Clarion Marine Launches Premium Boat Speaker Line

MIRAMAR, FL (07.29.2020) – Clarion Marine has announced the introduction of an all-new line of premium coaxial speakers and subwoofers for marine applications. Offered in 6.5- and 7.7-inch, the new CMSP coaxial, full-range speakers and matching 10-inch subwoofers benefit from Clarion’s decades of experience in marine audio design.

“This was a clean-sheet, premium speaker line initiative, and we refused to settle for anything less than truly exceptional,” said John Zimmerman, Clarion Marine product line manager, JL Audio, Inc. “The CMSP line is a true testament to Clarion Marine’s reputation for lasting durability and value. This line is also representative of a shift in direction for brand styling, which will be seen in many more products to come. Our customers will be blown away by the value of this lineup.”

Premium Performance – Let’s Hear It

The CMSP premium marine coaxial speakers feature a bridge-mounted, edge-driven, silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet and ferrofluid cooling for outstanding high-frequency detail. Integrated within the woofer basket, away from the elements, is a second-order, high-pass tweeter filter. With the tweeter being suspend across the woofer cone, the woofer assembly is completely sealed from the front, to eliminate a common failure point of typical coaxial speakers. This design also creates more woofer cone surface area, which translates to better efficiency and output. The injection-molded woofer cone with purpose shaped center cap and marine-grade suspension components deliver low distortion and excellent midrange response. Available in 6.5-inch with, or without optional built-in RGB LED lighting or 7.7-inch, with built-in RGB LED lighting.

The CMSP series also includes a powerful 10-inch subwoofer optimized for infinite-baffle applications, thus not requiring a dedicated enclosure behind the subwoofer. The CMSP premium marine subwoofer feature a long-excursion design capable of high power-handling, to deliver impactful low frequency response with low distortion. Available in single four-ohm or single two-ohm voice coil models, for system design versatility, with built-in RGB LED lighting.

Premium Look, Premium Materials

The CMSP series serves as an exciting evolution in Clarion Marine’s speaker design. Featuring a modern, hexa-parallel sport grille design with an elegant metallic accent, the new Clarion Marine CMSP speakers and subwoofers complement even the most luxurious boat models. All CMSP speakers come with both gunmetal and white “sport’ grilles included in the box. The CMSP subwoofer “sport” grilles are available in gunmetal or white as well (grilles sold separately). Accenting the look of the new CMSP line is the built-in LED RGB lighting capable of producing nearly any color you can think of (RGB controller sold separately).

Salt & Sun Certified

Utilizing UV-treated, durable, marine-rated materials, the new CMSP line of speakers and subwoofers are built to withstand years of use in harsh marine environments. Specifically engineered, marine grade polymers and finishes were employed for the chassis and grilles in the CMSP lineup. The design team paid close attention to critical connection points and protected them to prevent corrosion. In addition, all CMSP-series speakers feature secure, waterproof wire connectors to protect wires from water intrusion and corrosive elements, as well as help keep them from ever coming loose. All models are built to exceed industry standards for salt-fog/UV exposure (ASTM B117/D4329) and shock/vibration resistance, ensuring excellent long-term durability.

Complete CMSP Series

Clarion Marine CMSP Speakers and Subwoofers: All coaxial speaker models include both gunmetal and white “sport” grilles with built-in RGB LED lighting optional on 6-5-inch speakers and included on 7.7-inch speakers. Gunmetal and white “sport” grilles for subwoofer models are sold separately.


6.5-inch premium marine coaxial speakers with 1-inch (25 mm) silk dome tweeter; 50W @ 4 ohms – MSRP: $149.99/pair


6.5-inch premium marine coaxial speakers with 1-inch (25 mm) silk dome tweeter and built-in RGB lighting; 50W @ 4 ohms – MSRP: $199.99/pair


7.7-inch premium marine coaxial speakers with 1-inch (25 mm) silk dome tweeter and built-in RGB lighting; 60W @ 4 ohms: MSRP: $239.99/pair


10-inch Premium 4-ohm single voice coil subwoofer with built-in RGB lighting; 250W @ 4 ohms: MSRP: $179.99 each


10-inch Premium 2-ohm single voice coil subwoofer with built-in RGB lighting; 250W @ 2 ohms: MSRP: $179.99 each


10-inch sport grille for CMSP subwoofer – white: MSRP: $24.99/each


10-inch sport grille for CMSP subwoofer – gunmetal: MSRP: $24.99/each

All CMSP speakers and subwoofers are backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

CMSP series speakers and subwoofers are now available for purchase by authorized Clarion Marine retailers and will be incorporated into select model year 2021 boats as standard or optional equipment.

