DroneMobile Makes Car Sharing Easier with Contactless Key Handoff

SEATTLE, WA (01.11.2021) – While travel and vacation were halted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, car sharing has remained relevant with commuters seeking alternatives to public transportation. However, car sharing users, both vehicle owners and renters, continue to face hurdles that prevent a smooth and safe rental experience.

First and foremost, there’s the issue of the vehicle’s key. Currently, vehicle owners’ only two methods of key handoff are to meet renters in-person or to stow away the key somewhere on the outside of the vehicle. The former presents social distancing concerns and the latter subjects the vehicle to threats of theft and key tampering. Additionally, “smash-and-grab” break-ins continue to plague vehicles parked in public places for extended periods of time awaiting rental pickup. Vehicle owners that monetize their vehicles are faced with the dilemma of choosing between convenience and safety.

Firstech, the Seattle-based maker of the DroneMobile remote car starter app, has announced that its April 2021 app update will offer vehicle owners and renters both safety and convenience with new car sharing and key management capabilities.

The upcoming DroneMobile app update will enable the use of the company’s patented KL1 KeyLocker hardware. KeyLocker is an LTE-enabled key management and storage system that makes key handoff as easy as sending an invite to a renter’s email. Upon acceptance of the invitation, renters can instantly see the vehicle’s parking spot and start their trip using only their smartphone. Meanwhile, vehicle owners receive alerts notifying them of successful pickup and drop-off. (During the rental, vehicle owners cannot track or control the vehicle without ending the renter’s access.)

KeyLocker fits into most vehicle compartments and has a sliding door mechanism for safely storing any type of vehicle key. While a vehicle’s key is stored in a KeyLocker, the system activates anti-tampering security sensors around KeyLocker and the outside of the vehicle. These sensors can only be disarmed using the DroneMobile app, which works over LTE from unlimited range. If a vehicle utilizes a “smart” key with push-to-start capabilities, KeyLocker can enable and disable the detection of that key so that it does not need to be removed throughout the duration of the rental. In this case, drivers would use their smartphone as the key for driving the vehicle.

Firstech’s KeyLocker also includes a windshield-mounted touchpad as backup in the event of poor cellular coverage or dead smartphone battery.

Firstech describes the DroneMobile app update as “enabling safer and easier car sharing for everyone.” While the DroneMobile app won’t offer a marketplace to reserve car shares, the company hopes to fill a void for vehicle owners that scale their car sharing operations on other platforms.

In order to enjoy DroneMobile car sharing, vehicle owners should visit an Authorized DroneMobile dealer to have their KeyLocker and LTE hardware installed. Parts and pricing may vary by vehicle. To find a dealer near you, visit www.dronemobile.com/find-a-dealer. All car sharing and key management features will be included for all DroneMobile Premium subscribers, with plans as low as $5.99/month.

Vision Tech Announces 2020 BOYO Trophy Award Winners

FULLERTON, CA (01.11.2021) – Vision Tech America, Inc. has announced 2020 BOYO Trophy Award Winners.

Each year, awards are presented to the sales representatives based on their sales performance and quality of service.

The Distinguished BOYO Sales Rep of the Year 2020 was awarded to Joe Pallila of Potomac Sales by DK Chung (on the left).

The Distinguished Sales Rep of the Year 2020 award was presented to Joe Palilla of Potomac Electronics Sales for the three year in a row.

Joe Palilla, acknowledging this award, offered “DK, Thank you for the honor. 2020 was a very challenging year and your leadership, along with BOYO’s continuing introduction of new quality products, made it possible for BOYO to thrive in my Mid-Atlantic territory. Look forward to working with you in 2021 to duplicate our 2020 success. Thank you again and thanks to all at Vision Tech.”

Most Outstanding Sales Rep of the year 2020 awards were presented to Dave Gill of SMS, Inc., John Tatro of Norcal Sales & Marketing, and Jeff Oliver of J&S Marketing.

Congratulation to all award recipients and we look forward to another successful year 2021.

For more information, visit www.VisionTechAmerica.com or email: info@visiontechamerica.com

King Car Audio Wins AIS Prize on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Spin 110

SHREVEPORT LA (01.09.21)  WTF…Win This Friday. King Car Audio won an AIS prize on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel on Friday morning, January 8th.

