Stinger Marine Announces New Universal Dash Kit

CLEARWATER, FL (04.07.2020) – Stinger Marine has announced the first universal dash kit for boat owners who want to upgrade their marine audio, with minimal modifications.

The SEADASH dash kit allows you to easily add or convert to a 3-inch gauge marine-style aftermarket radio, even if the current opening is an oversized splash protector or single DIN rectangle. The 8 independent mounting configurations will not require additional modifications on most applications.

Available in white and black, these dash kits feature OEM-grade ASTM-G154-16-certified UV-protected ASA and stainless hardware for a multitude of installation configurations without having to modify the console in any way. Of course, they also work perfectly with Stinger’s new SPXM1 Radio, launching this summer 2020.

The kit is available at a very low MSRP of $39.99.

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BOSS Audio Launches Four New Elite Series Amplifiers

OXNARD, CA (04.07.2020) – BOSS Audio Systems has announced the launch of four new Elite Series amplifiers. The BE1200.1D, BE600.2D, BE300.4D, and BE2200.5D are now shipping.

“As more and more consumers are looking for more power for the buck, BOSS Elite has the answer with four new amplifiers that are powerful, but also provide the durability at a price point that can’t be matched,” explained Doug Kern, BOSS Audio Systems VP of Sales. “Compact in size but with Class D power, these amps really pack a punch in little packages allowing those with not much space in their rides to create a great system. No matter the install, BOSS Elite has the amplifier for you.”

The new BOSS Elite amplifiers feature:
• High and Low Level Inputs
• Fixed High/Low Pass Crossovers
• Variable Bass Boost
• Remote Subwoofer Control
• Illuminated End Panel Strips
• 5-Year Elite Warranty

The BOSS Elite BE1200.1D 1200W (MAX) monoblock, Class A/B amplifier also features:
• Power (Max): 1200 W X 1 @ 2 ohm; 600 W X 1 @ 4 ohm
• Dimensions: 7.8in. L x 4.6in. W x 1.7in. H
• MSRP: $99.99

The BOSS Elite BE600.2D 600W 2-Channel Full Range, Class D amplifier also features:
• Power (Max): 300 W X 2 @ 2 ohm; 150 W X 2 @ 4 ohm
• Dimensions: 9.7in. L x 4.6in. W x 1.7in. H
• MSRP: $124.99

The BOSS Elite BE300.4D 1200W 4-Channel Full Range, Class D amplifier also features:
• Power (Max): 300 W X 4 @ 2 ohm; 150 W X 4 @ 4 ohm; 600 W X 2 @ 4 ohm (Max bridged)
• Dimensions: 9.7in. L x 4.6in. W x 1.7in. H
• MSRP: $139.99

The BOSS Elite BE2200.5D 2200W 5-Channel Full Range, Class D amplifier also features:
• Power (Max): 300 W X 4 @ 2 ohm; 150 W X 4 @ 4 ohm; 600 W X 2 @ 4 ohm (Max bridged); 1000 W X 1 @ 2 ohm (5th channel); 500 W X 1 @ 4 ohm (5th channel)
• Includes Remote Subwoofer Control
• Dimensions: 15.3in. L x 4.6in. W x 1.7in. H
• MSRP: $229.99

“Packed with features and the reliability BOSS Audio has become famous for, our new Elite Series amplifiers won’t break the bank while providing your system the power it craves,” Kern concluded.

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PowerBass Releases XL-4255MX IPX67 Amplifiers

ONTARIO, CA (04.06.2020) – The XL series was developed for the growing Power Sports market including UTV and Marine applications, where electronics must withstand harsh damp environments.

The circuit boards have been conformal coated with a layer of transparent material that protects the parts against moisture, dust and extreme temperatures.

While the harsh environments can leave electronics in situations that water and extreme dust is a factor, the new XL-MX series amplifiers have been designed to remain completely sealed with an IPX67 Water Resistance Rating ensuring your amplifier stays dry even when your ride leaves you all wet.

These ultra small weather resistant amplifiers are ideal for all types of outdoor audio applications such as motorcycles, golf carts and off road vehicles. But the small size also makes these amps a great choice anywhere space is a premium.

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Utilizing the latest Class D circuit design these amplifiers may be small on size but they are big on power and have a much lower current draw compared to other amplifiers with similar power output. The wrap around aluminum heatsink keeps everything running cool.

Extremely versatile, each model gives you’re a choice of low level RCA input or 3.5mm (1/8”) mini-pug Aux Input. The Aux Input allows for easy connection of portable devices such as an iPod, MP3 player or smartphone to become your source unit.

4 Channel IPX67 Rated Amplifier
125W RMS x 4 @ 4Ω
250W RMS x 4 @ 2Ω
500W RMS x 2 @ 4Ω

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Accent Mobile Gets Smart

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (04.06.2020) – Accent Mobile, a division of Accele Electronics focused on solutions for Expeditors, Upfitters and Fleet Managers has announced their latest solution in the ADAS category, our RVC180CTD.

“Smart Camera.” The RVC180CTD “Image Recognition” Camera offers a 160 Degree view while actually monitoring a 180 Degree “Field of Vision,” alerting drivers when a moving object such as another vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist is about to cross their path. The unique technology is part of the microprocessor built-in to this compact Wide View, Hi Resolution Camera,” said Bob Goodman, Accent Mobile, Director Of Channel Sales.

