Study Says Eliminating Drunk Driving Saves at Least 9K Lives Annually

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DETROIT, MI (07.24.2020) – There is a simple way to save more than 9,000 lives annually: use in-car technology to eliminate drunk driving.

That’s according to a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which adds that if alcohol-detection devices were installed in vehicles, preventing non-sober drivers from getting on the road, it would make a massive difference.

Statistics show that during the past decade, alcohol has been a factor in about 30% of all roadway deaths each year. The numbers would be higher, except for the fact that police arrest about 1 million people a year for alcohol-impaired driving.

“We haven’t made much progress in the fight against drunk driving since the mid-1990s,” said Charles Farmer, IIHS vice president of research and statistical services and the author of the paper. “This is something that could put a real dent in the alcohol-impaired driving problem.”

Despite the fact that vehicles are safer than ever, one area that hasn’t improved significantly is the consistent removal of impaired drivers from the roads. The technology is in place to prevent drunk drivers from hitting the highway, but it’s only used in limited situations.

DADSS is road-testing a new system that can test a driver’s BAC level by checking his breath.

Ignition interlock attached to a breath-testing unit are required in many jurisdictions for repeat drunk driving offenders. The systems, while on the surface seeming to be an extreme measure, do have public support, IIHS notes. In a 2009 survey of U.S. drivers, nearly two-thirds of the respondents said they would support the installation of similar systems in all vehicles, as long as they were fast, accurate and unobtrusive.

“Alcohol-impaired driving has been a scourge in the U.S. for decades, claiming 10,511 lives in 2018, accounting for over a quarter of all traffic deaths that year,” the National Safety Council, a non-profit safety advocacy group.

“NSC knows systems that are able to detect alcohol in drivers’ blood and prevent them from driving can help make roadways in the country safer for all road users. This study showing the thousands of lives saved from such systems strengthens the case for their implementation in all vehicles, and NSC urges requirements for this life-saving technology as soon as possible.”

The study suggests that systems that would prevent people under the influence should be thought of the same way lane-keeping assist or emergency braking are — as advanced safety technologies. Several automakers have investigated how it could be done, although few seemingly as doggedly as Volvo did several years ago.

Volvo developed a system for its vehicles in 2007 it called Alcoguard.

The automaker actually developed a system it called Alcoguard. It required the driver to blow into a device and it could measure the person’s blood-alcohol content, or BAC, and determine if they were legally allowed to drive. If not, it would deactivate the vehicle. It would even display the read out and “verdict” in the gauge cluster.

In the interim, a group called Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) has been working to find a solution. DADSS is a is a public-private partnership linking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety, which represents the world’s leading automakers. It’s currently road-testing a passive alcohol sensor that detects the driver’s blood-alcohol content by measuring the driver’s breath or touch.

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Rockford Fosgate® Color Optix™ RGB LED Products Available Now

TEMPE, Ariz., Feb. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Rockford Fosgate the industry leader in high-performance audio systems, is pleased to announce the availability of new Element Ready™ products introduced last November. The M1 and M2 Series speakers and subwoofers as well as the Color Optix™ Controller and corresponding cables are now shipping to authorized retail locations.

The RF CONNECT™ App which interfaces with the Color Optix™ Controller to allow the user to choose from 30 different color scrolling options or choose any fixed color from the color wheel and dial in the speed and brightness of the LED lighting is available on both the Apple® and Android® app stores.The Color Optix™ M2 series includes 6.5 inch and 8-inch coaxial speakers, a standalone, high efficiency tweeter, as well as 10-inch dual 2 ohm and dual 4-ohm subwoofers.  Color Optix™ M1 Series 6-inch, 6.5 inch, and 8-inch coaxial speakers are available along with 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch subwoofers offered in dual 2 ohm and dual 4 ohm varieties.Black and white grille options are available on both M1 and M2 products. M2 takes customization a step further by including a stainless-steel grille insert so you may choose black with stainless or white with stainless as well.To achieve industry leading plug and play connectivity Deutsch™ and Amphenol™ connectors are integrated into the design on all the M1 and M2 drivers. This combined with their IP67 certification make these speakers and subwoofers Element Ready™ and truly purpose built for marine applications.For more information on the complete line of Color Optix™ products please visit Series Products Available:

  • M2-65 / M2-65B – 6.5″ Color Optix Marine 2-Way System
  • M2-8 / M2-8B – 8″ Color Optix Marine 2-Way System
  • M2-TS – 1″ Marine Add-On Tweeter Kit
  • M2D2-10I / M2D2-10IB – 10″ DVC 2Ω Color Optix Infinite Baffle Marine Subwoofer 
  • M2D4-10I / M2D4-10IB – 10″ DVC 2Ω Color Optix Infinite Baffle Marine Subwoofer 

M1 Series Products Available:

  • M1-6 / M1-6B – 6″ Color Optix Marine Speaker Pair
  • M1-65 / M1-65B – 6.5″ Color Optix Marine Speaker Pair
  • M1-8 / M1-8B – 8″ Color Optix Marine Speaker Pair
  • M1D2-8 / M1D2-8B – 8″ DVC 2Ω Color Optix Marine Subwoofer
  • M1D4-8 / M1D4-8B – 8″ DVC 4Ω Color Optix Marine Subwoofer
  • M1D2-10 / M1D2-10B – 10″ DVC 2Ω Color Optix Marine Subwoofer
  • M1D4-10 / M1D4-10B – 10″ DVC 4Ω Color Optix Marine Subwoofer
  • M1D2-12 / M1D2-12B – 12″ DVC 2Ω Color Optix Marine Subwoofer
  • M1D4-12 / M1D4-12B – 12″ DVC 4Ω Color Optix Marine Subwoofer

Controller and Cables Available:

  • PMX-RGB – Color Optix Light Controller with Optional App Interface
  • RGB-6C – 6 ft Color Optix Extension Cable for PMX-RGB 
  • RGB-16C – 16 ft Color Optix Extension Cable for PMX-RGB
  • RGB-25C – 25 ft Color Optix Extension Cable for PMX-RGB
  • RGB-YC – Y-Adapter Color Optix Cable for PMX-RGB

SEMA Seeks Speakers for 2020 Trade Show

DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (Feb. 10, 2020) — Applications are now being accepted at for industry leaders who would like to host a seminar at the 2020 SEMA Show, taking place Nov. 3-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The association is especially interested in speakers with experience in retail, small-business operations, economic trends and niche markets such as off-road and powersports.

Educational seminars are an essential component of the SEMA Show, the premier automotive trade event that attracts more than 162,000 industry professionals annually. In addition to connecting automotive manufacturers with professional buyers from all over the world, the four-day SEMA Show is the leading venue for industry experts to network in person and learn new business strategies.

“The SEMA Show is the premier gathering for the automotive aftermarket, and the Show’s educational program is among the top conferences in the world,” said SEMA Vice President of Events Tom Gattuso. “In addition to coming to see new products, SEMA Show participants come to learn new skills and find new ideas. We’re looking for experts who will be able to provide companies with the competitive edge they need to succeed.”

The SEMA Show education program typically includes more than five-dozen sessions. While topics address basic business practices such as customer service, marketing and social media, the 2020 education program will focus on issues currently affecting businesses in the automotive aftermarket.

Topics of interest for the 2020 SEMA Show are:•    Truck & Off-road
•    Business Issues and Solutions
•    eCommerce
•    Electric and Alternate Fuel Vehicles
•    Technical Training and Fabrication
•    Vehicle Customization
•    Diversity and Inclusion
•    Brand Development
•    Digital Marketing
All speakers should be able to focus on industry issues and not a specific company position or agenda.

“SEMA Show Education is focused on providing attendees with practical, real-world insights that will take their business to the next level,” said SEMA Senior Director of Education Zane Clark. “Professional speakers and automotive industry leaders who can share their knowledge and expertise with the aftermarket are encouraged to submit a proposal.”

Potential speakers have until Feb. 21 to apply at Speaker entries will be answered by June 2020. For more details, contact Clark at, 909-978-6743.

News from KnowledgeFest 2020 Exhibitors

LONG BEACH, CA (02.07.2020) – KnowledgeFest 2020 is set for Long Beach, CA February 7 – 9. See updates from select vendors below:

Nakamichi Signs on for Knowledgefest Shows

Nakamichi Car Audio has announced it will participate in Knowledgefest and has jumped in with both feet committing to a 10’ x 20” booth at all four shows starting with the Long Beach, CA show later this week.

After successful showings at the recent SEMA and CES in Las Vegas, Nakamichi has stepped up with commitments to show in Long Beach, Indianapolis, Orlando and Dallas.

