Chuck Kenney Onboard at DS18

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (11.12.2021) – Chuck Kenney has joined the DS18 Team and recently relocated to South Florida. With a 30+ year career in the 12volt industry Kenney brings a new dimension to the DS18 sales team.

Chuck Kenney pictured by Mr. DS 18’s Exotica that is seen at events across the Southeastern US and beyond.

“Job description number one at DS18 is to reach out to contacts, dealers and distributors, across the industry to let them know the tremendous product lineup DS18 has in place and the opportunities DS18 offers in the marketplace,” Kenney stated.

“We are happy to add Chuck to our growing team. He brings years of experience and connections in our industry which will push DS18 to even newer achievements,” stated Sasha Susterman, DS18 General Manager.

Chuck Kenney is pictured with a new DS18 PRO-TWX4 Tweeter in his Miami Gardens office.

Continuing, Kenney offered, “Already I see the presence DS18 has across the industry. The energetic Team, with Mr DS18 Rob Ferro out front, seems to be everywhere. Also, the company is expanding the product mix of innovative and forward thinking in marine and powersports while also introducing new products for the traditional car audio market. I am excited and look forward to hitting the road. In fact I plan to be in the Texas and Oklahoma markets in Mid-November.”

Most recently Kenney was National Sales Manager for Massive Audio. Design Engineering, SSR Distributors and Soundstream positions are included in Kenney’s resume.

Contact Chuck at 214 587 7603 or email

DS18 Intros Two Ultra Compact Class D Amplifiers

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (08.18.2021) – The new DS18 X1 and X2 ultra compact amplifiers will virtually fit into the palm of a hand.

The DS18 X1 is a Class D mono-block amplifier that is rated at 900 Watts peak and features equalizer controls.

The DS18 X2 is a Class D 2 channel amplifier that is rated at 1140 Watts peak with builtin crossover.

Both of these new DS18 Amplifiers are perfect for vehicles with very little room to mount large amplifiers. Though small in size both put out an amazing amount of power.

The MSRP on both models is $174.99.

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DS18 Teams Up with Electronic Express

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (06.11.2021) – DS18, a well-known player in the audio industry, notorious for their stylish, clear sounding, trend setting audio equipment for cars, marine, and on-the-go. Their slogan, “We like it loud!” is taking on a whole new meaning for those in Tennessee and Alabama, as DS18 will now be available in all Electronic Express storefronts.

Electronic Express is known for their wide array of electronics, ranging from home appliances to audio and video for the home and car audio.

Specializing in everything audio related, DS18 has a vast array of options for any audio project that any audiophile, from beginner to professional, can desire. DS18 has experts in OEM, Pro-Audio, Bass, Jeep Nation, Marine Specialization, and Off-Road, that live and breathe the industry and are true enthusiasts themselves. They have continued to lead the industry with products that have the latest and greatest audio technology, that allows you to stand out in any crowd.

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DS18 Introducing 10-Inch High Excursion Exclusive Subwoofer

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (06.08.2021) – This new DS18 10” Subwoofer is a mid-tier addition that comes with all the features normally associated with much more expensive models.

The GEN-XX10.4DHE is rated at 1000 MAX power and 500 watts RMS at 4+4 ohms. The black aluminum basket design and black aluminum voice coil initially catch eyeballs and soon ears.

This new product, that continues the DS18 mantra “We Like It Loud” is now shipping.

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Tint World Partners with Official Jeep Sound Systems Vendor DS18

BOCA RATON, FL (03.25.2021) – Tint World Automotive Styling Centers has announced its partnership with DS18. As part of the collaboration, Tint World will serve as an authorized seller and installer of all DS18 products.

“We’re always excited to be able to offer our customers the top automotive electronic products on the market,” said Charles J. Bonfiglio, CEO and president of Tint World. “Partnering with DS18 lets our customer have access to top-end car audio products, and we can’t wait to see how they enjoy them.”

DS18 is the official Jeep sound systems vendor. The Miami-based company specializes in mobile, marine and home electronic equipment. DS18 offers several products including amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, component sets and a multitude of other audio accessories.

“We want to be able to reach an audience that enjoys the nuances of a great sound product as we do,” said Sasha Susterman, CEO of DS18. “Joining Tint World’s extensive franchise network will allow us to expand our reach and continue to show why we are an industry leader.”

Tint World Automotive Styling Centers offer sales and installation of auto accessories, mobile electronics, audio video equipment, security systems, custom wheels and tire packages, window tinting, vehicle wraps, paint protection films, detailing services, nano ceramic coatings, maintenance and repair services, and more.

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“We Like It Loud” at ECB Educational K8 Center

WEST PARK, FL (03.22.2021) – Thieves broke into the ECB Educational K8 Center in Broward County on March 17th and made off with flatscreen TVs, electronics and more that the children used daily. Principal Eboni Burts and the students were devastated. The school is a faith-based Christian school and many of the items stolen were used by the students in the class setting each school.

Principal Eboni Burts is excited to receive the big stack of items from Rob Ferro.

