Go Fast Solutions to Distribute SounDigital and Ground Zero

DANIA BEACH, FL (10.11.2019) – SounDigital USA has reached an agreement with Go Fast Solutions to as the authorized distributor of SounDigital products in the New England and upstate New York Market place.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with GoFast Solutions. They are committed to delivering the very best for their customers and SounDigital fits that mold. Their enthusiasm for 12volt market place is exciting and we feel they fit our ideal distributor partner. We continue our limited distribution market strategy and this will be further enriched with the addition of GoFast Solutions to our distributor family.”

-Michael Ventura, National Sales Manger

This is the first time SounDigital products will be available thru a distributor in the North East.

SounDigital and Ground Zero will be on display during SEMA 2019 November 5th thru the 8th in North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center booth 12031

Contact GoFast Solutions at 203.641.0272 or thru email at info@gofst.com. Visit www.gofst.com and www.SounDigitalUSA.com for more.

Cardoza and Company Adds to Sales Team

(10.11.2019) – Cardoza and Company is welcoming Micah Boren to their sales team, effective October 1.

Micah will be responsible for the accounts located in the following California Counties of: Tulare, Kings, Fresno, Merced, Stanislaus, Inyo, Tuolumne, San Joaquin, Madera, Calaveras, Mariposa, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz.

Micah Boren on the road with new Cardoza business card and product sample in hand.

Micah has been a factory direct representative for almost the past 2 years and has demonstrated the ability to help some key accounts get better. Prior to this, he ran his own installation facility and worked for several prominent South San Juaquin Valley 12 volt Retailers during the past 15 years or so.

Most of you will meet him at SEMA if you attend. Cardoza and Company are excited to have a product specialist and salesman on our team!

Micah may be reached at mboren@cardozaandcompany.com

Visit cardozaandcompany.com for more.

MECA’s 21st season ends at the Car Audio Championship in Louisville, KY on the weekend of October 11 -13th.

81 Sound Quality League and 86 Sound Pressure League vehicles have pre-registered and are vying for World Championships in each class.  This is the largest turn-out for Finals in MECA history.

Working with the dB Drag Racing and IASCA organizations, MECA is part of the annual Car Audio Championship event.  Featuring the best sounding, best installations, and loudest vehicles in the USA and Mexico, this is the largest gathering of the high-level car audio systems in North Amerifca.

TRU Technology is the SQL Title Sponsor and will have a huge Team and booth display.

Ohio Generator, Sundown Audio, and XS Power are the SPL sponsors and have many competitors using their products. Sponsor logos will be featured on all awards.

Official MECA Team names are listed with the competitors results, displaying profiiency and excellence in the lanes.

Judging for Finals come from coast to coast, and Canada.  Our distinquished Judge Team brings together the best ears, minds, experience,and engaged officials.  The members will benefit from this dedicated crew:


Joe Ault (OH)

Bud Ballinger (KY)

Shannon Ballinger (KY)

Sunil Boodram (FL)

Victor O’Brien (AL)

Malani Puni (TN)

Mike VanMol (AL)


Cory Bradley (IN)

Grace Fitzpatrick (SC)

Mike Flanagan (MS)
Russell Jones (FL)

Linda Kobayashi (CA)

Richard Papasin (CA)

Julian Ridi (CN)

Matt Roberts (SC)

Vinny Taylor (TN)

Commissioner Stern will be handling registration, memberships, and awards presentations.  “We are excited to bring the car audio community together for this huge event.  Our members have worked hard to earn their place at Finals, and we determine our World Champs, and present our Club Awards, including State Champion certificates in all classes.”

Thanks to our Members:  Competitor, Retail, and Manufacturer for an outstanding season!
Thanks to our Judges for doing the work!

AudioControl Introduces New LGD for Late Model OEM Interface Applications

Seattle, WA, October 10th, 2019 – AudioControl (audiocontrol.com) makers of innovative high-performance audio solutions for the residential, commercial and automotive markets has announced two new Load Generating Devices (LGD’s) that enable technicians to add aftermarket audio components to a wide range of newer vehicles from Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Maserati, as well as a wide range of post 2005 vehicles with both standard and premium factory sound systems.

Two New LGD Models

Most new vehicles use a class D amplifier platform in their factory sound systems. These factory amplifiers can become unstable when they are connected to aftermarket equipment, causing system noise and overall compatibility issues. In order to maximize the upgrade opportunity for 12-volt retailers, AudioControl engineers created the LGD series of solutions, which seamlessly interfaces these newer OEM systems with aftermarket amplifiers. The AudioControl AC-LGD20 was designed specifically for Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Maserati audio systems without an amplifier. The AC-LGD60 provides interface capability for these same vehicles that feature audio systems with an amplifier. “The new LGD’s open up significant opportunities for our dealer base, enabling them to effortlessly deliver the audio performance their customers demand in these late model vehicles,” stated Chris Bennett, National Sales Director – Mobile at AudioControl.