Nakamichi can be seen at booth #1805 in Long Beach, February 7-9 at Knowledgefest.

“Response to the initial re-launch of Nakamichi have been fantastic,” claimed Robin McNeal, National Sales Manager for Nakamichi, “we are looking forward to interfacing with dealers around the country at all the Knowledgefest shows.” Representatives from Sound Sales and Marketing (So Cal) and Cardoza and Company (No Cal) will be on hand in Long Beach to introduce dealers to the Nakamichi line up.

Nakamichi reentered the U.S. market last Summer and has since established its nationwide sales force of independent reps and has began selling dealers from coast to coast. The well known brand is offering dealers a mix of 12V products with a profit minded marketing strategy.

Alpine Electronics to Attend KnowledgeFest in Long Beach

Continuing its Diamond ULTRA Membership investment into 2020, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. will attend the upcoming Mobile Electronics Association (MEA) KnowledgeFest, hosted at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA from Friday, February 7 – Sunday, February 9.

Alpine will be in exhibit #1606 where staff will be on-site to demo Alpine’s new 2020 product line-up. The line-up will include the new PowerStack solution with the KTA-200M Mono Power Amplifier, the Alpine Halo11 11-inch Floating Display, R-A90S 6-Channel Amplifier, PXE-X09 Hi-Resolution Wireless Digital Sound Processor, Halo Pre-Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures, and the X409-WRA-JL 9-inch Display and new Sound Bar Solution Kit for the new 2018 – up Jeep Wrangler and 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

Booth visitors will learn about the new product launches as well as receive expert marketing and sales techniques for promoting the products to potential buyers. Visitors will also see the products in action in Alpine’s new demo vehicle, a 2017 Honda Civic loaded with Alpine’s R-Series products as well as new 2020 products.

The Honda Civic will showcase the OEM integration capabilities of the new PXE-X09 Hi-Resolution Wireless Digital Sound Processor with the factory head unit as well as demonstrate an active 3-way system including the 30MC 3-inch Midrange Component Speakers with R-S65C.2 Component Speakers alongside the new Halo Pre-Loaded R-Series 12-inch dual Subwoofer Enclosures. The system will be powered by the new R-A90S 6-Channel Amplifier and two R-A75M Mono Power Density Amplifiers.

Alpine will host three training sessions during KnowledgeFest that will include a guided open forum for industry and 12Volt Specialist discussion.

Friday, February 7 from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in Seaside B

On Friday, Alpine will discuss the 2020 Product Line-Up Review, with information and training on the products that will launch from March to the end of the year. The Alpine Brand Specialist team will be on-site to provide demonstrations on select products during the training session.

Saturday, February 8 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. in Seaside 1

Saturday’s session will introduce Alpine’s latest marketing initiatives designed to increase foot traffic in stores. Alpine will discuss the next evolution of the Alpine Experience Event, as well as a new program, Alpine Demo+.

Sunday, February 9 from 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. in Seaside 1

Sunday will include an in-depth training session on the factory and aftermarket integrations of the versatile PXE-X09, Alpine’s new Hi-Resolution Wireless Digital Sound Processor. 12Volt Specialists will receive information on how the processor can help grow business with its multi-channel integration tools as well as training on the PC software’s summing/mixing capabilities and the onboard RTA and signal generator.

For the second year in a row, Alpine will return to KnowledgeFest as the official 2020 Lanyard Sponsor.

Mobile Solutions Exhibits and Trains at KnowledgeFest Long Beach

Mobile Solutions is exhibiting at KnowledgeFest Long Beach in
booth #114 to showcase their range of innovative tools, consumables and installation techniques taught in their sought-after training programs. Bryan Schmitt, president of Mobile Solutions comments “We are extremely excited to attend KnowledgeFest this year in Long Beach and have a lot of new things to share with attendees.”

In addition to the company’s booth on the show floor, Mobile Solutions’ Bryan Schmitt will present two
education session presentations:

– 12-VOLT INDUSTRY TRENDS – STAY IN YOUR LANE – 8:00am on Saturday February 8, 2020
– MODERN COSMETIC INTEGRATION – 11am on Saturday February 8, 2020

The Modern Cosmetic Integration class is co-presented by Tom Miller of Musicar Northwest and Juan “JT” Torres of Automotive Entertainment. These men are both outstanding fabricators and each have been past ME-Mag Installer of the Year recipients. If you have not yet registered for the classes, you can do so at

In addition to the education sessions at KnowledgeFest Long Beach, the day before the show opens, Thursday February 6, Mobile Solutions is also presenting a one-day Accelerated Hot Rod Interior Fabrication 2.0 training class. The All-Star lineup of presenters include Bryan Schmitt, JT Torres, Tom Miller, Chris Pate and Gary Bell. The training session is scheduled for 1pm-7pm and is hosted at Automotive Entertainment in Huntington Beach, CA.

