Jeepers Back The Blue Jamboree at the Dover International Speedway

DOVER, DE (09.12.22) – The Dover International Speedway was the site of the 6th Annual Jeepers Back The Blue event. KICKER and Opus Marketing, along with 717 Car Audio, were on site supporting the event and connecting with Jeep enthusiasts from across the region. Hundreds of Jeeps were on site for the event on Saturday, September 10th. Friday was setup.

The Jeepers Back The Blue Foundation event was organized by Jeff Lehnert to honor and raise money for the Families of fallen or injured Police Officers. Lehnert is a State Probation Officer with 25 years of service.

The Dover International Speedway entry set for the Jeepers Back The Blue Jamboree.

“Jeep owners overwhelmingly support the efforts of law enforcement. Jeepers come together at community events across the U.S. The Dover International Speedway is well known in the area and offered a unique venue and experience for Jeepers to show support law enforcement and connect with members of their community. With hundreds Jeeps on site this event was certainly very successful” Lehnert stated.

Opus Marketing had the KICKER booth set for the event.

Jamie White and Todd Ess, Opus Marketing, worked the event under the KICKER tent with 717 Car Audio’s Jeremy Lease and Stephanie Stryjwski. 717 Car Audio is located in Mountville PA and trailered the @kickinjeeprod on the 100 mile trip to be at the event. Bright and early Saturday morning the tables were stocked with KICKER products. The 717 @kickinjeeprod was Livin’Loud for Jeepers demos through the day. At the end of the day all worked as the products were packed, the tent came down and all was loaded to wrap the event.

Jeepers check out KICKER deals under the tent with 717 Car Audio.

“KICKER makes a wide selection of products that really connect with Jeepers. The recent OC Jeep Week and Jeepers Back The Blue, both with KICKER sponsorship, drew large numbers of Jeepers. Jeepers in the area are definitely Livin’Loud with Kicker in their rides. Having the 717 @kickinjeeprod at both events really created a buzz across those venues,” White related.

Jeremy Lease under the tent with the kickinjeeprod at setup on Friday.

Great to see KICKER, 717 Car Audio, Opus Marketing and friends working together to create consumer awareness and support a very worthy cause.

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