Remembering Hal Smith the Founder of Audio Advantage in Columbus, MS

MEMPHIS, TN (12.09.2021) – Memphis Audio is saddened to announce the passing of a long time member of the Memphis Audio family. Hal Smith, age 63, of Columbus, MS, passed away December 5, 2021, at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Hal was the owner of Audio Advantage in Columbus, MS and was a long tenured member of the Memphis Audio family. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Hal Smith, he truly was a part of the Memphis family for decades. Hal was well loved and respected by the team at Memphis and in our industry. Hal will be deeply missed and the entire team at Memphis would like to send our most heartfelt condolences to his family” stated Nick LoMonaco, President of Memphis Audio.

Funeral services will be Thursday, December 9, 2021, at 1:30 PM at First United Methodist Church. The interment will immediately follow at Friendship Cemetery. Visitation was Wednesday, December 8, 2021, from 5:00 – 7:00 PM at First United Methodist Church. Memorial Gunter Peel Funeral Home & Crematory 903 College St. location is in charge of arrangements.

Hal is survived by his wife Leslie Smith, and his two sons Drew and Trey Smith. Drew and Trey will honor their father’s legacy by continuing to run the successful car audio business their father started in the early 1980’s.

Memorials may be made to First United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 32, Columbus, MS, 39703.

To send a flower arrangement or to plant trees in memory of Hal Smith, please click here to visit the Sympathy Store.

Alpine Electronics Now Shipping AlpineF#1Status, The Pinnacle of Car Audio

AUBURN HILLS, MI (12.09.2021) – Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. a leading manufacturer of electronic components and automotive infotainment systems, and its domestic marketing division Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., is now shipping the third generation of AlpineF#1Status.

The Pinnacle of Car Audio

When it comes to experiencing music, nothing compares to a live performance. From incredible details like the breath of the artist between passages to the electrifying energy felt in the beat of every kick drum, live music creates an unparalleled emotional experience in every song. Now, this level of performance can be experienced in a vehicle with AlpineF#1Status System.

AlpineF#1Status is the first complete premium car audio system that can reproduce Hi-Resolution Audio Playback, bringing the experience of a live performance closer than ever before inside the challenging vehicle interior environment, making it the pinnacle of car audio.

High-Resolution Audio Playback

AlpineF#1Status represents the best that car audio technology can offer using the most important medium at the time. The first generation of AlpineF#1Status in 2001 focused on perfecting Compact Disc (CD) reproduction, the highest spec of its time (44.1kHz x 16bit). In 2004, the second generation shifted to DVD Audio™, which exceeded CD in data storage and playback quality. The third and current generation of AlpineF#1Status addresses the future of car audio: High-Resolution Audio (Hi-Res).

AlpineF#1 Status is the first car audio system in the industry to achieve 384kHz/32bit Hi-Res Audio Playback, the highest recording spec possible in a car audio system. This is more than 17 times the amount of digital audio data in a standard CD (44.1kHz x 16bit) and exceeds the standard Hi-Res spec (192kHZ x 24 bit). Hi-Res Audio Playback reproduces the details that are lost in lower-quality, compressed file formats. These details, like the breath of the artist or subtle interactions with the instruments, contribute to a listening experience that was once previously exclusive to a live performance.

As consumer listening habits shift from CD to digital streaming services, Hi-Res Audio Playback is quickly becoming the new benchmark for music reproduction. AlpineF#1Status exceeds the standards for this level of performance. To deliver this experience, each component in the system was designed in perfect synchronization to handle the ultra-Hi-Res audio files.

Unique Hi-Res Audio Source

To achieve 384kHz/32bit Hi-Res Audio Playback, AlpineF#1Status needed a source and a method that could get this level of Hi-Res audio files in the vehicle. Alpine partnered with Astell & Kern to create a custom, portable Digital Audio Player (DAP) for the AlpineF#1Status system. The DAP-7909 can host up to 780 Hi-Res files and is compatible with a variety of audio formats (.Wav, .Flac, AAC, etc.).

The DAP connects directly with the AlpineF#1Status Head Unit via USB. Longtime fans of the Alpine brand will appreciate the six-button “chiclet” design of the AlpineF#1Status HDS-7909 Head Unit Commander. The HDS-7909 controls the media on the DAP-7909 and sends the digital content to the HDP-H900 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) via a custom A2B data bus, which supports the Hi-Res Audio spec. As a bonus, the DAP can also be used as a standalone audio player.

The Workhorse of the System

To reproduce a live performance experience in the challenging vehicle interior environment is no easy feat. From the off-center positioning of the listener to the variety of materials in the cabin and even the internal cabin temperature, the vehicle introduces acoustic challenges that contribute to a lower quality sound experience.