Mobile Solutions is also scheduled to exhibit at other upcoming KnowledgeFest events in Indianapolis, Orlando and Dallas.

AAMP Global Brands at KnowledgeFest 2020

AAMP Global is excited to announce its upcoming training events at the 2020 KnowledgeFest event in Long Beach, California. Featuring multiple trainings over multiple days and covering a wide array of product solutions, topics and techniques that will appeal to installers, salespeople and owners alike. Representing power brands Stinger, PAC, Phoenix Gold, and Echomaster, former Installer of the Year and Director of Training, Jeff Smith will be sharing lots of credible knowledge at this year’s KnowledgeFest.

Stinger/Phoenix Gold
The Stinger and Phoenix Gold training will allow you to experience what can be achieved with the Stinger/Phoenix Gold 1-2 combo! Join Jeff Smith and experience infotainment like never before with Stinger’s most exciting lines including the HEIGH10 – the only Modular 10” Floating Media Display available, the ELEV8 8” Rotatable Multimedia Display, SPXM1 Marine and Powersports digital media receiver that is SwitchHub ready, SPX1000X5 5ch 1000w Powersports/Marine amplifier, Dynamic LED Lighting and more.

Phoenix Gold will also be presenting the new and exciting GX series of audiophile and performance amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers as well as an overview of the space saving MX series with its small footprint amplifiers, low profile woofers and dual concentric speakers. Proving maximizing space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sound.

Stinger/Phoenix Gold Dealer training at Long Beach KnowledgeFest
Fri 2/7 3:00 – 4:00 pm Room: Seaside 4B

Let PAC show you simple, time-saving solutions to modern installation challenges in the complex world of automotive technology integration. Learn how RadioPRO Advanced, RadioPRO Integrated Kits, AmpPRO, and ControlPRO will save you installation cost and protect profit margins for all levels of radio replacement and audio integration with solutions that work exactly the way you want and need, the first time. Learn about the soon-to-be-launched HVAC integrated dash kits for Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango and recently introduced kits for Ford and RAM trucks.

PAC Dealer training at Long Beach KnowledgeFest
Sat 2/8 6:00 – 7:00 pm Room: Seaside 5A

Join Echomaster to learn about the latest in automotive safety! The safety brand will feature new AHD cameras and monitors, Third Brake Light cameras (with three viewing angles), PLUS learn about EchoMaster easy to add backup camera solutions – the perfect add-on to any installation.

ECHOMASTER Dealer training at Long Beach KnowledgeFest
Sun 2/9 10:45 – 11:45 am Room: Seaside 3B

Rydeen to Showcase BSS-MI Rear View Mirror And Driver Safety Products

Join Rydeen Mobile at this year’s KnowledgeFest in Long Beach California February 7th through 9Th.  Rydeen Mobile Electronics, a cutting-edge electronics designer and manufacturer dedicated exclusively to advanced vehicle driver safety, will showcase its new and unique BSS-MI rearview replacement mirror as well as all of their innovative driver safety products.  Unlike other mirrors that can only display the video inputs, the BSS-MI will also display a visual alert which is built into the mirror, replacing the LED indicators commonly found in each blind spot kit. The BSS-MI mirror not only adds safety to your drive but provides style in the same package.

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Rydeen will display the BSS-MI and all their cutting-edge driver safety products at KnowledgeFest Long Beach as well as provide technical training in the sales and installation of their driver safety products. Don’t miss out and make an appointment for these trainings today.

CRUX at KnowledgeFest 2020

Crux Interfacing Solutions is pleased to announce its attendance at the 2020 KnowledgeFest Show. The show will be located at Long Beach Convention Center Booth #1813. You don’t want to miss all the new Smartplay/ Android Auto products from CRUX.

