SCOSCHE Congratulates Nic Ashby of Rockstar Performance Garage for Being Named “SuperJeep Builder Of The Year”

OXNARD, CA (02.14.2020) – Scosche congratulates their partner Nic Ashby
of Rockstar Performance Garage (RPG) on this prestigious and well-deserved honor.

Nic Ashby and Rockstar Performance Garage have partnered with Scosche since 2016. In addition to completing several vehicle builds with us, including our 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, they test, use, and create content for Scosche products including: smartphone mounts, powersports mounts and mirrors, chargers and cables, vehicle jump starters, backup batteries, power inverters and more.This product testing is carried out by Nic, the RPG Team and their ambassadors in their vehicle builds, everywhere from daily drives to extreme off road environments such as trail runs, and races, like King of the Hammers.

On February 12, 2020, MotorTrend magazine announced that Rockstar Performance Garage’s owner Nic Ashby has been named Builder of the Year by MotorTrend’s American SuperJeep Challenge. As part of the inaugural competition, the American SuperJeep Challenge invited the top custom modified Jeep Builders in the country to compete for the title of SuperJeep Champion Builder of the Year. Entries were required to pass pre-set modification requirements to qualify, and were judged by an elite panel of diversified industry leaders, including Courtney Hansen, Terry Madden and Greg Henderson.

“We scoured the country looking for some of the most exciting and unique rigs and builders in America. Our goal is to highlight the incredible skill that exists among today’s builders who have mastered working with a uniquely American platform – The Jeep Wrangler,” said Tony May, Executive Producer, American SuperJeep Challenge. “We could not be happier with the competitors for our first series, and while all of the participants deserve recognition for their many contributions to the off-road community, GRDLOC’s marriage of form, function and creativity ultimately earned Nic Ashby and Rockstar Performance Garage the top spot.”

The winning builders and their one-of-a-kind builds were ultimately measured by the highest standards, based on custom modifications, fabrications and its craftsmanship as well as creativity, presentation, overall functionality – and put to the test during a series of challenges at the 2020 King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, California.

GRDLOC – A 1983 CJ7 Jeep was redesigned and built to be a dream rig on and off the road. “GRDLOC is my personal build and a passion project that has involved nearly every member of the team at RPG, I’m proud to share this recognition

with my team and honored that we had the opportunity to compare our work head-to-head with the work of colleagues and fellow shop owners who we all hold in such high regard,” said Nic Ashby, Proprietor of LDRSHIPdesigns and Rockstar Performance Garage. “I’m thankful to American SuperJeep and MotorTrend for creating this platform and I look forward to following along as the series grows and more builders have the opportunity to showcase their passion.”

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DS18 Partners with A&W Distributors

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (02.13.2020) – DS18 has again opened another major distributor, this one is in Dallas, TX. A&W Distributors will be serving Dallas, Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas for the fastest fulfillment for all DS18 products. Mobile Audio, Marine and PowerSports from DS18 is in stock at the company’s Harry Hines location. Brothers Maher and Maged Awad began their car audio electronics distribution business in 1979. Over the past 30 years A&W has grown into one of the largest 12Volt distributors in the nation.

DS18 CEO Sasha Susterman stated “We are very proud to have A&W as a part of the DS18 family. Now customers and dealers can experience their excellent customer service and receive DS18 products much faster than being shipped from Miami.”

With a highly qualified staff, A&W provides their dealers with the best customer service and the latest product technology and support. A&W doesn’t just see their dealers as a customer, they see everyone as a business partner. Every decision they make and deal with, A&W keeps in mind every customer’s needs and to make sure what they are doing is in the dealers best interest.

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Nakamichi Gets in Front of Dealers at Long Beach KnowledgeFest

LONG BEACH, CA (02.13.2020) – Nakamichi Car Audio made the most of its first appearance at Knowledgefest this past weekend by talking to dealers from California plus bordering Western States and making a case for carrying the relaunched line.

Local reps Jerry Zemming (Sound Sales & Marketing) and Scott Schmidt (Cardoza & Company) showing the Nakamichi line up to interested California dealers.

Present at the Long Beach show were California reps Sound Sales & Marketing (So Cal) and Cardoza & Company (No Cal). Both were on hand to take dealers through the range of new products and discuss the Nakamichi brand philosophy and profit potential.

Dealers saw the production unit first hand.