Goodman added, “Cross Traffic Detection is one of the most important and sought after features in ADAS products and typically only found in more expensive Blind Spot systems that require installation in addition to a Back Up Camera. Our system uses any LCD Monitor available in the vehicle including aftermarket head units and Mirror Monitors, this is the perfect replacement or upgrade to a factory installed Camera. An additional feature is the option of Guidance Lines to assist in Parking. Using the Camera’s built-in microprocessor to extend its “Field of Vision” to a full 180 Degrees, an audible alert is triggered when a moving object such as a pedestrian or Bicyclist is about to cross its path. At the same time a visual warning with directional arrows is displayed on the Camera’s monitor. While most Microwave cross traffic detection devices on the market are only 60% effective in detecting (low mass ) Pedestrians or bicyclists, our new visual detection method gives you a 99% detection rate.”

Goodman continued, “Expeditors, Fleet Managers and Upfitters can now offer their customers a cost effective and unique solution for complete backup safety.”

The RVC180CTD joins an extensive portfolio of ADAS solutions including Microwave and Ultrasonic Blind Spot Systems. The RVC180CTD has a 3 Year Warranty and customers can take advantage of a special introductory promotion.

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QSD-Dallas Hires Barry Beller

DALLAS, TX (04.03.2020) – Quad State Distribution-Dallas (QSD), a mobile electronics distributor located in Dallas, Texas, announces the addition of Barry Beller as Regional Manager for outside sales. 

Barry Beller opening a new career door as Regional Manager for outside sales at QSD Dallas.

With over 30 years of experience in the 12 Volt industry, Beller will utilize his extensive knowledge of the industry and his strong work ethic to provide product sales and service to the Quad State territory. Having served in all aspects of the mobile electronics industry, from retail, manufacturing and distribution sales, Beller understands the importance of being dedicated to his dealer network.

“In his previous position with Metra Electronics, Barry was an integral partner with Quad State,” says Tracy Farr, QSD Managing Partner, “and his product and technical knowledge helped push us into new business categories and expand the growth of our company.”

Beller will join the Quad State Sales Team, currently consisting of Anita Araguz, Mike Amassyali, and Tracy Farr. “We’ve experienced, first-hand, the level of support that Barry has given us and we are excited to have his technical knowledge and level of support for our retailers,” says Farr.  QSD-Dallas is the premier mobile electronics distributor, located in Dallas, Texas, providing a large selection of 12 Volt products and accessories to retailers.

For more information about QSD’s product offering, go to or call (469) 687-2495 to speak with Anita, Barry, Mike or Tracy.

WeConekt Joins Forces with Midwest Sales Group to Support Dealers

BOCA RATON, FL (04.03.2020) – WeConekt, a hybrid business consulting and marketing company with founders who have a history in the 12 Volt market, announced joining forces with Midwest Sales Group, a sales representative firm – specializing in representing some of the world’s top car audio brands in the Wisconsin and Illinois territories. “We wanted to team up with WeConekt because we saw how they could be a huge resource for our dealers with their wide range of services and deep understanding of our market,” said Steve Fahlmark , President of Midwest Sales Group.

Steve Fahlmark, President of Midwest Sales Group, is practicing social distancing and taking other precautions during the Coronavirus National Emergency.

WeConekt offers many services between business management consulting and marketing – their first approach is not to try and sell the client any particular service, but to get a 360 view of the company and then offer only what is needed. All plans are highly specialized to each client.

Timing for joining forces with Midwest Sales Group couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time with everyone in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, where many are faced with new norms and how to reorganize business to accommodate for these new norms.

“We are excited to be working with 12 Volt dealers in the territory, as we feel this is a greatly underrepresented category online in today’s world of consumer brands. We recognize this is a tough time for everyone and are ready to support those who are interested,” said Allison Lopez, CEO of WeConekt.

One thing is for sure, an online presence at this time is imperative as more eyes than ever are on social media, virtual events and other communication platforms, proving once again that the internet is here to stay. It is a time to try new ways and figure out how to continue meeting customers’ expectations in a relevant way. WeConekt is offering dealers a FREE 1 hour consult to discuss challenges and offer solutions. Plus, WeConekt designed some free communication graphics to be used by dealers during this lockdown phase. Please contact WeConekt directly or through Midwest to set up a time.

Stay conekted to WeConekt on FB and Instagram @weconekt.
For Further Info:
Tel: 561-239-7238
Website: to Offer Lighting Training and Educational Materials

RINGWOOD, IL (04.02.2020) – Race Sport Lighting (RSL) has announced to all re-sellers to take advantage of multiple training and educational resources on their support site during this national slow down due to COVID-19 crisis. This site has been up and running previous to the start of the crisis, but the traffic to this site has increased in the last 1-2 weeks, as counter salesman and installers have extra time to get educated on specific categories in the lighting category. Training and education on the lighting category has always been a high priority with Race Sport Lighting, and are convinced that dealers that package training knowledge with displays, simply sell more lighting that dealers without training and displays. Race Sport Lighting even has an online RS University where staff can get certifications in specific areas of lighting to become experts.

“We designed the website to be a separate site for our dealers and distributors to go to for the specific reason to get training, tools, sell sheets, marketing tools, and anything they really need to be a successful Race Sport Lighting re-seller. The rich resources on the nation site are the same resources we send out internally after they are developed for our staff to get knowledgeable, and then to our Sales reps on the road, and ultimately to our re-sellers to be successful selling and installing the products. Our goal has always been over the last 13 years to be the leader of the lighting category, and that is more than great products, its offering tools, training, and resources that our competitors don’t. Value added services is what sets us apart,” stated RSL President Steve Jergensen

Link to Training site:

Tools available on site:

RS University –
Lighting Resources –
Video Resources –
Whats New with RSL –
Dealer MAP to Success –
Find my Rep –