Jeepers Back The Blue Jamboree at the Dover International Speedway

DOVER, DE (09.12.22) – The Dover International Speedway was the site of the 6th Annual Jeepers Back The Blue event. KICKER and Opus Marketing, along with 717 Car Audio, were on site supporting the event and connecting with Jeep enthusiasts from across the region. Hundreds of Jeeps were on site for the event on Saturday, September 10th. Friday was setup.

The Jeepers Back The Blue Foundation event was organized by Jeff Lehnert to honor and raise money for the Families of fallen or injured Police Officers. Lehnert is a State Probation Officer with 25 years of service.

The Dover International Speedway entry set for the Jeepers Back The Blue Jamboree.

“Jeep owners overwhelmingly support the efforts of law enforcement. Jeepers come together at community events across the U.S. The Dover International Speedway is well known in the area and offered a unique venue and experience for Jeepers to show support law enforcement and connect with members of their community. With hundreds Jeeps on site this event was certainly very successful” Lehnert stated.

Opus Marketing had the KICKER booth set for the event.

Jamie White and Todd Ess, Opus Marketing, worked the event under the KICKER tent with 717 Car Audio’s Jeremy Lease and Stephanie Stryjwski. 717 Car Audio is located in Mountville PA and trailered the @kickinjeeprod on the 100 mile trip to be at the event. Bright and early Saturday morning the tables were stocked with KICKER products. The 717 @kickinjeeprod was Livin’Loud for Jeepers demos through the day. At the end of the day all worked as the products were packed, the tent came down and all was loaded to wrap the event.

Jeepers check out KICKER deals under the tent with 717 Car Audio.

“KICKER makes a wide selection of products that really connect with Jeepers. The recent OC Jeep Week and Jeepers Back The Blue, both with KICKER sponsorship, drew large numbers of Jeepers. Jeepers in the area are definitely Livin’Loud with Kicker in their rides. Having the 717 @kickinjeeprod at both events really created a buzz across those venues,” White related.

Jeremy Lease under the tent with the kickinjeeprod at setup on Friday.

Great to see KICKER, 717 Car Audio, Opus Marketing and friends working together to create consumer awareness and support a very worthy cause.

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The 26th Annual All Breeds Jeep Show in Carlisle, PA

CARLISLE, PA (07.25.22) – The 26th Annual All Breeds Jeep Show drew literally thousands of Jeeps and Jeepers to the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle PA on Saturday and Sunday July 23rd and 24th. There were 2 full days of Jeep only access and over 100 vendors representing top companies showcasing aftermarket products for Jeeps. In addition Jeepers could run the obstacle course plus an off-road adventure that was off site.

The @kickinjeeprod positioned up front in the 717 Car Audio Booth.

717 Car Audio was one of the top vendors and had major presence highlighted with the official unveiling of the amazing @kickinjeeprod project. To mark the company’s 5th Anniversary the custom ground-up Jeep Rod was created. The amazing build includes a Cummins 12 valve diesel that runs an automatic transmission and transfer case driving the super duty one ton axels. The PSC steering cylinder tells the Black Rhino in 38.5” TSL Boggers which way to go while riding on Slamair bags. The machine also features right hand drive to accommodate the 9’ 3-piece drive shaft for 4 wheel-drive.

Jeremy Lease and Stephanie Stryjwski, 717 Car Audio owners, flanked by Opus Marketing’s Chuck Ottati (L) and Bruno Berg under the booth tent.
Thousands of Jeepers braved the heat wave to attend the 26th Annual All Breeds Jeep Show in Carlisle, PA.

Keeping up with the KICKER LivinLoud theme 4 solo-baric 12” subs and 6 marine cans are powered by 5000 watts of KICKER power.

717 Car Audio is located in Mountville PA which only about an hour from Carlisle. On Friday morning, July 22nd, the team rolled into Carlisle after the fairly short trip. 717 Car Audio is part of the 717 Companies group that includes 717 Wraps and Graphics plus 717 Shirt Shop. The company’s 40’ Toy Hauler was filled with inventory, tents and supplies for the weekend. A 22’ trailer carried the new @kickinjeeprod and more. The Pink ‘Fight Like A Girl’ Jeep added to attractions in the booth.

717 Car Audio prepares to roll to the All Breeds Jeep Show.
There was plenty of action in the 717 Car Audio booth throughout the event.

