Rydeen to Showcase Tombo360 Rear View Mirror / DVR with Video Surveillance

TORRANCE, CA (12.31.2019) – Rydeen Mobile Electronics has announced a new and unique 360-degree video rearview replacement mirror with built-in touch capable 10-inch HD monitor. Unlike other mirrors that can capture and record DVR video, the Rydeen Tombo360 DVR Mirror also houses a 360-degree 4K High Definition digital video camera. Tombo, which means “dragonfly” in Japanese, symbolizes the capability of All-Seeing-Vision. It provides a full view of both the inside and outside of the vehicle from the vantage point of the rearview mirror.

Rydeen will display the Tombo360 at International CES, January 7-10, 2020 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, Suite 2230.

The stunning 10-inch frameless mirror embeds a full-length touchscreen that controls and displays streaming 4K video. The single 360-degree camera streams and records video from all sides of the car. Users can then choose to display the front of the car, sides of the car and the rear seat, for monitoring passengers.

The mirror can also work with a backup camera with HD video quality.

Users can swipe left and right on the mirror to view the particular perspective they wish to see. They can also set the mirror to show split screen views of multiple angles (including left and right-side lanes or front view plus backseat). See quick video clip:

Click her to view a video featuring this product.

When the DVR mirror is off, it becomes a normal reflective mirror, however, the video recording can continue in the background.

What makes this product so unique is that the Tombo360 can show a 360-degree view simultaneously on all multiple view selections for complete viewing coverage. The Tombo360 mirror can also stream video from behind the car and automatically switch to a rear view when the car is in reverse.

In the future, Rydeen will add 4G/5G capability to the Tombo360, so that it becomes a “virtual technology hub” for any car, including older vehicles. With the optional wireless 4G/5G connection, parents can check on teen drivers in real time, viewing both the car cabin AND the surroundings of the car, or owners may view a parked car’s condition and surroundings at any time. If a car was damaged while parked overnight, the owner can view video footage of the incident directly from the mirror or on their smartphone or tablet from the cloud storage.

Rydeen Mobile Electronics CEO and Founder Phil Maeda said, “Even older vehicles can benefit from cutting edge technology with the Tombo360 mirror. This is the only automotive mirror of its kind that combines both streaming video and a 360-degree camera for views in and around the vehicle,” he continued, “The Tombo360 now becomes the base platform for adding future technology; not only 4G or 5G, but also facial recognition or unattended vehicle security.”

Unlike other 360-degree cameras that present a rounded, “fish-eye,” distorted image, the Tombo360 uses internal processing to flatten the image and present a bright, clear, and realistic view.

Our system uses a Sony Hi-Res CMOS sensor with advanced HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, adjusting lighting conditions for clarity and perfect resolution in any situation. This is important when the outside lighting is bright and sunny, but the inside cabin lighting is darker. Rydeen has overcome this lighting challenge, which continues to plague most other systems.

Users may change the camera angle to face the front. Then the Tombo360 mirror can view the right and left views beyond the A-pillar of a vehicle to see the outside view without obstacles. It can automatically change the screen view for blind spot elimination. The mirror also automatically triggers the optional rear camera when the car is placed in reverse, offering a seamless system for all driving directions.

“This is the first generation of our platform, which will continue to incorporate industry leading technology,” added Maeda.

Rydeen will display the Tombo360 at International CES, January 7-10, 2020 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, Suite 2230.

Contact Rydeen at 310-787-7880 or sales@rydeenmoble.com to arrange a meeting or demonstration.

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Race Sport Lighting Awards, Trainings, and New Products at CES

RINGWOOD, IL. (12.30.2019) – Race Sport Lighting will recognize their top performing dealers, distributors, and sales representatives at their Annual Meeting held on Monday, January 6th, during The CES Show in Las Vegas. Winners will be announced in the coming weeks leading up to CES.

Here are this year’s award categories:

  • Dealer of the Year
  • Rep Firm of the Year
  • Distributor of the Year
  • Tint World Dealer of the Year
  • MESA Dealer of the Year
  • The AAM Group Distributor of the Year

The meeting will also include a rep calibration training. This training will update the Race Sport Lighting sales force on industry trends and deep dive specifically into the lighting category. The training also will cover new technologies and tools Race Sport Lighting will be equipping their reps with in 2020 to continue to deliver valuable assistance to their dealers and distributing partners.


Race Sport will also be releasing three new products at CES. Namely, their new “chasing” LED strips (RS5M5050IP68-C), mini LED spotlights (RS10WMP-S, RS10WMP-F, RS2LED3120), and 7 inch round headlight conversion with multi-color LED accents (RS7RGBBC).

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T-SPEC Launches Premium Brass Core Accessories and Improved RCA Cables at CES 2020

HOLLY HILL, FL (12.16.2019) – Metra Electronics has announced an improved and expanded T-SPEC car audio accessory line with new products launching at CES 2020. T-SPEC, which offers competition-rated audio cables, amp kits, power wire, capacitors and more, is introducing new premium brass core accessories for distribution blocks, a battery terminal and fuse holders. Fourteen new brass core components will be added to the product line, designed to simplify and streamline any installation. Maximizing functionality while maintaining the smallest profile was the focus of these new and improved designs. T-SPEC’s existing v12 Series of RCA cables has also been improved with a new braided outer jacket to provide strength and stability. T-SPEC’s products will be on display at CES with Metra Electronics and available soon.