The 12volt Spin-to-Win Wheel was created to bring an element of fun to the 12volt industry. Four weeks ago we celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of the weekly 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel.

The 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel rolled for 110th time on Friday, January 8th. The Wheel landed on the AIS space. The King Car Audio slip was drawn from the jar and an Instagram post of the winning slip was posted. A video of the Wheel spin was also posted. We reached out to the dealer in Norwalk CT and Mo Deura was very happy to know an AIS prize will be headed their way.

Spinning out winner each Friday, a lucky 12volt retailer can win a cool prize and top brands receive visibility across the marketplace.

12volt brands with a space on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel include Kicker, NavAtlas, SiriusXM, Accele, PowerBass, CRUX, DS18, SoundStream, AIS, JBL, Power Acoustik, JVC and ZZ-2. 12volt News $100. cash awards have spaces on the 12volt Spin-To-Wheel for a winning 12volt retailer.

Past winners of the 12volt Spin-To-Win include…Stereo & Video Center-Tyler TX, The Outlaw Garage-Franklin TN, Exotic Sounds-West Palm Beach FL, Endless Possibilities-Aurora IL., Go Auto Sound in Union City NJ, Al&Ed’s South Bay CA, No Limitz Car Audio in Upland CA, Neil’s Specialty-Eureka CA, Sturgess Customs-Lexington SC, Audio By Art-San Antonio TX, SMS Car Audio in Marreo LA and Sweet Wheelz in Mississauga Ontario Canada, Cartronics in Biscayne FL, The CarAudio Shop in St Louis MO, Exotic Sounds in West Palm Beach FL, High North Customs in Grand Prairie Alberta Canada and AMS Audio in Bakersfield CA, Team QRT in Abbeyville LA and California Sound in Fontana CA and Jackie Cooper Electronics, Oklahoma City OK, MARS Audio-Orlando FL, All American Audio in Nutley NJ, Proline Car Stereo in Brooklyn NY, Custom Shop Miami, Tunes and Tint in Lakeland FL, Mobile Concepts Inc in Mokena IL, Seismic Auto Sound in Concord CA, Brooklyn Car Audio in Brooklyn NY, Audio Solutions in Florence MS, Enhanced Customs in Largo FL, Rayco Auto Clinic, Audio Design in San Jose CA, Go Bass Mode in Florida, Avenue Sound in Freeport NY, Audio Plus in Riverview FL, Stereo Zone in Whittier CA, In-Phase Car Audio in Omaha NE, AutoLife Group, N&H Electronics, SK Customs, Land & Sea, The Audio One, NC Custom Shop,Tint World Orlando, Ricky Smith’s Audio, VIP Custom Woks, Mobile Audio Concepts, Audio Lad, Sound Sensations, Dave’s Stereo, Stereo Design, Badlands Customs, Custom Audio-Erie PA, Voltz Autosports-Bridgeport CT, Infinity Sound and Security-Kissimmee, Autosport Plus-Canton OH, Stereo City Pros in Carmichael CA, Devine Concepts in Naples FL, The Sound Shop in Indian Trail NC, Extreme Performance Audio in Fresno CA, Audio Depot in Arlington TX, Audio Security in Houston TX, Earmark Car Audio and Marine in Lewisville TX, Audio Jam in Bear DE, Stereo City Ontario, Ontario CA, Audio By Art, San Antonio TX, Code Zero Customs in Tulsa OK, Ken’s Car Tunes in Mobile AL, Soundz Plus in Naperville IL, Markland Designs in Lithonia GA, Electronics Plus in Salinas CA, Xtreme Autosports in Santa Clarita CA, Superior Audio Sounds in San Angelo TX and Model Electronics in Ramsey NJ, Texas Dreamz Customs in Spring TX, Wired Electronics in Linden NJ and Intense Car Audio in OKC, OK, Underground Auto in Sarasota FL, Car Toys Tulsa in Tulsa OK,  Real Audio in Erie PA, Go Autosound in Union NJ, DFM Stereo in Ukiah CA, Impact Tint and Audio in Tyler TX, Mobile Sound Systems in Arlington TX, Redline Audio and Performance In Spindale NC, Car Audio Land in San Diego CA, Audio X Custom Car Audio in Florence AL, River Oaks Car Stereo in Houston TX, American Radio Orlando in Sanford FL, Illustrious Customs in Woodbridge VA, Remote Start Pros in Lawrence MA, HiPro Audio in Victoria TX, AudioPlanetNY in Huntington Station NY, Endless Possibilities in Aurora IL, Audio Finesse in Santa Monica, Drive Customs in San Luis Obispo CA, Custom Works, Noblesville IN, AtoZ Detail in West Haven CT, Cars 843 in Charleston SC, CarTunes Atlanta in Atlanta GA, Mobile Concepts in Garwood NJ, Duke’s Car Stereo in Flint MI and Infinity Auto Sound. Congratulations to all.

