JVC KENWOOD Webinar Series Is Connecting With Dealers

LONG BEACH, CA (0424.2020) – The JVC KENWOOD webinar series is drawing strong attendance from dealers. JVC Product Trainings, KENWOOD eXcelon and KENWOOD Regular/Distributor sessions was been scheduled over the past weeks. Seth Halstead, National Training and Content Development Manager, along with support from Josh Bowen and Marcus Vasconcellos have presented the engaging seminars for dealers.

During the past week JVC and KENWOOD presentations have provided attendees the opportunity to win a valuable prize. The Kenwood prize is a CAX-HL10Qi Motorized Clamping QiCharger Phone Mount. The JVC prize is the new JVC KW-560BT Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Ready Receiver.

John Zambrano, Ai Vinyl Graphics and Mobile Electronics in New Rochelle NY, won the first Kenwood prize. “The Kenwood Webinar I attended on Wednesday April 15th was very informative. The presenters did a great job. It’s super to see Kenwood putting together these training webinars during this Coronavirus down time. Learning more about the DVD was super. These webinars give us a sense of community. I can’t wait to receive the Qi charger and put it in my car” Zambrano related to 12volt News.

Caleb Paulson, The Audio Garage in Fargo ND, was the most recent winner of the KENWOOD Qi mobile charger. Paulson stated “The presentation was very good and Josh Bowen did a super job. I can’t wait to see the AC Camera… also the new mechless receiver with the new screen.”

Dusty Liebhaber won a new JVC KW-M560BT during the early JVC webinar on Thursday, April 23rd. “During the webinar, I learned a lot about the in-vehicle connectivity features of the new JVC radios. When working with customers on the sales floor they will see the connectivity benefits” Liebhaber commented to 12volt News. Liebhaber is with Muntz Audio in Appleton, WI.

For more information about the JVC KENWOOD Webinar series, contact your JVC and or KENWOOD representative.

Visit jvckenwood.com for more.

ZZ-2 Launches New Lexus Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto Interface

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (04.24.2020) – ZZ-2 Has released the IT-LEX line of interfaces. The IT-LEX line consists of three different models, the IT-LEX15, IT-LEX17 and IT-LEX19. These three models cover most Lexus vehicle starting in 2014. Rich DeSclafani stated “We are extremely excited to release these new products for Lexus vehicles. These interfaces provide a complete all in one solution.

They offer connectivity, safety, convenience and are easy to use. The interfaces are all plug n’ play, use the OEM microphone and come with a 3-year warranty. We do not sell direct to consumer, so these interfaces provide a great opportunity for 12volt retailers to offer a profitable and reliable product to their clients.”

• Wireless CarPlay
• Wireless Android Auto
• Backup Camera Input (w/Dynamic Moving Lines)
• Front Camera Input (w/ Parking Mode)
• Uses OEM Microphone
• Smartphone Mirroring/Mirror Link
• USB A/V Playback
• Plug n’ Play
• Works with all screen sizes 7”, 10”, 12”

Compatible with these 2014-2019 LEXUS models:

Visit zz-2.com for more.

Race Sport Lighting Takes LED Wheel Lights to the Next Level

RINGWOOD, IL (04.23.2020) – Race Sport Lighting, the undisputed leader of aftermarket lighting solutions for the automotive, truck accessories, marine, and power sports industries, has announced the release of updated features now available on the companies ColorSMART Led Wheel Light kits.

Rigidity of Frame

The first improvement was made to the frame thickness. We have increased the thickness of the aluminum frame to add rigidity. The stiffer frame eliminates movement of the product on the vehicle.

Turn Signal and Brake Function

The second new feature we added to these LED wheel lights is a turn signal and brake function. Now when you stop the rings can illuminate red. When you flip your turn signal on both rings on the corresponding side of the vehicle will illuminate amber. Brighter means safer while driving on the road.

Smartphone Controlled Chasing Patterns

The third feature to discuss about these LED wheel lights is that they DO feature our Chasing pattern technology. Pattern selection is made via Bluetooth on your smart device.

Visit racesportinc.com for more.

2020 NFL Draft Coverage on SiriusXM

NEW YORK, NY (04.23.2020) – SiriusXM will provide listeners nationwide with comprehensive coverage of the 2020 NFL Draft, airing the live announcements of every selection with in-depth analysis on the SiriusXM NFL Radio channel, as well as additional NFL Draft-focused programming on SiriusXM’s college sports and fantasy sports channels. 

