Ford Patent Drawings Suggest a Multifunction Tailgate is Coming

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DETROIT, MI (01.18.22) – The push to draw new pickup buyers forces automakers to do some creative things, including the recent push to add functionality to the tailgate.

General Motors and Ram both have tailgates that provide a myriad of functions easing access or improving hauling capability of their full-size pickups. Ford’s been happy to retain its simple tailgate that offers a step with a handle and that’s about it. 

2021 Ford F-150 Tremor

However, according to the, things may be changing.

The automaker’s filed for patents on some designs for a multifunction tailgate and they be showing up sooner rather than later, the web outlet reported.

What’s coming?

The drawings show a tailgate with three vertical sections with the center section featuring a side hinge allowing it to open like a door rather than a truck tailgate, similar to the Ram’s multifunction tailgate. Ford takes it a bit further though as it’s a power tailgate, which likely uses the key fob to control it and perhaps the infotainment section or even an app.

Ford submitted patent drawings for a new multifunction tailgate with three sections

Additionally, the existing step that’s been part of Ford’s tailgate for so long is revised as well. The drawings show a new version of the step that essentially flips down from the rear bumper. This allows for easier access while the tailgate is closed.

However, the drawings also show the existing step and handle are still incorporated into the tailgate itself so owners will have a way to gain better access to the bed regardless of the door is closed or open.

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Intel Answering Call for More American-Made Semiconductors

Gelsinger previously told journalists his goal to make the company a cornerstone for any national semiconductor strategy.

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DETROIT, MI (01.18.22) – The shortage of semiconductors continues to limit production of new vehicles across North America and other parts of the globe. 

However, news reports across the State of Ohio suggest one of the world’s major chip makers, Intel Corp., is preparing to announce plans for a new chip fabrication plant near Columbus, Ohio in the middle of the so-called U.S. “Rust Belt.”  

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is looking to position the company as the top supplier of chips to U.S. companies.

New investment headed for Ohio 

The location just outside of Columbus would put the new plant within easy reach of vehicle assembly plants in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky down into Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. 

General Motors, Ford, Stellantis, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Mazda all operate plants in area, stretching from the Midwest into the Southeast. 

Intel, according to the new reports from Ohio, is looking to invest $20 billion in the new plant, which could employ upwards of 3,000 people in what could be the largest economic development project in the state’s history. 

An Ohio plant would be situated close to a variety of auto facilities, including GM’s site in Spring Hill, Tennessee where the new Cadillac Lyriq EV will be produced.

New investment sparked by automotive innovation 

Automation and globalization have had a major impact on jobs in the region during the past four decades but investments in electric vehicles, batteries and electronics are drawing new investment into the area. 

GM and the South Korean firm LG Energy are nearly finished building a new battery plant in Lordstown, Ohioand have broken ground on a second in Spring Hill, Tennessee. GM also is expected to announce plans for a third battery plant near Lansing, Michigan. 

Ford has announced plans for new battery plants in Kentucky and Tennessee. It also plans to build a new assembly plant to build battery-electric trucks outside of Memphis.  

However, IHS Markit noted in a recent report production by the North American auto industry is still limited by the shortage of chips. Both the packaging and fabrication of semiconductors, with some exceptions, is done largely in Southeast Asia, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. 

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SEMA Battle of the Builders TV Special Premieres January 23

DIAMOND BAR, CA (01.17.22) – Featuring 2021 SEMA Battle of the Builders Champion Robert Matranga with his 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, the History Channel will premiere the Battle of the Builders special on Sunday, January 23, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. (PT/ET). The one-hour special has aired on television since 2015, giving viewers a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the SEMA Show, up-close footage of the vehicles, and exclusive interviews with builders as they share their personal stories and journey to the SEMA Show. For many of the builders, SEMA Battle of the Builders is their chance to prove that they are among the elite.

The History Channel will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the SEMA Show with the one-hour Battle of the Builders TV special on Sunday, January 23.

