JVC Dash Cam Winners Named for Recent Trainings That Included LIVE DEMO

12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (05.014.2021) – JVC Mobile Entertainment recently entered the booming dash cam market with the new KV-DR305 dashboard camera.

To roll out this new feature rich and value-priced dash cam, boasting full HD (1920×1080) recording, JVC scheduled  2 web based LIVE DEMO product training sessions. The sessions took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 4th and 5th respectively.

Alex Miranda in the Sound Depot store in Madison AL with a JVC product.
Dusty Liebhaber in the Muntz Audio store in Appleton WI with JVC products in the background.

Dealers attending each session also had a chance to win a KV-DR305…1 dash cam prize per training. Alex Miranda, Sound Depot- Madison, AL, won the dash cam prize for the May 4th training session. Dusty Liebhaber, Muntz Audio-Appleton, WI won the dash cam for the May 5th session.

Marcus Vasconcellos, JVC KEWOOD Mobile Electronics Product Specialist, recently received a sample KV-DR305 and installed it in his Toyota Sequoia. “I put it through its paces forward and backward and it performed flawlessly. That prepared me to be a host on the training sessions” Vasconcellos stated.

Marcus Vanconcellos pictured in his Sequoia with the KV-DK305 used in the JVC  LIVE DEMO Training.

During the sessions hosts led discussions relating to Dash Cam market growth and why it makes sense for 12volt retailers to add the category their product mix. Dealers also learned who the dash cam customer is and the benefits a dash cam will add to their driving experience. The LIVE DEMO of the KV-DR305 dash cam added to the take-away of people attending the sessions.

Seth Halstead-National Training & Content Development Manager, along with Mobile Electronics Product Specialists Josh Bowen and Marcus Vasconcellos participated in the JVC Dash Cam training sessions.

Visit us.jvc.com/car for more.

Abbey Road Studios and Bowers & Wilkins Extend Partnership to Transform In-Car Audio Entertainment

LONDON, ENGLAND (05.13.2021) – Abbey Road Studios and Bowers & Wilkins today announce a new phase of their partnership, which will see the two iconic audio brands come together to explore and enhance the in-car audio experience.

Over the last five years Abbey Road Studios has been exploring future music technologies, including machine learning and spatial audio, via its music-tech innovation arm Abbey Road Red. Meanwhile, Bowers & Wilkins has been perfecting the art of bringing leading-edge loudspeaker technology to the car environment with BMW, McLaren and Volvo.

Now, the two brands are combining their expertise to bring the Studios’ unique acoustic personality to the in-car listening experience for the first time, offering unparalleled sound quality while remaining respectful to the original recording. The partnership between Abbey Road Studios and Bowers & Wilkins will elevate the sound quality and expand the acoustic environment of automotive audio systems, seeking to deliver the most believable listening experience possible.

Dan Shepherd, Director of Automotive Partnerships from Bowers & Wilkins says: “We are thrilled to work with Abbey Road Studios on our shared mission to elevate the in-car experience and bring drivers and passengers across the globe a new and exciting way to enjoy their music.”

Jeremy Huffelmann, General Manager, Abbey Road Studios says: “We are delighted to be extending the remit of our partnership with Bowers & Wilkins to co-develop our offering in the automotive sector. Through our shared passion for creative excellence and the highest quality audio, we will be exploring technologies to further the goal of creating the most accurate listening experiences possible for consumers.”

Visit www.bowerswilkins.com and www.abbeyroad.com for more.

dB Drag Racing Is Ramping Up Competitions

AUSTIN, TX (05.12.2021) – dB Drag Racing is looking forward to great competition turnout with the extension of the 2020/2021 season. The event calendar is ramping up in the US and international locations are coming on board as restrictions are being gradually lifted. Over the past weekend, Ukraine kicked off the 2021 season at the Underhill European Music Festival. Later this month additional international events will take place at Autobarn in Australia and Deaf Bonce will host an event at Car of Bass near Moscow. The 4th Annual 3X King Kong May Day will take place on May 22 in Montgomery Alabama along with additional events in Sparks, Nevada and Sacramento, California. Competitors around the world are looking forward to getting back in the lanes again soon.

Wayne Harris gives a big thumbs up as dB Drag Racing is ramping up competitions.
The Triplefest Show in Tuscumbia, AL on April 24th drew excited competitors.

