Tint World Hosted Virtual Car Meet Via Zoom

ORLANDO, FL (04.07.2020) – Tint World Longwood, the Orlando area’s leading auto accessory and window tinting franchise, invited Orlando-area auto enthusiasts to safely connect with up to 300 other fellow car lovers this past weekend at an online event created to keep the local car scene running during a period of social distancing and stay-at-home mandates.  

Pete Muller posted this image on Sunday,  to test the live video feed, prior to the live  Virtual Car Meet Zoom call.

“Orlando has a huge car scene,” said Tint World Longwood owner Pete Muller. “You can typically find a car show every day of the week. For many people, it’s an important part of their social life. So while we’re all staying in place as much as possible, we hosted a virtual car show this past weekend that anyone could join from their own driveway or garage.”

This image is a screenshot of the live Virtual Car Meet Zoom call. Images of enthusiasts on the call are pictured. Muller is pictured on the top row-Second from the left. Tara Bush, Zoom call co-host, is pictured top row 3rd from the left.

The virtual car meet was hosted on Zoom on Sunday, April 5, from 4-6 p.m.

TintWorld Orlando’s Pete Muller commented to 12volt News, “This was a very good ‘experiment’ and possibly the very first live car meet on Zoom. In and out we generally had over 20 enthusiasts on the Zoom call. We were all relaxed, had a beverage in hand and talked car stuff. All could see the cars and garages of those on the Zoom call. All in all it was a very positive 2 hours.”

Tint World Orlando posted this announcement for the Live Virtual Car Meet days prior to the Zoom call.

Tara Bush, who owns FLACarShows.com, co-hosted the Zoom live car meet with Muller.

“I noticed there were several names on the Zoom call that I was not familiar with from the store. They will be good followup opportunities. Also, I noticed a few on the call had a ski rig or an ATV,” Muller added.

Great to see proactive 12volt retailers, like Pete Muller, exploring new ways to connect with consumers and create interest in the wide selection of products 12volt retailers offer in today’s marketplace.

Visit tintworld.com for more.

Stinger Marine Announces New Universal Dash Kit

CLEARWATER, FL (04.07.2020) – Stinger Marine has announced the first universal dash kit for boat owners who want to upgrade their marine audio, with minimal modifications.

The SEADASH dash kit allows you to easily add or convert to a 3-inch gauge marine-style aftermarket radio, even if the current opening is an oversized splash protector or single DIN rectangle. The 8 independent mounting configurations will not require additional modifications on most applications.

Available in white and black, these dash kits feature OEM-grade ASTM-G154-16-certified UV-protected ASA and stainless hardware for a multitude of installation configurations without having to modify the console in any way. Of course, they also work perfectly with Stinger’s new SPXM1 Radio, launching this summer 2020.

The kit is available at a very low MSRP of $39.99.

Visit stingerelectronics.com for more.

BOSS Audio Launches Four New Elite Series Amplifiers

OXNARD, CA (04.07.2020) – BOSS Audio Systems has announced the launch of four new Elite Series amplifiers. The BE1200.1D, BE600.2D, BE300.4D, and BE2200.5D are now shipping.

“As more and more consumers are looking for more power for the buck, BOSS Elite has the answer with four new amplifiers that are powerful, but also provide the durability at a price point that can’t be matched,” explained Doug Kern, BOSS Audio Systems VP of Sales. “Compact in size but with Class D power, these amps really pack a punch in little packages allowing those with not much space in their rides to create a great system. No matter the install, BOSS Elite has the amplifier for you.”

The new BOSS Elite amplifiers feature:
• High and Low Level Inputs
• Fixed High/Low Pass Crossovers
• Variable Bass Boost
• Remote Subwoofer Control
• Illuminated End Panel Strips
• 5-Year Elite Warranty

The BOSS Elite BE1200.1D 1200W (MAX) monoblock, Class A/B amplifier also features:
• Power (Max): 1200 W X 1 @ 2 ohm; 600 W X 1 @ 4 ohm
• Dimensions: 7.8in. L x 4.6in. W x 1.7in. H
• MSRP: $99.99

The BOSS Elite BE600.2D 600W 2-Channel Full Range, Class D amplifier also features:
• Power (Max): 300 W X 2 @ 2 ohm; 150 W X 2 @ 4 ohm
• Dimensions: 9.7in. L x 4.6in. W x 1.7in. H
• MSRP: $124.99