Of particular interest was the new 2020 single DIN mechless (no CD) model NQ-721BE. This new short chassis addition features RGB multi color 2-line VA (Vertical Alignment) display, 10-band EQ, 2 phone connection for Bluetooth pairing, Nak Control APP smart phone compatibility for iOS and Android along with 4-volt front and rear line outputs. The NQ-721BE has a MSRP of $89.95 and is ready to ship this month.

Robin McNeal-Nakamichi National Sales Manager and Orestes Ordaz-Diplomat Trading Sales Manager host a dinner with staffs from Sound Sales & Marketing and Cardoza & Company.

Friday night exclusive U.S. agent for Nakamichi, Diplomat Trading, hosted an appreciation meal at a nearby steakhouse for the local reps that helped work the Long Beach show. In attendance for dinner were Jerry Zemming—Sound Sales & Marketing and the crew from Cardoza & Company—Mark Cardoza, Scott Schmidt and Micah Boren.

“We were very happy with the quality of the dealers we saw in Long Beach,” stated Robin McNeal—National Sales Manager for Nakamichi, “and are looking forward to even a bigger turnout in Indianapolis next month.”

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Earmark Car And Marine Audio Made Waves at the Dallas Boat Show

DALLAS, TX (02.13.2020) – Earmark Car and Marine Audio exhibited at the recent Dallas Boat Show at Dallas Market Hall. The event was held over 2 weekends, January 31 – February 2 and February 6 – 9.

Earmark’s Captain, Joe Parker, related this was the 13th year the company has exhibited at the Dallas Boat Show. The company’s Lewisville location is located just north of Dallas in ‘Lake Country.’ Jim Johnson worked the booth with Parker to show the company’s marine offerings to members of the crowd.

Joe Parker pictured in the install bay area with a $4,500 job just finished for a customer from the Dallas Boat Show.

Parker stated “The investment in exhibiting at the Dallas Boat Show is very good. We receive tremendous exposure for the Earmark brand and the manufacturers that are presented in the booth. JL Audio, Wet Sounds and Kenwood Marine were featured in out 10×20 booth. With a staff of 2 working the booth it made for long hours but will prove, once again, to be a very good investment. Mark Couch, from Team Sales our JL Audio rep, was in the booth with us and a great help.”

As a direct, and immediate, result of exhibiting at the boat show Earmark has just completed a $4500. boat job. That will go quite away to paying for the cost of the booth at Market Hall.

Click above to view this video on Instagram via @earmarkcaraudio_lewisville

During the show Parker kept a notebook noting the names and contact information of attendees that were ‘real potentials’. That list to followup with topped 3 dozen.

While speaking with Parker, on his cellphone, a call came into the store’s line. That call ended with an appointment for the caller to bring his boat in for a new system.

Hat’s off to Earmark Car and Marine Audio for seeing the value of participating in an offsite event.

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Fortified SQL for 2020

NASHVILLE, TN (02.12.2020) – MECA’s Sound Quality League (SQL) program is growing, with more people involved as competitors and judges for the 2020 season. With 80+ vehicles involved in SQL contests at both the 2018 and 2019 Finals, MECA entertained the largest sound quality groups in the club’s history. With the 2020 season underway, the state of MECA SQL is strong.

Steve Stern, MECA COMMISH, has the new MECA SQL Rules Book set for 2020.

The 4X SQL contests were well received during the 2019 season, the first year these elite events were offered. With major support from ARC Audio as Title Sponsor for the series, MECA will elevate the sound quality contests, using the 3 judge rating system for each vehicle. Each judge scores the systems, and the average score determines the winner. MECA has used a 100 point scoring system since 1999, updated and improved as needed over the years. ARC Audio’s participation will help to pay for travel expenses for the judges, the most experienced and talented “ears” in the organization.

MECA’s annual SQL Judge Training session will be held in Nashville on the weekend of 2/22-23. This is the largest class of judge hopefuls to date, with 18 signed up from TX, CA, TN, SC, PA, and IN. On Saturday, judges will be trained specifically on scoring the sound quality contests. This will include listening to source music tracks on a “reference” system, a live performance with TN string band The Goodies, and the Beethoven Festival concert at the Nashville Symphony. Training will be held at Stu Phillips’ Stage d’or, owned by the Grand Old Opry Hall of Fame entertainer. Trainees will practice real-world scoring at MECA’s annual Freezefest event (part of the SQLOLOGY series) on Sunday, working at Audio Specialists store in Clarksville, TN. Several SQL World Champion vehicles will be there for training listening sessions, including Rob Bess’ 2019 Culbertson Cup winner. The SQL Judge Training session provides several listening experiences, so that judges can compare and concepetualize the quality and realism of SQL systems. Commisioner Steve Stern and SQL Coordinator Vinny Taylor will conduct the training.