The dBDRA is pleased to announce the addition of Freestyle classes to the dB Drag Racing competition format. Freestyle classes are being introduced to provide auto sound enthusiasts with a streamlined competition experience. Unlike the traditional dB Drag Racing “Head-Head” style competition, the Freestyle class allows the competitor to compete solo in the lanes. This format is geared towards daily driver style competitors and car show enthusiasts that would like to see how loud their system is without competing against another competitor in the lanes. The Freestyle classes are anticipated to allow for more competitors to be eligible for competition with fewer installation style restrictions and the ability to appeal to crossover style competitors.

Happy trophy winners showed their hardware at J’s Alarms and Car Stereo in Fresno, CA on Friday, May 7th.
The dB Drag event on May 8th in Ukraine packed the lanes.

The 2020/2021 dBDRA World Records have been updated with several new World Records over the past few weeks. On April 24 at the Incriminator Audio Triplefest Event, Team Soundcheck Ballingers tied their old world record of 158.0 dB in Pro Stock 2K. Team Soundcheck Aaron set a new world record of 160.4 dB in Pro Stock Trunk 5K. Beau Boren set a new world record of 172.3 dB in Super Street 5+, beating his old record by 1 dB. On May 8, at the Team High Voltage event, Team Sundown Audio set a new world record of 170.3 dB in Super Street 1-2. Congrats to all competitors.

This Ukrainian dB Drag competitor came prepared for a very big number on the meter!

“Thanks to all competitors, retailers and sponsors that have continued to participate in dB Drag Racing events!”

Visit dbdrag.com for more.

The Boomin’ Audio Spring Super Slam Indicates 2021 Is Shaping Up to Be a Great Year

SHREVEPORT, LA (05.11.2021) – As we enter the 5th month of 2021 it appears “There is Bass at the End Of the Tunnel.”

Boomin’ Audio Spring Super Slam, with Jones Subwoofer Solutions as the sponsor, was very successful. On a sunny Saturday 32 excited competitors were in the lane looking for big numbers in dB Drag Racing formats. “We debuted dB Drag’s new Freestyle Format and there were some rally happy competitors Andy Teuscher stated.”

Competitors gathered with their score sheets following their meter runs.
Andy Teuscher (R) Boomin’ Audio promoter, pictured with Jason Jones with JSS that hosted the event.

Continuing, Teuscher offered, “Veteran and new competitors braved the unexpected chill in Utah. Many know the cooler temperature can help bigger numbers on the meter. I was very glad I had on my red heated Milwaukee jacket. The Spring Super was good practice for me as I will head up to the Pacific Northwest at the end of the month for Import Face Off Shows. Then it’s a busy season doing dB Drags and USACi official competitions as we have events on the books in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Texas and Oklahoma scheduled later this season. This season we are already seeing an uptick of stereo enthusiasts entering the competition scene which is getting the 2021 season off to a great start.”

Tyler McCormick (L) and Andy Teuscher giving the Boomin’ Audio Spring Slam a ‘Big Thumbs Up’

Teuscher has been competing, and now officiating, in dB Drag Racing competitions and events since days in Southern California. Teuscher and family now live in the great state of Utah.

Creating exciting events for competitors is extremely important for the overall 12volt industry. Likewise, getting consumers and enthusiasts into brick and mortar retail stores is also extremely important. The 12volt Central Studios staff stands ready to help deliver positive news to all across the 12volt industry.

Utilizing the 12voltSTP Tool can make that easy. Snap and Txt an image, with a few details, to 318-465-0844. PRESTO your company and activities could be in the news.

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Competition Lanes Are Opening for MECA, Boomin’ Audio and IASCA

SHEVEPORT, LA (05.10.2021) – As we enter the 5th month of 2021, it appears “There is Bass at the End of the Tunnel.”

On Saturday, May 8th, MECA hosted the 3rd Annual High Voltage Show in Newport TN. Also on Saturday May 8th, Boomin’ Audio hosted the Spring Super Jam in Salt Lake City UT. On Saturday May 1st IASCA hosted a judges training in Orange CA followed by a 1X event on Sunday.

Competitors are lined up at the Cocke County Fairgrounds in Newport TN to get to the MECA tent for try for a big number on the meter.

