New QPower Designs and Front Facing Boxes for 2023

HOUSTON, TX (01.26.23) – It’s a new year and Q-Power is fast out of the gate. Matt Bund related “In 2023 we added new Truck Box models to cover all the latest vehicles on the road. We added some new Front Facing 8″ and 6.5” Dual and Quad holed boxes. Our dealers like these boxes Front Facing because it allows for extra mounting depth for powerful woofers.”

The workmanship and quality of the Bed Liner finish is second to none in the new box introductions for 2023.

Continuing, “We are back to our normal selves, plenty of inventory, very fast turnaround times for orders… and still growing in the Bed Liner boxes category.”

“QPower in 2023 has more boxes, lower prices, and the best service!”

For more see or call 713-266-5295.