There was 717 Car Audio staff, with owners Jeremy Lease and Stephanie Stryjwski, who worked the event along with Opus Marketing’s Chuck Ottati and Bruno Berg. Ottati related “It’s always super to work a consumer event with 717 Car Audio. They come prepared and do it right. Over the course of the 2 days attendance was hamper somewhat by the extreme heat… business written too. The @kickinjeeprod out front was a magnet for Jeepers to snap images… Stephanie’s ‘Fight Like A Girl’ Pink Jeep too. That brought Jeepers to the displays and KICKER Livin’Loud deals under the tents.”

The Jeep brand and community has definitely been a big boost across the board for the 12volt industry.

At the event in Carlisle the 717 Car Audio Team booked numerous jobs and appointments for customer jobs back at their Mountville store. A Big Thank You to Chuck and Bruno for their input.

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717 Car Audio and Sanford Sound Are Two Very Proactive 12volt Retailers

SHREVEPORT, LA (06.25.2021) – 717 Car Audio is located in Mountville PA and Sanford Sound in located in Sanford ME. Both successful retailers recently put their brand in front of a large audience of enthusiasts. Both companies are set to keep the ball rolling as each is has big plans this weekend. 717 Car Audio is hosting the company’s 4th Anniversary event at their store. Sanford Sound will be in Orlando, as Jack Bogard with 2 staff members, journey to Knowledgefest.

717 Car Audio set up at the 10th Annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival June 11th-13th on the Cooper’s Lake grounds outside Butler PA.
Jeremy Lease working to get the Pink Jeep out of the trailer to place in the booth.

717 Car Audio recently attended the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler PA. Stephanie Stryjwski and Jeremy Lease traveled west to just outside Pittsburgh, a trip of nearly 300 miles pulling 2 trailers. The 40’ trailer was for the large MB Quart tent, booth set up gear, inventory and supplies plus accommodations for the weekend. The 20’ trailer hauled The Pink Jeep and more inventory for sale. Shop Dog Blue was along on the trip too.

Scott Wagner provided event recap details. “The Jeep Heritage Festivval was an amzaing event. Stephanie and Jeremy were totally slammed every day. They made lots of sales for Jeepers rides ad sold a ton of custom T-Shirts that Stephanie produces with an associated business. Three Jeep owners, from close to our store who attended the event, actually brought their Jeeps in for systems right after returning from the Jeep Festival.”

Stephanie talking with a Jeeper in front of a wide selection of custom T’s and the raffle registration table.
The Pink ‘Fight Like A Girl’ Jeep by the sleeping quarters trailer.

The 717 Car Audio Jeep features bright pink graphics with a ‘Fight Like A Girl’ message for all to see. The back of the Pink Jeep is undergoing work on a Massive build with 24,000 watts of Girl Power to drive sales at 717 at 717 Car Audio.

Frankie Mark, 12volt Marketing Group, is the area rep and worked with 717 Car Audio for the MB Quart tent at the event. “It’s so great to see active 12volt retailers going the extra mile, many miles in this case, to showcase 12volt products to consumers…and importantly generate sales.”

Shop Dog Blue guarding the Pink Jeep in the trailer.
These 3 Jeeps are big jobs, in front of the store, that were new business from the event.

This Saturday, June 26th, 717 Car Audio will host customers, enthusiasts and consumers in the area for the company’s 4th Anniversary celebration at their Mountville PA store.

Sanford Sound held their first car audio show at the company’s new location in Sanford ME on Saturday 19th. “Our new store has been open just over a year. In spite of the Pandemic business has been very strong. With COVID restrictions easing we wanted to get the ball rolling again with car shows to create excitement in our market. The event drew over 30 competitors plus more cars demoing systems. In all we had over 100 people on site. The North American Decibel League was on site and one competitor hit 164dB with NADBL’s Chris Johnson judging and behind the meter,” owner Jack Bogard related.

The new Sanford Sound store getting set for the show early Saturday morning, June 19th.
The open field adjacent to the Sanford Sound store is perfect for consumer events.
Competitors registering for the NADBL competition.

There is an open field adjacent to the new Sanford Sound location that worked out nicely for competitors to position their vehicles.

Continuing, Bogard stated “The car show and NADBL event was a great trial run for our upcoming annual Show N’ Shine on Sunday, July 25th.”

This classic is loaded with gear and lithium batteries.
Sanford Sound is already getting the word out about their 25th Annual Show N’ Shine event.
The showroom at the new Sanford Sound location is amazing. Jeep and Powersports categories are highlighted.

“KnowledgeFest in Orlando is NOW. The store is closed June 24th-28th as myself and 2 members of the team head south to see new products and attend as many seminars as we can squeeze in,” Bogard concluded.

It’s great to see proactive 12volt retailers like 717 Car Audio and Sanford Sound be active in their respective markets to drive awareness and business for the 12volt industry.

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