To overcome these challenges, the AlpineF#1Status system features an HDP-H900 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with the industry’s first Master Clock Management System, a high-performance crystal clock housed in an oven-controlled case at the heart of the DSP. Every component in the AlpineF#1Status system references this clock which results in ultra-Hi-Res playback without any jitter (timing errors) in the system, which is common in a system with independent components.

The HDP-H900 runs up to 1GHz/64Bit, comparable to the processing power of a high-end computer’s central processing unit (CPU), to achieve accurate sound tuning for High-Resolution audio playback at 384kHz/32Bit. High-performance sound processing gives the acoustic system tuner the tools to ensure that each speaker’s sound arrives at the listener’s ears at the same time, while also accounting for the vehicle’s unique interior environment, to maintain the integrity of the sound and ensure accurate High-Resolution Playback. The results are perfect synchronization and music that stays faithful to the artist’s original intentions.

Once the files are processed, the signal is sent to the HDA-F900 4-Channel Amplifier via Pro Audio Balanced XLR cables, which allows a full eight volts to be sent with virtually no noise and results in the most accurate sound reproduction possible.

Unified Speaker Material

Hi-Res Audio Playback requires that every speaker component plays within its optimal frequency band. From the tweeter to the subwoofer, the AlpineF#1Status HDZ-9000 4-way speaker system uses the same high-performance cone material, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP).

By using the same cone material throughout the speaker system, rather than using a specific material or structure for each component’s frequency band, the sound maintains the same timbre and characteristic across the entire audible and inaudible frequency range. Each speaker component is designed to cover a wider range of playback spectrum giving the tuner a wider range of adjustability.  The HDZ-9000 speakers also feature proprietary Alpine technologies, that include DDDrive, DDLinear, and Dual Emission, which work together to maximize accuracy and reduce distortion between speakers. 

The HDZ-9000 4-Way Speakers feature an HDZ-9000SW 11” Subwoofer, pairs of HDZ-9000WF 6.5” Midbass Speakers, HDZ-9000MID 2.5” Midrange Speakers, and HDZ-9000TW 1” Tweeters for a true stereo image.

A Complete Audio System

Each component of the AlpineF#1Status system was designed to ensure that the system play at its intended Hi-Res spec. To reach this level of performance, the system’s signal path uses custom connectivity, including XLR cables and A2B, because of their ability to accurately support the Hi-Res spec. This makes the AlpineF#1Status system an all-inclusive, complete system designed in perfect synchronization.

While AlpineF#1Status was designed as a complete system, there is flexibility to add or retain a head unit other than the included HDS-7909. The HDP-H900 DSP includes a traditional RCA input, and up to six channels of high-level input, that can be used to retain the vehicle’s factory head unit or add an aftermarket head unit, which is valuable for the audio enthusiast who relies on smartphone connectivity and features, like Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, or Bluetooth®.

Whether retaining the factory head unit, upgrading to an aftermarket head unit, or using the AlpineF#1Status HDS-7909 Head Unit, the result is still a cohesive system that works in perfect synchronization to reproduce the highest level of performance available in the challenging vehicle interior environment.

AlpineF#1Status is exclusively available as a complete sound system at a M.A.P. of $35,000. An additional HDZ-9000SW 11” Subwoofer is available if more bass is desired at a M.A.P. of $2,600 (sold separately).

AlpineF#1Status is available for purchase at AlpineF#1Status Authorized Retailers. A list of retailers can be found on

Celsus UK Appoints KENT Marine Equipment as Kicker Audio Marine Distributor in France

POOLE, UK (12.09.2021) – CELSUS UK, Poole-based distributor for KICKER AUDIO Marine products in Europe, has announced their appointment of KENT Marine Equipment to manage the French market for the U.S. based manufacturer of high-end performance 12Volt audio products. The agreement was signed at the newly appointed companies’ facility in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes, France.

KICKER Marine is designed to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience season after season. Engineering excellence, rigorous testing and high-quality components combine to provide the best value premium performance marine audio on the market. The range provides complete end-to-end audio system solutions for external areas on all types of watercraft.

Pictured (L-R) are Paul Baker (Celsus UK, Managing Director), Mike Keenan (Celsus UK, European Sales Manager), Francois Berson (Kent Marine, Managing Director) & Sylvain Marchand (Kent Marine, Product Manager)

KENT Marine Equipment has been active in the French marine market since 1974 with a desire to deliver best in class service to their extensive dealer-base. The company’s reputation in the market for technical product sales and support make them the perfect partner for Celsus UK & Kicker Marine in France.
Commenting on their appointment Mike Keenan, Celsus UK European Sales Manager, said
“I am excited about working alongside KENT Marine Equipment to launch the Kicker brand to their customers. France is an integral part of the wider European marine market and I am confident the enthusiasm and expertise found in François Berson and his team positions them well for future success with Kicker Audio.”