MECA Commish Steve Stern reported, “The 3rd Annual MECA High Voltage Show was a huge success at Cocke Country Fairgrounds in Newport TN. It was so great to see competitors and their rides lined up for their turn at the meter under the MECA tent. MECA used 120 score sheets in SQL, SPL and Show & Shine contests at the event. Greg Kelley at Team High Voltage was the event promoter and Resilient Sounds stepped up big time to help make the event successful. We are excited to get the competition season rolling.”

Competitors gathered with their certificates following the Boomin’ Audio Spring Super Slam.

To the west the Boomin’ Audio Spring Super Slam, with Jones Subwoofer Solutions as the sponsor, was very successful. On a sunny Saturday 32 excited competitors were in the lane looking for big numbers in dB Drag Racing formats. “We debuted dB Drag’s new Freestyle Format and there were some rally happy competitors,” stated Andy Teuscher, Boomin’ Audio Promoter.

Andy Teuscher (R), Boomin’ Audio Promoter, pictured with Jason Jones with JSS that hosted the event.

Continuing Teuscher offered, “We are looking forward to a busy season doing dB Drags and USACi official competitions. We have events on the books in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Texas and Oklahoma scheduled this season.”

IASCA’s Travis Chin organized the trainings at Reus Audio in Orange, CA.

Travis Chin is also working hard to set the 2021 IASCA Competition season as COVID-19 restrictions are fading. The weekend of May 1st Chin traveled from the IASCA office in Washington State to Orange CA for a judges training on Saturday May 1st and an IASCA 1X event on Sunday May 2nd.

The IASCA trainings included rulebook, listening and this hands on session.

Chin related, “The trainings for 15 attendees was conducted by Keith Turner and myself. Rulebook and listening trainings took place on Saturday with a hands on session on Sunday. Sunday also turned into a networking day with additional visitors that included Jon Whitledge who brought his totally amazing Magic Bus. The trainings, held at Reus Audio in Orange, were very successful and we plan to roll out training sessions across the US. A very big Thank You to Rick Reus at Reus Audio for opening up his facility for the trainings over the weekend. John Yi at TRU Technologies is also helping with the planning and organizing as IASCA rolls in 2021.”

Attendees at the IASCA training had a chance to check out unbelievably high quality audio in Jon Whitledge’s amazing Hi-Res Audio ‘Magic Bus’.

Creating exciting events for competitors is extremely important. Likewise, getting consumers and enthusiasts into brick and mortar retail stores is also extremely important. The 12volt Central Studios staff stands ready to help deliver positive news to all across the 12volt industry.

The 12voltSTP Tool can be key in making that happen. By definition here is how to utilize the 12voltSTP Tool with a smartphone. 1… Snap an image. 2… Txt the image to 318 465 0844 with a little who/what/where info. 3… PRESTO the 12volt Central Studios could make a post. This is pretty much the process that smartphone users do every day.

Thank you to Steve Stern, Andy Teuscher and Travis Chin for sending info this way. Let’s have a great Sound-Off Competition Season.

Visit mecacaraudio.com, facebook.com/boominaudiospl, and iasca.com for more.

The Audio Shop RC Wins JVC Prize on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Spin 126

SHREVEPORT LA (05.08.21)  WTF…Win This Friday. The Audio Shop RC won the JVC Prize on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel on Friday morning, May 7th.

The 12volt Spin-to-Win Wheel was created to bring an element of fun to the 12volt industry. Three months ago we celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of the weekly 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel.

The 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel rolled for 126th time on Friday morning May 7th. The Wheel landed on the JVC Space. The Audio Shop RC slip was drawn from the jar and an Instagram post of the winning slip was posted. A video of the Wheel spin was also posted. We reached out to The Audio Shop RC In Rapid City SD and Justin Davis was very happy to hear the news. 

A number of the JVC Wireless Ear Buds were sent to the 12volt Central Studios for Wheel winners. We will send a set to Justin.

Spinning out a winner each Friday, a lucky 12volt retailer can win a cool prize and top brands receive visibility across the marketplace.

12volt brands with a space on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel include Kicker, NavAtlas, SiriusXM, Accele, PowerBass, CRUX, DS18, SoundStream, AIS, JBL, DAS/Off Terrain, Power Acoustik, JVC and ZZ-2. 12volt News $100. cash awards have spaces on the 12volt Spin-To-Wheel for a winning 12volt retailer.