WTF… Where’s the Fun. On next spin of the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel will be on Friday, January 15th.

End Result and WeConekt Hosted Dealers for a Digital Strategy 2021 Class on ZOOM

CANNONSBURG, PA (01.08.2021) – On Wednesday, January 6th, End Result and WeConekt hosted dealers for digital marketing classes. The morning and evening sessions were presented on ZOOM.

Ed Dalesandro, End Result Principal, stated “I see it as critical for dealers in 2021 to involve themselves in a platform of different digital marketing avenues to keep their businesses relevant to consumers who are more likely to search for products and services on a computer or smartphone rather than time and money on gas. Make sure your store is motivating, but initially, work to get consumers through the door. That was the focus of the two ZOOM digital marketing classes with WeConekt for dealers in the territory.”

This ZOOM screenshot shows The Digital Journey with Risa Schultz, Allison Lopez and Ed Dalesandro (T to B) during the presentation.

Each ZOOM session lasted just over an hour. During that time Allison Lopez and Risa Schultz guided attendees through a detailed strategy to understand the mechanics to set up a digital strategy for 2021.Powerpoint graphics made it easy for attendees to follow and understand the digital marketing journey.

“Working to help dealers in our territory connect with consumers is extremely important in today’s marketplace that is becoming more digital with each passing month. The WeConekt business platform takes dealers through the digital marketing journey to drive awareness and sales in their stores” Dalesandro offered.

Informative WeConekt graphic

Wayne Arlet, Total Image in Robinson PA, attended the evening session and related “The WeConekt presentation was easy to follow. Importantly there was an opportunity to clarify points. Spending time on the ZOOM presentation was time definitely time well spent. A big thank you to Ed Dalesandro for providing dealers in his territory for the opportunity to connect with WeConekt.”

Risa Schultz, WeConekt SRV VP and CoFounder, offered “Working with Ed and End Result has resulted in dealers in his territory implementing a digital strategy that is increasing sales for their respective car stereo and Home AV businesses. We look forward to guiding dealers through their journeys to connect with consumers.”

For more see www.weconekt.com or email risa@weconeckt.com

Mercedes Hyperscreen Takes In-Car Video Displays to New Extreme

This article was written by Paul A. Eisenstein for TheDetroitBureau.com

DETROIT, MI (01.08.2021) – In the automotive world, bigger has typically been equated with better. But where that was once measured in the length of a vehicle, the size of its fins, the output of its engine or the overall mass. These days, it seems, the best way for a manufacturer to say “Mine’s bigger” is to point to the video screen on the instrument panel.

It may prove difficult to top what Mercedes-Benz has in store, however, as it prepares to release its new EQS battery car. Essentially an all-electric alternative to the familiar S-Class flagship, and the anchor of the new EQ sub-brand, it will offer as an option the large, subtly curved “Hyperscreen,” a video display panel extending, the company notes, “almost the entire width of the interior, from the left to the right A-pillar.

The sort of feature once found in fantasy-in-chrome concept vehicles, “With our MBUX Hyperscreen a design vision becomes reality,” said Gorden Wagener, chief design officer for the Daimler Group. “We merge technology with design in a fascinating way that offers the customer unprecedented ease of use. We love the simplicity we created with a new level of MBUX.”

The MBUX Hyperscreen stretches from one A-pillar to the other.

For those who haven’t followed the automotive technology race in recent years, automakers have gone from basic infotainment systems relying on kludgy knobs, buttons and touchpads to increasingly sophisticated interfaces that can operate much like the voice assistants revolutionizing home technology. The MBUX is, in basic function, much like Amazon’s Alexa. Simply say, “Hey, Mercedes,” and then ask it to change a radio station, plot out a route, check traffic or weather or find the answer to a question you and your passengers are debating.

