Boomin’ Audio Competitions Hosted Spring Super Slam

TOOELE, UT (06.02.2020) – dB Drag Racing and USACi competitors filled the lanes at the Boomin’ Audio Spring Super Slam in Tooele UT on Sunday, May 31st. Under a warm and sunny Utah sky 39 dB Drag and 23 USACi entrants made their ways through the lanes.

Db Drag Racing and USACi Competitors pictured with their trophies at the Boomin’ Audio event at the Spring Super Slam in Tooele UT on Sunday, May 31st. Flags are flying on the Boomin’ Audio event tower.

This was the 3rd Annual Spring Super Slam and was held in V Auto Care’s very large parking lot. V Auto Care and Jones Subwoofer Solutions were sponsors of the event.

Competitors filled the V Auto Care lot under a warm sunny Utah sky.

Boomin’ Audio’s Andy Teuscher and Jeffrey Fernandez were behind the meters in the lanes. Fernandez, who traveled from SoCal for the event, relayed “I had an awesome time. It’s always fun coming out judging shows with Andy in the Idaho and Utah area. There are definitely a lot of diehard bass heads out there in the “Bass Elevated” State of Utah”

Andy Teuscher (L) and Jeffrey Fernandez pictured at the end of a very busy day in the lanes.

Jason Jones, Jones Subwoofer Solutions commented “Our business is designing and building subwoofer enclosures that rock. We are based about 60 miles down the in Sunset UT and really like attending the Boomin’ Audio events at V Auto Care. We had several competitors running with our enclosures and walls that took home top trophies”

These companies and organizations came together to host a very successful event.

Teuscher offered “We had competitors that showed up early and were excited to be around fellow competitors in light of all the COVID-19 restrictions. This was our 6th Boomin’ Audio event at V Auto Care and as always Cory Bird had everything in place. The company vehicle repair and also sell audio and video products as well as do tinting on vehicles of all types”

“We at Boomin’ Audio Competitions are extremely excited to get the season underway and look forward to more successful events in 2020” Teuscher concluded.

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All New Radar Receiver Technology from K40

ELGIN IL (06.02.2020) – K40 Electronics, a premier manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance automotive radar and laser protection systems, has released their all-new Platinum Series line of radar detectors. The Platinum360 (front and rear radar system) and the Platinum200 (front radar system) have been engineered with over 40 years of cutting edge product focus to be the most discreet and reliable speeding ticket defense on the market. All K40 Electronics products are backed by the world’s first and most comprehensive Ticket-Free Guarantee.

All New Radar Receiver Technology
The new Platinum Series Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) radar receivers are more sensitive and have increased overall performance, more range, and allow more customization options. These new receivers assist drivers when it counts by offering greater range on all police radar bands as well as more filtration options and tailored alert preferences so that drivers experience the most reliable, advanced warning system with fewer false alerts.

New Features
In addition to the 18 customizable features already standard on current K40 Electronics products, the Platinum Series offers additional features and settings.

Radar Band Selectivity – The Platinum Series offers new, more advanced filtration. Now, drivers will be able to select the range of K-band or Ka-band frequency spectrum they want to be alerted to. By focusing on specific band segments, drivers can expect increased warning times and warning distance.

Ka-Band Filter – Ka-band filter enables filtration of non-police radar signals, such as other radar detectors and satellite broadcast bands. Drivers will enjoy the confidence of filtering out the non-police signals and knowing where the real threats are. Just like K40 Electronics’ K-band filter, used to silence vehicles with radar-based safety features, this filter does not affect the system’s range and performance for all other police radar threats.

Auto Filter – The “Auto” setting in the City/Highway filter automatically adjusts range and sensitivity on radar bands based on the vehicle’s speed. For drivers who like a “set it and forget it” approach to minimizing non-police alerts in low-speed situations while maintaining maximum sensitivity in higher speed scenarios.

MultaRadar CD/CT Detection – The Platinum Series will have the capability to alert to MultaRadar CD/CT photo radar (Late 2020 availability).

Additional Laser Defuser Transmit Control – Drivers can now switch Laser Defusers to receive-only mode at any time during a police laser encounter by pressing the mute button on the remote control. For the advanced user, this feature allows the driver to instantly turn off the jamming signal transmitted to the laser gun and allow the police to obtain a speed reading.