“As a trade-only event, the SEMA Show is where every car enthusiast dreams of attending,” said Tom Gattuso, SEMA Vice President, Events. “SEMA Ignited, the official SEMA Show after-party, has made it possible for consumers to participate in the excitement. The Battle of the Builders TV special also gives viewers who have never experienced the SEMA Show an opportunity to see what happens behind closed doors, while those who attended the Show get to relive the experience.”

Along with Matranga, the TV special will feature dozens of builders in the automotive industry, as well as hosts Adrienne Janic and Tanner Foust, and judges Cam Miller, Jeremiah Proffitt, Kyle Kuhnhausen, and R.J. de Vera. For more details about SEMA Battle of the Builders and the TV special airing Sunday, January 23, 2022, at 9:00 AM. (PT/ET) on the History Channel, visit

More Companies Are Putting Their New Products and Positives Activities in The 12volt News Show

12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (01.17.22) – Following the recent CES 2022 and SEMA Show 2021 it was more apparent than ever the need for companies to let the members of the 12volt industry know about their new products. With the current uncertainty in the air the in-person event dilemma continues. In past years 12volt News has worked with nearly three dozen distributors to bring attention to their Spring Shows. The Spring of 2022 sees very news about distributor shows.

Also, the process that a company utilizes to showcase their efforts to create interest for their brand and products across the marketplace has been disrupted. Many factory sales staffs have not traveled in nearly 2 years. The travel activity of rep firms has also been curtailed.

All companies across the 12volt industry have positive messages they need to deliver about their products and activities to 12volt retailers… that includes manufacturers, reps and distributors. The 12volt News Show is the vehicle to make that happen.

With just a smartphone companies can be featured in The 12volt News Show. Snap and Txt an image to 318 465 0844. Presto, your company could be showcased in The 12volt News Show. That’s the 12voltSTP Tool in action. Information may also be sent via email to

With The 12volt News Show there is no booth, freight, travel, hotel, miscellaneous expenses or associated hassles. programs, that include visibility in the 12volt Central Studios and the 12voltBeat newsletter, are available to deliver company messages to members of the 12volt industry.

All industries across the business spectrum through the years have benefitted from the in-person experience. For the past 2 years the COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted activities around the world. 12volt industry disruptions have certainly not been immune to the impact of COVID-19.

Many members of the 12volt industry have already seen the value of The 12voltSTP Tool. With a smartphone it is so easy to showcase a company’s positive activities in the 12volt News. Snap and txt an image to 318 465 0844. Presto…your company could be in the 12volt News.

FOR YOUR BADGE #the12voltnewsshow

On a personal note… This writer began attending CES in Chicago in the early 1970’s. As an award winning Sony distributor principal we hosted distributor shows throughout that 4-state territory… even purchasing a Sony Motorhome as a rolling showroom. With dB SpeakerWorks had booths at MERA plus CES in Vegas. All of those in-person events were terrific. Today, those in-person events are not happening with the same impact.

Let’s put your company in The 12volt News Show. Just Snap and Txt an image, with a few words to 318-465-0844. Presto… Your company could be in The 12volt News Show!

SiriusXM Acquires Cloud Cover Media, Inc.

NEW YORK, NY (01.14.22) – SiriusXM Holdings Inc. has announced that its subsidiary, Sirius XM Radio Inc., has acquired Cloud Cover Media, Inc. Cloud Cover Media offers Cloud Cover Music, a music for business service, and employs business management, music programming, licensing, and software development teams. Cloud Cover Music’s easy-to-use solutions and robust tech platform allow businesses to deliver music, with customized audio messaging if desired, to create the desired atmosphere for their prospects, customers, and clients.

Cloud Cover Music’s combination of an intuitive online platform and experienced large enterprise account team offers organizations of any size in any industry a robust selection of ad-free music for their business with full control over what their customers and employees will hear. Cloud Cover Music’s self-service solutions and dedicated staff offer a wide range of features and options that can be tailored for each business’ needs. Cloud Cover Music provides the soundtrack for a wide variety of commercial locations across the United States and Canada.

