DEI Announces Partnership with Summit Motorsports Park

AVON LAKE, OH (05.19.23) – America’s Racetrack and one of the nation’s premier producers of automotive heat control products are teaming up in 2023.

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) is pleased to announce a marketing partnership with Summit Motorsports Park, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

Opened in 1963, Summit Motorsports Park specializes in presenting family entertainment and hosts a variety of touring motorsports events throughout the year. It hosts more than 100 events every year, attracting more than 500,000 guests.

“Summit Motorsports Park has a long tradition of excellence, from promoting motorsports competitors to providing high-quality experiences for fans and enthusiasts,” said Steve Garrett, DEI Creative Director. “Their values strongly align with our own, and DEI is proud to support them as part of their 60th anniversary.”

“America’s Racetrack,” located in Norwalk, Ohio, has been selected a national “Track of the Year” 20 times in the last 60 years, including nine times by the National Hot Rod Association.

For racing fans, Summit sums it up with their philosophy, “We believe our customers are guests in our ‘home’, and our park is our living room.”

DEI’s first event where they will have a full booth for you to stop by and say “hi” will be the Cavalcade of Stars, June 2, 3 and 4, along with many other events throughout the season. If you can’t make it to the Cavalcade of Stars, don’t worry – DEI will be part of many automotive and motorsports events throughout the year. Stay tuned to hear about those events as they get closer.

For more information about Summit Motorsports Park and its upcoming schedule, visit

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DEI Sponsors Triple Crown of Rodding

AVON LAKE, OH (04.26.23) – Design Engineering Inc., (DEI) will be the official heat-and-sound control sponsor of the Triple Crown of Rodding, a new premier event for hot rods and trucks, at Nashville Superspeedway in Lebanon Tenn., September 8 and 9, 2023. The Triple Crown of Rodding showcases hot rods, customs, classics and muscle cars through 1972 and American-made trucks through 1998.

The Triple Crown of Rodding event was inspired by Shades of the Past, an event that was held for more than 40 years the weekend after Labor Day in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. When that show ended in 2022, Bobby Alloway of Alloway’s Rod Shop teamed up with Gary Case of Stylin’ Concepts and the Sport Truck Nationals to create an automotive event unlike any other, the Triple Crown of Rodding.

“The Triple Crown of Rodding is going to be a one-of-a-kind event. It is going to take you back to the days when car shows were really big events. Not just a show to bring your car to. That’s why we just had to be involved. With the star power of the best builders, the very best of the best vehicles in the country, and all of the DEI customers that showcase our products in their builds in one location, we just had to be a part of it,” said Steve Garrett, Creative Director, DEI. “This is going to be a good one for years to come.”

The Triple Crown of Rodding will feature an elite-level awards program with more than 40 state-of-the-art trophies including the Triple Crown Winners: Best Street Rod, Best Street Machine, Best Street Cruiser, Best Truck (up to ’72) Best Truck (’73-’87) and Best Truck (’88-’98). A brand new 2023 Chevrolet Pickup Hot Rodded by Alloway’s Rod Shop will be given away by luck-of-the-draw to one lucky registered participant.

And if you want star power, there is a long list of A+ builders that will be there that use DEI products, doing meet-and-greets, showcasing their builds, and choosing their favorite vehicles for their very own custom award and trophy. Meet celebrity builders like Phil and Jeremy Gerber (Roadster Shop), Jonathan Goolsby (Goolsby Customs), Jesse Greening (Greening Auto Company), Alan Johnson (Johnson’s Hot Rods), and many more top line builders and celebrities.

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DEI Heat Shroud Line Sleeving: 20, 16 and 12 AN Sizes

AVON LAKE, OH (04.19.23) – Design Engineering Inc.’s (DEI) AN-sized Heat Shroud™ Sleeves for 20, 16 and 12 AN sizes are an ideal way to reduce heat strain and abrasions on lines, hoses and wires, damage that could result in failure of all three of these components.

Sized perfectly for AN sizes and featuring an easy wraparound install, DEI’s Heat Shroud ™ Sleeves are constructed from a high-temperature rated, glass-fiber fabric with an insulating inner layer and a heat-reflective outer surface.

The added convenience of a hook and loop closure design along the edge makes installation easy. There’s no need to remove one end of the hose, just wrap Heat Shroud™ Sleeve around the hose and close the hook and loop edge. It’s that simple.

