DEI’s Black Seaming Tape Provides Several Solutions

AVON LAKE, OH (09.01.2021) – When it’s time to stick together, look for high-adhesive Black Seaming Tape (#10039) from Design Engineering, Inc.

Ideal for use with DEI’s popular Black Floor & Tunnel Shield kits, the durable tape also works great as a universal solution on wood, steel, aluminum, plastic and fiberglass. Use it to wrap and protect wires, cables, hoses, fuel lines, seams and more, providing protection from direct heat up to 400°F.

“Made with a glass fiber scrim and high-temperature adhesive, this durable black tape hides seams and edges on our Black Floor & Tunnel Shield or can be used by itself to add a quality, professional finish on interior heat and sound-control projects,” says Mike Buca, DEI Product Manager.

Offering excellent abrasion and solvent resistance, DEI’s Black Seaming Tape has a low profile at just 0.007″ thick, comes in 1.5″-by-15-foot lengths and is made in the USA.

By the numbers, the tape delivers:

Tensile strength: 175 lbs/in
Dielectric strength: 2500V
Adhesion to steel: 50oz/in
Adhesive: good to 311°F

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DEI Improves its High-Temp Spray Adhesive Formula

AVON LAKE, OH (07.21.2021) – When you need help in a sticky situation, turn to improved professional-grade Spray Adhesive from Design Engineering, Inc.

Now with even greater holding strength, DEI’s high-temperature Spray Adhesive is perfect for installing the company’s line of heat and sound control solutions, as well as other materials including foam, fabric, metal and wood, in automotive interior and related projects.

“Our improved formula makes for a very aggressive, high-build, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to bond most substrates while maintaining a high level of tack,” notes Mike Buca of DEI. “The improved nozzle provides a web pattern spray for excellent coverage on all materials with a tack time of only two to four minutes and heat resistance up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Featuring no ODS (ozone-depleting substances), the aggressive Spray Adhesive dries quickly and clear, is California compliant, and is made in the USA. It creates a strong heat- and water-resistant bond when installing thermal shielding, headliners, sound control materials, carpet and more.

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DEI Sponsors Drifter Adam LZ

AVON LAKE, OH (06.15.2021) – Design Engineering, Inc. has announced a new partnership with social media star and Formula DRIFT racer Adam LZ.

The talented driver and social media giant has nearly 3.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, more than 950,000 followers on Facebook and more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

“Partnering with racers like Adam LZ is what the DEI sponsorship program is all about,” said Will F. of Design Engineering, Inc. “Our relationship started with him using our heat and sound control products and has grown to where we are now working together to promote our brands and win races.”

DEI will offer products, tech support and service to LZ and his No. 5 LZMFG 2JZ powered Nissan Silvia S15 throughout the 2021 Formula DRIFT season.

“It’s been awesome getting to work with a company that I’ve already been using for so long,” LZ said. “We’ve found out about some pretty cool products I didn’t know existed—like their tranny tunnel shield—and have been coming up with new uses and purposes that are helping both us and our viewers.”

LZ’s YouTube channel documents his many adventures and has recently been welcoming viewers to a new Florida facility known as the LZ Compound, which he calls a “30-Acre Automotive Dream.” It includes more than 65,000 square feet of buildings that haven’t been used in more than five years.

The 25-year-old originally made a name for himself in BMX, which he used to fund his first drift car in 2015. He also enjoys Time Attack and off-road racing.

“For now, I’m pouring as many resources as I can into Formula DRIFT,” he noted. “It’s extremely fun, very challenging and very rewarding.”

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Design Engineering Releases Honda Pioneer 700 & 700-4 Heat Shield Kit

AVON LAKE, OH (06.04.2021) – Tired of excessive heat radiating up through the seats of your Honda Pioneer 700 & 700-4? Design Engineering, Inc has the solution with a new Heat Control Kit.

