Race Sport Lighting Shipping a New 3-in-1 Automotive Protection Kit

RINGWOOD, IL (06.24.2020) – Race Sport Lighting is excited to announce the launch of their Race Sport Lighting’s 3-in-1 automotive protection kit. Designed for businesses who service any type of customer vehicles, to provide a simple layer of protection for porters, installers and technicians from potential transmission of germs, bacteria and viruses.

This kit features a recyclable slipcover for three of the most common surfaces technicians come in contact with while servicing a vehicle. One protective cover for the steering wheel, one for the gear shifter and one for the driver’s seat.

“Having a protective barrier between your employees and potentially contaminated surfaces within the vehicle they are servicing, is a simple and effective way to lower employee exposure to germs, bacteria and viruses. As well as giving customers peace of mind that they are not being exposed by the staff servicing their vehicle,” stated Steve Jergensen, President, Race Sport Lighting.

“To shield the surface, simply stretch the elastic band of the steering wheel and shifter knob cover out over the mechanism. The driver seat cover has a pouch on the back that you simply slip over the headrest. Drape the rest of the cover over the seat. We protect every test vehicle that comes in during our intake procedure,” commented Mac Gracia, Installation & Tech Support, Race Sport Lighting.

3-in-1 Automotive Protection kits are in stock and shipping in cases of 100 for your average dealer, or 1000 for large dealerships or WD Distributors to sell to their active dealership base.

Click here for more info and resources on this new product.

Visit racesportinc.com for more.

MEA Partners with SDG to Administrate 2020 Industry Awards

LONG BEACH, CA (06.24.2020) – TheMobile Electronics Association (MEA) announced that it has contracted SDG, Inc., a marketing and communications firm specializing in the automotive integration industry, to facilitate the 2020 Mobile Electronics Industry Awards. Solomon Daniels, principal of SDG, has administered the awards process for the past 10 years as part of his former role as editor-in-chief of Mobile Electronics magazine. Daniels will oversee and implement the same processes up to the determination of the winners. MEA President Chris Cook will present the winners at the annual awards ceremony, scheduled for September 27 at the Dallas Convention Center during this year’s only remaining KnoweldgeFest event.

Solomon Daniels, principal of SDG

The Industry Awards process typically begins in May and runs through to the annual awards ceremony that accompanies the Dallas KnowledgeFest event in August. But the drastic impact of the COVID-19 virus forced the pushback of the remaining three KnowledgeFest education and tradeshow events. The Indianapolis and new Orlando shows have been moved to 2021, and the flagship Dallas event has been shifted to late September this year.

The Mobile Electronics Industry Awards celebrate the best examples of the industry from the retail, technical, supplier and support sectors. The process is divided into three segments to include endorsements from every segment of the industry. Participants submit nominations which are narrowed to a list of semi-finalists. Industry members and consumers then cast votes to determine the finalists in each awards category. In some award categories, winners are chosen from their final vote rankings. For the remainder, finalists are asked to submit additional materials for review, and the winners are selected by a judging body. 

“I am extremely happy to be able to continue the tradition of overseeing the Industry Awards, even in this new capacity,” said Daniels. “My commitment has always been to remain a strong advocate and participant in our industry and provide help wherever I can. To be a part of rewarding our most-accomplished performers and sharing their best practices to benefit others is one of the most fulfilling tasks I could ask for.”

Announcements about the awards process will be made in the coming days. Participants will be able to stay up to date throughout the entire awards cycle by visiting meindustryawards.com. For more information, contact Solomon Daniels at (213) 291-7888 or solomon@sdgmac.com.

Fortin Releases ‘No Key Sacrificed’ Immobilizer For Select 2019-2020 Toyota Vehicles

MONTREAL, QUEBEC (06.24.2020) – Fortin has announced an exclusive “No Key Sacrificed” immobilizer bypass and remote start solution for 2019-2020 TOYOTA specific vehicles.