Cloud Cover Music joins SiriusXM Music for Business and Pandora for Business in SiriusXM’s commercial music portfolio. Together these services provide comprehensive and complementary offerings for businesses of all sizes.

The Cloud Cover Music team will continue to be led by Vice President and General Manager Mark Lehman.

“We are thrilled to become part of the SiriusXM family,” stated Lehman. “As one of the fastest growing music for business services, we’re proud of the track record that Cloud Cover Music has achieved with our tens of thousands of customers. We’re excited to have the brand recognition and strength of SiriusXM and Pandora behind us as we continue to focus on delivering the best music and messaging products for businesses.”

“Cloud Cover Music has built an advanced tech platform with a host of features that are very attractive to businesses who want an easy-to-install solution, want to be fully covered on licensing, and also want to be able to create a tailored soundtrack for their business,” said Joe Verbrugge, Executive Vice President, SiriusXM. “SiriusXM and Pandora have always offered a unique blend of great content and great technology. The addition of Cloud Cover Music to our commercial music portfolio is expected to help propel us forward and contribute to the growth of our business.”

SiriusXM was represented by Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP as counsel. Alkali Partners served as exclusive financial advisor to Cloud Cover Media, and David Wohlberg and Ekong Udoekwere represented the company as counsel.

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Used Car Sales Hit New High Water Mark in 2021

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DETROIT, MI (01.14.22) – Unmet demand for new vehicles due to unavailability forced many new vehicle buyers gobble up late model used vehicles in 2021, setting a new sales record at 40.9 million vehicles.

The total marks a 10% jump compared to 2020 results. According to Cox Automotive, more than half of those — 22.2 million — were sold by used car dealers. The strong sales came despite used car prices rising.

Used car sales set a new record of 40.9 million vehicles in 2021.

Used vehicles are expected to break a record, with the average monthly payment for used vehicles climbing to $520, an increase from $500 in the third quarter of 2021 and $437 in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to

That payment came over a slightly longer term compared to Q3 2021 — 70 months v. 69.6 months — but the payment jumped, and the amount financed rose by nearly $1,300: from $28,634 to $29,913.

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Saddle Tramp Ships New Audio Installation Products Designed to Fit Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

HOLLY HILL, FL (01.13.22) – Saddle Tramp by Metra Electronics has new radio installation kits, digital signal processors, smart brake light flashers, a new and improved handlebar audio control retention interface, accessory harnesses, and an amp wiring kit, in stock now and shipping. All of these new products are designed to fit select Harley-Davidson motorcycle models for easy installation, giving owners better options for audio system upgrades and customizations. These new products were first shown at the 2021 SEMA Show and will also be on display at the AIMExpo in the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 19th to 21st.

Radio Installation Kits
Saddle Tramp’s new radio installation kits include an interface with a water-resistant enclosure, wiring harness, and an antenna adapter to make replacing the factory radio easy. The interface retains the use of the factory handlebar audio controls and other features, depending on the kit. The BC-HDR-K1 is for an ISO Double-DIN radio that has an “L” shaped chassis design with the chassis at the top, and the BC-HDR-K3 is for a Single-DIN radio. Both kits are designed to fit non-amplified 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Street Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra, Limited, and 2015-up* Road Glide models. Saddle Tramp’s new Police Edition kits are designed to fit 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Electra Glide FLHTP models with the police package. The BC-HDR-K4 is for an ISO Single-DIN radio and the BC-HDR-K2 is for an “L” shaped Double-DIN or modular radio with the chassis mounted at the top. Both of the kits designed for Single-DIN radios include an LCD screen to display the oil pressure and EITMS status.

Digital Signal Processors with Built-in Interface
Saddle Tramp’s new patented DSPs are designed for easy integration with aftermarket or factory systems for an enhanced sound system with full tuning control. The BC-DSPL-HD1 fits 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT motorcycles with plug-n-play harnessing. The BC-DSPL-HD2 fits 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Street Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra, Limited, and 2015-up* Road Glide models. The BC-DSPL-HD2’s key benefit is its advanced integration technology reflashes a non-amplified radio for a flat response curve, without the need for external equipment. This reduces the cost, saves time, and allows installers to provide better service with complete control over the upgrade. Both DSPs provide six channels of output and a fifteen-band graphic EQ per channel with a selectable slope. Installers can adjust and control the sound system specifically for the acoustics of the motorcycle and the driver’s personal audio preferences. All tuning is done wirelessly via a smart app for tablets or phones and can be password-protected once set up.

