Nakamichi Announces Successful SEMA Showing

LAS VEGAS, NV (11.15.2019) – Nakamichi Car Audio has announced a successful showing a the recently completed SEMA Show held November 5-8 in Las Vegas, NV.

L to R: Guillermo Mendez, Diplomat Trading; Kiyokazu Igarashi, President Nakamichi Japan; Robin McNeal, National Sales Manager-Nakamichi Car Audio; and Sheamson Yeo, Nakamichi Director of Worldwide Sales.

Earlier this year Nakamichi Car Audio announced a return to the U.S Market through an exclusive agent, Diplomat Trading. More recently, Diplomat appointed Robin McNeal as the National Sales Manager for the U.S. Domestic Market. “Last week’s SEMA Show was the first time many of the reps and potential customers has seen the Nakamichi products in person,” noted McNeal.

Hot items included the Nakamichi NA3605 double DIN multi-media player that contains both Android Auto and Apple Car Play, NDS6120 stand-alone Digital Signal Processor and ND790 car DVR 7-inch rear view mirror monitor.

NA3605 Double DIN Touch Screen
6.8-inch capacitive screen
Android Auto voice control for Google maps
Apple CarPlay with Siri for real time directions
HD DVD media player
High power 4x50W
MSRP: $469.95

NDS6120 Stand-alone Digital Signal Processor
31-band parametric EQ
Optional Bluetooth module
Optional wired controller with 2-inch OLED screen
MSRP: $659.95

ND790 Rear View Mirror Monitor
7-inch touch screen with intuitive interface
Front and rear cameras
1080P resolution
Starlight Night Vision
MSRP: $219.95

“We had a very busy booth for 4-days and now we begin with post show follow-up,” McNeal said. “In just over 60 days we will be right back here in the North Hall for CES.”

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AudioControl Shined at SEMA Show

SEATLLE, WA (11.15.2019) – AudioControl has returned from a wildly successful exhibition at the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas. SEMA showcases the best and brightest from the automotive aftermarket, and AudioControl’s booth in the North Hall was ground zero for the finest audio products at the event. AudioControl and Mobile Solutions also hosted an after-hours training event, the fourth consecutive year that the companies have collaborated, that was filled to capacity at the Orleans Hotel.

“The facility at the Orleans worked out very well for our co-hosted event—we were able to accommodate more than 150 attendees in a classroom-style setting in addition to seating for casual conversation and networking,” stated Chris Bennett, National Sales Director – Mobile at AudioControl. Bennett opened the event by welcoming everyone to the expansive taco bar, then turned it over to National Sales Trainer Matthew Palumbo for some valuable insights on new AudioControl products before all eyes and ears were tuned to a Mobile Solutions Fabrication Demo with Bryan Schmitt, Gary Bell and Chris Pate. Nearly all of the event attendees remained long past the training and enjoyed the after-hours festivities and camaraderie until closing. “AudioControl and Mobile Solutions thank all who attended and are already planning next year’s event, so we encourage our dealers to mark their calendars—see you in 2020!”

AudioControl Showcases New 5-Channel Amplifiers
Two new 5-channel amplifiers from AudioControl both offer 125 watts X4-channels RMS at 4-Ohm (200watts RMS X4 at 2-Ohm) and 500 watts X1-channel at 2-Ohm along with eight speaker level inputs with selectable summing capability. The D-5.1300 delivers onboard DSP control of all amplified outputs and a pair of low-level outputs as well. The DSP interface is managed by the highly intuitive DM Smart App designed for all of AudioControl’s DSP amplifiers. The LC-5.1300 offers the same outstanding specs and performance without the DSP features.

OEM integration with two new Load Generating Devices (LGD)
Most new vehicles use a class D amplifier platform in their factory sound systems. These amplifiers can become unstable when they are connected to aftermarket audio equipment, causing system noise and overall compatibility issues. In order to maximize the upgrade opportunity for 12-volt retailers, AudioControl engineers created the LGD series of solutions, which seamlessly interfaces these newer OEM systems with aftermarket amplifiers. The AudioControl AC-LGD20 was designed specifically for Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Maserati audio systems without an amplifier. The AC-LGD60 provides interface capability for these same vehicles that feature audio systems with an amplifier.

