DS18 Roars with New Full Bridge Full Range Amps

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (10.08.2020) – The wait is over– DS18 will be introducing their new Full Range Full Bridge amps on October 15th. These powerful yet compact amps use the traditional full bridge design so you can get MASSIVE power is a smaller frame that is not big and bulky like half bridge designs.

The GFX amps were designed to make BIG power and with them being full bridge and full range, that makes them accommodate all types of speakers. Subs, mids, and highs can all be configured with just a flip of the filtering switch and setting your frequency selection accordingly.

They have many options to choose from to best fit your desired impedance and rise levels.

Available now for preorder, shipping Octobr 15th.

All models come in 1- and 2-ohm final impedance configurations so you can calculate and extract the maximum power this amplifier can give for your specific needs. The GFX line is an amazing very well-rounded line that can be used in a great many applications that demand serious power for serious sound.

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DS18 “We Like It Loud” at the Daytona Truck Meet 2020

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (09.09.2020) – The famed Daytona International Speedway was home to the Daytona Truck Meet 2020 the weekend of September 4th-6th. The infield was packed with vendor tents and spectators along with a reported 5,000 trucks from across the U.S. Live entertainment and a burn-out pit were additional attractions to the tricked-out trucks for all to see.

The large DS18 booth featured 18 demo vehicles on the Daytona International Speedway infield.

DS18 showcased the company’s latest products and highlighted new truck products in a very large,160’x40′ booth. There were 12 DS18 tents set up in the booth to showcase 18 demo vehicles on site. Vehicles featuring DS18 products were on site from Texas, South Carolina and Illinois plus the surrounding area. Rob Ferro (Mr DS18), Hery Santiago and Luis Delgado travelled from DS18 HQ in Miami Gardens FL to work the event along with Efron Rivera. DS18 dealer Design X Restyling, located in Winter Gardens FL, handled onsite sales in the booth. Rob, Hery, Luis and Efron spent their time talking with members of the crowd about DS18 products and showing all “We Like It Loud.’

Members of the 18 Teams in the DS18 booth gathered for a photo op.

Ferro related “This was the first truck event for DS18 to have a booth and major presence. It was amazing to see the quality of the trucks with so much high dollar aftermarket gear and graphics. Then, in talking to owners of trucks valued at way over 100 grand, to learn they were listening to a stock sound system in their ride. The new DS18 RunAcross Bar was shown for the first time at a show. The RAM pickup, from Wilson Autosports in Fort Walton Beach, showcased the RunAcross Bar with DS18 10” speaker pods and it drew a crowd.”

The Fury Tire models with the DS18 Big Bad Wolf.

“This was our 3rd year to be at the Daytona Truck Meet. It was the best yet as business is terrific. It was great to be working with DS18 at the Daytona Truck Meet” Julio from Design X Restyling stated.

The Wilson Audiosports RAM Pickup featured the new DS18 RunAcross Bar and 10” pod speakers.
Design X Restyling creations featured DS18 gear.

Continuing, Ferro related “While at the event I had a chance to see other booths and it was so cool to see DS18 products included in show vehicles of other exhibitors. In the evenings I always went out with a DS18 shirt on all 4 nights and people would notice and ask me to come out and check out the DS18 products in their rides. DS18 is definitely connecting with enthusiasts.”

The DS18 Booth in the infield was 160’x40’!

During the event masks were required, plus social distancing was enforced, with random temperature checks also administered.

On Sunday evening the two DS18 trailers were southbound on I-95 and headed back to Miami Gardens, FL.

At 3 on Sunday afternoon teardown began and it was time to take down all the tents, pack the supplies and load the vehicles into the 2 trailers for the trip southbound on I-95 to Miami Gardens.

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DS18 Said ‘We Like It Loud’ At The Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion

PIGEON FORGE, TN (08.27.2020) – DS18 had a major presence on the grounds at the Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion Thursday through Saturday, August 20th-22nd. The 3 big red DS18 tents, with the Big Bad Wolf highlighted, drew a big crowd of Jeepers throughout the event…despite the rain and winds. On Friday, strong winds sent some vendor tents into the air.

With the DS18 red tents, lower left, this image shows the scope of the outdoor area.

Rob Ferro, Mr DS18, along with Hery spent the days showing attendees all the latest from DS18. Jeep Gladiators and Wranglers, from DS18 Jeep Fans, also added to the excitement under the DS18 tents.

There was always a crowd around the DS18 booth with many Jeepers taking shots with their smartphones of the great demo vehicle installations.

Ferro relayed “Reports from the Jeep Invasion promoters said there were over 9000 Jeeps at the event. The total attendance was reported to top 20,000. In addition to the huge area outside, where DS18 was set up, the Le Conte Center was filled with vendors in the 100,000 foot facility.”

Even at night Jeepers could tell DS18 was saying “We Like It Loud.”