Designed specifically for 2014-’21 Pioneer 700 & 700-4 (# 902110) models, the CNC-cut kit snugly fits Honda’s right-sized side-by-side and is easily removable if vehicle service is ever required. Installation is straightforward with CNC-cut pieces and no vehicle modifications required, and the pieces can be removed without damage, if needed.

“Our Honda Pioneer 700 & 700-4 Heat Shield Kit provides a much more comfortable ride by blocking excessive heat from the engine bay and lowering temperatures on the seats,” says Mike Buca of DEI.

Featuring DEI’s Extreme Heat Barrier material, the kits are constructed of 10-mil aluminum bonded to a finely woven layer of high-temperature-resistant glass fiber and an aggressive self-adhesive backing. Measuring just 3/16″ thick, the material can withstand radiant temperatures up to 1,750 degrees.

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Design Engineering Boom Mat Tape Adds Finishing Touch

AVON LAKE, OH (05.12.2021) – Add a finishing touch to any noise-blocking or sound-damping project with versatile Boom Mat Tape from Design Engineering, Inc.

Offering the same qualities as DEI’s Boom Mat damping material, multipurpose Boom Mat Tape helps reduce vehicle road-noise, sound system vibrations, rattles, dashboard plastic-to-plastic chafing and more. Use it to cover seams, fix leaks and to secure and protect cables, wires and lines.

“Boom Mat tape is for those hard-to-reach areas, as well as for covering wire and cable harnesses running on or along the sides of floorboards,” stated Mike Buca of DEI. “Cover seams and gaps on doors, floor pans, deck lids and trunk areas, to name just a few, or stick it anywhere spot coverage for vibration is needed.”

In fact, possibilities extend far beyond just vehicles, with plenty of in-home applications, such as applying Boom Mat Tape to the bottom of metal sinks to eliminate ringing, or on sump pump pipes to keep them from vibrating.

Simple to use, Boom Mat Tape requires no special tools for installation. The easy-to-cut material comfortably conforms to a variety of shapes and adheres to any metal, aluminum, fiberglass or plastic material, as well as many types of foam padding and fabrics.

Made from 2.5mm-thick butyl rubber with aluminum facing, Boom Mat Tape is offered in 2″-wide-by-20-foot black rolls (# 50215) as well as 1.5”-wide-by-20-foot silver rolls (# 50449). Simple peel-and-stick application is aided by an easy-to-remove clear release liner.

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DEI a Sponsor of 2021 One Lap of America

AVON LAKE, OH (04.30.2021) – Design Engineering, Inc. is supporting the 2021 Tire Rack One Lap of America presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, a unique weeklong drive-and-race event that covers 3,400 miles.

Piloting some of the world’s most advanced street cars, One Lap participants begin and end the event in South Bend, Indiana, following a circuitous route in between that takes them to facilities as far south as Avondale, Louisiana and then as far east as Summit Point, West Virginia.

Over the eight days of competition, drivers will test their overall skills in a variety of challenges including skid pad, autocross, drag strip, racetrack and highway transit. Teams are self-managed, have no support crews, and must start and finish on the same set of tires.

“We are excited to be a part of this annual historic event,” said Will Farkas, Social Media and Sponsorship Coordinator at DEI. “It really is a true test of endurance and vehicle preparation, and we’ll be offering a discount on our products for all 2021 One Lap of America race teams.”

Participating facilities include Tire Rack, Memphis International Raceway, Eagles Canyon Raceway, Grissom Air Reserve Base, NOLA Motorsports Park, Atlanta Motorsports Park, Lanier Raceplex, Summit Point Motorsports Park and GingerMan Raceway.

The event begins April 30 with driver registration and concludes May 8. Enthusiasts can follow along on Facebook and/or through available livestreams.

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Love Your Bug with a New Thermal & Sound Control Kit from DEI

AVON LAKE, OH (04.07.2021) – Keep things cool and quiet in your classic VW Bug with a new thermal and sound control kit specifically designed for Volkswagen Beetles from Design Engineering, Inc.