The AudioControl DM-RTA is a sophisticated yet compact audio analyzer containing powerful analysis software designed to provide installers with the features of a fully functioning Oscilloscope, Voltage Meter, Real Time Audio Analyzer (RTA), SPL Meter and Polarity Checker. Because installers are often on-the-go and in cramped spaces when building a car audio system, the DM-RTA was designed to be light weight, compact and durable. Input/output options are staggering, including balanced XLR inputs, phono and RCA style unbalanced inputs as well as speaker level inputs designed to make OEM audio system interface a snap. Digital audio output options include Optical, COAX and USB. The DM-RTA is powered by a 5-hour rechargeable battery so that it can be effortlessly deployed anywhere.

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OPTIMA Searches for the Ultimate Aussie Street Car

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA (11.15.2019) – The OPTIMA search for Australia’s Ultimate Street Car will go down at Calder Park, Melbourne Australia on November 16 and 17.

The Aussie OPTIMA Search for the Ultimate Street Car (OSUSC) event is modeled after the American OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI) which is held each year in Las Vegas. Both events aim to discover the best all around street car in terms of performance, fit and finish, engineering, and comfort.

OUSCI contestants build their cars with corner-carving semi-slick tires, forged three-piece wheels, exotic suspension, wild aerodynamics, and injected powerplants. First-gen Camaros, aero-laden Corvettes, off-tap Mitsubishi Evos, Dodge Vipers, BMW M5s, and ground-hugging pick-ups are just a few examples of the vehicles you may see at the event!

The Aussie OPTIMA Search for the Ultimate Street Car (OSUSC) competition is broken down into several disciplines including a Motorkhana, a time trial on the race circuit, drag racing, and a go-to-whoa-style competition called Speed Stop. OSUSC classes include Classic (1989 or earlier), Modern (post-1990), Fast Four (turbo and aspirated, all-wheel-drive, rotary or three-cylinder), and SUV/4×4.

Wayne Harris picture at LAX on Tuesday evening November 12th as he prepared to catch a 15 hours flight to Melbourne.

Although the focus of the event is to drive your car to its limits, there will also be a static car show and a Sound and Vision competition.

The dB Drag Racing Association (dBDRA) will be officiating the car stereo contest at the event. The dBDRA offers five different formats of competition, including dB Drag Racing, Bass Race, Psychlone, Top Dog, and Bagger Beatz! Each format is further divided into various classes based on the sound equipment installed and the extent to which vehicle modifications have been made. The dBDRA will be represented by judges from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. The entry fee for the sound competition is $20.

While class winners get a trophy to take home, the overall winner of the Australian Ultimate Street Car competition scores a trip to Las Vegas OUSCI event and SEMA.

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Radenso Radar Announces “Theia” Radar Detector

CINCINNATI, OH (11.14.2019) – Radenso Radar has announced their new halo product “Theia,” the world’s first and only radar detector that uses artificial intelligence.

Powered by “Rai,” Radenso’s patent pending AI “electronic warfare” platform, Theia is the first detector in the world to completely eliminate false alerts from vehicle safety systems such as blind spot monitors and radar cruise control. Theia also delivers desirable features such as directional arrows, a premium metal case, WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, and another world first: the ability to specifically identify police radar guns by name.

“We are doubling-down on the radar detector category,” President and CEO Jonathan Dandrow states. “Our multi-million dollar investment in this project, including the construction of a complete microwave R&D lab in Cincinnati, demonstrates the lengths we are willing to go to create the best products and innovate in the field we are deeply passionate about. We appreciate our retailers and partners that have helped us grow, and we look forward to supporting them for the long run with this new platform and our expanded engineering capabilities.”

In addition to providing Theia with the most sensitivity of any radar detector in the world, another benefit of using artificial intelligence is rapid updates. Radenso states that if a new “false positive” radar emitter is found, the AI can be “trained” to filter it out in less than one hour. This speed of updates is revolutionary; currently humans must try to filter false alerts with complicated mathematical algorithms that take months or years to develop. Dandrow points out that this is a bonus for installing dealers, who no longer will have to worry if a car’s safety systems will interfere with the customer’s new radar detector.