The 2020 SQL Rule Book is posted at:
No major changes were added, only verifications and some necessary judging guidelines.

Contact the Commissioner at or 615-851-7428 to review options for SQL contests for worthy promotions for Retailers and Manufacturers. MECA is very active at: and PM’s are welcome.

KICKER Marine Audio – Ready to GO OVERBOARD at The Miami International Boat Show – February 13-17, 2020

STILLWATER, OK (02.12.2020) – KICKER Marine Audio is coming on strong in the marine industry as evidenced by its presence and activity at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show, on Virginia Key, February 13-17.

KICKER, long recognized in the “12-Volt” world of automotive, truck and powersports mobile audio, has recently flexed its muscle in the marine environment. While the brand initially appealed to many lake boats, excelling in the pontoon, wake and surf boat markets, it has recently expanded to the fishing boats and cruiser market, thanks to the growing appeal of its strong waterproof and reliable product characteristics.

At the Miami Show, KICKER Marine Audio has teamed up with Reef Runner Boats as a key sponsor in the manufacturer’s third annual “Battle Breast Cancer Giveaway.” The charitable fundraiser features a $25 ticket donation campaign for the giveaway of a 230 open fishing boat, valued at $85,000 retail, with all funds raised to benefit breast cancer research for the Susan G. Komen Miami/Fort Lauderdale organization. KICKER Marine Audio donated a full sound system, valued at nearly $4,000, joining additional sponsors like Evinrude, TACO Marine, SeaDek, Epson and others to support the effort. The boat will be prominently displayed at the show entrance, space D-50. A lucky winner will be drawn at the show at 1 PM on Monday, February 17.

KICKER Marine Audio will also participate at the show’s opening industry event on Thursday morning featuring Marine Marketers of America (MMA) and Boating Writing International (BWI) in a joint annual awards celebration. KICKER is the exclusive event sponsor for the MMA Neptune Awards, along with a category sponsorship of the BWI Travel Award. In addition, the company has donated raffle prizes to the awards event featuring giveaways of its high-end blue tooth product, EB200 Earbuds and the Tabor Over-the-ear headset.

KICKER will show its line-up of marine audio equipment in the D-Tent #139. Coaxials, subwoofers, amplifiers, receivers, service units and remotes for operation and lighting are part of the offerings, but KICKER Marine Audio has gone the extra mile behind the scenes to ensure that its marine components and rigging are waterproof, durable and problem-free. This attention to detail is expressly seen in items like fuses, cables, coaxial speakers and subwoofers, which are both certified and compliant to stringent marine standards.

While “compliance” (relying on the manufacturer to test its own products) and “certification” (requiring third party review) are equipment terms often used, in the international marine industry these descriptors hold even more credence.

“We ensure that the right product is used for the application,” states Phil White, KICKER’s Unit Director of Marine Audio Systems, “KICKER Audio components are designed to meet or exceed U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) as well as American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) standards. We also carry certification on certain items for water-tightness, ignition protection, and IP rating. We want to ensure that our high standards meet those of our boat builder partners, so every installation involving KICKER Marine Audio components can be waterproof, safe, and eliminate any avoidable risk in the harsh marine environment.”

Items like fuse holders, ground distribution and cables are USCG and ABYC compliant, protecting electrical circuits against short circuits and corrosion, with construction and labelling compliant with USCG and ABYC standards. The Marine Rated Battery Fuses (MRBF) are certified IP66, meaning they are sealed to protect against dust and water intrusion. These KICKER Marine Audio fuses are also certified as Ignition Protected so they will not ignite flammable or explosive vapors in your engine compartment or enclosed spaces.

KICKER has taken a big step with ISO marine certification for its coaxial speakers and woofers. Kicker coaxial speakers and woofers are certified to meet the same ISO standard which applies to marine windows, doors and hatches, as those audio components must withstand water intrusion as well. Carrying this ISO certification has had a major impact in the EU and the rest of the global market.

KICKER tests all components in real life situations: salt fog, for corrosion; weather, for UV and moisture resistance; and IP testing for debris and water ingress, thereby providing OEM builders, dealers and customers with ultimate peace of mind when using KICKER Marine Audio. New products are also being added to the roster including more wiring, AMP kits, RCA Interconnects and terminals, all designed from the start to be marine compliant.