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DS18 Releases JK and JKU Bolt On Panels for Jeep

The wait is over. JK jeepers now have the option to get loud on a level never heard before in their Jeeps with our JK door panel pods. This complete set covers all 4 doors, includes high performance midrange speakers and high range tweeters with glowing LEDs on all four. This package includes pods, speakers, tweeters, wiring kit, and our very own LED controller to get you setup with super loud sound and great looks.

 Included are four DS18 panels designed for one 6.5 midrange and 1 tweeter per panel. The speakers we selected for this combo are come of our best sounding waterproof speakers available, the Pro-SM6.2 series which retain all the pro audio characters you would expect but also has a waterproof face so it deflects any moisture that comes in contact with it. To complete the range of frequencies we also added the Pro-TW2L tweeter that also has bright RGB LEDS inside the clear housing so you can change the tweeters colors to any mood in color scheme you can imagine.

Each panel also has a DS18 logo that also has RGB LEDS in it and are an amazing aesthetic touch to each piece. The kit also includes the amp to power everything, in this case the Atom 4 and the LED BTC (RGB LED) controller that is the brain for all the lighting in your vehicle. All the RGBS are easily controlled with our downloadable DS18 LED BTC app on apply or google app stores. We include a wiring kit that completes the setup and makes everything easily installable.

Front and Back Combo
Front Door Panel Pair
Rear Door Panel Pair

Mr. DS18 (Rob Ferro) is ecstatic to be a big part of these JK and JKU pods coming to the market. As our Promotional Manager and Jeep expert, he is fine tuned with everything Jeep and has been asked for this solution to the missing link in Jeep audio for quite some time. These panels can be bought as a combo or bought in pairs empty if you want a different selection of DS18 Speakers.

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Alpine Electronics Now Shipping the KTA-200M Mono Power Pack Amplifier

AUBURN HILLS, MI (07.28.2020) - Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. is now shipping the KTA-200M Mono Power Pack Amplifier. Utilizing the compact Power Pack design, the KTA-200M mounts behind the iLX-W650 7-inch Mech-Less Audio/Video Receiver to become Alpine’s newest PowerStack product.

A Simple Way to Add Bass

In 2018, Alpine introduced the KTA-450 4-Channel Power Pack Amplifier with PowerStack and it took the industry by storm. Customers loved how easy it was to add four channels of Dynamic Peak Power (D.P.P) to their iLX-W650 without the bulk of a traditional amplifier.

Through extensive research, Alpine found that many of these customers dedicated their budget to upgrade their sound system with a subwoofer – an upgrade that provides the most audible impact – so they required an amplifier solution that provided an easy avenue to add more bass.

With the highest performance value on the market, the KTA-200M is perfect for the customer looking for a quick and easy bass upgrade. The small footprint of the KTA-200M allows the amplifier to be mounted directly to the shallow chassis of the iLX-W650 for an easy, hideaway solution that provides the customer with a clear path to add bass to their sound system.

Reliable Performance

The KTA-200M features Alpine’s exclusive Dynamic Peak Power (D.P.P.) technology that doubles in power during “dynamic” musical passages. D.P.P. adjusts the gain of the amplifier to produce 400-watts of D.P.P. power for clean and impactful bass and then rolls back to 200-watts dynamically to maintain long-term efficiency. The ratio of power to price is unmatched in the industry.

New to the Power Pack platform is the voltage adapting circuit. This circuit maintains maximum source level without clipping for powerful, clean bass even at high volumes and dynamic musical passages.

System Compatibility

The KTA-200M mounts directly behind Alpine’s iLX-W650 to create Alpine’s unique PowerStack application. The compact footprint of the amplifier (7-inch W x 1.5-inch H x 3.5-inch D) and the shallow chassis of the iLX-W650 (1.9-inch D) occupies the same depth as a traditional 2-DIN chassis, resulting in an easy, hideaway bass solution that adds more power to the sound system without taking up space.