BC-DSPL-HD1 and BC-DSPL-HD2 Product Specifications
● 6 channels of output from the DSP
● 15-band graphic EQ per channel with a selectable slope (12, 24, 36, or 48db per octave)
● Built-in selectable crossover per channel (high, low & band) to achieve the perfect sound
● Independent equalization for front, rear, and subwoofer
● Time delay circuit per channel (front and rear channels can be delayed independently up to 10ms)
● Tuning setup and wireless control via a smart device application (tablet or mobile phone)
● Read, write, and store configurations for future recall
● Optional password protection feature for tuning control via the mobile app
● Small footprint for easy installation behind the fairing
● Pre-wired harness for easy amplifier installation
● Retains balance and fade control
● Built-in clipping detection and limiting circuits
● Bass knob included
● Water-resistant case & connections
● Micro-B USB updatable
● U.S. Patent 9,875,078

BC-DSPL-HD2 Features:
● Integration technology to reflash the factory radio
● Creates a flat response curve without the need for external equipment

Smart Brake Light Flashers
Saddle Tramp has three new smart brake light flashers for drivers looking for better visibility by adding a strobing or flashing brake light effect. A rotary switch on the control box has selectable options for ten different patterns, such as a slow flash and then solid light, or constant strobe. This plug-n-play flasher is easy to install and is designed specifically for the original factory rear brake lights, and is not compatible with rear bullet-style brake/turn signal lights. The BC-HDSSF1 fits 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Street Glide, Road Glide, and Road King Touring models, the BC-HDSSF2 fits 1996-2013 Electra Glide, Ultra Classic/Limited, Road King/Classic, and Road Glide Standard/Ultra/Custom Touring models, and the BC-HDSSF3 fits 2010-2013 Street Glide and Road Glide Touring models.
BC-HDSSF1/2/3 Product Specifications
● Add a flashing or strobe light effect to brake lights
● 84 watts/7-amp selectable strobe light
● 10 selectable patterns for LED lights
● Works with original factory LED or incandescent rear brake lights
● Plug-n-play installation

Handlebar Audio Control Retention Interface
Saddle Tramp’s new and improved BC-HDSWC-WR interface retains the use of the factory handlebar audio controls when replacing the radio. It is designed to fit 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT models with a fairing, without the factory amplifier, and with two speaker systems. It uses patented Auto-Detect technology that configures itself for the specific motorcycle application and connected aftermarket radio. It now includes a water-resistant case and comes with a plug-n-play harness for easy installation. This interface also provides wires for speakers, constant power, switched power and ground.

Accessory Harnesses
Saddle Tramp continues to make wiring aftermarket audio systems even easier with plug-n-play connections designed to fit Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Their latest accessories include the BC-9711 rear speaker retention harness for 1998-2013 Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT models, complete with pre-terminated Molex™ terminals and oxygen-free copper wiring. The BC-9717 is a plug-n-play rear speaker bypass harness used for splitting the inputs and outputs when installing aftermarket amplifiers in 2014-up* Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited models. For adding aftermarket 12volt accessories to a power source, the BC-9719 is a battery accessory Y harness with OE connectors designed to fit 2004-2013 Harley-Davidson Touring FLH/FLT models and 2014-up* Touring and Trike models with Stage II Boom!™ Audio packages.

Amp Wiring Kit
Saddle Tramp’s new BC-9703 is an amplifier wiring kit designed to fit 2014-up* Harley-Davidson FLH and FLT models. It is used for installing single or dual amplifiers in the front fairing with a quick disconnect for each amplifier. It is constructed with oxygen-free copper for the best possible conductivity and audio performance and includes 8-gauge 5.5-foot power and ground wires, a 60-amp mini ANL fuse and holder, an ignition T-harness for amplifier turn-on, and an over mold split to two 10-gauge power and ground wires.