Past winners of the 12volt Spin-To-Win include…Stereo & Video Center-Tyler TX, The Outlaw Garage-Franklin TN, Exotic Sounds-West Palm Beach FL, Endless Possibilities-Aurora IL., Go Auto Sound in Union City NJ, Al&Ed’s South Bay CA, No Limitz Car Audio in Upland CA, Neil’s Specialty-Eureka CA, Sturgess Customs-Lexington SC, Audio By Art-San Antonio TX, SMS Car Audio in Marreo LA and Sweet Wheelz in Mississauga Ontario Canada, Cartronics in Biscayne FL, The CarAudio Shop in St Louis MO, Exotic Sounds in West Palm Beach FL, High North Customs in Grand Prairie Alberta Canada and AMS Audio in Bakersfield CA, Team QRT in Abbeyville LA and California Sound in Fontana CA and Jackie Cooper Electronics, Oklahoma City OK, MARS Audio-Orlando FL, All American Audio in Nutley NJ, Proline Car Stereo in Brooklyn NY, Custom Shop Miami, Tunes and Tint in Lakeland FL, Mobile Concepts Inc in Mokena IL, Seismic Auto Sound in Concord CA, Brooklyn Car Audio in Brooklyn NY, Audio Solutions in Florence MS, Enhanced Customs in Largo FL, Rayco Auto Clinic, Audio Design in San Jose CA, Go Bass Mode in Florida, Avenue Sound in Freeport NY, Audio Plus in Riverview FL, Stereo Zone in Whittier CA, In-Phase Car Audio in Omaha NE, AutoLife Group, N&H Electronics, SK Customs, Land & Sea, The Audio One, NC Custom Shop,Tint World Orlando, Ricky Smith’s Audio, VIP Custom Woks, Mobile Audio Concepts, Audio Lad, Sound Sensations, Dave’s Stereo, Stereo Design, Badlands Customs, Custom Audio-Erie PA, Voltz Autosports-Bridgeport CT, Infinity Sound and Security-Kissimmee, Autosport Plus-Canton OH, Stereo City Pros in Carmichael CA, Devine Concepts in Naples FL, The Sound Shop in Indian Trail NC, Extreme Performance Audio in Fresno CA, Audio Depot in Arlington TX, Audio Security in Houston TX, Earmark Car Audio and Marine in Lewisville TX, Audio Jam in Bear DE, Stereo City Ontario, Ontario CA, Audio By Art, San Antonio TX, Code Zero Customs in Tulsa OK, Ken’s Car Tunes in Mobile AL, Soundz Plus in Naperville IL, Markland Designs in Lithonia GA, Electronics Plus in Salinas CA, Xtreme Autosports in Santa Clarita CA, Superior Audio Sounds in San Angelo TX and Model Electronics in Ramsey NJ, Texas Dreamz Customs in Spring TX, Wired Electronics in Linden NJ and Intense Car Audio in OKC, OK, Underground Auto in Sarasota FL, Car Toys Tulsa in Tulsa OK,  Real Audio in Erie PA, Go Autosound in Union NJ, DFM Stereo in Ukiah CA, Impact Tint and Audio in Tyler TX, Mobile Sound Systems in Arlington TX, Redline Audio and Performance In Spindale NC, Car Audio Land in San Diego CA, Audio X Custom Car Audio in Florence AL, River Oaks Car Stereo in Houston TX, American Radio Orlando in Sanford FL, Illustrious Customs in Woodbridge VA, Remote Start Pros in Lawrence MA, HiPro Audio in Victoria TX, AudioPlanetNY in Huntington Station NY, Endless Possibilities in Aurora IL, Audio Finesse in Santa Monica, Drive Customs in San Luis Obispo CA, Custom Works, Noblesville IN, AtoZ Detail in West Haven CT, Cars 843 in Charleston SC, CarTunes Atlanta in Atlanta GA, Mobile Concepts in Garwood NJ, Duke’s Car Stereo in Flint MI, Infinity Auto Sound, King Car Audio in Norwalk CT, PopTronics in Baltimore MD, Sanford Sound in Sanford ME,  Angelvip2474 in Draper UT, Dynamic Car Audio in Baltimore MD, Hi-Pro Audio in Victoria TX, Car Stereo Max in Houston, Pro Audio Center in Richland MS, Rhodes Off-Roads in Farmington MO, Model Electronics in Ramsey NJ, Class A Sounds in Athens OH. Just Audio Video in North Providence RI, CT_Custom in Philadelphia and Audio Solutions in Florence MS. Congratulations to all.