Covering TOYOTA RAV4 2019+, RAV4 Hybrid 2019+ and COROLLA 2020+ H-Key vehicles, the solution uses Fortin EVO-ONE or EVO-ALL platforms to offer a secure cost effective solution. A T-HARNESS is available to facilitate the installation (sold separately). 

The solution also supports the remote start from the OEM remote function and covers alarm and security features. RF Kits and compatible smartphone/telematic devices can also be connected directly to the EVO-ALL and EVO-ONE modules to extend the operating range if desired.

Fortin Electronic Systems is a world leading developer and manufacturer of integrated consumer solutions for vehicle control and connectivity.

Visit Fortin.ca to discover more remote starter, immobilizer bypass and security system solutions.

Scrapin’ The Coast 2020 with DS18 and Limitless Lithium on the Gulf Coast

MIAMA GARDENS, FL (06.23.2020) – Coming like a freight train right into the new show season! DS18 and Limitless Lithium are the perfect combo for any enthusiast wanting to get the most bang for their bucks with the best designed equipment in the field.

Team DS18, lead by Rob Ferro-MR.DS18, will be in full force at Scrapin’ the Coast just like very year with their closest of kin in audio, Team Limitless! These two teams combined will no doubt blow away any COVID-19 that may be in the air with the massive amounts of cone area pushing hurricane force winds from these amazing manufacturer demo builds. Leading the limitless Team is Chris Allen, Matt Leisch, and Roy Rose who are prepared for a hot and windy day in Biloxi on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The DS18 Big Bad Wolf and more will be Scrapin’ The Coast.

MR.DS18 himself will be there with his gang of amazing fully build audio Jeeps. Alongside will be a couple DS18’s newest dealers Kyle Wardwell and Sammy BOOBMOX Serrano. Both Kyle and Sammy will have their fully build audio Jeeps there showing off their amazing fabrication work and 100% DS18 equipment setups. These Jeeps define what pro audio is all about. The immense sound coming from these vehicles is as impressive as their sound quality. Also joining will be a plethora of other Team DS18 members and DS18 enthusiasts.

These DS18 and Limitless Lithium builds are nothing like people have ever seen and are guaranteed to LITERALLY blow all away. Just between the Limitless Gorilla and Ground Pound, there is a combined 180,000 watts of goose bump making high powered pro audio sound! These two vehicles alone can stop breaths, shatter windshields, and make people squirm when the massive 165+ DB bass moves through their body. These vehicles are not just about the bass. Both are LOADED with DS18 Mids and Highs to compliment all that DS18 subwoofer bass and give an experience that rivals the Sydney Amphitheater!

See MR.DS18 and the Big Bad Wolf

This year will be an amazing experience at Scrapin’ The Coast. DS18 and all are ready to get back to normal and start all the summertime shows all have been missing!

Team Members of DS18 are driving across the country just to have a portion of WE LIKE IT LOUD to start this season with a GIANT BANG!

Visit ds18.com and scrapinthecoast.com for more.

Custom Audio Father’s Day Promotion on Social Media

ERIE, PA (06.23.2020) – Custom Audio added more for Fathers on Father’s Day 2020 with a special promotion.

Custom Audio posted this Father’s Day graphic on social media to lead Fathers to enter to win.

Sondralee Orengia related, “A few days before Father’s Day we put together a quick promotion on Facebook and Instagram. Fathers could register to win a gift package that included a very popular Nebo Tino compact flashlight we sell with a pair of their socks too. Fathers were asked to like, comment and share our Father’s Day offer post.”

Jacob was the winner and is pictured in the store picking up his Nebo flashlight and other goodies.

On Saturday before Father’s Day a winner was selected, contacted and he came into the store to pick up his prize package.

“Jacob was the winner and very promptly came by the store and picked up his Father’s Day prize. This was the first time he had been into our store and he commented on the wide selection of products we offer for home and car,” Orengia added.

Custom Audio made this very creative post on Father’s day.

The Father’s Day promotion had a reach of over 3000 on the Custom Audio social media outreach.

