Directed Awarded Additional DS4 Patent

VISTA, CA (05.14.2020) – Directed has announced that the US Patent and
Trademark Office has awarded the company an additional patent covering its distinctive DS4 and DS4+ technology.

US Patent No. 10,589,715, titled “Vehicle Control System with Wirelessly-Coupled Underhood Components” covers DS4’s unique in-car communications capability. With its onboard Bluetooth radio, DS4 can pair wirelessly to multiple under hood peripheral devices such as a siren, hood pin, tach monitor, sensor and others. This wireless pairing vastly speeds and simplifies installation, as install technicians no longer need to pull wires through vehicle firewalls.

“This latest patent adds to the impressive intellectual property portfolio Directed has built over the last thirty years and begins a new chapter in this digital era,” said James Turner, SVP & General Manager of Remote Start and Security. “It protects our unique DS4 technology and covers one of the biggest advantages of this breakthrough technology – wireless pairing. Innovation is in our DNA at Directed, and we are excited that the USPTO has again recognized our industry leading technology.”

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Directed Announces New Representation Alignment In Three Territories

VISTA, CA (04.16.2020) – Directed is has announced new representation in the following territories and states: Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and El Paso. These territories and states were previously covered by Reil’s and Associates.

Al Fontane, Directed VP of Sales, stated  “In order to provide the best service and support to our dealers we decided to use three separate rep firms and realign the area between three rep firms for maximum coverage. N&S Marketing will cover Montana and Idaho. Oliver Marketing will cover New Mexico plus El Paso TX. MSS Marketing will cover Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.”

N&S Marketing’s Dale Naeseth stated “For our firm Jack Weiss will now expand the area he covers in Montana and Ryan Christy will expand the territory he covers in Idaho.”

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Directed Appoints Mid-State Distributing in MO, IA, NE, KS, CO, UT, & WY

VISTA, CA (04.14.2020) – Directed has announced the appointment of Mid-State Distributing as their new distributor for Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

Al Fontane, Directed’s VP of Sales, stated, “We already do business with Mid States in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota so this was an easy decision.”

Tom Kolar, VP of Sales & Marketing for Mid-State Distributing, stated, “We look forward to servicing the new territory and building business and relationships with Directed in our upcoming fall season.”

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Directed Releases More T-Harnesses Including Popular Plug-n-Play Options

VISTA, CA (03.02.2020) – Directed has announced the release of several new DS4 T-Harness solutions that cover a wide array of vehicle makes and models. The nine new solutions cover select Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Honda, GM and Subaru vehicles. The lineup includes three ‘completely plug-n-play’ T-Harnesses THGMN4, THHON7 and THSUN1.

“At Directed, we’re always innovating – and one place that truly shows is in our line of vehicle integration harnesses,” according to James Turner, SVP, Core Product Planning. “We’re especially proud of our ‘completely plug-n-play’ solutions like the THSUN1. These harnesses allow for installation of a remote starter with no hardwired connections to the vehicle. They’re an installation speed and simplicity game changer. We are also launching several new ‘mostly plug-n-play’ harnesses which speed and simplify installation by substantially reducing hardwire connections.”

The following ‘completely plug-n-play’ T-Harnesses are currently shipping:

  • THGMN4 is for 10-20 GM SmartKey vehicles like 19+ Silverado/Sierra, 13-20 Malibu and 15-20 Escalade. It works with GM9 firmware and is compatible with DS4 and DS4+ systems.
  • Coverage for THHON7 includes three Honda/Acura SmartKey vehicles including 19+ RDX, 16+ Civic and 17-19 CR-V. It works with HONDA9 firmware, supports the “takeover” feature and is compatible with DS4 and DS4+ systems.
  • The THSUN1 covers select 10-19 Subaru vehicles including 12-16 Impreza, 15-19 WRX and 13-15 XV Crosstrek. It works with SUBARU2 firmware and is compatible with DS4+ systems only.

The following ‘mostly plug-n-play’ T-Harnesses are now available:

  • The THHON9 covers select Honda/Acura SmartKey vehicles including 15-19 Fit, 16+ HR-V and 15+ TLX. It works with HONDA9 firmware, supports the “takeover” feature and is compatible with DS4 and DS4+ systems. It replaces THHON1.
  • THHON10 offers coverage for select older Honda/Acura SmartKey vehicles including 13-17 Accord, 14-15 Civic and 15-16 CR-V. It works with HONDA9 firmware, supports the “takeover” feature and is compatible with DS4 and DS4+ systems. It replaces THHON2.
  • The THTON7 offers coverage for Toyota and Lexus vehicles like 18+ Camry, 19+ Avalon, 19+ Rav4 and 20+ Corolla for both key and push-to-start vehicles. It works with TL8 and TL14 firmware and is compatible with DS4 and DS4+ systems.
  • The THTON8 is for select 13-20 Toyota and Scion ‘H’ and ‘G’ key vehicles like 13-18 RAV4, 16+ Tacoma and 14-19 Corolla. It works with TL10 firmware and is compatible with DS4+ systems only.
  • Coverage for THTON9 includes select 05-20 Toyota and Scion ‘H’, ‘G’ and ‘dot’ key vehicles such as 07-20 Tundra, 08-19 Sequoia and 07-17 Camry. It works with TL7, TL10 and TL11 firmware and is compatible with DS4+ systems only. It replaces THTON4, with six fewer hardwired connections at the vehicle.
  • The THTON10 offers coverage for select 04-20 Toyota, Lexus, Scion and Pontiac ‘H’, ‘G’ and ‘dot’ key vehicles like 04-19 4Runner, 11-20 Sienna and 05-16 tC. It works with TL7, TL10 and TL11 firmware and is compatible with DS4+ systems only. It replaces THTON5, with six fewer hardwired connections at the vehicle.

