25th Anniversary dB Drag Championship Rings Have Arrived

AUSTIN, TX (01.16.22) – Congrats to the 25th Anniversary dB Drag Racing World Finals Champions and big THANKS to Incriminator Audio for sponsoring the rings. Please post your ring pic and tag dB Drag Racing!

25th Anniversary World Finals Champions

dB Drag Racing
Street Stock 1K – Team Directronix Poptart
Pro Stock 2K – Team Last Minute
Pro Stock 5K – Team Soundcheck Kenneth
Pro Stock Trunk 5K – Team Directronix Matt
Pro Stock Wall 5K – Team Mach 1
Pro Stock NL – Team Crossfire Eric
Super Street NW – Team Directronix Dan
Super Street 1-2 – Team Soundcheck Butthurt Exp
Super Street 3-4 – Gorman Cassidy
Super Street 5+ – Beau Boren
Super Street X – Team Crossfire Donteay
Extreme NL – Team Soundcheck

Bass Race
120.0 dB to 129.9 dB – Audiodreamland Chris
130.0 dB to 139.9 dB – Team Directronix David
140.0 dB to 149.9 dB – Team Directronix Matt
150.0 dB to 159.9 dB – Team Fx Jimbo

Psychlone Demo
Demo No Wall – Julius Mack Johnson III
Demo Wall – Team DC Lucas
Demo Extreme – DD Tank

Top Dog – Team Fx Jimbo

Freestyle Street Stock 1K – John Bennett
Freestyle Pro Stock NL – Team Crossfire Eric
Freestyle Pro Stock 5k – Chad Flopbox Bleeke
Freestyle Super Street NL – Team Fx Jimbo

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dBs For Toys… The dB Drag Racing Toy Drive 2022 Is Underway with Toys For Tots

AUSTIN, TX (12.16.22) – The dB Drag Racing Association is pleased to participate in the 75th Anniversary Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program! The program collects new toys to be distributed as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.

The stockpile of toys collected at the dB’s For Toys event in Sacramento, CA.
When the dB’s for Toys event wrapped at Tune Time Stereo and Alarm in Redlands, CA on December 3rd all gathered for a group image with the Toys for Tots donations.

As an incentive to retailers and promoters that have hosted dB Drag Racing events during the 2022 season, the dBDRA will waive the listing fee for qualifying 1X events that are scheduled during the weeks leading up to Christmas. The entry fee for the competitors must be a new unwrapped toy. There is no limit on the amount of toys that can be donated, however, the minimum suggested toy should be $20+.

According to Wayne Harris, President of the dBDRA. “Our goal is to provide dB Drag Racing competitors and retailers the opportunity to get involved with their local communities by providing shiny new toys to children who otherwise might have gone without.”

Toys donated at the dBs For Toys displayed at the Crossfire event in Irving, TX.
Chris Gregory gives a big thumbs showing toys collected at the Toys For Tots event in Nashville.

To participate in the Toys for Tots competition series, retailers and promoters will need to contact the dB Drag Racing Association. Auto sound manufacturers are also welcome to participate.

While the Toys for Tots program is a US based program, many of the international dBDRA affiliates will be offering similar toy drives in their respective countries as well.

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DB Drag Racing Finals 25th Anniversary Oct 1-2 in Kentucky

OWENSBORO, KY (10.06.22) – The 25th Anniversary dB Drag Racing World Finals, presented by Deaf Bonce, took place at the Owensboro Kentucky Convention Center during the weekend of October 1-2, 2022. The event was packed with non-stop competition all weekend long. Spectators were on site to watch in person and the event was Live Streamed on YouTube with thousands of viewers watching from around the world. Over $10,000 in prizes were given away during the raffles all weekend. Competitors drove long distances to compete, and some came as far as California, Western Canada, Maine, Texas, and Minnesota.

