The 12volt Central Studios Takes the 12volt STP Tool to the Next Level… In Your Company’s Studio

SHREVEPORT, LA (02.02.23) – Creating the 12voltSTP Tool was another example of making it easy for industry members to deliver their company’s brand message and activities to the 12volt industry. With a smartphone it’s as easy as Snap, Txt, Presto. Snap an image and Txt it to 318-465-0844. PRESTO. 12volt Central Studios staff members can deliver your message via social media to the 12volt industry.

Recent posts created for Shiflet & Dickson and QPower showcase the power of the STP Tool. In these cases David Holland and Matt Bund, respectively, held a company product. A staff member snapped an image that was sent by txt to the 12volt Central Studios.

Once the image was received that product was featured in the company’s studio created by 12volt Central Studios staff members.

In today’s business climate it is more important than ever to deliver information about a company’s product and its benefit in the marketplace.

Watch for much more from the 12volt Central Studios as more custom company studios are created.