The cloud-based system made its debut just a couple years ago in the latest-generation Mercedes C-Class but is now working its way through the rest of the German marque’s line-up. And, it claims, the version that will power the Hyperscreen will be significantly upgraded using artificial intelligence and “learn-capable software” that not only will take instructions, but also intuit personal needs and make its own suggestions.

It might remind you if you forget to make a call that you normally schedule at a particular time. Or it might suggest you turn on the hot stone massage when it’s cold outside and you’re heading out on a long drive. It also might check your calendar and recommend sending someone a greeting on their birthday.

Meanwhile, the massive screen will provide additional advantages. It can be difficult to provide much information on a 6-, 8, or even 10-inch touchscreen, requiring users to navigate through a series of menus to find what they need, such as changing radio stations, canceling a route or even turning on or off the seat heaters. The Hyperscreen will allow for a “zero-layer” feature where pretty much anything you might want will be within immediate reach, especially with the AI-powered system anticipating what you need.

The Hyperscreen is not only very large, it’s impressively versatile.

“The MBUX Hyperscreen is both the brain and nervous system of the car,” said Sajjad Khan, member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG and CTO. “The MBUX Hyperscreen continually gets to know the customer better and delivers a tailored, personalized infotainment and operating offerings without the occupant needing to click or scroll anywhere.”

As with the large display in the current version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the Hyperscreen actually blends together multiple screens but does so all but seamlessly, the automaker noted in a release. It uses the latest OLED display technology to deliver extreme levels of brightness and contrast.

The Hyperscreen is organic in appearance, rather than the boxy layout found in most vehicles, meaning it wraps around the center stack and steering wheel and even two of the EV’s turbine-like air vents.

Mercedes is by no means the only automaker betting that consumers want ever bigger screens. Tesla loaded a laptop-sized display in its original Model S and, today, similar screens are used to control virtually all vehicle functions. Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E has its own computer-sized display and, as TheDetroitBureau.com reported earlier this week, spy shots show a near door-to-door display in what may be a new crossover-style remake of the Ford Fusion. The curved display in Cadillac’s new Escalade SUV measures nearly three feet.

Click here to read the full article on TheDetroitBureau.com

SportsGrid Radio Launches on SiriusXM Channel 204

NEW YORK, NY (01.08.2021) – SportsGrid and SiriusXM announced today the launch of the SportsGrid Radio Channel debuting on SiriusXM radios and the SiriusXM app on Channel 204. SiriusXM subscribers nationwide will have access to SportsGrid’s real-time sports news, statistics, odds, and lines, along with live expert analysis. The SportsGrid Radio channel will be available to SiriusXM subscribers 24 hours a day 7 days a week on SiriusXM radios (channel 204) in their cars or anywhere with the SiriusXM app.

SportsGrid Radio will feature a team of on-air personalities including Scott Ferrall, Gabe Morency, Ariel Epstein, and Jared Smith along with expert contributors and guest analysts. The channel streams live from the state-of-the-art production facilities located in New York City adjacent to Madison Square Garden and at the Meadowlands inside the FanDuel Sportsbook. SportsGrid’s real-time reporting includes the daily odds, lines, matchups, injury reports, news and more across pro football, basketball, baseball, hockey, college sports, golf, tennis, and soccer.

The all original SportsGrid Radio weekday line-up has 22-hours of live daily programming starting with The Early Line, weekdays from 7-9 AM ET, hosted by Erin Dolan and Kevin Walsh leading into The Morning After, weekdays from 9 AM – 12 Noon ET, hosted by the passionate and authentic Ariel Epstein and Jared Smith. The high energy topic-driven three-hour morning program covers the top sports stories of the day with the daily rundown of the Scores • Stats • Odds • News • Injury Updates • Interviews and more.

SportsGrid’s pre-game programming features Ferrall Coast to Coast, weekdays from 4-6 PM ET, hosted by popular veteran sports radio personality Scott Ferrall, followed by Game Time Decisions, weekdays from 6-7 PM ET, with Gabe Morency and Cam Stewart. Ferrall Coast to Coast previews the upcoming primetime schedule of live games and special events going over breaking news, injuries, odds, and lines. Game Time Decisions reviews last-minute updates, real-time data and intelligence with expert commentary and analysis. 