All of these new motorcycle products are in stock now, with additional details and wiring diagrams available at AIMExpo attendees can see them in person at booth 2005 from January 19th to 21st at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Metra Electronics will also be participating in the Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties Spring NVP Expo from January 29th to 30th at the Kentucky International Convention Center to showcase their latest Saddle Tramp products. A special training session covering these new products will also be hosted at KnowledgeFest at the South Point Hotel & Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas from February 18th to 20th.

*See for up-to-date, vehicle specific information.

CRUX Features 2 New GM Interfaces

CHATSWORTH, CA (01.13.22) – The CRUX SWRGM-49R & SWRGM-49S are Radio Replacement interfaces for select General Motors vehicles 2019 – Up that are equipped with a 56 pin connector for the head unit.

It facilitates the integration of an after-market radio to retain factory features in GM IOR IOS, IOT, or IOU bus vehicles. This enhanced interface is also pre-programmed for the retention of steering wheel controls and the factory back up camera if equipped.

Key Features:
– Retains chime functions.
– Pre-programmed to retain factory Steering Wheel Controls
– RAP (Retained Accessory Power).
– Provides illumination, parking brake, reverse, and speed sense outputs.
– Made for non-amplified vehicles or vehicles that will have their amps bypassed


– Does not retain Bose amplifier.
– Does not retain OnStar.

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Alpine Electronics Introduces Alpine Halo Preloaded Truck Subwoofer Enclosures

AUBURN HILLS, MI (01.12.22) – Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. introduces two new Dual 8” Alpine Halo Preloaded Truck Subwoofer Enclosures with ProLink. The enclosures come preloaded with Alpine’s 8” S-Series (S-DB8V-TRK) and R2-Series (R2-DB8V-TRK) subwoofers and feature an adjustable linking design.

“The compact and flexible design of our new Truck Enclosures give us a competitive edge when it comes to adding enhanced bass performance to the unique environment of the truck,” said Mike Anderson, Vice President and General Manager, Brand Business Unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.

Designed for Trucks
From towing to travel, customers rely on their trucks to get them to their destination. Now they can have an equally reliable subwoofer enclosure that will enhance the driving experience without compromising valuable cabin space.

The Truck Subwoofer Enclosures were intentionally designed for the space underneath the backseat. Two 8” subwoofers are preloaded into a compact enclosure for under-the-seat installation and linked with a ProLink™ bracket that can adjust from 50”-40” to fit most full-size truck applications as well as select Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator applications. Height-adjustable “feet” accommodate uneven truck floors for a secure install.

Centered on the enclosures is an integrated amplifier mount tray that’s optimized for Alpine’s mono power amplifiers. This convenient design ensures that the entire system can be installed underneath the seat.

High-Performance Subwoofers
Each enclosure comes preloaded with high-performance subwoofers that are tuned for the unique cabin environment of the truck and add deep, accurate bass to the sound system. The ported enclosures house 8” S-Series (S-DB8V-TRK) or R2-Series (R2-DB8V-TRK) subwoofers that provide options in both power and price. The 600W RMS S-DB8V-TRK was designed for optimum performance at an approachable price while the 750W RMS R2-DB8V-TRK features deeper, more authoritative bass that can be played at higher volumes.

The enclosures were designed with dual voice coil drivers, wired in parallel for a 2Ω load to take the guesswork out of choosing an amplifier that’s compatible in power rating.

Groundbreaking Alpine Halo Design
The new Truck Subwoofer Enclosures join the Alpine Halo Family with a premium, unmistakable design. The enclosure pulls design cues from the Alpine Halo Display with unique, curved edges outlined by a silver trim and a front link bracket cover with an Alpine logo badge. The enclosures are built with sturdy, 5/8” MDF construction covered in a premium black carpet that will provide a premium look in the truck.

The R2-DB8V-TRK and S-DB8V-TRK will ship in January 2022 at a MAP of $799.95 and $699.95 respectively and will be available at Alpine Authorized retailers and at Preferred Online Stores. Installation options can be found on the Alpine-USA website through the store locator.