Distribution Blocks
Seven new distribution blocks have been designed with Gate-Lock technology, which allows for a secure connection without the need for reducer rings. The new black nickel finish protects the brass core and is highly conductive for maximum current transfer. The new blocks use T20 Torx for all screws, making them an easy one-tool installation, and feature TPE wrapped soft-touch material. The VANL, VMANL and VAGU have a 360-degree rotatable base mount for an even easier installation. These products will be available soon in different sizes.

Battery Terminal
T-SPEC is also introducing the VBTPN, an eight-position battery terminal that can accept up to (4) 4/8/10 AWG output set screws and (4) 1/0/10 AWG output ring terminals while still maintaining a small footprint. This new battery terminal can be used on the positive post or the negative post and the sleeve adaptor is included. The terminal also has the add-a-post feature, which allows you to retain your OE battery terminal by attaching it directly to the VBTPN. This product also features T20 Torx screws, Gate-Lock technology and solid brass construction with a black nickel finish.

Fuse Holders
Completing the brass accessories are six new fuse holders. Each new fuse holder is designed with Gate-Lock technology and available in options for ANL, MANL, or AGU fuses. All new fuses have dual size gaskets and use T20 Torx screws. All of these components are constructed of 100% brass for optimal conductivity and have the new black nickel finish for durability and longevity.

Improved T-Spec v12 Series RCA Cables
T-Spec’s v12 Series RCA cables feature high levels of noise rejection resulting from meticulous build quality and have full oxygen-free copper construction. For years, these cables have been the go-to standard for competition-rated car audio performance. Now, the improved v12 Series is upgrading the clear jacket to a braided jacket that enhances its durability as well as its aesthetics. The braided jacket adds an extra layer of protection against physical damage to the conductors.

These new and improved products will be shipping soon and can be seen on display at CES. Additional specifications and part numbers are available in the new 2020 T-SPEC catalog and T-SPEC-Online.com, which will be released on January 7, 2020. Metra Electronics will be at CES from January 7-10, 2020, at booth 5211 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, showcasing their new products from their 12volt brands and at booth 11435 in the Central Hall with Metra Home Theater Group.

Visit tspeconline.com and metraonline.com for more.

Raptor Launches Improved Pro Series of Car Audio Products at 2020 CES

HOLLY HILL, FL (12.04.2019) – Metra Electronics has improved its Raptor car audio accessory line with upgraded products launching at CES. Raptor’s Pro Series product line will feature 15 upgraded fuse holders and distribution blocks to create a unified ecosystem of accessories with fresh appearances and gold plating.

Designed with the installer in mind, the new fuse holders and distribution blocks have a one-tool design model to work exclusively with only 3mm Allen head screws, allowing for an easier installation. Metra has stepped away from the traditional look of the previous generation and is highlighting a unique style for these new Raptor products. With internal screw mounting locations and an improved latching system to secure the cover to the base, the new modern design improves upon both its function and aesthetics. It also provides a better visual of the fuses through the covers.

The ANL, MANL and AGU fuse holders range from 1/0 AWG to 8 AWG, are all 24K gold plated, water-resistant, and work with 3mm Allen screws. The new blocks offer multiple options for the installer from dual ANL and MANL blocks or even 4-position fuse distribution blocks. Raptor provides superior performance at entry-level price points, a mission based upon the belief that “affordable” and “cheap” installation accessories shouldn’t be one and the same.

These new and improved products will be shipping soon and can be seen on display at CES. Additional specifications and part numbers are available in the new 2020 Raptor catalog and Raptor-Online.com, which will be released on January 7, 2020. Metra Electronics will be at CES from January 7-10, 2020, at booth 5211 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center showcasing their new products from their 12volt brands and at booth 11435 in the Central Hall with Metra Home Theater Group.

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SSV Works Features New Award-Winning Polaris RZR Overhead Weatherproof Audio Solution at 2020 CES Show

OXNARD, CA (11.26.2019) – SSV Works will feature its new, award-winning overhead weatherproof audio solution for two and four seat Polaris RZRs during the 2020 CES Show, held in Las Vegas, Nev. from Jan. 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth N4900. The WP3-RZ3O65 is scheduled to be available early Q1 2020 with an MSRP of $799.99.

During the recent 2019 SEMA Show, the WP3-RZ3O65 won for Best New Powersports Product as well as a 2019 SEMA Global Media Award.

“With these two awards, we couldn’t have asked for a better product launch than this,” said Trevor Kaplan, SSV Works CEO. “Listen to your music via Bluetooth, AM/FM, or Aux-In through four 6.5-inch powersports speakers pumping out 200 watts of internal power with the new rugged SSV Works WP3-RZ3O65. This system also offers the capability to add more speakers and amplifiers by utilizing two additional high level and or low level outputs.”

The WP3-RZ3O65 tucks neatly overhead into the cage tubes of the Polaris RZR allowing great visibility and helmet clearance. The unit also works with both metal and the plastic factory roof option. Installation time is under 30 minutes to both mount and wire, and the rugged UV stable polymer enclosure protects from the harsh elements.

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