The BOSS Elite BE300.4D 1200W 4-Channel Full Range, Class D amplifier also features:
• Power (Max): 300 W X 4 @ 2 ohm; 150 W X 4 @ 4 ohm; 600 W X 2 @ 4 ohm (Max bridged)
• Dimensions: 9.7in. L x 4.6in. W x 1.7in. H
• MSRP: $139.99

The BOSS Elite BE2200.5D 2200W 5-Channel Full Range, Class D amplifier also features:
• Power (Max): 300 W X 4 @ 2 ohm; 150 W X 4 @ 4 ohm; 600 W X 2 @ 4 ohm (Max bridged); 1000 W X 1 @ 2 ohm (5th channel); 500 W X 1 @ 4 ohm (5th channel)
• Includes Remote Subwoofer Control
• Dimensions: 15.3in. L x 4.6in. W x 1.7in. H
• MSRP: $229.99

“Packed with features and the reliability BOSS Audio has become famous for, our new Elite Series amplifiers won’t break the bank while providing your system the power it craves,” Kern concluded.

Visit www.bossaudio.com for more.

KICKER Marine Audio Joins Reef Runner Boats to “GO Overboard!” in Boat Donation Campaign

MIAMI, FL (04.06.2020) – Just before the Coronavirus changed all of our lives, Omar Fakhri and his son Laithe drove to South Florida from their home outside Dallas, Texas to pick up the 230 Reef Runner center console that they won in the Battle Breast Cancer Giveaway at February’s Miami International Boat Show. It couldn’t have been a better Spring Break and birthday gift for Laithe, who just turned 12, and his father, who with the Reef Runner Boat, is beginning his “fleet,” adding to his current 26’ center console fishing boat.

Omar Fakhri the Reef Runner winner, along with his son Laithe,  and Patrick Farres-Reef Runner during the sea trial of his new 230 Center Console won in the Battle Breast Cancer Giveaway at the Miami International Boat Show 2020.

Fakhri learned of the Reef Runner campaign, its third annual boat giveaway campaign to fight breast cancer, through an online forum where he has been active for 10 years. Like most who have had a family or social circle brush with breast cancer, Fakhri was eager to support a good cause, but never dreamed of actually winning the boat. His wife even told him, “No one wins a fishing boat!” So when Reef Runner’s owner, Donna Milo, called Fakhri on February 17 and told him he won, he was in an airport, traveling internationally and laughed, “Yeah, right, I know you’re screwing with me!” It took a moment for reality to set in, as the group of sponsors and fans at the Miami Boat Show had gathered at the Reef Runner booth and were listening eagerly to the speaker-broadcasted phone call.

Omar and his son Laithe pictured with their new 230 Reef Runner. They drove from outside Dallas to pick up the Reef Runner prize from the Battle Breast Cancer Boat Donation at the Miami International Boat Show 2020.

At delivery a few weeks later, grins were broad and spirits were high as the father and son team joined with Patrick Farris, VP and Donna Milo, owner of Reef Runner Boats for a sea trial and the twin 230 center consoles hit Biscayne Bay. Fakhri connected his phone by Bluetooth to the KICKER Marine Audio system, tuning in his son’s favorite Sirius Radio channels.

The donated KICKER system, valued at just under $5,000, included bow and T-top mounted speakers, lighted coaxial covers, a subwoofer, amplifier, source unit and remote and was installed by Reef Runner as a weather proof system to all KICKER certified and marine compliant standards.

These Kicker Speakers, just part of the $5,000 Kicker system, will be Livin’Loud as Kicker Marine Audio ‘Goes Overboard’ with the system on the prize 230 Reef Runner.

“KICKER did a great job on this system!” said Fakhri, “It was easy to connect, and we cranked it up—WOW!  It was really loud!” They adjusted it a bit to enjoy their favorite tunes and the duo set out with a mild chop and wind on Biscayne Bay.

Laithe named the boat “Trident” as a nod to Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea’s spear, since he saw the 23’ Reef Runner piercing the sea. He and his father were setting out to get the feel of the boat–and its sound system—while heading to a local beach to go for a swim, explore the area for the afternoon and plan the rest of their trip before heading back to Texas. The experience provided some family bonding–a real plus to a perfect South Florida boating day! Fakhri intends to use the Reef Runner as the family’s “reef” boat for shallow red and snapper fishing.