A few competitors and spectators flew in from Belgium, Greece, Brazil, and Germany to take part in the World Finals. All World Finalists received commemorative World Finals gear including a Duffel Bag sponsored by Crossfire, Jersey, Decal, Cap, Banner, Plaque, and other swag. In addition to the swag, a Ground Zero Audio and SounDigital hospitality suite were open all weekend, and lunch was provided Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday night a competitor party and BBQ, sponsored by Ground Zero and SounDigital took place at a local brewery. The competitors got a chance to hang out, eat dinner, and mingle with some of the old-school car stereo guys in attendance at the Old School Meet-Up sponsored by Directronix.

The exhibit floor at the Owensboro Convention Center was filled with competitor’s vehicles, vendor booths and enthusiasts.

The competition was fierce with Four World Records established at the event. The most notable World Record was established in the Extreme Class. Team Soundcheck scored a 185.2 dB and then backed it up with a 185.4 dB, making the new world record 185.2 dB. The score of 185.4 dB makes this the LOUDEST certified dB Drag Racing score in the WORLD. This is amazing and we want to congratulate the entire Soundcheck team for putting up such a huge score!

In addition to the Extreme record, Team Aintloud Sam established a record of 152 dB in Street Stock 1K. Team Directronix Dan beat his old record establishing a new record of 172.6 dB in Super Street NW. There was an exciting run in Super Street X and Team Crossfire Donteay established a new record of 167.8 dB.

Competitors see big SPL numbers on the monitor.

Trophies for the event were sponsored by Sundown Audio. First through Third Place winners in 24 classes of the competition received an awesome 4 post trophy with first place checking in over 6 feet tall!

First-place winners will receive custom championship rings sponsored by Incriminator Audio. The winner has their choice of silver or silver with gold accents. The rings are custom-made and embossed with the competitor’s name and format of competition won.

Trophy winners gathered on the stage for a group photo Sunday night.

Every year the dB Drag Racing Association awards points champion recognition. For 2022, three points champions were awarded custom World Finals leather jackets sponsored by DC Audio. The points leaders were: Moses Martinez for dB Drag Racing / Bass Race / Freestyle, Julius Mack Johnson III for Psychlone, and Team FX Jimbo for Top Dog.

The dBDRA recognized several teams and individuals for their contribution to growing the sport of dB Drag Racing. Moses Martinez was awarded Competitor of the Year for 2022. Moses traveled throughout the country this year to compete. He has such a friendly personality and is a fan favorite amongst many involved. Special recognitions went out to Julius Mack Johnson III, TN Bass Racers, Daniel Tate, Team Directronix, Team Crossfire, Team Soundcheck, Team Incriminator, and Team dB Revolution. The Best of Show award was presented to RP Patel of Team Soundcheck with the Extreme Van.

 A group of competitors and friends enjoying dinner and a good time one evening.

The grand finale of the event was the super popular Deathmatch exhibition, sponsored by FCBC. The top 4 loudest Super Street vehicles, at the finals, went head-to-head in a 5-minute average SPL competition. The doors and windows were rattling, and it was exciting to watch! The winner of Deathmatch this year was Beau Boren with Team Incriminator Audio with a 165.4 dB average for 5 minutes!

2022 dBDRA Champions:

Team Directronix Poptart – dB Drag Racing Street Stock 1K
Team Last Minute – dB Drag Racing Pro Stock 2K
Team Soundcheck Kenneth – dB Drag Racing Pro Stock 5K
Team Directronix Matt – dB Drag Racing Pro Stock Trunk 5K
Team Mach 1 – dB Drag Racing Pro Stock Wall 5K
Team Crossfire Eric – dB Drag Racing Pro Stock NL
Team Directronix Dan – dB Drag Racing Super Street NW
Team Soundcheck Butthurt Exp – dB Drag Racing Super Street 1-2
Gorman Cassidy – dB Drag Racing Super Street 3-4
Beau Boren – dB Drag Racing Super Street 5+
Team Crossfire Donteay – dB Drag Racing Super Street X
Team Soundcheck – dB Drag Racing Extreme NL

