KICKER Expands the Hideaway Compact Powered Subwoofer Line with a 10" Model

STILLWATER, OK (01.23.2020) – KICKER has added a powerful 10-inch version of the Hideaway Compact Powered Subwoofer to its line of bass products, currently shipping and available at Authorized KICKER Dealers in-store and online.  The Hideaway HS10 will retail for $349.95.

Adding a larger speaker and more power to the Hideaway’s already popular feature set, the 10-inch compact sub packs a larger punch than the original Hideaway, with 180 watts of bass power.  KICKER engineers ensured the new larger cone would barely alter the Hideaway’s near universal fit in modern vehicles. A highly convenient form factor, the HS10’s all-aluminum body readily fits under a seat, in a trunk or behind a truck bench.

The HS10 also features FIT+ (Fail-safe Integration Technology PLUS), a KICKER exclusive that enhances noise rejection, increases clarity and helps to ensure the subwoofer works with nearly every radio on the planet, including modern vehicles using start/stop technology, and those with up to 40 volts (400 watts) of input voltage. FIT+ has the added benefit of making a line-output converter unnecessary.

The HS10 is ready to install right out of the box. The quick-connect Molex plug and harness includes power, signal and remote turn-on. The Hideaway also comes ready with a remote bass control for fine-tuning bass levels, an on-board adjustable low-pass crossover, variable 6dB bass boost, phase switch and two automatic turn-on options.

The included remote control allows changing the amount of bass without changing the radio volume, for the perfect mix of bass at any volume.

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Metra Electronics Introduced New RGB/RGBW Lights, Controllers and Mobile App at CES

HOLLY HILL, FL (01.23.2020) – Metra Electronics has introduced new RGB and RGBW LED lights, controllers with programmable triggers and a new mobile app for their 12volt brands. RGBW lights feature the full spectrum of RGB LEDs plus an option for true white LED light color. The new mobile app will work with Heise LED Lighting Systems, Metra PowerSports and Metra Marine RGB and RGBW lighting products, allowing multiple devices to be grouped together and synced to the same lighting patterns, colors and more. Additionally, Heise is releasing an RGB and an RGBW control box with several new rock light options and connection accessories. Metra PowerSports also unveiled a new RGBW dome light, RGB and RGBW rock lights, a new control box and lighting connection accessories at CES 2020.


RGB/RGBW Mobile App
The new RGBW mobile app is customizable for each brand, allowing the user to select from three different backgrounds to reflect Heise, Metra PowerSports or Metra Marine’s brand style. The app has a selectable color wheel with 16 million different RGB color options and a true white light color option, available with RGBW products. The app automatically updates via Bluetooth and detects if a product connected to the control box is RGB or RGBW, allowing groups of both products to be used and controlled within the same mobile app.

Users can also select from built-in pre-programmed lighting transitions for rainbow, fire and water, with additional transitions that include blinking, fading or pulsing between a combination of any two colors. For accurate color matching to completely customize the LED lights, a camera color capture feature is also available in the app. The new mobile app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for wireless control that streams in the background, uses significantly less power and does not impact the user’s ability to stream music via Bluetooth from the same mobile device. Metra’s new app will be available in the Google Play and Apple store soon.


New Control Boxes
Both Heise and Metra PowerSports are launching new IPX4 rated control boxes for RGB and RGBW LED lights with conformal coated circuit boards. The new control boxes can group multiple devices and handle up to ten amps of current, which allows for more lighting products than what most competing standard control boxes can handle. The mobile app also allows for multiple control boxes to be grouped together and installed within the same system. Unique to both Heise and Metra PowerSports control boxes is the ability for installers to put a positive voltage trigger to lights to offer four programmable triggers for any color. For example, yellow for a turn signal, red for the brake light, white for the reverse light and an additional option for the fourth trigger. This feature is exclusive to Metra and allows for even more customization of the RGB and RGBW lighting products.

RGB-CB1 – Heise Control Box for RGB Lights with 4 Triggers
RGBW-CB1 – Heise Control Box for RGBW Lights with 4 Triggers
RGB-CB3 – Heise Control Box for 702RGB Headlights and Fog Lights with 4 Triggers
RGB-CB2 – Metra PowerSports RGB Control Box with 4 Triggers
RGBW-CB2 – Metra PowerSports RGBW Control Box with 4 Triggers
Control boxes are required for operation of RGB or RGBW lighting products.