Theia will be shipping in 2020.

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Ricky Smith’s Audio Tent Sale & Cruise In

LAFAYETTE, LA (11.14.2019) – The second annual Tent Sale and Cruise In drew cars, Jeeps, trucks and a Sling Shot to the Ricky Smith’s Audio parking lot on Saturday, November 9th.

Event signage grabbed attention from the busy Johnson Street thoroughfare.

“The weather was perfect. The deals we had in place were smoking. We had quite a selection of vehicles in the lot of the shopping center. A really unique older Ford pickup, Charger, Mustang and a Sling Shot were attention getters. The Sling Shot highlighted a recent installation we did with 4 speakers, amp and head unit. All could hear the Sling Shot across the parking lot” Alan Benit stated.

This unique highly customized pickup is thought to be a Ford.

The large custom Ricky Smith’s Audio tent attracted attention from the busy Johnson Drive in front of the shopping center.

This SlingShot, that had a recent extensive audio upgrade at Ricky Smith’s, rocked with its owner.

Ricky Smith’s Audio is a MESA member and utilized their ever growing email database to deliver information about the promotion. Benit offered “It was very good to see people come into the store with our Tent Sale and Cruise In promo on their phones. We sold a number of the bass packages we featured on the email.”

While the event was successful, the Alabama-LSU game that started at 2:30 on Saturday afternoon definitely slowed activity at the event.

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Fortin Releases New EVO 4 SERIES RF Solutions

MONTREAL, QUEBEC (11.14.2019) – Fortin has introduced its new EVO 4 SERIES RF solutions. EVO 4 SERIES lineup includes 3 1-way or 2-way FM 433 MHz RF kits, all supplied with two controllers, a Fortin FMH Antenna and an antenna cable.

The RFK411 RF kit includes two RM411 1-button 1-way remotes that cover 2,000 feet (600 meters). The RFK441 RF kit includes two RM411 4-button 1-way remotes that cover 2,800 feet (850 meters). Finally, the RFK442 RF kit includes two 4-button 2-way remotes that cover 3,000 feet (915 meters).

Fortin Electronic Systems is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of integrated consumer solutions for vehicle control and connectivity.

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IASCA Enters a New Chapter with Travis Chin at the Helm

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (11.13.2019) – IASCA Worldwide President Paul Papadeas announced today that the Premier Sound-off Association is changing hands in ownership.

Long time IASCA competitor, Certified Judge, Judge Trainer and Event Producer Travis Chin assumes the mantle as leader of the car audio marketing organization formed in 1987.

Travis Chin

“Travis has been a competitor since 1994, and is an IASCA Certified Judge and Judge Trainer, participating and producing events nationally and traveling, training IASCA Judges internationally,” said Papadeas. “He has demonstrated the posture of a leader and a professional, befitting of the industry’s premier Sound-off organization, and is well respected among his peers.”

“Having been involved with IASCA for close to 20 years and in the last decade as its Director, the feeling is bittersweet, but I’m very excited for the future of the organization under Travis’ leadership” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA Worldwide. “I’m quite confident that Travis, along with IASCA’s group of colleagues nationwide and internationally, will keep the IASCA mission moving forward. We at the current IASCA office will work closely with Travis and his team to make the transition as seamless as possible.”

“I’m excited to take over the IASCA mission” said Travis Chin, “it’s been one of my passions for a long time. Over the next several weeks, I plan to work with Moe and Kim Sabourin to become acclimated. I look forward to upholding the principles and traditions that IASCA has established over the last 32 years. I will also enjoy connecting with industry leaders and work with the other associations to further the promotional efforts that are most important to the industry.”

Papadeas commented, “Throughout the last three decades, industry has benefitted in many ways from Sound-off events; they are the best grass roots efforts to promote consumer exposure and are worthy of manufacturer support. At this phase of my career after close to 50 years, I feel it important to pass the association on to a new generation, to a person as passionate about our industry as I have been; Travis is that person. I personally implore all car audio manufacturers and enthusiasts to support Travis in IASCA’s continuing mission.”