To further build a lasting relationship with customers Custom Audio gives each one a company pen and note pads to keep the company’s brand in view.

Custom Audio gives customers a packet with pen, paper pads, comment card and a WeatherTech brochure as an added ‘Thank You.’

Visit customaudio.net for more.

American Bass Releases Stealth Energy Batteries

SOLON, OH (06.23.2020) – American Bass Audio has released a brand of batteries called Stealth Energy.

Bob Ahuja, Company President offered, “Our consumers use American Bass products to seriously upgrade their audio builds because they are enthusiasts or because they are competitors. Often our customers need more energy to run their builds than what is available in their car and they often upgrade batteries to supply that energy. Entering the battery business allows American Bass to supply every aspect of their audio build from their subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers and now the energy that supplies the whole system.”

Stealth Energy Batteries are in stock and a new product from American Bass.

American Bass has released 6 models of 12 volts AGM, absorbent glass mat, batteries. The six models are Stealth 150-15 amp hours, Stealth 200-20 amp hours, Stealth 350, 35 amp hours, Stealth 550-50 amp hours, Stealth 750-75 amp hours and Stealth 1000-100 amp hours.

There are 6 models in the Stealth Energy line.

The key difference between Stealth Energy batteries and the competition is that these batteries are designed for car audio and American Bass batteries have far better surge capacity than competitors. Surge, or reserve, capacity is key because often car audio customers are drawing a lot of current from their batteries over very short periods of time.

Ahuja concluded, “We are thrilled to enter the battery business in car audio. Car audio enthusiasts often do not have many options when it comes to quality, affordable batteries specifically designed for audio applications. Our customers often have to make do with batteries not designed for audio. We are excited to now provide the perfect solution for them.”

Visit americanbassusa.com for more.

Elite Audio Hosted a Very Successful MECA Event

ATHENS, TN (06.22.2020) – Long-time MECA Retail Member, Elite Audio in Athens TN, hosted a MECA event at the Sweetwater Flea Market on Sunday May 31st. Elite Audio has hosted numerous events at this venue through the years.

MECA Members pitch in to help a fellow competitor get a big number on the meter.

Oran Barkley, Elite Audio owner and MECA 2018 SPL Street 5 World Champion stated “The Sweetwater Flea Market is just up the road from our store a few miles. We had a great event. Over 60 competition vehicles were in the lanes for MECA Show & Shine, SQL and SPL runs. In addition there were NSPL and Bass Outlaw competitors plus about 20 friends that just came to demo their rides. There was a lot of enthusiasm among competitors who were very happy to be back at a MECA event. We had competitors from Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia plus many from Tennessee.”

Oran Barkley was happy to see friends and competitors at the Sweetwater Flea Market.

Steve Stern, MECA Commish, offered “This was the first show for the East Tennessee/Virginia area and spectator turnout was especially good, and lots of enthusiasm. People were genuinely grateful to be back at a MECA event, able to see friends, show new builds, and lots of car audio gear.”

This amazing Chevy pickup was one of the ultra tricked rides on site at the event.

Continuing, Stern stated “Oran is a believer in hosting cost-effective, fun events that highlight his store plus the products and services he provides. He understands the sound-off competitors since he has been one for many years. Team O.S.C. is a testimony to the relationships he builds with his customers, who turn into friends as they travel and socialize at the events. This makes for loyal customers, and that’s really important to speciality car audio shops.”

The Odd Squad Custom Team was founded in 1995 as a low rider club.

Barkley started Team O.S.C. (Odd Squad Custom) in 1995 as a Low Rider Club for car shows. Through the years the marketplace has changed and now club members focus on car audio competitions and car shows.

Barkley related business has been strong during the COVID-19 pandemic with strong sales across the board in car audio, marine and side-by-side categories.

Concluding, Stern offered “Starting Monday, June 22nd, we will make daily posts on Facebook highlighting MECA Retail Members. The first post will be last year’s Team Of The Year, Team O.S.C. owned by Oran Barkley-Elite Audio and featured above.