The simple attachment to the iLX-W650 allows the mobile electronics specialist to provide a total system package for the customer that simplifies the installation process, making it a cost-effective upgrade for the customer.

The KTA-200M has input capability to add the RUX-KNOB.2 Remote Bass Control Knob (sold separately). The remote bass knob controls the bass in the subwoofer by adjusting the gain on the amplifier for quick bass adjustments when needed. 

The KTA-200M is now shipping for $249.95 and will be available at Alpine Authorized retailers or online at through Crutchfield. Installation options can be found on the Alpine-USA website through the store locator.

Tech specs:

7” x 1.5” x 3.5”
Alpine’s Class D Amplifier Circuit w/ Dynamic Peak Power (DPP) 
200W x 1 RMS (4Ω, 14.4V, ≤1% THD+N) 
200W x 1 RMS (2Ω, 14.4V, ≤1% THD+N) 
400W x 1 DPP (4Ω/2Ω, 14.4V, ≤1% THD+N) 
S/N >80dB (ref. 1W into 4Ω) 
THD+N ≤0.1% (ref. 10W into 2Ω) 
Single-side 22-pin connector 
RCA inputs (Low range=0.2-4V) 
Sound controls; Crossovers-Off/60Hz/80Hz/120Hz Linkwitz Riley LP Filter @ -24dB/Oct. (selectable); Input gain setting (variable) 

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11,000 Fresh Industry News Posts on Instagram @12voltnews

THE 12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (07.28.2020) – Post number 11,000 on Instagram @12voltnews is another milestone as the 12volt News and 12volt Central Studios work to deliver fresh, positive news to the 12volt industry across the US and around the world.

Let’s MAX your time on the road or from your home office. Use the 12volt STP Tool.

The world today is certainly different that it was in February of 1994 when the first issue of the 12volt Advertiser was mailed to a couple thousand retailers across the southern states.

Josh Bowen snapped and sent this image this afternoon, Monday July 27th, as the Kenwood HEAR ME OUT webinar wrapped from his Panama City FL home office.

Showcasing fresh, positive industry news is more important today than ever. The tools, like the 12volt STP Tool, that are available today make delivering that fresh, positive news a reality.

Sony’s Mike Rundel made a quick run to see Jim JD Daniels at WOW Electronics in Eastpointe MI on Monday morning, July 27th. Rundel used the 12volt Tool… and Presto!

The STP Tool. Snap/Txt/Presto. An industry member Snaps an image and then Txts the image to 318 465 0844. Presto that image, and a little info, can posted as fresh industry on Instagram and Facebook @12voltnews.

This post, made late this Monday afternoon, is a quick presentation showcasing the 24th Annual Sanford Sound Show ‘N Shine. Jack and the Team certainly got their ‘Shine On’ for over 400 that attended the event on Sunday, July 26 in Sanford ME.

The 12volt industry had a good first half of 2020. The 12volt industry has been Jammin’ N July with super strong sales. Let’s keep ‘Our Shine On’ with fresh, positive news posts.

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Sanford Sound Drew Over 400 to the 24th Show ’N Shine

SANFORD, ME (07.27.2020) – On Sunday, July 26th, Sanford Sound hosted the company’s 24th Annual Show ’N Shine. Owner Jack Bogard related “We had an absolutely terrific event. Best estimate is over 400 people attended the event. Registration for the Show ’N Shine spiked and we had 110 vehicles registered, and on the property around the store, when the event kicked off.”

This image early Sunday morning shows everything getting underway.

Continuing, Bogard related “Everyone who came was so happy to get out and attend an event. The weather was terrific with lots of sun and temperature in the mid 80’s. Some attendees wore masks but everything ran smoothly with social distancing. We actually had a couple officers from the Sanford Police Department and they enjoyed seeing all the cool rides. Everyone also enjoyed the hot dog cart. Miss Sanford Sound Lily Marie was at the event and had big smile for all. Bill, our JL Audio rep, and Chad, our Memphis Audio rep, were onsite and handed out swag to members of the crowd.”

Team members are under the tent working to get people registered early Sunday morning.

There were 4 clubs on site including Dragon, Infamous, Unknown and Revolution. Dragon was represented by 14 members with vehicles and Unknown with 8 members with vehicles. A ’69 Camaro was named Best of Show and its team earned The Best Crew Award. A Lambo, parked in front of the store, certainly grabbed eyeballs.