New RGB and RGBW Lights
Heise and Metra PowerSports are both introducing rugged, off-road RGB and RGBW rock lights rated IP68 to accent vehicle wheel wells, footwells and more. Heise pod lights are available individually or as 4-pod kits in 9-watt RGB CREE LED or 24-watt RGBW 3030 LED options. Metra PowerSports rock lights feature 3 pods per strip with 5 LEDs per pod, available as individual strips or 4-pod strip kits. Metra PowerSports is also introducing a new RGBW dome light with 10-foot wire and female micro 5-DIN connector. Control boxes are sold separately and required for operation.


Heise Rock Lights:
RGB1-4KT – Heise 4-Pod RGB Rock Light Kit with CREE LEDs
HE-TL1RGB – Heise Single RGB Rock Light with CREE LEDs
RGBW1-4KT – Heise 4-Pod RGBW Rock Light Kit with 3030 LEDs
RGBW1-S1 – Heise Single RGBW Rock Light with 3030 LEDs

Metra PowerSports Rock Lights:
RGB2-4KT – Metra PowerSports 4-Pod RGB Rock Light Kit
RGB2-S1 – Metra PowerSports Single RGB Rock Light
RGBW2-4KT – Metra PowerSports 4-Pod RGBW Rock Light Kit
RGBW2-S1 – Metra PowerSports Single RGBW Rock Light
RGBW2-DL – Metra PowerSports RGBW Dome Light

Lighting Connection Accessories
To complete the lighting installation, Metra is introducing new “Y” adapters, pigtail adapters and extension accessories from both Heise and Metra PowerSports to work with the new lights and control boxes.

These new products will be shipping soon. Additional specifications and part numbers are available in the 2020 New Product Guide and

Oracle Lighting Announces New Ford Mustang LED Grill Vent Accent Lights

METAIRE, LA (01.22.2020) – ORACLE Lighting has announced its new Dynamic ColorSHIFT RGB+A LED Grill Vent Accent Lights for the 2015-2017 Ford Mustangs (p/n 1282-332). The new accent lights are now available with an MSRP of $295.95.

“We are excited to announce this feature-packed new Mustang accessory…the ORACLE Lighting Dynamic ColorSHIFT RGB+A LED Grill Vent Accent Lights,” said Justin Hartenstein, Oracle Lighting director of development. “The new lights feature individually addressable LEDs which pack a ton of unique features, including allowing the user to run multiple moving color patterns through the LEDs, creating a vivid eye-catching lighting effect. Our new RGB+A SWITCHBACK line-up feature Amber LEDs for a dynamic turn signal effect. The Amber LED chips can be utilized as a Turn Signal by tapping into the + turn signal wire.”

Through the App you can easily set to a standard white color for normal Daytime Running Light use then switch to any static color using the LED color wheel. What makes these DYNAMIC halos more unique is that you can also display a variety of moving patterns within the app. With more than 200 different patterns, there is something to fit every color scheme you can imagine. The White DRL mode is designed for street use while the other colors are for “show” use only.

“We are excited to get back to our roots with this new and innovative Mustang product,” said Hartenstein. “ORACLE’s first lighting modifications were for the Ford Mustang when the company began more than 20 years ago.”

Installation is also easy thanks to the IP67 waterproof characteristics of the circuit boards. These LEDs are completely encapsulated in a waterproof resin which makes them completely waterproof and allows them to be installed onto the outside of the lens. This makes installation easy, even for a beginner.

Wiring is now made simple with the plug-and-play connectors. Simply plug the halos into the LED driver and connect to + and – to the battery. Then you just turn on the app and connect to the controller.

The kit includes:

  • (2) Waterproof Dynamic ColorSHIFT Grill Vent Accent Lights
  • LED Driver  Hub with Plug & Play Connectors
  • (1) RGB+A Bluetooth LED Controller
  • (1) Inputs for Dynamic Turn Signals
  • (1) Adhesion Promoter Pad

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Alphasonik Releases New 800 Series Subwoofers

GARDENA, CA (01.22.2020) – Car audio enthusiasts now have a new way to enjoy their favorite music in their car with the all-new 12-inch subwoofer-the VSW812 from Alphasonik.

“The Alpha VSW812, our 12-inch 800 Series dual 4-ohm subwoofer, will change the way you listen to music in your vehicle,” says Enrique Avalos-Director of Sales & Marketing. “The woofer is rated at 1200 watts RMS, with 87dB efficiency, and a frequency response of 28Hz to 500Hz.

