Kenwood Motorsports Camera Onboard with ‘High on the Hog’ Helicopter

LAWTON, OK (12.09.22) – High On The Hog is a company based in Lawton OK that offers helicopter hog hunting in southwest Oklahoma. Owner Travis Craig is a retired US Army helicopter combat pilot who offers hunters the opportunity to hunt wild hogs from his MD600N 7 passenger helicopter.

The High On The Hog helicopter takes off on the test flight with the new Kenwood Motorsports system.

Craig related “Feral hogs live in the wild and plague farmers, wildlife and the environment. I saw a way for hunters to go after these wild hogs and launched the High On The Hog company. Most hunts in my helicopter last just a couple hours so I was thinking of ways my clients could extend their rides with videos. In talking with a friend in retail he told me about the Kenwood Motorsports camera and gave me the contact to Marcus Vasconcellos who just happens to live and office right in Lawton. We discussed the concept and set a plan to do it.”

The Kenwood STZ-RF200WD installed in the cabin.
Marcos Vasconcellos during a camera test from the cockpit.

“As far as I know this was the first installation of a Kenwood STZ-RF200WD on a helicopter or aviation. I do a lot of riding on my bike and capture the experiences with the Kenwood camera. I immediately saw how hog hunters could extent their experience flying low over southwest Oklahoma and taking out a wild hog” Marcus, a Kenwood Specialist, related.

These hunters will be able to relive their High On The Hog experience.

Continuing, Marcus added “The actual installation was completed on Friday December 2nd. The installation went very smoothly as there was not the customization required in a vehicle interior. The control unit was mounted in the cabin and we placed one camera to capture images on the ground and the other to show passengers in the cabin. The helicopter runs on 24volts so we used an adaptor to get to 12volts for the Kenwood STZ-RF200WD. Travis has related that after just a few flights all is working as we had planned.”

The High On The Hog helicopter has participated in high school aviation classes.

“Once the trip from a hunt is complete I can supply digital files to my clients. I think many will show fellow hunters and friends. With the holiday season here we planning flights to see, and record, outdoor Christmas lights in cities and towns around Lawton. A big thank you Kenwood for the great camera system and to Marcus for working on this High On The Hog project” Craig concluded.

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