Audiodreamland Chris – Bass Race 120.0 dB to 129.9 dB
Team Directronix David – Bass Race 130.0 dB to 139.9 dB
Team Directronix Matt – Bass Race 140.0 dB to 149.9 dB
Team Fx Jimbo – Bass Race 150.0 dB to 159.9 dB

Team Fx Jimbo – Top Dog

Julius Mack Johnson III – Psychlone Demo No Wall
Team DC Lucas – Psychlone Demo Wall
Psychlone Demo Extreme – DD Tank

John Bennett – Freestyle Street Stock 1K
Team Crossfire Eric – Freestyle Pro Stock NL
Chad Flopbox Bleeke – Freestyle Pro Stock 5k
Team Fx Jimbo – Freestyle Super Street NL

The dB Drag Racing Association would like to thank everyone that participated in the event. This event is made possible by the competitors, judges, staff, sponsors, and spectators.

Judging Crew: Wyatte Meier, Doug Stockton, Jereme Creamer, Jeffrey Fernandez, Chet Teel, Andy Teuscher, Ray Choy, and Daren Narrine.

Event Staff: Wayne Harris, Celise Harris, Malissa Creamer, Bethany Meier, and Dayna Fernandez


  • Deaf Bonce / Alphard Group (Presenting Sponsor)
  • Incriminator Audio (Rings and Badges)
  • Sundown Audio (Trophies)
  • Ground Zero & SounDigital (Hospitality and Party)
  • Crossfire Car Audio (Duffel Bags)
  • XS Power (Power Sponsor)
  • Directronix (Old School Meet Up)
  • DC Audio (Points Champion & Show Sponsor)
  • FCBC (Deathmatch)
  • Term-LAB (SPL Meter)
    – AAMP (Decal)
  • Mel Valadez (Plaques)

Show Sponsors:

  • Team Space 4 Bass, 20 Hz Labs, Shaker Trucking & Towing, Resilient Sounds, Kicker, Cerwin Vega

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The 25th Anniversary DB Drag Racing World Finals and Old School Car Audio Meet UP

OWENSBORO, KY (09.29.22) – The 25th Anniversary dB Drag Racing World Finals is taking place this weekend at the Owensboro KY Convention Center. Competition teams are traveling from all around to compete in 24 classes of competition.

Old school car audio enthusiasts will also be joining the event as part of an Old School Car Audio Meet Up. A busy weekend is planned with competition Saturday and Sunday. Trophies are awarded for 1st – 3rd place winners AND Championship Rings for 1st Place winners.

Wayne and Celise were rushing though the Atlanta airport on the way to Owensboro. Celise snapped this image as Wayne was boarding.

All attendees will receive a cool swag duffel bag with racing jersey, cap, banner, plaque and swag. Lunch is included for both days of the event and a catered BBQ dinner on Saturday night during the after party. Everyone will have a chance to win nearly $10,000 in PRIZES donated by sponsors.

On behalf of the dB Drag Racing Association and members a sincere thank you goes out to the sponsors supporting the event.

All is in place for the DB Drag Racing World Finals this weekend.

Deaf Bonce / Alphard Group (Presenting Sponsor) – Incriminator Audio (Rings and Badges) – Sundown Audio (Trophies) – Ground Zero & SounDigital (Hospitality and Party) – Crossfire Car Audio (Duffel Bags) – XS Power (Electric) – Directronix (Old School Meet Up) – DC Audio (Points Champion) – Mel Valadez (Plaques) – FCBC (Deathmatch) – AAMP (Decal) – Show Sponsors: Team Space 4 Bass – 20 Hz Labs – Shaker Trucking & Towing – Resilient Sounds – Kicker – Cerwin Vega – Term-LAB

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25th Anniversary DB Drag Racing World Finals and Old School Meet Up

OWENSBORO, KY (07.26.22) – The 25th Anniversary Drag Racing World Finals WEEKEND will take place October 1-2, 2022, at Western Kentucky’s award-winning venue – the Owensboro Convention Center. This is a full-service facility overlooking the scenic Ohio River in revitalized downtown Owensboro, KY. This event is slated to be a combination of competition and old school meet up. Current dB Drag Racing competitors will accrue points to gain an invitation to compete in the World Finals.

