Design Engineering Unveils Black Titanium Sleeving

AVON LAKE, OH (09.08.2020) -Protect your wires, lines and cables from the damaging effects of high temperatures with new Black Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve line sleeves from Design Engineering, Inc.

Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1,800° F direct heat and 2,500° F radiant heat, the line sleeves are offered in 1/2″ and 1″ inner diameters for all of your under-hood wire, line and cable protection needs.

“We have taken our Titanium LR™ technology and made it into the best protection sleeve on the market,” said Mike Buca of DEI. “Black Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve includes plain heat-shrink tubes to seal the sleeving ends and can cover standard hose clamps for a clean look.”

The 1/2″ ID will fit larger spark plug wires, protecting them from hot exhaust manifolds and headers. Black Titanium Protect-A-Shield is available in retail sizing of 1″ ID x 3 ft1/2″ ID by 3 ft and 1/2″ ID x 6 ft. DEI’s Original Titanium line sleeves are also available.

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New DEi Under-Hood Protection Is Good as Gold

AVON LAKE, OH (09.01.2020) – To keep under-hood wires, cables and hoses cool and protected, it pays to go for the GOLD.

Design Engineering, Inc.’s new GOLD Line Sleeving is manufactured from the company’s high-temperature Metalized Polyimide lamination and bonded to a robust, 20-oz heat-treated glass fiber base material. Available in Sheaths, Shrouds and a Cover, DEI’s GOLD Sleeving products not only protect components, but also keep them cool in the most demanding applications.

Able to reflect direct heat up to 800 ̊ F, GOLD Line Sleeving is the perfect defense for critical lines, air intakes and hoses against the damaging effects of high temperatures.

“Only available from DEI, our new GOLD Line Sleeving was shown to offer a 67% reflection of heat during heat flux testing,” said Mike Buca of DEI. “Furthermore, it has been tested to FSTM 191.5100 and ASTM D1117 standards for total protection.”

Heat Sheath GOLD is available in five sizes from 3/4″x36″ to 2-1/4″x36″. The Sheaths feature a lock weave pattern and high-temperature hook-and-loop fastening system for fast, secure installation. Heat Sheath GOLD is also available in custom dimensions.

Heat Shroud GOLD is available in 1/2″-1-1/4″x36″ and 2” – 2-1/2”x36 sizes and constructed from the same high-temperature materials as the Sheaths, but with the added convenience of a hook-and-loop closure with open edges. Installers simply wrap the Shroud around whatever needs protection and close the edges, without the need to remove one end of the connected wires, cables or hoses. Heat Shroud GOLD is also available in custom dimensions.

Cool Cover GOLD is primarily used to cover cold air tubes to reflect heat for a cooler, denser and more powerful air charge. Cool Cover GOLD measures 28” in length, which can be trimmed to length and built to accommodate up to 4” O.D. air tubes. Constructed with a hook & loop edge design, it is designed for ease of installation… easy on, easy off.

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DEI Announces Stainless Thermal and Acoustical Floor and Tunnel Shield

AVON LAKE, OH (08.14.2020) – When you’re looking for serious heat and sound control, start from the bottom up with new Stainless Steel Thermal & Acoustical Floor & Tunnel Shield from Design Engineering, Inc.

The Stainless Steel Thermal & Acoustical Floor & Tunnel Shield is a high-temperature solution for controlling heat and sound in hot rods, street rods, classics, trucks and just about any vehicle. The flexible design allows the shield to be formed and tightly shaped around firewalls, transmission tunnels, floorboards and anywhere for total protection from the potential harmful effects of heat.

The shields start with a stainless steel reflective surface backed with a high-temperature resistant glass fiber to block heat. Micro-perforations control noise, while the innovative adhesive backing allows for easy installation.

“Now you can get your heat and sound control into shape with new Stainless Steel Thermal & Acoustical Floor & Tunnel Shields,” said Mike Buca of DEI. “Our unique dimpled surface reflects heat while the perforations allow sounds to be absorbed. Installers simply shape, trim, peel and stick for instant protection against noise and hot temperatures.”

The heat barriers are offered in a 22″ x 19″ sheet that can be trimmed easily with tin snips.

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Design Engineering Releases New Sprint Car Thermal Engine Cover

AVON LAKE, OH (07.09.2020) –Keep your Sprint car looking good in the pits and help prevent cool-down between races with the new Sprint Car Thermal Engine Cover from Design Engineering, Inc.

The Sprint Car Thermal Engine Cover allows racers to avoid cold engine damage by keeping their sprint car engines up to racing temperatures. Easy to install and built to last, the innovative cover features a triple-layer construction and can be used on hot or even running engines without damage.

“DEI’s Sprint Car Thermal Engine Cover is designed to prevent engine cool-down between races,” said Mike Buca of DEI. “Built Ohio-tough to last many race seasons and still look great, it’s easy to install and fits all Sprint cars.”

The thermal cover’s unique design includes drop-down-side wings that can be folded up and snapped into place and can rest directly on hot exhaust pipes. The heavy-duty, triple-layer construction incorporates a durable, PVC-coated polyester black outer layer that will last for years, a glass fiber inner insulation, and a final layer of glass blanket fiber.

Final touches from DEI include high-strength fiberglass edge binding, use of heat-and flame-resistant Nomex fiber thread, and built-in stainless steel snaps.

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Design Engineering, Inc. Intros High-Tech GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shields

AVON LAKE, OH (07.03.2020) – When it comes to technologically advanced turbocharger protection, Design Engineering, Inc. has again raised the bar with its new GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shields with LR Technology.

Featuring a silicone-coated outer layer, multiple stainless steel and silica inner layers, and enhanced seam strength, the GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shield was made to be the strongest, most heat-resistant shield available anywhere.

“By developing advanced textiles and diving deep into what is needed to control turbo heat, we incorporated all our experience to build the absolute best turbo shield on the market— the GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shield,” said Mike Buca DEI Product Manager.

The new GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shield offers complete turbo protection, durability and resilience using stainless steel thread seam stitching for increased seam strength and a unique four-layer design:

  • Outer Shell—DEI’s Titanium material with LR Technology is coated in silicone to insulate and hold up under extreme conditions;
  • Insulation Layer—A thick layer of silica insulation keeps heat inside the turbo shield and turbo housing;
  • Inner Layer—A blend of stainless steel, glass fiber and silicone add to the GEN-3 insulating and thermal properties;
  • Inner Cover—A stainless steel mesh is incorporated as a protective barrier and serves as an air gap between the mesh and inner layer fabric. Constructed to hold up against the highest temperatures, the innovative mesh won’t break down or become brittle with heat.

Customers can choose to purchase just the shield or a Complete Kit that includes the shield as well as a 2″-by-15-foot roll of Titanium Exhaust Wrap for down pipes, two 20″ stainless steel Locking Ties and 5 feet of safety wire used to secure the shield.

GEN-3 Titanium Turbo Shields are available to fit T3, T4, T6, T25/T28 and T6X turbos.

Visit for additional fitments and applications. Design Engineering offers the ability to design and fabricate custom turbo sleeves. Contact DEI for more information.