The VW Bug Interior Insulation & Sound Damping Kit reduces road noise for a quiet ride usually found only in big cars. Featuring DEI’s premium D-Mat insulation paired with Boom Mat sound-damping material, the kits are CNC-cut for a great fit and ease of installation.

“Achieve a more comfortable ride in a small package with these new kits for VW Bugs,” stated Mike Buca of DEI. “Custom cut to fit your Beetle’s specifications, these kits are easy to install and provide the proven benefits of DEI’s sound deadening and heat insulation materials.”

The ultra-lightweight D-Mat layer covers firewalls, headliners and other areas with a superior heat barrier, while the peel-and-stick Boom Mat material eliminates unwanted engine and road noise and damps vibrations.

Offering a precise fitment, the kits provide total noise and thermal protection for standard Beetle (1950-’72) Super Beetle (1971-’72) models (# 5510015).

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Design Engineering Announces New Universal Upholstery Material

AVON LAKE, OH (03.24.2021) – DEI’s Universal Upholstery Material (# 50028) is constructed from black, perforated vinyl and laminated on an open-cell, 1/8″ foam backing. Extremely lightweight and flexible for easy installation, the material can be used to reduce heat and noise while providing an attractive finished appearance, making it an ideal solution for any custom interior project.

“This Universal Upholstery Material is perfect for headliners, door panels or package trays,” says Mike Buca of DEI. “DEI’s Universal Upholstery Material has your whole interior covered.”

The Universal Upholstery Material features a high-quality, leather-look pattern texture, a sound-insulating foam backing and an attractive black finish. It comes in a versatile 54″ x 79″ sheet size that reduces the number of seams on larger projects. DEI’s Hi Temp Spray Adhesive (# 010490 or # 10490) is recommended for installation of DEI’s Universal Upholstery Material.

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Design Engineering Releases Stainless Steel Insulated Pipe Shields

AVON LAKE, OH (01.21.2021) – Increase driver and passenger comfort while protecting vital components from heat damage with new Stainless Steel Pipe Heat Shields from Design Engineering, Inc.
Designed to prevent burns while protecting drivers and passengers from uncomfortable heat, the lightweight shields can be utilized in a wide variety of applications, including turbo down pipes, headers or any component of the exhaust system.

“Stainless Steel Pipe Heat Shields feature two layers of 304 stainless that encapsulate a high-temperature insulation material for the ultimate in heat control,” stated Mike Buca of DEI. “Pre-formed with a curved shape to fit most any size pipe, they block heat and protect components better than factory shields.”

Offering up to a 2000°F direct-temperature rating, the shields include 1/2″ standoffs with clamps that provide an air gap to the pipe and two stainless steel mounting clamps. Available in two sizes, 4.5″ x 8″ (#10254) and 6″ x 12″ (#10255), each features a stainless steel heat barrier material on the outside surfaces and an insulating inner layer, plus welded seams for strength and durability.

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Design Engineering’s Big Plans Require a Bigger Facility

AVON LAKE, OHIO (12.30.2020) – Even in a pandemic, Design Engineering Inc. continues to grow.
The heat and sound management products company is entering Phase Two of a long-term, three-phase expansion project that will increase capacity at its Avon Lake headquarters facility.

“This expansion will allow DEI to expand our manufacturing, assembly and warehouse capabilities, and grow our R&D department,” says Dave Ramirez, VP of operations. “With this second addition, the added space will allow us to consolidate remote facilities all under one roof.”

Phase One occurred in 2013, when DEI completed a 12,000-square foot addition that more than doubled its prior warehouse space. Phase two of a three phase plan will add approximately 10,000 square feet to the current facility, bringing the total square footage to 35,000.

The additional space will allow DEI—which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020—to continue to build on its impressive lineup of heat and sound control products for the automotive, racing, powersports, 12-volt audio, industrial, marine and related markets.

Manufacturing and R&D will be enhanced with the addition of a water jet cutter, as well as other new equipment and process improvements.

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