Product information is based upon current information at the time of press but cannot be guaranteed. All designs, features, specifications, and delivery dates are subject to change without notice. 

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Alpine Electronics Introduces Next-Gen Alpine Halo R-Series Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosures

AUBURN HILLS, MI (01.11.22) - Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. has introduced the next-generation Alpine Halo R2-Series Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosures with ProLink. The enclosures come preloaded with Alpine’s new 10” and 12” R2-Series subwoofers that feature an all-new design to offer cleaner, more controlled bass response.

“Alpine believes in the constant pursuit of better sound,” said Mike Anderson, Vice President and General Manager, Brand Business Unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. “Adding the next-gen R2-Series subwoofers to our Alpine Halo enclosures is just one step towards getting the most premium sound experience in the vehicle.

Deeper Bass Output
Since its introduction, Alpine’s R-Series sound system family has been known for incredible output and outstanding performance. Today Alpine introduces the next-generation of sound performance with the new R2-Series subwoofers, featured in the Alpine Halo R2-Series Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosures with ProLink.

These next-generation R2-Series Subwoofers feature larger, double-stacked magnets, which results in an increase of 5%-8% more motor strength in the subwoofer compared to the previous generation. This increase in motor strength produces a wider frequency band in the subwoofer, which will in turn play deeper bass with more authority. The new R2 design also delivers improved control over the moving subwoofer cone for tighter, cleaner bass response.

Additional design improvements to the subwoofers include a new ceramic composite dust cap that is lightweight, yet rigid and provides incredible internal damping (vibration absorption) to smooth out the frequency response and reproduce tight bass. This premium, unique material also has a higher heat capacity that contributes to the non-stop bass performance customers have come to expect from Alpine’s R-Series system.

The new R2-Series subwoofers contain Alpine’s High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) Surround Technology. This rubber surround allows the subwoofer cone to efficiently move air while staying cool, which also contributes to increased output from the subwoofers.

The new design and enhanced performance of the next-generation R2-Series subwoofers results in a cleaner, more controlled bass response from the Alpine Halo R2-Series Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosures with ProLink. The ported enclosures feature an optimized vent and rounded internal port edges that maximize the output performance of the subwoofer, for deeper, reliable bass. Each enclosure is also wired for optimized performance with Alpine’s R-Series R-A75M Mono Power Amplifier.

Unique ProLink® Technology
Traditionally, single and dual subwoofer enclosures are sold as independent systems, leaving no room for flexibility when it comes to sound system building. If a single subwoofer enclosure was originally purchased, the only option for adding more bass to the system was to remove the single subwoofer enclosure and purchase a new, dual subwoofer enclosure.

Alpine’s unique ProLink™ technology was designed with the sound system builder in mind. ProLink™ allows more flexibility in both power and price to start with a single subwoofer enclosure and add an additional subwoofer using a Linking Kit (sold separately) to link two enclosures together to create a dual system when more bass is desired.

Groundbreaking Alpine Halo Design
The Alpine Halo R2-Series Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosures with ProLink™ share the premium, unmistakable design of the Alpine Halo Family. The enclosures pull design cues from the Alpine Halo Display with unique, curved edges outlined by a silver trim and a front baffle for a matching system aesthetic. Built with sturdy, 3/4” MDF construction and covered in a premium black carpet, these enclosures give the impression of a custom look, without the custom work.

The R2-SB12V and R2-SB10V will ship in January 2022 at a MAP of $449.95 and $429.95 respectively.

The next-generation R2-Series Subwoofers featured in the Alpine Halo R2-Series Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosures with ProLink™ will also be available as separate components in an 8” option for $219.95 (R2-W8D4, R2-W8D2) 10” for $299.95 (R2-W10D4, R2-W10D2), and 12” for $349.95 (R2-W12D4, R2-W12D2).

All products will be available at Alpine Authorized retailers and at Preferred Online Stores. Installation options can be found on the Alpine-USA website through the store locator.

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