Accele Electronics “Makes It Loud & Clear”

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (03.23.2021) –  Accele Electronics has the perfect solution for those noisy vehicle environments where clear communication is critical to job performance and safe operation. The CSA30 is a compact Communications Speaker with a built-in amplifier rated at 30 Watts enabling loud and clear radio communication even under the most challenging conditions. Volume can be easily adjusted with a large gain control conveniently located on top of the speaker.

The amplified speaker’s frequency response is optimized for voice to ensure clear audio when used with Ham Radios, CB Radios, Two Way Radios, Scanners, Navigation Systems etc. The CSA30’s 3.5 mm plug makes it a good solution for Smartphones, Tablets and even Laptops when used in noisy vehicles. Law Enforcement, Construction Vehicles and Ambulances are all potential customers for the CSA30.

The CSA30 includes a 2 foot long power cable and a 2 foot long 3.5 mm mono plug for an easy secure connection. This compact speaker has a swivel bracket for mounting flexibility and is housed in rugged ABS plastic.

“Loud & Clear” is no longer just an expression, it’s a reality.

The CSA30 is available now, MSRP is $59.95, Please contact your Accele Sales Representative. Visit for more.

Accele Electronics “Provides High Definition Security”

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (03.16.2021) – Accele Electronics has announced the latest additions to their growing portfolio of Fleet Vehicle Solutions, the DVR1080P family of “Black Box” DVR’s. The new DVR’s employ H.265, also known as HEVC, High Efficiency Video Code, the latest Video Compression technology.

H.265 is the choice when streaming live video due to its high quality and reduced bandwidth, allowing for reduced storage space. The DVR1080P and its variants have slots for 2 (not included) SD Cards, capable of storing 256 GB each. With the new HEVC compression that translates to almost 1 TB of storage without a Hard Drive.

This is important because mechanical Hard Drives are prone to data loss, data corruption and even failure under conditions of excessive vibration, dust and other elements often found in commercial vehicles.

High capacity storage is not the only outstanding feature, it has High Definition recording capability in 4 Channels mixing 1080P, 960P, 720P AHD & any Standard CVBS Video Cameras. The DVR1080P records continuously, and its “Pixel Recognition” technology enables the device to begin recording when there is an event or change in its immediate viewing range when parked. This “event” will be marked and not recorded over until it is reviewed and the GPS model records vehicle location(s) with Time and Date Stamp for archiving.

The exclusive allocation file system solves the file fragmentation and lost file issues found in other systems. For Fleet Operators employing a variety of vehicles our DVR1080P has variable operating Voltage from 8 – 36 Volts. Security is provided with a lockable door protecting the dual SD Cards. Super stable, Anti-shock, Aviation quality connectors plug in and screw tightly to ensure durability and easy installation. An additional model featuring 4G for remote real time monitoring will be available this Spring. The DVR1080P and 1080PGPS are available now, contact your Accele Sales Representative.

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Accele Electronics Intros Aftermarket’s Largest Flipdown HD Monitor

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (01.05.2021) – Accele Electronics has announced a new flagship to their industry leading array of Rear Seat Entertainment solutions for Expeditors, Van Converters and 12 Volt Specialists. The Accele AXFA22HDMI 22” Flipdown DVD Monitor is the industry’s largest HD Monitor featuring both HDMI and DVD built-in. Installers will welcome that it’s enclosed in an attractive slim housing to integrate nicely in vehicle’s interiors. Passengers will have access to all their media in one device and will no longer ask, “Are We There Yet?”

 The AXFA22HDMI is not just large, it’s loaded with functionality and a “stunning” 1080P HD LCD Panel that will captivate viewers in any video format. The slot loading DVD player is compatible with all popular formats and all functions are accessible from the included wireless remote control.

These products join Accele’s already formidable lineup of Rear Seat Entertainment products including the VOD10 Video On Demand system with WiFi and Dual 10” Monitors and the DVD9850 with Built In Multimedia Player and High Res 9” Screen, both designed for quick back of seat installation without interfering with existing Passenger Restraint Systems. Accele has a complete lineup of Video solutions and accessories for Commercial, Industrial and Passenger vehicle use. 

 The AXFA22HDMI will be available January 12th pre-orders are currently being taken, contact your Accele Sales Representative.

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Accele Electronics Offers Seat Heating and Cooling Systems

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (12.02.2020) – Accele Electronics is offering seat heating and cooling systems to enhance the driving experience. These products add to sales opportunities for 12volt retail shops and expeditors.

The Accele SHC-200 seat heating and cooling system is ideal for warmer climates where cooling is equally important as heating in northern regions.

Each heating and cooling system kit includes 2 pads that contain 4 individual fans for cooling plus additional elements for heating. Both modes are operated with one switch that controls high, low and off for each function.

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Accele Electronics Offers Touchless Switching for Virus Protection

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (08.11.2020) – Accele Electronics has announced its first product in the emerging “Personal Safety” category, The HMS200T Hand Motion Switch. The HMS200T is a unique product for those concerned about virus protection and offering their customers the latest technology in switches. Our HMS200T is the perfect solution for Fleet Vehicles, Project Vehicles, Vans, Buses and Limousines and anyone concerned about the spread of virus during this Pandemic of Covid-19.

Like the latest OE Infotainment systems, activating the switch is as easy as waving your hand or a finger in front of the switch. For maximum user flexibility it has an adjustable range from 2 – 8 inches. Also adjustable is a “momentary mode” with adjustable 0.5 to 20 second pulse output and a toggle On/Off mode. The unit’s Red or Green LEDs can also be connected to a Car Alarm’s LED wire.