Continuing, Ferro offered “There was such a great vibe at the event. We worked with people in the booth to maintain social distancing and most understood. Quite a number of Jeepers in the booth commented about the design of our pods and the DS18 RGB lighting. All said that DS18 was the best.”

Rob Ferro-Mr DS18, surrounded by show stopping demos, embodied the great vibe at the Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion.

DS18 was front and center at after show events too. All in all it was quite a journey for the DS18 crew as they drove the DS18 pickup, with Jeeps on a trailer, the 968 miles from Miami FL to Pigeon Forge, TN.

The journey to the Jeep Invasion was normal, but mechanical truck issues caused delays on the return to DS18 HQ in Miami.

Concluding, Ferro offered on a Facebook post “So I have been driving for 2 days and haven’t had an opportunity to thank everyone for the tremendous support and for those that drove hundreds of miles to show us your Jeeps and amazing builds. The energy you gave us is out of this galaxy. We are proud to have each and every one of you on our team. You are the best.”

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DS18 Releases New Pancadáos Due to Overwhelming Requests

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (08.20.2020) – In 2019, DS18 released the massive Pancadáo 12-inch midrange woofer (45lbs) with tremendous success. These speakers are made to pick up a full range of frequencies so you can get massive midbass while also slaying the high range. This high wattage mid woofer was received overwhelmingly well by the public and in turn, demanded even more sizes be released.

Rob Ferro, Mr DS18, shows the massive magnet structure on the new Pancádao.

With such a high demand for high powered midrange woofers like the Pancadáo, the company is happy to oblige pro audio enthusiasts with two more additions to the Pancadáo family. Ds18 has now released an 8 inch and 10-inch Pancadáo so now you have even more options when you need high powered, midbass pumping woofers that also slay the highs.

First in the lineup is the Pancadáo Pro-1Kp8.4. This high powered 4-ohm and 8-ohm, sturdy, and extremely loud 8-inch midbass-full range woofer take an astounding 1000w RMS and 2000W peak. The frequency ranges start at 110hz and plays all the way to 15khz. Having a 96db sensitivity helps you get maximum loudness without having to go to the maximum power of the speaker.


Next is the Pancadáo PRO-1.5kp10.4 midrange woofer. This 10-inch monster has a sensitivity of 94.4 DB and an RMS rating of 1500w and Max power of 3000w. This massive 10 plays from 80hz to 10khz and has a much wider woofer range and handles more power than 99% of all other 10-inch pro audio mids. With only a 5.23 mounting depth, this high-powered midrange woofer can be mounted almost anywhere. This option also comes in 4 and 8 ohms.

The Pancadáo Series is the go-to solution for enthusiasts looking for midrange woofers that handle tons of power for maximum loudness and clarity. These competition speakers will absolutely blow your mind when you hear them and everyone else in earshot!

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DS18 Shipping New 1-Channel Class D Amplifier

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (06.16.2020) – There has been a high demand for BIG power amps from people using GIANT systems in their boats and off-road vehicles. It is more and more common to see boats, SXS, and various off-road vehicles with sound systems that include multiple subwoofers.

In the past, these enthusiasts would have to load up on multiple amps to drive their subs. New for 2020 , DS18 has now released their most powerful waterproof amplifier made to push big power and keep its compact size and waterproof rating.

The NXL100.1 is truly a sub moving monster that will make you grin from ear to ear when you power it up. This bad boy amp pushes out 1100w at 1 ohm, 900w @ 2ohms, and even at a 4-ohm load will put out 600 watts RMS power.

This is a full range amp, so you are not limited to subs alone on this amp.

You can adjust filters and turn this amp into a 1 channel full range audio all in one mega power amps that will fill all your power craving needs for all your DS18 speakers in your vehicle of choice that needs the toughest of amps.

Check them out on DS18.com for the next step up in the large variety of DS18 NXL line waterproof amps.

DS18 Unveils Newest TWEETER in Its Inventory – The TWN2

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (04.30.2020) – DS18’s new PRO-TWN2 has all the looks of a driver but has been compactly sized to fit into super tweeter dimensions. This new super tweeter’s 1-inch voice coil can handle 100 watts RMS and 200 watts peak and comes with a neodymium magnet which increases the tweeters efficiency and lowers the weight dramatically.

Each tweeter comes with a bass blocker that is included for extra protection against frequencies that would otherwise damage the tweeter. Listeners can feel safe their equipment can play loud and long. These tweeters have a very high sensitivity of 107DB, so they do not require full power to get extremely loud. This opens all up to multiple amp choices for the TWN2 tweeters and provides the versatility listeners look for in powering and using these new tweeters.

The TWN2 has a MSRP – $67.95 each. The specs on the new TWN2 Super Bullet Tweeter are Voice Coil – 1 inch, power handling, RMS watts – 100, Max watts – 200, Sensitivity – 107db, Diaphragm – Composite, Polyimide, Resistance – 4 ohms and Magnet – Neodymium.