WTF… Where’s the Fun. On the next spin of the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel… on Friday, May 14th.

DAS Drives New Business for 12volt Retailers with Off Terrain Overlanding Products

PALMYRA, PA (05.07.2021) – DAS Companies, Inc. is driving new business for 12volt retailers with the addition of a rugged line of vehicle recovery and adventurous Overlanding products, including accessories, from Off Terrain. Perfect for the Off-Road, Trucks, Jeeps, and 4WD vehicles this heavy-duty line was specifically designed for the adventurous spirit in all off-roaders.

The lineup is unique and includes products such as Recovery Ropes, Winch Kits & Ropes, Abrasive-free Shackle UHWMPE, 4WD Recovery Kits, ATV Towing Kits, 4×4 Winch and Accessories. Providing off-roaders peace-of-mind, that comes with knowing that they are prepared to handle situations that confront them when out venturing off the beaten path, is a key benefit provided by Off Terrain products..

DAS stocks and sells Off Terrain recovery and Overlanding products and accessories as the exclusive national distributor across the lower 48 states with inventory warehoused in east and western distribution hubs.

“This Brand offers a great opportunity for our dealers. Strategically, the Off Terrain line will expand their existing 12Volt businesses with complementary products and allow dealers to reach new customers. It’s a natural extension that will attract additional vehicles into their bays,” stated Rex Berfield, National Sales Manager, DAS Companies, Inc.

Placement on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel is contributing to visibility for the Off Terrain brand across the 12volt industry. On Friday, April 30th, the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel landed on the DAS space with the the prize being an Off Terrain 4WD FULL RECOVERY KIT. The Off Terrain prize has been sent to Audio Solutions 49 in Florence MS.

Off Terrain Managing Director Tom O’Mara is incredibly excited about the DAS collaboration and said, “We have worked hard to design Overlanding gear to withstand long seasons, variable weather, and terrains of all kinds. Our gear is tough enough to handle driver’s demands as a gear-head or outdoor enthusiast, but priced within reach – that was very important to us,” said O’Mara. “Partnering with DAS has exposed this exciting and growing category to thousands of new dealers all over the country.”

Look for products and installations at your favorite car audio installer and 4×4 overland install shop.

Ross Sachs is pictured with the Off Terrain 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel prize in the DAS Palmyra PA warehouse that’s  headed to Audio Solutions in Florence MS. Sachs is DAS Consumer Electronics Sales and Marketing Manager.

Visit dasinc.com and offterrain.com for more

KICKER Hands Out Industry Awards to Retailers and Distributors

STILLWATER, OK (05.05.2021) – KICKER was proud to announce several of its 2020 industry awards to regional reps, retailers and distributors recently. All honorees exemplify outstanding performance, reflected in a dedication to outstanding customer service and exceeding sales expectations for the year 2020, according to Tom Heath, KICKER Vice President of Domestic Sales and Marketing.

Central Region

Representing the Central region, The Stereo Shop (Garland, Texas), CarTunes (Wichita, Kan.), Blue Hawk Audio and Video (Bismarck and Dickinson, N.D.), and California Audio (West Valley City, Utah) earned awards as KICKER’s Dealers-of-the-Year. Distributor-of-the-Year was Stereo Max Electronics of Houston. Rep Firm-of-the-Year was Santa Fe Sales (Lenexa, Kan.). Brad Ganz is the KICKER Central Regional Sales Manager.

Southeast Region

In the Southeast region, Cartronics (Hollywood and Miami, Fla.), D&B Sales (Ft. Wayne, Ind.), Pro Audio Center (Richland, Miss.), and Armando Sounds (Chicago) earned accolades as Dealers-of-the-Year. Rep Firm-of-the-Year was TR Sales and Marketing (Indianapolis). Lori Boyer is the KICKER Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast.