For what will be the most unique NFL Draft in its history, at a time when many people would welcome the diversion of a live event from the sports world, SiriusXM will offer coverage that spans all three days of the Draft.  From the first round on Thursday, April 23, through the seventh and final round on Saturday, April 25, the SiriusXM NFL Radio channel will carry the live announcements of every selection by every team.  This coverage will air Thursday and Friday starting at 7:00 pm ET, and Saturday starting at noon ET.

Before and after each selection, listeners will hear informed analysis from SiriusXM’s NFL Draft experts, as well as interviews with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and dozens of draftees, general managers and coaches from around the league.  SiriusXM NFL Radio’s draft broadcast team will feature Pro Football Hall of Fame member and legendary player personnel executive Gil Brandt; former NFL scout, coach and front-office executive Pat Kirwan; former veteran NFL quarterback Jim Miller; and lead host Jason Horowitz.  Former college coach Rick Neuheisel will join the broadcast team for the Friday and Saturday draft rounds.  All hosts will be broadcasting from their home studios.

SiriusXM NFL Radio’s coverage will also direct listeners on how they can support the NFL’s “Draft-A-Thon,” (NFL.com/Relief) the three-day virtual fundraiser that will help support six national nonprofits and their respective COVID-19 relief efforts.

SiriusXM NFL Radio is available to subscribers nationwide on SiriusXM radios (channel 88) and those authenticated subscribers with the SiriusXM All Access package can also tune in via the SiriusXM app and at home with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or however they stream in their house. 

Go to SiriusXM.com/NFLonSXM for more on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

The SiriusXM NFL Radio channel continues to air live all day every day, covering the league and taking calls from NFL fans around the country.  In the leadup to the draft, SiriusXM NFL Radio has conducted interviews with scores of NFL Draft prospects, and produced specials focusing on standout players at specific positions, giving fans insight into some of the athletes their favorite teams may be interested in.  These interviews and specials can be accessed anytime on demand on the SiriusXM app.

Interviews: https://siriusxm.us/3crRZxC   
Specials: https://siriusxm.us/2z9eV6k 

In addition to SiriusXM NFL Radio’s coverage, listeners can also tune into draft-focused programming on other SiriusXM channels.

SiriusXM’s 24/7 college sports channel, ESPNU Radio (channel 84), will air a live special on the draft’s first and second nights.  Starting at 7:00 pm ET, host Rhett Lewis will talk with a number of SiriusXM’s college analysts to get their reaction to the first-round selections, discuss their college performances and predict the impact they may have for their new teams.  Listeners will hear from former coaches, players and others including Danny Kanell, Brock Huard, Chris Doering, Rick Neuheisel, Mark Dominik, Jon Jansen, Anthony Herron, Evan Moore, Jacob Hester, Ben Hartsock, AJ Hawk and Bobby Carpenter.

Throughout the first three rounds of the draft, the SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio channel (XM channel 87 and Sirius channel 210) will offer pick by pick analysis from a fantasy football perspective.  Fantasy experts John Hansen, Jeff Ratcliffe, Brad Evans, Bob Harris, Michael Fabiano and others will share insight on which rookies may have the greatest impact on fantasy football rosters.

On VSiN (The Vegas Stats and Information Network) on SiriusXM (channel 204), Brent Musburger, Michael Lombardi and other VSiN hosts will offer the gaming perspective on the selections from the 2020 draft and their future impact on their teams. 

Visit www.siriusxm.com for more.

Accent Mobile Blind Spot System Increases Accuracy, Decreases Installation Time and Reduces Cost

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (04.23.2020) – Accent Mobile has announced, at a reduced cost, their latest innovative solution for Blind Spot Detection, the ultra-compact ACTBSS500. This Microwave Radar based system adds an extra set of eyes and warns the driver if there are any vehicles in either blind spot before and during a lane change maneuver.

Microwave is more accurate than Ultrasonic systems, and it requires no drilling into the bumpers. 2 ultra-compact Microwave Sensors mount behind the bumpers and alert the driver with 2 compact interior mounted LED Indicators and a small speaker.

“Our ACTBSS500 is unique in that it incorporates technology operating at 79GHz, this new higher Frequency offers 30% better performance in range resolution and accuracy when compared to our competitors 24GHZ,”
stated Bob Goodman, Director of Channel Sales, Accent Mobile.

“Additionally, our new ultra-compact design, 400% smaller, allows installation behind bumpers without drilling and enabling the use of 3M High Temperature Foam Adhesive instead of drilling. The compact sensors have mounting tabs that bend and can fit on any curve inside a bumper, reducing installation time by 30%, added Goodman.”