The VSW812 features a massive 2-layer, high travel foam surround for reliability and control at maximum excursion. Our new surround is designed for increased cone surface area without sacrificing low frequency response.

Additional features include:  Proprietary Cast Aluminum CNC Machine Finish “Alpha” Basket and Cooling Rings for Motor Assembly, Pressed Paper Kevlar-Reinforced Cone, Flat Progressive Rate Nomex Spider with Spiral-Woven Leads and 8-gauge Spring Loaded Terminals.

Like all Alphasonik 800 series subwoofers, the 12-inch features a taller, narrower J-surround and a special aluminum trim ring which conceals the mounting screws. The woofer is offered in dual 4-ohm, allowing you more flexibility during installation.

The Alphasonik VSW812 retails for $279.99 and is available now! For more information, email us at or visit

Sound Storm Laboratories Launches Powersports Plug & Play Boom Tubes

OXNARD, CA (01.21.2020) – Sound Storm Laboratories is proud to announce the launch or two new powersports plug & play boom tubes. The BTB6L (MSRP: $203.00) and BTB8L (MSRP: $259.00) are now shipping.

“SSL’s two new powersports weatherproof boom tubes feature a simple plug & play design for easy installation and powerful built-in Class D amplification for unparalleled performance on your ATV, UTV, side by side…and even tailgating,” explained Greg Orlando, SSL brand manager. “Both models come with Bluetooth compatibility and a 3.5mm Aux input to retrieve your favorite music from your Smartphone or MP3 device.”

The two-way BTB6L features 450 Watts (Max) power with 6.5-inch speakers and 1-inch tweeters. The BTB8L features 700 Watts (Max) power with 8-inch speakers and 1-inch tweeters. Both feature built-in RGB LED lighting with wireless remote control.

“Affordable, rugged, and powerful, you won’t want to be without the BTB6L and BTB8L out on the trails, beach, or wherever your ride may take you,” Orlando concluded.

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Axxess Introduces STOP/START Engine Override Data Interface for GM Vehicles

HOLLY HILL, FL (01.21.2020) – Axxess Integrate by Metra Electronics is expanding its line of STOP/START engine override interfaces to now cover GM vehicles. The AXSSO-GM is an interface designed to automatically disengage the STOP/START engine feature on select 2016-up* GM vehicles.

This new and exclusive technology was previously introduced at CES 2019 for select Ford and Chrysler models. The patent-pending interface can be used with factory or aftermarket radios. The AXSSO-GM has weather-resistant housing and harnessing, with a simple two-wire installation under the hood.

As some newer vehicles come equipped with a way to disengage the engine’s STOP/START feature, there are still several GM models that do not allow the driver to turn this off. This may become bothersome at long traffic lights during hot or inclement weather, as it could affect the vehicle’s ability to cool or heat the interior.

The vibration of the engine turning on and off may also be annoying to some drivers during city driving. Now, installers will have the ability to offer GM owners the option to override their engine STOP/START feature with the new AXSSO-GM interface. This new interface is coming soon and will be on display with Metra Electronics at CES from January 7-10, 2020 at booth 5211 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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RhinoBox Is Set for 2020

RICHMOND, TX (01.20.2020) – RhinoBox is ready for 2020. The company’s lineup of enclosures is designed to save dealers time and provide a strong profit opportunity.

Nassir Rizvi and Mosin Ahmed pictured in the warehouse with a portion of the inventory.

David Toliver, Synergy Marketing Rep Firm Principal, stated “RhinoBox provides the tools for our Distributors and Retail Partners to succeed with the broad selection of vehicle specific enclosures. New in-store posters and full catalogs are key tools as the products are covered in detail in the catalog and consumers can see models available on the poster.”

The RhinoBox in-store poster will grab attention on a wall on the showroom.

RhinoBox does not sell online and all of their boxes are stapled and glued for durability. Everything they sell comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Also, the company’s packaging has pictures of the enclosures on the box which makes it easy for inventory and displaying them on the showroom floor. 

The full line catalog details the enclosure product lineup.

RhinoBox also offers unfinished enclosures that are available if dealers want to vinyl wrap an enclosure and put a custom touch on a prebuilt enclosure.

Product images and information on the box makes it easy for dealers to check inventory.

“Currently we are evaluating regional distribution partners and welcome the opportunity to expand the RhinoBox network nationwide.”  If you have interest or would like more information, contact David or Michelle Toliver at 281-750-5004 or email us at

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