Northeast Region

Representing the Northeast region, Barry Electronics (Lima, Ohio), Unique Auto Sound and Security (Lindenhurst, N.Y.), Motorcity Tunes (Dearborn Heights, Mich.), Auto Sound Systems (Rochester, N.Y.), Parkway Sound and Security (Everett, Mass.), and US1 Car Stereo (Philadelphia, Pa.) won Dealer-of-the-Year awards. Swamp Donkey Enterprises (W. Portsmouth, Ohio) won Online Dealer-of-the-Year and TAS Electronics (Holland, Ohio) earned Most Improved. Rep Firm-of-the-Year was OPUS Marketing (Fallston, Md.). Matt Matheson is the KICKER Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast region.

West Region

In the West region, Outrageous Audio (Portland, Ore.) and Quality Car Stereo (Gilbert, Ariz.) earned Dealer-of-the-Year. The Most Improved Award went out to Advanced Car Stereo (Riverside, Calif.) and Snow’s Auto (Spokane, Wash.). KEI Distributing (Los Angeles) won Distributor-of-the-Year. Rep Firm-of-the-Year was Murfco (Murrieta, Calif.). Tracy Focht is the KICKER Regional Sales Manager in the West.

Car Toys, West Coast Car Stereo, Stereo City Pros, Audio Outlet, 559 Car Audio and Alarm, and Sierra Select Distributors were honored as well.

Visit kicker.com for more.

AAMP Global Acquires M2M in Motion – Strengthens Position in Telematics Industry

CLEARWATER, FL (05.04.2021) – AAMP Global has acquired M2M in Motion, an innovative provider of fleet management solutions. M2M in Motion is a reputed fleet intelligence software company that started in 2013. Their mission was to deliver a single platform fleet management solution that could support any fleet of any size and any type(s) of vehicle.

“Joining the AAMP Team will allow us to accelerate our growth and development roadmap plans at a pace that was not possible before,” said Sean Meister, COO and Co-Founder of M2M in Motion.

Combining M2M in Motion’s Fleet Management Platform and expertise with the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of AAMP Global will result in a best-in-class product and software solution for GPS tracking and telematics.

“We have been looking to expand our product portfolio to include software solutions as we knew combining our unique sales channel with our hardware expertise and network of install partners offers a true competitive advantage in the market. We couldn’t be more excited for Sean, Marc and the M2M Team to join us and lead these growth initiatives,” said Scott Forst, President and CEO of AAMP Global.

M2M in Motion’s existing customers will have no impact on their products and services. The existing platform will continue to support customers who currently manage their fleet on m2mfleetmotion.com and continue growing with new features and capabilities. M2M in Motion customers will also have access to the complete portfolio of products and services offered by AAMP Global.

“AAMP shares our focus of putting the client first,” said Marc Lonson, CEO and Co-Founder of M2M in Motion. “Our existing clients will benefit from more resources and product offerings, an installer network, and extended hours for customer support.”

Visit aampglobal.com for more.

JVC Dash Cam Trainings Are Set… Including LIVE DEMO

12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (05.03.2021) – JVC Mobile Entertainment has entered the booming dash cam market. The new KV-DR305 dashboard camera, a feature rich and value-priced dash cam boasting full HD (1920×1080) recording, is now shipping.

The KV-DR305 is arriving in the field and JVC Mobile has set 2 training sessions for dealers to learn about this exciting new product. Lights..Dash Cam..Action. The sessions are set for Tuesday May 4th @12:00 PM Eastern and Wednesday, May 5th @ 9:00 PM Eastern.

Marcus Vasconcellos, JVC KEWOOD Mobile Electronics Product Specialist, recently received a sample KV-DR305 and installed it in his Toyota Sequoia. “I have hands on experience with the KV-DR305. I put it through its paces forward and backward and it performed flawlessly. I look forward to presenting a LIVE DEMO of this amazing new JVC dash cam during the 2 training sessions.”

Marcus Vasconcellos holds the JVC KV-DR305W sample that he installed it is vehicle to prepare for the LIVE DEMO.

During the sessions hosts will lead discussions relating to Dash Cam market growth and why it makes sense for 12volt retailers to add the category their product mix. Dealers will also find out who the dash cam customer is and the benefits a dash cam will add to their driving experience. The LIVE DEMO of the KV-DR305 dash cam will add to the take-away of people attending the sessions.

Dealers attending a session will also have a chance to win a KV-DR305… 1 dash cam prize per training.

Make your plans to attend a JVC KV-DR305 training session.

Visit www.us.jvc.com/car for more.