Timmy Fresh Brand Creates Custom Bicycles and Adds the PowerBass BT-200

CLOVIS, CA (01.03.23) – Tim Garcia has been building custom bicycles for nearly 8 years in his shop in Clovis CA. Garcia spent a number of years in the aftermarket automotive before opening the Timmy Fresh Brand bicycle shop.

Tim Garcia in the showroom of his Timmy Fresh Brand bicycle store in Clovis CA.

Garcia related “I have always enjoyed creating and working on projects. I decided to own my own business and saw an opportunity to open a bicycle shop. The community of people spending time outdoors and riding their bikes covers a wide age range of individuals. Adults see advantages in customizing a wide variety of products. Bicycles are no exceptions when they learn of the possibilities. We build a variety of customs bicycles with different styles, graphic designs and wheel sizes…normally 26” and 29” with various widths. Our Timmy Fresh Brand creations can add riding comfort for riders.”

Tom Garcia pictured with Yankee star Aaron Judge with a Timmy Fresh Brand Bicycle at an All Ride Charity Auction.

Continuing “In addition, with Bluetooth products, riders can add listening enjoyment on their rides. Many of our customers have portable bluetooth devices. We added the PowerBass BT-200 Bluetooth portable to our store product selection and now make a custom bracket to secure the BT-200 to the frame of a Timmy Fresh Brand bike. About 20% of our customers add the BT-200 and bracket to their creation. We also sell our bracket to bicycle shops across the country.”

The Metallica Charity bike in the Timmy Fresh Brand Bicycle Store.

Offering custom items at charity auctions is a unique venue for a company to know about their brand and products. Early this year Garcia learned of the Metallica All Within My Hands Charity Auction and submitted a proposal that was accepted.

The Metallica Charity Timmy Fresh bike in the PowerBass booth at SEMA 2022.

Garcia and Erik Harbour from PowerBass, had worked together in the past and both are live concert attendees and huge Metallica fans. They had put a program in place to display a Timmy Fresh creation in the PowerBass SEMA Show booth with a BT-200 for all to see. Utilizing the Metallica branded bike was a win/win as many enjoyed seeing the bike in the booth and experiencing the BT-200 rockin’ on the bike.

The Timmy Fresh Brand custom bracket for attaching a PowerBass BT-200 to a bike on the store counter.

“PowerBass was definitely proud to partner with friends at T-FRESH/TIMMY FRESH BRAND custom bicycles and their Metallica Themed Charity Auction Bike. The top auction bid of $6500. was definitely amazing.The bike was a draw in our booth at SEMA and that visibility continued at the Metallica Concert at the Microsoft Theater on December 16th. Having a proactive bike shop owner see the business potential to add portable PowerBass Bluetooth products to their product offerings is a win for all” Harbour related.

Garcia concluded “We are waiting until the information for the winning bid is verified and we receive the information for delivery. We hope the winner is in our area so we can deliver the Metallica Timmy Fresh custom bike in person.”

For more see powerbassusa.com.