In addition, the AN-sized Heat Shroud™ Sleeves are lightweight for high-performance applications. They are also pliable, so they can be used on tight bends, and there’s no need to disconnect lines to install them. It also prevents fluids from potential vapor lock. The Heat Shroud protects against oil, dirt, road grime and is fireproof.

Heat Shroud ™ Sleeves are available in 3-feet and 10-feet lengths for 12, 16 and 20 AN sizes and offer the versatility of fitting diameters from 0.5 – 2.5 inches.

Highlights include:

· No need to remove wires and hoses

· Convenient hook & loop closure design

· Available in sizes ranging 0.5 – 2.5 inches in diameter

· Reflects 90% of radiant heat

· Easily trim to length

To learn more about AN-sized Heat Shroud™ Sleeves and DEI’s complete line of heat and sound control products, visit

Design Engineering Intros Product to Stay Hydrated and Cooler While Racing

AVON LAKE, OH (03.29.23) – It’s a challenge to stay cool during races, and a cold drink can keep drivers refreshed and focused. A new In-Car Drink Bottle Insulator from Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) keeps water or a favorite sports drink cooler for longer periods of time.

“A well-known issue that many drivers face is keeping cool drinks cold. Drivers need to drink liquids during races to prevent dehydration, cramps and loss of concentration. We’re excited to announce a solution with our newly available drink bottle insulator,” said Mike Buca of DEI. “This product has been tested at the track and passed the heat test with rave reviews.”

The In-Car Drink Bottle Insulator is large enough to completely enclose a 42-ounce Longacre bottle. The design completely covers the Longacre 52-22551 and 52-22553 Drink bottle and holder. The insulation is made from a durable, washable neoprene material to make cleaning between races easy.

The hook and loop closure design makes installation and removal easy and retains access to the mounting bracket. A sleeve for the tube gives drivers access to the bite valve, for hands-free hydration.

Highlights include:

Full-length hose cover
Easy to install
Keeps drink cool and secure

For more information about this Drink Bottle Insulator (# 10910) and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit

DEI Adds New VP of Sales & Marketing

AVON LAKE, OH (02.15.23) – Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) is excited to announce the addition of Brad Bricker to its sales team.

As the new Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Bricker will manage the inside sales team focused on DEI’s automotive aftermarket products, as well as work with automotive aftermarket representatives, outside representatives in the RV and Powersports groups, and DEI’s marketing and product development teams.

Bricker brings nearly 30 years of sales, marketing and management experience for automotive equipment and accessory manufacturers. He has a wealth of experience in automotive sales and product development, combining a servant leader mindset with a track record of growing sales and a focus on building relationships. Bricker said he looks forward to joining DEI, with its family-centric culture and reputation for excellence.

Brad Bricker

“The company treats their employees like family and everyone that works here genuinely cares about the welfare of the company and in providing the best products and service to their customers,” Bricker said, adding that the brand is well-liked and respected by everyone from consumers to fellow manufacturers. “The company philosophy is all about doing the right thing, being customer centric, and taking the time to have some fun along the way.”

A native of the Columbus, Ohio, area, Bricker will return to his home state after spending the last 28 years in Boulder, Colorado. He has two sons, ages 21 and 25, and when not at work he enjoys mountain biking, hiking, vacationing on the beach and spending time with his Pitbull mix, Lolo.

He is excited to be part of DEI and its commitment to providing innovative thermal and sound solutions for its customers. New product development is vital for automotive aftermarket companies, and DEI has made that work a priority.

“The future at DEI is bright,” said Tom Miller of DEI. “The company remains committed to listening to the needs of our consumers and distributors so we can continue to lead the field in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of quality new products and adding Bricker to our team will continue DEI in this direction.”

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You’re Invited to Come Chill at DEI’s PRI Booth

RAPID CITY, SD (12.08.22) – The Design Engineering Inc.’s Booth at PRI this year features a cool Trans Am Series racecar, built by Pancho Weaver from Weaver Racing Concepts.

The Boris Said racecar includes several DEI heat control solutions from DEI’s Heat Screen, Floor and Tunnel Shield, Reflect-a-Cool, Titanium Exhaust Wrap & more. The Trams Am series Dodge Challenger will be on display at DEI’s PRI Booth (#301).