“This hull holds really well—she’ll lean in the turns but holds!” said Fakhri. Milo explained that Reef Runner’s keel strake enables that handling—“She loves the waves and just wants to jump over them! There’s no pounding,” Milo added.  

The Battle Breast Cancer boat giveaway enjoyed sponsorships not just from KICKER Marine Audio, but also from Evinrude, Edson, TACO Marine, Ocean Tamer, SeaDek by Castaway Customs and Center Consoles Only, but KICKER was pleased to add to the prize package, plans to continue its support, and as a result, became Reef Runner’s sound system of choice for its boats. “We love the system!” says Milo, “It was easy to install and the quality and sound is impeccable!”

“We are pleased to support the effort of Reef Runner Boat as so  many of us have had our lives touched by cancer. We see this as a great opportunity to add our expertise and products to this effort—boats built for a great cause!” says Jeremy Bale, KICKER Marine Audio’s National Brand Manager for Lifestyle and Marine Products. “KICKER Marine Audio delivers a trustworthy experience,” he adds, “We deliver total confidence in our product as proven in over 40 years of manufacturing top-quality mobile sound systems, with the goal to continually grow our brand and reputation in the recreational marine marketplace.”

Visit kicker.com for more.

PowerBass Releases XL-4255MX IPX67 Amplifiers

ONTARIO, CA (04.06.2020) – The XL series was developed for the growing Power Sports market including UTV and Marine applications, where electronics must withstand harsh damp environments.

The circuit boards have been conformal coated with a layer of transparent material that protects the parts against moisture, dust and extreme temperatures.

While the harsh environments can leave electronics in situations that water and extreme dust is a factor, the new XL-MX series amplifiers have been designed to remain completely sealed with an IPX67 Water Resistance Rating ensuring your amplifier stays dry even when your ride leaves you all wet.

These ultra small weather resistant amplifiers are ideal for all types of outdoor audio applications such as motorcycles, golf carts and off road vehicles. But the small size also makes these amps a great choice anywhere space is a premium.

Click here to visit XL-4255MX product page.

Utilizing the latest Class D circuit design these amplifiers may be small on size but they are big on power and have a much lower current draw compared to other amplifiers with similar power output. The wrap around aluminum heatsink keeps everything running cool.

Extremely versatile, each model gives you’re a choice of low level RCA input or 3.5mm (1/8”) mini-pug Aux Input. The Aux Input allows for easy connection of portable devices such as an iPod, MP3 player or smartphone to become your source unit.

4 Channel IPX67 Rated Amplifier
125W RMS x 4 @ 4Ω
250W RMS x 4 @ 2Ω
500W RMS x 2 @ 4Ω

Visit powerbassusa.com for more.

Accent Mobile Gets Smart

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (04.06.2020) – Accent Mobile, a division of Accele Electronics focused on solutions for Expeditors, Upfitters and Fleet Managers has announced their latest solution in the ADAS category, our RVC180CTD.

“Smart Camera.” The RVC180CTD “Image Recognition” Camera offers a 160 Degree view while actually monitoring a 180 Degree “Field of Vision,” alerting drivers when a moving object such as another vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist is about to cross their path. The unique technology is part of the microprocessor built-in to this compact Wide View, Hi Resolution Camera,” said Bob Goodman, Accent Mobile, Director Of Channel Sales.

Goodman added, “Cross Traffic Detection is one of the most important and sought after features in ADAS products and typically only found in more expensive Blind Spot systems that require installation in addition to a Back Up Camera. Our system uses any LCD Monitor available in the vehicle including aftermarket head units and Mirror Monitors, this is the perfect replacement or upgrade to a factory installed Camera. An additional feature is the option of Guidance Lines to assist in Parking. Using the Camera’s built-in microprocessor to extend its “Field of Vision” to a full 180 Degrees, an audible alert is triggered when a moving object such as a pedestrian or Bicyclist is about to cross its path. At the same time a visual warning with directional arrows is displayed on the Camera’s monitor. While most Microwave cross traffic detection devices on the market are only 60% effective in detecting (low mass ) Pedestrians or bicyclists, our new visual detection method gives you a 99% detection rate.”