Every night from 7-10 PM ET, In Play Sports Tonight hosted by Blackjack Fletcher defines the sports gaming genre with live coverage and analysis of in-play breaking news, odds, and the line movement across all major sports. In-Play Sports Tonight focuses on the popularity and emergence of in-play gaming identifying actionable game-specific odds and lines opportunities.

Visit siriusxm.com and sportsgrid.com for more.

THE SONG with New Partners KICKER and Harley-Davidson Hits the Road for Season II

NASHVILLE, TN (01.07.2021) – THE SONG – Recorded Live @ TGL Farms nationally syndicated hit TV series is back for another exciting season with music’s most iconic artists performing legendary songs in some of the most scenic locations of America. Founding partner Ally returns to present Season II, as THE SONG welcomes new partners America’s legendary motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson and KICKER to the team. The 15-episode series launched Saturday, January 2 in more than 140 markets reaching 77.7% of U.S. households. The one-hour season opener highlights featured acts including Train, Jason Mraz, Jewel, Richard Marx, Clint Black, Gavin DeGraw and a very special Marley Family Celebration Of “One Love” Featuring Stephen Marley.

“Although challenging, this season’s filming actually presented us with a unique opportunity to take the show to the artists and record them where they were most comfortable – in or near their own homes,” said the show’s creator and Executive Producer Marc Oswald. “We can’t thank the artists enough for taking the time to hang with us and share their stories and incredible performances of these massive hit songs.”

Returning hosts Krista Marie and Damien Horne traveled coast-to-coast to visit legendary artists at truly spectacular and unique locations. Coffee with Jason Mraz at the Mraz Family Farm, sipping wine with Pat Monahan of Train at Concannon Vineyard in Northern California, riding horses with Jewel in the Colorado Rockies, filming Richard Marx as he performed at sunset on the beautiful cliffs of Malibu, an intimate evening with Clint Black at Analog at Hutton Hotel Nashville and jamming with the Marleys at the world famous Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla. Shooting wrapped where it all began, with Gavin DeGraw at TGL Farms located near “Music City” Nashville, Tennessee. In-depth interviews with the artists revealed never-before-heard details behind their hit songs, the inspiration and how they became woven into the fabric of popular culture.

Other exciting additions to Season II are multi-artist themed episodes such as “Grammy Winners,” “Party Anthems,” “Love Songs,” “The Songwriters,” “Acoustic Sessions” and “Rockin’ Country.” These special shows incorporate performances from artists from Season II along with CeeLo Green, Don McLean, All-4-One, Big & Rich, Rome Ramirez, Dirty Heads, Rick Springfield, Lonestar, Travis Tritt, and Gretchen Wilson from Season I.

“To have the kind of national syndication clearance on a new show in only its second season is a testament to the unique content provided by the artists involved and the dedication this amazing team has put into THE SONG,” said Executive Producer Cary Glotzer. “We had wonderful feedback on the debut season, and we’re anxious for the viewers to see this new season.”

The show is produced by Oswald Entertainment Group and Tupelo Honey and directed by renowned film and still-photographer David “Doc” Abbott. Gray Television is managing the syndication, led by Greg Conklin and George Johnson, in over 140 markets predominantly on CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC affiliates including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, San Francisco, Miami and Seattle. AXS TV acquired all 10 episodes from Season I, which will continue airing through 2022.

“KICKER Performance Audio is honored to be a part of Season II of THE SONG,” said Kevin Campbell, KICKER Director of Global Marketing. “Steve Irby, the founder and CEO of KICKER, is a musician who loves to design loudspeakers, and his passion for music permeates every KICKER product. That’s ‘Livin’ Loud,’ and so is THE SONG!”

For more great moments from both seasons, fans can log on to TheSong.TV to check out full performances as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes content. The site includes details for tuning into the show in specific markets. Music from the show can also be streamed on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora or wherever great music is heard.

A complete episodic breakdown will be available at TheSong.TV.

Race Sport Lighting Names New MFG Rep Firm for Southwest Territory

RINGWOOD, IL (01.07.2021) – Alan Wojtas is already on the road to present the race board lighting line to dealers. He is pictured at CJ Sounds in Katy Texas, Race Sport Lighting catalog in hand, on Wednesday, January 6th… the day after the announcement. Wojtas will cover the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Alan Wojtas is already on the road to present the race board lighting line to dealers. He is pictured at CJ Sounds in Katy Texas, Race Sport Lighting catalog in hand, on Wednesday, January 6th…the day after the announcement. Wojtas will cover the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Race Sport Lighting has announced that Alan Wotjas from Alan Wotjas Associates has been named as their Manufacturer Rep Firm for the Southwest territory, which covers Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Alan Wotjas Associates will oversee managing the current Race Sport Lighting business already established in the territory, as well as growing the company’s footprint in the territory with more dealers and increased distribution in the Mobile Electronics Industry. Alan begins introducing the line to his ever-growing dealer base effective immediately in January 2021.