The dBDRA is extending an invitation to present and past dB Drag Racing competitors, judges, teammates, manufacturers, friends, and family to be a part of this historic Old School Meet Up! The event is anticipated to be a time where enthusiasts can “hang out” and reminisce about all things car audio. A hospitality suite, overlooking the Ohio River, will be open during the weekend to allow for people to catch up and share stories.

On Saturday evening, the after party will take place at The Brew Bridge, a local Brewery near the Owensboro Convention Center. The party is a great time for competitors to get out of the lanes, have dinner and visit with everyone. The party will be catered by a local favorite, Smokehouse BBQ. In addition, the Brewery offers a full-service bar including more than 12 local beers on tap!

“We invite you to join us at the 25th Anniversary dB Drag Racing World Finals WEEKEND!” remarks Wayne Harris, President of the dBDRA. “We are really excited about the event and are working hard to make this a memorable time for everyone. I would like to personally invite everyone that has been involved with dB Drag Racing, over the past quarter of a century, to come out to the show!”

For more information on the event and sponsorship opportunities, contact: marketing@termpro.com or call: 512-377-1055


Friday, September 30
• Setup and Competitor Roll-In

Saturday, October 1
• ALL Qualifying
• Hospitality Suite Open all day
• Old School Meet up
• Start of Brackets (time permitting)
• 7pm – After Party

Sunday, October 2
• Elimination Rounds of Competition
• Hospitality Suite Open all day
• Old School Meet up
• Awards Ceremony
• Competitor Move Out

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The dBDRA North American Western Conference Finals Wrapped a Strong 2021

SACRAMENTO, CA (10.20.2021) – The 2021 dBDRA North American Western Conference Finals took place October 16-17, 2021, in Sacramento California. The 2-day event was held at Sacramento Raceway in conjunction with Trimp & Adams Drag Races. Several competitors started arriving at the Raceway on Friday night to claim their camping spots. The event was as much of a weekend tailgate party as it was a competition. The hospitality of the West Coast competitors was top notch with many cooking out and socializing throughout the weekend. On Saturday night, Gary Killian prepared BBQ for all competitors and racers on site.

Saturday was the busiest day of the event with 73 entries in the 2022 Season Kick Off and 68 entries in the Western Finals. Competitors were running through the lanes all day and into the evening. While most of the competitors were from California, Nevada and Idaho, there were some that traveled even farther. Team Subsonic Pressure traveled from Mexico and 7 competitors, and their pit crews traversed the country to attend both the East and West Coast Finals. The competitors that attended both events include: Team Mini (Canada), Team FX Jimbo (Canada), Team Directronix Dan (MN), Robert Kollar (FL), Mel Valadez (TX), Moses Martinez (CA) and Gracie Mullen (TN). These competitors are true die-hard dB Draggers!

Elimination rounds took place on Sunday and the event culminated with a 4-way demo style 5-minute Deathmatch. Competitors auditioned to be entered into Deathmatch with a $500 prize sponsored by Limitless Lithium. The Deathmatch event was one of the most exciting ones we have seen in a long time! Two of the competitors were tied most of the 5-minute run, not knowing who was going to win until the very end when one of the competitors subs gave out. Smoke was coming out of the back of the vehicle and everyone was cheering! The ultimate Deathmatch winner was Ray Maestas.