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DEI’s All New GEN-3 ONYX Turbo Shield at the PRI Show

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (12.07.22) – Stop by Design Engineering Inc.’s Booth 301 at the PRI Show to get an up-close look at the new GEN-3 Onyx Turbo Shield, along with DEI’s complete line of Turbo Heat Shields.

This new product is like wrapping a turbo in a tuxedo T-shirt. Keep your Turbo cool and running strong with a custom Turbo Heat Shield from DEI.

Available in a variety of styles and fitments for all turbo types, the shields reduce under hood temperatures while protecting sensitive components and encouraging faster spool-ups.

All this and more can be found at the DEI PRI Booth (#301) at the Lucas Oil Convention Center December 7th through 9th.

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Design Engineering Releases New Heat Control Products for Exhaust Pipes

RAPID CITY, SD (12.06.22) – Design Engineering Inc.’s long list of proven heat and sound control solutions, includes its popular Titanium Knit Exhaust Sleeves.

Designed to protect vulnerable components and prevent heat from transferring into vehicle cabins, the sleeves are made from a thick basalt material that expands over sensor bungs and flanges and can be rolled at the ends. Available in 12”, 24″ and 36″ lengths to fit 3″ to 5″ pipes, the sleeves have a max temperature rating of 1800°F (982°C ) and a continuous rating of 1382°F (750°C ). They can be cut to fit any application, and are also available in special-order custom lengths.

For more information about Titanium Knitted Sleeves and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit PRI Booth (#301).

The PRI Show takes place at the Lucas Oil Center in Indianapolis on December 7-9.

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DEI’s Line of Exhaust & Pipe Wraps Keep Heat Under Wraps

AVON LAKE, OH (11.09.22) – Keep potentially damaging underbody and engine heat away from critical components with Design Engineering Inc.’s proven line of Exhaust and Pipe Wraps.

Designed to contain heat inside of headers to assist with increasing exhaust velocity through the exhaust system, wrapping headers helps reduce underhood temperatures protecting components while increasing performance. These pliable and durable wraps install easily to provide an extra layer of defense against high operating temperatures.

“DEI’s complete line of Exhaust and Pipe Wraps deliver the protection high-performance and race vehicles need to operate at their peak,” said Mike Buca of DEI. “Strong and durable, these wraps are a secret weapon to protecting vital underhood parts and unlocking hidden horsepower.”

The wraps come in rolls to facilitate tightly wrapping around headers and pipes, resulting in a cooler air charge for improved performance. Available in a variety of sizes and protection levels, the family includes three distinct wrap categories:

Glass Fiber Exhaust Wrap – Exhaust Wrap is an important first step in reducing unwanted, power-robbing heat. Offered in various-sized rolls for shorter pipes, headers, turbo downpipes and powersports exhausts, the wrap withstands 1200 ̊F(649°C) direct/2000 ̊F(1093°C) radiant heat, available in both black and tan.

TITANIUM Exhaust Wrap – Featuring LR Technology™, TITANIUM Exhaust Wrap, made from pulverized lava rock, stranded into a fiber material and then woven into a proprietary weave is the original and ultimate high-heat-rated wrap. It is extremely pliable for a tight and secure wrap. Engineered to be stronger and more durable than most wraps, it withstands heat up to 1800 ̊F(982°C) direct/2500 ̊F(1371°C) intermittent heat. Available in original titanium and an attractive black carbon fiber look.

EXO Series™ Exhaust & Pipe Wrap – Designed for extreme environment use including powersports applications, the EXO Series features a dual-layer design, using a combination of hi-temp glass fiber, covered with a 304-grade stainless steel exoskeleton for superior heat, abrasion and impact protection, offered in black and tan.

For more information about Exhaust & Pipe Wraps and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit

SEMA Preview: DEI Grows Its Line of Side-by-Side Heat Control Products

RAPID CITY, SD (10.27.22) – DEI continues to grow its line of custom kits for side-by-side applications.

DEI now offers innovative, custom heat control kits for Polaris, Honda, Can-Am, Arctic Cat and Kawasaki side-by-sides, and continues to develop new products to meet the demand of the growing market.

As the popularity of side-by-sides steadily increases year after year, the need for effective heat and sound control systems increases. DEI’s commitment to providing the burgeoning market with thermal and noise control products for side-by-sides featuring model-specific components and custom-cut kits continues with the launch of several new products designed for many of today’s most popular applications.

Stop by the DEI SEMA Booth (20213) to learn more about the full line of DEI heat control products.

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