Vision Tech America Launches New VCT700AI-4 Featuring AI Technology

FULLERTON, CA (12.05.22) – Vision Tech America, Inc. (BOYO ) believes in providing customers with the state-of-the-art technology in automobile engineering with the best possible prices to modernize vehicles.

Richard Hong, BOYO VP of Sales, in the company’s SEMA booth with new products featuring AI Technology.

In that regard, BOYO has unveiled the new VCT700AI-4 with AI (Artificial Intelligent Technology) featuring 7” 4 Channel AHD AI Monitor with intelligent detection and warning alert. See the spec sheet graphic for complete details.

“AI (artificial intelligent technology) is becoming increasingly important in the automotive aftermarket industry.  With this in mind, we  launched the VCT700AI-4. This product will help our customer with much more safety, efficiency, and performance on the road.” stated Richard Hong, VP of Sales.

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