François Berson, Managing Director – KENT Marine Equipment added, “From January 2021, Kent Marine expanded its product offering to the French aftermarket and OEM business with a new strategic product family – Electronics. We were looking for additional partners to empower our offer, we saw Celsus and Kicker as the best fit and an obvious partner for us with their wide and high performance range. We are all very excited to develop the Kicker brand in France and turn this new relationship into a success.”

The KICKER marine range of source units, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and accessories are gaining a powerful reputation for quality performance and value since their introduction to the European market in 2018. KENT Marine Equipment join a growing and dedicated distributor network in Europe.

David Glasgow, International Sales Manager for Kicker Audio, added, “We are delighted to have a company with the heritage of Kent Marine represent our marine product line in France. We are confident of a bright future combining their experience with our product quality. Welcome to the KICKER family.”

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AudioControl Highlighting New Products and Training Seminars at the December, 2021 KnowledgeFest in Dallas

SEATTLE, WA (12.08.2021) – AudioControl will be displaying best-in-class mobile entertainment products, showcasing an outrageous Volvo C30R demo vehicle and hosting vital training seminars for attendees at KnowledgeFest Dallas, being held at the Dallas Market Center, December 10th-12th, 2021.

The AudioControl team will be hosting one training seminar per day for attendees, beginning on Friday with how to maximize system performance using AudioControl’s all-in-one amplifier solutions. Saturday’s track will focus on how to best utilize the full line of active line output converters, load generating devices and digital signal processors from AudioControl that are powerful tools for efficiently and effectively producing better sounding systems for every customer. Sunday’s training will highlight the many benefits of utilizing AudioControl’s DM-RTA, the ultimate test tool for efficiently producing high-performance systems that are more predictable and professional.

“AudioControl offers a broad range of mobile entertainment products that enable dealers and installers to offer best solutions, unmatched performance and reliability,” explained Mobile Audio Sales Manager Matthew Palumbo. “We will be running demos of a full AudioControl system in Joseph Norton’s Volvo C30R and providing educational tracks throughout the event, helping sales and installation teams utilize AudioControl products to exceed customer expectations across all types of vehicles.”


Friday, December 10th 3:00pm-4:00pm Room D224
AudioControl Amplifiers: The all-in-one solution

Saturday, December 11th 4:15pm-5:15pm Room D224
LOCs, LGDs, & DSPs Oh My! (The ultimate guide to OEM integration and signal processing)

Sunday, December 12th 10:45am-11:45am Room D224
DM-RTA: The Ultimate Audio Test Tool

Visit AudioControl at the December, 2021 KnowledgeFest Dallas, 12/10-12/12 Booth 421 

Click here to Reserve Your Seat 

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New VIV Amplifiers Available and Ready to Ship from Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (12.08.2021) – Memphis Audio is ecstatic to announce the much anticipated VIV750.6V2 and VIV3000.1V2 have landed and are available to ship to dealers across the nation. Chip shortages and pandemic related supply chain issues slowed the arrival of these two fan favorites. Memphis is ecstatic to announce both these amplifiers are now available and ready to ship from the Memphis warehouse to dealers across the nation.

The VIV3000.1V2 amplifier is the highest-powered amplifier ever released in the VIV line. The amplifier produces 3000 watts of clean RMS power and is more than capable of driving a pair of massive MOJO 15” subwoofers off of a single amplifier making it a perfect pairing. “Ever since creating the VIV line of amplifiers, our dealers have been asking us for a high powered DSP amplifier that can elevate their bass to the next level. We listened to their feedback and are very pleased to announce that this new addition to the VIV line has finally arrived and is shipping to dealers across the country,” Said Nick LoMonaco, president of Memphis Audio.

The VIV750.6V2 is also a new member of the VIV family which features 6 total channels which is the most ever offered in the line. “Many modern vehicles are equipped with more than 4 speaker locations. It was clear to us that we needed a solution for our dealers allowing them to power a multi-speaker system off of a single amplifier. This VIV600.6V2 is a perfect option for any vehicle that has more than 4-speakers. This amplifier is flexible and versatile and will without a doubt be one of our dealer’s favorite offerings in the VIV line moving forward,” said LoMonaco.

VIV amplifiers are available and shipping today, for more information contact your Memphis audio rep or contact Memphis directly at 800-489-2300.