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*Classifieds* CRUX Seeking Customer Service Technician

Location: Chatsworth, California

CRUX Interfacing Solutions, Inc. is seeking a highly motivated and talented customer service technician to help expand our business in the car audio industry in North America. This position will be part of the customer service team and will be responsible for understanding and effectively solving a spectrum of customer issues. The customer service technical will work and assist our technical support team in providing solutions to customers and users by identifying problems; researching answers; guiding customers through corrective steps. Employees must take the challenge to be knowledgeable of updated technical data pertaining to all Crux Interfacing Solutions products and support an array of technical issues.

Job Requirements:

Minimum of two (2) years of familiarity or experience in mobile electronic, 12-volt industry, or car-audio is required.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of CRUX products and technologies
  • Coordinate issues and remedies with interdependent departments.
  • Self-motivated, detail/deadline oriented with the capability and capacity understand issues and solve them.
  • Ensure all data is accurately recorded and maintained in CRUX’s CRM application.
  • Have the know how to spread accurate knowledge within the respective industry.
  • Be able to travel for out-of-state trade shows.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Word and Excel).
  • Excellent written and verbal skills.
  • Bilingual (Spanish) is a plus, but not required.

Salary & Benefits:

Salary, compensation, and other benefits will directly reflect and be based on expertise, experience, and other relevant factors. These matters will be subjective to each respective applicant.

Crux Interfacing Solutions
21541 Nordhoff St. Unit C, Chatsworth, CA, 91311
Tel 818-609-9299
Fax 818-996-8188

Metra Electronics Introduces New Daytona Lights Brand at the SEMA Show

LAS VEGAS, NV (11.07.2019) – Metra Electronics has introduced a new LED lighting brand, Daytona Lights, at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. This new brand of aftermarket automotive LED lighting includes ultra-slim and dual-row LED lightbars, cube-style LED lights, and headlight replacement bulbs and decoders at an affordable cost for budget-conscious consumers.

The new Daytona Lights value series, manufactured by Metra Electronics of Holly Hill, Florida, (located next to Daytona Beach, FL), has been inspired and named after the area’s history of automotive racing and motorcycle events. This new brand has been engineered and manufactured to meet all international standards while providing incredible value for vehicle owners. All of the Daytona Lights series products are rated IP67 and have undergone rigorous testing during the development and manufacturing process and then again before leaving the factory. Metra Electronics’ 70+ year history, experience and approach to engineering and manufacturing ensures that all of these products stand out among the competitors and provide both quality and value, season after season.

Products Featured at the 2019 SEMA Show:

The Ultra-Slim Lightbar Series (DL-US) has a spot beam pattern and is available in 6 different lengths, from 7.25 inches to 50.25 inches. These lightbars are rated IP67, are constructed of black die-cast aluminum, stainless steel hardware, a polycarbonate lens and integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics. The slim fit is ideal for installation into tight applications when additional off-road lighting is desired, without the need for an obtrusive or large lightbar system.

The Dual Row Lightbar Series (DL-DR) features a combination of 90 degree flood and 8 degree spot beam patterns, and is available in 7 different lengths, from 8 inches to 52 inches. They are constructed of black die-cast aluminum, stainless steel hardware, a polycarbonate lens and integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics. These lightbars are rated IP67 and have a military breather port that allows moisture to escape and eliminate fogging. The combination beam pattern and dual-row LEDs provide extra illumination and lighting coverage for off-road use.

The Dual Row Cube Lights (DL-CL1) are 2.75 by 4 inches in size (including the bracket) and come with 6 LEDs. These bright cube lights provide 2,520 raw lumens with a 90 degree flood beam pattern and total of 36 watts. Made with integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics, a polycarbonate lens and aluminum housing construction, these durable cube lights are rated IP67 and are sold as a pair. They are the ideal addition to any vehicle desiring off-road lighting.

Replacement LED Headlight Bulbs (DL-H) come in single and dual-beam options at a great value. These bright lights are designed to fit into tight spaces with a compact design that doesn’t compromise performance. By engineering a high density fin design, these bulbs stay as cool or even cooler than traditional LED bulbs with bulky heat sinks or messy braid designs. The light output is equally impressive with a total of 6,000 lumens of cool white (6500K) illumination per pair using 20 watts per bulb. Kits are available in the most common headlight sizes.

CANBUS Decoders (DL-HD) will complete a replacement headlight installation and are used with vehicles that have CANBUS systems that monitor the headlights. These decoders are plug-n-play connectors that stop the headlights from flashing and come in a pair with either single-beam or dual-beam options.

