German Maestro Distributor Rep-Corps Launches New Dealer Ordering System

RICHMOND, VA (12.09.22) – Rep-Corps Inc. is launching their in-house designed dealer ordering system, in development for the past few years. Built on a modern backbone on cloud infrastructure, streamlined and optimized for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop access, with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Square processing integrated from the start. They expect their new dealer-oriented system to set the benchmark for ordering platforms in the industry.

One of the design goals was streamlining the process for Just-In-Time ordering, thanks to their agreement with German Maestro to offer 3-Day international free freight at only a $500 threshold to the continental U.S. and Canada. This allows retailers to prioritize ordering exactly what their clients need, as an alternative to the traditional model of pressuring retailers to stock thousands of dollars worth of product that may end up not being exactly what is needed for a given client, especially in the high-end space where system designs are sometimes completely bespoke.

With the example from the German Maestro line of mixing a’la carte [YWC] parts with standard kits, or using the YWC parts entirely to build custom sets that are not currently available, an example of such being ordering a pair of flat 8” subwoofers with passive crossovers and tweeters from the standard 8” EPIC line kit to make an ultra shallow kit for depth constrained large driver installations, or forgoing passive crossovers entirely and using active processing to instead combine their flat drivers with the higher end Status or M-line mid driver and tweeter options, the system allows easy sorting and access to these truly custom solutions for the modern high-end retailer. Especially with new lines to be added in the near future with similar customization options.

One unique feature of the system is integrated “Progressive Web App” [PWA] functions, which is a modern standard that allows a website to be “installed” to your device, and function as if it were a native app. As a result, the ordering portal can be saved to your Phone or Tablet’s home screen/app drawer for faster and easier access [It can also be saved as a traditional bookmark if the user desires]. Helping to ensure items are placed in their cart to be ordered immediately instead of having to wait to use a desktop/laptop computer as is the case with many existing systems that are designed without mobile use in mind.

Ultimately, the platform’s design goals are meant to address the issues that the founders of Rep-corps believe that many current industry B2B ordering systems have, coming from their experience of operating a storefront in the retail space. The system is designed to be a B2B experience in line what is expected from modern consumer-facing E-commerce platforms, and what they believe dealers need but has been largely unaddressed – systems that are fast, secure, and easy to use with suggestions and criticism encouraged instead of ignored.

Contact Ken or Logan Strzepka at 804-277-4141 or to inquire about joining their growing network of retailers.