Well before noon there was a good crowd on hand with lots of cool rides.

The awards and plaques are always unique. This year awards were limited to First Place.The slogan was ‘If you are not 1st… you’re last’. The awards, created by Decade Awards, are standouts with pistons positioned on the top. Over 20 awards were presented including Best Jeep, Best Nissan, Best Mitsubishi, Best Subaru, Best Honda, Best European, Best VW, Best Truck, Best Old School and more. The Show ’N Shine was “show” only with no audio competition. A Sanford Sound event later in the summer will feature audio competitions.

The unique trophies from Decade Awards placed on a table for presentation later in the afternoon.

The Sanford Sound Team on site at the event included Bogard, Lily Marie, Andrew, Kevin, Billy, Donald, Zachery April and Nakia. Dan was on site snapping great images.

The Team just finishing up a great meal at Applebee’s after the event. Jack Bogard is pictured in the back on the right.

After the event concluded, and all locked up, Jack treated the the Team to dinner at the local Applebees.

Bogard has 12volt in his DNA. Over the years he has established Sanford Sound as a cool place for car audio gear in and round Sanford, ME.

This flier, featuring Miss Sanford Sound Lily Marie, was utilized on social media to attract attention for the event. Looks like it worked!

Bogard concluded “We were kind of on the fence about our Show ’N Shine event this year. We decided to scale it back a bit and move forward with the event which is outside the store. Everything worked out super. A big thanks to all who attended and to our dedicated Team.”

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MB Quart Releases Nautic Premium Speakers

CHICAGO, IL (07.27.2020) – MB Quart has just what you’ll need to make the most out on the deck, while you search for that perfect sunset. Gear up with Nautic Premium speakersand hear every treble, low, and bass drop in between. Nautic Premium marine speakers are waterproof and include three different grill inserts as seen below.

With the Nautic Premium Series, you are choosing the best available speaker on the water. An element shield keeps the plastic components of every speaker protected from water and dust.

Every Nautic Premium speaker features titanium tweeters with high-energy neodymium motors and co-molded Santoprene surrounds mounted in composite frames.

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Volkswagen to Offer SiriusXM with 360L in 2021 Model Year Vehicles

NEW YORK, NY (07.24.2020) – SiriusXM and Volkswagen have announced that Volkswagen will begin introducing SiriusXM with 360L – SiriusXM’s newest and most advanced audio entertainment platform – in most model year 2021 vehicles.

For model year 2021, the majority of Volkswagen models receive the all-new third generation of Volkswagen’s modular infotainment platform—MIB3. Every model that is equipped with MIB3 will offer SiriusXM with 360L, including the model year 2021 Arteon, Atlas Cross Sport, Golf GTI, Jetta, Jetta GLI, and Tiguan. The Atlas, introduced as a MY21 vehicle this spring, will incorporate MIB3 and SiriusXM with 360L as a mid-year change for MY21.5.

Volkswagen owners receive a three-month trial subscription to SiriusXM’s top tier All Access package with the purchase or lease of equipped 2021 model year vehicles and drive off the lot immediately enjoying SiriusXM.

SiriusXM with 360L gives the listener access to over 10,000 hours of on-demand SiriusXM exclusive shows, interviews and events in the car, giving listeners more of what they want, when they want to hear it.

SiriusXM with 360L combines satellite and streaming content delivery into a single, cohesive in-vehicle entertainment experience, upgrading the way the subscriber interacts with the service by providing more choice in entertainment than ever before. SiriusXM with 360L gives drivers and their passengers access to more than 10,000 hours of SiriusXM’s recorded On Demand content whenever they want – including exclusive interviews, unique shows and live performances.  It also delivers more live channels than ever from SiriusXM’s acclaimed satellite and streaming lineup, which features an extensive selection of ad-free music, plus sports, entertainment, news and much more.  SiriusXM with 360L’s personalized “For You” recommendations and ability to quickly access related content also make it easier than ever for listeners to discover more of the programming they love.

“Volkswagen’s 2021 lineup will be more connected than ever before,” says Hein Schafer, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy for Volkswagen of America, Inc. “We’re pleased to offer SiriusXM with 360L to complement our new infotainment system.”