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The Paragon Sales & Marketing Team Spent a Day Touring AudioControl HQ

MOUNTAINLAKE TERRACE, WA (12.08.2021) – Members of the Corona, CA-based Paragon Sales and Marketing team journeyed to AudioControl World HQ on Thursday, December 2nd, to tour the plant and set 2022 marketing plans for the firm’s territory.

Well AudioControl says ‘Made in the USA‘ they mean it!

Matt Palumbo, Mobile Audio Sales Manager, related, “We wanted to show the Paragon team all that we are doing in the marketplace to provide audio solutions moving into the future. Letting them see that first-hand was important. They flew into Seattle Thursday morning, we worked the schedule we had set and then enjoyed a delicious dinner on the waterfront. Friday we went to Tacoma to check out the LeMay Car Museum before dropping the team off at the airport to fly back home.”

This amazing classic is one of over 200 on display at the LeMay Car Museum. Pictured (L to R) Paragon Team members Ed Gonzalez, Aaron Davis, Mike Rios and Wayne Smedile with Matt Palumbo.

The Paragon team members making the trip were Ed Gonzalez, Aaron Davis, Mike Rios and Wayne Smedile.

Rios related to the 12volt Central Studios “It was s great day and a half for us. Seeing the AudioControl facility in person to understand the production process and how everything comes together was terrific. For all of us the one-on-one time with members of the AudioControl staff set the stage for a successful 2022 and beyond. Discussing market specifics in our territory with Matt was terrific.”

Palumbo concluded, “It was a great couple of days and super valuable time for all involved.”

Since 2000, Paragon USA Inc has been representing product manufacturers to sell and market their products to independent retail, regional chain stores and distributor business channels. The firm has served retailers throughout SoCal and Hawaii from the beginning with Southwest states Arizona and New Mexico plus Southern Nevada added in 2018.

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The Havasu Holiday Boat Parade of Lights Was Livin’ Loud with KICKER

LAKE HAVASU, AZ (12.07.2021) – The Lake Havasu Holiday Boat Parade of Lights took place on the Bridgewater Channel at London Bridge Saturday night, December 4th, on Lake Havasu.

Holiday lights adorned over 80 boats as they glittered and glistened through the famed Bridgewater Channel under the London Bridge which continued the community 37-Year Holiday tradition. Spectators lined the shore and parking areas to enjoy the Holiday Season together.

The KICKER BoomToon dockside as the Havasu Boat Parade was set to launch.

The KICKER BoomToon and Wired4Sound deck boat were definitely Livin’ Loud in addition to sparkling with Holiday lights. Captain Frank was at the helm of the KICKER Livin’ Loud 3 BoomToon. Dan Murphy, Maddog Media’s Lorin Morrell and more crew members were on board as the boat parade cruised down the Bridgewater Channel on a crisp. clear evening.

This image from Wired4Sound shows how bright the Wired4Sound KICKER 26’ deck was as the evening parade got started.

The Wired4Sound KICKER 26’ deck boat featured thousands of Holiday lights and candy canes as owner Jeff Cuvelier and family enjoyed the parade. “The build features 14 KICKER amps (a whopping 24,000 watts !) and 44 Kicker Speakers, including 4 L715Q and 6 KMTC11 KICKER Marine Tower Speakers. I have reworked the system several times and based on what people say, this is the loudest and best sounding system they have ever heard on a boat. We can make waves anchored in the channel or dockside,” Cuvelier stated.

Concluding, Morrell related, “Both of these boats were definitely Livin’Loud and definitely looking beautifully Christmassy.”

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9th Annual TN Bass Racers Toys For Tots Event

LEBANON, TN (12.07.2021) – TN Bass Racers held their 9th Annual Toys for Tots event on December 4th. As an incentive to retailers and promoters that have hosted dB Drag Racing events during the 2021 season, the dBDRA waives the listing fee for qualifying 1X events that are scheduled during the weeks leading up to Christmas. The entry fee for the competitors must be a new unwrapped toy. 

In addition to the Toys for Tots initiative, all had a fun day throughout the event.

With over 70 entries at the event, this was one of TN Bass Racer’s largest Toys for Tots events. Several Eastern Finals Champions were in attendance as well as a few rookies. Bass Race 129.9 was taken by newcomer Caleb Gregory (Wallstreet Caleb). David McKay (Team Directronix David) took 139.9 and newcomer Chad Smith took down veteran Chris Gregory in 149.9. Psyclone Demo has become the stomping ground for demo’ers who are making the transition from the parking lot to the lanes and they were LOUD with 11 Demo cars competing.

People arrived with trunks full of toys to contribute to the Toys for Tots event.