Steve Jergensen, RSL President stated, “We are so excited to have Alan Wotjas join our team in the Southwest Territory! Alan has many years of experience and great relationships with hundreds of accounts in his territory. We like MFG rep firms that only have a few lines, and focus heavily on those lines, and Alan fits that bill perfectly.  Race Sport Lighting is excited to get Alan up and running immediately to promote and train the dealers in the territory.”

Alan Wotjas, Principal of Alan Wotjas Associates stated, “Race Sport Lighting is the perfect addition for our firm and the lighting category. We will be focusing this NEW brand with a strategic mix of distributors and direct dealer accounts that will maximize their footprint in the territory.  We have always had a very focused mix of lines, so the dealers and the factories get the best efforts from our firm.  Dealers need to embrace new categories within the 12volt marketplace and a direct lighting specialist like Race Sport Lighting is the best partner to have on their shelves.”

For more info about Alan Wojtas Associates, visit alanwojtas.com or email alanw1350@yahoo.com

Visit racesportinc.com for more.

SEMA Accepting Scholarship and Loan Forgiveness Applications

DIAMOND BAR, CA (01.07.2021) – SEMA is now accepting applications for the 2021 SEMA Memorial Scholarship and Loan Forgiveness Program at www.sema.org/scholarships. Scholarships are available to students pursuing a degree or certification that leads to a career in the automotive industry, and loan forgiveness is available to employees of SEMA-member companies.

Current students and recent graduates who are paying off student loans may now apply for the 2021 SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund, which helps support the future leaders of the automotive aftermarket industry.

“It’s no secret that this past year has had its challenges. Now more than ever, SEMA is available to help support future industry innovators by providing financial assistance to current students and recent graduates who have outstanding student debt,” said SEMA Senior Manager of Professional Development Gary Vigil. “There are thousands of talented, hard-working individuals seeking careers in the automotive aftermarket. The SEMA Scholarship is designed to support this next generation and allow them to focus on their studies and work, rather than be burdened with tuition costs. The Loan Forgiveness program is intended to provide financial assistance to employees of SEMA member companies with outstanding student loans.”

Awards of up to $5,000 are available to qualified individuals. Complete details and the online application are available until March 1, 2021, at www.sema.org/scholarships.

For more information, contact SEMA Project Manager, Member Services Byron Bergmann at 909-378-4859 or byronb@sema.org.

American Bass Partners with The Wholesale House as Exclusive US Distributor

SOLON, OH (01.06.2021) – American Bass USA has partnered with The Wholesale House Inc. (Hicksville, OH / Jacksonville, FL), naming The Wholesale House as the exclusive distributor for American Bass and VFL Audio products.

Mark Yoder-The Wholesale House President, Hillary Carnahan- Marketing Manager and Bob Weatherhead- Executive VP-CFO (R to L) pictured with American Bass products. The setting is in a recently completed 5,000 Sq Ft expansion to the company’s very large warehouse layout in Hicksville, OH.

Bob Ahuja and Mohina Ahuja, owners of American Bass, are excited about the partnership and are looking forward to working with The Wholesale House to expand sales and the product mix for the brand.

Bob Ahuja stated, “We have a longstanding relationship with owner Steve Height and The Wholesale House which is why we chose to work with them. We will still be very involved with the American Bass and VFL Audio lines but will now have the ability to move product with one of the premier 12 Volt distributors in the nation.”

The Wholesale House president Mark Yoder stated, “This is a tremendous opportunity for both American Bass and The Wholesale House to expand the American Bass and VFL Audio lines. They have always been strong brands for us and we look forward to working with Bob & Mohina to make them even bigger players in the market.”

The Wholesale House looks forward to working with all American Bass dealers and ask that you please contact The Wholesale House directly at 800-722-5553 for all your American Bass needs.

Visit twhouse.com and americanbassusa.com for more.