Competitors that attended both EAST and WEST locations and won FIRST in their respective classes are crowned North American Champions and they include:
Robert Kollar – Super Street 1-2
Team Directronix Dan – Super Street NW
Mel Valadez – Street Stock 1K
Team FX Jimbo – Bass Race 159.9
Team Mini – Psychlone No Wall

Team Phat Boyz

Wayne Harris, president of the dBDRA, presented two competitors with dBDRA Ambassadors of the year awards. These competitors have a great attitude, always willing to assist other competitors and are great ambassadors for the dB Drag Racing Association.
Robert Kollar – Eastern dBDRA Ambassador
Moses Martinez – Western dBDRA Ambassador

dB Drag Racing Western Finals Champions
Street Stock 1K – Mel Valadez
Pro Stock 2K – Steve Willis
Pro Stock 5K – Team DC Angelo
Pro Stock Trunk 5K – Team Subsonic Pressure
Pro Stock Wall 5K – Team Send It Dave
Pro Stock NL – Jeff Vue
Super Street 1-2 – Robert Kollar
Super Street 3-4 – Team SSC Joe
Super Street 5+ – Ray Maestas
Super Street NW – Team Directronix Dan
Super Street X – Team SSC Ron
Extreme 5K – Team SSC Jose

Flex Issues Kris (boy) with his dad Kyle and Ray Maestas

Bass Race Western Finals Champions
Bass Race 129.9 dB – Lord of Bass Manny
Bass Race 139.9 dB – Team DC Joe
Bass Race 149.9 dB – Team DC Angelo
Bass Race 159.9 dB – Team FX Jimbo

Psychlone Western Finals Champions
Psychlone No Wall – Team Mini
Psychlone Wall – Team RF Brent
Psychlone Demo No Wall – Team Phat Boyz Jose
Psychlone Demo Wall – Team Phat Boyz

Top Dog Wester Final Champion
Team DC Jenner

Bagger Beatz Western Final Champion
Bike 1-8 – Chris Cagle
Power Wheels – Flex Issues Kris

Team Send It Dave

Western Points Champions
Team DC Lucky – dB Drag, Bass Race, Top Dog
Flex Issues Kyle – Bagger Beatz
Phat Boyz Jose – Psychlone

Deathmatch Winner
Ray Maestas

dBDRA Western Finals Officiating Team: Wayne Harris, Doug Stockton, Jereme Creamer, Jeffrey Fernandez, Ray Choy and Kimo Kealoha.

Gary and Leslie Killian – BBQ Host
Andrew McCain – Event Photos

Competitor Awards:
Best of Show: Team RF Brent
Furthest Traveled: Team FX Jimbo, Team Mini, Moses Martinez
Judges Choice Standout Install: Team DC Josh
Largest Team Participation – Team Send It
Most Top Dog Wins – Team DC Jenner
Loudest of the Weekend (173.0 dB) – Team Directronix Dan
Team and Show Support – Team DC Audio

Thanks to the sponsors that made this event possible:
Car Audio Championship Presenting Sponsor: Deaf Bonce
dB Drag Championship Ring Sponsor: Incriminator Audio
dB Drag Trophy Sponsor: Sundown Audio
Competitor Badge Sponsor: Incriminator Audio
dB Drag West Points Sponsor: B2 Audio
3X Sponsor: DC Audio
Deathmatch Sponsor: Limitless Lithium

For full results and photos:

SPL Car Audio Championship Set for Oct 8 & 9 in Muscle Shoals, AL

AUSTIN, TX (09.21.2021) – Attention audio fanatics – mark your calendars for the 2021 Car Audio Championship – Oct 8-9 at the North Alabama State Fairgrounds!  Come on out and experience the loudest CAR & BIKE SYSTEMS in ALABAMA.

Competition Formats: SPL (Sound Pressure Level), Motorcycle Audio, Kids Power Wheels, Show N Shine and Ride the Lite at Night! Hundreds of vehicles will be on display and competing with their systems in over 50 formats of competition. Vendors will have products on display and showcasing new technology for consumers interested in after-market audio and accessories. Tickets available at gate.  