Team Directronix David backed up his 2021 Eastern Finals championship with a 1st place win and his loudest personal best demo score of 150.8 dB in the No Wall class. His teammate, Justin Dohrmann followed suit, posting his loudest score of 150.7 dB to take 1st place in the Wall class. The loudest dB Drag Racer of the day went to Eastern Finals champ Team Directronix Matt posting a 157.1 dB in Pro Stock Trunk 5K. Freestyle saw some huge numbers including Stoopidloud James Green posting a 158.6 in Super Street 3+ Freestyle. 

Kudos to dB Drag competitors for collecting 10 boxes of toys at this event valued well over $2,500. Thanks to XS Power for sponsoring the event trophies and Team Stoopidloud for sponsoring the 1st annual Ugly Sweater contest.

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Oracle Lighting Wins 2021 YEN Vanguard Award

METAIRE, LA (12.07.2021) – Oracle Lighting has been awarded the 2021 YEN (Young Executives Network) Vanguard Award during the recent 2021 SEMA Show, held in Las Vegas, Nev. The YEN Vanguard Award is presented to an individual, business, organization or sanctioning body that has had a positive effect on the careers of young executives within the automotive industry.

“It is an honor to be recognized by YEN for the Vanguard Award,” said Tiffanie Hartenstein, Oracle Lighting CEO. “Our culture at Oracle Lighting fosters the idea of volunteering within our community and our industry. We encourage our team to join any one of SEMA’s committees, which is an easy way to be a part of the industry.”

Pictured L to R: Danny Talbot, Melissa Parker, Tiffanie Hartenstein, Justin Hartenstein, John Mitchell, and Jeffrey Banyas after Oracle Lighting won the 2021 YEN Vanguard Award during the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Each YEN Vanguard Award candidate has to meet the following criteria: must be a current or past member of SEMA (no age requirement) and must have demonstrated exceptional service, integrity and business ethics. The Vanguard Award is presented to a person, company or sanctioning body that has influenced the professional growth and/or cultivation of talent for young executives through its actions, mentoring, visions and/or contributions for the past, present and future.

Oracle Lighting also won SEMA’s 2021 Manufacturer of the Year award during the 2021 SEMA Show.

During the 2021 SEMA Show, Oracle Lighting displayed new innovative products to the several thousand show attendees. More than a dozen new products were on display in Oracle’s booth and new innovations were also exhibited in SEMA’s New Product Showcase.

In 2021, Oracle Lighting was also ranked as the third fastest growing company in the entire metro New Orleans area, with a three-year growth rate of 56 percent, according to New Orleans CityBusiness magazine.

For more information on Oracle Lighting and its full product line, visit, call (800) 407-5776, or email

Epsilon Hosts Reps From Across the US at Inaugural National Sales Meeting

LOS ANGELES, CA (12.06.2021) – Epsilon stepped up during times of shortages, delays and uncertainties by flying in over 40 US sales reps from every territory. The 2-Day sales meeting, November 30th and December 1st, took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Cerritos. The agenda included overall business and the new motorcycle initiative, see, plus other dealer direct brands Epsilon delivers across the 12volt marketplace.

This large screen welcomed reps as they entered the meeting hall.
The Epsilon Inaugural National Sales Meeting took place at The Sheraton In Cerritos CA November 30th and December 1st.

The opening session covered company business, sales rep incentive increases and informed rep firms of Epsilon’s recent expansion to open multiple warehouses in surrounding areas.

Epsilon VP Ronnie Brashear addressing reps at the meeting and covering the latest product from the Epsilon family of brands.
Reps from across the US travelled to LA to see and learn the latest as Epsilon plans for the future.

“The new motorcycle introductions were definitely the show stopper, with our first to market upgrade replacement headunit coming mid-month. Literally thousands of units are on pre-order and are being shipped air freight. Each rep firm has hundreds of units on pre-order for direct accounts in their respective territories. In my years working in this industry I have never seen anything like this. The amount of pre-ordered units for 12volt shops and Harley dealers is tremendous. The demand for this motorcycle specific headunit, for 2014 and newer Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycles, is CRAZY,” Jordan Shahriary, Epsilon Marketing/Social Manager, stated.

Tim Page, Western Regional, points out what sets Precision Power amps apart from others.

Chris Pace, Arrowhead Marketing in the MINK States, related, “Seeing the very high demand for motorcycle audio solutions is truly amazing. The new Epsilon products, which offer great margins, will definitely drive sales at retail. Attending the Epsilon sales meeting in LA was like a very nice early Christmas present.”

Based on the success of the Inaugural National Sales Meeting the company has already started planning arrangements for next year’s sales meeting.

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