Rob Ferro, MR DS18, saw the news story on Local 10 News. “As soon as I saw the segment on the news I wanted to see how at DS18 we could help. I got in touch with Principal Burts and she gave me all the details about the burglary. I knew we had products like the Zumba Loud and other products and things that would help the school. We got together at the office and made plans to make a delivery to the school and relayed that to Principal Burts” Ferro stated.

Rob Ferro being interviewed by the Local 10 News crew with Janine Stanwood.

The school is not far from the DS18 HQ in Miami Gardens, FL.

“When we arrived with a pickup full of items for the school, that included speakers, games and toys, I was surprised to see the crew from Local 10 News at the school. Principal Burts told the station we were delivering items for the school and they wanted to report that on the news” Ferro continued.

Rob Ferro setting up a Zumba Loud speaker, in the class area, that features a smartphone Bluetooth media source and LED lighting that pulses to the music signal.

Once Ferro arrived Principal Burts came out with the students as Ferro unloaded the DS18 Pickup. Janine Stanwood, reporter with Local 10 News crew, filmed everything. The items were then taken into the classroom area where Ferro setup the Zumba loud speakers and showed all how to operate the speakers that include LED lighting.

Principal Eboni Burts happily shows one of the toys to some of the students.

Concluding Ferro offered “It was so great to see the big smiles on everyones the face. Providing these gifts to the school was also very rewarding for all at DS18. The segment aired a couple times on Local 10 News which was very heartwarming to see. The visibility for DS18 of this good samaritan effort was a real bonus for DS18.”

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The DS18 Product Line Available at Tint World Automotive Styling Centers

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (03.12.2021) – DS18 has officially partnered with Tint World Automotive Styling Centers, a leading window tinting and automotive accessory franchise.

DS18 CEO, Sasha Susterman, has secured a new venture for the internationally recognized franchise, as authorized sellers and installers of ALL DS18 products.

DS18 will now have the exciting opportunity to show Tint World customers their shared passions in great customer service and love for all things LOUD.

DS18, the official Jeep Sound Systems vendor, also specializes in a variety of other audio segments which include a vast and complete line of Mobile, Marine and Pro Audio. This new partnership with Tint World extends full access to all DS18 products, services and support.

With over 80 retail locations worldwide, Tint World makes it even more accessible for audio loving customers to get their DS18 gear at a moment’s notice.

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DS18 Shipping New Korean Half Bridge Amplifiers

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (03.11.2021) – The new DS18 Korean Half Bridge amplifiers are shipping with MORE power, MORE options and all coming on a smaller frame.

These new amps are designed for serious audiophiles that demand the most wattage for window breaking bass. These competition amps are designed to uphold the highest efficiency all while producing obscene amounts of pure power for subs in the SPL system.

The H-KO2 is a new offering from DS18 to push smaller subwoofers to the maximum all while using half-bridge Korean monoblock power. Korean amps are traditionally knows to be beefier and use the highest quality components compared to their Brazilian full-bride competitors.

Korean amps are known to have te highest signal to noise ratio of all amplifiers available and have prove through the ages to perform the best for SPL and loud bass in general.

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DS18 Releases the Powerful 6×9 PRO-FR69NEO

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (03.04.2021) Versatility is paramount in large and small audio systems alike. Many DS18 fans have been asking for a more powerful 6×9 so they can get clear and loud sound from their 6×9 speaker placement.

Rob Ferro, MR DS18 stated “We heard them and we have answered the overwhelming requests by releasing our new DS18 PRO-FR69NEO. This Neodymium driven midrange speaker will be the loudest 6×9 we have while also handling the most power. The great thing about NEO motor structure is that you get better performance, higher wattage handing, better efficiency and a much lighter weight than with a traditional speaker with a ferrite motor structure.”

The PRO-FR69NEO is a 4 ohm speaker that handles 250 watts RMS and 500 MAX power with a DB sensitivity rating of 98db. This NEO also has a built in bullet resonator to help the screaming midrange all the way from 100hz to 9000hz with extreme clarity and loudness.

“The PRO-FR69PRO does not disappoint from a company that says We Like It Loud,” Ferro concluded.

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DS18 Introduces a New Line of Digital Sound Processors

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (02.10.2021) – Enthusiasts can take complete control of their audio system with DS18’s new line of Digital Sound Processors! Now the user can control every aspect of their audio system with ease with precise filtering settings. The DSP6iA gives users many highways on which they can fine tune their audio… from the company that says “We Like It Loud.”

This DSP comes with a builtin amplifier which yields 70 watts RMS per 6 channels @4ohms. Channels 5/6 can be bridged for a subwoofer that will deliver 240watts RMS@4 ohms bridged.

The DSP6iA can be hooked up directly to a PC (not mac compatible) or laptop for a multitude of tuning options that are just a few mouse clicks away. Also included is an easy to use wired controller that acts as an interface for song switching, volume, and saved presets. This unit has an included BT receiver so users do not even need a head unit. Users can stream directly from their smartphone which makes the versatility of this DSP immeasurable.

The software is downloaded at and does not require a high learning curve to master. Each input can be adjusted and summed. Users can save their options and multiple presets for 6 channels, @6db/octave to 48db/octave, and visualization for their actual and simulated EQ curve.

The new DSP6iA is available now.

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