The Ultimate Upgrade Solution with Two New 5-Channel Amplifiers

AudioControl has also introduced two new 5-channel amplifiers, both offering 125 watts into 4-channels RMS at 4-Ohm (200watts RMS X4 at 2-Ohm) and 500 watts into 1-channel at 2-Ohm along with eight speaker level inputs with selectable summing capability. The D-5.1300 delivers onboard DSP control of all amplified outputs and a pair of low-level outputs as well. The DSP interface is managed by the highly intuitive DM Smart App designed for all of AudioControl’s DSP amplifiers and processors. The LC-5.1300 offers the same outstanding specs and performance without the DSP features. These new models are schedule to become available at the end of Q4, 2019. 


Metra Electronics Introduces a New Product Line for Trailer Lights and Installation Accessories at SEMA Show

Holly Hill, FL – October 10, 2019 – Metra Electronics, the leading manufacturer of aftermarket automotive solutions, is introducing Heise High Performance Trailer Lights and Accessories under their existing Heise LED Lighting Systems brand. Aftermarket trailer customization presents a growing opportunity for installers due to the growing number of non-commercial drivers purchasing trailers to haul their ATVs, UTVs, boats and other cargo, in addition to commercial drivers looking to upgrade their fleet vehicles. Metra is meeting this demand with a new product line tha includes products ranging from universal trailer LED marker lights, clearance lights and lightbar brackets to work lights, lighting connection accessories and more. iBEAM commercial-grade safety products designed for large vehicles are also available in this lineup and new hardware from The Install Bay offers a convenient “one-stop-shop” for installation professionals to order everything they need from one place. New products will be on display with Metra Electronics at the 2019 SEMA Show and in a new trailer catalog, available at MetraOnline.com on the opening day of the show.

Heise Rear Trailer LEDs Lights
To illuminate the rear of the trailer, Heise has 6-inch oval trailer lights with 14 LEDs, with and without rubber grommets that are sonically sealed and weather resistant. The 6-inch oval trailer lights with the rubber grommets are available in red (HE-TR6001), amber (HE-TR6002) or white (HE-TR6003) LED colors respectively for vehicle braking/turning/taillight, turning or backup functions. The 6-inch oval trailer lights without the rubber grommets also come in red (HE-TR6005), amber (HE-TR6006) or white (HE-TR6007) LED colors respectively for vehicle braking/turning/taillight, turning or backup functions. For oval trailer lights that include LED stop/turn/taillight and backup lights, Heise offers the HE-TR6004. This 6-inch oval backup light, without grommets, has 10 red LEDs for the stop/turn/taillight functions that surround 4 white backup light LEDs and are sonically sealed and weather resistant.

To add more options for the rear of the trailer, Heise offers 4-inch round trailer lights with 14 LEDs with and without rubber grommets that are sonically sealed and weather resistant. These 4-inch round trailer lights with the rubber grommets are available in red (HE-TR4001), amber (HE-TR4002) or white (HE-TR4003) LED colors respectively for vehicle braking/turning/taillight, turning or backup functions. The 4-inch round trailer lights without the rubber grommets also come in red (HE-TR4005), amber (HE-TR4006) or white (HE-TR4007) LED colors. For round trailer lights that include LED stop/turn/tail and backup lights, Heise offers the HE-TR4004. This 4-inch round backup light, without grommets, has 10 red LEDs for the stop/turn/taillight functions that surround 4 white backup light LEDs and are sonically sealed and weather resistant.

For more visible braking, turning and backup lights, Heise’s new HE-TR1501 thinline light LED bar is only 1-inch tall but features 13 bright LEDs. With 10 red LEDs for the stop/turn and taillight functions that surround 3 white backup light LEDs, this lightbar cannot be missed on the road.

Heise Marker Lights
Heise’s new rectangle marker lights with reflectors function as both a clearance light and a side marker light when properly mounted. In red (HE-TRRF01) and amber (HE-TRRF02), these lights have the 2 LEDs and reflectors combined in one.

Heise’s marker clearance lights also come in 2.5-inch round marker lights with 9 LEDs, with and without rubber grommets. The 2.5-inch round marker lights with the rubber grommets are available in red (HE-TR2501), amber (HE-TR2502) or white (HE-TR2503) LED colors. The 2.5-inch round marker lights without rubber grommets are also available in red (HE-TR2504), amber (HE-TR2505) or white (HE-TR2506) LED colors.