Event Location: 
North Alabama State Fairgrounds
65 Sportsplex Drive
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661

Tickets – $10 per day
DEMO PASS – $50 per day
Parking – FREE

Show Hours: 
Friday, October 8, 2021 – 10am – 6pm
Saturday, October 9, 2021 – 10am – 6pm

North Texas Shootout with USACi and dB Drag Racing

HALTOM CITY, TX (07.13.2021) – The North Texas Shootout took place at the American Legion in Haltom City on Sunday July 11th. USACi and dB Drag Racing competitions, with Boomin’Audio, filled the lanes with competitors.

Local retailer Voodoo Customs hosted the event. Fred Montana, Voodoo Customs owner related, “We had an awesome event with over 75 competitors in with lanes with USACi plus dB Drag Racing and Boomin’ Audio. Our business at Voodoo Customs has been strong and we feel that showcasing enthusiasts at sound-off events will keep business rolling. Chet handled the USACi lanes while Andy and Jeffrey were behind the meter for dB Drag Racing Boomin’ Audio competitors.”

Andy Teuscher assembling Boomin’ Audio trophies on Saturday afternoon.

Boomin’ Audio’s Andy Teuscher traveled in from Utah to work the lanes with Jeffrey Fernandez. “I came in a day early and worked on putting together over 40 Boomin’ Audio trophies for the event. We utilized an area at the Crossfire HQ in Irving that is only about 20 miles from Haltom City where the event took place,” Teuscher related.

The weather on Sunday was warm in the morning as Andy and Jeffrey set up the tent at the American Legion. As they placed the trophies, set up the meter and got the lanes ready for the dB Drag Racing Boomin’ Audio competitors the thermometer quickly rose into the mid 90’s.

On Sunday morning Jeffrey Fernandez (L) and Andy Teuscher had all set up to officiate the Boomin’ Audio Audio dBDrag competition.
Jeffrey and Andy presented first timer Boomin’ decals. Shane Chandler (C) received Boomin’ 160 decal while Simon Fletcher (L) and Donnie Keller (R) received Boomin’ 150 decals in the lanes.

Continuing, Teuscher offered, “We had over 3 dozen through the lanes by the end of the day and several were first time competitors. In addition we had 2 competitors that received Boomin’ 150 decals and one competitor who received a Boomin’ 160 decal.”

“Voodoo Customs is planning more Sound-Off events in the coming months as we continue to created excitement for car audio products,” Montana stated.

“I feel a huge impact was made at the North Texas Shootout and I am excited that Boomin’ Audio is expanding dB Drag Racing into the Texas area with the help of many people who support sound-offs,” Teuscher concluded from his office back in Utah Monday morning, July 12th.

Visit usaciworldwide.org and dbdragracing.com for more.

dB Drag Competition Series on the West Coast Plus a Special Lunsford Customs FundRaiser

AUSTIN ,TX (05.24.2021) – dB Drag Racing competitors on the West Coast will have several options to attend events this season with the addition of 2 competition series that adds 8 events to the calendar.

J’s Alarms and Car Audio in Fresno, CA will be hosting 4 “Friday Night” events this summer that kicked off on May 7th with additional events on June 4, July 2 and August 6. The shop will also have a VIP SALE that takes place in conjunction with their event series.

Jose Sanchez shares a light moment during the J’s event on May 7th in Fresno, CA.

Jose Sanchez related, “Our event on Friday night May 7th at J’s got the series rolling in a big way. Competitors were excited to be out and we had some big numbers on the meter. For the next 3 events we plan a “Death Match” that will pit 4 competitors for the top dB in a 5 minute run. We will award the winner $1. for each dB his ride pulls at the end of the 5 minutes.”