“KICKER Marine Audio delivers a trustworthy experience for our highly valued marine industry customers and the retail community,” says Jeremy Bale, Brand Manager for Lifestyle and Marine Products, “We deliver total confidence in our product as proven in over 40 years of manufacturing top-quality mobile sound systems, with the goal to continually grow our brand and reputation in the recreational marine marketplace.”

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Cadence Partners with 12 Volt News in Product Giveaway

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA (02.12.2020) – Cadence has partnered with 12 Volt News to giveaway a pair of ​IQ 653GE Speakers​ to a special winner, selected randomly by 12 Volt. The winner was announced via ​Instagram​ – and it was ​Stereo City Pros​.

Rick Kahn pictured in his Carmichael, CA store with the Cadence 12volt Spin-To-Win prize.
John Velez in the Cadence City of Industry warehouse set to send the Cadence speakers to Stereo City Pros.

Here at Cadence, we enjoy partnering with companies like 12 Volt, which gives us the opportunity to get involved with more car audio lovers and dealers like Stereo City Pros. We cannot wait to see what kind of car these speakers are installed in.

Interested in becoming a dealer? Dealer and Representative inquiries are welcome. Visit our website​ or give us a call 626.465.3383. Make sure to visit our new and improved website: ​

Epsilon Hiring for International Sales Position

Epsilon Electronics Inc. operates as a corporate umbrella for various 12volt brands that include Soundstream, Power Acoustik, Precision Power, Farenheit, and NESA. In addition, Epsilon is the second largest aftermarket car video supplier in the USA. As an innovator in the industry, Epsilon holds over 13 key industry patents.

International Sales Position Skill Requirements:

– Preferably 5+ years experience as an international manufacturer representative

– A strong work ethic with the ability to work self-sufficiently

– Conduct business according to company values

– Experience in and knowledge of the 12v market

– Must enjoy spending time on phone and computer

– Must be ready to travel Europe, Asia, as well as other countries

– Superior real-time social media skills for International updates

– Basic computer skills and ability to use our proprietary software for order entry and fulfillment

– Generate new business

– Help sustain and manage current accounts

– Responsible for hitting monthly sales and new dealer goals of the business
– Deliver on a timely basis any promises made to customer regarding products and services
– Continuously analyze customer business (inventory, sales trend, financial status, etc.)

Essential Job Qualifications & Capabilities
Honesty – direct, and factual communication and actions with internal and external customers
Organized – able to effectively manage schedule, duties, and submit reports in a timely manner
Responsible – takes full ownership and owning mistakes without transferring blame or responsibility
Inspiring – able to inspire/ mentor/ coach/ the team to help motivate them for success
Decisive –  able to make difficult decisions and communicate without hesitation.

Please Submit Resume To Ronnie@Poweracoustik.Com Or Call At (317) 459-1243 For Consideration.

Angel Distributing Hosted The Annual ‘Dealer Appreciation Show’ on February 8th & 9th

BIRMINGHAM, AL (02.11.2020) – The 2020 Angel Distributing ‘Dealer Appreciation Show’ was a strong event. The Saturday evening activities and Sunday show both took place at the Angel Distributing facility in Birmingham, AL. The Saturday Meet & Greet-that included food, beverages and networking with vendors and fellow dealers was from 6 PM until 9 PM. Tubs of wings, trays of veggies and fruit plus beverages were enjoyed. The Sunday show, with over 2 dozen top 12volt brands exhibiting and 6 vendor training sessions, was from 9 AM – 4 PM. A 10 x 20 tent featured closeout specials.

Stan Smith, Railroad Bazaar (L), received a Dealer of the Year Ward and is pictured with Angel’s Vince Brown.

Charlie Angel stated “This is a wonderful time of the year as we welcome our friends and customers to our annual ‘Dealer Appreciation Show’. We moved the show to earlier February dates this year so as not to interfere with dealer’s busy tax season. The move to the earlier date, and having everything at our warehouse, worked out very well.”

Chad Seekers, Angel GM, spearheaded show activities. “We had 122 dealers represented at the show this year. Dealers from Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and across Alabama attended. This year we added vendors Nakamichi, Phoenix Gold and TRIMAX trailer locks plus RuffTuff seat covers. Those new brands showed their products with Nakamichi and TRIMAX grabbing a lot of attention. In addition the 6 vendor training sessions on the schedule brought dealers up to speed on the latest from JVC, PowerBass, Euphoria, WeatherTech, Metra and Phoenix Gold on Sunday. Michael Davis did a great job highlighting everything in the WeatherTech line.”

