Lafayette Custom Automotive Hosted Customer Appreciation Showcase

LAYAYETTE, LA (12.05.22) – Lafayette Custom Automotive was the place to be on Friday December 2nd as the company hosted a Customer Appreciation Showcase event. The event, which kicked off the holiday sales season, featured vehicles in the parking lot for live demos with factory representatives. Refreshments and food were enjoyed by those in the crowd along with 25% specials for the day.

Alpine Experience pickup with the Alpine Bass shower were set up out front.

Lafayette Custom Automotive serves the area with a wide variety of automotive products and services. Owner Martin Branch and Shane Douet, along with the crew, welcomed Jimmy Chauffe and Kevin Knox with their demo vehicles. Chauffe is the area Alpine Specialist and Knox is a member of the Marketing Pros rep firm. Chauffe demoed the Alpine Experience pickup along with a trailer with showroom. Kevin Knox demoed Focal and Mosconi products. The Lafayette Custom Automotive pontoon was loaded with KICKER marine products and Livin’Loud for demos.

“Our Customer Appreciation Showcase turned out very well. We could tell all appreciated the opportunity to hear extraordinary systems in the Alpine pickup and a customer’s car that featured Focal and Mosconi gear. Our customers also mentioned it was terrific to speaks with Jimmy Chauffe with Alpine and learn more about Focal and Mosconi from Kevin Knox. Our customer also liked others experiencing the system in his ride. Raffle prizes from Alpine and Kicker, along with some delicious Canes Chicken, plus discount specials put a smile on faces too” Shane Douet related.

In front of the KICKER display (R to L) Kevin Knox, Martin Branch, Jimmy Chauffe and Shane Douet.

Chauffe related “The event started off busy and traffic slowed la bit later. With the demos and time spent with customers the LCA crew wrote some nice tickets. The 25% discount offered encouraged attendees to put products on layaway too. With the activity and visibility from the day business will certainly continue through the holiday sales season and beyond.”

The Lafayette Custom Automotive pontoon was ready to be Livin’Loud with KICKER on a warm sunny December day.
With a pause in the action the crew by the Alpine display (L to R) Shane Douet, Jimmy Chauffe, Martin Branch and Kevin Knox.

LCA has beeen providing quality work in the Lafayette area for over 40 years and the team is committed to providing the best possible experience for their customers.

A big 12volt News thank you to Jimmy Chauffe for utilizing the 12voltSTP Tool to send event images.

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