In addition to the 2.5-inch round marker clearance lights, they also come in 2-inch and .75-inch sizes. The 2-inch round marker clearance lights are available with 6 LEDs in red (HE-TR2001), amber (HE-TR2002) or white (HE-TR2003) LED colors. The .75-inch round marker clearance lights come with 3 LEDs in red (HE-TR7501), amber (HE-TR7502) or white (HE-TR7503) LED colors.

Heise Work Lights
Heise’s existing lineup of work lights are idea for trailers and commercial heavy equipment vehicles. They come in black die-cast aluminum housing in 4.75-inch diagonal, 3.625 by 2-inch and 3.625 by 1.75-inch sizes. Each working light is rated IP67 with stainless 316 hardware and integrated-epoxy encapsulated electronics.

Vehicle Safety and Connection Accessories from iBEAM

Reducing blindspots in large trailers or commercial vehicles is a growing priority for drivers. iBEAM has several commercial wireless monitors and cameras designed for larger vehicles where running
wires isn’t possible or easy. iBEAM also has several heavy-duty cameras with night vision designed specifically for larger commercial vehicles. These existing solutions are included in the new trailer line and new camera connection accessories will be introduced at SEMA.

To allow drivers to quickly power, connect and disconnect the cameras when hooking or unhooking from trailers and other electrical devices, Metra is featuring a new quick disconnect cable and pair of brackets from iBEAM. The new TE-TCEX-1 is a quick disconnect cable with water-resistant seals that has 32 feet of cable to run through the truck to the monitor with a maximum of 10 additional feet of extendable coil at the hitch. The new TE-TRBRKT is a pair of trailer quick disconnect brackets. They are made of heavy-duty metal and have an open slot on the mounting bracket for the disconnects that makes running the cable much easier. These products work together to make connecting and disconnecting the camera from the trailer easier and safer for everyone involved.


Trailer Wiring and Installation Accessories from The Install Bay
New trailer wiring will include a variety of options for installers to provide everything needed for integrating electrical aftermarket parts. New products include, all copper hook-up wire, trailer connectors (with copper internals), all copper trailer wiring plugs (for basic hook-up of the 3 lighting functions), all copper trailer harness (for custom harness applications), all copper trailer wire (for RVs, boats and utility trailers), copper and all copper jacketed primary wire (for auto/truck/construction and light marine), and finally bulk trailer wire colors (for electrical usage in fleet vehicles).

Additional accessories range from connectors, terminals, cables and tubing, to hardware kits and tools. Two featured must-need accessories are the Brake Light Flasher (IBBLF) for use with non-LED third brake lights and the Strobe Flash Controller (IBLEDBLF) for use with LED third brake lights to flash the third brake light for extra visibility. With a wide range of installation accessories from Metra’s 12volt brands, Metra’s new line of trailer accessories is a one-stop-shop for lighting, safety and aftermarket installation projects. Metra Electronics will showcase these new products at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas from November 5th – 8th at booth 37017 in the South Hall Upper Level with their off-road, truck and powersports products. They will also be at Metra’s main booth 11639 in the North Hall.

Petra Raises $120,000 at 21st Annual Hope In One Charity Golf Tournament for Deserving Organizations

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries, the consumer technology authority and wholesale electronics distributor, celebrated their 21st annual Petra Hope In One Charity Golf Tournament held on October 3 at the Oak Tree Country Club in Edmond, OK. This year’s event raised $120,000 for the two chosen charity organizations, Whiz Kids of Oklahoma and Mercy Multiplied.

Hope In One has seen exponential growth in the two decades since its inception. Cumulatively, Hope In One has raised more than $1 million, with $240,000 being raised in only the last two years. 

More than 140 people participated in this year’s tournament. The event began the evening of Wednesday, October 2, with a vendor reception and the annual Texas Hold‘em Tournament at Topgolf in Oklahoma City. The following day, golfers hit the links at the prestigious Oak Tree Country Club—an awards luncheon followed as Petra Industries presented the funds raised to both Mercy Multiplied and Whiz Kids of Oklahoma. Events concluded Thursday evening with a come-and-go mixer at Ranch Steakhouse.

“Each year Hope In One is more impactful and impressive than the last,” said Petra President Tate Morgan. “I’d like to thank our vendor partners for their generous support of both this year’s tournament and of Petra throughout the year. Giving back to the community is the cornerstone of any successful business, and I’m thankful for the dedication of our vendor partners who help make that happen.” This year’s recipients of proceeds raised by Hope In One were Wiz Kids of Oklahoma and Mercy Multiplied. Each of these organizations are dedicated to helping young people in need, and each charity received $60,000 for their cause. “Every year, we’re excited to see how Hope In One continues to impact our community, and beyond. Through Hope In One we are able to come together to serve a higher purpose, and it continues to thrill and humble me that we’ve seen another successful year that will impact the lives of those today and for generations to come,” said Petra Founder and CEO Bill Stewart.