“We are excited to begin the rollout of SiriusXM with 360L in model year 2021 Volkswagens,” said Chris Paganini, VP, Automotive Partnerships, for SiriusXM. “SiriusXM with 360L’s hybrid content delivery system gives drivers access to even more of the SiriusXM content they love, and a new level of personalization, right at their fingertips in Volkswagen’s easy-to-navigate infotainment system.”

The benefits of SiriusXM with 360L include:

More variety

  • More channels available to listeners, including many of SiriusXM’s exclusive streaming channels.
  • Access to over 10,000 hours of on demand SiriusXM exclusive shows, interviews, and events in the car, giving listeners more of what they want, when they want to hear it.
  • Enhanced sports play-by-play offering that makes it easier to find the listener’s favorite team when it is game time, and gives them access to the official broadcasts for more pro and college teams.

A more personalized experience

  • Smart “For You” content recommendations enable listeners to discover more of what they love, based on listening habits, served on screen in an easy to use way.
  • Individual SiriusXM listener profiles allow multiple drivers and passengers to customize and maintain their own SiriusXM favorites.

Ease of use

  • Dynamic user interface allows for easy navigation between satellite and streaming channels and SiriusXM On Demand content.
  • “Related” recommendations feature allows listeners to easily discover other channels and on demand shows/episodes related to the currently playing channel and content.

SiriusXM All Access delivers SiriusXM’s full lineup of varied programming, plus access to SiriusXM outside their vehicle on the SiriusXM app and on compatible connected devices and speakers in their home.  For more on all the programming that SiriusXM offers, and all the ways you can listen, go to

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Remembering Larry ‘Lars of Mars’ Milboer

DELRAY BEACH, FL (07.23.2020) – Sad news – Industry veteran and proponent, Larry Milboer suddenly died at his home, in Delray Beach, Florida over the July 4th weekend. Everyone who had attended the Spring Break Nationals over its 32 years, will recognize and remember Larry, aka “Lars of Mars,” as the show’s emcee. Milboer took the stage, entertaining attendees, holding contests, creating a fun environment, issuing thousands of dollars of car audio gear and swag every year. He also emceed the Pizza Eating Contests and the infamous SBN Bikini Contest. Repeat SBN revelers came to the event, asking if “Lars” was present, opting for a chance to win prizes.

Recently retired, Larry’s role in Mobile Electronics was that of a Sales Representative. Milboer had worked for two different Florida Distributors, and performed International Sales for Directed Electronics. Milboer’s candor was always frank, to the point, pleasant and cheerful. He would always go “above the call”, serving his clients with thorough and timely product information, sales tips and training doing anything he could do to stimulate his client’s sales.

Longtime friend Paul Papadeas contributed these poignant words and thoughts.

CRUX Interfacing Solutions Intros Side View Cameras System

CHATSWORTH, CA (07.23.2020) – CRUX is shipping the new CSV-01 universal side view camera system that easily mounts to the door on the side of a vehicle. The 2 camera system is offered in 4 colors… black, silver, white and grey.

Hamza Khalid, CRUX Marketing Director, offered “The cameras mount very easily with no holes to drill. Clean the door surface where the camera will mount, making sure to remove any car wax. Remove the backing from the 3M tape on the camera, position and press. The cameras will fit securely and are safe to run through the car wash.”

All wiring is included in the box. The MSRP for the CSV-01 is $138.00.

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The new CRUX Universal Side Mount Camera System installs with no drilling of holes.

New Ground Zero 25th Year Anniversary Component Set

DANIA BEACH, FL (07.22.2020) – What better way to celebrate our 25th year in the audio game than to release a Limited Edition kit, available all across the world, but we did it in a different kind of way. With the launch and success of our new Radioactive Components (GZRC 165.2SQ), and the announcement of our new Uranium series of components, we have decided to combine these two lines into one single box, bringing you the best of both. 

While using the aluminum cone midbass driver from the RadioActive series of SQ components, and pairing it with the newly designed 28mm silk dome Uranium tweeter, we needed to build a passive network that was a step above. Either used in a passive install, or active with a DSP, this kit brings an uncompromised level of quality to an often overlooked price point. 

The 25-Year Anniversary GZRC165 comes in this attractive commemorative box.

“We expect to start shipping this amazing limited edition component sets before end of August to the best retailers across USA”, says Diogo Iannaccone.

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