The SEMA Show, hosted November 5th – November 8th, is one of the largest trade shows in the world and attracts the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place. The event also provides educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and much more. Metra Electronics will have two booths at the event displaying all of their new products from their 12volt brands. See the new Daytona Lights product line at Metra’s main booth 11639 in the North Hall and powersports, truck and off-road accessories booth 37017 in the South Hall Upper.

Click here to view the Daytona Lights catalog PDF.

The full Daytona Lights catalog will also be available in both show booths.

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Petra Raises $120,000 at 21st Annual Hope In One Charity Golf Tournament for Deserving Organizations

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries, the consumer technology authority and wholesale electronics distributor, celebrated their 21st annual Petra Hope In One Charity Golf Tournament held on October 3 at the Oak Tree Country Club in Edmond, OK. This year’s event raised $120,000 for the two chosen charity organizations, Whiz Kids of Oklahoma and Mercy Multiplied.

Hope In One has seen exponential growth in the two decades since its inception. Cumulatively, Hope In One has raised more than $1 million, with $240,000 being raised in only the last two years. 

More than 140 people participated in this year’s tournament. The event began the evening of Wednesday, October 2, with a vendor reception and the annual Texas Hold‘em Tournament at Topgolf in Oklahoma City. The following day, golfers hit the links at the prestigious Oak Tree Country Club—an awards luncheon followed as Petra Industries presented the funds raised to both Mercy Multiplied and Whiz Kids of Oklahoma. Events concluded Thursday evening with a come-and-go mixer at Ranch Steakhouse.

“Each year Hope In One is more impactful and impressive than the last,” said Petra President Tate Morgan. “I’d like to thank our vendor partners for their generous support of both this year’s tournament and of Petra throughout the year. Giving back to the community is the cornerstone of any successful business, and I’m thankful for the dedication of our vendor partners who help make that happen.” This year’s recipients of proceeds raised by Hope In One were Wiz Kids of Oklahoma and Mercy Multiplied. Each of these organizations are dedicated to helping young people in need, and each charity received $60,000 for their cause. “Every year, we’re excited to see how Hope In One continues to impact our community, and beyond. Through Hope In One we are able to come together to serve a higher purpose, and it continues to thrill and humble me that we’ve seen another successful year that will impact the lives of those today and for generations to come,” said Petra Founder and CEO Bill Stewart.

Whiz Kids of Oklahoma is a non-profit that inspires schools, churches and community partners who feel called to support our city’s most vulnerable and empowers them to be difference-makers in the lives of children at-risk for school failure. 

Mercy Multiplied is an international nonprofit Christian organization that helps young women break free from life-controlling issues and situations. They aim to help young women escape destructive cycles and discover purpose for their lives. 

“We could not do what we do without the selfless support of people like you all in this room. You all are our Mercy family,” said Lauren Hobar, Director of Fundraising for Mercy Multiplied. “You guys are truly making a way for more young women to find freedom.”

Petra would like to extend a special thank you to the JASCO Giving Hope Foundation for their continued support of the Hope In One Charity Golf Tournament.

In addition, Petra would like to thank you their many generous sponsors for the event, including 3Plus®, AAMP, AfterShokz®, ALC®, Allsop™, APC®, AT&T®, Atrend®, Audio-Technica®, BIC America, BLACK+DECKER™, BOK Financial®, Bonni Hamje Company, Clarity®, Comelit®, Conair®, Consumer Cellular®, Crown, CyberPower®, Elite Brands, Equity Brands, ESI, ERP®, FedEx, Garmin®, Lickety Split®, GPX®, Hangman®, Higginbotham Insurance, HoMedics®, Hose Assemblies, Hotan, IC Intracom, iWalk®, Johnson Outdoors, Juvo® Products, JVC®, Market Solutions, Maxell®, Maxxsonics®, Metra®, Metra Home Theater Group, Midland®, Mohu®, Motorola®, Norazza, Nortek Security and Control, NSTE (Smartlabs), OmniMount®, Omron®, Optoma, Oro, Inc., Panasonic®, Paycom®, Pioneer®, Power Acoustik®, PRIME®, RK Black, Royal®, Sennheiser®, SiriusXM®, Skullcandy®, SkyBell®, Spectra, STANLEY®, Starfrit®, SureCall®, Switchmate®, TracFone®, Tram Browning, Uniden®, US BANK, Verbatim®, Voxx, VTech®, Whistler®, Wilson Electronics, and XPOWER.