“I would like to thank all the competitor, dealer and industry supporters, as well as our international affiliate nations, for their commitment to IASCA during our tenure” Papadeas continued to say, “It has been an honor to serve you for close to 20 years.”

Official transfer of IASCA ownership will take place December 1st, 2019.

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Rockford Fosgate Introduces New Audio Kits For Harley-Davidson Road King Motorcycles

TEMPE, AZ (11.13.2019) – Road King riders can now experience great Rockford Fosgate audio out on the open road.

Rockford Fosgate the industry leader in high-performance audio systems, is proud to announce its new line of audio kits purpose built for Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycles. With an MSRP of $1199.99, the Road King kits are expected to begin shipping by year end.

“Both the 2014+ and 1998 – 2013 kits are designed to deliver an exceptional sound experience while retaining as much interior bag space as possible,” explained Greg Cobbs, Rockford Motorcycle Sales Manager. “The amplifier mounts to a custom plate inside the rear of the bag and powers 6 by 9 speakers installed into the top of the bag lids. Then the rider simply connects their smartphone via the included Bluetooth module and they’re ready to ride.”

The 6×9 inch bag lid speakers install seamlessly into the top of the factory bag lids using the included cutting template, waterproof bag lid mounts, and speaker grilles. They are then connected to the 400-watt amplifier and Bluetooth receiver via a plug and play wiring harness.

The entire system is Element Ready to withstand rain, dirt, and dust in the riding environment. The speakers are also highly efficient and tuned to overcome wind, exhaust and road noise.

Additional features and specifications for the HD14RK-Stage2 and HD9813RK-Stage2 include:

  • Element Ready Power Series 400-watt 4 channel amplifier
  • Element Ready Motorcycle Specific Power Series 6×9 inch Speaker (pair)
  • Amplifier installation kit with mounting brackets, speaker grilles, and wiring harness with Bluetooth receiver
  • Easy One Button Pairing
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 and Above, iOS 8.0 and Above
  • FCC, IC, RCM, CE Certified
  • 2 Year Warranty

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DEI Introduces Jeep Gladiator (JT) Headliner / Side Window Kit

AVON LAKE, OH (11.12.2019) – The Jeep Gladiator open air pickup is one of the most exciting vehicles to be introduced by Jeep in years, and now DEI, the leader in automotive heat and sound control, is hot on the trail by introducing a JT headliner kit to improve interior comfort and sound quality. Designed with a dual purpose of sound deadening and insulation, the headliner kit greatly reduces distracting road noise while insulating the interior from extreme heat or cold. Rides on or off the trail are much more enjoyable and the final product is a professional look that will add to resale value.

Made from marine grade foam that resists mold and mildew, the seven-piece Jeep headliner is custom cut and CNC machined for a perfect OE fit. Installation is easy.

Simply peel, position in place and stick-on for a secure fit. DEI’s Gladiator kit is available now in two finish options – Original or Leather Look. Original finish is available in three attractive colors: black, gray and white. Leather Look is available in black or gray.

Original Look Leather Look

050183 Black 050186 Gray

050184 Gray 050187 Black

050185 White

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2019 dB Drag Racing Australian Championship – Nov 23-24

(11.12.2019) – The 2019 dB Drag Racing Australian Championship will take place 23-24 November 2019 in Albion Park Rail, NSW. Competitors from all around Australia will compete in this invitational event hosted by Frankie’s Auto Electrics and Car Audio. There is an opportunity to compete in 4 different formats of competition including: dB Drag Racing, Bass Race, Psychlone and Top Dog for a total of 19 classes available. Trophies will be awarded to the 1st – 3rd place winners in each class, along with Championship Rings for 1st place winners.

The 2019 Australian Championship will be officiated by a team of Australian judges along with Wayne Harris (USA) and Ray Choy (Canada). The event sponsors include: Frankie’s Auto Electrics and Car Audio (Event Host and Trophy Sponsor), Pioneer (Ring sponsor), DD Audio, Sony, Aerpro, Hertz, Audison, Vibe, Kenwood and Rockford Fosgate.

2019 Australian Championship:
Frankie’s Auto Electrics and Car Audio
69 Princes Highway
Albion Park Rail, NSW 2527

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