Visit mecacaraudio.com for more.

WTF…What’s The Future as the Road Forward Is Filled with Questions

THE 12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (06.22.2020) – Following a family-centered Father’s Day 2020 the road forward is filled with questions as we enter the last part of June and get ready for the second half of 2020.

AutoTech Engineering ‘Bass and Chill’ in Riverside, CA drew 185 cars to the relaxed event.

People in general are ready for everything to return to some degree of normal. The recent MECA event in Tennessee, Sunday May 31st, was attended by competitors and spectators who were excited to see friends and compete.

MECA Members pitch in to help a fellow competitor get a big number on the meter.

The Spring Carlisle 2020 Car Meet, in Carlisle PA, was originally expected to draw 100,000 to the large outdoor swap meet venue. At the last minute governing officials stepped in to have the event cancelled. A court hearing on Thursday, June 18th, ended with no decision. With so much uncertainty the event drew a much smaller crowd.

One of many of the Jeeper’s amazing rides at the Florida Jeep Jam in Panama City.

The Florida Jeep Jam in Panama City, on Fathers’ Day Weekend, drew a large number of Jeepers and amazing demo vehicles to Panama City FL. Reports are the crowd was less than expected.

The 2020 Scrapin’ the Coast event is scheduled June 26th-28th in Biloxi MS. The Sling Experience in Houston is expected to draw a big crowd to see amazing Slingshots. Bike rally events are happening, the boating season is making waves plus the dunes and trailers are drawing UTV riders.

Across the 12volt industry there are continuing reports indicating 12volt retailers are having record sales months. Distributors are slammed with business and there are rising product shortages from vendors. Manufacturer rep firms are beginning to travel their territories in certain areas of the U.S.

The above examples are signs that the overall marketplace has a desire to return to normal. Against the above backdrop the number of COVID-19 cases are rising again. Professional baseball training camps have closed and the season is in doubt. Members of top college football teams, along with pro teams, have tested positive for the CORONA-19 virus.

In addition, general unrest across the population is a very significant factor in the road forward.

WTF… What’s The Future? Day by Day, from the 12volt Central Studios, we will strive to highlight positives across the 12volt industry. We trust others will do they same in all business segments, organizations and personally. We encourage your input.

Brandmotion’s FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror is Now Available for Jeep JL

SOUTHFIELD, MI (06.22.2020) – Brandmotion’s FullVUE Mirror/Rear View Camera for Jeep delivers a completely new driving experience for your JL by helping you see more than ever before. This versatile new safety and convenience aid replaces your current rear view mirror with a full always-on HD video screen. It improves on your traditional JL mirror by providing a clear, crisp live action view at all times, with no spare tire or rear seat occupant obstructions. In addition to seeing everything behind your Jeep at all times, the view is 300% wider. Result? No more blind spots!

The FullVUE Rear Camera system is the ultimate trail and street navigating aid for those with an insatiable passion for adventure. It helps you know exactly what’s going on behind your Jeep at all times with no obstructions and a 3X wider field of view. See more than ever before.

Mirror Features:

  • Bright 800LUX 9.66” Full Mirror LCD Video Screen
  • Super High Definition 1980*320 Pixel Display
  • Advanced Anti-glare Tempered Glass Camera
  • Full Swipe/Scroll Touch Screen for Easy View Adjust
  • Built in 2-channel recording cameras and DVR (w/ 32GB SD Card) High quality OEM grade mirror snaps onto Jeep Wrangler Mirror Mount
  • Revert to a normal rearview mirror with the touch of a button

Camera Features:

  • 170° Wide Angle Rear View 2MP Front Camera, 300% Wider than Stock JK Mirror
  • Custom Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Exclusively for 2007-2018 Jeep JK
  • Fits Virtually All Tire/Wheel Designs Including Deep Dish Wheels (extenders included)
  • 60 FPS Refresh Rate for Realistic Video Smoothness

Visit brandmotion.com for more.