Phil Bruner (R), Phil’s Tint and Alarm, is pictured with his Angel Distributing Dealer of the Year Award with Angel’s Charlie Angel. This year there were 2 Dealer of the Year Awards.

A special announcement was made during the show that in the near future dealers will be able to place orders online via the Angel Distributing website.

Brands in the house included Metra’s Brands, PowerBass, JVC, Kicker, Euphoria, Q-Power, Nakamichi, Race Sport Lighting, LinksWell, Rostra, WeatherTech, Design Engineering, SolarGard, Renegade Audio, AAMP, Phoenix Gold, Accele, Polk Audio, Wet Sounds, TRIMAX and RuffTuff.

Jeff Falk, PowerBass National Sales Manager, stated “The Angel was a great show to kick off the season. Dealers were excited about all the new OE products that PowerBass has for 2010.”

Robin McNeal, Nakamichi National Sales Manager offered “It was super to near Angel Distributing had a very good show with the Nakamichi line. We have an exciting line and think dealers will see the value and add Nakamichi to their store’s mix.”

Metra Electronics received the Angel Distributing Manufacturer of the Year Award. Metra’s Paul Von Feldt and Dallas Lovelace pictured with Angel GM Chad Seekers (L to R).

Neil Ottavi, TRIMAX, offered “Angel brought in our line of trailer locks and hitches which can offer dealers a new business opportunity for their customers. Dealers in our booth definitely saw the possibilities.”

During the show on Sunday Angel Distributing presented awards for Dealer of the Year, Manufacturer of the Year and Rep Firm of the Year. Two Angel Distributing Dealers received Dealer of the Year. Phil’s Tint and Alarm, with Phil Bruner accepting, along with Railroad Bazaar and Stan Smith received customized Angel thermal tumbler awards. The Manufacturer of the Year Award went to Metra with Paul Von Feldt and Dallas Lovelace accepting the custom Angel thermal tumbler. Manufacturer Rep Firm of the Year was bestowed on Tech Marketing with Richie Holtzman accepting the Angel thermal tumbler.

Richie Holtzman (R) holds the Angel Distributing Rep Firm of the Year Award. Holtzman is the Principal of Tech Marketing and is pictured with Angel GM Chad Seekers.

“The closeout area last year was strong and this year it was even stronger with the 10×20 tent. Should have been a 10×30 tent. Dealers brought their vans and pickups and loaded up. We worked very hard to make the trip to our show great for our customers. The World of Wheels was in Birmingham the weekend of our show and several dealers went there Saturday before coming to our show” Seekers added.

Angel concluded “Our manufacturers worked with us to give our dealers the best discounts of the year. Also, with the Saturday night activities at our warehouse many dealers got one-on-one time with reps and factories and placed their orders. That helped make sure everyone was taken care of in a timely fashion. We thank all for coming to our ‘Dealer Appreciation Show’ 2020 and look forward to a great year.”

Angel Distributing has been hosting a yearly ‘Dealer Appreciation Show’ for over 2 decades. A big 12volt News Hat’s Off to the entire Angel Distributing Team that worked long hours and into the nights to deliver a terrific ‘Dealer Appreciation Show’ for their dealers.

See #12vnn_angel2020 to see posts from the Angel ‘Dealer Appreciation Show’. Stay tuned @12voltnews for daily posts of fresh industry news.

WeBoost Helps Signals Weather the Storm

(02.11.2020) – We know that weather affects satellite and radio signal, with even a light mist greatly hampering satellite TV viewing, but did you know that weather also has a big impact on your cellular signal? As we forge through winter and into spring, unpredictable weather from blizzards to heavy rain storms can greatly impact your phone’s ability to connect to its network at home or in your car or RV.

Cellular network traffic is carried on radio waves, and that means it can be affected by atmospheric conditions in the same manner as terrestrial radio signals. Whether the effect on signal is direct — such as thunderstorms causing electrical interference — or indirect — such as a change of season from winter to spring leading to budding trees that physically block signal — weather can be a huge factor in the diffusion, weakening, and even blocking of cell signals as they travel to and from the cell tower. Even a completely sunny day can hurt cellular signal if there’s high humidity. Thankfully, you can greatly reduce the impact of weather on your device’s cellular connection with a cellular signal booster from weBoost for your car, RV, home or office.

Are you interested in learning more? I’m happy to set up an interview with an expert from cellular signal boost leader weBoost. You can also find more information here. We also have review units available if you’d like to see how the boosters stack up against Mother Nature.

Alina Tichacek
(m) 618-534-9717

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