Baldini’s Casino will be the host for a series of 4 “Saturday Afternoon” events that kick off on May 29, June 26, July 24 and August 28. The Casino boasts 500 hot slots and video poker games, an independent local Sports Book and the best gaming promotions.

A special Sound Off FundRaiser was held on Saturday, May 22nd to benefit Lunsford Customs and Marvin Moreece Benson in Sacramento CA. In late April there was a break in at the store and a Jeep, plus equipment, was stolen. There was damage to the store also as the thieves entered.

Team Send It members get set for a run at the Sound Off Fundraiser at Lunsford Customs in Sacramento, CA.

Anthony Lunsford related, “The turnout at our store for the fundraiser was very special. Doug Stockton did a great job bringing the dB Drag Racing, IASCA and MECA formats together for competitors. Our sponsor friends also helped so much for the Fundraiser. The lanes were full and some big numbers on the meter. At the end of the day it was a terrific way to end the week and get ready for next week.”

“Looks like we raised a little over $1,500 for the shop. This all came together pretty quickly and it was great to see area teams come together for this event to support Lunsford Customs,” Stockton related to the 12volt Central Studios.

A very unique competitor’s system at the Lunsford Customs event in an image shot by Doug Stockton.

A big shout out to Doug Stockton with Sonic FX Audio for putting together the series of shows in addition to his regular events that take place throughout the season. You can also tune in as Doug hosts a weekly podcast called “This Week in Car Audio” where he brings in car audio competition guests to hang out and chat on various topics.

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dB Drag Racing Is Ramping Up Competitions

AUSTIN, TX (05.12.2021) – dB Drag Racing is looking forward to great competition turnout with the extension of the 2020/2021 season. The event calendar is ramping up in the US and international locations are coming on board as restrictions are being gradually lifted. Over the past weekend, Ukraine kicked off the 2021 season at the Underhill European Music Festival. Later this month additional international events will take place at Autobarn in Australia and Deaf Bonce will host an event at Car of Bass near Moscow. The 4th Annual 3X King Kong May Day will take place on May 22 in Montgomery Alabama along with additional events in Sparks, Nevada and Sacramento, California. Competitors around the world are looking forward to getting back in the lanes again soon.

Wayne Harris gives a big thumbs up as dB Drag Racing is ramping up competitions.
The Triplefest Show in Tuscumbia, AL on April 24th drew excited competitors.

The dBDRA is pleased to announce the addition of Freestyle classes to the dB Drag Racing competition format. Freestyle classes are being introduced to provide auto sound enthusiasts with a streamlined competition experience. Unlike the traditional dB Drag Racing “Head-Head” style competition, the Freestyle class allows the competitor to compete solo in the lanes. This format is geared towards daily driver style competitors and car show enthusiasts that would like to see how loud their system is without competing against another competitor in the lanes. The Freestyle classes are anticipated to allow for more competitors to be eligible for competition with fewer installation style restrictions and the ability to appeal to crossover style competitors.

Happy trophy winners showed their hardware at J’s Alarms and Car Stereo in Fresno, CA on Friday, May 7th.
The dB Drag event on May 8th in Ukraine packed the lanes.

The 2020/2021 dBDRA World Records have been updated with several new World Records over the past few weeks. On April 24 at the Incriminator Audio Triplefest Event, Team Soundcheck Ballingers tied their old world record of 158.0 dB in Pro Stock 2K. Team Soundcheck Aaron set a new world record of 160.4 dB in Pro Stock Trunk 5K. Beau Boren set a new world record of 172.3 dB in Super Street 5+, beating his old record by 1 dB. On May 8, at the Team High Voltage event, Team Sundown Audio set a new world record of 170.3 dB in Super Street 1-2. Congrats to all competitors.

This Ukrainian dB Drag competitor came prepared for a very big number on the meter!

“Thanks to all competitors, retailers and sponsors that have continued to participate in dB Drag Racing events!”

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