Directed T-harnesses utilize OEM connectors for a seamless installation, factory fit, and most importantly, many are plug-n-play to reduce installation time drastically. Directed firmware supports 95% of all 2010 to 2019 vehicle models.

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Directed Announces New DS4 Security Sensors

VISTA, CA (01.13.2020) – Directed has announced the addition of two new DS4 security sensors to its ecosystem of DS4 products. Since its founding, Directed has been at the forefront of automotive security, and these new security-specific sensors build on that legacy.

The Directed layout at the Hard Rock Hotel included new product introductions and in-vehicle SmartKey Technology demonstrations. Alcohol Detection System programs were also on the schedule.

The 8604W is a multi-function sensor that connects to DS4 systems via Bluetooth, and provides multiple functionalities and uses. The 8604W is truly wireless and is battery powered with an estimated 5-year battery life. Like all accessories for the DS4, it is configurable via the Directlink Mobile app. The 8604W can be configured in three innovative ways – as an impact sensor, a tilt sensor, or as a hood or door trigger. It is configurable to perform just one of these functions or all three at the same time.

The 8508D dual-zone proximity sensor is an update to Directed’s 508D. The 8508D sensor connects to DS4 systems via D2D2.0 and provides adjustable inner and outer fields via the Directlink mobile app. It detects moving high-density objects using digital field-disturbance technology and provides warn-away and full-trigger warnings to the DS4. The 8508D is ideal for convertibles or any vehicle where a customer may want to protect the interior contents from theft. It features a single D2D2.0 connection for communication and power, as well as a D2D2.0 pass-through port to add additional sensors.

“In 2019, we launched a number of security-only options for DS4. In 2020, we’re expanding our DS4 security options with the most cutting-edge sensors ever created in our industry,” stated James Turner, SVP & GM, Remote Start and Security at Directed. “The 8604W and the 8508D sensors add to the ever-growing DS4 ecosystem, providing faster, easier installation options for both technicians and consumers. Whether you’re protecting a convertible or a box truck, Directed has the best security options in the industry.”

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Directed Announces Viper SmartView – a Revolutionary Connected Dash Camera

VISTA, CA (01.09.2019) – Directed has announced a new connected dash camera, Viper SmartView, capable of pairing with Directed’s line of DS4 systems. SmartView builds on Directed’s long history of innovation in the aftermarket automotive industry and offers consumers a new level of vehicle security.

Viper SmartView provides monitoring solutions for consumers. It integrates several advanced technologies into a single product, including a 4G LTE-based, always-connected system; dual video cameras; telematics-capturing OBDII; WiFi and Bluetooth; GPS; displays; security system and motion sensors; and shareable video and media.

The revolutionary Viper SmartView is showcased in the Directed meeting space at the Hard Rock Hotel during CES 2020.

“SmartView sets the bar for in-vehicle dash cameras by adding smart features and DS4 connectivity to a fully-featured HD camera,” according to James Turner, SVP & GM, Remote Start and Security at Directed. “It’s another great addition to our growing DS4 infrastructure, but can also be used as standalone. However, the real power of SmartView is unleashed when connected to a DS4 security system. Consumers can immediately check out the interior and surroundings of their vehicle when they receive a security notification. It’s vehicle security for 2020 and beyond. Viper SmartView is perfect for both individuals and families.”

The Directed space at the Hard Rock Hotel showcases the Company’s complete product offerings including Alcohol Detection Systems.

Viper SmartView not only records while the vehicle is in motion, but when paired with a DS4 system, will record when activated by a warn-away or full-trigger security event. This allows consumers to have peace of mind even when they aren’t near their vehicles. With Live Look, vehicle owners can take a look inside their vehicle at any time.

With built-in cellular connectivity, SmartView is capable of controlling DS4 systems as well as provides a built-in WiFi hotspot. SmartView also provides OBDII diagnosis and fault code reporting.

“The Viper SmartView provides next-generation features and connectivity, and we expect it to be a big hit with both our dealers as well as consumers,” said Bob Struble, CEO of Directed. “This solution builds on Directed’s legacy of innovation in the aftermarket.”

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Directed Returns to SEMA Show Highlighting Innovative Products

VISTA, CA (10.29.2019) – Directed will be showcasing the company’s full line of Winter 2019 products at the SEMA Show 2019, including breakthrough solutions for the remote start and security, connected car, powersports and ignition interlock categories.

“We always look forward to exhibiting at SEMA, one of the hottest and most important gatherings in our industry,” said Bob Struble, Directed CEO. “We’re here to meet with our longtime 12 Volt retail partners and share with them our latest connected car and DS4 offerings. We’ll also be focused on growing our relationships and building new business in the powersports channel, as we highlight our innovative powersports products.”

Directed is demonstrating its Viper Powersports GPS Recovery and Viper Powersports Security systems installed in a 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX side-by-side. These products were specifically designed to protect and track popular powersports vehicles – motorcycles, ATVs, side by sides, watercraft and snowmobiles.

Directed is also sharing the roadmap for its flagship DS4 remote start and security technology. The expanding DS4 ecosystem, including the industry’s first wireless siren DS4WS, will be on display. Booth attendees will also experience the blazing-fast speed of Viper SmartStart Pro, the industry’s fastest connected car solution.

Directed can be found at Booth #37024 located in the Powersports section of South Hall Upper of the Las Vegas Convention Center from November 5th – 8th.

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