Goodman continued, “Expeditors, Fleet Managers and Upfitters can now offer their customers a cost effective and unique solution for complete backup safety.”

The RVC180CTD joins an extensive portfolio of ADAS solutions including Microwave and Ultrasonic Blind Spot Systems. The RVC180CTD has a 3 Year Warranty and customers can take advantage of a special introductory promotion.

Visit accentmobile.net for more.

The 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Is Rolling In 2020…Traffic Jamz Wins

SHREVEPORT LA (03.28.20)  WTF…Win This Friday. The 12volt Spin-to-Win Wheel was created to bring an element of fun to the 12volt industry. Just over 4 months ago we celebrated the first anniversary of the weekly 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel.

The latest 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel winner, number 70, is Traffic Jamz in Gadsten, AL. The Wheel landed on the JBL space and a set of Tune120 earbuds will be headed to Shawn Kilgore.

Spinning out a new winner each Friday, a 12volt retailer can win a cool prize and top brands receive visibility across the marketplace.

12volt brands with a space on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel include Kicker, SiriusXM, Cadence, PowerBass, Sony, CRUX, DS18, SoundStream, AIS, Precision Power, JBL, Power Acoustik, Farenheit, Wilson Electronics and Image Dynamics. 12volt News $100. cash awards have spaces on the 12volt Spin-To-Wheel for a winning 12volt retailer.

Click to view.

Past winners of the 12volt Spin-To-Win include…Stereo & Video Center-Tyler TX, The Outlaw Garage-Franklin TN, Exotic Sounds-West Palm Beach FL, Endless Possibilities-Aurora IL., Go Auto Sound in Union City NJ, Al&Ed’s South Bay CA, No Limitz Car Audio in Upland CA, Neil’s Specialty-Eureka CA, Sturgess Customs-Lexington SC, Audio By Art-San Antonio TX, SMS Car Audio in Marreo LA and Sweet Wheelz in Mississauga Ontario Canada, Cartronics in Biscayne FL, The CarAudio Shop in St Louis MO, Exotic Sounds in West Palm Beach FL, High North Customs in Grand Prairie Alberta Canada and AMS Audio in Bakersfield CA, Team QRT in Abbeyville LA and California Sound in Fontana CA and Jackie Cooper Electronics, Oklahoma City OK, MARS Audio-Orlando FL, All American Audio in Nutley NJ, Proline Car Stereo in Brooklyn NY, Custom Shop Miami, Tunes and Tint in Lakeland FL, Mobile Concepts Inc in Mokena IL, Seismic Auto Sound in Concord CA, Brooklyn Car Audio in Brooklyn NY, Audio Solutions in Florence MS, Enhanced Customs in Largo FL, Rayco Auto Clinic, Audio Design in San Jose CA, Go Bass Mode in Florida, Avenue Sound in Freeport NY, Audio Plus in Riverview FL, Stereo Zone in Whittier CA, In-Phase Car Audio in Omaha NE, AutoLife Group, N&H Electronics, SK Customs, Land & Sea, The Audio One, NC Custom Shop,Tint World Orlando, Ricky Smith’s Audio, VIP Custom Woks, Mobile Audio Concepts, Audio Lad, Sound Sensations, Dave’s Stereo, Stereo Design, Badlands Customs, Custom Audio-Erie PA, Voltz Autosports-Bridgeport CT, Infinity Sound and Security-Kissimmee, Autosport Plus-Canton OH, Stereo City Pros in Carmichael CA, Devine Concepts in Naples FL, The Sound Shop in Indian Trail NC, Extreme Performance Audio in Fresno CA, Audio Depot in Arlington TX, Audio Security in Houston TX, Earmark Car Audio and Marine in Lewisville TX and Audio Jam in Bear DE. Congratulations to all.

WTF….Where’s The Fun. On the next spin of the 12volt Spin-to-Win Wheel Friday, April 17rd.
Want to enter for future spins? It’s easy – when making an Instagram post for your store include the hashtag #12voltspin to make sure your company has a slip in the jar. There are over 1100 #12voltspin posts on Instagram.  

With 18 chances to WIN, the 12Volt Spin-To-Win Wheel is ready to shower a lucky weekly winner with one of the cool prizes.

Stay tuned to 12voltnews.com on the web and @12voltnews on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for 12volt Spin-To-Win winner announcements every Friday!