundbars come loaded with RGBs and speakers that will make old factory soundbar obsolete and turn a Jeep into a concert on wheels. In the line DS18has new bolt on jeep door pods that allow dealers to have a great custom show look and be able to upgrade to massive pro audio speakers for any door of your choosing. Last but not least the DS18 JSUB.2 was taken out of their most showed Jeep in the world (The Big Bad Wolf) and put into production for all Jeepers to enjoy…. if they are wanting massive bass in a custom Jeep box with digital LEDS and plexiglass windows so you can see the 12 inch subs it carries.

MARINE and Side X Side Products – DS18 also has a HUGE selection of marine applications that can fit on any boat and off-road vehicle for
the masses to enjoy. DS18 carries a multitude of speaker pods in sizes of 6, 8, and massive 10 inch. These pods will turn every head in the area to see where the sound is coming from. They also offer bolt on universal soundbars, dual speaker pods with included driver, dual sided pods, driver pods, and much more. DS18’s extensive line of marine IP65 rated amps are very durable and put out 100% of advertised power very efficiently. DS18 has also introduced marine grade flat amps like the NXL N4 so enthusiasts can have that perfect factory look without any protruding equipment anywhere. DS18 everything needed for boat, side X side or 4-wheeler covered.

PRO Audio – DS18’s forte is their pro audio line. The Company has absolutely everything one can imagine in their pro audio line that any enthusiast would need just for jamming out in your car in everyday traffic, or the most intense pro audio competitions. DS18 has taken away countless awards for their pro audio and is now winning worldwide. DS18 has some of our most popular speakers now available in combo packs so all know what exact speakers match like the ProX6.4BMPK that comes with their own specific high wattage super tweeters or our Pro GM8.4PK that is similar but come with different mids. Both models come in 6 inches and 8 inches. There are over 700 items in the DS18 pro audio section alone which is more than 99% of any manufacturer to date. There is absolutely nothing for a vehicle you can’t find there. Any sub in any size will astonish you with the quality of build and finish will surly stand the test of time.

MOTORCYCLE Audio – DS18’s motorcycle following is huge to say the least. The company has many bikers blaring maximum volume on their bikes winning awards and breaking records wherever they go. Some of the newest additions are the Motorcycle specific SM6.2 and SM8.2 which have been beefed up to take the vibration and moisture that bikes are regularly exposed to without any problems. Torn and warped speakers are a thing of the past with these bike specific powerhouses. If that’s not enough, DS18 even beefed these bad boys up even more and added Neodymium magnets, so their sensitivity goes through the roof. What that means for all is they get louder on less power and handle more power more efficiently. Both sets of the SM6.2, SM8.2, Pro M6.2 NEO, and Pro M 8.2 NEO come with an RMS rating of 250w so all know these babies will scream. DS18 also offers many other different speakers that can be used in countless different applications for your bike so the whole town can hear you coming.

DS18 is in the Central Hall booth18029 at CES 2020.

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