All these improvements have resulted in a 30% reduction in cost from our previous model.

“Consumer awareness of aftermarket Blind Spot Detection solutions is still quite low, our industry as a whole has done a poor job of letting consumers know these systems even exist as an aftermarket option, if retailers are only selling backup cameras or ignoring this category, they’re doing themselves and their customers a huge disservice. Backup Cameras have been standard in new vehicles for a few years, but Blind Spot Detection is still only available in the highest of trim levels, as part of an ultra-expensive package or in the brands flagship vehicles.

The ACTBSS500 MSRP is $499.95, Like all Accent Mobile Products, The ACTBSS500 has a 3 Year Warranty and is available immediately.

Visit accentmobile.com for more.

Mobile Solutions Webinar Explores the Future

TEMPE, AZ (04.22.2020) – Mobile Solutions delivered a live webinar on April 15 aimed toward retailers thinking about the new normal of what business looks like on the other side of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 300 people attended the live stream. Since then the recorded version has had over 800 views, increasing by 45-50 per day.

To view a recording of the April 15 webinar, click here.

During the one hour webinar, Bryan Schmitt discussed the importance of being ready to respond when business returns and doors open again. He underscored new methodologies that include sterilizing customer vehicles before and after work is performed Schmitt encouraged retailers to communicate this to clientele through in-store signage, social media outreach and email marketing campaigns.

“We have to proactively communicate to the consumer that, as an industry, we are committed to take extra measures to ensure the work we perform in vehicles is done with their safety in mind,” commented Schmitt. He feels that this will go a long way to making people comfortable enough to bring in their vehicles knowing that cleaning and protecting surfaces are a top priority.

“In the early days of car audio it was simple to be successful. Now, with all the competition and the diversity of the business (mobile electronics, not car stereo) you must be on your game and be ready to adapt,” remarked Dalesandro of End Result, who encouraged 12 volt retailers to attend.

End Result represents Mobile Solutions in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia and Dalesandro is well known for helping his retailers become better business owners through frequent in-person training events.

Other topics Schmitt discussed during the webinar included taking the down time to organize, clean and paint installation bays so that the workshop areas appear more like the high-end service bays at a car dealership rather than a dreary garage.

“White walls and great lighting go a long way in making an impression, plus it’s just a better working environment,” added Schmitt. He suggests retailers take down the manufacturer banners, calendars and other non-essential wall clutter so that signage is clear and easy to understand.

To view a recording of the April 15 webinar, click here.

Mobile Solutions will be presenting other fabrication and retailer-focused webinars in the weeks ahead. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Instagram and their website for those announcements. Sign up for the email list at www.mobilesolutions-USA.com to receive the latest information directly.

Despite Lockdowns, Americans Still Count on Their Cars to Cope with the Pandemic

Traffic on I-405 in Los Angeles is uncharacteristically light in the wake of the coronavirus.

Click here to read this full story by Paul A. Eisenstein on TheDetroitBureau.com

DETROIT, MI (04.22.2020) – With most of the U.S. currently facing shelter-in-place orders, Americans have gotten creative in finding ways to keep themselves entertained, especially those that have children locked down at home with them – and for many, the automobile offers a variety of solutions.

While travel is largely restricted and most folks are now working from home, that doesn’t mean motorists are putting their cars up on blocks. Whether getting out for a wandering weekend drive, or transforming them into makeshift offices, having a vehicle offers some creative options.

“People may be sheltering in place across the country but make no mistake, they are hitting the roads for a brief escape from their homes,” said Matt Schmitz, Cars.com assistant managing editor. “Our research shows that people just need a break from the daily monotony, and cars are serving as a safe, personal retreat.”

A Sunday drive can help beat the blues for those otherwise locked up during the pandemic.

One of the most popular uses finds families reviving a classic American pastime. Nearly 60% of the parents who responded to the survey said they have been making a point of taking everyone in the household out for a leisurely Sunday drive. About 45% of non-parents said they’re doing the same thing.

While that Sunday drive may be a great way for a family to escape the feeling that the four walls at home are closing in, parents also are using their cars as a way to occasionally get away from the kids. According to the Cars survey, 53% of parents said they’ll occasionally slip out and drive off for some alone time.

The good news is that it’s cheaper than it has been in years to make the occasional outing, even if there’s no real destination in mind. Fuel prices have continued to tumble and, according to the latest data from AAA fell to an average $1.80 for a gallon of self-serve regular on Tuesday.