Whiz Kids of Oklahoma is a non-profit that inspires schools, churches and community partners who feel called to support our city’s most vulnerable and empowers them to be difference-makers in the lives of children at-risk for school failure. 

Mercy Multiplied is an international nonprofit Christian organization that helps young women break free from life-controlling issues and situations. They aim to help young women escape destructive cycles and discover purpose for their lives. 

“We could not do what we do without the selfless support of people like you all in this room. You all are our Mercy family,” said Lauren Hobar, Director of Fundraising for Mercy Multiplied. “You guys are truly making a way for more young women to find freedom.”

Petra would like to extend a special thank you to the JASCO Giving Hope Foundation for their continued support of the Hope In One Charity Golf Tournament.

In addition, Petra would like to thank you their many generous sponsors for the event, including 3Plus®, AAMP, AfterShokz®, ALC®, Allsop™, APC®, AT&T®, Atrend®, Audio-Technica®, BIC America, BLACK+DECKER™, BOK Financial®, Bonni Hamje Company, Clarity®, Comelit®, Conair®, Consumer Cellular®, Crown, CyberPower®, Elite Brands, Equity Brands, ESI, ERP®, FedEx, Garmin®, Lickety Split®, GPX®, Hangman®, Higginbotham Insurance, HoMedics®, Hose Assemblies, Hotan, IC Intracom, iWalk®, Johnson Outdoors, Juvo® Products, JVC®, Market Solutions, Maxell®, Maxxsonics®, Metra®, Metra Home Theater Group, Midland®, Mohu®, Motorola®, Norazza, Nortek Security and Control, NSTE (Smartlabs), OmniMount®, Omron®, Optoma, Oro, Inc., Panasonic®, Paycom®, Pioneer®, Power Acoustik®, PRIME®, RK Black, Royal®, Sennheiser®, SiriusXM®, Skullcandy®, SkyBell®, Spectra, STANLEY®, Starfrit®, SureCall®, Switchmate®, TracFone®, Tram Browning, Uniden®, US BANK, Verbatim®, Voxx, VTech®, Whistler®, Wilson Electronics, and XPOWER.

dBDRA Sponsors Competitor Awards at Car Audio Championship

AUSTIN, TX (10.08.2019) – The dBDRA would like to thank Incriminator Audio, Orion Car Audio and Sundown Audio for sponsoring competitor awards at for the 2019 North American dB Drag Racing Association Championship.

Incriminator Audio will be the exclusive ring sponsor for the 2019 dBDRA North American championship rings for the 5th year in a row! First Place winners at the event will receive custom personalized championship rings along with their 1st place trophy. The dedication and commitment that Incriminator Audio puts forth with the competitors is awesome! A huge thanks to the crew at Incriminator Audio.

Orion Car Audio is the exclusive trophy sponsor for the 2019 dBDRA North American Championship. The competitors in Louisville, KY and Sacramento, CA will go head to head to compete for the championship. Trophies will be awarded for 1st-4th place in 24 classes of competition including: dB Drag Racing, Bass Race, Top Dog, Psychlone and Bagger Beatz. In addition to the FINALS event, there will be an open entry 2020 Season Kick Off 3x event at each location. (independent of championship). Trophies will be awarded for 1st-3rd place in all classes. Huge shout out to Orion for acquiring the trophy sponsorship this year.

Sundown Audio will be the dBDRA 2019 Points Champion Sponsor. Each year the dBDRA awards a points champion award to the competitor that accrues the most points in each format of competition during the 2019 season. These competitors spend countless weekends in the lanes and this award is in appreciation of their efforts throughout the season. The 2019 awards will be presented for Eastern Region, Western Region and Canada. Thanks to Sundown Audio for their continued support of the competitors and all the teams out there!

On behalf of the dB Drag Racing Association and our members, the dBDRA would like to sincerely thank Incriminator Audio, Orion Car Audio and Sundown Audio for supporting the competitors!

The dBDRA would also like to extend thanks to all of the companies supporting the Car Audio Championship.

Show sponsors include: Pioneer Electronics, Sundown Audio, B2 Audio, Ampere Audio, Resilient Sounds, Lord of Bass, SoundQubed, Deaf Bonce, SounDigital, Limitless Lithium and Harley Davidson of Dothan. T-shirt sponsors include: XS Power, JL Audio, Tru Technology, Hybrid Audio Technologies, Crossfire, Avatar, Ohio Generator, Directronix, DC Audio, Slamology, 12 Volt News, Team Flop Box, Team Aint Loud, Team Imperial and TN Bass Racers.

Visit termpro.com for more.