Same Time-Proven Features
While the new Platinum Series custom-installed radar detectors offer numerous technology and feature enhancements, drivers have the same confidence-inspiring features that made previous generation K40 systems the most trusted name in police radar protection:

● Dual radar receiver option for more range and directional awareness.
● Discrete LED and control options keep vehicles’ interiors looking OEM.
● GPS features like “Mark To Mute”, “Mark To Alert” and “Quiet Ride” allow for individual customization of the driving experience.
● Ticket-Free Guarantee: the first and most comprehensive guarantee in the industry for 40 years and counting.

K40 systems are also integration-ready with select Kenwood and JVC head units via iDatalink Maestro. Future integration partnerships are pending release with Pioneer, Mid-City Engineering, and NavTV.

“As the next evolution for K40 Electronics’ radar detectors, the Platinum Series offers more range and performance than ever,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our goal is to provide complete speeding ticket protection with the latest technology in radar and laser defense.”

The K40 Electronics Platinum200 and Platinum360 radar detector systems are available nationwide throughout the US, and in Canada from K40 authorized retailers including mobile electronics stores and automotive dealerships.

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Accent Mobile Rear Seat Entertainment Solution Checks All the Boxes

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (06.02.2020) – Accent Mobile, a division of Accele Electronics focused on solutions for Expeditors, Upfitters and Fleet Managers is pleased to announce, their latest solution for Rear Seat Entertainment, the ACTHRD9850WK 9” Active Matrix Headrest Entertainment Kit. The universal Headrest system with its unique slide clamp, quick release system will fit any Headrest, active or passive. The system includes an Optical Drive that supports all popular Disc formats. as well as. The system includes (3) interchangeable color skins (Black, Tan, Grey) to blend into most vehicle interiors. Each Kit contains (2) 9” LCD Monitors with built – in Disc Drives, (2) Sets of Wireless Headphones and (2) Game Controllers.

Our ACTHRD9850WK is unique in that it checks all the boxes. In addition to the Optical Drive, users will discover an HDMI input (1) SD Card slot, (1) USB Port, and an RCA Composite A/V Input. This ensures users can continue to use all the media in their libraries for those long road trips with children”, stated Bob Goodman, Director of Channel Sales, Accent Mobile. “For complete flexibility, choices for listening include a built in FM Modulator, a 2 Channel IR Headphone transmitter, a 3.5” headphone jack and built in speakers. Children can keep themselves busy with the included 16 Bit Game Disc and Game Controller.

Additional Units may be connected together to share Video from the built in Disc players. All functions are easily accessible with the included IR Wireless Remote Control. The ACTHRDVD9850 includes an adjustable mounting bracket and a set of five mounting adapters to accommodate a variety of post mount head rests. The mounting bracket is adjustable from 5.1875″ to 8″ wide (OC). The five mounting adapters are compatible with 10.4, 11.3, 12, 13, and 14.3mm post diameters. It is also adjustable for different headrest pillow depths from 1.75″ to 3.625″ (OC). The 90 degree adjustment provides an optimal viewing angle. For security and convenience, each monitor is easily removable while leaving the mount in place” , said Goodman.

The ACTHRD9850WK MSRP is $799.95, Like all Accent Mobile Products, The ACTHRD9850WK has a 3 Year Warranty and is available immediately.

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Jammin’ N June… It’s Summertime

12VOLT CENTRAL STUDIOS (06.01.2020) – “It’s Summertime and time to ‘Crank It Up’! Get Jammin’ N June with great gear for your ride. HiTech in-dash media, powerful amps and speakers that will get your ride Jammin’ N June.” Those words, and that message, can grab the attention of consumers and create store traffic for 12volt retailers.

Competitors gathered for a group shot with their dB Drag Racing Trophies in front of FX Audio in Saturday, May 30, in Spruce Grove Alberta.

Online sales have been on a steady rise for the past several years. The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has led to a dramatic spike in online sales. Jammin’ N June themed activities by proactive 12volt retailers can drive consumer traffic into stores and very importantly drive sales.

Competitor’s vehicles lined up at the FX Audio dB Drag Racing event in Spruce Grove Alberta Canada.

It’s imperative that 12volt retailers create a powerful in-store experience for consumers in the showroom. An impressive demonstration will bring a smile to the consumer’s face and raise the hair on their arms.