This switch can be used to upgrade all your existing switches from a standard push switch to a high-tech touchless switch. Typical uses are Fog or Driving Lights, Alarm Valet Mode, Actuators etc. Any vehicles with multiple drivers carrying multiple passengers on a daily basis are perfect candidates for these switches, Limos, Buses, Forklifts, Golf Carts are just some of the many applications.

Accele’s HMS200T switches are available for immediate shipment, call your Accele Representative for special introductory pricing and further information.

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Accele Electronics Provides a “Shock to the System”

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (07.31.2020) – Accele Electronics has announced its newest enhancement for vehicles with OE Security systems and a great way to upgrade existing customers vehicles. Introducing the Accele RS200 Programmable Shock Sensor, an easy addition for Retailers and Expeditors to attach an accessory sale, even if it’s a Tint or Audio Customer.

“Our RS200 Shock Sensor is programmable for Negative or Positive Output, and Output Time (.5 – 6 seconds) allowing the matching of OE input trigger and time,” stated Brian Paille, National Sales Manager, Accele Electronics.

“It features an Accessory input to disable the Shock Sensor while driving and an extra port is available for enabling the easy addition of other sensors such as Glass or Microwave without any rewiring. Most new vehicles are equipped with basic security systems that lack total protection, including damage from vandalism. Many of these vehicles frequent the shops of 12 Volt Specialists or Expeditors to purchase accessories or services such as Tinting, Wrapping, Audio Upgrades, Safety Systems, Leather etc. These vehicles often leave with only the service originally requested or purchased. Our RS200 is an easy attachment sale for those vehicles with basic Factory Security systems and adds little install time to the job,” added Brian Paille.

Paille continued, “Most consumers are under a “False Sense of Security” They think because the vehicle has a “Security System” in it that they’re covered. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been visiting a client  or even when I worked in retail Myself, a customer would come in because their car got broken into all of the items inside the car had disappeared (i.e. purse, phones, radios, wallet, ETC) and the consumer would say  “I can’t believe the alarm never went off.” …This is an affordable upgrade to any consumers car that will give them more full protection. Because, what the factory puts in …only “Secures”  the car NOT the personal articles in it.”

Accele’s RS200 is available for immediate shipment, call your Accele Representative for special introductory pricing and further information.

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Accele Electronics Introduces Driving Innovation for Northern Neighbors

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (07.14.2020) – Accele Electronics has launched their new web site to focus on and address the needs of Accele Electronics customers in Canada. This new website serves as a portal to “Driving Innovation,” Accele’s portfolio of brands and its vast array of solutions for everyday applications. Accele Electronics has been designing, manufacturing and delivering quality products for over 30 years with a focus on the Automotive Aftermarket.

Christian Way, Vice President, Accele Electronics highlights the new website in the company’s conference room in Santa Fe Springs CA. The website focuses on the needs of Accele Electronics customers in Canada with distributor partners Importel Ltd in Toronto and B&B Distribution in Edmonton, AB.

“Our primary goal was to create a local connection for existing and potential customers and our strategic business partners in Canada, B&B Distribution in Edmonton, AB and Importel Ltd in Toronto, ON. Visitors to this portal will find a home page, similar to our main web site, devoid of clutter and containing an easy to use interface,” said Christian Way, Vice President, Accele Electronics.

Alex MacNeil checks out the new website in his office at Importel Ltd in Toronto. MacNeil is the Marketing & Web Specialist for the proactive 12volt distributor.

“The site is easy to navigate with an attractive and easy to use menu interface, allowing end users to select the appropriate solution. Today, more than ever, an intelligently and intuitively designed web presence is a top priority. Similar to a well-designed vehicle Infotainment system, our goal for the website is to provide a clear and concise format that assists our Canadian customers when making buying decisions and furthermore provides support for the products they eventually purchase. We’ve accomplished that goal by providing a portal to our Canadian Distributors and business partners, B&B Distribution and Importel Ltd. In the near future, B&B and Importel will be able to provide their customers password protected access to the site for additional functionality,” added Christian Way.

“Canada has become a vital market for Accele Electronics and our associated brands, this new website demonstrates our long-term commitment to grow and support our partners and end users within Canada. This new website contains Images and descriptions of the products offered by Accele Electronics and enables customers to have easy access to the information necessary when selecting products or planning installation of products. It also contains contact information and links to access sales and technical support from Accele and our partners,” added Christian Way, Vice President, Accele Electronics. Additional features to be rolled out include access to installation and product demonstration Videos.

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Accele Welcomes New Director of Channel Sales

SANTA FE SPRINGS CA (01.06.2020) – Accele is welcoming Bob Goodman as the company’s Channel Sales Director. Bob will be responsible for driving new sales and increasing revenue streams in specific sales channels and specialty markets.

Bob Goodman, Channel Sales Director, Accele Electronics.

Bob comes with an extensive history within the 12-volt industry. He has led successful sales efforts for many companies, most recently Rydeen Mobile Electronics. Prior to Rydeen, Bob managed sales efforts at Rostra Precision Controls, Myron and Davis, Sherwood America, AuraSound and JBL Mobile to name a few. During the past 10 years, Bob has focused on the ADAS and vehicle Integration category where he managed Rydeen Mobile and Rostra Precision Controls sales teams.

“We are excited to have Bob onboard. His experience and achievements speak for themselves. The ability to cultivate long term relationships seems to have become a lost art. I’m personally excited to have Bob bring that skill set as well as many others to our organization”. (Christian Way, VP Accele)
“I’m excited to join this great organization, I’ve competed against Accele for most of my career and welcome the opportunity to augment their sales team and present this broad and quality lineup of solutions to my customers. Accele offers a true One Stop Shopping experience for any reseller in the 12 volt category,” said Bob Goodman.

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