Click here to read this full story by Paul A. Eisenstein on TheDetroitBureau.com

New MB Quart Marine Speakers Let All Hear Everything on the Water

The NP1-116 is a waterproof, marine certified, 6.5-inch coaxial speaker for your boat, RV, and off-road vehicle audio installations. Sold in pairs with 3 color grill options, this personalized finish comes in a hardened composite with their color inspired by the black sand beaches of Kaimu Hawaii.


  • LIFE SHIELD: Protected for water and dirt, UV protected against sun fade, 72 Hour UVA Burn-In Certified, and IPX68 rated
  • 1-inch titanium dome tweeter utilizes waterproof coated silk surround
  • Injection Molded Composite Polypropylene Cone: Delivers impactful bass with minimal cone flex which can cause distortion
  • Molded polymer sealing gaskets are utilized to keep the speaker isolated from the mounting surface and improve protection from water intrusion
  • Front and rear venting allows air passage through the spider and backplate to exchange air over the voice coil

Click here to learn more about the NP1-116 from the MB Quart website and get ready to hear all of your audio on the water.

Visit mbquart.com for more.

Specialty Aftermarket Industry Largely Open for Business

DIAMOND BAR, CA. (04.21.2020) – The majority of businesses in the specialty automotive industry continues to operate during the Coronavirus pandemic. Even with “shelter in place” rules in effect in many states, more than two-thirds of industry businesses have not closed any of their facilities during this time.

The findings are from a survey of SEMA member companies conducted April 1-7. SEMA has been working to identify areas to support the aftermarket industry during the pandemic as it moves towards recovery.

Click here to view full SEMA Survey results.

“The results of this survey show the resiliency of the specialty automotive industry and how it continues to push forward, working to move past the COVID-19 disruption,” said SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting. “We are using this feedback to further develop resources to help member businesses through this time of economic interruption.”

Most aftermarket industry facilities remain open under the “essential business” designation, and more than half of the industry’s employees continue to work from a company site, as a large number of production, technical, logistical, and retail positions can only be done at a jobsite.

The survey also found that most business owners maintain a positive outlook, with 87% indicating that they are “impacted short-term but will get through it.” The strength of the industry is depicted by the 82% of employees who continue working from at a jobsite or from home, and by the nearly 2,000 companies that have signed up to exhibit at this year’s SEMA Show.

“The aftermarket industry and our members remain positive, and are looking forward to opening back up in the months ahead and participating in a SEMA Show that will play a key role in launching a successful 2021,” said Kersting. “Now more than ever our priority for SEMA is clear: assuring the health, safety, and business continuity for our members, partners, employees, and the overall industry community.”

To further assist businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic, SEMA has created a dedicated webpage, http://www.sema.org/coronavirus, that includes up-to-date information about how each state defines “essential” businesses, SBA (Small Business Administration) emergency loans, paid sick and family leave, unemployment benefits, and more. As developments unfold, SEMA will continue to monitor and collect information and provide updates to the site.

“It is at times like these that the power of a collective can be most beneficial,” said Kersting. “I’m optimistic that by working together, we will continue to persevere and thrive.”

For the latest updates and resources available for businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic, visit www.sema.org/coronavirus.

Cadence Partners with Car Audio Influencer Bangin Bros

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA (04.21.2020) – Cadence is passionate about partnering with influencers in the Car Audio industry to provide car audio aficionados with authentic information and content about Cadence products. Recently, we partnered with Bangin Bros and sent Anthony an Ultra Shock Woofer. Anthony did an installment video and followed up with a giveaway.

The Ultra Shock Woofer is one of Cadence’s favorite woofers. Ultra Shock Subwoofers are engineered for performance and sound quality. New materials used for surround and spider, revised stronger baskets, and improved stronger/larger motor structures. Suspension: The surround is now a rugged Santoprene rubber surround that will support long linear excursions with improved reliability.

The high flex life Conex spider/damper has been revised in roll shape and material to compliment the improved surround. Motor Structure: Magnet sizes and voice coil winding lengths have all been adjusted for improved performance output and sound quality. The motor structures were engineered using FEA analysis to provide low distortion output at both high and low power levels, which results in more linear motor force within the subwoofers normal operating excursion and power levels for both negative and positive current through the voice coil.

● Model Number: US12
● Size: 12 in.
● RMS/MAX Power: 750/1500 WattsFrequency Response: 28Hz-500Hz
● SPL@1w/1m: 93dB @ 1w/1m
● Magnet: 126 oz.
● Mounting Depth: 6.6 in.
● Voice Coil: 2.5” VC

Visit the new and improved CadenceSound.com or call 626.465.3383 for more.