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DS18 Joins in on the War against COVID-19

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (03.26.2020) – As we all adjust to life working around the wide spread COVID-19 virus, DS18 joins in against the fight to help aid those in need with backing and knowledge from our close DS18 family and co-workers in China who have been adjusting to this Pandemic much longer then we have. 

Click here to view a video on DS18’s Facebook page.

With China successfully battling and winning the fight and using firsthand knowledge of what needs to win the battle, we will be sending over personal protection equipment such as huge shipment of medical masks and gloves in care of DS18

Team member Marcia Mileidys Maceo to The Baptist Hospital in Kendall, Florida. DS18 hopes to help with the education and safe practices needed to minimalize casualties until the global efforts find a way to destroy this disease so life can return to normal.

Continuing to practice safe social distance, using PPE (gloves, mask, sanitizer) equipment, and knowledge of safely not spreading the disease is the key component to slowing down this very fast acting and deadly virus. If we all come together as a world population there is nothing we cannot overcome.

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DS18 Offers New Line of Chargers and Power Supplies

DS18 has a new line of charger that is killing the charging and power supply game. Now they have 3 models to fit your charging needs that provide either 60-amp, 80-amp, and a massive 200-amp power supplies that are also active chargers and maintainers.

These rugged and durable chargers have 3 modes. The first is for maintaining your batteries if they are being stored or your vehicle is parked for prolonged periods of time. The charger sends periodic 14v pulses to the battery to make sure it stays at its recommended resting voltage.

The second is for charging your batteries from a very low charged state. In this state of charging, the unit will keep pulsing either 13.8 or 14.4 pulses until the unit detects that the unit is fully charged and at its normal resting voltage, then from there it will stay in maintenance mode. The last feature and best will be power supply mode. In this mode, the chargers will switch to power supply mode and give either 60 amps, 80 amps, and a whopping 200-amp continuous power.

This mode is perfect for if you are needing extra power that your vehicle cannot provide, or if you are stationary and need a lot of power on demand at any moment or constantly. Whether you need a charger, maintainer, or power supply DS18 has you covered.

BC-60LP – 60 amps MSRP 429.95

BC80L – 80 amps MSRP 549.95

BC200L – 200 amps MSRP 699.95

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DS18 Select Amps Are NEW for 2020

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (03.16.2020) – Now introducing the successor to the DS18 SLC (select) line of amps, the S series Select. These amps come in a both brushed aluminum silver and red to bring out better aesthetic colors and come in a more compact size but have all new beefy internals. DS18 has many models to fit whatever the power requirement is for the enthusiast.

Every amp is available in either brushed silver or red and all come with very secure key terminals to ensure the tightest fitment and security. The Select Amps also have adjustable crossovers so users can adjust the frequency ranges to play all ranges of subs, mid range, and highs.

DS18 built in a clip indicator so when users are tuning the amp they know the exact threshold of distortion and can maximize and tune for the best sound possible.

The new Select Amp line up consists of the S-1500.1- A class A+B amplifier and has an output of 220w@4ohms and 350w@2ohms. MSRP- 149.95

S-1600.2- Full range class A+B S-1600.2 which puts out 90w x2 @4 ohms and 130×2 @ 2ohms. MSRP- 124.95

S-2500.1d- This class D Monoblock is has a rating of 350w @ 4ohms, 600w @ 2ohms, and 900w @ 1 ohm. MSRP-179.95

S-3000.4D- Class D 4 channel amp that puts out 190×4@4ohms, 295×4@2ohms, and 544×2@4 ohms bridged. MSRP- 199.95

S-1800.4- A full range class A+B 4 channel amplifier that puts out 100×4 w @4ohms, 150w x 4@2 ohms, and 280 w X @ 4 ohms bridged. MSRP-179.95

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DS18 Partners with GoFast Solutions

MIDDLETOWN, CT (02.28.2020) – DS18 has brought another major distributor to serve their large network of dealers. GoFast Solutions has been in the business over 15 years and knows what it takes to please their customers. Gofast sells an abundance of racing parts, safety products, and mobile audio.

Dave Prinz (CEO) has worked in the car audio field on and off since the 90s. He was initially employed at The Sound Company, once a CT-based car audio chain and then moved to a computer distribution company where he gained experience as a distributor. After that, Prinz worked for MRI’s car audio division as a merchandizing manager where he eventually purchased it after MRI was sold to SnapAV.

GoFast is striving to help car audio dealers branch into racing and performance parts with plans to encourage new shops to enter the car audio market, which the company believes is underserved in the region.

Any new dealers near the North East and Eastern PA will fall under the DS18 territory for product. Any new dealers and customers can contact them for info on product, merchandise, or new dealer information to be able to join the extended DS18 family.

Visit ds18.com and gofst.com for more.