In many sections of the U.S. 12volt store traffic, and sales, have been strong for 12volt retailers. dB Drag Racing competitions in Canada, Indiana and Utah just this past weekend were very well attended. These facts indicate 12volt enthusiasts are ready to Crank It Up.

The dB Drag Racing event had over 100 enthusiasts in the Sound Check Mobile parking lot in Lafayette IN at 10AM Sunday morning, May 31st, for the competition.

On Saturday, May 30th, the dB Drag Racing competition at FX Audio took place under a warm sunny Canadian sky. Ray Choy, dB Drag Racing International Judge, related “Everything went very well. Overall we had 15 competitors and it was a great event plus we had a lot of spectators at the store. Several competitors came just to visit and one competitor broke down on the way into Spruce Grove. Everyone was excited to get the 2020 competition season rolling”

RP Patel, Sound Check Mobile in Lafayette IN, commented to 12volt News during a phone call Sunday morning “We have over 100 people here in store’s parking lot for the dB Drag Racing competition before noon. Looks like we will have a busy day in the lanes. It’s a great way to start the sound-off season for sure”

dB Drag Racing and USACi competitors pictured with their trophies under the Boomin’ Audio event tower at the Spring Super Slam in Tooele UT on Sunday, May 31st.

The Boomin’ Audio Spring Super Slam filled the V Auto Care parking area in Tooele UT on Sunday, May 31st. Andy Teuscher relayed “This is a great way to start the competition season. There was a lot of excitement from dB Drag Racing and USACi competitors. Jeffrey Fernandez traveled in from SoCal and we both stayed super busy judging in the lanes and meeting with competitors. The Jones Subwoofer Solutions and V Auto Care teams really worked to make all come together for a super event”

After a busy day in the Boomin’ Audio lanes, Andy Teuscher (L) and Jeffrey Fernandez already for a cool one. Or two!

As an industry ‘Let’s Get Our Shine On.’ Much more to come from the 12volt Central Studios.

Let’s get Jammin’ N June!!

KICKER Tech Force Continues Training Amid COVID-19

STILLWATER, OK (06.01.2020) – In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, KICKER’s Tech Force continues training dealers and installers worldwide, efficiently making use of retailers’ time that normally might be spent on consumers that are no longer walking into stores.  The four-man team educates KICKER representatives online about new gear releases, what makes the equipment special, and product tips that may provide a purchasing advantage over the competition.

KICKER has held nearly a dozen online-only trainings in the past month, with new “unboxing” and additional training videos slated in the coming weeks.  The Tech Force teaches to an industry that is hungry for tools to use when stores reopen and some sense of normalcy returns.

John Myers, KICKER Tech Force Senior Trainer, pictured in the studio at KICKER World HQ in Stillwater, OK.

“We can answer questions live, from anywhere in the world, right from the KICKER offices,” said John Myers, KICKER Tech Force senior trainer. “It’s also a chance to teach dealers and the public about all new technologies we’re rolling out in 2020.  It’s really exciting!”

For example, Myers conducted a 45-minute course on several new KICKER products and technologies, reaching out to South African distributor partners at Planet World and several retailers within the country.  He covered feature-intensive projects like the new KEY500.1 Smart Mono Amplifier, the re-voiced KS-Series speaker lineup, clever uses of KICKER LED speaker rings and more. A live Q-and-A session was held simultaneously to answer any questions.

KICKER plans on releasing training videos on social media, and on the training section of the company YouTube channel: KICKERFanatic.

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Hifonics ZEUS Gamma Subwoofers Designed for Ultimate Power

LIBERTYVILLE, IL (06.01.2020) – The ZG12D4 ZEUS Gamma mobile subwoofer is a 12″ subwoofer that includes dual 4 Ohm design, through-the-frame venting with a mesh grill, and a rear motor cover to protect the back of the subwoofer.

Learn more about the ZG12D4 ZEUS Gamma subwoofer HERE.

The ZG10D4 ZEUS Gamma mobile subwoofer is a 10″ subwoofer that also includes dual 4 Ohm design, through-the-frame venting with a mesh grill, and is ideal for medium and large ported enclosures.

Learn more about the ZG10D4 ZEUS Gamma subwoofer HERE.