The 12Volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Is Rolling In 2020 – Wired Electronics Wins Spin 81

SHREVEPORT LA (06.20.20)  WTF…Win This Friday. The 12volt Spin-to-Win Wheel was created to bring an element of fun to the 12volt industry. Seven months ago we celebrated the first anniversary of the weekly 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel.

Click to view.

The latest 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Winner, Number 81, is Wired Electronics in Linden NJ. The Wheel landed on the DS18 space Friday morning June 19th. We have reached out to the winning store to let them them know the good news…. that they won the DS18 prize which is a 6.5” high wattage and high range speaker package.
Spinning out a new winner each Friday, a 12volt retailer can win a cool prize and top brands receive visibility across the marketplace.

12volt brands with a space on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel include Kicker, NavAtlas, SiriusXM, Cadence, PowerBass, Sony, CRUX, DS18, SoundStream, AIS, Precision Power, JBL, Power Acoustik, Farenheit, Image Dynamics and SpellBrite. 12volt News $100. cash awards have spaces on the 12volt Spin-To-Wheel for a winning 12volt retailer.

Past winners of the 12volt Spin-To-Win include…Stereo & Video Center-Tyler TX, The Outlaw Garage-Franklin TN, Exotic Sounds-West Palm Beach FL, Endless Possibilities-Aurora IL., Go Auto Sound in Union City NJ, Al&Ed’s South Bay CA, No Limitz Car Audio in Upland CA, Neil’s Specialty-Eureka CA, Sturgess Customs-Lexington SC, Audio By Art-San Antonio TX, SMS Car Audio in Marreo LA and Sweet Wheelz in Mississauga Ontario Canada, Cartronics in Biscayne FL, The CarAudio Shop in St Louis MO, Exotic Sounds in West Palm Beach FL, High North Customs in Grand Prairie Alberta Canada and AMS Audio in Bakersfield CA, Team QRT in Abbeyville LA and California Sound in Fontana CA and Jackie Cooper Electronics, Oklahoma City OK, MARS Audio-Orlando FL, All American Audio in Nutley NJ, Proline Car Stereo in Brooklyn NY, Custom Shop Miami, Tunes and Tint in Lakeland FL, Mobile Concepts Inc in Mokena IL, Seismic Auto Sound in Concord CA, Brooklyn Car Audio in Brooklyn NY, Audio Solutions in Florence MS, Enhanced Customs in Largo FL, Rayco Auto Clinic, Audio Design in San Jose CA, Go Bass Mode in Florida, Avenue Sound in Freeport NY, Audio Plus in Riverview FL, Stereo Zone in Whittier CA, In-Phase Car Audio in Omaha NE, AutoLife Group, N&H Electronics, SK Customs, Land & Sea, The Audio One, NC Custom Shop,Tint World Orlando, Ricky Smith’s Audio, VIP Custom Woks, Mobile Audio Concepts, Audio Lad, Sound Sensations, Dave’s Stereo, Stereo Design, Badlands Customs, Custom Audio-Erie PA, Voltz Autosports-Bridgeport CT, Infinity Sound and Security-Kissimmee, Autosport Plus-Canton OH, Stereo City Pros in Carmichael CA, Devine Concepts in Naples FL, The Sound Shop in Indian Trail NC, Extreme Performance Audio in Fresno CA, Audio Depot in Arlington TX, Audio Security in Houston TX, Earmark Car Audio and Marine in Lewisville TX, Audio Jam in Bear DE, Stereo City Ontario, Ontario CA, Audio By Art, San Antonio TX, Code Zero Customs in Tulsa OK, Ken’s Car Tunes in Mobile AL, Soundz Plus in Naperville IL, Markland Designs in Lithonia GA, Electronics Plus in Salinas CA, Xtreme Autosports in Santa Clarita CA, Superior Audio Sounds in San Angelo TX, Model Electronics in Ramsey NJ and Texas Dreamz Customs. Congratulations to all.

 WTF… Where’s the Fun. On the next spin of the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Friday, June 26th.