Spade style terminals for easy installation

The pressure treated blue foam surround along with the ZEUS spider helps keep the piston motion of the subwoofer linear and distortion-free

Vented aluminum former holds 2” voice coil that allows heat to be exchanged (Less heat means less distortion)

Specialized Hifonics cotton spider allows the subwoofer to handle more power with minimum distortions

A unique Hifonics heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame allows back venting, which exchanges heat with cool air, resulting in more power handling and increased reliability

Vented high energy motor assembly with 37oz magnets increases power handling and SPL

Obtain bass that’ll redefine your expectation of sound and FEEL THE BOOM in all of your audio. Embrace the POWER of ZEUS!

Learn more about the entire lineup of ZEUS Gamma subwoofers HERE.

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The 12Volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Is Rolling In 2020 – Superior Audio Sounds Wins Spin 78

SHREVEPORT LA (05.30.20)  WTF…Win This Friday. The 12volt Spin-to-Win Wheel was created to bring an element of fun to the 12volt industry. Six months ago we celebrated the first anniversary of the weekly 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel.

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The latest 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Winner, Number 78, is Superior Audio Sounds in San Angelo TX. The Wheel landed on the CRUX space Friday morning May 29th.  Chris Savala answered the phone and was very happy to hear the news. A CRUX interface product will be headed their way.Spinning out a new winner each Friday, a 12volt retailer can win a cool prize and top brands receive visibility across the marketplace.

12volt brands with a space on the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel include Kicker, NavAtlas, SiriusXM, Cadence, PowerBass, Sony, CRUX, DS18, SoundStream, AIS, Precision Power, JBL, Power Acoustik, Farenheit, Image Dynamics and SpellBrite. 12volt News $100. cash awards have spaces on the 12volt Spin-To-Wheel for a winning 12volt retailer.

Past winners of the 12volt Spin-To-Win include…Stereo & Video Center-Tyler TX, The Outlaw Garage-Franklin TN, Exotic Sounds-West Palm Beach FL, Endless Possibilities-Aurora IL., Go Auto Sound in Union City NJ, Al&Ed’s South Bay CA, No Limitz Car Audio in Upland CA, Neil’s Specialty-Eureka CA, Sturgess Customs-Lexington SC, Audio By Art-San Antonio TX, SMS Car Audio in Marreo LA and Sweet Wheelz in Mississauga Ontario Canada, Cartronics in Biscayne FL, The CarAudio Shop in St Louis MO, Exotic Sounds in West Palm Beach FL, High North Customs in Grand Prairie Alberta Canada and AMS Audio in Bakersfield CA, Team QRT in Abbeyville LA and California Sound in Fontana CA and Jackie Cooper Electronics, Oklahoma City OK, MARS Audio-Orlando FL, All American Audio in Nutley NJ, Proline Car Stereo in Brooklyn NY, Custom Shop Miami, Tunes and Tint in Lakeland FL, Mobile Concepts Inc in Mokena IL, Seismic Auto Sound in Concord CA, Brooklyn Car Audio in Brooklyn NY, Audio Solutions in Florence MS, Enhanced Customs in Largo FL, Rayco Auto Clinic, Audio Design in San Jose CA, Go Bass Mode in Florida, Avenue Sound in Freeport NY, Audio Plus in Riverview FL, Stereo Zone in Whittier CA, In-Phase Car Audio in Omaha NE, AutoLife Group, N&H Electronics, SK Customs, Land & Sea, The Audio One, NC Custom Shop,Tint World Orlando, Ricky Smith’s Audio, VIP Custom Woks, Mobile Audio Concepts, Audio Lad, Sound Sensations, Dave’s Stereo, Stereo Design, Badlands Customs, Custom Audio-Erie PA, Voltz Autosports-Bridgeport CT, Infinity Sound and Security-Kissimmee, Autosport Plus-Canton OH, Stereo City Pros in Carmichael CA, Devine Concepts in Naples FL, The Sound Shop in Indian Trail NC, Extreme Performance Audio in Fresno CA, Audio Depot in Arlington TX, Audio Security in Houston TX, Earmark Car Audio and Marine in Lewisville TX, Audio Jam in Bear DE, Stereo City Ontario, Ontario CA, Audio By Art, San Antonio TX, Code Zero Customs in Tulsa OK, Ken’s Car Tunes in Mobile AL, Soundz Plus in Naperville IL, Markland Designs in Lithonia GA, Electronics Plus in Salinas CA and Xtreme Autosports. Congratulations to all.

WTF… Where’s the Fun. On the next spin of the 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel Friday, June 5th.